Surgery sharing: eye repair and sagging upper eyelid

Double eyelid repair is not only because of double eyelids, but also the trouble of loosening of the upper eyelid. Recently, a beauty seeker who was treated for upper eyelid repair and wanted to solve the slack upper eyelid, in fact, her eyes are not easy to improve, but also repaired many times and the two sides are obviously asymmetric: poor muscle strength on one side and muscle on the other Hyperactivity; the lower lip tissue is shrivelled and the scar is obvious. The following are the operations visible: double eyelid repair: cut the skin along the design line, and obvious and massive adhesions of dense fibrous tissue can be seen. After separating the lower lip area, the meibomian plate, orbicularis oculi muscle and anterior meibomian fascia and other tissues can be directly displayed. Separate the subcutaneous tissue upward along the upper edge of the incision, with obvious adhesion. When doing the left side, you will find that the left side is heavier than the right side, and the amount of tissue removed is more. The eyelash follicle can be seen directly in the lower lip area. The amount of tissue is insufficient, and the prefascia fat is less. It is more difficult to repair than the contralateral side. Many times. Bilateral eyebrow incision eyelid lift: Make a wedge-shaped incision at about 1/3 of the middle and outer sides of the bilateral eyebrows to solve the problem of upper eyelid slack. (The case is external blepharoplasty + upper eyelid slack correction (under-brow incision) At this time, someone will ask why the incisions at both eyelid positions have been made, wouldn’t it remove some skin? Why do we need to make an incision under the eyebrow? It is because the skin tissue around the eye is uneven and uneven. For those who have obvious relaxation or heavier beauty, a comprehensive solution is needed to improve the relaxation of the upper eyelid, rather than a general solution to the problem of the upper eyelid. Although the operation is mainly performed in the incision , Hemostasis, suture mainly, but clear diagnosis, exact diagnosis and treatment plan, coupled with excellent operation, the effect is much better than a single effect, many things can not be 1+1=2, but 0.5+0.5 &gt.1.

Not afraid of sunburning | It’s okay to get tanned, you can’t fix it after sunburning!

To say this summer, what is the most important skin care point I say, sun protection must be in the top three! I believe that the fairies have been well aware of the importance of sun protection under my “diligent teachings”. But I will not talk about sun protection today, but talk about repairing after sun exposure! After the sun is repaired, as the name implies, the skin needs to be maintained after sun exposure. Even if our daily sunscreen is in place, the little goblin of ultraviolet rays is still invincible, and it is impossible to escape its damage 100%. Many fairies think that sun protection is just “sun protection black”. In fact, UV damage to our skin is greater than we thought. Although our skin has a certain ultraviolet repair function, as time goes by, the self-repair function will weaken with the increase of age, that is to say, you can’t eat youthful meals for a lifetime! ! ! Without correct post-sun repair, long-term sun damage builds up in the skin, which can cause spots, dullness, uneven skin tone, etc. that make you look like an 80-year-old skin problem. And if your skin has already appeared dry and dehydrated or red and fever symptoms after sun exposure, you need to further soothe and calm, at the same time strengthen hydration, prevent further skin damage, and prevent melanin deposition. Changes in the skin after sun exposure Skin inflammation Under a certain intensity of ultraviolet radiation, the skin will have an inflammatory reaction, which is redness and fever, and in severe cases it will swell and even peel, as well as erythema and blisters. These are medically called solar dermatitis. Also known as sunburn. Common sunburns are divided into mild, moderate and severe sunburns. The skin is red and hot, but there is no tingling sensation when rinsed with water. This is a minor sunburn condition. The skin is red and hot and feels tingling, even redness and swelling. This is a moderate sunburn. The skin is not only red, hot, and painful, but also has problems with state changes such as molting and blisters. This situation is already a severe sunburn. To put it simply, melanin is simply that the sun has been exposed for a long time, the activity of tyrosinase in melanocytes is enhanced, and the synthesis of melanin is accelerated. . . . In addition to the precipitation of melanin, the moisture of the skin after exposure will be significantly reduced, and the loss of collagen will make the skin more dry and wrinkled, destroy the elastic fibers, and appear aging. Over time, these problems will slowly come up and affect our delicate face value. So darker skin is another problem that is repaired after sun exposure. At this time, whitening products need to be repaired after sun exposure. Oxygen free radicals produce a lot of free radicals in the skin under ultraviolet radiation, causing serious damage to collagen and elastin. Therefore, proper anti-oxidation operations should be carried out during post-sun care. Therefore, after-sun repairs should not be underestimated, so how should we perform after-sun repairs? 1. Calm and soothe the skin after sun exposure, because the capillaries dilate, the whole will become red and hot. Especially in the cheek area, when it is serious, it may feel tingling even if it is touched lightly. At this time, the first thing we need to do is to cool the skin and calm the skin, which can effectively relieve the redness after sun exposure. Ice compress is a good method, but it is not recommended to use it for a long time, after all, it is too irritating. There are still many “home remedies” on the Internet. Why use fresh aloe vera juice on your face? ! Don’t believe it! ! ! ! 2. After mild facial cleansing and sunburn, choose facial cleansing products to be gentle to avoid secondary damage to the skin. 3. After hydrating and washing the face, we need to add a lot of water to the skin, which can reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to a certain extent. But at this time, the skin condition is not too stable, and it is easy to be allergic if you are not careful, so try to choose mild and non-irritating products. Medical beauty recommendation: The gene gun sprays the nutrient essence at 2.5 times the speed of sound according to the aerodynamic principle to form a molecular-level atomized particle, which enters the skin tissue instantly, needle-free introduction, uniform dispersion, zero pain, zero trauma, zero infection , The effect can also far exceed daily smear-type skin care, is a very convenient maintenance items. 4. Repair the barrier. When the skin is almost soothing and calm, when the water is enough, you can use a lotion or cream to repair the skin barrier. Medical beauty recommendation: Shu Min experts said that Shu Min experts can be called-skin sensitive fire extinguishers. The sensitive muscle fairies that Yan Yue consulted basically used Shu Min experts to treat allergy. They used sound, light and electricity to treat sensitive skin. Three-in-one therapy promotes the discharge of inflammatory factors and comprehensive repair.

I am dissatisfied with the completion of my double eyelids. Can I repair it within a week?

Some beauty seekers do not feel the expected results after double eyelid surgery, and even feel that they have failed the operation. They are very anxious to ask whether they can perform repair surgery within a week? They can only say that this only depends on the situation. Repairing surgery within one week after double eyelid failure: severe postoperative morphological and functional problems. For example: after the operation, the eyes cannot be closed, cannot be opened, severe eyelashes, drooping eyelids, deformation or obvious asymmetry. ️If it is a failure that seriously affects daily life, it must be repaired as soon as possible. Double eyelid failure after three or six months of surgery: If you only have high requirements on the shape of the double eyelid, it is not recommended to repair it prematurely, because the double eyelid surgery will have swelling, Bruises and poorly formed eyelids. At this time, it is difficult to judge whether the operation really failed. ️ However, if the following conditions occur after the swelling subsides, then it is recommended that you perform repair surgery three or six months after surgery. Double eyelid asymmetry, large and small eye TIPS: large and small eye repair method: redesign according to the ideal side of it, and raise or lower the upper eyelid and meibomian plate on the poor side. Double eyelid is too wide, triple eyelid TIPS: double eyelid is too wide, three eyelid formation and repair method: cut along the original incision, fully peel off the skin below the double eyelid line, remove the orbicularis oculi muscle and the pre-tensorial tissue in front of the eyelid, use the upper eyelid For the stretchability of the skin, the incision was lifted and sutured to increase the width of the double eyelid. These are the common cases of double eyelid failure. Everyone’s situation is different. Before repairing, you must first understand what is wrong with your eyes. Finally, it is recommended that those who seek beauty should choose a doctor carefully for double eyelid surgery to avoid eye repair.

