After the age of 50, men who have the ability to be alert to 5 diseases

In middle age, resistance will inevitably decline. For men, all functions of the body will gradually decline, and many diseases will come to the door. Therefore, prevention of diseases is essential. Which diseases should be prevented by middle-aged men? Are there male health problems? Click here for online consultation. 1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Men are the backbone of a family. Due to the increased pressure on life, many men will have tension and secretion. These emotions are very unhealthy for health and cause excessive heart burden. Cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Many men have more entertainment because of work reasons. They do not pay attention to diet and lifestyle for a long time, and the probability of cardiovascular disease will increase. 2. The probability of diabetes among middle-aged people is higher. Some men over 40 years old, If you drink alcohol and smoke for a long time, you are more likely to develop diabetes, which will affect your physical and mental health. Click here for online consultation    3. Prostate disease    Prostate disease is a very common disease in men, and middle-aged men are more common. Common symptoms in life include urgency, frequent urination, and frequent rises at night. Prostate disease can also cause X desire to decline. In addition, the middle-aged men’s sex hormones are relatively scarce. Many men’s hormone levels are abnormal and have been slowly decreasing. These phenomena are very detrimental to men’s health. 4. Cancer male friends If you smoke and drink alcohol for a long time, the probability of cancer will increase. Smoking can easily cause lung cancer. Drinking alcohol will damage liver function and increase the risk of liver cancer. For middle-aged men, for their own health, try to stay away from tobacco and alcohol. 5. Hypertension and hypertension are also a disease that many middle-aged men will suffer from. As mentioned above, many men have been under stress for a long time. under. In the case of long-term mental stress, is it easy to cause men to suffer from high blood pressure and have male health problems? Click here for online advice. A warm reminder: If middle-aged men want to prevent these diseases, they need to start with the little things around them. First, they must improve their daily eating habits. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol and stay up late. Appropriately improve sleep. Relax yourself. You can exercise regularly and regularly to enhance your resistance and prevent disease. If necessary, you can go to the hospital for a physical examination and choose the appropriate physical examination item.

Who is susceptible to anxiety

  Everyone knows that if you are in a bad mood, there will be a lot of psychological reactions. If you are serious, you will easily get some mental diseases, and anxiety disorder is one of them. So what kind of people are susceptible to anxiety?  Based on many years of clinical experience, I have pointed out that the following types of people are most prone to anxiety disorders, and I hope to attract everyone’s attention. 1. Those who care about themselves too much Some people turn to the spirit of worrying about external things to themselves. The most common manifestation is worrying about their physical condition and craving for the complete health and comfort of their bodies. Therefore, they should find that they have any When the symptoms of physical discomfort, they will be very nervous and immediately take various medical actions. Second, perfectionists tend to over-perfect pursuit of perfection. They require everything they do to be perfect, so they put all their energy on what they are pursuing, and often have a strong possessiveness and control. want. People with perfectionism tend to have a strong sense of anxiety when a thing is completed, and feel that there is something wrong with them. No matter what the situation is, they have to do what they do today. When you finish, you get nervous. If you are doing things with others, if someone else can’t meet his satisfaction standard, he will also feel that if he is sitting on a needle, he must be satisfied with his own hands. This is a major cause of anxiety disorders. 3. People with low self-esteem tend to have a low self-esteem. They feel that their appearance, physical characteristics, eloquence, academic performance, etc. are inferior to others, so that when they talk to others, they always feel that they have a great deal with others. Gap, research shows that over-concerning one’s own shortcomings is also one of the causes of anxiety.  If you find that you are one of the above three personalities, then you must pay more attention to psychological adjustment at ordinary times, so that you can minimize the probability of suffering from anxiety. If you already have an anxiety tendency, but you will not be psychologically adjusted, then it is best to take a look at a specialist hospital as soon as possible.

What is the cause of adolescent children suffering from vitiligo?

  The incidence of vitiligo does not have a specific population, regardless of age or gender. The elderly will suffer from vitiligo, and adolescent children may also suffer from vitiligo. However, these people have more or less long-term endocrine disorders and immune problems. As the number of people with vitiligo continues to increase, more and more people begin to pay attention to vitiligo. So, what is the reason why adolescent children have vitiligo?    First, trauma causes children in adolescence to be active and active, for example, they like to fight Playing basketball or playing football, etc., is more likely to cause trauma than people of other ages. If the wound is not treated in time, leaving scars, it is easy to cause vitiligo after the wound is infected. 2. Children who are exposed to the sun for a long time in adolescence will not get sunscreen. If they are not careful, they will be easily exposed to the sun, and the skin will be stimulated by strong ultraviolet rays for a long time, which will make the melanocytes hyperfunction, causing melanocytes to cause excessive skin white spots Problem, therefore, if patients with vitiligo want to prevent the occurrence of vitiligo, they must avoid long-term exposure. 3. Children with unreasonable diets in adolescence, because the body is in the stage of growth and development, they must ingest enough nutrients every day to make melanocytes normally synthesize the necessary nutrients and trace elements in the body, but some children always It’s upside down, and snacks are often regarded as staple food, so the constitution is too poor, the immunity is too low, increasing the chance of vitiligo.  If you suffer from vitiligo during puberty and the leukoplakia appears on the skin exposed area, it will be very harmful to the patient, not only affecting the appearance of the patient, but also affecting the academic and mental health of the patient. Therefore, after finding white spots on the skin, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible to restore skin health as soon as possible.

