Why are your shoulders high and low?

What does it mean when you suddenly find your shoulders are high and low? In our orthopedic eyes, this phenomenon suggests that there is a possibility of scoliosis, but there are many types of scoliosis, some are mild scoliosis, some are very serious scoliosis, some are congenital scoliosis, there are It’s just functional side bending. Therefore, everyone’s situation is different, the treatment is different, and the effect of the treatment is related to the age group and the angle of the side bend. I received a consultation from a patient on Weibo, saying that his shoulders were high and low. The doctor told him to go to the orthopedics department. I suggested that he go to the spine surgery clinic of the local hospital to take an anterior spine. Photograph, and then measure the angle of the side bend. Because he is an adult, considering the progress of scoliosis, it will generally stop, so if the scoliosis does not reach a certain angle, the operation cannot be performed, and the words can not be brought. The braces are generally teenagers. When we are under 18, we will consider bracing. If a female patient’s menstruation is already ebb, then the effect of memory therapy again is not good. And scoliosis also has its own indications for surgery, not that everyone needs to be operated on. It is necessary to achieve a certain angle of lateral bending before surgery can be performed, instead of saying that it must be operated on if it does not look good. This is undesirable. We are weighing the pros and cons. For deformities that do not affect function but affect aesthetics, we will not perform surgery. Because we are now in a society where information is exploding, when we are unwell, we can always find an explanation from a professional, and we can get a general understanding of our situation, so the treatment is timely. However, in real life, many people are exhausted, so they neglect their physical health and exchange for the good of life at the expense of their physical health. Yes, sometimes it is too busy to have human rights. It’s a pity.

What effect can scoliosis surgery achieve? How many degrees can be corrected?

How much scoliosis surgery can correct scoliosis? This is the patient’s most concern, and there are two aspects to this problem. The first is when scoliosis is particularly flexible, and the second is when scoliosis is particularly stiff. For cases where scoliosis is particularly flexible, the better the flexibility, the greater the degree of correction, and it can even be corrected to more than 90%. For example, a side bend of more than 60 degrees can correct more than 55 degrees. For the second case, which is severe stiff scoliosis, this type of scoliosis surgery is particularly difficult and the risk of surgery is high. The degree of correction is usually only between 50% and 60%. The first purpose of scoliosis surgery is to prevent the further development of scoliosis. The second purpose is to restore the patient’s balance, so scoliosis is not to correct as many degrees as possible, but to pay attention to whether scoliosis can no longer develop after surgery.

What are the symptoms of scoliosis? What kind of impact will it have?

The symptoms of scoliosis are mainly divided into three aspects, namely, appearance, psychology and function. The impact on appearance, because the two shoulders are not flat, the back swells a bag, for girls, it will often affect her wearing clothes and dresses, especially now in summer, often need to wear a very thick clothes To cover. For boys, in addition to affecting the appearance, because they can’t stand up to their spine, they are always hunched (that is, what the common people call “luo pot”), these appearance effects will also affect the child’s psychology, So that they often have some inferiority complex, unwilling to associate with people, introverted personality and so on. This psychological impact has the greatest impact on life. Functional impact, severe scoliosis will oppress the heart and lungs, causing cardiopulmonary function. When these children reach adults, they often feel out of breath after the activity. Scoliosis affects the child’s exercise ability and digestive function to varying degrees, and many patients are very thin. There are even some scoliosis. Due to the extreme kyphosis of the spine, the spinal cord will be compressed, causing the patient’s lower limbs to be paralyzed.

What are the specific causes of scoliosis?

Scoliosis is essentially a symptomatic description. It can find the scoliosis or kyphosis through X-rays. There are many reasons for scoliosis. For example, we can divide scoliosis into idiopathic scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, neurofibromatosis scoliosis, and neuromuscular scoliosis. . Idiopathic scoliosis refers to a type of scoliosis that only develops during adolescence. These children may have normal spine before puberty, but after puberty, scoliosis begins. The etiology of this type of scoliosis is not yet clear, and it may be related to heredity. The other most common type is congenital scoliosis. Congenital scoliosis refers to the abnormal development of the vertebral body of the child at birth, for example, the half vertebral body, the formation of bone bridges, and incomplete insufficiency. Because it exists from birth, it is called congenital scoliosis. In fact, although it has a certain heredity, it is usually related to the environmental factors of the mother during pregnancy. There is also a neurofibromatosis scoliosis, a scoliosis caused by neurofibromatosis, or a scoliosis caused by neuromuscular problems such as polio. Therefore, the causes of scoliosis are various, and we need specific case-by-case analysis.