as predicted! “Net Red Nose” still collapsed…

&nbsp. There has been a saying in the plastic surgery industry, “10 net red faces, 9 fake noses, 8 to be repaired”, and a recent net red group group seeking “change nose” incident in Guangzhou just verified this statement. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. According to netizens, on April 24, seven Internet celebrities organized a group to a large hospital in Guangzhou to seek a nasal repair, and live broadcasted the cosmetic surgery in a circle of friends. The “giant melon” immediately attracted a strong onlooker from the “melon-eating masses”. &nbsp. The younger sisters look young, but they are tall and tall. However, at first glance, I felt something strange. After a few more glances, it turned out that the original problem was on the nose. Some noses are very high, straight to the head, and look like Avatar: some noses are facing up, nostrils are exposed, the legendary pig noses: some nose tips are as sharp as knives, and passersby can feel the breath of the prosthesis about to pop out: even more terrible What’s more, some little girls’ noses are still crooked: almost all of these young ladies are engaged in the work of anchors, models, DJs, singers, etc. who need to rely on their faces to eat. Out of the pursuit of beauty, they had the courage to pour out their faces early, and had their noses adjusted in the early years, some were implanted with prostheses, and some were injected with rhinoplasty. But without exception, they all blindly followed the trend to create a “net red face”, thinking that copying a “net red nose” to their faces can become beautiful, but the result is even more ugly, even affecting their own Life and work. Speaking of net red nose, it usually refers to the nose with a tall nose and a pointed and long nose. Because the nose resembling a European or American nose is half-dimensional and exaggerated in front of the camera, it was once very popular among model net red groups. “Red Nose” got its name. Especially since 2014, Internet celebrity marketing has been prevalent on social media such as Weibo and live broadcasts. Young women with European-style double eyelids, high nose bridge, straight eyebrows, pointed jaws and other facial features can bring goods, take photos, etc. Successfully become an opinion leader in the field of fashion beauty, fame and fortune. “Net red face” and “net red nose” became popular with this “net red fever”, and even became a “plastic template” in the eyes of fans. However, no matter how much internet celebrities love “net red noses”, the general public can’t “love it”. After all, it is just an extreme aesthetic. Although many Chinese people dream of having a nose that is as tall as a Western person, the bones of Chinese people are generally flat, and they have to install a nose that is very tall, just like a tall building on a flat ground, which is extremely uncoordinated and looks like ” “Fake” is inevitable. Fortunately, in the past two years, the plastic aesthetic has begun to return to reason, and people’s pursuit of net red faces has gradually weakened. However, these “net red faces” that came out a few years ago began to “collapse.” According to statistics from the Chinese Consumers Association, in the past 10 years of the rise of the Chinese plastic surgery industry, there have been more than 100,000 cases of rhinoplasty failure, and the “repair rate” of rhinoplasty is as high as 60%, many of which are repairs of “net red nose” of. It can be said that the “net red fever” has spawned a deformed aesthetic “net red face” and “net red nose”, but when the fever has receded and the aesthetic returns to nature and reason, it has led to a large number of “net red nose” repair needs. This market demand has been clearly reflected in the outpatient data of some large hospitals. According to Professor Luo Yanping, director of the plastic surgery department of Guangzhou Meilai Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, nearly 70% of the rhinoplasty groups he received were nasal repairs, and nearly half of these were the “net red nose” population in the early years. “I have been in the business for more than 30 years. It has been rare to encounter three noses before. In the past two years, I have seen many people who have been repaired four or five times.”&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. According to Professor Luo Yanping, ” When the Net Red Nose was prevalent, there were even institutions on the market that specifically created the Net Red Face, and mass-produced it according to templates. In order to cater to the client’s simple pursuit of the “high and straight” nose shape, the operation uses a very thick L-shaped prosthesis to directly raise the nose bridge and nose tip, and the resulting nose is very stiff because it is not in harmony with the original face shape. The special “false”, even in the state of undressed, can’t bear to look directly. These “net red noses” that do not conform to the Chinese’s facial structure have buried many hidden dangers. There is no lack of “net red noses” for two, three, or even a year and a half, and they appear to be red, skewed, deformed, and even slide down until they penetrate the tip of the nose. now

Double eyelid repair type

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Double eyelid repair type First: Eye function&nbsp.& .&nbsp.&nbsp. Eye function repair includes: closed eyes, tears in the wind, dry eyes (eyes without tears), lower eyelid valgus, &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Difference in the tail of the eye, lacrimal gland leakage, lacrimal gland occlusion, the second type: eye shape &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Eye shape repair includes: double eyelid shape (flat fan, open fan , Parallel, European style, crescent), wide and narrow double eyelids , The third eye lift: mechanical repair &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. balance muscle interaction force fourth: comprehensive repair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp. Eye function, eye shape, mechanical repair

How to treat facial scars?

Human facial problems are very important. Once the scars on the face are left due to various reasons, it will greatly affect the appearance. Moreover, in various social occasions, the scars on the obvious parts are like blocking stones, which instantly enlarges with other people’s Distance will have a certain impact on friends, work, marriage, etc. So, how to treat facial scars? Today, we will explain a photoelectric method for repairing scars through a case. . Miss Liu, when she was a child, her left cheek was injured due to an accident. At that time, she only had a simple treatment of the wound. As a result, due to improper care, she left a large concave scar. Although the depression is not deep, the appearance is affected by the large area. At that time, she didn’t feel much when she was young. With the increasing age, she felt more and more the influence of this scar on her face. During school, some mischievous male students often joked about the scars on her face, and also gave various nicknames, which caused a lot of harm to Miss Liu’s psychology, people became inferior and introverted, unwilling to associate with others. In order to repair the scars, Miss Liu also tried many anti-scar medicines, essential oils, massages, etc., but they did not work. The scar on her face not only caused a lot of influence on her studies, but also was rejected by many companies because of the scar during her job search. Later, after finding a stable job and having financial income, Miss Liu was even more eager to repair facial scars. After some online consultations, Ms. Liu saw my video on Weibo explaining the treatment of depression scars. In the video, I not only analyzed the causes of depression scars, but also explained some methods of treating scars with a case. This made Ms. Liu delighted and saw the hope of repairing scars. Soon after, Miss Liu was accompanied by a friend to Beijing United Lige Scar Repair Center. After careful inspection, I believe that the sunken scar is a permanent scar caused by the lack of collagen and elastin during the healing process of the skin dermis and subcutaneous tissues. It may even stretch the facial organs, causing organ deformation and facial asymmetry. Wait. Therefore, whether the scars on the face are considered for beauty or health, they should be repaired as soon as possible. For the scar depression of Miss Liu is not deep, but the surface is uneven and accompanied by color deposition, I recommend using Plasma ion beam for treatment. The micro-plasma can break the disordered collagen arrangement in the scar. The ion beam produces non-vaporized micro exfoliation (scab) on the skin surface. Simultaneous monopolar radio frequency heats the deep tissue. The two energy cooperates to change the scar surface. The uniformity and flatness of the skin promote the regeneration and rearrangement of the deep collagen layer, quickly and effectively rebuild the skin tissue, and achieve the purpose of repairing the scars. After the first treatment, the effect is good. From the latest comparison photos, it can be clearly seen that the scar on the face of Miss Liu has lightened a lot and the scar surface has become very smooth. It is expected that after subsequent treatment, a better repair effect can be obtained.

