When I drink a beer, I always run to the toilet. I don’t even drink a few bottles of urine. Which is better?

Summer is here again, and many friends are in the season of drinking beer. Friends from three to five meet, drink cold beer, and live a happy life as a child. Many male friends will observe each other who will go to the toilet first, who will go to the toilet most frequently, and which will run frequently when drinking together, especially when drinking beer. People in the toilet are often ridiculed for having “kidneys”, and those friends who often run to the toilet often laugh at themselves and say “run and run”. People who frequently go to the toilet after drinking beer are really “kidneys are not Ok? Today we have come to refute the rumor. Beer itself is a drink with a high water content, and it is also an alcoholic beverage. The beer is drunk too much, so the urine is too much. In fact, it is not surprising at all. It is not necessarily related to the health of the kidneys. Why do some people always run to the toilet when drinking? First of all, beer itself contains a lot of water. Drinking beer is equivalent to ingesting more water in our body. During the process of filtration and reabsorption, the kidney naturally discharges more water. When urine is stored in the bladder When it is enough, it will stimulate the body’s urinary center, urination, and need to go to the toilet to urinate, drink more, and have more urine, which is not surprising. The alcohol contained in beer can pass through the blood circulation, pass the blood-brain blood-brain barrier, and enter the brain to affect the cerebral cortex. In addition to making people feel euphoria, excitement or drowsiness, alcohol will also affect the brain Pituitary formation is an inhibitory effect. The pituitary gland is an important hormone-secreting gland of the human body. Among the hormones it secretes, there is a hormone called “antidiuretic hormone”. The role of this hormone is to enhance the kidney’s reabsorption of water. Reduce the amount of urine produced, and alcohol will suppress the secretion of this antidiuretic hormone by the pituitary gland, which will cause the kidneys to reabsorb the function of water, so that more water will enter the bladder and form urine to be excreted. This alcohol The diuretic effect is also one of the main causes of frequent toilet running after drinking. In many cases, not only drinking beer frequently goes to the toilet, but some friends drink other wines and also frequently run to the toilet because of this reason. Therefore, some friends will go to the toilet soon after drinking beer, and often run the toilet frequently. This is not related to the health of the kidneys. People who frequently run the toilet do not mean that the kidneys are unhealthy. Those who are able to sit still do not necessarily have a healthier kidney. Why do some people drink a few bottles and do not go to the toilet? There are also a lot of people who are not going to the toilet after drinking a few bottles, so how does this difference come from? We will analyze it from various reasons. The first is the individual’s physique differences, whether it is the sensitivity of alcohol to the pituitary gland or the size of the bladder capacity, which requires factors that may lead to huge differences in urination habits after drinking beer. Some friends drink alcohol after drinking The pituitary’s hormone secretion inhibitory effect is not obvious, the bladder capacity is relatively large, and the natural urine is less. After drinking some friends, alcohol has a more obvious effect on the pituitary gland, which can obviously inhibit the secretion of antidiuretic hormone. There will be more. In addition to individual differences, differences in eating habits can also lead to differences in the frequency of urination. For example, when some friends drink alcohol, they like to drink water at the same time, while some friends drink alcohol alone, drink beer and then drink water, the natural intake of water is more, and the urine output will naturally increase. Some friends like to eat light vegetables and other foods when drinking, and patting cucumber is a good appetizer, while some friends like to eat high-protein foods when drinking. At the wine table, everyone eats food The difference will also affect the filtration reabsorption of the kidneys. In the same person, if you eat more high-protein foods, high-protein intake will accelerate the filtration rate of the kidneys, and it will also cause urine to increase, and some foods have A certain diuretic effect will also further promote urination. These factors may cause different people to have different urination habits after drinking beer. Some friends will deliberately hold urine on the wine table in order to show their “strong kidney function”. In fact, this method is the most undesirable. According to the relevant knowledge we introduced earlier, everyone should understand that urination after drinking beer More or less, sooner or later, there is no inevitable connection with kidney function, and forcibly holding back urine is a bad habit that will seriously affect kidney function, especially after drinking a lot of alcohol, there will be a lot of urine accumulated in the bladder.