Does adult spinal deformity need treatment? Will it affect life?

In fact, this question should be answered in two situations. The first case is mild to moderate spinal deformity, and the second case is severe spinal deformity. For mild to moderate spinal deformity, because the bone growth and development has stopped in adulthood, the progress of his deformity is very slow, and it will not affect cardiopulmonary function. Therefore, in this case, no special treatment is needed, and only physical exercise needs to be strengthened. For the second case, which is severe spinal deformity (which means that the Cobb angle is greater than fifty degrees), it must be actively treated if this is the case. For this type of scoliosis that is greater than fifty degrees or more, even after the bone growth and development stops, the scoliosis will slowly increase, and to a certain extent, it will affect the patient’s cardiopulmonary function, and this cardiopulmonary function The impact of this will cause the loss of patient labor and shorten the lifespan. Patients often tell me that I am now in my twenties or thirties, and my scoliosis has been around for many years. Doesn’t it require treatment? This concept is wrong. Because when it reaches the age of 50 or 60, his lung function may be like that of a person in the age of 80 or 90, then this situation will seriously affect his life span.

On June 1st Children’s Day, pay attention to children’s spine health and stand up the backbone of the future!

Childhood is the happiest time in life, innocent, free and happy. Seeing this world is full of sunshine, charm, curiosity drives every step forward, free flying in the ocean of life. The arrival of Children’s Day is to make children cheer and joy. Here, I wish children a happy holiday! Children’s Day is a children’s festival, and it is also calling on everyone to pay more attention to the various problems faced by children in childhood. Of course, as doctors, what we care most about is how to make children grow up healthily. At the two sessions this year, the Central Committee of the Agrarian Labor Party plans to submit a proposal on the prevention and control of scoliosis of children and adolescents as soon as possible. The proposal points out that scoliosis has become the third “killer” of children and adolescent health in China after obesity and myopia As soon as this proposal came out, the children’s spine health problems were paid more attention. According to the survey, as many as 8% of children found spine health problems, which means that 8 out of 100 children have spine problems. Children are like saplings that thrive, and the spine is the trunk of the sapling. If there is a problem with the trunk of the sapling, it will inevitably affect the growth and development of the sapling. “In outpatient clinics, parents often come to see their children with their children, telling me that the child has neck and back pain, the two shoulders of the child are not the same height, some hunchbacks, etc., all kinds of spine problems, which makes parents “We are in a state of anxiety, but we are at a loss!” Director Liao Bo of the Department of Orthopedics, Tangdu Hospital, Air Force Military Medical University pointed out: “When these symptoms appear, it means that the child’s spine is unhealthy and needs timely and scientific treatment. The children are in During the period of growth and development, spinal health is easily affected by some bad habits, so active prevention is also key. “According to the data of the children’s spine screening survey, children aged 3-14 years old who are prone to fatigue account for 14.15%. Those with irregular postures accounted for 3.41%, those with irregular writing postures accounted for 22.93%, and those with irregular postures accounted for 13.66%. These bad habits may affect the spine development of children. If the child’s spine does not develop normally, there are high and low shoulders, hunchbacks, and scoliosis, which not only affects the child’s height and body shape, and causes harm to the body, but also affects the child’s mental health at a deeper level and brings mentality to the child Burden, inferiority, loneliness, and alienation. The abnormality of the spine structure may also cause compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots, resulting in pain in the neck and waist of the child, numbness of the limbs, and the most severe cases may be paralyzed, which will affect the child’s life. There are also spinal deformities, just like the trunk is crooked, and the growth of branches and leaves will also be affected. If a spinal deformity occurs, the adjacent organs around the spine will also be implicated, which can seriously cause cardiopulmonary compression and affect cardiopulmonary function. If the treatment is not corrected for a long time, the cardiopulmonary function will be damaged for a long time, which may even affect the child’s life span and endanger the child’s life. These common spinal problems of children are often formed over time. Due to the slow onset of spine disease, long course of disease, and early symptoms are not obvious, it is easy to cause parents to ignore, so active prevention is essential to protect the child’s spine health Link. 1. Cultivate children’s correct learning and living habits 1. When studying, you must have highly suitable desks and chairs, and you must sit correctly, sit upright when writing and reading, and change your posture and rest appropriately. 2. Do not overweight the school bag, it is best to choose a backpack. 3. Control the time children play on mobile phones and computers. It is a very bad habit to bow down to play mobile phones and addicted to computer games. Maintaining a posture in the spine for a long time can easily cause muscle fatigue and cause spine diseases over time. Second, strengthen physical exercise, enhance children’s physical learning pressure and do not reduce children’s exercise time, proper exercise can not only relieve muscle fatigue, but also enhance muscle strength and promote bone development, improve coordination and control ability, and it is easier to maintain good To maintain the stability of the spine. 3. Supplement sufficient nutrition Children are in the vigorous period of growth and development. They consume a lot of energy every day, and they need a reasonable diet and adequate and balanced nutrition. Eat together with vegetables, fruits, meat, beans, milk, etc., to provide children with the protein and calcium needed for growth and development

