Femoral head necrosis is getting younger and younger

In recent years, many diseases have begun to age, and bone diseases such as femoral head necrosis have frequently appeared among young people. The reason for the premature occurrence of this orthopedic disease has a lot to do with people’s living conditions and habits. 1. Working young people are very stressed about life and work. Drinking alcohol often becomes a way for them to relieve their stress. Some people have poor self-control, thinking that youth is the capital, and the body can bear it, and they continue to indulge, develop long-term alcoholism, and drink too much alcohol. Femoral head necrosis caused by alcoholism has accounted for three of the total number of cases. One in one. 2. Trauma Modern society has become more and more developed in traffic. There are endless streams of carts and carts on the roads, and the incidence of traffic accidents is also rising. Among them, more young people are involved in accidents. According to clinical statistics, trauma is the main cause of femoral head necrosis in young people. 3. Hormones The development of today’s society has spawned a large number of hormones. Young people are the largest group of hormones. I wonder if long-term large-dose use of hormone drugs or food will cause ischemic necrosis of the femoral head. Young people are the main consumer group of hormones, which greatly increases the chances of young people suffering from necrosis of the femoral head. The treatment method of femoral head necrosis failed to be found in time and failed to be treated in time. It was already serious when it was being treated. So what are the methods of treating femoral head necrosis? 1. Surgical treatment of femoral head necrosis includes the following: (1) osteotomy. (2) hip replacement. (3) central decompression. (4) Bone migration with blood supply. (5) Bone grafting. It should be noted that if the age is too young, it is recommended to do conservative treatment first. If the treatment is invalid, there is no other way to consider surgical treatment. Surgical replacement of the femoral head is used for up to 10-15 years and short 5-6 years, so generally We do not recommend surgical replacement for patients under 60 years of age. 2. Non-surgical treatment of femoral head necrosis (1) Avoid weight-bearing: including partial weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing, only applied to femoral head necrosis before collapse, the treatment method to avoid weight-bearing alone is not ideal, and the success rate is less than 15%. For a-type femoral head necrosis where the lesion is located inside the femoral head, this method may be considered. (2) Drug treatment: There are few reports on the treatment of femoral head necrosis with drugs. In short, the effect of drug treatment is still uncertain, but because of its noninvasive nature, it is still an important research direction.

What antihypertensive drugs should young people choose for hypertension? These 2 types of drugs recommended by your doctor