What are the causes of clogged vas deferens in men?

Blockage of the vas deferens is a common male infertility disease. Blocking of the vas deferens means that the male sperm cannot smoothly combine with the female egg, which will eventually cause male infertility. Over the years, the incidence of vas deferens is very high, and it must be paid attention to by male friends. So what are the causes of male vas deferens blocked?    1. Sexual life is unclean: When females have sex, the external reproductive organs are not clean, which directly leads to female infection by bacteria and is likely to suffer from tubal blockage. Therefore, women should pay attention to sexual hygiene during sex to avoid being infected by bacteria.   2. Salpingitis is not treated in time: Salpingitis is the main cause of tubal blockage. After women suffer from salpingitis, if they are not treated in time, the body will produce a lot of viscous secretions after the condition becomes worse, and the fallopian tubes will be blocked. Therefore, women should be treated promptly after suffering from salpingitis.   3. Sexual life during menstruation: Women have sex during menstruation. After sex, women will be infected with bacteria, because the opening of the uterine cavity during menstruation is easy to cause bacteria to invade. If a woman has sex during menstruation, it will lead to a fallopian tube blockage.   4. Tubal stenosis: Congenital tubal stenosis in women. If the endocrine disorders or other diseases, it is easy to cause women to suffer from tubal blockage.  The above is the introduction of experts in Beijing Weiren Hospital on “why do men cause vas deferens obstruction”, I hope you have some understanding of this. Warm reminder, there are many reasons for the vas deferens to be blocked, there are congenital factors and also caused by acquired diseases, therefore, male friends must do a good job in daily life,

What are the reasons for men suffering from oligozoospermia?

What are the causes of men suffering from oligozoospermia? Excessive alcohol and smoking in men may inhibit sperm production, and some male diseases such as chronic prostatitis and varicocele may cause oligozoospermia. The occurrence of oligozoospermia has caused many men to be miserable, so what are the reasons for men suffering from oligozoospermia?   What are the causes of men suffering from oligozoospermia? 1, varicocele:   varicocele disease It will increase the local temperature of the testes and increase the vasoactive substances, thus affecting the spermatogenic function of men’s testes. However, the degree of varicocele is not proportional to the sperm quality.   2. Endocrine abnormality:    Normal spermatogenesis depends on the normal function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad axis. Any one of these obstacles will affect the spermatogenesis of men. Other thyroid diseases will also affect the quality of sperm and semen.  3. Others:   Scrotal temperature is too high, radiation damage, chemical drugs and drugs can cause oligospermia.  What are the causes of men suffering from oligozoospermia? Experts said that once they are diagnosed with oligozoospermia, they must go to a regular hospital for treatment in a timely manner, and they must not let oligozoospermia, a disease, endanger their reproductive health.

What is the cause of death syndrome in men?

  Death spermia is a common reproductive disease in men. Because the knowledge of male patients’ friends to prevent disease is relatively weak, they often do not realize the seriousness of the injury. Death syndrome is one of the main diseases that cause male infertility. The appearance of death syndrome harms the health of family and friends of male patients. So what is the cause of death syndrome in men?   What is the cause of death syndrome in men 1. Congenital development abnormalities: such as bilateral cryptorchidism, congenital testicular hypoplasia.    2. Systemic factors: long-term malnutrition, smoking , Alcoholism, excessive nervousness, and excessive sexual life.    3. Local factors: mumps complicated with orchitis, testicular tuberculosis, varicocele.    4. Obstruction of sperm transport: epididymal and testicular tuberculosis, impotence, premature ejaculation.    5. Immunity Factors: Sperm and seminal plasma can produce antibodies against their own sperm in the body and cause male infertility. The ejected sperm agglomerates itself and cannot penetrate cervical mucus. Through the above introduction to “what is the cause of death syndrome in men”, I hope that male friends have some understanding of the causes of death syndrome. If you find yourself suffering from death syndrome in the daily life, you should go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment to find out Cause symptomatic treatment,