Excessive smoking can easily cause anal fissure

Mr. Zheng is a standard “old cigarette gun”, but he is 20 years old. He has been living irregularly for a long time. He has been suffering from constipation for many years. However, he has been in trouble recently. Because he has been writing materials overnight, he has to smoke four or five packs of cigarettes a night, making constipation more serious. The toilet has changed from “once a few days” to “a few times a day.” When I used the toilet too hard, I broke my anus. However, he thought that this little accident was no big deal for men, so he took some laxatives every day to give the wound a chance to “recuperate and recuperate.” He didn’t expect that after stopping the medicine, there would be tearing pain almost every time he used the toilet. Only then did he discover the seriousness of the problem. Later, after being introduced by a friend, Mr. Zheng came to the hospital and was diagnosed with chronic anal fissure. After a minimally invasive technique, HCPT surgery soon recovered.   “Long-term heavy smoking and irregular dietary life are one of the causes of anal fissure.” Qiu Gu, director of Wuxi Anal Thai Hospital, pointed out that anal fissure is a common disease. The incidence of anorectal diseases ranks second, second only to hemorrhoids. The majority of patients are young people and children around 20 years old, and more women than men. Smoking can stimulate the nervous system, accelerate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, and often cause tension in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to loss of appetite in smokers. Nicotine can contract the blood vessels of the gastrointestinal mucosa and also reduce appetite. The normal diet is the most healthy for the body. It is important to ensure that the loss of appetite caused by excessive smoking will cause malnutrition, reduce the body’s immunity, and the disease has an opportunity. In addition, smoking for a long time is easy to get angry, which leads to a decline in the liver’s excretory function, causing constipation. If you do not quit smoking in time and change your lifestyle, you will have anal fissure again.

4 mistakes most people make when going to the toilet, you will definitely change it after reading

Five big things in life, eating, drinking, and sleeping, accounted for two things related to the toilet. However, it is the same to go to the toilet, some people can empty themselves and relax; while some people can only take a blame (smelly) gas and leave unwillingly. Why is this happening? It is possible that the following four mistakes were made inadvertently. Mistake one: The time spent in the toilet is too long. As the saying goes: Once you enter the toilet, it looks like the sea. Since you have a smartphone, many people “get deeper and deeper” in the toilet. But the longer the bowel movement, the easier it is to go wrong. &nbsp. Defecation, in the final analysis, is to “push” the stool through continuous pressure. However, while putting pressure on the stool, the intestines also bear a high pressure. Over time, diseases such as hemorrhoids, loosening of the rectal mucosa, and prolapse will come to the door. &nbsp. The best time to go to the toilet (stool) is about 3 minutes, even if you can’t get out, don’t squat, turn around and come back, maybe there is a new harvest. As for books, newspapers, mobile phones, and tablets, don’t bring them into the toilet. &nbsp. If you are disobedient, every time you go to the toilet for more than 10 minutes…Dr. Lilac believes that the door of the anorectal department is open for you. Mistake #2: The toilet is too hard to defecate! Don’t defecate hard! Don’t defecate hard! The important thing must be said three times. Dr. Lilac knows that many people have constipation, but defecation with the strength of breastfeeding does not do any good. When defecation is exhausted, the related muscles contract strongly, which not only increases the pressure on the abdomen, but also raises the blood pressure a lot. In this way, it is not only easier to get hemorrhoids, but also the burden on the heart and blood vessels. &nbsp. People who are deeply troubled by constipation, first try to adjust their living habits. If there is no improvement, it is better to go to the doctor. Appropriate medication can make you easy. Mistake 3: The direction of rubbing the ass is wrong. Let’s conclude first: no matter whether you defecate or urinate, women must wipe from front to back. The reason is actually very simple, because in the order from front to back, the urinary tract, vagina, and anus are more and more resistant to pathogenic bacteria. In other words, from the front to the back, you can use the strongest defense to deal with the enemy (pathogenic bacteria), thereby reducing the risk of infection. &nbsp. So please remember that at any time, it is right to wipe from front to back. As for men, they are actually healthier (yes, urination). However, because the male urethra is much longer than the female, there are inherent advantages, so if you don’t wipe it, the problem is not big… Error 4: Washing hands in the toilet is too short. Wash your hands before and after meals. We have known this sentence since we were young. But many people just take a few rushes with water, which will not prevent disease. Walking rivers and lakes is stable and healthy. The correct way to wash your hands is the “seven-step hand-washing method.” If you want to learn more, click on the link below to learn more → you must wash your hands after washing! You can prevent 40% of bacterial infections if you wash it properly. 2. It takes enough time to wash your hands, and the cleaning effect is not good. Therefore, as long as it is not in a hurry, please wash your hands: rub your hands carefully for more than 15 seconds; the total time for washing your hands should be at least 30 seconds.