The situation of adolescent scoliosis is not optimistic. Should parents pay attention to its prevention and treatment?

Many parents found that the child had uneven shoulders on one side and a high side on the other side when the child was bathed again. This is the case when the child stood upright. As a result, the doctor said it was scoliosis after going to the hospital for examination. Scoliosis is a segment of the spine that is permanently deviated from the center line of the body. Simply put, the originally vertical spine has been bent, and it has a “C” shape or an “S” shape. At present, scoliosis It has become a common and frequently-occurring disease that harms young people in China. According to statistics, the incidence of scoliosis in Chinese adolescents is as high as 20%. The overall ratio of men and women is about 1: 3. The curvature of 10-20 ° is the most common curvature of scoliosis, accounting for about 90% of all patients. The curvature is greater than 20 °. Approximately 9.3%, and less than 2% of those greater than 40 °. From the above data, it can be seen that the situation of adolescent scoliosis is not optimistic, and it needs to be paid attention by parents. Scoliosis not only affects the appearance of the child, but also affects the growth and development of the child. Can cause cardiopulmonary failure, paralysis and even death. Therefore, parents should pay attention to cultivating children’s good learning and living habits to prevent the occurrence of scoliosis. How to prevent the occurrence of scoliosis in adolescents? 1. Good learning methods Correct reading and writing postures and highly suitable tables and chairs The correct posture refers to the distance of the body from the table with a punch, the eye from the book one foot away, the body sitting upright, The book is placed on the right side of the body (suitable for people who write with the right hand). This habit needs to be developed, which is good for bones and body. The correct height of the table and chairs should be able to maintain two basic verticals when sitting : First, when both feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and calves can be substantially perpendicular. The second is that when both arms hang down naturally, the upper arm and the lower arm are basically perpendicular. This allows people to maintain correct writing posture. 2. Appropriate schoolbag weight and backpack mode Overweight backpack and wrong backpack mode may cause back injury and muscle fatigue of teenagers. Too heavy a child’s backpack will cause back, side, forward, or twisting of the spine. At the same time, the muscles may be fatigued due to extreme tension, and the neck, shoulders and back may be easily injured. Therefore, it is recommended to control the weight of the backpack to less than 10% of the weight of the backpacker. It is also important to place the items in the school bag reasonably. The heaviest items should be placed closest to the back. It is recommended that the child should take the backpack on the shoulders as much as possible. 3. Reasonable dietary habits Reasonable dieting means that the nutrition provided by three meals a day must meet the needs of human growth, development and various physiological and physical activities. Adolescents are the peak period of growth and development, so adolescents should properly supplement calcium. Fourth, scientific physical exercise The content of physical exercise should be diversified to comprehensively enhance the strength of the muscles on both sides of the spine and before and after. In addition to good physical education classes and radio exercises, every day should adhere to about 1 hour of physical exercise. As much as possible to participate in activities such as single parallel bars, jump boxes, balance beams, etc., has a good effect on preventing spine curvature. If you suspect that your child has scoliosis, parents can try these simple screening methods at home! 1. See if the shoulders are the same height 2. Whether the shoulder blades are protruding on one side 3. Whether the lower ends of the shoulder blades are the same height 4. Both sides of the back Whether the ascent is asymmetric 5. Whether the bilateral waist is asymmetric. 6. Use the middle finger and index finger to sandwich the spinal process to see if it is a straight line. After screening, if one of the children is found to be abnormal, it means that there is a possibility of scoliosis, and you need to go to the hospital for further examination. If the examination reveals that the child is suffering from scoliosis, how to treat it clinically? First, non-surgical treatment: mainly includes physical therapy and brace therapy. 1. Physical therapy is referred to as “physiotherapy” for the purpose of improving the function of organs and tissues, enhancing physical function, reducing the adverse effects of disease on patients, and thus improving the quality of life. There are common sports therapy close to life, as well as electrotherapy and manual therapy. Sports therapy is mainly to enhance the muscle strength of the convex side of the spine, adjust the balance of the spine biomechanics, correct scoliosis, improve endurance and respiratory function. Mainly include: posture exercise, corrective gymnastics, respiratory gymnastics, etc. The specific treatment plan needs to be formulated according to the patient’s own situation. At present, various foreign studies on exercise therapy have proved the effectiveness of exercise therapy, and this is a “non-invasive” treatment method