What are the transmission methods of genital warts

  When it comes to genital warts, many people think that this is a sexually transmitted disease, which is transmitted by sexual contact. This is not the case. Sexual transmission is the most important way of transmission, but it is not the only way! 1. During direct sexual contact and sexual intercourse with patients with condyloma acuminatum, the warts growing on the external genital area are prone to exogenous protrusions and the texture is relatively brittle, so the surface is easy to scratch. Viruses in the warts and epidermal tissues follow The fall off is inoculated into the genitals of sexual partners, causing infection of human papillomavirus. 2. Maternal and infant infections of pregnant women with condyloma acuminatum, especially those with clinical symptoms that are not obvious and viral infections in the cervix, there will be viruses in the reproductive tract. During delivery, the fetus passes through the birth canal, resulting in viral infection of the newborn Infants and young children suffer from condyloma acuminatum.  3. Indirect infection  Condyloma acuminatum can also be transmitted indirectly through other methods, such as: sharing clothes, towels, quilts, toilet seats, bathtubs and other daily necessities.

Why do you have epilepsy

Why do I suffer from epilepsy? Most people don’t understand, and don’t know how to prevent it, how can I prevent myself from suffering from epilepsy? The epilepsy disease is commonly known as sheep epilepsy in the mouth of the people, this is a A recurring disease, patients will suffer a lot of torture and pain, but also cause psychological damage to patients with disease. When epilepsy occurs, the brain will temporarily lose control, convulsions of the limbs, foaming of the mouth, etc., which will seriously endanger life. So why do you suffer from epilepsy?    In fact, the cause of epilepsy and everyone’s physical health It has a lot to do with physique. Many patients with epilepsy are inherited from family genes. The latest medical scientists say that the DNA sequence has a 97% chance of suffering from epilepsy. The second most epilepsy is caused during childhood, such as neonatal hypoxic neonates, children who often have fever and high fever, the risk of epilepsy is high. Finally, there are some common conditions that are also potential threats to epilepsy diseases, such as cirrhosis, liver cancer, brain tumors, etc., can cause epilepsy.

How much does genital warts check

  The inspection fee depends on whether you go to a regular hospital for inspection, or the inspection method is different, and the cost is also different. Patients with condyloma acuminatum should be checked and treated as soon as possible, otherwise the more procrastination, the more difficult it will be to treat once the clinical diagnosis and treatment period is missed. The typical symptoms of genital warts are cauliflower, cockscomb, columnar granulation or keloids, which can be recognized by an experienced doctor with the naked eye, but if the symptoms are not obvious or the symptoms have not yet appeared, you need to resort to some medical means Checked, now the method of checking genital warts, the following are the most common, and the accuracy rate is relatively high. 1. Acetic acid white: Wet the gauze with 3%-5% acetic acid solution and apply it to the affected area. Remove it after 5 minutes. If you have genital warts, a white papule shape will appear. If it is not, the white one will appear. Patchy (this test method is still effective for patients who do not have warts, the accuracy rate is 90%).   2. Pathological examination: remove a small piece of tissue from the wart body, but the patient did not get the examination report on the same day. It will take a week. If the result shows hollowed cells, it is condyloma acuminatum (accuracy rate 100%).

The relationship between constipation and Parkinson’s disease

 Researchers report that if men who have less frequent bowel movements are compared with those who do not, the former are more likely to get Parkinson’s disease later in life. The results of the study show that for some people, this constipation problem may be part of the initial stage of the disease, or it may be easy to get the warning of Parkinson’s disease. “The main purpose of our research is to find factors that can help us identify people who already have early Parkinson’s disease or suspected of having it.” “We think constipation is one of these factors The reason is because it happens too often in patients with Parkinson’s disease, although constipation has never been proven to be used for clinical diagnosis. Our study is the first observer to date. ”   In this twenty-four-year study of nearly 7,000 men, those with bowel movements that averaged less than once a day had the chance of suffering from Parkinson’s disease, which was three times higher than those with bowel movements that averaged once per day. Times.  Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disease that causes patients to tremble, stiff muscles and other phenomena, and causes problems in action. Research leaders pointed out that as many as 80% of Parkinson’s patients suffer from constipation, but this study is the first to show that constipation may occur before other symptoms of this neurological disease. However, normal bowel movements vary among individuals. Although constipation as defined in this study refers to those who have bowel movements less than once a day, this pattern does not necessarily mean that a person has constipation. Nonetheless, this study still found a link between intestinal motility patterns and Parkinson’s disease, and Abbott believes that this link may help us understand the early stages of the progression of this neurological disorder. The important conclusion in our report is not to ask everyone to pay more attention to the symptom of constipation, but to intend to help researchers understand the progress of Parkinson’s disease. “Explanation: “Our data shows that the pathology of Parkinson’s disease is not just about the brain, but it may also involve other systems. Therefore, only by studying other systems can we understand more. The development of Parkinson’s disease.” It is pointed out that some studies have shown that certain parts of the process that affect Parkinson’s disease may also affect the activity of the colon, and this discovery may bring a first line to the results of this study. Dawn. The researcher is not sure what to do next, but he predicts that if someone can combine other risk factors such as family history of Parkinson’s disease, then constipation may be able to help us identify the initial patients who already have Parkinson’s disease Or suspect people with the disease, or even those who belong to high-risk groups. The research team collected information from 6,790 men, who were 60 years old at the beginning of the study, and thus reached this conclusion. After 24 years have passed, a total of 96 men were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Compared with men who have an intestinal motility on average once a day, those with intestinal motility less than once a day are 2.7 times more likely to have Parkinson’s disease. If compared with those whose bowels move more than twice a day, the chances of these people suffering from Parkinson’s disease jumped fourfold. In addition, even if the researchers considered factors such as age, smoking, coffee, laxative use, diet and exercise that affected Parkinson’s risk or gastrointestinal health, the association between this constipation and Parkinson’s disease still exists.