Expander repairs burn scars on the head and allows the child to “grow” hair

When it comes to skin expander technology, I believe most of the scar friends have not heard of it. This is a technique for treating scars, especially in the treatment of large areas of keloids, burns and scars. So, what is the principle of this scar repair technology and how is the treatment effect? Today, I will give you a relevant explanation. What is a skin expander? The skin dilator is a kind of bladder made of silicone rubber film, which is composed of three parts: dilation bladder, injection pot and catheter. When in use, the dilator is placed under the skin through surgery, and the sterile saline is injected regularly to increase the volume of the dilated bladder, which generates mechanical stress stimulation to the skin, so that the skin tissue proliferates and expands the surface area. After a certain period of expansion, “extra” skin tissue is obtained, which is used to repair the wound left after the scar is removed. This technology is mainly applied to the parts of the face, neck, head, breasts, torso and limbs that need to be cosmetically restored with normal skin. This tissue expander provides “extra” skin tissue from color, texture, thickness, The hair distribution and appearance are similar or consistent with the skin around the defect area, and there are no new scars in the donor area, which can provide the skin or flap tissue needed for repair, and also have good blood flow and can maintain normal Characteristics of skin feel. Dilator repair scar case repair? The patient who has read my previous article may still remember a little girl named Xiaoyou (pseudonym). An accident caused a large area of ​​the child’s head to burn scars. After much medical treatment, he came to our hospital and I cooperated with Professor Guo Shuzhong. Consultation, developed a detailed scar treatment plan for her. The first is the treatment of facial dot-matrix laser, the purpose is to improve the thick scars on the face of Xiaoyou, reduce the pain of Xiaoyou and solve the problems of facial function. After several laser treatments, the effect of scar treatment improved significantly. Due to the scald, there is no hair on the top of the head and the forehead. To solve this problem, I decided to use the expander technology, which is to embed the expander under the hair in the occipital region. After expansion, it will move forward to replace the frontal, temporal, and top. The missing part of the hair, so that scar hair loss after burns can be perfectly solved. After four months of embedding the dilator and getting enough skin tissue, I performed a second-stage repair operation for Xiaoyou. After removing the original scald scar, the wound was covered with the expanded skin, and the wound was fully reduced. After a few hours, the operation was successfully completed. In the recent return visit, we can see that the original burned part of Xiaoyou, after being repaired by the skin dilator, re-grows out her hair, and has fully achieved the expected recovery effect. Xiaoyou and her parents also have the repair effect Satisfied. Although the follow-up will still need facial repair treatment, we will do our best to make her like a normal child, regain a bright smile, remove the haze in her heart, and have a carefree, happy and happy childhood. Despite the long treatment cycle, the dilator technology will affect some appearances during the skin expansion period, but it can indeed obtain a good appearance in repairing large areas of scars. It is one of the best methods for treating scars.

After the rhinoplasty prosthesis is removed, can the nose return to its original state?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Some beauty seekers are not very satisfied with the nose shape after rhinoplasty, and asked the question “whether the prosthesis can be restored to its original shape or will it deform after removal”. The following is an analysis of this problem. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If you are not satisfied with the rhinoplasty after finishing the nose, it is recommended to take out the prosthesis or repair it three to six months after the operation. Because after the prosthesis rhinoplasty, about 70% of the swelling in one month, it will be completely swelling in six months, and the final effect of rhinoplasty can only be seen after the swelling is completed. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Therefore, it is not recommended to take out the prosthesis just after one month, because it is still in the recovery period at this time. It is not necessary to remove or repair it after the recovery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Many others are concerned about whether the prosthesis can be restored to the initial nasal state after taking out. For example, like a pregnant mother’s belly will continue to grow during pregnancy. Although the belly will shrink after birth, it cannot be There will be some looseness after reaching the previous state. In the same way, the prosthesis entering the nose will cause tissue scar hyperplasia. After the prosthesis is removed, it may appear higher or lower than the previous bridge of the nose. These are normal phenomena after removal. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. After many people get used to their high nose bridges, once they take out the prosthesis, they are very uncomfortable with their original collapsed nose. So if you want to take it out, please prepare yourself in advance. If you are a beauty seeker who wants to take it out alone, don’t worry too much about infection and sequelae. Rhinoplasty prosthesis removal is relatively simple and the operation time is relatively short. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Perform routine inspections before surgery, pay attention to cleaning, local anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia, the entire removal process may be completed within ten minutes. After the rhinoplasty prosthesis is removed, there will be no nose What bad effects, as long as the doctor handles it, there will be no scars, no infection, and no sequelae. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. However, the compatibility of bulk and tissue is high. If it is not because of infection, it is recommended not to take it out. It is basically impossible to take it out after one year, and the difficulty factor is larger. But finding a good doctor can also deal with it. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Be sure to pay attention to postoperative care after taking out the prosthesis.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Pay attention to rest, avoid strenuous exercise, avoid impacting the wound, and do not press the nose tip hard; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp.2. If the inside of the nose bleeds after taking out the prosthesis, you can wipe it gently; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. The scab or wound on the inside of the nose after the operation cannot be forcibly pulled down or touched by hand. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Final reminder: Before undergoing rhinoplasty, you must make full psychological preparations, choose a formal and professional plastic surgery hospital, and communicate with the doctor in time, so as to ensure good results after the operation, and Avoid further repairs. Be cautious about failed repairs and dissatisfied with postoperative results. Don’t repair immediately. Consult more than a few hospitals, consider clearly, and consider repairing surgery after complete recovery, to avoid repeated operations and cause damage to the nose again! &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “nose shaping”, you can consult me.

Whitening a summer|Repair after sunburn This is no longer afraid of sunburn!

