Precautions for vitiligo in summer

After the small heat, the weather will get hotter and hotter, and the intensity of ultraviolet rays will also increase. This is very unfavorable for patients with vitiligo. During this period of time, daily body care becomes more important, protecting the skin and timely Going to the hospital for examination is essential. What do you need to pay attention to in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation?   Going out: The sun is hot in summer. If we are going to travel, we must remember to take good sun protection measures. If it is too troublesome, we can directly choose physical sun protection methods, such as umbrella, hat and so on. If you want to get a better sun protection effect, we can also choose sunscreen to block the sun. There is a lot of rain in summer. When you go out, bring an umbrella that can protect you from the sun and block the rain. Pay more attention to the weather forecast every day.  Diet: In the summer, the diet of patients with vitiligo should aim to clear the heat and increase appetite, and eat bitter foods appropriately. Green leafy vegetables, melons, and other fruity vegetables and fruits are good choices for summer diets, specifically cabbage, bitter gourd, loofah, and cucumber. The content of vitamin C in these vegetables is not high, so you can eat with confidence. Diet is closely related to people’s health, so summer diet should not be full, usually eat seven or eight full, but we must pay attention to a comprehensive and balanced nutrition mix, not picky or partial food. It is important to note that no matter what the season, the doctor’s instructions must be kept in mind, and excessive consumption of food that is not conducive to the disease should not be taken.  Daily life: In the summer, because of the hot weather, many people will fall into disturbed emotions, and such emotions will further affect the functional activities of the human body. In the summer, patients with vitiligo should be good at regulation, sit more, eliminate distracting thoughts, and consciously regulate emotions. In addition, in summer, the days are long and the nights are short, and our daily life should conform to the characteristics of the seasons, and we should sleep late and get up early. Moreover, we can take a nap properly during the day, which not only helps to eliminate fatigue, but also improves our immunity. It should be noted that the nap time should not be too long, otherwise it will easily lead to difficulty in falling asleep at night, affecting the study and work the next day.

Are oral sunscreen products useful?

Are oral sunscreen products useful? When we evaluate a sunscreen, we judge whether it is useful or not, just to see if it has the ability to block or reduce ultraviolet damage to the skin. The ingredients of various types of oral sunscreen products currently on the market are essentially anti-oxidant ingredients, such as β-carotene, lutein, lycopene and other antioxidants, which can “resist ultraviolet rays” to a certain extent and reduce skin Damaged”. From the point of view of the mechanism of action, these antioxidants can endogenously repair and resist UV-induced DNA damage, protect the activity and structure of superoxide dismutase from free radical oxidative damage, and inhibit cells induced by oxidative stress. Apoptosis, thus protecting the skin. For example, an oral sunscreen product has a sun index of 2.8, which means that if the average yellow person’s skin can resist the sun for 15 minutes without being burned, then after taking this product with a sun protection index of 28, it takes only about 42 minutes ( 15 minutes xSPF2.8) sun protection time. Therefore, if you want to resist ultraviolet rays for a long time, oral sunscreen is not a good choice. The effectiveness of most oral sunscreen products is exaggerated. Oral sunscreen may help increase the skin’s ability to resist ultraviolet rays, but it cannot be “as soon as it is taken orally, there is no need for protection” as the advertisement claims. When the sunlight is strong, if you are exposed to the outdoors for a long time, especially when you are on the beach or the seaside, still apply sunscreen honestly. Of course, the best sun protection products are sun umbrellas, sun hats, sunglasses, sun protection clothing, etc. Oral sunscreen products are not effective, and some safety cannot be guaranteed. For your own health and beauty, choosing the right sunscreen product is the best.

Why is suntan even after applying sunscreen? The secret of sunscreen that 99% people don’t know

Hello, big roar! Today is a tightly wrapped day~ Recently, the weather is getting warmer~ Isn’t everyone tempted to go out and wander? In addition to wearing a mask, you must pay special attention to the sunscreen when you go out. Otherwise, it will look like the following picture… Recently, many fairies told me that they obviously applied sunscreen, but they still felt obvious. This phenomenon is even more serious when it is dark, especially for girls who spend a long time outdoors or go to the beach. In fact, in the process of sun protection, if the amount of sunscreen is not enough, the application is not timely or the sun protection index is not enough, there will also be sunburn and sunburn. Break through the blind spots one by one! ⅠHow much sunscreen should I apply? The amount of sunscreen varies from person to person, but according to the results of most people’s feedback, if you want to have a better protective effect on the face, 0.9 grams of sunscreen is more appropriate, which is simply a dollar coin size. For the parts of the arms and calves that are often exposed to the sun, the amount of consumption is even greater. “Three dollars” is required. ⅡI don’t need sunscreen indoors on cloudy days? The existence of ultraviolet rays has nothing to do with the weather and season! Indoors, cloudy days, rainy days… UV rays are there, sunscreen should be applied at any time of the year! &nbsp. Ⅲ sunscreen does not need to remove makeup? The purpose of makeup remover is to clean up all sunscreen products applied on the face. In general, ordinary sunscreen products do not require makeup removal, and can be completely removed with facial cleanser. But for some greasy sunscreen products, facial cleanser is difficult to clean (the face is still very greasy after washing), in this case, you need to remove makeup. &nbsp. Ⅳ I use cosmetics with sunscreen effect, do I still apply sunscreen? If the amount is not reached, the effect cannot be achieved. Even if the base makeup product has sun protection value, it is recommended to apply sun protection. &nbsp. Although the sunscreen is easy to use, the sunscreen with the highest multiple can not absorb or reflect all the ultraviolet rays. There is still a part of the ultraviolet rays that will be absorbed by our skin through the sunscreen. In addition, visible light and infrared light in sunlight can also cause skin damage, not to mention that the sun protection applied by the little fairies may not be enough. Sun protection not only refers to applying sunscreen, but also includes the use of hard sunscreens such as umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, and clothing. In addition, you can avoid going out at the time when the ultraviolet rays are strongest, and go to the place where the ultraviolet rays are strong to “stuck in.” After-sun repair can’t be less. After-sun repair is a step that many little fairies tend to ignore. Although sunscreen can block ultraviolet rays, after a long period of ultraviolet radiation, the skin will still inevitably tan, red and even dry Peeling, these situations remind you that it is time to repair after sun exposure! (1) Cool down during the first aid period after sun exposure. At this time, you must not use hot compresses. You can use ice towels to soothe and calm down, then use spray products, aloe vera gel and other moisturizing products. The sooner you do this step, the better. It is best to do it directly within an hour or two after sun exposure. If you want to quickly achieve better repair results, you can choose to do red light anti-inflammatory + Shu Min import. (2) Post-sun repair period One week after sun exposure is the skin barrier repair period. At this stage, the skin will be severely dehydrated. You can choose hyaluronic acid deep hydration, water light needle and other hydration methods to allow the skin barrier to be repaired as soon as possible. (3) Whitening period after sun exposure One week to one month after sun exposure is the whitening period. Normally, melanin will begin to precipitate three days after sun exposure, so the previous few days I feel that I have not been tanned is actually an illusion. At this time, you can use photon tenderness Skin or fruit acid rejuvenation improves dull and uneven skin tone, reduces melanin precipitation, while enhancing skin elasticity and shine. Of course, the general problem of skin after sun exposure is more complicated and diverse. It is usually difficult to achieve the ideal whitening and repairing effect by a single project or technology. It is recommended that you go to a professional beauty dermatology department for a scientific visia skin test before treatment. Based on the test results, let a professional doctor customize a scientific and reasonable post-sun repair program for you. All right, little fairies who haven’t escaped the tanning spell, have you got the knowledge above?