Can rectal cancer be cured?

 Rectal cancer is a kind of cancer with a very high incidence. It occurs between the dentate line and the junction of the sigmoid colon of the rectum and is a type of malignant tumor of the digestive tract. The treatment of rectal cancer is very difficult. Due to the special location of the lesion, even if surgical treatment is performed, it is very easy to relapse. Therefore, many patients have such questions, can rectal cancer be cured?   After suffering from rectal cancer, there are generally no obvious symptoms. The patient will have bloody symptoms in the early stage, but it is very easy to be ignored. In addition to the presence of pus and blood during defecation, patients with advanced rectal cancer often have constipation or diarrhea. The patient’s body will gradually become thinner and suffer from loss of appetite. Symptoms such as anemia.  Why do you get rectal cancer? This is closely related to the bad eating habits of modern people. Many people do not pay attention to diet and health in their lives, and often eat high-protein, high-fat and low-fiber foods, which leads to excessive secretion of bile and bile acid, causing rectal cancer. Some people who often drink beer are also particularly susceptible to colorectal cancer. In addition, people who eat fewer fruits and vegetables and eat fried foods are also more likely to have rectal cancer. In some patients, polyps grow on the inner wall or inner layer of the rectum, and they will not be cured for a long time. They gradually evolve into rectal cancer. People with a history of rectal cancer at home have a higher chance of developing rectal cancer than ordinary people. Studies have shown that about 20% of rectal cancer patients are caused by family genetic factors.    Can rectal cancer be cured? This problem has plagued many patients with rectal cancer and their families. Due to the special location of rectal cancer and the possibility of recurrence, it is very difficult to completely cure rectal cancer. However, if the condition of rectal cancer is discovered early, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, it is still very helpful to prolong the life of the patient. The commonly used methods for the treatment of rectal cancer are surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. After such treatment, the life of the patient can be appropriately extended, and the pain of the patient can be reduced, so it is still necessary. I believe that after scientific treatment and proper diet adjustment, coupled with the patient’s positive attitude, the cure of rectal cancer is not just a dream.

Classical moment-Doctor Haishu rereading the internal scriptures-Yin Yang Qing Zhuo 0622

[Original] The Yellow Emperor said: All the yangs are turbid, why is He Yangdu (other than turbid)?   Qi Bo said: The sun in the hand is only affected by the turbidity of the sun, and the hand is too yin and the clear is the yin. Those who are clear will go to the sky, while those who are murky will go down the sutra. All the yin are clear, and the foot Taiyin is only affected by its turbidity.  Yellow Emperor said: What is the rule?   Qi Bo said: Qing dysfunction is smooth, and turbidity is astringent. Therefore, those who stabbed the yin, stayed deep; those who stabbed the yang, were shallow and ill; those who were clear and turbid, were adjusted by several. [Translation] Huang Di said: Every Yang Jing accepts turbid gas, which Yang Jing receives turbid gas the most?  Qi Bo said: The hand Sun-Small Intestine Meridian receives the most turbid gas in each Yang Meridian, the hand Taiyin Lung Meridian receives the most clear qi in each Yin Meridian, the clear qi travels upward on the facial crevices, and the turbid gas travels downward on the meridians. Each yin jing receives qi, but only the yin spleen meridian receives the turbid qi metabolized by the water valley in the stomach.   Huang Di said: How should abnormality of the body’s clear and turbid gas be treated?  Qi Bo said: The nature of clear gas is slippery, and the nature of turbid gas is stagnation, which is the normal manifestation of clear gas and turbid gas. Therefore, if the lesion is caused by abnormal turbid gas, the needle should be deep and the needle stays for a long time; if the lesion is caused by abnormal gas, the needle should be shallowly punctured and the needle should be quickly discharged; if it is due to the gas and If the turbid gas interferes with each other and causes abnormal ups and downs, the disease condition should be detected, the degree and location of the mutual interference of the clear gas and the turbid gas should be understood, and the characteristics of the clear gas and the turbid gas should be combined to take appropriate measures according to the specific situation. treatment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu: There is more turbid gas in the small intestine and more qi in the lung. Treatment involves relieving diarrhea, and raising it involves cold, heat and cold. Good morning [rose]