In summer, what is the most important point about skin care? Sunscreen is definitely in the top three! But some babies are curious: why I obviously have enough sunscreen “three-piece suit” (sunscreen, sun umbrella, sun protection clothing), but after a summer, geese still have unavoidable rough skin, uneven skin tone, not easy to put on makeup, dark Shen’s “Fate”? Many babies think that sun protection can “not tan”, but in fact, UV damage to the skin is far greater than we thought. Even if the hin of daily sun protection is in place, the little goblin of ultraviolet rays will still be invincible. The tanning that babies usually worry about is because of the long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, our skin will be self-preventive. The melanin in the skin will increase. Over time, the melanin will be deposited in the skin epidermis, and the skin color will start to darken. Will subside easily. In addition to the precipitation of melanin, the moisture of the skin after exposure will be significantly reduced, and the loss of collagen will make the skin more dry and wrinkled, destroy the elastic fibers, and appear aging. Over time, these problems will slowly “find the door.” Babies with poor skin resistance will become more sensitive after the “damage” of ultraviolet rays, causing skin damage and tingling and itching. In severe cases, there may even be peeling, folliculitis, and skin diseases. Therefore, post-sun repair is as important as sun protection. Doing this step well can greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to our skin. Not only avoid tanning, but also prevent various skin sequelae! Repair after sun exposure should not be blind. These two misunderstandings should avoid washing your face with hot water. The skin after sun exposure is sensitive and fragile. If you wash your face with hot water, the capillaries will be dilated and congested, causing erythema and sunburn. Therefore, you must wash your face until the skin is at room temperature, and clean the face with warm water to calm and reduce redness and heat. Don’t rush to whiten after sun exposure. After the sun baptism, in fact, the skin needs to be soothed and calm. At this time, you can use lotion or pure water cold and wet compress or choose some moisturizing cream, which can relieve the skin sun. The post-stress response can calm, soothe and soothe the skin, allowing the skin to recover from the burning sensation after sun exposure to a calm state. Remedy: supplement dimension C and dimension E. Since post-sun repairs should not be underestimated, how should post-sun repairs be performed? Get these several after-sun repair whitening solutions and shake hands with the sun! Fruit acid peels can be operated immediately after sun exposure, once a month, 2-3 times; inhibit melanin and reduce pigmentation. The molecular weight of fruit acid is very small, it can effectively penetrate into the pores of the skin, separate and soften the cuticle cells of the epidermis to make it naturally fall off, promote the skin cells to accelerate the renewal, increase the skin elasticity and gloss, fruit acid beauty shrinks the large pores, strengthens the whitening ingredients Penetration. Half a month after photorejuvenation, you can start photoelectric projects, such as photorejuvenation. Once a month, 3 times in a row; photorejuvenation is mainly caused by strong pulsed light acting on skin tissue to produce photothermal and photochemical effects. On the one hand, it can rearrange collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep part and restore elasticity, and at the same time make blood vessels Increased tissue function and improved circulation, eliminating or reducing facial skin wrinkles and shrinking pores. On the other hand, strong pulsed light can penetrate the skin and be preferentially absorbed by pigment groups and blood vessels in the tissue, without destroying normal skin. Under the premise, the blood is coagulated, and the pigment clusters and pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed, thereby achieving the effect of treating capillary dilation and pigment spots. Whitening water needle can stimulate skin metabolism, accelerate skin metabolism while hydrating, improve skin texture, improve dark yellow dry skin, brighten complexion, brighten skin, brighten skin, and improve face and eyes The role of small wrinkles around the week. Adding appropriate glutathione or tranexamic acid to the water light needle can nourish the secretion of pigments, improve the dull skin color, lighten the effect of spots, and have a certain whitening effect on the back of multiple injections. Can be used in conjunction with various sunscreen products. Apply sunscreen daily, regularly use after sunburn to do post-sun repair, brighten for longer!

What are the precautions for rhinoplasty surgery?

If you have any questions about beauty and plastic surgery, just click the blue word on the top to subscribe to follow me. Don’t see that there is cartilage in the appearance of our nose. In fact, it can’t bear to repair so many times. Many beauty seekers had hoped that the rhinoplasty operation would make the nose more refined, but the result of rhinoplasty was unsuccessful, which not only greatly affected the personal image, but also a major blow to the inner emotions. In order to become the ideal nose, it is necessary to promptly plan to perform failed rhinoplasty repair surgery. Then, how to pay attention to the care after the failed rhinoplasty surgery? If you are in doubt, please follow me to see it~ First, what are the improvement effects of the failed rhinoplasty surgery? Rhinoplasty failed repair surgery is when the nose shape surgery is not beautiful after encountering rhinoplasty surgery (shadow of nasal prosthesis is obvious / the contour of nasal prosthesis is severely divided with the nose / severe redness of the nose), the prosthesis material is protruding / contracture /Treatment options for tilting or infection of the nose (rejection/scar hyperplasia). According to the reasons for the unsuccessful rhinoplasty, it can be repaired to improve the natural shape of the nose. Second, what care should be taken after rhinoplasty and repair surgery?: (1) After the surgery part, the effect of anesthesia will not disappear immediately, and there will be a sense of drowsiness. See more rest, you can put the pillow high at night. (2) Protection points after surgery Do not touch the surgical area with your hands for a week to prevent contact with water and violent exercise. (3) Post-operative care Note that the first three days can be wrapped in towels and plastic bags to make ice packs, and local ice compresses can be used to calm down. Three days later, heat exchange can be used to help eliminate swelling and promote blood circulation and stasis. (4) Clean parts after surgery To ensure that the surgical area is cleaned to avoid infection. (5) After the operation, the drug-assisted part should be taken under the guidance of a doctor to avoid infection (aspirin or aspirin-containing drugs, Vb is easy to cause bleeding, so it must not be eaten). 6) After eating, prevent eating spicy and irritating foods. If rhinoplasty is unsuccessful, or the appearance of the nose is not beautiful after rhinoplasty, the repair time after rhinoplasty is generally unsuccessful within one week after surgery, after surgery In March, after taking out the prosthesis, in March after taking out the prosthesis, etc., these few times are the best. (Removal of the prosthesis is generally because it does not meet the conditions for repair.) Remember that a failed rhinoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery related to the health of the nose. If it is not performed by a qualified hospital, it will easily cause irreparable trauma , Or even endanger health and safety. No matter what kind of surgery, this point needs special attention.

Rhinoplasty 丨What is a difficult nose repair?

What is a difficult nose repair? A difficult nose repair refers to the beauty seeker who has undergone rhinoplasty and has caused serious damage to the nose, such as postoperative nasal contractures, prosthesis penetration, and prosthesis deflection. Situation, and it is difficult to repair. Among them, nose contracture is a common symptom of difficult repair. What are the causes of nasal contractures? 1. Using a simple L-shaped silicone prosthesis with a simple L-shaped silicone prosthesis is easy to cause capsule contracture after operation, or after a long time, the silicone shrinks itself. The prosthesis is not human tissue. After implantation of the silicone prosthesis, a fibrous tissue envelope will be formed around it. As the capsule thickens and tightens repeatedly, the tip of the nose is pulled shorter and shorter to form a “capsular contracture”. There will be signs of “nosed nose” in the nose, and then there will be short noses and nostrils. Solution: The first consideration for capsular contracture is to take out the prosthesis, loosen the capsule of the contracture, and then use autologous cartilage (nasal septal cartilage or costal cartilage) to build the nasal head stent structure to extend the tip of the nose, so that the skin of the nose can be extended as much as possible. . 2. Excessive rhinoplasty causes scar contracture. We all know that the more the nose reshaping times, the greater the trauma to the nose, and our common nasal contractures are often scar contractures caused by trauma. Although many girls will take out the prosthesis immediately after rhinoplasty failure, the damage to the nose caused by the previous surgery is not so easy to recover. In the process of postoperative recovery, there will be scar hyperplasia, which causes scar contracture. Scar contractures can also cause a “nasal nose” situation, as well as short noses and nostrils. Solution: This nose has been greatly traumatized, so during the repair process, the doctor’s skills are tested. It is recommended to choose a professional and experienced doctor for surgical repair. The repair plan can choose prosthesis or autogenous cartilage. Difficult nose repair is not an operation that all doctors can do. If you encounter an unprofessional doctor, it is very likely to cause damage to the nose again, so that it will be outweighed, so it is very important to choose a doctor!

Regarding ear reconstruction surgery, can it be rebuilt for the first time?