Now there are more and more young people suffering from high blood pressure. Many people are in their 30s or even 20s, and they have already experienced an increase in blood pressure, or even a diagnosis of high blood pressure. How can young people regulate high blood pressure? In terms of medication, what are the more suitable options and precautions? Today I will briefly introduce you to this knowledge. The incidence and characteristics of hypertension in young people Compared with the problem of hypertension in the elderly, young people, especially young people with new hypertension, often have their own characteristics. The occurrence of hypertension in young people is often closely related to the increase in cardiac output and the acceleration of heart rate. The increase in cardiac output leads to an increase in the volume of blood in the arterial blood vessels, and the arterial blood vessel wall is subjected to more pressure. It will gradually increase, and the heart rate is too fast. When the heart is dilated, the blood flow back to the heart is insufficient, which will lead to an increase in diastolic blood pressure. Young people have new hypertension, and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall is still relatively good, and the degree of arteriosclerosis is also Smaller, if it is not actively controlled, hypertension will gradually affect the health of arteries and blood vessels. After the long-term development of hypertension, it will be transformed into hypertension caused by major arteriosclerosis and increased resistance to blood flow in the inner walls of arteries. . For young people with high blood pressure, the characteristics are also very clear, that is, the problem of low pressure rise often occurs first, and even many young people with high blood pressure are purely low pressure and high pressure but not exceeding the standard. The reason why it appears The characteristics of such high low pressure are closely related to the increase in cardiac output, the faster heart rate, the increase in sympathetic excitability, and the increased activity of the renin-angiotensin system. When regulating the problems of high blood pressure and high pressure in young people, we should also conduct targeted conditioning and treatment. Do young people have to take medicine to control hypertension? If it is a young person, and it is a newly discovered mild hypertension problem, of course, it is not necessarily to be controlled by taking medicine immediately. Whether to take medicine or not, we must make a comprehensive assessment to determine the degree of blood pressure increase and other cardiovascular disease risk factors. For example, young friends with simple low pressure and high problems have a diastolic pressure of just over 90, a high pressure of more than 130, and no risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes. In this case, it is not recommended to rush to take medicine. Life conditioning interventions to strengthen blood pressure control. Why there is low pressure and high, may have a certain relationship with the following life factors-obesity has a long-term taste, high salt, high fat, high sugar diet, long-term smoking, long-term heavy drinking, long-term emotional anxiety, tension, and stress often These life factors such as staying up and sitting for long periods of time are all controllable and help to improve the important aspects of blood pressure. For mild young people with high blood pressure or simple high blood pressure in young people, you may wish to start from the above Take a look at the aspects of life improvement and conditioning in a targeted manner. In many cases, if you can actively improve and adjust bad habits, and maintain healthy and good habits for a long time, high pressure problems, mild hypertension The problems can be effectively recovered and improved, and it is entirely possible to fully recover to a healthy level below 120/80. And if it is found to be more serious hypertension problems, such as secondary hypertension with a blood pressure exceeding 160/100, or there are other basic chronic diseases such as those found in diabetic patients, or after 3~ Young people who are still unable to effectively lower their blood pressure after 6 months of strict self-controlled life conditioning intervention should consider taking drugs to control their blood pressure. Drug selection for hypertension in young people For young people with hypertension, if it is evaluated that it is necessary to take drugs to strengthen blood pressure control, it is still necessary to remind everyone that the premise of medication must also be based on adequate life conditioning interventions Carrying out such blood pressure control is more effective. The problem of hypertension in young people is also very important to choose antihypertensive drugs in a targeted manner. From the perspective of the pathogenesis and characteristics of hypertension in young people, the choice of drugs that inhibit the activity of the renin system and the activity of the sympathetic nervous system is often the best choice. Such antihypertensive drugs can mainly consider sartans and common drugs A class of antihypertensive drugs, both of which are inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin system, for targeted conditioning and control of young people

Young people with myocardial infarction are more dangerous

 According to reports, the myocardial infarction is getting younger and younger, and young people in their 20s are not immune. From the office of the white-collar sudden death in the advertising industry, to the company’s executives fainting at the subway entrance, and then the owner of Taobao died due to overwork.  Myocardial infarction often occurs at the same time as the elderly, making many young people think they are far away from “heart disease”. In fact, the trend of rejuvenation of myocardial infarction is very rapid. The cardiovascular of young people is at the peak of health, why is it also “stared” by myocardial infarction? First of all, the physical work of the “lazy people” who have been sedentary and exercised has been greatly reduced, and the blood circulation has slowed down, resulting in increased blood viscosity, obesity, abnormal blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood sugar. The risk of infarction; late sleep, irregular diet, frequent sleep and forgetting food is equivalent to “chronic murder” cardiovascular; in addition, young people are in the career sprint period, work pressure is heavy, often stay up late to work overtime, high mental stress, many smokers more Smoking is used to relieve stress, and it does not hurt the heart.  Under these circumstances, young people’s unhealthy heart and cardiovascular systems can’t withstand tossing. In the event of continuous late night, excessive fatigue, alcoholism, emotional outbursts and other “fuse”, it is likely to cause myocardial infarction. So, are there signs of myocardial infarction in young people?   1. There are obvious incentives before the attack, such as recent continuous overtime work, excessive fatigue, mental tension, and emotional excitement.   2. Chest tightness and chest pain after fatigue and after exercise.   3. Unexplained nausea, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, back pain, etc.  In addition, no matter how busy the work is, we must insist on physical examination every year, pay more attention to blood glucose, blood pressure, blood lipids, electrocardiogram and other indicators. Maintain a regular diet and exercise for more than half an hour every day.