This article will tell you what is nephritis

As we all know, the kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body. The function of the kidney is mainly to excrete metabolites and to regulate the balance of water, electrolytes and acid-base, to maintain the stability of the internal environment of the body, thereby ensuring the normal physiological function of the body. Nephritis is a common disease. In recent years, the incidence of nephritis has shown a clear increasing trend, which has aroused widespread concern. Once suffering from nephritis, it will seriously affect people’s work and study. Nephritis is a group of kidney diseases that are immune-mediated and involved in inflammatory mediators, which ultimately leads to inflammatory changes in the kidney’s inherent tissues, causing varying degrees of renal dysfunction. Nephritis is an immune inflammatory disease. Its onset is caused by many reasons. After suffering from nephritis, patients will have inflammatory reactions, as well as proteinuria, hematuria, and various degrees of body edema. Nephritis can be divided into two types: acute nephritis and chronic nephritis. Acute nephritis is an acute disease caused by bacterial infection. After infection, clinical symptoms such as hematuria, proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure, etc., and acute nephritis have occurred for one year or more. Will turn into chronic nephritis. Chronic nephritis is a very long-term disease, which must last at least ten years. The incidence of nephritis is mainly young and middle-aged, and treatment of nephritis is more difficult, and drug control can generally delay the condition for only a decade or two. After that, many patients’ conditions will turn into chronic renal failure, which is an irreversible disease. Nephritis is generally not contagious. When the patient’s urine contains a large number of bacteria, it will cause urinary tract infections, resulting in urinary tract irritation and other symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria. But for this kind of problem, generally do not draw conclusions too early, which is closely related to the etiology of nephritis. But no matter what kind of nephritis, it will not be transmitted to others through certain channels. It is often said that nephritis is primary, and the specific etiology is not yet clear. It is generally believed that the human body’s immune response to certain pathogenic factors is not caused by these pathogenic factors directly affecting the kidney’s infection or destruction. . Patients suffering from nephritis should pay attention to diet and daily habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol can cause a variety of kidney damage, and it has a great impact on the glomeruli. In addition, pustules are an infectious skin disease that can cause acute nephritis once ruptured, and exposure to people with pustules may cause acute nephritis. In addition, hepatitis B virus hepatitis can also cause nephritis, the virus will be transported to the kidney with the blood, causing different degrees of kidney damage. And tuberculosis patients will spread to the kidneys by blood, causing kidney tuberculosis, which is the severity of the disease caused by different causes. It is worth noting that patients should avoid fatigue, remove infections and other incentives, avoid exposure to nephrotoxic drugs or poisons, quit smoking, exercise in moderation, control emotions, and arrange a reasonable diet. The diet should be light, eat spicy and stimulating food, and avoid increasing the burden on the kidneys. People with nephritis who still have normal renal function do not need to limit protein intake. However, protein intake should be limited during azotemia, and mainly based on high-quality animal protein, and oliguria should limit fluid intake. In addition, according to the etiology and pathogenesis, it is necessary to formulate corresponding treatment plans, and follow the doctor’s instructions to get better treatment results.

What are the requirements of uterine fibroids food  

What are the requirements for uterine fibroids food? Now the complication rate of uterine fibroids is getting higher and higher, and many women are suffering from the disease of uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids are a disease that often occurs in women. Many women have uterine fibroids, especially those in their twenties. For this situation, patients with uterine fibroids should cause it It is important to know what foods you should eat and what foods you should not eat. These are very important. For patients with uterine fibroids, the food requirements of our team are very high. Let’s talk about these related requirements. Uterine fibroids food requirement one: normal diet patients with uterine fibroids must have a normal diet in their ordinary lives, to ensure that their diet can be on time and in accordance with the amount, do not eat without a meal, the second meal Eat a lot, this phenomenon is often seen in our lives. Our patients with uterine fibroids must reasonably manage their own dietary problems, which is the most basic requirement on time and quantity. Uterine fibroids food requirement two: In addition to the above-mentioned types of food must have a reasonable diet, eat on time, we also have certain requirements for the use of food. This part of the patients should pay attention to it. Be sure to eat less spicy food, eat more healthy and nutritious food, do not often go to the outside store to eat, it is best to own fish stew at home = some clear soup, these foods Only to ensure that his body can be healthy. What are the requirements for uterine fibroids food? These are the food requirements for patients with uterine fibroids. As long as they can do the above, they can recover their health faster.