Popular Science|The cause of acne is not only to stay up late and get angry, but also these

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Acne is a problem that plagues many people, both boys and girls have troubles in this respect, but many people have some wrong ideas about acne, thinking that acne is just simply staying up late or getting angry Cause, but you do not stay up late and do not get acne on your face. Acne on your face may be related to the following reasons. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 1. For regular irregular menstruation, constipation, endocrine disorders and acne, first check the six hormones and check the ovaries. Treat according to the test report and the medicine prescribed by the doctor. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2. Long exfoliation of back acne, frequent showers, frequent change of sheets. Beds, bedding, mite breeding bacteria are prone to acne. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. Most of the pimples on the face that are red, swollen and inflamed are related to the body. Check the indicators of the body and take the medicine according to the doctor’s recommendations. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.4. The third article mentioned above still has a lot to do with resistance and metabolism. Strengthen the exercise (sweat must be cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria) Drink plenty of water, the metabolism of the new city has gone up, and the acne caused by the body will naturally slow down. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.5. Sweet tooth, milk tea and milk may all be the cause of your acne. If you can’t find the reason, you may wish to control your diet. Maybe you will be very interested. Unexpected effect. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.6. The facial cleanser must be clean and easy to cause acne, and the makeup remover must be cleaned (rubbing with your fingers is best, long-term use of cotton will damage your barrier), Towels should be changed in time. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.7. Don’t apply the mask casually. Don’t be too cumbersome skin care during the acne period. It is already acne muscle, it will be burdensome, and don’t touch your face for a long time without washing your hands. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.8. Many girls should get sunscreen during acne. Acne will be more serious. I also feel this. My suggestion is that during acne, it is best to use physical sunscreen on the face. Wear sunscreen on your body, use a parasol and hat as much as possible. After all, you are not outside or exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.9, and there are some strange causes of acne. There are many reasons for this. Just don’t want to urinate. Several girls also sent private letters to drink water and go to the toilet frequently. This may be to speed up the metabolism. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If you have acne, don’t use drugs yourself. You must go to a regular hospital and ask a doctor to make a diagnosis. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “acne”, you can ask me questions.

How to choose physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen?

How to choose physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen? Physical sunscreen, commonly used ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is sunscreened by physical shielding, refraction and reflection of light. The advantages are high safety and good stability. It is sunscreen immediately after application, without waiting, the sunscreen is not absorbed by the skin, and it can reflect ultraviolet rays for a long time, as long as it does not sweat or Wipe, you can always maintain the sunscreen effect. Because it does not cause chemical reactions on the skin, it is gentle on the skin and can be used by people with sensitive skin or even children. However, pure physical sunscreens are relatively greasy and heavy, and the upper face is prone to whitening. People with oily skin and acne skin should choose carefully. In addition, the sunscreen effect of physical sunscreens is not very good. It is difficult to make SPF exceed 10 simply by using physical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreen, with an absorber that absorbs UVA/UVB. The chemical sunscreen is more delicate in texture, and it feels refreshing when applied to the skin. There is no weight-bearing effect, and it is more suitable for oily skin. Moreover, the chemical sunscreen can achieve a good sunscreen effect, and the SPF can reach more than 60. However, benzophenone in chemical sunscreens is a common source of contact allergies, so some chemical sunscreen products can cause allergies. In addition, due to the “photodegradation” of chemical sunscreens, it is easy to attenuate under the action of ultraviolet rays, and the sunscreen effect will gradually deteriorate, so it needs to be applied at intervals. Sunscreens are best able to meet the following four conditions: ①Full-band protection. ②Safety chemical stability and light stability. ③No irritation, no toxicity. ④Waterproof and anti-sweat function. No sunscreen is absolutely better than the other one, we need to choose a specific sunscreen method according to our own situation. In addition, most sunscreen products are now a mixture of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, so sensitive muscles do not have to worry too much, just do allergy testing before choosing a product.

Whitening a summer|Repair after sunburn This is no longer afraid of sunburn!

In summer, what is the most important point about skin care? Sunscreen is definitely in the top three! But some babies are curious: why I obviously have enough sunscreen “three-piece suit” (sunscreen, sun umbrella, sun protection clothing), but after a summer, geese still have unavoidable rough skin, uneven skin tone, not easy to put on makeup, dark Shen’s “Fate”? Many babies think that sun protection can “not tan”, but in fact, UV damage to the skin is far greater than we thought. Even if the hin of daily sun protection is in place, the little goblin of ultraviolet rays will still be invincible. The tanning that babies usually worry about is because of the long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, our skin will be self-preventive. The melanin in the skin will increase. Over time, the melanin will be deposited in the skin epidermis, and the skin color will start to darken. Will subside easily. In addition to the precipitation of melanin, the moisture of the skin after exposure will be significantly reduced, and the loss of collagen will make the skin more dry and wrinkled, destroy the elastic fibers, and appear aging. Over time, these problems will slowly “find the door.” Babies with poor skin resistance will become more sensitive after the “damage” of ultraviolet rays, causing skin damage and tingling and itching. In severe cases, there may even be peeling, folliculitis, and skin diseases. Therefore, post-sun repair is as important as sun protection. Doing this step well can greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to our skin. Not only avoid tanning, but also prevent various skin sequelae! Repair after sun exposure should not be blind. These two misunderstandings should avoid washing your face with hot water. The skin after sun exposure is sensitive and fragile. If you wash your face with hot water, the capillaries will be dilated and congested, causing erythema and sunburn. Therefore, you must wash your face until the skin is at room temperature, and clean the face with warm water to calm and reduce redness and heat. Don’t rush to whiten after sun exposure. After the sun baptism, in fact, the skin needs to be soothed and calm. At this time, you can use lotion or pure water cold and wet compress or choose some moisturizing cream, which can relieve the skin sun. The post-stress response can calm, soothe and soothe the skin, allowing the skin to recover from the burning sensation after sun exposure to a calm state. Remedy: supplement dimension C and dimension E. Since post-sun repairs should not be underestimated, how should post-sun repairs be performed? Get these several after-sun repair whitening solutions and shake hands with the sun! Fruit acid peels can be operated immediately after sun exposure, once a month, 2-3 times; inhibit melanin and reduce pigmentation. The molecular weight of fruit acid is very small, it can effectively penetrate into the pores of the skin, separate and soften the cuticle cells of the epidermis to make it naturally fall off, promote the skin cells to accelerate the renewal, increase the skin elasticity and gloss, fruit acid beauty shrinks the large pores, strengthens the whitening ingredients Penetration. Half a month after photorejuvenation, you can start photoelectric projects, such as photorejuvenation. Once a month, 3 times in a row; photorejuvenation is mainly caused by strong pulsed light acting on skin tissue to produce photothermal and photochemical effects. On the one hand, it can rearrange collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep part and restore elasticity, and at the same time make blood vessels Increased tissue function and improved circulation, eliminating or reducing facial skin wrinkles and shrinking pores. On the other hand, strong pulsed light can penetrate the skin and be preferentially absorbed by pigment groups and blood vessels in the tissue, without destroying normal skin. Under the premise, the blood is coagulated, and the pigment clusters and pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed, thereby achieving the effect of treating capillary dilation and pigment spots. Whitening water needle can stimulate skin metabolism, accelerate skin metabolism while hydrating, improve skin texture, improve dark yellow dry skin, brighten complexion, brighten skin, brighten skin, and improve face and eyes The role of small wrinkles around the week. Adding appropriate glutathione or tranexamic acid to the water light needle can nourish the secretion of pigments, improve the dull skin color, lighten the effect of spots, and have a certain whitening effect on the back of multiple injections. Can be used in conjunction with various sunscreen products. Apply sunscreen daily, regularly use after sunburn to do post-sun repair, brighten for longer!

Sunscreen, physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen are better?