Myocardial infarction: why are young people more dangerous?

Myocardial infarction, people think that only the elderly will get the disease, in fact, they will “patronize” young people! In our country, the proportion of young and middle-aged people with myocardial infarction increases year by year, and once young people have myocardial infarction, the condition is more serious, and they are prone to sudden death due to arrhythmia. Do not believe it, please see this stark example: Myocardial infarction: elderly PK youth, who is more dangerous? In a ward in the cardiology department of a hospital, there is a 65-year-old man Uncle Xiong and a 32-year-old young man Zhang, who were hospitalized for the same disease, that is, “myocardial infarction.” It is reported that 5 hours before admission, Uncle Xiong suddenly had a left chest pain, chest tightness, sweating, and fever due to a heavy object. Because the elderly had angina, he had nitroglycerin at home. The second time was angina pectoris, the old method was adopted, but after taking it, it had no effect, so the family rushed him to the hospital, and after the diagnosis was “acute myocardial infarction”, the doctor gave the corresponding treatment and the old man’s condition quickly resolved . The same is a myocardial infarction, but Zhang, 32, almost died! Before admission, Xiao Zhang was working overtime. When it was almost 9 o’clock in the evening, he suddenly appeared irritable, sweating, dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms. At first, he thought that he was too tired, so he drank a cup of coffee. Severe, sweating and disgusting all over the body…in less than an hour, he fell on the desk, unconscious. Fortunately, there were several colleagues working overtime. They found Xiao Zhang fainted and immediately dialed 120 to take him to a nearby hospital. After a tense rescue by medical staff, Xiao Zhang’s life was finally saved! The doctor said that if he was sent to the hospital later, the patient would be dead! Afterwards, Xiao Zhang said with a lingering fear that his life was pulled back from the “Ghost Gate” by colleagues and doctors! The same is a myocardial infarction, why are young adults more “fragile” than the elderly? How should young people prevent the “surprise” of acute myocardial infarction? Why do young people have myocardial infarction? In modern society, there are more and more cases of acute myocardial infarction in young and middle-aged people, mainly caused by the following reasons: 1. Increased pressure: With the development of social economy, the competition mechanism of various industries is continuously strengthened, and young and middle-aged people in the society , Families and jobs are under increasing pressure. The fast pace of work and life, increased survival and increased psychological pressure have kept modern young and middle-aged people in a state of high tension for a long time. 2. Decreased manual labor: Modern production tends to be mechanized and informatized, and manual labor is greatly reduced.   3. Diet and environmental pollution: Changes in dietary structure and environmental pollution can also easily cause physiological disorders such as blood vessels, nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system. Based on the above factors, for a long time, the endothelial damage of the blood vessel wall of the heart, the vascular intima gradually thickened, and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques accelerated significantly, which is the basic cause of myocardial infarction.  Once there are persistent causes such as staying up late, excessive fatigue, smoking and drinking, and improper diet, the blood vessels continue to spasm and contract, blood viscosity increases, and local thrombosis eventually leads to sudden vascular occlusion and myocardial infarction. Such sudden onsets are increasingly younger. Therefore, the medical community has re-examined the traditional age limit for myocardial infarction, and called for increasing vigilance against the onset of myocardial infarction in young and middle-aged people, strengthening the popularization of popular science, and extensively carrying out primary prevention of coronary heart disease.