How to avoid getting vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disease I think everyone has a certain understanding of it. After suffering from vitiligo, there will be white patches on the surface of our body skin, and it often appears on the bare skin of the patient’s skin, which seriously affects the appearance of the patient. It will also affect the life and work of the patient. I believe that everyone does not want to suffer from the skin disease of vitiligo, so we must prevent work in daily life, so as to avoid the harm of vitiligo disease to us as much as possible. Let’s find out how to avoid getting vitiligo. 1. In life, we must take measures to prevent vitiligo in the diet, because the lack of trace elements is also one of the causes of vitiligo disease, such as copper, iron, zinc, selenium, etc. These elements are very important to the body Yes, the occurrence of vitiligo is due to the lack or reduction of melanin in the body. These elements can promote the production of melanin. If these trace elements are lacking, it is easy to cause the occurrence of vitiligo disease, so eat more rich in trace elements in the diet food. Second, our skin is very fragile and sensitive, so it is easy to be stimulated by external substances. Everyone should protect their skin in life and do not let it be exposed to the harm of some chemical substances, such as some chemical raw materials, rubber Products, etc., should also try to avoid our skin from being traumatized. If the trauma is not treated well, it is easy to cause trauma infection, which is also very likely to cause vitiligo. Third, it is necessary to protect the skin in summer, do not let the skin be exposed to the sun for a long time, and do sun protection when going out, such as applying sunscreen and sun umbrella to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. Can effectively prevent the occurrence of vitiligo disease. To sum up, there are many triggering factors for vitiligo. Many times, people who suffer from vitiligo are unknowingly, so people want to prevent vitiligo, they must do a comprehensive preventive work in life, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of vitiligo disease, In order to keep our body away from the hazards of disease, don’t be afraid if you accidentally get vitiligo. All we have to do is go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible and receive scientific treatment. END Sina Weibo: @白拟风医生王家怀长Press follow

How to prevent children’s vitiligo correctly?

In recent years, investigations have found that the disease of vitiligo is more and more frequent, and it is gradually becoming younger. It develops in children. Because the children are young, they do not know how to avoid injury, and they cannot protect themselves better. Having vitiligo will affect your own growth and development, and your life and psychology will also be harmed. The consequences are very serious, so parents must play a good role and learn to prevent the occurrence of vitiligo and prevent the child’s physical health. Healthy and healthy, so today I will tell you how to prevent children’s vitiligo:   01 Supplemental trace elements. Parents should remember to supplement trace elements for children. A large part of the reasons for children’s vitiligo are the lack of trace elements. Trace elements are important substances for melanin synthesis. As the child’s body is developing, the demand for such substances will be higher. If it is not supplied in time and blocks the path of melanin production, it will naturally cause vitiligo, so parents are advised to supplement their children with trace elements as much as possible. Preventing vitiligo can also prevent other diseases. 02 Avoid partial eclipse. Parents should also pay attention to not allowing children to eclipse. Partial eclipse will cause malnutrition and malnutrition, which will not only affect the normal growth and development of children, but also induce the emergence of various diseases, such as vitiligo. Take the opportunity to appear on the child, so parents should pay attention to make sure that the child’s nutrition is taken in a balanced manner, not let the child picky eaters, partial eclipse, and correct these problems in time. 03 Don’t eat snacks. Parents should not let children eat too much snacks. Snacks themselves are not very nutritious, but it is easy to make people feel full. If the child eats too much, it will affect the normal appetite. He is unwilling to eat three meals. The supply of nutrients not only affects the production of melanin, but also reduces immunity and is more susceptible to disease. 04 Drink more boiled water. Parents should remember to drink more boiled water for their children, drink less carbonated drinks, or squeeze the fruit into juice, which has taste and nutrients, because most children do not like to drink boiled water. Drinking too much other drinks is not good for the body. So squeezing the fruit into juice, quenching thirst and replenishing water can serve two purposes.   Children suffering from vitiligo are very harmful. Parents must make every preparation to prevent the occurrence of this hazard in time and let their children grow healthily.

If I have epilepsy, will my child suffer from epilepsy?