Will hotel towels and toilets infect genital warts?

   The hotel is a place to temporarily stay abroad, but everyone does not fully trust the safety of the hotel. For people who go out, they should all be a little resistant to the towels and toilets in the hotel. After all, there are rumors that the hotel’s towels can be infectious. Sexually transmitted diseases make it difficult for many people to speak, such as genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea and other diseases, but we need to be clear that these sexually transmitted diseases are mainly transmitted through sexual behavior, or mother-to-child transmission, intimate contact, public towels, toilets, etc. .  But close contact with public towels and toilets will infect sexually transmitted diseases, the key is to see whether there are wounds (broken holes) on the body and whether the towels and toilets are infected with viruses.  Condyloma acuminatum, for example, is spread mainly through sexual activity and is highly contagious. In addition to sexual activity, it may also be transmitted through mother and child, public towels, toilets, etc. If there is oral sex, anal sex, there is still the possibility of infection.   Yes, you read right, oral sex and anal sex can indeed infect genital warts. Because any sexual behavior, no matter what way, may cause local mucous membrane or skin damage, so don’t look down on genital warts.  Even if you have sex with a condom, it only reduces the possibility of infection, and it cannot completely prevent it from happening, so don’t hold the idea that you can wear a condom for nothing.  So, do hotel towels and toilets infect genital warts?  As stated in the preface, whether the public towel toilet will be infected depends on whether there are wounds on the body and whether there is HPV (human papilloma virus) on the towel toilet, otherwise the chance of infection is very small.  If the public toilets and other public equipment are disinfected, the human papillomavirus (HPV), the causative agent of condyloma acuminatum, can be eliminated. In addition, it is very easy to eliminate HPV in vitro. It is cold and heat resistant, and can be inactivated in a few seconds at 100°C.

Which is healthier, squatting or sitting?