When I was a kid, I always went out in the summer when I was young, I didn’t love umbrellas, I didn’t understand the importance of sun protection, and even taking umbrellas was troublesome! Now I grow up and regret it! The long tanned legs are gone forever…Although it is too late to repair the dead sheep, at least the stop loss in time will not be tanned! However, many people have a certain misunderstanding about the physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. It is true that chemical sunscreen hats and umbrellas are the only physical sunscreens that are wiped on the body! Today, Xiao Ranzi tells everyone about the difference! Physical sunscreen Physical sunscreen is the use of reflective particles, using physical cover to block, reflect or scatter ultraviolet light, so that the amount of ultraviolet light reaching the skin can be reduced to achieve the purpose of sun protection. Physical sunscreen usually stays on the surface of the skin without chemical reaction, so it is gentle on the skin. Chemical sunscreen Chemical sunscreen, which is called chemical ultraviolet (UV) absorber, refers to an organic compound that can absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation. According to the different bands of protective radiation, UV absorbers can be divided into UVA and UVB absorbers. . To illustrate with a metaphor, chemical sunscreen is equivalent to a sponge, which can absorb ultraviolet rays. Advantages and disadvantages Physical sunscreen The biggest advantage of physical sunscreen is that it does not photodegrade, because there is no skin absorption problem when reflecting ultraviolet rays. This is also the reason why physical sunscreens are safer than chemical sunscreens. It is suitable for babies with sensitive muscles. But physical sunscreen makes the skin feel heavy, and the upper face is easy to whiten, especially the products with high spf will make the skin easier to oil. Chemical sunscreen The advantages of chemical sunscreen are light and non-sticky in texture. Even in the case of a large amount of addition, it is still light, and the skin does not feel greasy and heavy after application, which can effectively defend against UVA. However, chemical sunscreen will decompose and split under the action of ultraviolet rays, also known as “photodegradation”. It is irritating to the skin, and the effect is not lasting. Suitable for crowd physical sun protection Physical sun protection The principle of achieving sun protection is similar to “sunshade”. It is an ultraviolet blocking agent. Because it does not require skin absorption, it is suitable for babies with sensitive muscles. It is milder and non-irritating. Chemical sun protection After absorption, the sunscreen method is released with a lower energy. It avoids the direct damage to the skin by ultraviolet rays, so babies with extremely sensitive skin choose physical sunscreen as much as possible.

How to quickly repair after medical art

At present, there are many ways of medical cosmetic treatment, such as injection, acid brushing… There are more common three kinds of light, electricity, and sound, including photon, laser, hot maggie and so on. Most of the basic principles of these treatments are to apply energy to the skin to “activate” the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, or to remove pigments, abnormally expanded capillaries, or to exfoliate and non-exfoliate target tissues, etc. Wait…beautiful is real, but at the same time, the “energy” will produce some controllable “damage” to our skin, which may appear: scab, redness, dryness, pigmentation Wait. So how do we “minimize” the damage to our skin after these injuries? The skin damage is very serious, but the controllable skin damage is not the same, and it is not so difficult in actual treatment, there is no need to use some tall repair products, nor do you need to do any special care, but There are still some precautions that need everyone’s special attention: under normal circumstances, if the skin does not have scabs within 24 hours after the treatment, you can wash your face normally. It is recommended that you choose a gentle and non-irritating basic cleansing product. If the skin is crusted, it is best to rub it with clean water, try not to rub the scab, try not to use cleansing products as much as possible, to prevent skin irritation. After the moisturizing treatment is completed, the skin is in a mildly damaged state, and both the moisturizing ability and the resistance will temporarily decrease. At this time, you can use some medical dressing masks according to your doctor’s advice, and the recovery will be faster. Under normal circumstances, moisturizing products containing moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramide can be used normally 24 hours after the treatment is completed. ‌ (Subject to medical advice) Sunscreen after sunscreen treatment is indispensable. It is recommended to use “hard” sunscreen, such as sunscreen clothing, sun hat, sun umbrella, etc., to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight. It can also be used for physical sunscreen products with relatively high safety. The general ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The sun protection index is recommended to be above SPF30, PA+++. Within 1 month after the diet, eat as little photosensitive food as possible. After a large amount of photosensitized food is ingested, the photosensitized substances contained in it will enter the skin, and if it is irradiated with strong light at this time, it will react with sunlight and cause skin redness, itching, etc. After medical treatment, the skin is already in a state of slight damage to the skin. At this time, ingesting a large amount of photosensitive food is tantamount to “adding cream to the snow.” Cosmetics, skin care products Some skin care products contain exogenous photosensitive ingredients, including vitamin A, such as vitamin A acid, vitamin A alcohol, vitamin A aldehyde, etc.; acids, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, mandelic acid, azelaic acid Wait. So after finishing the project, skin care products should not be used casually. Life habits Do not scratch the treatment site in the short term after surgery to avoid strenuous physical exercise.

Boys can also live very delicate

Who said boys can only be rough old men! #皮健康科普# A society in which the value of the face is in power, the post-90s has also entered a prosperous year, and the skin care needs of men are no longer simply “clean, oil control”! According to the big data observations at the end of 2018, “Fine skin anti-wrinkle exquisite skin care for mature skin” has become mainstream! Men’s skin is slightly different from women’s, so we have to explain about the skin problems of men and the possible causes. Under the influence of strong male hormones, men with rough skin have sebaceous glands that are generally higher than those of women. Therefore, men’s faces are often oily and shiny. When the work is stressful, or if you like to stay up late, party, drinking, smoking and other recreational methods, the skin condition is worse. Folliculitis and rosacea are also caused by high male hormones and sebaceous glands, so some boys will have large red bumps on their faces, heads, even front chest and back, that is, folliculitis and boils. When hair follicle sebaceous glands become inflamed, it is easy to cause inflammation of blood vessels, which in turn causes flushing of rosacea. The damage of skin caused by photoaging and sunburn ultraviolet rays is always the same, regardless of gender. Even if you use an umbrella every day, girls who wear sunscreen will have age spots, let alone boys. Therefore, light aging will quickly cause wrinkles, sunburn, enlarged pores and so on. Many men with sensitive skin have “thick skin and thick meat”, so they generally do not feel red skin. Hair loss is a problem that many handsome guys worry about, because one type of hair loss is called seborrheic alopecia, or androgen-derived hair loss. For delicate skin care, the first step in cleansing is to use a mildly acidic and low-foaming facial cleanser. This will cause very little irritation to the skin, and it is best to use water close to body temperature. For higher-end and thorough cleaning, you can go to professional medical institutions regularly to use needle-free water, ultrasound, water and oxygen for deep cleaning. You can even do fruit acid rejuvenation. Exquisite skin care The second step of meticulous pores is to solve the problem of enlarged pores. In addition to strengthening daily cleaning, it also does a variety of moisturizing, sunscreen and antioxidant work. To obtain obvious and effective improvements, you can also choose some medical beauty projects. ·Take 1 yuan coin size sunscreen evenly on the face and neck half an hour before going out of the sunscreen, and carry it with you, reapply it every 2-3 hours; other exposed parts of the body can choose to have sunscreen effect or thick clothes, or Evenly apply sunscreen and reapply at the same level; men go out to play umbrellas, wear hats, and even face Gini, is not unacceptable behavior, not only for whitening, but also to prevent sunburn and aging. Needle-free water light for medical and beauty projects: the principle of rapid pressure is used to make the water column washed out reach the speed of sound, and all blackheads are washed away. Once severe, once a week, normal state once a month. You can also use a vertical way to play a little auxiliary anti-inflammatory drugs, metronidazole, antioxidants and other help to shrink pores. Fruit acid skin rejuvenation: Fruit acid skin rejuvenation can quickly help all corner plugs dissolve, clear pores without clogging, all dirt is discharged, and pores naturally shrink. Strong pulsed light (photon skin rejuvenation): Photon itself can inhibit the secretion of oil and promote collagen synthesis. After playing, the dermal collagen is particularly sufficient and the pores are particularly small. Radio frequency dot matrix, gold radio frequency, co2 dot matrix, bait laser dot matrix: It is the most efficient for shrinking pores. Basically, it has obvious effect after one shot. The average is 2-3 months. After several consecutive times, the skin will be Will become delicate. Picoseconds: Picoseconds are 1 part per trillion, which is very fast and directly impacts on the skin. Under the action of shock waves, it promotes the synthesis of a large amount of collagen in the superficial layer of the skin, and the obvious effect can be seen in a week. No trauma, no side effects. The third step of exquisite skin care refuses hair loss and hair loss treatment requires a more professional solution. No matter what kind of disease, first of all, you must receive a doctor’s consultation and symptomatic treatment. During the treatment, it is necessary to take oral medicine, local external medicine, and even use various photoelectric means to combine treatment with the introduction of hair growth products for comprehensive treatment. Medical beauty project Nanocrystalline, various lattice technologies: Introduce some hair growth products, promote product absorption, increase the effective effect of ingredients, and shorten the treatment cycle. Needle-free water light: thoroughly clean excessive grease, dirt, various pathogenic bacteria, and introduce some hair growth ingredients at the same time. It is a clinically proven very effective anti-off and treatment method. Refined skin care Step four: Goodbye rosacea rose acne causes and