&nbsp.&nbsp. If my child has epilepsy, will my child suffer from epilepsy? &nbsp.&nbsp. First of all, you should be clear in your heart that even in the general population, everyone has the opportunity to suffer from epilepsy in their lifetime, this probability is less than 2%. &nbsp.&nbsp. If the father suffers from epilepsy, the proportion of his offspring suffering from the disease is only slightly higher than that of the general population. If only the mother suffers from epilepsy, the proportion of offspring will not exceed 5%. If both parents have epilepsy, the proportion of offspring will increase accordingly. &nbsp.&nbsp. It can be seen that in most cases, the offspring of epilepsy patients will not be sick, although the risk of the offspring of certain types of epilepsy patients will increase. In general, worrying about future generations’ illness is often not a sufficient reason to refuse to have children because the risk of future generations’ illness is lower. On the other hand, even if the offspring unfortunately suffers from epilepsy, most patients’ seizures can be controlled after applying reasonable drugs. &nbsp.&nbsp.Once the early symptoms of epilepsy are found, they should be diagnosed and checked in the hospital as soon as possible in order to carry out targeted treatment to reduce the harm caused by epilepsy. After the general patients receive regular treatment, most of the epilepsy patients can be controlled under regular treatment, and their conditions will not be affected, which will not affect normal life and learning.

8 symptoms to determine whether the child has cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy, medically known as pediatric cerebral palsy, or pediatric cerebral palsy, often has symptoms such as intellectual deficiencies, epilepsy, abnormal behavior, mental disorders, developmental disorders, and visual, hearing, and language disorders. Once a child suffers from cerebral palsy, it may have an irreversible impact on his life. So, can we judge whether a baby has cerebral palsy based on the early symptoms? Let’s take a look below.   8 symptoms, to determine whether the child has cerebral palsy    1. Cerebral palsy patients will be excessively irritated. If a child has cerebral palsy, they will be easily startled, cry more than once, and will also experience difficulty falling asleep. 2. Patients with cerebral palsy will have difficulty eating. If a child suffers from cerebral palsy, during early feeding, he will have difficulty chewing, drinking, and swallowing, as well as symptoms such as salivation, frequent spitting, and breathing disorders. 3. If the baby cannot lift his head after more than 100 days, his head will still sway when he lifts his waist from April to May, and he may suffer from cerebral palsy. 4. If the baby’s expression is indifferent 4-6 weeks after birth, it often shows a frowning face, and there are few active movements, which may cause cerebral palsy. 5. Patients with cerebral palsy will have behavioral disorders, mainly manifested as still unable to stand or step after 3 months, thumbs still adducted after 4 months, hands not open, and objects will not reach out to grab after 5 months. 6.&nbsp. Patients with cerebral palsy will have the phenomenon that the muscles are soft and cannot turn over, and the movements are stiff and slow. If it is difficult to put the baby’s upper limbs into the cuffs when dressing; when the diaper is cleaned, the baby’s thighs are not easy to abduct; when the palms are rubbed, the baby and the limbs are stiff when taking a bath, there is a possibility of suffering from cerebral palsy. 7. Research shows that nearly 30% of children with cerebral palsy have similar severe “intestinal colic” performance in the first 3 months of life. 8. Infants with spastic diplegia may have stiff lower limbs before standing up, standing on their toes like ballet dancers.  The above abnormalities are signs of cerebral palsy children in the early stage. If we judge whether the child has cerebral palsy through judgment, it will be of great help to the child’s treatment and physical recovery. What are the causes of pediatric cerebral palsy?   In order to better prevent the occurrence of cerebral palsy in children, we need to know what causes the cerebral palsy in children. In general, the causes of cerebral palsy in children are: parents smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction; mother suffering from mental illness; diabetes during pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, hypertension during pregnancy, placenta previa, threatened abortion or taking contraceptives to treat infertility Drugs, fetal drugs, etc.; mother has high birth rate, premature delivery, abortion history, etc.; intrauterine infection, intrauterine distress, placental dysfunction, etc. cause fetal growth retardation; premature or postnatal hypoxic ischemia, intracranial hemorrhage, infection , Poisoning and malnutrition.  How to prevent cerebral palsy in children? 1. Before pregnancy, parents quit smoking and alcohol, take birth control pills less, develop good living habits, if they have high blood pressure, diabetes should be actively treated, but also to prevent rubella virus infection. ;   2. After pregnancy, pregnant women should go to the hospital regularly for health check, pay attention to eliminate the factors of dystocia, ensure nutrition, and prevent premature birth. 3. After the baby is born, pay attention to protect the premature and immature baby, and carry out necessary treatment. 4. After the baby is born, it is best to breastfeed to ensure that the baby is adequately nourished.  5.&nbsp. Regularly immunize infants with one, two or three vaccines, polio, rubella or tuberculosis.   6. If parents find that the child has fever, neck stiffness, drowsiness, diarrhea, etc., they should be sent to the hospital for prompt treatment.   7. For those with backward motor development, abnormal posture, poor breastfeeding, screaming and not sleeping, muscles that are too soft or too hard, attention should be paid to brain lesions.