Scoliosis of children and adolescents has become a topic worthy of parents’ attention at the two sessions this year!

Scoliosis may not have been heard by anyone, but it has become a topic worthy of parents’ attention. At the two sessions this year, the Central Committee of the Agricultural and Labor Party put forward a proposal, pointing out that scoliosis has become the third largest “killer” for children and adolescent health in China after obesity and myopia, and the prevention and control situation is grim. This proposal recommends this year as soon as possible Carry out prevention and control of scoliosis of children and adolescents. According to statistics, there are currently more than 3 million patients with scoliosis in China, and it is increasing at a rate of 300,000 per year, of which more than half are teenagers. Scoliosis, together with obesity and myopia, poses a serious threat to the health of contemporary teenagers. So what is scoliosis? The normal spine is straight from the coronal plane, and is composed of chest and lumbar curvature from the side. The spinal cord is wrapped in the spinal column, and on both sides of each vertebral body, it sends out nerve control torso Feelings, movements, and bowel movements of the limbs. Scoliosis means that the back spine is offset to the side or both sides of the trunk axis to form an “S” shape. If the bending angle on the X-ray film (Cobb angle) is greater than 10 degrees At this time, we call it scoliosis. Why are children and adolescents susceptible to scoliosis? First, the pressure of learning is high, parents are looking for children, overloaded classroom learning, extracurricular homework, and special interest classes, which originally belonged to children. Schoolbags are getting heavier and heavier, sitting on stools for a long time, coupled with poor learning posture, lack of due exercise, long-term bows or mobile phones lying on the ground at random, these are the reasons that cause scoliosis. 2. Parents do not pay enough attention. First of all, parents may not know the harmfulness of scoliosis, and do not realize that these bad postures in children’s usual study and life will cause scoliosis, and they will not be corrected in time, or they will not bring their children to Hospital checkup. What are the hazards of scoliosis? Scoliosis can not only cause external deformities such as kyphosis, high and low shoulders, long and short legs, asymmetry of skeletal development, but also cause malformation and dysfunction of organs, which can lead to cardiopulmonary failure. , Paralysis and even death. As a doctor, I agree with such a proposal. It could have been through active prevention to reduce the occurrence of scoliosis, because the parents put the focus on the children’s academic performance, but ignored the children’s physical health, no It can correct children’s bad habits and postures in time, leading to an increase in the incidence of scoliosis. Therefore, by proposing this proposal, everyone’s attention will be drawn, and then everyone’s attention will be raised, so that the awareness of prevention can be improved, the incidence of scoliosis can be reduced, and children and adolescents with scoliosis can get scientific treatment.

What is the effect of untreated or delayed treatment of scoliosis?