Summer skin care essentials

1.&nbsp. Correctly understand the characteristics of summer skin 1.1 In summer, while we are immersed in warm and warm sunlight, our skin is severely tested. One of the biggest tests is ultraviolet light, which can penetrate the skin and stimulate the melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis to accelerate the secretion of melanin, resulting in the formation of pigment spots, or aggravating the original pigment spots; ultraviolet light can also cause the occurrence of photosensitive skin diseases And induce connective tissue lesions, so that the incidence of skin cancer is also increased. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can break the skin’s collagen fiber chain, reduce the skin’s elasticity and cause premature aging of the skin. 1.2 With the increase of temperature, the body’s sweat secretion increases, and the discharged water, salt, sebum and aging cells and various skin metabolites also increase, and dirt is formed on the skin surface, and the makeup is not completely removed after makeup , It is easy to clog pores and sweat pores, causing skin blackheads, enlarged pores and acne. 1.3 In the summer, changes in the diet structure are likely to cause gastrointestinal disorders, and Chongqing’s spicy diet is also spicy. In addition, the high temperature climate also has a greater impact on human emotions. These can affect the skin’s nutrition and metabolism through neuroendocrine pathways, which can cause The skin is dull and dull. 2. Care points 2.1 Sunscreen & Sunscreen Sunscreen is the most important skin care link in summer. Try to avoid direct skin exposure to the sun, no matter indoor or outdoor, regardless of spring and autumn, autumn and winter, exposed skin needs sunscreen, just change the sunscreen type and sunscreen coefficient according to the UV intensity. It is recommended to use sunscreen skin care products above SPF50 in summer. If you need to go to the tropical beach, you need to use SPF100 sunscreen products to effectively isolate ultraviolet rays. 2.2 Replenishment&nbsp. The high temperature in summer will also cause a large amount of body water to evaporate, and the body will lose a lot of water while the body is dehydrated. Therefore, replenishment is a key step in skin care. It is advisable to drink plenty of water and diligent moisturizing masks. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to choose medical skin care products. With the “Shuiguang Needle”, the effect of locking the skin’s moisture is more durable. 2.3 Improve sleep&nbsp. Adequate sleep is not only a guarantee of good health, but also the foundation of skin beauty. In summer, the days are long and the nights are short, and it is easy to stay up late unconsciously. The lack of sleep has a great impact on the skin, especially from 22:00 to 2 a.m., which is the peak period of skin metabolism. This period of sleep is called beauty consciousness. Only sufficient and effective sleep can keep the skin in good condition. 2.4 Adjust the diet structure&nbsp. The summer heat climate is easy to make the spleen and stomach trapped, and the stomach function is deteriorated. In addition, it likes to eat raw and spicy food, which increases the burden on the spleen and stomach. , And easily skin sensitive. Therefore, it is advisable to eat light and oil-free foods in summer, with the principles of strengthening the spleen, cooling the heat and dehumidifying to keep the skin’s gloss and complexion well. 3. Effective and reasonable application of photoelectric treatment&nbsp.&nbsp. As we all know, photoelectric treatment has important significance in skin care, such as: water light needle, photon skin rejuvenation, gold micro-needles, etc., but the reasonable and effective application of these projects can get twice the result with half the effort Effect, and will not cause waste and abuse, which requires professionals to provide professional advice, not blindly. Photoelectric therapy should not be excessive and frequent, and need to be used in conjunction with different problems. Here are some misunderstandings of photoelectric treatment: 1. Do a water light needle do the equivalent of applying one hundred masks? Doing a water light injection is not equivalent to applying a hundred pieces of mask. The content of water light injection is often hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, which have strong water-locking properties. Conversely, a large amount of water mask is needed after water light treatment. To achieve the desired effect. 2. Photon rejuvenation can achieve the effect in one go? Most photoelectric projects require multiple treatments, including blackening, redness removal, scar removal, hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. In general, there are multiple treatments for a course of treatment, and even some people may need a second or third course of treatment after a course of treatment, depending on individual circumstances. Foreign literature has tracked and reported a number of cases of continuous BB light skin rejuvenation treatment, treatment and follow-up time for more than ten years, or even 20 years, the efficacy of BB light skin rejuvenation is the result of perseverance and patience. 3. One photoelectric instrument can solve all skin problems? Professional photoelectric instruments all use a spot of a certain wavelength to solve a certain problem.

“Is it not possible to apply sunscreen for acne?” │How should the acne muscle be scientifically protected from sun?

The hot oil in summer is easy to cause skin problems, and now the heat of sweating for two hours in five minutes of going out, is it even more difficult to hide acne? When acne encounters strong ultraviolet rays, should we use sunscreen? This is the entanglement of many young acne skin. I wrote a lot of knowledge about how to choose, apply, and remove sunscreen. Someone always cried in the background and said that he is an acne muscle. Sunscreen can not be used. If acne is used, the knowledge is white. Look. I’m going to knock on your head well, sunscreen is a must. Especially for acne muscles, it is necessary to do full sun protection, then sunscreen is essential. Today we will solve the puzzle between acne, ultraviolet rays and sunscreen. Sunshine is a double-edged sword. Sunshine is the energy source of almost all living things on earth. It is needed for many chemical reactions, and it is also needed for the health of human body. Most of us have only two simple and rough standards for sun exposure: good or bad. But in fact, there are gray areas, and moderate sunlight is the best for us. Ultraviolet damage to the skin is now well known: UVB causes reddish burns on the skin; although UVA has little to do with the generation of skin erythema, it can cause skin aging and melanin deposition, which we all collectively call “photoaging” “. As a result, the mushrooms began to apply the most comprehensive sunscreen to every inch of the skin of the whole body. &nbsp. But does sunlight cause acne? Yes, ultraviolet rays can cause acne. Especially in the case of a lot of sun exposure for a long time. But a brief exposure to the sun briefly does not cause acne. There are many reasons for exposure to acne: One of the more common occurrences is that after a few hours of exposure, your skin will be stimulated by heat and ultraviolet radiation, and there will be rashes. They are very likely to develop into acne. In addition, if you are exposed to the sun for too long, you will definitely sweat a lot, and one of the main components of sweat: sodium chloride, which is a typical highly acne-prone ingredient (not accidentally?), will also cause the skin to secrete more grease. These will cause irritation and burden on the skin, making the existing blackheads and whiteheads more likely to become inflammatory acne, and even small acne on the body may become more serious. Can sunlight treat acne? The answer is still a conditional affirmation: UV rays can indeed kill many bacteria. Optical radiation is also often used to treat many skin problems, including acne. In addition, from a psychological perspective, walking in the sun can eliminate stress and anxiety, and stress is one of the causes of acne. So from the perspective of decompression, this is also a way to treat acne. This is why there are two opposite views of “ultraviolet rays can cure acne” and “ultraviolet rays can cause acne” on rivers and lakes-because they are both facts! The most important decisive factor here is the length of sun exposure: a short amount of sun exposure may be good for acne; but longer exposure will not only cause acne, but also cause existing acne more serious. Why does everyone who has acne need sunscreen? There are some medications for acne that will make all skin tones more prone to sunburn. Acne treatment drugs such as benzoyl peroxide, or Retin-A, and retinoic acid can make all types of skin look like type I white skin, which is the most prone to sunburn. Even dark skin that will never be sunburned under normal conditions. If you are using these anti-acne drugs, the sun will still irritate your skin, causing inflammation and sunburn. For our Asian yellow skin, the stimulation of this ultraviolet + acne treatment drug will even make your skin permanently discolored. At the same time, some oral antibiotics used to treat acne may also increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun during medication, such as the commonly used doxycycline. So, when you use those medicines and skin care products that treat acne, you must better sunscreen to prevent the pigmentation that is likely to occur! How to choose sunscreen for acne muscles? Many people with acne actually know the importance of sun protection in their hearts. Failure to take good sun protection is often because the sunscreen is not good for most of the time. This problem usually occurs because they did not choose the correct sunscreen and how to use it. Here are some basic guidelines: ◾ Choose oil-free sunscreens based on chemical sunscreen ingredients

