Can hydrosalpinx be a test tube baby?

  Can tubal hydrops be test-tube babies? Many patients with tubal hydrops will worry about not being pregnant, so they will consider other ways to conceive the baby. Test tube baby technology is a complex and mature medical assisted pregnancy technology that can help many couples who are unable to conceive pregnant with their baby.  Can tubal hydrops be test tube babies? Test tube babies technology is a complex and mature medical assisted pregnancy technique. In recent years, many infertile couples have requested to give up other treatments and directly use test tube babies technology. However, from a medical point of view, reproduction is a natural physiological phenomenon, the closer to the natural method of conception, the more beneficial to mothers and babies.   IVF technology has a strong indication. Not everyone needs to do infertility, nor is it suitable for every couple of infertility.   Strictly speaking, women with hydrosalpinx are not suitable for IVF surgery. The success rate of IVF is inherently low. If the patient also has hydrosalpinx, the success rate of IVF is even lower.   Therefore, if a female friend chooses to be a test tube baby, she must first solve the problem of hydrosalpinx. If the problem of hydrotubation is resolved, she can choose to conceive naturally or perform test tube baby surgery.  What are the hazards of hydrosalpinx?   The female fallopian tube is an important place for sperm and egg combination, and it is also responsible for transporting the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity. Once the fallopian tube becomes diseased, it will have a great impact on this transport process.   Fallopian tube hydrops is a common fallopian tube disease. The reason for the formation of hydrops is mainly related to the obstruction of the fallopian tube umbrella. This disease has a great impact on female pregnancy. And if it is not treated in time, it will cause blockage of the fallopian tube, fallopian tube closure, and fallopian tube adhesion and other diseases, affecting the chance of female pregnancy, and even leading to infertility.  When hydrosalpinx occurs, the fertilized egg cannot reach the uterine cavity smoothly, and stays in the fallopian tube to continue to grow and develop, and does not grow in the correct position, which forms an ectopic pregnancy. If it is found that it is not timely and the treatment is delayed, the female friend will have a life-long worry. How to prevent hydrosalpinx Female friends want to prevent hydrosalpinx, usually do the following:    First, usually pay attention to exercise, exercise makes the body function more powerful, can enhance the body’s resistance, it is to prevent disease Very helpful. Also remember to get up early and go to bed early, get enough sleep and breathe fresh air.   Second, try to stay away from some electronic products. Electronic products are ubiquitous now, and many female friends have developed many bad habits because of using electronic products. For example, the mobile phone has not left the hand, facing the computer all day long and so on. If you have to use a computer because of work, you must go out and walk more after get off work, and do not sit for long.   Third, usually eat more fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eat less chilly, spicy and spicy foods. Proteins such as walnuts and peanuts should also be eaten in moderation. At the same time, you can take some food supplemented with minerals in an appropriate amount to make the pyramid in the body more harmonious.