In actual face-to-face consultations, there are occasional patients who have failed in ear reconstruction to seek help, and want to achieve a better ear reconstruction effect through secondary repair. So, if the ear is damaged, can it be rebuilt and repaired? What are the characteristics of a failed reconstruction ear? ① The ears made are completely shapeless ② The shape of the ears is not good, the details of the structure are not clear ③ The difference from the real ears is too big ④ Ear infection, hematoma, skin tissue necrosis and exposed stents So how do these two failed ears be done twice? Rebuild repair? ① It is very simple to reconstruct the ear with poor shape, that is, after removing the ear holder with poor shape or deformation, the second ear is made, and the process is exactly the same as the first ear. The ear outline was created in one phase, and the cranial sulcus in the second phase, which was completed in two phases. When doctors perform ear surgery for the first time, they usually cover it with the fascial flap behind the ear, usually without the temporal fascial flap, and pay attention to preserving the integrity of the superficial temporal vessels in the temporal fascia. This is equivalent to the ear reconstruction doctor leaving a back door, if the first ear reconstruction really fails, there is still a chance to remedy. However, the first ear is covered with a temporal fascia flap. Once the operation fails, the second ear will be very difficult and may be helpless. ②Complications in reconstructed ears Ear reconstruction surgery has certain difficulties, and there are also certain common complications, such as infection, hematoma, flap necrosis, exposed stent, inconspicuous contour, partial absorption of the stent, etc. Most of the adverse reactions may be repaired by symptomatic treatment or local adjustment. If the stent absorbs significantly due to infection or other reasons or the necrosis of the flap causes the stent to be exposed, the residual stent cannot be repaired. Medpor material combined with superficial temporal fascia flap + skin graft Reengineering. Warm reminders here want to remind the majority of patients with ear deformities, you must choose a qualified and experienced ear reconstruction doctor. Ear reconstruction doctors need to have a solid foundation of plastic surgery, such as flap technology, dilator technology, costal cartilage cutting technology, but also have a strong spatial thinking ability in order to build a good shape of the ear support, but also familiar with costal cartilage, ear The anatomy of the department and the management of complications, so a qualified ear reconstruction doctor often requires decades of training. Finally, a certain scale of medical platform is required to carry out ear reconstruction surgery, which restricts many cosmetic institutions from being able to carry out. Ear plastic surgery and repair medicine expert-Professor Yu Wenlin, Professor Yu Wenlin, doctor and postdoctor in plastic surgery, and member of the flap flap group of the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Surgery of the Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. He has worked in plastic surgery for more than 20 years, shaping real “quote” ears. He continues to innovate in ear reconstruction technology. He has developed the self-costal cartilage ear reconstruction technology. The reconstructed ears have the same color, clear ear contours, and natural lifelikeness. Ear reconstruction technology.

Why can’t double eyelid repair be compared with the first eye?

Double eyelid repair is aimed at repairing after double eyelid surgery fails. However, after undergoing surgery, the muscles, fats and other tissues in the eyes are damaged, causing scars and irreplaceable tissues. The amount of tissue in our eyes is limited, and the available ones are even more limited. The first eye is a piece of blank paper that doctors can play at will, but eye repair is not the case. The repair surgeon must consider the remaining problems after the previous operation failure, and redesign to use the limited organization to create a perfect eye. Therefore, the repair is no better than the first eye. Before the repair operation, we must have a clear understanding that not everyone can recover the original eye after the repair operation. Before the repair, a face consultation is needed to determine the basic condition of the eye and the degree of damage, such as scars, tissue loss, etc., and then determine the degree of recovery after repair. Therefore, eye repair surgery is difficult, and the cost is more expensive than the first eye. Although the scope of eye surgery is small, there are many capillaries around the eye. Doctors need to perform operations on non-native tissues. The operation is more difficult and the treatment is more complicated. The doctor needs to be familiar with the anatomy of the eye tissue. He has a lot of clinical experience. Determine the degree of damage to both eyelids. It is embodied in the following aspects: ①&nbsp. The amount of tissue (different degrees of tissue loss) double eyelid repair is one of the most delicate and difficult operations in plastic surgery. The amount of tissue in the eye area is originally small. After the trauma caused by the failure, the amount of tissue will be less and the repair is more difficult. The greater the number of repairs, the greater the difficulty, and even more serious repairs. ②&nbsp. The meaning of tissue is different (the first eye, the rest of the repair) Take the orbital septal fat as an example. In order to seek better postoperative results, the doctor often removes the extra orbital fat. But the repair is different. The residual orbital septal fat can be used to block the adhesion of the last operation to prevent and prevent the occurrence of the three eyelid phenomenon. If there is no available orbital septal fat during the operation or the deep orbital septal fat cannot be released, it is not even enough. Then you need to take fat from other parts for filling. The same is true for the skin around the eyes. The first eye surgery will remove the slack skin in an appropriate amount, but the repair surgery will not easily remove it (except for repairing the epidermal scars). Sometimes the amount of skin is not enough, but in order to ensure the normal function of closing the eyes, it needs another Make a new incision. ③&nbsp. Different conditions for closing the eyes (the degree of scars determines the degree of no scars) “Closed eyes without traces” is a challenge for the first eye and repair. Scars are inevitable, and the healing of human blades is based on scar formation. Therefore, the level, position, height, and elasticity of the double eyelid surgical suture must be based on the operator’s own situation. If the suture is not good and causes misalignment, hypertrophic scars will form. Many restorers have deep scars and folds with their eyes closed, and they look like centipedes. Usually it is because the orbicularis oculi muscle and the skin are stitched together during the operation, and the orbicularis oculi muscle depression and skin folds are caused by poor treatment. When repairing, it is necessary to clean up the chaotic level, anatomical reduction, internal tissue re-alignment, skin smoothing and suture, etc., which requires higher and higher skills, anatomical knowledge and proficiency of doctors. Therefore, from all aspects, primary eye surgery and eye repair surgery are incomparable. Those who seek beauty must do their homework before surgery and choose a regular professional and experienced doctor~

In summer, want to have delicate and smooth skin? Tell you a secret!