About Xiaobai’s entry skin care recommendations

Langzhongtianxia&nbsp. Rabbit assistant Qian Hui Every friend who has just skincare has a similar soul love beauty, everyone has it, many babies are in high school or college, thinking that through skincare products can become beautiful and beautiful goose, a certain Qu, a cabinet, a circle with its KPI, with her high-profile promotional images appeared ~ small * books, * sound big V appeared with a theory that sounds very reasonable * makeup network marketing staff Even sweeping the building in your university, let you throw away the bottle of loose lotion in your hands, telling you that there are problems with the products on your makeup cabinet, you should replace them all and appear in your virtual and real life, 360° no dead ends like you transmit the so-called “skin care concept”, and finally offer omnipotence, a bottle of skin care products with eight bottles of skin care effects such as you have acne, because the toxins are being discharged, you must clean more deeply. Exfoliate and clean twice. For example, let you apply more facial mask to hydrate. In short, clean in place, wet compresses and masks are diligent enough to solve all skin problems—&nbsp.&nbsp. Skin care mistakes, how many do you account for? &nbsp.—1&nbsp. thinks that cleansing can control oil, remove acne, whiten, lighten spots 2&nbsp. thinks to insist on deep cleansing (makeup remover + cleansing + cleansing instrument), otherwise the acne and toxins can not be discharged 3&nbsp. thinks that applying mask can moisturize/whiten/ Acne 4&nbsp. I think pearl powder can whiten/blemish 5&nbsp. I think acne is because of insufficient cleaning/skin care products can wrinkle 6&nbsp. I think that applying a mask can reduce pores 7&nbsp. Too much acne on the face, as well as acne marks, oil There are many blackheads and large pores, but I just want to whiten 8&nbsp. I think that skin care products can remove dark circles—&nbsp.&nbsp. Xiaobai Getting Started&nbsp.—Identify why your skin is the same skin care product, some people think Easy to use, some people find it difficult to use. Many people struggle with which one to buy and who to trust, but they never understand their skin quality. Skin quality is one of the important reference conditions for skin care. Different skin types have different appearance characteristics and different emphasis during care. Skin, low sebum secretion, horny layer moisture content is less than or equal to 10%, appearance characteristics & nbsp. easy to dry skin, dull and dull, easy to appear fine lines, easy to appear neutral skin, normal skin quality secretion, keratin Layer&nbsp. Moisture content 15%-25%, firm and elastic, fine and shiny oily skin, high sebum secretion, normal or low moisture content in the stratum corneum, greasy skin surface, shiny, thick pores, easy to acne mixed Skin texture, T area (forehead and nose) is easy to produce oil. In this case, you need to take care of the area. For example, the same skin care products, you can thin the fourth skin type in T area. Strictly speaking, it is not a skin type, but a skin condition. In layman’s terms, it is based on “oily skin”, the face is sensitive, redness, peeling, and tingling occur. The barrier is damaged. If you continue to use enhanced cleaning and frequent masks, it will get worse and worse—&nbsp.&nbsp. Moisturizing, oil control, anti-oxidation, cleansing, yellow removal, whitening—there are so many first to solve which many times, we It’s not that I don’t understand what I’m asking for, but I’m asking too much, and my mind is confused, such as skin oil, and acne, then I want to get rid of acne, whiten, control oil, and moisturize. If you want to control oil, your face will peel. If you want to keep your skin moisturized, you may need to continue to increase the amount of oil. This is also necessary. In the end, you can’t start. Whatever you do is wrong. Everyone wants to improve comprehensively, not impossible. It’s just that skin care has the same priority as doing things. If you don’t understand this, and pursue a comprehensive improvement in the short term, you may lose everything and remind you of seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, or allergies. It is the best “skin care method” to get medical treatment in time. The road is a mountain road with nine bends and eighteen bends. The endless stretch of the front is true. Skin care products cannot treat skin diseases. If you are not sure if your skin is a skin disease, go to the dermatology department to register a professional thing. Professional people come to do the second basic care: clean humidity, reasonable moisturization, strengthen sunscreen skin as the largest organ of the human body, play a protective and defense role, daily incorrect skin care may

Can sunscreen cause cancer?

With the arrival of summer and the increase in outings after the epidemic has stabilized, sun protection has become the focus of everyone’s attention again. However, before the European Union listed physical sunscreen’s first brother ~ titanium dioxide as a second-class carcinogen, many Americans who are looking forward to using sunscreen to prevent old age are worried. News screenshots to know that maintaining a calm and positive attitude is very important for skin health and beauty. So sort out this important thing about sunscreen, lest you think about it, and worry about hair loss! Titanium dioxide can cause cancer, can it be used for sunscreen? In addition to preventing sunburn, sunscreen can also prevent photoaging and skin cancer. Now it is in turn causing cancer, which is not a joke. As the most famous physical sunscreen ingredient, titanium dioxide has a long history and is widely used. Compared with some chemical sunscreen ingredients that may cause allergies, inorganic substances such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide belong to Mr. Hao, which is inert and suitable for allergic muscles. Easily whitening seems to be the biggest disadvantage. Because titanium dioxide was originally one of the whitest substances in the world, commonly known as “titanium dioxide”. So it is not only used for sun protection, but also a famous colorant. Many of the products you are familiar with have their figure, such as toothpaste, as well as chewing gum, chocolate, rainbow sugar, skimmed milk, donuts, pastries and other foods. The color is lighter and softer, bright and attractive! If you go to the restaurant and see that a thick soup is particularly white and appetite, don’t forget the contribution of titanium dioxide. And some daily chemical products are everywhere, printing, coating, rubber, etc. are used, to see how white the white paper around you. In fact, it is not wrong for people to be born white. At least many Oriental women still deeply rooted in white, so-called “one white covers all ugliness”. What make-up cream, foundation, isolation, is not to rely on titanium dioxide to support the facade. It’s just too white, it always feels too fake, this face looks like a mask. And the powder is uncomfortably thick and stretched. Therefore, in recent years, they have been micronized, and nano-sized titanium dioxide and nano-sized zinc oxide came into being. The more delicate it feels, the softer and more comfortable, it will not be exaggerated to the level of “white”, and it should have been more comfortable. If you don’t think about it, it’s bad on this tall “nano”. It is because the powder is too small, and there is a potential risk after inhalation. For example, the effects on the reproductive system and respiratory system bring about “carcinogenic” that makes everyone panic. Just like Johnson’s miserable baby powder (talcum powder) in previous years, the litigation of billions of dollars in target lawsuits has become a big deal for many people because it may cause ovarian cancer in baby girls in the future. It is necessary to know what these powders are necessary for home and abroad for many years. The second class of carcinogens shows that it can be induced to cause cancer in animal experiments, but there is no evidence that this role must be in humans, otherwise it is a class of carcinogens. In fact, as early as 2010, relevant agencies listed titanium dioxide as a category 2B carcinogen. The European Chemicals Agency announced in 2017 that it recommended that titanium dioxide be included in the category of substances suspected of causing cancer by inhalation (category II), but there is insufficient evidence to support the more severe category 1B. According to EU regulations, cosmetics must clearly label titanium dioxide particles smaller than 100 nanometers to ensure consumers have the right to know and choose. France banned the addition of titanium dioxide in food in 2019, but the US FDA and my country currently do not have the same policy, indicating that as long as a certain concentration range and production process are guaranteed, it is still safe. “Benevolence sees benevolence and wisdom”! There is no absolute safety in the world, and carcinogens are all around us. Science is not perfect, and many opinions need enough time to test. But we should know this information and progress in order to make our own judgment. A skin care product with dozens of ingredients is normal. In fact, normal use of sunscreen (or milk) should not be too worried. After all, the skin has a powerful barrier function and the possibility of absorption is very small. Some sunscreen sprays need to be used with caution because of the greater likelihood of inhalation. As for BB creams and barrier creams, it has always been the idea to use as little as possible, not because it contains titanium dioxide, but because the ingredients are too complicated, and the publicity functions are too many and too fancy (the core function is concealer, the so-called plain face is just an irony ) Will bring a heavy burden to the skin, and the necessary makeup remover will cause secondary damage to the skin. Unless it is really required by the profession, it is really not as good as beauty. Although it is also self-deception, it does not hurt the skin. Compared to sunscreen products, toothpaste may be more vigilant because the oral mucosa lacks a tough cuticle