Which is healthier, squat or toilet? Different people have different toilet habits, some people are used to squatting toilets, and some people are used to toilets. Regardless of personal preference, it is best to be able to choose a way to use the toilet that is healthier for the human body under selective conditions. &nbsp.   Which is more healthy, squat stools and toilet stools? This question should be distinguished. If it is beneficial to bowel movements, then it is of course better to squat stools. Because when squatting, the anus of the human body is the easiest to open, which is more conducive to fecal discharge. But if the elderly are weak, the knees and hips are not good, of course, it is more beneficial to health. From a hygiene point of view, which is more hygienic? If you are at home, squatting and sitting can be clean and hygienic. However, in public places, squatting stools are very different from sitting toilets. Of course, squatting stools are more hygienic, because squatting stools do not need to contact the toilet, while sitting stools need to contact the toilet, which increases our chances of getting bacteria. Therefore, it is better to choose squat toilets in public toilets. &nbsp.    3. For women,    should choose squat toilets for women, because squat toilets are very helpful for women’s health. The first is to make defecation easier during squatting. In addition, menstrual blood will be cleaned out during menstruation, so that bacterial infections will be avoided. Because women are squatting whether they are urinating or defecating, if they use toilets, they will inevitably be contaminated with viruses or bacteria. Therefore, for women’s health, it is better to use squat toilets.   4. The sitting style is suitable for the elderly    The elderly are physically weaker and have less mobility. They are more suitable for using the sitting toilet. If you use a squat toilet, you will easily get dizzy, dizzy, and numb your hands and feet when you get up to prevent accidents. How can you achieve the effect of squatting while sitting on the toilet?&nbsp.  There is a small trick here, that is, a small stool about 15 cm high under the feet when sitting on the toilet, when the lower limbs are raised, it will also improve the rectum The angle is more conducive to bowel movements.  Watching cell phones or newspapers is not good for bowel movements. Many people are used to reading newspapers or cell phones when they are defecating. In fact, this is not a healthy way to defecate. Whether you are squatting to defecate or sitting to defecate, there are four points to pay special attention to if your bowel movements go smoothly.   1. It is not good to hold the toilet immediately when you feel obvious bowel movements.   Do not read newspapers or play mobile phones while going to the toilet, otherwise it will affect bowel movements due to distraction.   2. Don’t squat for a long time.  If the squat toilet time exceeds 5 minutes and there is no inconvenience, it should end. In particular, some people sit on the toilet and have no inconvenience, but are still waiting, which is actually not conducive to bowel movements.  3. Excessive force for bowel movements should not be too strong.    Slowly increase your strength during bowel movements and use your strength. If constipation and defecation are difficult, not only is it not conducive to defecation, but it may increase the pressure of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. Many heart disease patients have sudden attacks in the toilet because of improper exertion, the stools are not discharged, and the blood vessels explode first. When the bowel movement is not smooth, proper anal lift is more effective.

Among males, San Yi and San Yi, what do you know?