With wine as pulp, with paranoia as usual, I yuck

There is a reason for the ancients to go to the age of one hundred years: “They adapt to changes in the world, have a diet, have a regular life, do not work hard, and have the shape and spirit, so they can end their days.” Looking back at the present people, the body begins to decay in half a year, and even has been seriously ill in bed for a few years. Such people are everywhere. The reason why they have reached today is the result of previous accumulation. Let’s look at the current social atmosphere: meeting three glasses of wine, there is no wine and no pleasure in eating, drinking is not enough during the day, you have to come again at night, drinking is like drinking water, there is no restraint, artificially caused many diseases. Various snacks ravaged society as a whole, and KFC, McDonald’s, and milk tea emptied young people’s bodies. Nowadays, young people are pursuing falseness and hypocrisy, not pursuing the fundamentals of life. They are only pursuing superficial appearance. In the end, they just built a castle in the sky, which has no practical use at all. “Using delusion as the norm” often has too many unrealistic fantasies, not much is needed, but much is wanted. Various comparisons make delusion a destiny and how comfortable it can be. Start quitting alcohol and all bad habits from today. So if you want to do this, you need to see the essence of life, try to do what you like, live your own life carefully, do not need to compare with others, don’t wait until you get to the operating table before you regret too much of this life Wrong way. The first is to have a clear mind, to understand exactly what you are pursuing, what you want, what you are pursuing and what you want is right, is not correct, these are things that need to be understood. But now spiritual food has also been greatly challenged. Various chase shows and various trends have led young people into the wrong abyss. It is imperative for young people to seek ideological correctness.

Wu Zhongchao: Under the trend of younger cancer, talk about how young people can prevent cancer

&nbsp. The incidence of cancer is getting younger and younger. Why did cancer make friends with young people? Why do young people get cancer easily? 1. The basic conditions for young people not to develop cancer. This problem is both complicated and simple. Young people have conditions if they don’t have or have fewer cancers. So what conditions must be followed? Our ancestors clearly informed the relevant conditions more than two thousand years ago, it depends on whether our children and grandchildren have followed. Following the teachings of the ancestors, there will be fewer or no cancer; on the contrary, cancer will beckon to us and young people will become the targets of cancer. The incidence of cancer tends to be younger, which also confirms the correctness of ancestors’ understanding and teaching, and is more meaningful in the times. The elder ancestor pointed out in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic: “Everyone in ancient times has a hundred years of life in spring and autumn, but their movements do not decline; people in the present age, those who move in half a hundred years and their movements decline, the world is different, and people will lose it. Yes, Qi Bo said to the opposite: The ancient people, who knew it, had the power of yin and yang, and the skill of art, eating and drinking, having a regular life, not living in vain, so they could form with the gods, and end their days. , To go to a hundred years old. Otherwise, people nowadays also use wine as pulp, take delusion as usual, get drunk to enter the room, in order to exhaust its essence, in order to dissipate its truth, I do not know how to hold full, from time to time God, business His heart, contrary to life and happiness, has no life, so it is half a hundred. It also declines. Under the teaching of the ancient saint, the swindle is the false evil thief. Sometimes it is avoided, the tranquility is nothing, the true energy follows, and the spirit is guarded. Sickness and security have always been based on self-will and less desire, peace of mind and fearlessness, work and tirelessness, obedience to obedience, and obedience to each desire, all have what they want. The people do not admire the superiors, so their people say it is simple. Therefore, they can’t focus on their desires, they can’t obscure their hearts, they can’t confuse their hearts, they can’t be afraid of things, so they agree with the Tao. Those who are not declining will not endanger their virtue.” The above discussion, and period is said to be health, it is actually the way to prevent cancer. It is also a summary of the causes of cancer for young people, or to say that regular growth and longevity, otherwise it is easy to develop cancer and lose life! To study and understand the way that ancestors grow longevity without cancer, the general content is: 1. Know the way of keeping health, understand the relationship between man and nature, and heaven and man correspondingly, know the balance of yin and yang, the law is yin and yang, and the number of operations is 2, Eat and drink 3, have a daily life 4, don’t work hard 5, don’t use wine as a slurry 7, don’t use wine as a slurry 7, don’t use it as a habit 8, don’t get drunk to enter the room 9, maintain the spirit, do not want Exhaust its essence, dissipate its true 10, understand contentment, satisfaction, don’t know to be full, from time to time 10, don’t do whatever you want, don’t be eager, live up to life, live without knots 11, false evil thief wind, avoid Sometimes, I know how to avoid the natural age and the evils that hurt my body, I am calm and empty, I really follow it, I keep my spirit 12, I don’t want to lose my mind 13, I don’t fear fear 14, I work hard and I don’t tire 15, I feel calm , Obedience to obedience 16. Desire is compatible with work, each follows his desires, all have what he wants 17, beautiful food 18, let his clothes enjoy, enjoy natural food, easy-going, happy 19, do not admire the superior 20. Keep it simple 21. Don’t be obsessed with your own eyes 22. Don’t obscure your heart 23. Don’t be afraid of things, be in harmony with the way 26. Have good virtues and be virtuous. Second, young people must prevent cancer first Keeping in good health—ten key points&nbsp.&nbsp. Summarizing the above, we can see that young people want to have less cancer and not to develop cancer, they must follow the following ten types of points: &nbsp.&nbsp. First, pay attention to the relationship between man and nature, respect the laws of nature, and be good at Yin and Yang Balance; &nbsp.&nbsp. The second is to learn some health care techniques, early treatment and prevention of disease, learn to apply natural methods to regulate and maintain health; &nbsp.&nbsp. Third, do a good job of eating and living; life should be natural and peaceful, don’t Excessive;&nbsp.&nbsp.Four is not to be tempted by all kinds of colorful scenes outside the world&nbsp.&nbsp.Five is to combine body and heart;&nbsp.&nbsp.Six is ​​to adapt to actions and abilities, do not pursue High goals, don’t be too high, don’t get too tired, avoid evil spirits, and maintain righteousness; &nbsp.&nbsp. Seventh, act low-key, keep the original simplicity and original intention; &nbsp.&nbsp. Eighth, the essence, qi, god, and form ; & Nbsp. & nbsp. Nine is material desire, official desire, financial desire, lust desire to be able to control; & nbsp. & nbsp. Ten is a good virtue is