Summer is beautiful for most people. When I was young, I was on summer vacation, traveling, and playing games. When I grew up, I had multiple modes such as “air-conditioning watermelon Internet” and “sunny beach bikini”. Seasonal lifestyle changes bring a high degree of pleasure to our spirits, but for the skin, seasonal skin care product changes and changes in the external environment may also cause many problems for the skin. Illumination: Tanning, sunburn, photoaging and sunlight are of course a pleasant mood, and proper lighting is good for both body and mind. However, the intensity of ultraviolet rays in summer can achieve the effect of “seeing death”. Long-term exposure to high-intensity ultraviolet rays will produce a large number of free radicals to cause skin damage, skin dehydration, redness, itching and even peeling. Even if it is enough to protect against sunburn, it may also be tanned, which is unacceptable to the majority of beauty fairies. Long-term accumulation will also cause skin aging. The natural moisturizing factor NMF in the skin, the lipid component of the epidermal layer and the collagen of the dermal layer will slowly lose, reduce the level of content, and the barrier function will also weaken, resulting in dull skin, No elasticity, aging wrinkles. Frequent makeup removal and excessive cleaning Whenever in summer, because of travel and matching colors are brighter, the frequency of makeup is significantly increased, even if it is not thick makeup, sunscreen has become a habit. It is easy to apply makeup and difficult to remove makeup. Most people are afraid to remove clean products and often choose products with stronger cleaning power, such as soap base and SLS facial cleanser. Some people always like to use cleansing oil (makeup remover) with facial cleanser for secondary cleansing. When you wash your face, you can’t help rubbing twice more, or even use it with a facial cleanser. After frequent use, carelessness can over-cleanse, the originally dense skin stratum corneum, under such multiple impacts, can’t bear the weight. Staying up all night collapses &nbsp. If all of the above are single-person threats, staying up late can be said to be a multi-line attack by sea, land and air. The first effect of staying up late is the skin cell circadian clock. Due to the reverse of day and night, the skin cell differentiation process is disrupted, and the self-repair, intracellular autophagy, which are closely related to the sustainable circulation of the skin, may not be able to keep pace. . Every cell is like a person. If you don’t eat, sleep or work hard, you will inevitably fall down. With more and more such cells, the most basic barrier function of the skin will collapse, thus causing various skin problems. Experiments have shown that subjects with insufficient sleep require longer time to repair barrier function than subjects with good sleep after skin damage. After the barrier is damaged, the moisture loss of the skin intensifies, causing rough, dark yellow and sensitive skin problems. What is more obvious is that staying up late will make people “ugly”! This is not alarmist, first of all, dry, dull, rough and quickly entangle you. From the experiment, we can know that the responsiveness and facial expression of people staying up late will also drop sharply, making people seem to lose credibility and attractiveness. In addition, after staying up late frequently, the hormone secretion in the body is disordered, the inflammatory factors are increased, Fu Wushuang is not alone, and acne and allergies may come to visit at the same time. Summer skin barriers are everywhere, and skin problems are all unsolicited. How can we continue to repair and protect our skin barriers? Shu Min expert sonic export handle-the superior sonic export handle will export residual cosmetics, sebum, keratin, blackheads, etc. hidden in the deep pores with a slight vibration of more than 30K times per second and a unique operation method to thoroughly clean the skin. The purpose of treatment: to remove impurities in the skin, excess cosmetics, oil, and eliminate sensitive factors. Applicable skin type: In addition to the thin skin, there is a humanized treatment head design for people who have the demand for cleaning; it is suitable for each treatment site without pain, safety, and non-invasive surface. Electromagnetic wave repair module Tornado electromagnetic wave repair handle uses high-frequency alternating electromagnetic waves to generate natural impedance (Ohm’s theorem) due to tissue movement of electrons in the electric field, thereby generating energy to stimulate collagen regeneration and reorganization. Therapeutic purpose: stimulate collagen regeneration, replenish water and oxygen, promote skin repair. Applicable skin types: allergic inflammation period, keratin damaged skin, sensitive skin, hormone-dependent skin, various types of redness, peeling, dry and itchy skin. U-light module (UnitedLight) uses LLLT (LowLevelLaser/LedTherapy) low-dose phototherapy. It uses different wavelengths of light to illuminate organisms, which can cause a series of photobiological stimulus response responses and can improve tissue repair (skin trauma, nerves, etc.) ,cut back

When do double eyelids need to be repaired?

In the current medical and aesthetic projects, double eyelid can be regarded as a very common and popular one. Although it is a minor operation, it is a more delicate operation. It is not easy to do well. As more and more people do, the number of failed double eyelids also increases. Many people want to do a second repair, but they can’t make a decision and don’t know whether to do it. Today I will talk about the problem of double eyelid repair. When to repair? 1. The physiological function of the eye is impaired&nbsp. After the operation, the wound site adheres or removes too much skin muscles, or the muscles are partially damaged, causing the eyes to not open and close well. This situation must be To repair, and it is a more difficult situation, you can take the method of peeling the scar adhesion tissue to restore the damaged muscle function. &nbsp. 2. Double eyelid disappeared&nbsp. Double eyelid disappeared due to insecure thread or improper resection. Double eyelid surgery should be re-selected according to eye conditions; for partial double eyelid line disappeared, double eyelid repair can be performed locally , The newly formed double eyelid and the remaining double eyelid line keep the curvature consistent and natural. &nbsp. 3. Meat strips appear. The skin under the lines of the double eyelids is like a swollen fleshy, which affects the appearance and looks fake. There are different ways to repair. For the surgery, the tissue below the double eyelid line is excessively removed, and the frontal meibomian is severely damaged, resulting in the formation of flesh caused by scar hyperplasia. Removal of scars; for the meat strips formed by the skin below the double eyelid line, the orbicularis oculi muscle and other tissues that have not been properly removed, we strive to restore the original tissue anatomy during the operation, and then re-sew. &nbsp.4, the double eyelid line is short&nbsp. The double eyelid line is short There are two cases: ① The double eyelid line near the end of the inner canthus disappears, forming a “semi-double” eyelid, partly due to the cover of the inner canthus; additionally Some are caused by insufficient subcutaneous adhesion; ② The double eyelid line of the outer canthus disappears. It may be that the line is not reaching the orbital margin when the line is designed or the deep tissue is not enough. You can consider re-suture and hang. &nbsp.5. Asymmetry of both eyes&nbsp. The shape of the two eyelids of the two eyes is different or the width is different. According to the ideal side, the double eyelid on the failed side can be redesigned to achieve a consistent effect on both sides. , Or cut the sides and compare the designs again. &nbsp.6, Double eyelid scars&nbsp. After double eyelid surgery, the scars are too obvious. In addition to using scar-removing drugs or lasers to improve, you can use surgical methods to re-dissect carefully, remove the original scar-like incision, and carefully align the suture . &nbsp. When will it be repaired? Under normal circumstances, full-cut double eyelids are somewhat traumatic and require time to recover. There are no serious morphological or functional problems (such as open eyes, closed eyes, obvious asymmetry, severe deformation, etc.). Repair will be carried out half a year. &nbsp. If the operation is performed prematurely, especially during the scar hyperplasia period, the scar hyperplasia will be stimulated again, the postoperative edema is more serious, the recovery time is slower, the postoperative scar is obvious, and even scar contracture may cause local deformity, resulting in Disfigured. &nbsp. The embedding double eyelid or three-point double eyelid depends on the specific situation, the repair time can be advanced. Why is repair surgery more difficult than the first operation? The amount of tissue in the upper eyelid part of the eye is originally less. After the operation fails, the amount of tissue will be less. The internal muscles, fat and other tissues are destroyed once. Once the tissue is damaged, it will add more to the double eyelid surgery. Great difficulty. The relationship between the degree of double eyelid repair and the price 1. It is related to the situation of the last double eyelid. Understand the time of the last double eyelid and the surgical method. Carefully analyze the reason for the double eyelid surgery failure. Eyelid program. When repairing double eyelids, redesign the double eyelid incision line, try to remove all the original incision scars, and fully separate the adhesion between the muscle and the anterior membrane of the meibomian, which will affect the repair price to a certain extent. &nbsp.2. It is related to the remaining amount of orbital septal fat. If the orbital septal fat was removed too much after the last double eyelid surgery and the upper eyelid was depressed, then it is necessary to release the medial fat when repairing the double eyelid, or freely transplant the lower eyelid orbital septal fat. Or injection of autologous fat in divided doses. Repair the double eyelid surgery suture smooth and natural arc, anterior meibomian membrane

The “champion” for repairing the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, it turned out to be these 3 points, benefit early