Sanyi Tomato    The sour taste of tomatoes can promote the secretion of gastric juice and help digest protein. In addition, the rich vitamin C can combine with the relationship between cells to create collagen and strengthen blood vessels. The benefits of tomatoes on male prostate and sperm are beyond doubt. Men may wish to eat tomatoes every day, preferably cooked. Because lycopene is a fat-soluble substance, it is easier to absorb when cooked, but it should not be heated for more than 30 minutes, otherwise lycopene will be automatically broken down. To take a shower, you need to take a bath. Because the anatomy and physiology of the perineum in men are more complicated, the penis, testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles and other reproductive organs are concentrated here. Therefore, if you take a bath and soak these reproductive organs in hot water, you can remove sweat stains, bacteria, mold and harmful microorganisms, effectively treat or prevent foreskinitis, urethritis, scrotum, hemorrhoids and anal fistula. Especially for the prevention of prostatitis, it has a significant effect and can delay the aging of men. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.According to the theory of Chinese medicine, safflower, pueraria lobata, etc. can be placed in the water of the sitting bath to relax the blood vessels around the prostate, expand the blood vessels around the prostate, increase the blood supply, and relieve prostatitis. Experts pointed out that regular “sit bath” can achieve a certain physiotherapy effect. Beans: soybeans, black beans, mung beans, etc. Many people know that soybeans have plant hormones, which are beneficial to women, but they do not know that soybeans are also excellent food for men. Eating soy beans can greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and soy beans are just as effective for improving bone loss in men. Men over 60 years old, bone loss will start, the situation is as serious as menopausal women, and eating more soybeans can supplement lecithin, lecithin has been shown to be related to short-term memory and learning ability. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Men should learn to eat a light diet, especially to reduce animal fats (fat meat, fried meat, animal offal, etc.) and the total amount of cooking oil (generally no more than 30 grams/day). Taking pork as an example, the average amount of meat per day should be limited to two or three. In addition, it is best to match pork with legumes when eating pork, because soy products contain a lot of lecithin, which can emulsify plasma and make cholesterol and fat particles smaller. To prevent the formation of hardened plaque. Three should not wear tight briefs&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. From the physiological structure, because the male testis is outside the body, the scrotum surrounding the testis will continuously adjust the temperature, so that sperm production and storage are lower than the body Under the condition of about 2℃. Generally, the temperature of the testis can only produce sperm normally when it is kept at 35°C. Only at this temperature can the sperm be full of vitality. Too high or too low temperature will affect the function of the testis. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If a male wears tight briefs, the scrotum will be fixed close to the abdominal cavity, so the function of the scrotum to regulate the temperature will be limited. At the same time, if the testicles are always close to the warm abdominal cavity, the abdominal temperature is higher than the testes The temperature required for normal functioning will cause spermatogenic dysfunction and lead to infertility. In addition, if the underwear fabric is a chemical fiber material with poor air permeability and poor heat dissipation, the scrotum will be closed, the air will not circulate, and the bacteria will multiply easily, causing urethritis. Over time, it will result in poor sperm quality and low mobility. It is not advisable to sit on the toilet for a long time. In the daily life of modern people, many people have the habit of sitting on the toilet and playing mobile phones. Sedentary toilet is a bad sanitary habit, especially affecting men’s physical health. Because bowel movements are reflex movements of the body, they are coordinated body movements involving the body to the bowel movement center. If a person sits on the toilet for a long time to play a mobile phone, he will ignore the bowel movements, making the bowel movements of the whole body uncoordinated and a feeling of stopping the bowel movements. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. This makes the rectum desensitized to fecal pressure stimuli, causing difficulty in defecation, and then dry stools, forming habitual constipation over time. For men, this bad habit is especially harmful to the prostate. Due to prolonged bowel movements due to prolonged sitting on the toilet, the lower abdomen and pelvis are prone to congestion, which causes the rectum and anus

[Baby toilet training: late training will be better than early training]

The baby’s independent use of the toilet means that he has “grew up”, and it’s a bit of a ritual. But don’t worry, mom is better to train your baby later, but there are good reasons to drop: 1. Studies have shown that the later you train the baby in the toilet, the faster you learn. 2. Follow the development of donut muscles: Donut muscles (muscles surrounding the baby’s bladder and intestines) have just matured in 18-24 months, generally starting from 2 years old, male babies may be later. Follow the rules of development, how big the baby is to do. 3. Independent urination is a complicated technical task: Independent urination is a big project for babies: knowing how to urinate and defecate, establishing contact with the toilet, how to take off pants, how to sit comfortably, and holding back before getting ready and many more. These are too complicated for the baby, so take your time, too early and too forced to easily reverse, affecting the baby’s character development. 4. Diapers are much more convenient to use than previous diapers. It will be fine for more time. [Breeze] The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that when your baby has the following signals, you can conduct toilet training. 1. The diaper can be kept dry for at least 2 hours, or the diaper is still dry after a nap; 2. The diaper is dirty and has uncomfortable performance, and you want to replace it; 3. Interest in the toilet; 4. The stool time gradually changes Obtain regularity; 5. Request to wear underwear; 6. Ability to follow simple instructions; 7. Use expressions, postures, or language to express that you are urinating; [breeze] Let’s talk about some tips for training your baby to use the toilet: 1 1. Prepare a baby’s favorite toilet; 2. Parents explain while demonstrating; 3. Learn with their surrounding partners; 4. Use toys to demonstrate or learn through picture books; 5. When the baby is unskilled to wet pants, parents must have Be patient enough to learn to encourage; 6. Summer toilet training is the best; 7. Wear training pants; baby toilet training is a step-by-step process that requires constant encouragement and help from mother. [Like] Xiao Miao will grow up, don’t worry , Take it slowly [心]@微博母婴@儿童教育唐老师@席雪母婴健康#微博文字培训营#+@写书哥+@斯玛特君#母婴谣月##育儿专家Say#