What about young people with high blood pressure? The doctor shares 3 key points of conditioning so that your blood pressure will not soar

With the gradual improvement of living standards, our health level has not increased, as far as the chronic disease of high blood pressure is concerned, the incidence of high blood pressure in adults is now higher and higher, and is gradually With the development of aging, many young friends have already had the problem of high blood pressure. How should the young people’s high blood pressure be adjusted and improved, and how can the blood pressure be lowered? Characteristics of hypertension in young people The problem of hypertension in young people often has its own characteristics. The hypertension problem of most young people is characteristic of the early stage of hypertension. The cause of this early stage of hypertension is different from that of patients with hypertension for many years. Usually in the early stages of hypertension, blood vessel health is not bad. It is often characterized by increased cardiac output and accelerated heart rate. Increased cardiac output and accelerated heart rate lead to increased blood storage in blood vessels and diastolic phase. The blood flow back to the heart is not enough, which often shows the characteristic of high diastolic blood pressure. Therefore, many young people’s hypertension problems start from the increase of low pressure. At first, the high pressure may be high, the high pressure is normal, and the pressure difference changes. Small, if you do not pay attention to conditioning control, it may further develop and become a high blood pressure problem with high pressure and low pressure. This kind of simple high-pressure high or low-pressure high blood pressure problem is more common in young patients with high blood pressure, and often many friends will find this kind of situation very difficult to regulate and improve. Some young friends even said, I I’m taking medicine, but how can this low pressure not come down? But if we can grasp the key points and carry out targeted conditioning and improvement, we can still control the hypertension problem among young people. How to strengthen the treatment of high blood pressure in young people For the problem of high blood pressure in young people, we should pay more attention to the intervention of life conditioning than medication. Only after strict life conditioning interventions and blood pressure remains high, we consider taking medicine to control blood pressure. There are many aspects that can be said about life conditioning, but today we will not fully discuss them, focusing on the three most noteworthy aspects. First, control obesity, obese people are a high-risk group of young people with high blood pressure, and if you are a young person, you find that your blood pressure exceeds the standard, and the weight is also seriously exceeded, especially in the case of abdominal obesity that exceeds the waist circumference , May wish to start from scientific weight loss to regulate their own blood pressure. Obesity can cause high blood pressure for many reasons, including too much fat in the body, leading to increased blood viscosity, including nocturnal hypertension caused by obesity caused by snoring or sleep apnea at night, including other metabolic abnormalities caused by obesity Further influences, for young people with mild hypertension, many times, if they can really control their weight and waist circumference, their blood pressure will naturally come down. Second, maintain a peaceful attitude. Young people are young and powerful groups, but they are also stressful groups. Some bad emotions such as stress, anxiety, and tension will gradually affect our autonomic balance if they cannot be relieved for a long time. When sympathetic excitability Beyond the parasympathetic nerve, the balance of the autonomic nerve is broken, which will cause problems such as increased heart rate and vasoconstriction. These problems will lead to an increase in blood pressure, especially low pressure. Therefore, in order to control high blood pressure, young people must learn to soothe their emotions, and do not live in anxiety, stress, or tension for a long time. Third, strengthen exercise. Sedentary exercise is a typical state of many young patients with hypertension. Exercise is beneficial to the health of the body in many ways. As a young man, when the body has the problem of increased blood pressure, it is the safest and most effective way to strengthen blood pressure conditioning and exercise. one. Exercise can improve blood vessel tension, enhance cardiopulmonary function, slow down heart rate, and strengthen blood pressure control in many ways. If you can reasonably choose the amount of exercise and persist for a long time, you will also have more benefits in improving body metabolism, maintaining physical vitality and immunity. If the young hypertensive patient is a case of high blood pressure with simple low blood pressure or high blood pressure that does not exceed 160/100, if you do not have other basic chronic diseases and cardiovascular disease risk problems, you may wish to not take medicine first. Targeted interventions on the above three aspects, if you can really do it and maintain it for a long time, then measure the blood pressure after a while, maybe the blood pressure has dropped