The “champion” for repairing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels is definitely not an individual, but a team champion. This champion team has 3 leaders: the patient himself, the doctor, and the family. The three individuals are responsible for their own responsibilities. The patient must be self-disciplined, self-disciplined, and actively cooperate; the doctor must give correct advice on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation; the family members must cooperate with the hospital to treat the patient’s emotions and manage the patient’s daily behavior. To win the championship, this champion team must be: healthy lifestyle + formal medical treatment to win the championship. 1. A healthy lifestyle is to prevent cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, control cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, and repair the basis of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. Cardio-cerebrovascular injuries require so-called repairs. In fact, cardio-cerebrovascular injuries are cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, that is, Cardio-cerebrovascular diseases caused by atherosclerosis. So repairing the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular is repairing atherosclerosis. When we were born, the blood vessels were flexible, and arteriosclerosis began in our teens. If we do not have good habits, long-term smoking, alcoholism, obesity, inactivity, unhealthy diet, staying up late, stress, etc., will accelerate the arteriosclerosis process , Leading to atherosclerosis, the formation of vascular plaque, and then the formation of blood vessel stenosis, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. When the plaque ruptures, a thrombus is formed, causing myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. Therefore, an unhealthy lifestyle is the root cause of atherosclerosis. The best repair is prevention, which is to develop a healthy lifestyle from childhood, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, adhere to exercise, control weight, low salt, low oil and low sugar diet, and avoid staying up late. reduce pressure. This can prevent atherosclerosis from increasing. If atherosclerosis has already occurred, these healthy lifestyles are also the basis for preventing and curing atherosclerosis, that is, preventing and aggravating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Second, monitor the three highs and find that early control of the three highs and early treatment of hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia will accelerate atherosclerosis, so people with three highs are more likely to develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. But in the early days of the Three High Schools, I didn’t feel it. Many people didn’t pay attention to it and didn’t find it until they affected blood vessels and caused cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So we have reached a certain age, or people with family history, post-obesity, inactivity, smoking and drinking, etc. These people should regularly measure blood pressure, monitor blood lipids, monitor blood sugar. If the third high occurs, a doctor will appear at this time, and the doctor will formulate a reasonable, scientific and regular treatment plan for you. Effective control of the three heights can effectively prevent atherosclerosis from aggravating, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases from aggravating, and repair cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 3. Definite cardio-cerebrovascular diseases require regular treatment by regular doctors. Once the cardio-cerebrovascular diseases are clearly obtained, they must be prescribed under the guidance of a specialist. For example, the most basic drugs include aspirin and statin. Aspirin is anti-platelet aggregation, prevention of thrombosis, prevention of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction; statins can reduce blood lipids, stabilize plaque, anti-inflammatory, prevent plaque rupture, prevent thrombosis, prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. These two drugs are the most basic drugs for repairing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Research has observed that intravascular debris, that is, plaque. After taking statins, some people’s plaque will shrink, which is the repair of blood vessels. Cardio-cerebrovascular disease is stable, does not progress, and does not develop into myocardial infarction. Cerebral infarction is cardio-cerebrovascular stability. In addition to these two drugs, comprehensive treatment to control blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, heart rate, etc. is also required. 4. Acute Myocardial Infarction and Acute Cerebral Infarction Acute myocardial infarction and acute cerebral infarction are both deadly. Only the faster the blood vessels are opened, the more lives can be saved. Acute myocardial infarction is mainly thrombolytic or stent; acute cerebral infarction is mainly thrombolytic or thrombectomy. The general principle is that every second counts, and no delay. After opening the blood vessel, the blood vessel was partially repaired, and then the long-term treatment returned to the above-mentioned healthy life, controlling the three highs, and regular medication. Because the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases cannot be cured, after the diagnosis, attention should be paid to healthy life, control of the three highs, and regular medication. 5. Family members also supervise, understand, and care for patients. Family members should supervise patients to quit smoking and drinking, low-salt, low-oil, and low-sugar diet, urge exercise, go to bed early and get up early, and develop good habits. At the same time, for some patients with sequelae, such as hemiplegia, hemiplegia, aphasia, slow movement, drinking water, choking, heart failure and so on. Family members should understand the patient, care for the patient more, and do comfort, care, etc. Only the patient’s own self-discipline, plus the doctor’s regular treatment, and the active cooperation of the family members, is the repair of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Genetically deficient rheumatoid or repairable treatment

A few days ago, an international research team released a total report that they adopted large-scale genetic research to find that the risk of rheumatoid arthritis is related to more than 40 deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) regions. It is hoped that by repairing these in the future “Weak link” to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common chronic disease, which can lead to joint deformity. It is one of the main causes of people’s disabilities and loss of labor. The medical community has previously confirmed that genetic factors, autoimmune system disorders and environmental factors may all cause rheumatoid arthritis, but it is not clear which factors are the main factors. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and other institutions, together with their counterparts in Australia and Japan, reported the study in the new issue of the British journal Nature. The cross-ethnic whole-genome association study they conducted involved more than 100,000 residents of Eurasia countries, of whom nearly 30,000 had rheumatoid arthritis. Comparative studies have shown that 42 DNA regions in patients with rheumatoid arthritis may be the “weak link” that leads to an increased risk of disease. The researchers also found that one type of genetic defect called “single nucleotide polymorphism” (that is, a single base variation on the DNA strand) can be repaired with existing drugs. The medical community had previously believed that the treatment of complex diseases by repairing single nucleotide polymorphisms may not be effective. Robert Prenger, a professor at Harvard Medical School who led the study, said the largest genetic study to date not only confirmed that rheumatoid arthritis is indeed related to genetic defects, but also showed that it is possible to repair such defects through drugs. . In the future, similar drugs for repairing genetic defects are expected to bring hope for the treatment of arthritis and diabetes.

Rhinoplasty surgery failed, why can’t it be repaired immediately?

I often tell you that the nose plays a very important role in the face, can change the temperament and overall contour, and often popularizes some rhinoplasty surgery methods. Today I will introduce you to rhinoplasty repair. Why can’t it be repaired immediately after rhinoplasty? If it is obvious that the operation failed, it needs to be repaired immediately. Other conditions may take 6 months to determine whether it needs to be repaired. The reason is that the nose is still swollen after surgery, and the final morphological effect has not yet come out. It may be perfect after the recovery. So if you want to repair it, you have to wait for half a year later, and the specific time depends on the surgical project and recovery. 1. There may be inflammation. Although most cosmetic surgery will not be infected, it will more or less cause local inflammation. The process of tissue healing is also a process of inflammation. Reoperations in the short term will exacerbate the inflammatory response. For example, it may increase the possibility of rejection of the prosthesis, may prolong the postoperative swelling time, and may even increase the risk of repairing postoperative infection. 2. Scars affect the repair effect Surgery itself has trauma, and the healing process of trauma often produces scar healing process. Short-term scars are still in the hyperplasia period after surgery. Performing surgery during the hyperplasia period will stimulate the scar hyperplasia more and affect the appearance more. 3. Morphological changes are not conducive to repair. Due to the presence of scars, it will have a great impact on repair surgery. The thickness and volume of the scar will change continuously as it softens and matures. During the repair, the doctor will have a certain influence on the carving of the prosthesis. 4. Fear of second-degree infection. If there is inflammation, you should first remove the material and confirm that the inflammation has completely disappeared before performing rhinoplasty repair surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “Rhinoplasty Repair”, you can consult me.