Which hospital is the most professional in treating epilepsy in Guiyang

Every seizure, whether it is falling forward or backward, does not need to turn your body immediately to fall sideways. Falling backwards will cause the pressure to fall on the back and spine, resulting in serious injuries and fractures. A frontal fall may cause injury to the head, face and arms. → _ → Several practical suggestions of famous epilepsy doctors, click here to ask Epilepsy patients who are about to fall, often lose consciousness, unlike normal people who reach out and grab things around, or touch the ground with their hands. Therefore, for patients with epilepsy, such measures often fail to achieve results, but increase the probability of hand and leg fractures. Using the hand to withstand the impact of falling from the body will cause the old man’s wrist and arm to fracture. When falling, keep your hands and legs bent. 1. The places where falls are most likely to occur. Bedside, bathroom and toilet, and hospital corridors 2. The times when falls are most likely to occur when you go to the toilet at night or midnight, when you wake up in the morning, after a long hot bath, bed, or after squats. Falling activities rush to go to the toilet or go to the toilet in the middle of the night 4. What are the factors that are most likely to fall for the elderly and children, those who are disobedient, and those who are afraid to trouble others? Epilepsy predisposing factors: Obstacles (confusion, impaired judgment) 2. Unstable epilepsy 3. Increased frequency of diarrhea or frequent urination. 4. Environmental factors for surgery or trauma. 1. Ground (uneven, slippery, humid). 2. Low brightness of light Or suddenly change from dim to bright 3. The design of doors, handles and toilets is inconvenient 4. There are obstacles and crowding in the aisle 5. Whether the layout of the ward is suitable for Guiyang Epilepsy Hospital

Beware of heart disease on the toilet

The sudden death of the heart caused by going to the toilet sounds a bit embarrassing, but it is not uncommon in the clinic. One morning not long ago, Beijing 999 Emergency Command Center received a call for help. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, a 72-year-old man was sitting on the toilet in the toilet. He had no breathing and heartbeat, and it was initially judged as a sudden myocardial infarction when he was relieved. The doctor took a series of emergency treatments and eventually failed to save his life. Isn’t it just a bowel movement, how could such a serious accident happen? Don’t underestimate the danger on the toilet. We have done experiments. When simulating bowel movements, while the intra-abdominal pressure of the human body increases, the blood pressure will rise and the heart rate will increase accordingly. Middle-aged and elderly people or people with various diseases often have constipation, and their blood pressure will rise even higher when they are relieved. All this will increase the burden on the heart and may lead to myocardial infarction. & nbsp. Tragedy on the toilet often happens in the early morning. An old man had a bowel movement in the morning, and as a result a pulmonary embolism occurred. This is because, after a person sleeps for a night, the blood in the lower limbs is stagnant, and the thrombus formed moves to the lungs. If the blood vessels in the lungs are blocked, pulmonary embolism will occur, which may cause sudden cardiac death. Some people also like to smoke in the bathroom. I have met a boss in his thirties. He has hypertension. He smoked two packs of cigarettes in the toilet and eventually committed an acute myocardial infarction. There is no sunlight and no air circulation in the bathroom. If smoke is continuously inhaled, nicotine in tobacco will cause coronary artery spasm and cause sudden death. The risk on the toilet is unexpected. However, it is not inevitable. We found that most of the people who have had a “toilet tragedy” suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. They often make a common sense mistake-get up in the morning, first defecate and then take medicine. The medicines I ate the night before had been metabolized for more than ten hours. By the next morning, the efficacy had reached a trough and had no effect. When the blood pressure is relatively high, it is dangerous to defecate again. Therefore, it is recommended that elderly people with cardiovascular disease drink some water and take medicine before bowel movements to avoid some risks. In daily life, you should also eat more high-fiber vegetables to ease bowel movements and avoid too much burden on the heart caused by constipation. Of course, we must change the bad habit of smoking in the bathroom. 1. After waking up and opening your eyes, lie on your back for half a minute; 2. Sit on the bed for half a minute; 3. Hang your legs along the bed for half a minute; 4. Move to the ground;

What symptoms indicate that the male prostate may have problems?