What should I pay attention to when using sunscreen in summer?

Summer sun protection is very important, especially for patients with vitiligo. Sun protection can effectively reduce the chance of recurrence of vitiligo in summer. In sun protection measures, sunscreen is a very common and effective way. There are also many points to be aware of when using sunscreen.  The time of use should be appropriate, and the dosage should be sufficient.   Sunscreen can not be used before makeup, and sunscreen should not be applied when going out. Sunscreen needs a certain amount of time to be absorbed by the skin. Sunscreen should be applied 10-20 minutes before going out and sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going to the beach. Sunscreen needs to reach a certain amount to be effective. Usually the amount of sunscreen applied on the skin is Only 2mg per square centimeter can achieve the proper sun protection effect.  Do not mix sunscreens  Mixing sunscreens of different brands will increase the possibility of skin allergies. The ingredients of sunscreens of different brands are different. If they are mixed, they may cause the ingredients to interfere with or repel each other, reducing the sunscreen effect and even causing skin allergies. The types of sunscreens on the market can be said to be varied and varied. Some sunscreens have complex ingredients and have certain hidden dangers to the human body, so it is also critical to choose a sunscreen that suits you. Try to choose natural plant-based sunscreens, so that your physical harm can be minimized as much as possible. Pay attention to the protection of sunscreen dead spots and sunscreen. When applying ordinary sunscreen cosmetics, generally avoid the eye and lip skin. The skin of the eyes and lips once became a sunscreen dead spot. Eye cream and lipstick with a certain sun protection value are necessary. Choose a physical sunscreen type. The sunscreen may be exposed to heat or direct sunlight for a long time, the effect may be reduced, so patients should not use spoiled sunscreen cosmetics, otherwise the sunscreen effect will be reduced, and it may irritate the skin.  Choose regular products, pay attention to skin cleansing before use  Various types of sunscreens are uneven, especially some inferior sunscreens, which are more irritating to white spots, a little carelessness may lead to the deterioration of white spots. Therefore, strict attention must be paid to product quality. In addition, the face is exposed for a long time, the skin is more sensitive and may be exposed to allergens. Therefore, patients with vitiligo must do good skin care before using sunscreen, pay attention to facial hygiene and keep their skin moist.

Sunscreen every day, why is it still tanned?

It is said that sunscreen is an important part of basic skin care. Not good sun protection, no matter how expensive the whitening essence, anti-aging weapon is to float. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.The spots on the skin in the ultraviolet mode A variety of “sunscreen evaluations” planted a lot of grass under the guidance of “scientific and rational”. With the disdainful eyes of everyone around you, they must wear sunscreen every day when they go out. Shit is increasing. Thinking hard~ Yang Tian sighs: Why is this? Knowing oneself and knowing the other is a battle, so let’s talk briefly from two aspects! 1. The opponent’s too cunning skin aging process, natural aging contributes 20% of the effect, and the rest is given by “photoaging”. The most important light is of course invisible ultraviolet light. Although the younger brother “short-wave ultraviolet (UVC)” is fierce, he can’t help the small arms and lower legs to wear the atmosphere, but he has no ability to use a weihai, which can be ignored at this stage. The second child “UVB” belongs to the main cause of sunburn and sunburn. The UVB fluctuates greatly, and summer, sunny days, and noon are vibrant times. Therefore, the sunscreen that everyone is talking about is mainly staring at this guy. The most commonly used index of sunscreen products, “SPF” value, is also tailored for it. The boss “Long Wave Ultraviolet (UVA)” is much more stable. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, winter or cloudy, rain, snow, there is steady injury there. It is said that “open guns are easy to hide and arrows are difficult to prevent”. Although UVA will not make you a hot spicy chicken, it is definitely the culprit of tanning. Its wavelength can penetrate glass, so be careful when sitting indoors by the window, don’t think it’s okay to wrap it up, especially when driving. By stimulating the melanocytes at the junction of the epidermis, allowing them to work overtime to produce more melanin, silently continuing the road of melanization. UVA can also reach the dermis to make you grow old and ugly, unlike UVB that only acts on the epidermis. PA is a protection index for UVA, from + to ++++ indicates different protection levels. As a rising star, Blu-ray has received more and more attention in recent years. Among the colorful visible light, blue light has the shortest wavelength, only slightly longer than ultraviolet light, so some biological effects are also similar. For example, we like the “sterilization” that we like to see, and then our theme “blacken” today. In addition to sunlight, the ghost of blue light is required in many modern products, especially mobile phones and computers. Although it is very weak, if you touch it for a long time every day, dripping water can still wear stones. If your sunscreen’s scope of action is not wide enough, it is powerless against blue light, and even has limited effect on UVA. You think you have used sunscreen without taking other measures. Although there is no sunburn, it is natural to become a little black. Infrared is also invisible and untouchable, but you can feel this warmth in the sun. Enough wavelength makes it easy to reach the deep layer of the skin, entangled with aging due to changes in collagen. The so-called “photoaging” is a multi-armed group army operation, not just caused by one kind of light. Our road to sun protection has a long way to go. Second, we did not give power to understand the strength of our opponents before, and objective existence cannot be changed by us. Whether it is UVA or blue light, it is impossible to use ideas to make them appear whenever they need it, and get out of it when they are not needed. Beauty Bonnie said: There are only two things we can control ourselves, namely learning and weight loss (fang&nbsp.shai). The other decisive factor is ours-have we done the right thing about sunscreen? Is it all dripping and leaking, or is it just tricking yourself? &nbsp.1. Have you chosen your own sunscreen product? Are there any skin problems? Is it an outdoor expert or indoor work? What about other cosmetics used in combination… These are all factors to consider before choosing. Many brands also have a variety of sunscreens, some are pure physical sunscreens that focus on sensitive muscles, some high SPF/PA products are suitable for hot summer days and seaside wilderness, and acne muscles need to choose a light texture without acne ingredients. So I understand

Sunscreen sugar, physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen, which is reliable?

