Factors that determine the width of both eyelids

The precise design positioning of the double eyelid line is only a small step before surgery, because the design line is only an important factor in determining the width of the double eyelid. In clinical practice, such a situation often occurs. The line design of the eyes on both sides is basically the same, but the width of the lines after the operation is different. Sometimes the design lines on the two sides are obviously different, but the width of the double eyelid line is basically the same. &nbsp. Next, I will analyze the factors that determine the width of the double eyelids. The factors of the skin suture position are often written in textbooks 6-8mm to explain the design width range of the double eyelid. In fact, there are many factors that determine the width of the double eyelid, and it is not as simple as drawing a line. The pre-operative design line is to determine the location of the stretched skin, which is very close to the width of the double eyelid. Within a certain range, the higher the design position, the wider the double eyelid fold line. &nbsp.&nbsp. 2. Factors of the levator muscle or meibomian suture position (including the levator muscle opening and closing factor) in addition to the design of the point of care, the muscle strength of the levator muscle also has a very important effect on the width of the double eyelid and folds. &nbsp. When the levator displacement is different, the width of the double eyelid line is also different. 1. When the normal muscle strength is open, a deep double eyelid fold is formed; when the levator muscle is weak, the mobility is poor, and the double eyelid line is shallow and wide. Patients with ptosis cannot form a deep double eyelid fold, which is the reason for the insufficient displacement. In other words, although the double eyelid fold is relatively wide, it appears to be inexplicable due to the low corneal exposure rate! &nbsp. Under normal muscle strength, even if the design line of the double eyelid is the same, if the position of the levator muscle or the eyelid plate is different, it may result in a different width of the double eyelid. three. The factor of skin peeling amount has a great influence on the width of double eyelid. Under the premise that the muscle strength is normal, the design line of the double eyelid is the same, and the position of the levator muscle or the eyelid plate is the same, the more loose the skin, the more the upper lip skin covers the lower lip skin after reflexion, the more the double eyelid fold line appears narrow. It can be seen that, within the limit and reasonable range, the greater the amount of peeling during double eyelid surgery, the wider the double eyelid width. &nbsp. Factors of the volume of the lower lip tissue&nbsp. The height difference of the eye is limited by the fold line of the double eyelid, the relative height of the incision upper lip (the area between the double eyelid line and the eyebrows) and the lower lip (the area between the double eyelid line and the eyelashes) . Generally, the upper lip should be higher than the lower lip: the upper lip is slightly thicker, forming a sense of high-land fold, and the lower lip is easily folded into the upper lip, forming a natural and beautiful double eyelid appearance. &nbsp. Factors of tightness of incision adhesion The more firmly the double eyelid incision is adhered, the firmer the site of suture and attachment point is. Whether the thread is buried or the double eyelid is cut, the tissue of the adhesion site will gradually relax and shift downward. That is, the position of the fixed point of the double eyelid suture is also moved downward, and the width of the double eyelid will be narrowed. The double-embedded thread is most likely to loosen because the scar is lightly adhered and the nylon thread is cut.

There is a fairy bug, called Ginger Smile!

Have you ever met such a person in your life: when you smile, your gums are exposed, while others only show white teeth. You find it ugly, so try to control your smile: don’t dare to laugh out loud, cover your mouth, but you still can’t change the fact that you’re smiling. And this thing, speaking to everyone, is actually not unfamiliar, especially after the 90s and 00s who smashed the opposite side with an expression bag, no one should not know him-um, and her …So, what is a grin? It is usually normal to expose gums when laughing, but with age, facial muscles weaken and sag due to gravity. The exposed parts of the gums will gradually decrease, so the gums that are slightly exposed when laughing are often young and full. Vibrant performance. However, when some people laugh or even smile, the gums are overexposed, which obviously affects the appearance and beauty. At this time, we will call it a gum smile. The standard of smile is based on the definition of gum aesthetics. In normal smile, the gums are exposed within 2mm, and gingival laughter means that the gums show more than 3mm when smiling. According to the amount of gums exposed during a smile, it is clinically divided into four grades: Slightly gum smile: the exposed part of the gum does not exceed 25% of the crown length when smiling. Moderately gum smile: the exposed part of the gum is the length of the crown when smile 25%~50% deep gum smile: The length of the gum exposed when smiling is 50%~100% Severe gum smile: The gum exposed when smiling exceeds the length of the crown 100% Gum laugh is common in the crowd, we It is not uncommon to see this kind of smile in the side, and half of the gums are exposed. Thirty-two teeth can see thirty and a half friends. Mouth-washing bright red gums are not too small to kill, even star actors can’t stand the test. After the fairy elder smiles… The cause of the smile is related to the soft tissue and hard tissue. First, the maxilla is too high in the vertical direction, the alveolar bone of the maxillary anterior teeth is too long, resulting in excessive protrusion of the teeth, and the upper lip is relatively short, which can lead to excessive gum exposure when smiling. Second, the eruption of the upper anterior teeth caused the gums to wrap part of the crown, the crown was relatively short, and part of the gum was exposed when smiling. Third, the upper lip tissue is too short, which makes it impossible to completely wrap the front teeth and gums when smiling or even relaxing. Fourth, the tension of the upper lip muscles is large, and the muscles stretch the upper lip and contract too much when smiling, resulting in exposed gums. Gingival laughter caused by the development of the maxilla tends to have a genetic tendency. If parents have a gummy laugh due to overdevelopment of the front of the maxilla, their children may often inherit this characteristic, and patients with short upper lip development and anterior protrusion Among them, a considerable part of the children also have short upper lips and open teeth. In this relaxed state, it is difficult to completely close the lips, and it usually exists at the same time as the gum smile. If the patient has bad habits such as mouth breathing, accompanied by chronic inflammation of the gums, hyperplasia and hyperplasia of the gums exposed for a long period of time may occur. The thickened gums will make the originally unsightly gum smile become even more terrible. So, how to improve the situation that obviously affects the appearance of the face after knowing the main cause of the gum smile? To put it simply, if the gingival smile is discovered during the period of tooth replacement for children, by discovering the cause in time and removing the related influencing factors, this facial defect can be significantly improved before adulthood. For example, by correcting bad oral habits, early orthodontic adjustment of jaw bone growth and tooth position, muscle function training, and improvement of soft and hard tissue development, it can be corrected in advance. If it reaches adulthood when growth and development have been basically completed, it must be corrected by surgery, orthodontics and other methods. For example, for patients with upper (dual) maxillary protrusion, upper anterior lip inclination, and maxillary alveolar bone that are too long vertically, combined treatment of orthodontics and orthognathic can be used to improve the problem of excessive development of maxillary hard tissue and abnormal anterior teeth position ; In the case of insufficient crown eruption, or only a small amount of exposed gums with mild gingival laugh, consider crown lengthening and alveolar bone resection to remove excessively exposed gums; and the upper lip caused by hyperlevation of the upper lip Shortening causes gingival laughter. Muscle function training can provide some help. If necessary, you can reduce the muscle tension by increasing the levator levator muscle or botulinum toxin injection. The length of the upper lip is relatively increased and the gum exposure is improved. There is no obvious dividing line between beauty and ugliness, so is the gum smile, the shape of lips and teeth, the shape and color of gums