Men’s Health: What’s the matter of having everything ready but not getting an erection in sex?

Whether it is a strong young man or a middle-aged man who is destined to know his destiny, during the course of sexual life, he will occasionally find himself in this situation: finally have sex, and want to have a happy time with his partner. , Everything is ready, but found that his Tintin has lost the glory of the past, or it has already ended at the beginning, in desperation, the partner had to face away from you with a bitter face… Then what is the effective erection in sex life The reason? First of all, it is a normal phenomenon for the elderly. With the increase of age, the basic functions of the body will decline to varying degrees. The time required for Tintin to reach a full erection will become longer and longer. This is a normal phenomenon in the process of body decline, and does not mean sexual function. disappear completely. Middle-aged and elderly people can participate in active physical exercise or reasonably arrange the frequency of sex life, which gradually improves the situation of erection difficulties. For young people, abnormal erection is not impotence. Many young people find that they have a slow erection, and they are too nervous, thinking that this is a manifestation of impotence, but the problem of young people’s erection is not necessarily impotence. The inhibitory effect of the cerebral cortex on sexual excitement is enhanced and the excitability of the spinal erection center is reduced. That is the so-called functional reason, there is no organic disease, it can be excessive indulgence, so that the nervous system is often in an over-excited state, and eventually exhausted due to excessive excitement and slow erection. Factors such as chronic diseases, physical weakness or excessive fatigue all affect the speed of young people’s erection. Second, some slow erections are caused by drugs. Because the effect of drugs on sexual function is generally transient, that is to say, the erection will be slow when using the drug or for a short time after use, and will gradually recover afterwards. Therefore, if the male erection speed is slow, do not have psychological pressure, as long as the sex life is normal, the sex life is good and you don’t have to ask for trouble. Although slow erection is not a sign of impotence, it is also a sign of aging, poor health, and chronic disease. Men who have a slow erection should pay attention to the changes in the above aspects. 1: Cultivate good living habits. Because sexual activity is built on a healthy and energetic body, and a tired body and a haggard mental state often suppress desire, and impotence will come quietly over time. Actively participate in physical exercise, maintain good habits, do not stay up late, do not smoke or drink. 2: Avoid abuse of health products. Many people think that the effect of taking health products is more obvious. In fact, many so-called “health products” on the market illegally add Western medicine ingredients, but the dosage is very unstable, sometimes the dosage is large, and sometimes it is very small. Long-term use will have a very adverse effect on male health. 3. Psychotherapy is carried out by sexual psychologists and patients with deep psychological communication. It is clear that the subconscious of the patient is the root of the obstacle, and the targeted psychological treatment can effectively eliminate the psychological obstacle and increase the patient’s confidence in sexual function recovery .