Many patients with scoliosis who come to the clinic have such concerns. Recently, are they busy? Can children’s schoolwork be postponed? Today, in response to your concerns, Professor Liao Bo from the Department of Orthopedics, Tangdu Hospital, Air Force Military Medical University will answer all of you. First, let’s understand which scoliosis may develop? Infants under 3 years of age with scoliosis will generally continue to develop if they are found to have 10-15 degrees of scoliosis. In addition, the angle difference between the convex side of the scoliosis and the ribs on both sides is measured. If it is greater than 20 degrees, the scoliosis will continue to develop. 4 to 10 year olds with scoliosis, if the scoliosis angle is below 35 degrees and the rib angle is less than 20 degrees, the scoliosis progresses slowly, otherwise, the scoliosis progresses quickly. For adolescent scoliosis, at 10-18 years old, girls with scoliosis tend to progress faster than boys, those with unformed iliac epiphysis develop scoliosis, double curvature is easier to progress than single curvature, and single chest curvature is easier to progress than single lumbar curvature. Side bends over 50 degrees are likely to progress. Secondly, what are the hazards of scoliosis? 1. It will affect the mental health of the child. Scoliosis will cause changes in body shape and bring the same vision to the child. Therefore, children with scoliosis generally do not like to talk, introverted, inferiority, and may even lead to Depressive situation. 2. Cause back pain or back pain: After the normal physiological structure of the spine changes after scoliosis, on the one hand, it causes the intervertebral disc to degenerate easily, causing back pain or back pain. 3. It affects the respiratory function and heart function of the lungs. The deformity of the spine will affect the thorax. This leads to diseases of the heart, lungs and heart. 4. Affect lifespan. According to research, the lifespan of people with scoliosis will be shorter than that of normal people. Is it necessary to perform surgery for scoliosis immediately? Different types of scoliosis treatment principles are different, but the general principle is early detection, early treatment, and early intervention. The intervention here does not mean that we must perform surgery. For example, our intervention measures include wearing a brace. Without surgery, only extra fixed things are used to make certain corrections by external force. Of course, it does not mean that all patients need to wear braces. Some people’s situation is just to observe and observe the extent of its progress. Therefore, the treatment of each patient should be related to his specific condition, and everyone should be different from person to person. In life, if you find that your child has such shoulder unequal heights, even scoliosis, and pelvic unequal heights, you must find a doctor in the orthopedic spine surgery as soon as possible to see it and let a specialist hospital help You decide what to do next. Early detection and early intervention is the key point, not to say that surgery must be performed as soon as possible.

The causes and correction of scoliosis

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Muscle imbalance due to incorrect posture in daily activities such as sitting on a desk, working at a desk, or poor sleeping habits can cause or worsen scoliosis. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. The treatment of scoliosis is mainly observation, conservative treatment and surgery. Conservative treatment includes correction, spinal adjustment (chiropractic), exercise therapy and physical therapy. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Mild scoliosis usually does not have obvious discomfort, and no obvious body deformity can be seen in appearance. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.Heavier scoliosis can affect the growth and development of infants and young children and adolescents, deforming the body. In severe cases, it can affect cardiopulmonary function and even involve the spinal cord, causing paralysis. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Mild scoliosis can be observed, severe cases require surgery. Scoliosis is a common disease that harms adolescents and children. The key is early detection and early treatment. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.How to correct scoliosis? & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Through the reference of X-ray film and special manipulation correction, the scoliosis and facet joint of scoliosis are restored to normal physiological position and normal physiological curve to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. And our spine curvature is caused by congenital spine twisting and acquired post-traumatic posture. How can these be treated with drugs? Surgical treatment is too risky. Few people choose to do this. The correction of scoliosis depends on the severity, and the methods adopted are different. Generally speaking, the angle of scoliosis is less than 20 degrees, which is mild, and between 20 and 45 degrees is moderate. , Forty-five degrees or more are severe patients. In & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp., patients with mild scoliosis should receive accurate corrective treatment, and severe patients may require surgical treatment. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. In addition to corrective treatment, we can use traction physiotherapy as an adjunct therapy. Posture correction is performed through the application of gravity or the body’s own gravity. The gap between the vertebral bodies is widened, which is conducive to highlighting the recovery of the nucleus pulposus, restoring the normal arrangement of the vertebral bodies, and relaxing the ligament tension, thereby reducing the compression and stimulation of the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Scoliosis often occurs in children aged 12 to 16. If the posture is incorrect, scoliosis can easily reach you. The disease usually occurs in the spine between the neck, chest and waist, but can also occur in the lower back alone.