Does cleft lip must appear “three petal mouth”? Is invisible cleft lip treated?

Cleft lip must be “three-petal mouth”? Is invisible cleft lip treated? Is it easier to treat invisible cleft lip? Cleft lip is a child’s upper lip deformity. Some people even have severe upper lip tissue defects and nasolabial deformities. Cleft lip does not necessarily appear “three petal mouth” (that is, the upper lip is split), although some children’s skin looks intact, but the muscle tissue under the skin is not connected, so that the child’s upper lip will have a very shallow The depression, or the separation of the lip peak, etc. This condition is also called invisible cleft lip. Some parents may think that the child’s nasolabial appearance is similar to that of a normal person. It may be better as they grow up. Is it OK without treatment? In fact, as the child grows, the child’s nasolabial deformity will increase The more obvious, the invisible cleft lip eventually needs treatment. Because of the patients with invisible cleft lip, the skin of the upper lip has not cracked. Many parents have high expectations for the operation and feel that they can return to the level of normal people after the operation. However, parents need to understand that as long as there is an incision, scars will be left , Only the apparent degree of scarring is different. Surgery can only improve the appearance of the nose and lips, so that the child’s appearance is close to normal.

What is the use of injecting botulinum toxin? Help you solve 7 major troubles!

Magic 1: Face-lifting Some people have square faces because their masticatory muscles on both sides are too developed. Injecting botulinum toxin into the developed masticatory muscles can reduce the muscle volume and gradually soften the facial lines. Magic 2: Thin shoulders If the trapezius muscles are overdeveloped, not only will the neck appear short, the shoulders and necks are too man, but it will also cause shoulder and neck pain. With a thin shoulder, all problems will be solved. Magic 3: Skinny legs and thin legs needle injection calf bowel muscles (calf belly) can thin legs, improve leg shape, make legs symmetrical, especially suitable for calf muscles forming, overdeveloped, asymmetrical or calf belly position too low Beauty seeker. Magic 4: Anti-wrinkle botulinum toxin can remove crow’s feet, head-up lines, frown lines and other facial expression lines on the upper half of the face. The effect is obvious. Wrinkles on the lower half of the face, such as neck wrinkles, can also be improved by injecting botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin can achieve wrinkle reduction by inhibiting the release of acetylcholine from motor nerve endings and atrophy of overdeveloped expression muscles. Magic 5: Improve drooping corners of the mouth In fact, many celebrities and net reds will use botulinum toxin injection to improve the problem of slight drooping corners of the mouth. This is the key reason why they are still full of temperament. Injecting botulinum toxin to relax the lowering angle muscles and reduce the downward pulling force, even when not smiling, the corners of the mouth can rise slightly. Magic 6: Correct gum smile, gum smile, that is, the gums will be exposed when laughing, making people look extra temperament, botulinum toxin can also improve this problem, by injection to lower the nasal septum, lift the lip muscles, lift the lips Nose muscles, weakening the muscles of the upper lip to solve the problem of excessive exposure of the gums when laughing. This method is suitable for beauties who are short and have superior lip muscle strength, but the gingival smile caused by protruding maxilla and tooth deformity requires orthodontic or surgical correction. Magical use 7: Remove underarm odor Underarm odor is caused by the secretion of bacteria and sweat glands, producing unsaturated fatty acids, leading to the formation of special odor. Injecting botulinum toxin into the armpits inhibits the release of acetylcholine from the fibers of the sympathetic ganglia that innervate the sweat glands, thereby gradually shrinking the sweat glands in the axillary area. Weaken the secretion of sweat glands, reduce sweat secretion, and treat underarm odor.