Which is the best hospital for treating vitiligo in Chongqing?

Which is the best hospital for treating vitiligo in Chongqing? Not only people with weakened immunity may suffer from vitiligo, but even healthy adult men are no exception. Vitiligo is usually sudden. How do men protect their skin? Accelerating hormonal activity leads to strong sebum production in the skin, leading to skin symptoms such as acne. In addition to the stimulation of the environment and various external factors, men should add some skin care products to themselves. When men wash their faces, the water temperature should be kept between 30 ℃ and 40 ℃. Choose a facial cleanser with good therapeutic effect, pay attention to the skin of the T-shaped area, and wash more. In daily life, you should also pay attention to nutritional supplements. You should eat reasonably and provide adequate nutrition to the skin. At the same time, you should pay attention to rest, get enough sleep, reduce the stress caused by work, and avoid excessive emotional tension. This is very helpful to maintain skin health and avoid the occurrence of vitiligo. There are many clinical types of vitiligo, and different types of vitiligo also have complementary relationships. Young people are at a turning point in life. Parents and friends should pay attention to it. Young people are in a special stage of their lives and have a strong curiosity about anything or people. At this stage, young people will have their own self-esteem and privacy. When vitiligo appears in exposed areas of young people, their psychological tolerance will be relatively low. It is easy to become inferiority and autism, which will affect the personality and personality development of young people. Parents and friends understand the generalized vitiligo of teenagers, because teenagers are the hope of parents and the future of the family. What is the best hospital for treating vitiligo in Chongqing? Vitiligo is a chronic disease, and the development process will be relatively slow. Parents should pay more attention to the lifestyle of young people and detect diseases early. Although the medical level continues to improve, vitiligo is not treated. Method, but if someone in the family has generalized vitiligo and needs to be treated as soon as possible, young people are at a turning point in life and have good habits.

Watching erotic movies will make men “no”?

What? Does n’t a small movie instantly mention men ’s “sexuality”? How can it cause male dysfunction? We said this problem today! First of all, there is a phenomenon that everyone needs to know: young people (less than 40 years old are young people), the proportion of recurring erectile dysfunction in the past 20 years is increasing exponentially, and there are more and more young trend! As everyone knows, with the popularity of the Internet, and with the Internet “increasingly versatile”, those blood-stained colored movies and pictures can be found almost at hand, not to mention the various edging ball series with hints. In such an environment, a wise scholar pointed out: The emergence of erectile dysfunction in young people is related to “too many network resources”! Long exposure to pornographic videos and images is very addictive, after all, sex is the most primitive impulse. So, is this opinion reliable? Answer: a little reliable. In the process of opening the libido, there is something that plays a vital role, which can give our bodies and spirits a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction. It is “dopamine”. As long as you are exposed to pornography, the brain secretes dopamine. Of course, when you have been exposed to pornography, the brain will secrete dopamine all the time ~ & nbsp. Endlessly receiving dopamine stimulation, for young people, it may feel relatively fresh at the beginning, after all, it has just opened the door to a new world … but it has been repeated over and over Stimulate, the reaction will come out myself! The professional point is: the body’s desire “threshold increased”. For example: the same amount of dopamine does not play the original role, and it will not be as exciting as it was at the beginning. For similar bridge actions or scenes, the same dopamine can not be produced at the beginning. In this way, we gradually entered the ranks of “old drivers” from green. Unconsciously numbness of sexual pleasure, decreased sensitivity to normal sexual behavior, lost the yearning for ordinary situational movements, more and more difficult to boo and climax … young people! Small movies are not real life! Many boys think that the so-called postures and techniques in the movie are full of passion, and it is inevitable that they will feel boring when facing ordinary life. Remind men, especially young people: just look at it, do n’t indulge in it.