Prostatitis is a common disease in urology, and it is more common in middle-aged and older male patients. However, in recent years, the incidence of prostate disease has become higher and higher, and it has also tended to become younger. Once the prostate becomes abnormal, the male body The impact of health is great (male health problems, click here for online consultation) This is because its causes are more diverse and complex, with urethral irritation symptoms and chronic pelvic pain as the main clinical manifestations, specifically, including the following aspects : 1 Urge to urinate. When men are urinating, they often have to wait in the toilet for a while, and they have to work hard to urinate normally. Even after urination, there is often a feeling of not urinating. Frequently this happens, mostly because of a problem with the prostate. 2 urinary thinning. Because of the inflammation of the prostate, many men have urinary thinning when they go to the toilet to urinate. If you observe carefully, you will find urine. Fork, these realizations may be the urine jet phenomenon affected by prostate hyperplasia, so male friends should take a good look 3 Urinary frequency Urinary urgency An obvious sign of prostatitis is frequent urinary urgency. If the frequency of going to the toilet is more than usual, and at night, there may be uncontrolled urine flow. It should be paid attention to (male health problems, click here for online consultation) 4 Abnormal semen prostate will also affect the quality of men’s sperm, causing men to have thin semen and yellow semen. This is also an early symptom of the prostate, and if it is serious May also affect the quality of life of the couple, and also affect the quality of sperm, leading to difficulties in pregnancy, etc. 5 body pain due to prostate inflammation, men’s anus and scrotum will have a feeling of bulging, but also to other Radiation pain at the site, such as back pain, groin or lower limb pain, etc. Especially in the morning, the pain is most obvious. In the process of treating prostatitis, many men have doubts and think it is not all prostate Inflammation requires surgical treatment. In fact, many times it is based on The patient’s condition determines whether to perform surgery. For patients whose symptoms are not serious, it is generally possible to use a combination of drugs and physical therapy (male health problems, click here for online consultation). Physical therapy methods include microwave, radio frequency and other technologies, mainly Using the thermal effect generated by physical means to increase the blood circulation of the prostate tissue and accelerate the metabolism, which is beneficial to anti-inflammatory and eliminate tissue edema, relieve pelvic muscle spasm, etc.

Long-term use of hair spray and hair wax will also affect health?

Now that the world has fallen one after another, and even small remote countries are not immune, India as a country with a large population is really hard to ignore. Because India will be very difficult to control if it breaks out, whether it is epidemic prevention or new crown treatment. Current diagnosis data: First of all, the health conditions in many parts of India are worrying, and it is easy to cause the spread of the virus. According to the 2017 World Toilet Report, more than half of Indians do not achieve “toilet freedom”, and it is not uncommon for toilets to be used anywhere. The Indian epidemiologist Ashraf said that poorly ventilated public toilets may spread aerosols. Therefore, he also pessimistically estimated: “The lack of clean water and clean toilets may lead to large outbreaks.” Then there is India’s scary population density, which is easy to cause large-scale infections. Especially in some slums, the population density is higher, and the national health awareness is relatively weak. Once someone is diagnosed, the scope of infection is not a joke, as difficult as an avalanche to stop. For example, there are at least 1.5 million people living in the Talavi slums in India, but its area is only about 2 square kilometers. There are many slums in India that are in a similar situation. There are so many people living in such a forced space. The health status can be imagined. Once the new crown is popular, the consequences can be imagined. On April 1, the largest slum in India, Talavi, reported the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia. The patient was a 56-year-old man who died when he was transferred to hospital that night due to aggravation of the condition. This patient has no history of overseas travel. After his diagnosis, his family members have been quarantined, and the entire building where he lives is blocked. Finally, it is difficult to protect and treat. Because of the level of production, the supply capacity of masks, gloves and disinfectants in India is very limited. Life-saving medical equipment such as ventilators and intensive care beds are seriously inadequate. Moreover, there are few public hospitals in India and limited treatment capacity, while private hospitals are expensive, and most ordinary people look down on the disease. If the new crown is popular in India, the worst is the huge number of poor people. The gap between the poor and the rich has become even more cruel when facing the virus: and once India breaks out, other countries cannot be left unaffected, let alone China, which is very close.