The summer sun just happens to be a sunscreen, an old topic. As an important part of basic skin care, dermatologists have broken through hundreds of millions of thoughts. So the younger sister who is expecting too much dry goods may be a little hopeful. but! There are still too many doubts and misunderstandings in the clinic and on the Internet. Sunscreen can prevent old age, but also can prevent osteoporosis? Sunscreen can prevent skin cancer, but some people say that sunscreen can cause cancer… People are not only hot in their brains, but also often prosperous! ! ! Under the scorching sun, take the time to dry the sun-proof wet goods, don’t cover the mold. Ultraviolet rays are even more fierce in wet places! 1. The sunscreen sugar is very sweet and not clear, because I haven’t licked it. Like to eat, not eat bad, eat and play, then follow the “star” together! If you really think that it contains 12 tablets of sunscreen for 12 hours, even at the beach or in the snow, adding chaos to the dermatology clinic, it is not good. β-carotene, nicotinamide, etc. are somewhat protective against certain wavelengths of light. It is only possible for some people. Some antioxidants can scavenge free radicals and reduce skin damage. However, there is currently no food that can replace hard sunscreen or soft sunscreen, so that the skin will not sunburn and tan. Not even drugs, such as hydroxychloroquine, which is particularly popular. Do you have to eat this stuff, the sun father sees it and runs away, or forms an indestructible protective cover on the skin surface, or helps you absorb ultraviolet rays in the body? Sugar said I didn’t know that I had this use. If you insist on not taking sunscreen because you eat sunscreen sugar, it is a warrior. You can only look up at this “man”! Have you heard of the story of saccharification? Second, the sunscreen should be hard, not soft, half right! Hard sun protection is of course important, such as a reliable sun hat, sun umbrella, sun protection clothing, sunglasses… It is not only the facial skin, but also the hair, eyes, and lips that are important to us. Because we don’t want to be barren at a young age, and we don’t want to get entangled with cataracts and other eye diseases. The type, color and density of textiles will affect the sun protection effect. (Guess what fabric and color are the best?) It is not a product that claims to be UV-proof, it is really anti-UV. This year there are more dogs selling sheep meat. UPF refers to the UV protection of textiles. Generally, a good sun protection effect can be achieved at around 50, provided that the sunshade and visor cannot be too small, and can cover your big face. The same is true for masks. Different materials and production processes determine different uses. Some can prevent new crowns, some can prevent smog, some can prevent tracking, and some can focus on sun protection. So, do these hard sunscreens eliminate soft sunscreens? actually not! Because of the reflection and scattering of the ground and surrounding objects, these umbrellas and hats are difficult to protect in all directions, and there are always places that cannot be covered. Therefore, sunscreen, sunscreen, etc. are still useful, provided they are used correctly, such as a sufficient amount. Both hard and soft is the king of sun protection. In addition, what we cannot ignore is the last move of the thirty-six plan-“Go first.” When the UV index is strong, try to hide as far as possible from the sun, stay where you are cool, don’t show your fearlessness (knowledge), shirtless, unprotected, blindly shining in the bright sun, performing “Red and The story of “Black” eventually laid the groundwork for various skin problems and even skin cancer. A good ABC is complete sun protection. 3. Chemical sunscreen VS physical sunscreen Many people think that physical sunscreen (inorganic sunscreen) is safe, and sensitive muscles, pregnant women, and children seem to work. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two classic main forces, which work by reflecting ultraviolet rays, and are inert without absorption. The biggest disadvantage is that it is easy to whiten, and the heavy particles are not easy to push away. In order to change the discomfort of this mask, in recent years, a fashionable “nano” hat has been put on, which instantly feels much lighter, and the skin feels bumpy! I never thought that there would be a thunder on the ground. Nano titanium dioxide was classified as a second-class carcinogen by the European Union, which made many people stunned. It is said that a good sunscreen can prevent old age and skin cancer. Micronized zinc oxide is also restricted. Don’t worry too much. The EU was reminded of powdered titanium dioxide because of the risk of inhalation through the respiratory tract, not cream or milk. Second, there are more carcinogens around, such as wine or a class of carcinogens, that is, there is clear evidence of carcinogenesis in humans, not just in animal experiments. Everything is in one degree, leaving the dose to talk about toxicity is a hooligan, all believe

It is said that if you want good skin, you must strictly moisturize the sun! So why is it strictly moisturizing sunscreen?

As a skin beautician, he attaches great importance to moisturizing and sun protection, and has always emphasized that in order to have good skin, it is necessary to strictly moisturize and protect the sun. What should we do to strictly moisturize sunscreen? &nbsp. One, &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Moderately clean, without artificially damaging the skin barrier! The skin’s own barrier structure has certain self-moisturizing and sun protection. The skin barrier is mainly composed of the outermost sebaceous membrane and the stratum corneum. The sebaceous membrane is mainly formed by emulsifying the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. The stratum corneum is composed of keratinocytes (bricks) and intercellular physiological lipids (cement) like a brick wall. Pose. (Original image from the Internet) Excessive cleaning will damage the integrity of the sebum membrane. If you clean it for a long time, not only will the sebum membrane disappear, but the structure of the cuticle brick wall will also be full of holes. At this time, the skin will be like a desert. Can’t retain moisture, it is difficult to moisturize! The ability to protect yourself from the sun will also be greatly reduced, and due to the damaged barrier, the sensitivity of the sunscreen to stimulation will increase, making it difficult to find a suitable sunscreen! Therefore, the cleaning must be moderate! Once the skin feels dry and tight, you must first reduce the cleaning power. For example, instead of using a cleansing brush, use a mild cleansing product to reduce the frequency of use of cleansing and cleansing products. In severe cases, wash your face with clean water only. Second, &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Fully, personalized use of moisturizing skin care products! &nbsp. High-quality moisturizing skin care products are effective weapons to help the skin retain moisture! &nbsp. The moisturizing effect of any moisturizing skin care product is related to the dosage. Only a sufficient amount (2mg/cm2) can be applied to achieve the declared moisturizing effect of regular products! The entire face requires approximately 1 broad bean size (for dry, sensitive skin or seasons, the amount of moisturizing cream can be increased to 2 broad bean sizes). In order to ensure the moisturizing and moisturizing effect, it is necessary to ensure that each product is applied in sufficient amount! The frequency of use needs to be personalized, no need to worry about how many times others use it! Especially the high-quality moisturizing barrier repair mask. When the skin is dry and dehydrated, it can be used every day, even 2-3 times a day (especially after invasive medical treatment); once the normal skin or skin condition is stable, 1-2 times a week That’s all; when the skin condition is particularly good, you can temporarily stop using it. Frequent use of moisturizing lotions, creams, etc. does not need to be confined to the morning and evening, it can be applied in time if it feels dry and tight. If it has been applied in sufficient amount, the application frequency is 3 times a day or more. There is still a sense of dryness and tightness. It is suggested that you need to switch to a skin care product with better moisturizing effect or ask a skin beauty doctor. Special reminder: any moisturizing and moisturizing effect of food supplements and medicine supplements can not be simple and efficient with direct application of high-quality moisturizing products! Naked face, do not apply any skin care products is a moisturizing taboo! Unless you wash your face with clean water or not, and the ambient temperature (above 20℃) and humidity (above 70%) are moderate. &nbsp.&nbsp. 3. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Remember to need sunscreen every day! Applying sunscreen is the simplest and most effective method of sunscreen, which can effectively protect the sunlight in all directions, such as direct sunlight, reflection, and scattering. Usually only need sun protection index SPF15, sunscreen above PA++, in summer or outdoor activities, SPA30, PA+++ are suitable. SPF value: the sun protection index, which is an important indicator for evaluating sunscreen against UVB (UVB) sunburned skin. It is the ratio of the minimum dose required for skin erythema caused by UVB irradiation with and without sunscreen. The greater the SPF , The stronger the sun protection ability. For example, SPF8 can block 88%, SPF15 can block 93%, and SPF30 can block 97%. It can be seen that it is very difficult to improve more than 15, especially after more than 30, a large amount of sunscreen will increase the risk of skin irritation and sensitivity, so products with too high SPF value are generally not needed. PA value: This is the time for evaluating sunscreen to prolong the long-wave ultraviolet (UVA) suntanned skin. It is divided into three levels: “+”, “++” and “+++”. -4 hours; “++” means better effect, prolong the tanning time by 4-8 hours; “+++” means good effect, prolong the tanning time by more than 8 hours. Generally, areas with weak and weak sunlight can choose PA+; areas with medium sunshine can choose PA++; areas with strong sunshine or very strong should choose PA++ to +++. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