Is the spine crooked? 15 ways to “crack” it!

The spine is located in the middle of the back, from top to bottom, with the spinal cord inside, like a highway of nerves, linking every tissue of the brain and body. Thus, the importance of the spine is self-evident. Viewed from the side, the spine has three major curvatures, which is due to its mobility and stability. However, from the back, the human spine is straight and does not curve to both sides. Some people are born with twisted spine, but for deformity of the spine, more often, disease, poor posture and malnutrition are the causes. Today, the Western Gout and Rheumatism Hospital tells everyone how to “rectify” your spine. Reminder: The following content is for reference only, please follow the doctor’s advice for specific diagnosis and treatment. Part 1 takes care of the spine 1 | maintains a good posture. Whether sitting, walking or sleeping, keeping a good posture is the most important thing to maintain spine health. Some people need to sit for a long time because of work. Therefore, the height, comfort and support of the chair become particularly important. The office chair is preferably adjustable, with a backrest, so that it can be adjusted according to its own situation, and can also provide support for the waist. When watching TV at home, support your back with cushions and raise your legs. Try not to cross your legs or feet when sitting, as this will cause uneven hips and put pressure on your back. The computer display should be at the same height as the eyes and directly in front of the person, so that the spine will not be twisted by using the computer to twist the neck. 2 | Choose good quality shoes. As the foundation of the whole body, shoes have a great influence on posture. The shoes should be strong, provide good support for the arch of the foot, have a low heel of 1-2 cm, and have enough space in the toes. Feel free to wear high heels, because the high heel will affect the center of gravity of the whole body. In order to maintain a straight line, the lumbar spine will extend excessively, which causes excessive lordosis. If you are overweight, flat feet, or short legs, it is recommended to wear heel orthosis (custom insoles). The orthosis can support the arch of the foot, and better help when walking and running, which is beneficial to the health of the spine. The orthosis is generally customized by a podiatrist, medical expert or some chiropractors. 3 | Choose a hard mattress. About one-third of a person’s life is spent in bed, so it’s not too much to spend time on the mattress. For most people, the rigid board can provide the necessary support for the spine and is the most suitable choice. Memory foam bedding is also very suitable. The mattress needs to be changed every 8 to 10 years. The choice of pillows is also very particular. The height should match the distance from the side of the head to the end of the shoulder, so that you can keep the spine in a straight line when you sleep. The best sleeping position for the spine is to sleep sideways with the hips and knees slightly flexed. In order to straighten the hips, it is best to sandwich a small pillow between the thighs. When reading in bed, do not use many pillows to raise your head for comfort, because this will tighten your neck and may force the cervical spine to bend in the opposite direction. 4 | Avoid carrying heavy backpacks or shoulder bags. Even if it’s just back-to-back between classes or on the way home from school, an overweight backpack may stress the spine and cause tremendous damage to the health of the spine. It may deform the spine and even affect height. If you like to put the backpack on one shoulder, or a unilaterally stressed bag such as a shoulder bag, the situation is even more serious, and the spine is easy to bend and deform. When backpacking, pay attention to distribute the weight on both sides of the shoulder evenly. If it is a suitcase or briefcase that can only be taken on one side, then use it alternately on both sides to avoid stress on one side for a long time. It is recommended to use a backpack or suitcase that can be pulled away. If there are lockers in the school, leave the books in the lockers. I would rather move around more, rather than bring all the books on my body. Of course, if there is a drawer, just leave the book in the drawer. If it is a locker, and the location is far away from the classroom, you can tell the teacher about the situation if you have no time to retrieve the book during the break. If necessary, the hospital can show the certificate. 5 | Step forward and exercise more. Proper exercise has many benefits, can lose weight and gain muscle, and is beneficial to the spine. Too much weight will cause excessive pressure on the spine joints, resulting in wear and deformation of the spine. Strong and powerful muscles can help the spine maintain a healthy shape. Weight lifting is a good way to build muscles, but care should be taken not to over-train some parts of the muscles while ignoring other parts. If you do not know the correct training method, please consult a personal trainer