Can sensitive muscles be used for water injection and fruit acid? The answer you want to know is here

My friend’s ugly hair has become white these days. It’s supposed that the season of allergies should be over, but the acne on the face does not drop but increases, and it collapses 3,000 times a day. U1S1, as far as her acne is concerned, she hasn’t gone away for 2 weeks. She doesn’t want to go out every day and she doesn’t want to take off her mask. Kouqiu asks no one to see her. The face is sad and the face is tearful. Are you like her “crisp skin”? do not know? Then let’s do a small test: • “Red fever, swelling and pain” is a relatively straightforward way of judging the skin sensitivity. We still wear a mask. When we take it off, we will see a bulge (a bit like a mosquito bag) on ​​the edge of the mask. Itchy A scratch will become more serious, which is also a sign of unstable skin. If you are all in, don’t doubt that everyone is a good sister with allergies! What kind of damage can allergic muscle cause to us? Long-term skin instability and damage to the skin barrier are really terrible: there are intractable red blood spots, the most feared darkening and roughness can not lock the water, so it is easier to grow wrinkles and stains… Whitening and anti-aging drugs are becoming more and more unusable, and the skin can’t bear it… including medical treatments & skin care products… is it cured? ! There is a way! The “prevent, nourish and cure” trilogy can slowly bring our sensitive muscles back. 01. Anti! What is it against? One is to strictly protect the sun, and the other is to prevent excessive cleaning! For sensitive and red skin, the skin barrier is already in a damaged state. If you do not take good sun protection, then wash your face frequently, and rub your face vigorously, this will again damage the stratum corneum. &nbsp.02. Raise! How to raise it? Daily skin care is very important when choosing products! The simpler the ingredients, the better. The three major ingredients like ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and collagen can help our skin repair and relieve itself slowly. And be sure to be gentle and treat sensitive muscles like baby skin. 03. Governance! You can use medical and aesthetic means, such as: Shu Min experts: quickly replenish skin moisture and moisturizing factors, improve skin microcirculation, and promote skin cell regeneration. Baby Needle: Promote the production of skin collagen and elastin, improve skin repair and regeneration ability. Strong pulsed light: The barrier function is improved and restored, redness is suppressed, and capillary expansion is inhibited. ACT: repair sebum membrane, thicken dermal tissue, improve allergic muscle. The unstable skin condition will bring us a variety of skin problems. Everyone urgently needs a solution. I often receive various messages in the background. Or such a message: There are many messages like this “sensitive muscles do not focus on repair but value other needs”… To satisfy your curiosity, I will answer them together~ Prepare your own small book, remember stand up. &nbsp. (1) Is daily skin care whitening and anti-aging? I have never recommended sensitive skin to do whitening and anti-aging homework before repairing the skin, but there are indeed many brands that have launched mild ingredients that emphasize sensitive skin. For example, vitamin C derivatives that can whiten and resist oxidation, and mild anti-aging peptides, these are not unusable, but there is a premise: use it under relatively stable skin conditions! If the face is in the acute stage of inflammation, redness, and acne, repair is definitely the first! Also, be cautious before using it, it is more safe to test it on the local skin. In addition, everyone should know that the effects of these mild models are particularly slow, which is not in line with the desired “whitening and tendering visible to the naked eye.” Let’s look at it rationally~ (2) If you want to control oil and close your mouth, can you be sour? Acid brushing is definitely not the first choice for sensitive skin! Because the PH value of the acid is very low, it can’t bear it for sensitive skin! Not to mention that everyone bought the acid home and brushed it by himself, this is absolutely not allowed! It is also important to know how sensitive your skin is, we cannot judge for ourselves! Therefore, you must go to a professional institution to apply acid, and make an accurate assessment of skin type and sensitivity before you can choose the acid product, concentration, and treatment area and time control… These details are really No one can be less! (3) I heard that sensitive muscles can’t fight water light? Severe sensitivities and acute episodes cannot be beaten! Not only is “breaking the skin” destroying the skin barrier again, but the first step of applying anesthesia alone will kill you! Sensitive to the unstable and light skin barrier can be improved by water injection ~ but the sensitive muscle is special after all, so

[Dun Zhao said rhinoplasty] Can the nasal repair be used with the previous prosthesis?

Someone recently asked me, can nasal repair still use the previous prosthesis? In fact, the reuse of the prosthesis is not so absolute, and there are many situations that affect the reuse of the prosthesis, such as the material of the prosthesis, other adverse reactions in the nose of the prosthesis, etc…If the prosthesis appears exposed, we It is not recommended to use these prostheses again. The appearance of contractures, movements, skew, light transmission, redness, etc. depends on the situation, and once again consider whether to continue to use the original prosthesis. In addition to the above special circumstances, whether the prosthesis can be reused is also closely related to our prosthetic materials. For example, when the prosthesis is intact (not infected and damaged), the silicone prosthesis is usually reusable. We do not recommend using it again. Why is this? The essential difference between silicone and bulk is that the surface of the bulk material has a microporous structure, but silica gel does not. Because of these microporous structures, human tissue cells and blood vessels can grow into their micropores to form tissues Connected, just like autologous tissue; silicone does not grow with human tissue. Therefore, according to the situation, if the prosthesis is too high and does not need to be taken out of the body, the doctor can grind the small expansion material to repair it. If the entire expansion is taken out of the nose, it is not recommended to use the original prosthesis again. Of course, whether the prosthesis can really be reused is not something that we can observe with the naked eye. This can only be determined after a rigorous examination by a professional doctor. In rhinoplasty, prostheses are used, and there are many cases of skewness and infection. Therefore, the rework rate of the nose is gradually increasing. This is not only due to the problem of prosthetic materials, but also closely related to the doctor’s technology. Therefore, many babies will be worried. When repairing their noses, should we choose prosthesis again? The doctor will choose different materials according to the baby’s nose structure and the desired effect. The prosthesis is generally used as a material for the back of the nose, and we can choose different cases of autologous cartilage rhinoplasty failure. 01 The prosthesis moves and skews after rhinoplasty. We can re-cut along the original incision and fix it. It is normal to imagine a slight tilt after rhinoplasty. It can be straightened by hand. If it is a serious tilt, it is necessary to adjust the degree of anastomosis of the prosthesis and the nasal bone to correct it. 02 There is a tendency to wear out the prosthesis: it is not worn out. Part of the prosthesis of the nasal head can be removed during repair. The tissue of the nasal head is repaired with adjacent tissues and acellular dermal and autologous dermal grafts. At this time, the nasal head depression and scar hyperplasia were lighter and closer to the normal nose in appearance. Substantial penetration of the prosthesis: It is relatively difficult to remove the prosthesis first, and it is necessary to carry out anti-infection and dressing treatments until the wound is healed, and there may be serious depression of the nose tip and scar hyperplasia. 3-6 months after healing, plastic repair of nose deformity and rhinoplasty are performed again. 03 Prosthesis Light-transmitting prosthesis material reason: need to consider taking out the prosthesis and choosing a light-transmissive prosthesis. Of course, this situation is normal and does not affect the structure of the nose, so many babies do not choose to remove the prosthesis. Prosthesis is too high and the skin is too thin: You can solve the problem of light transmission by adjusting the position of the prosthesis or adding artificial dermis. 04 Infection, stiffness, and ulceration of the back of the nose must be taken out of the prosthesis, properly handled, and prepared for repair. In the end, it is everyone’s right to become beautiful. How to make yourself more and more refined with the help of medical beauty is critical to face consultation.