If you have rosacea, you don’t want to wear an umbrella or apply sunscreen, so how do you protect yourself

Umbrellas and sunscreens are the simplest means of sun protection. If you want to avoid these aspects, I think you will be very hard. You can wear a mask, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed sun hat to avoid going out when the UV index is high. The midday time of the day is the period with the highest UV index. Late spring and summer are the seasons with the highest UV index. The areas with the highest UV index are the higher the altitude, the stronger the UV index. The ultraviolet index of the wall of the building, or the curtain wall glass, automobile glass, ground hardening and other areas have increased exponentially. You should avoid these. It is best to engage in outdoor activities in the shade of trees and the shade of hillsides when you are outdoors. But if you wear a mask for a long time, your skin sensitivity will definitely increase. It is easy to cause sensitive muscles and aggravate rosacea, acne and so on. This is because the mask will cause: 1. Stuffy: When wearing the mask for a long time, the “water vapor” naturally breathed is attached to the hygroscopic layer of the mask, making the environment inside the mask hot and humid. Dr. Shang conducted a simple experiment to show everyone how the skin changed before and after wearing a mask. Temperature change: The tester’s cheek temperature was 33°C when wearing the mask. After removing the mask, the cheek temperature was 31.6°C. The temperature of the cheeks has obvious back and forth changes, indicating that wearing a mask will cause the skin temperature to rise significantly. Moisture content: When the tester wears the mask, the water content of the cheek is about 400. After removing the mask for half an hour, the water content of the cheek drops to about 300. It shows that wearing a mask will significantly increase the moisture content of the skin. This experiment proved to us that after wearing a mask, the skin’s temperature and humidity will increase. The hot and humid environment provides a hotbed for microorganisms such as Propionibacterium acnes, mites, etc., so it is easy to induce blackheads, closed mouth, acne, acne, allergies, rosacea and other problems. 2. Friction: Masks rub our skin back and forth, which can easily cause skin sensitivity under physical stimulation. 3. Pressure: The elastic band of the protective mask or the metal strip used for fixing will cause damage to the local skin blood flow if worn for a long time, especially the thin skin parts such as the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and ears. 4. Mask material: Disposable medical masks are composed of three layers of non-woven fabric, polypropylene fiber melt-blown material, and special material antibacterial layer fabric, and wearing the adhesive for a long time may cause some sensitive problems. In fact, you can choose a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. There are many types of sunscreens. We have the ideal sunscreens like this: the sunscreen effect is accurate, the sunscreen spectrum covers UVA and UVB; safety and tolerance High, not easy to produce irritation and allergies; the product is stable to light, does not make clothing coloring; easy to apply, good breathability. La Roche-Posay b5 sunscreen, Xurico’s physical and chemical combination sunscreen, Winona sunscreen, etc. are all acceptable. For patients with rosacea, sun protection is only one aspect of treatment, and the most important thing for you is to build the integrity of your skin barrier. Suppresses the sensitivity of vascular nerves. Inhibit the occurrence of sub-inflammatory reactions. Then all these treatments must be a comprehensive treatment. In addition to daily sunscreen, if there is severe inflammation, you must cooperate with oral medicine, or even some physical treatment. For example, some photoelectric treatments can promote capillary occlusion. If you have papules and pustules, you must have corresponding anti-inflammatory measures. The daily skin care is very important. Use some skin care products containing ceramide and hyaluronic acid. When the inflammation is very heavy, you can use skin care products containing Chinese medicine monomers such as red myrrh alcohol and purslane. Keeping your mood happy and improving your own immunity is also an important aspect of treatment. If your vascular nerve sensitivity is very high, you can only take the corresponding drugs, or locally inject the corresponding drugs to suppress the excitability of the sympathetic nerves.

Sunscreen VS sunscreen spray, have you got it this summer?

This great weather must be a good day to go, but it ’s a good day, but now the weather is not too scary. The sun is not in the sky, the hot people do n’t want it. This is bright and sunny, the wind is beautiful, and the summer is hot So sun! Sunscreen products are definitely needed. So, the question is coming ~ With so many sunscreen sprays and sunscreens on the market, what is the choice? Is sunscreen spray or sunscreen good? Today we will talk about this issue. Which one is better, sunscreen or sunscreen? Sunscreen and spray are not so good. In fact, they can be used together. Sunscreen is mainly used for sunscreen, and sunscreen spray is used to make up. It is needed for a long time outdoors. With a sunscreen spray, it is much more convenient to reapply, and it will not make up. Comparison of the characteristics of sunscreen and sunscreen spray Sunscreen: Sunscreen is generally divided into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, which has the effect of correcting skin tone, which contains more skin care ingredients, and the moisturizing and moisturizing properties are much better than sunscreen spray. Different sunscreens The product also has additional effects such as whitening and anti-aging. Sunscreen spray: Sunscreen spray is a chemical sunscreen agent, generally an oil-free formula. It is more practical for acne on the face and sensitive skin. The liquid spray does not have a sticky feeling and has a good anti-water effect. Sunscreen and sunscreen spray suitable for skin type sunscreen: Sunscreen is generally suitable for friends with dry skin. It is more moisturizing and can effectively moisturize the face and prevent the skin from being absorbed by dry skin. However, many products are also Gradually there are sunscreens for oily skin! Sunscreen spray: It is mainly suitable for sensitive skin and oily skin. Sunscreen spray is relatively refreshing and will not burden the skin, resulting in oily skin. Sunscreen sprays are more convenient than sunscreens. Sunscreen sprays are chemical polymer substances, and the skin needs to be reapplied once every 2 hours during the day. The spread of sunscreen is not as good as sunscreen spray. Sunscreen spray can quickly become a protective film, effectively protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. The difference between the use of sunscreen and sunscreen spray Sunscreen is a cream quality. You can squeeze the sunscreen into the palm of your hand before using it, and then apply it on the skin. Be sure to apply it evenly when using it. If the effect is not smooth, it will result in a feeling of uneven skin tone on the face. When using the sunscreen spray, it must be shaken first and then sprayed on the skin. When going out, be sure to use the sunscreen spray to reapply in time, and to replenish the face and neck and other sun exposure areas every two hours Painted.

How to choose the right sunscreen?

& nbsp. & nbsp. Summer is coming, and sun protection is on the agenda again. In addition to causing sunburn to the skin, ultraviolet rays can also accelerate skin aging and even induce skin cancer, so sun protection is necessary. & nbsp. & nbsp.1. Classification of sunscreens & nbsp. & nbsp. Sunscreen In addition to umbrellas and hats, the most important weapon is sunscreen. According to the different principles of sunscreen, sunscreens are generally divided into two categories: physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. The principle of physical sunscreen is similar to the formation of a “wall” on the skin, directly reflecting the ultraviolet rays back, thereby avoiding the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. The principle of chemical sunscreens is similar to sponges, which can absorb ultraviolet rays and produce chemical reactions, which are converted into substances that are not harmful to the skin. & nbsp. & nbsp.2. How to choose the right sunscreen? & nbsp. For people with sensitive skin, physical cream is more suitable, because of its stable structure and single ingredient, it is not easy to irritate the skin. The disadvantage is that it will appear white on the face. For people who do not have skin sensitivity, they mainly look at two values: SPF value and PA value. SPF embodies the protection of medium-wave ultraviolet (UVB), the higher the value, the better the protection. PA refers to the protection of long-wave ultraviolet (UVA), generally indicated by a plus sign (+), the more the plus sign The better the protection. Experiments show that when used in sufficient amounts, the amount of UVB radiation absorbed by SPF 15, 30, and 50 sunscreen products is 93%, 97%, and 98%, respectively. For indoor workers, it is said that regular use of SPF15, PA + sunscreen is basically enough. If it is outdoors, it is recommended to use SPF30, PA ++ or a higher multiple of sunscreen. If you are outdoors or swimming for a long time, you must also choose a sunscreen with waterproof function.