Andrology tips: the relationship between men and holding back urine!

Do n’t sit for long, drink more water! Not to mention the serious harm to sperm caused by sedentary sitting, holding back urine is a taboo, and many problems arise. For example, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, and bladder injuries, but these parts are important parts of men. It is not easy to change if they are broken! In addition, remind men who love to hold back their urine. Work is important, but if you hold your urine too long, it will cause male infertility! Be aware that the organs used by the man ’s younger brother to urinate and urinate are innervated by the same group of nerves! When you hold your urine for a long time for a long time, this group of nerves will be under excessive pressure. Once this group of important nerves are disordered, it is not only the surface problems of urinary pain and urination, but when it is serious, it can not be hardened properly, affecting fertility. Old iron! So! Starting today, I refuse to hold my urine and go to the toilet. What should I do after holding my urine? 】 After you hold your urine for a while, and know the harm caused by this, you must correct this bad habit in time! What should you do? In addition to getting up immediately to go to the toilet, the next thing to do is: drink water! Drink water! Sip water! ! ! Water is a magic weapon for men. Replenishing a lot of water and forcing yourself to urinate a few more times has a flushing effect on the bladder and can prevent the growth of bacteria in the bladder. How much do you drink? Scientifically: the recommended amount per day is 2000-3000ml. Sufficient water can protect the health of the urinary tract. Men, you need to know that if you experience any discomfort in your bladder or urethra, you can take plenty of water before going to the doctor. Accelerated excretion is the best way to solve all urinary tract problems. It can effectively alleviate the condition. Don’t drink water because of fear of pain or going to the toilet.

What should I pay attention to when training my baby to use the toilet?

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. For two-year-old babies, the most urgent thing for Mama Bao is that you must learn to use the toilet before going to nursery or kindergarten. For some babies, as long as they are trained to go to the toilet in an appropriate way, there is generally no danger. However, what Ba Bao Bao Da needs to do is to allow the baby to slowly adapt to the whole process of going to the toilet, rather than to encourage seedlings. If your baby gets dirty in the bathroom or his clothes because of going to the toilet, do n’t blame your baby, or even intimidate your baby, and you ca n’t force your baby to make certain training actions. Because training your baby to go to the toilet is a process of slowly adapting, it can only be achieved after the baby has the ability to control itself. According to relevant information, the process of training the baby to the toilet generally takes about a year before the baby can go to the toilet independently. Therefore, the average age of the entire training process is about two and a half years old. If you want your baby to complete the entire toilet training process, first of all, you need to be able to recognize the feeling of going to the toilet, and let your baby understand the meaning of this feeling. As a parent, it should also be noted that only when the baby overcomes all kinds of difficulties at the early stage of the baby, such as the extreme negative or rebellious mentality of the baby, can the baby slowly proceed to the toilet training. For most babies, even if they cannot go to the toilet independently for a long time, as parents, they cannot blame the baby for being too stupid, because for most babies, it is normal to delay the time backward. In the whole process of training the baby to the toilet, Bao Mama must constantly praise his progress, but pay attention to avoid criticizing him, otherwise it will only cause unnecessary trouble to the baby, and even hinder the smooth progress of the training. . (The pictures in the article are from the Internet, invaded and deleted)