Is cancer hereditary? What is the truth

Genes are passed on from generation to generation, and cancer is a complex polygenic disease, so some tumors are indeed hereditary. The vast majority of tumors are caused by the interaction of environmental factors and genetic factors, of which genetic factors account for a considerable proportion. What are the common hereditary cancers? 01. Intestinal cancer has a disease called “familial adenomatous polyposis”, which can easily develop into intestinal cancer. It has been observed that if a parent has colon cancer due to “familial adenomatous polyps”, the genetic probability of their children is 50%. 02. Breast cancer In a family, if any one of the mother, daughter, and sister is diagnosed with breast cancer, the risk of cancer for other women will increase by a factor of two; if two women are diagnosed with breast cancer, the other women will suffer from cancer The risk is five times the average. 03. 5-10% of pancreatic cancer family members also have a history of the disease. If more than one first-degree relative (parents, children, siblings) suffers from the disease, the risk of the disease will increase significantly, and it usually occurs before the age of 50. Hereditary pancreatic cancer will increase the risk of onset before the age of 70 by about 30-40%. 04. Endometrial cancer According to statistics, about 5% of all patients with endometrial cancer suffer from cancer due to genetic factors. The characteristic is that these patients have an average age of onset than patients with sporadic endometrial cancer. The age is 10-20 years younger. 05. 5~10% of gastric cancers are hereditary gastric cancers. Among them, the most common ones are hereditary diffuse gastric cancers. Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, and the probability of the offspring carrying the parental gene mutation is 50%. 06. Prostate cancer If a direct family member (brother or father) has prostate cancer, the risk of prostate cancer will double. Two or more immediate family members suffering from prostate cancer, the relative risk will increase by 5 to 11 times. 07. Melanoma Overall, about 8% of patients newly diagnosed with melanoma have a first-degree relative with melanoma. About 1 to 2% of patients diagnosed with melanoma have 2 or more close relatives with melanoma. . Are the inherited cancers the same? This is not necessarily. Some cancers have a certain heredity, but it is not necessarily the cancer itself that is inherited. As mentioned above, if the girl’s mother has breast cancer, will the girl definitely get breast cancer? no. But in addition to the possibility of breast cancer, girls also have a high risk of ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer or melanoma. Why is this? At the genetic level, the root cause of cancer is a disease-causing mutation in a gene, and a gene-causing mutation can cause multiple cancers, which is not difficult to explain why different cancers occur in the same family. Therefore, there are many people in the family who have cancer, especially first-degree relatives (parents, children, siblings) who have cancer, you need to be vigilant, maybe a gene has a pathogenic mutation, which leads to hereditary tumors in the family .

Why do children get vitiligo

Vitiligo disease has been particularly common in our lives. I believe everyone has seen patients with vitiligo in life. The incidence of vitiligo is very wide, not only adults but also some children. Vitiligo can occur, but the skin disease of vitiligo is very harmful to the human body. If children suffer from vitiligo, there is a lot of harm to children’s health, but many parents do not know much about children’s vitiligo, nor do they know Why do children get vitiligo? Let’s explain to you the reason why children get vitiligo, so that you can also do related preventive measures. Picky eaters and partial eaters nowadays children have picky eaters and partial eaters in their lives, and they also like to eat some junk food snacks, which will lead to children’s intake of nutrients and some trace elements necessary for the body. In many cases, vitiligo occurs and The lack of trace elements in the body is related. If the child’s body lacks some trace elements for a long time, it will easily lead to the occurrence of vitiligo disease. Therefore, children should pay attention to their own diet in life and develop good eating habits. Vitiligo in children with low body immunity may be caused by low body immunity. Some children’s own body’s immunity declines due to innate factors or acquired factors, and the decline in immunity is likely to cause the melanin synthesis in the body to be hindered. It may cause vitiligo, so children should exercise more in their lives, eat more foods that can enhance physical fitness, and improve their own immunity, so as to resist disease. Genetic factors Genetic factors can also cause children to suffer from vitiligo, a skin disease. If the family or parents have vitiligo, it is very likely to be passed on to the child. Parents and friends should pay attention to it, and if the child’s skin Suffering from trauma such as burns, burns, knife wounds, etc. If left untreated, it can easily lead to trauma infection, which may lead to vitiligo disease. Children must do sun protection and anti-freeze work on their skin in summer and winter. Sunburn and frostbite may also cause vitiligo. Summarizing things like environmental pollution, lack of trace elements in the body, low autoimmunity, genetics, etc. can all cause vitiligo, so parents should take measures to prevent children’s vitiligo in their lives. Children are in an important stage of growth and development. Children should be kept away from the harm of skin disease such as vitiligo and grow healthy and healthy. END Sina Weibo: @白拟风医生王家怀长Press follow