Deficiency of qi and blood has 5 manifestations, learn 1 dietary regimen

Many people are now physically weak and qi and blood are weak. So, how to judge the situation of weak qi and blood? From these aspects, we have observed and diagnosed whether we have also taken the trick: 1, white eyes are cloudy, yellow, and bloody eyes white color becomes cloudy, yellow, bloodshot, dry eyes, Dark circles, this indicates that you have insufficient qi and blood. The child’s eyes are clear and bright, but when he gets older, he is “old, yellow, and yellow”. His eyes are no longer clear, because his blood is lost. 2. The complexion is dull yellow and dull, the skin is dry and rough, and the blood is sufficient. If the skin on the face is adequately nourished, it will be red and shiny. When there is insufficient qi and blood, the skin is like a water-scarce field that cannot be irrigated with water, and the skin becomes dry and rough, dull and dull, or even long spots. How much skin care products can’t be lifted. What is Qi and Blood Deficiency? What are you talking about? 3. Dry hair, hair loss, split ends, and white hair are “more than blood”. Only when the excess of blood is enough, the hair will be bright and shiny, and the blood is insufficient. In order to ensure the needs of the internal organs and the body, it is necessary to discard the ends, so the hair begins to shed, dry, and the gray hair is born early. 4. The palm is often hot, sweating or cold. Normal people’s hands should be warm all year round. If a person’s palm is often hot, sweating or cold, it means lack of blood. 5. Poor sleep quality. Difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up in dreams, heavy nocturia, deep breathing or snoring are all signs of blood loss. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are the source of anger and blood, so it is right to strengthen the spleen and stomach first! But the spleen and stomach should be raised slowly, not in a hurry, the frozen three feet is not a cold day, I believe your spleen and stomach are not two days a day It’s getting bad. The best way to nourish the spleen and stomach is to drink porridge and cook some millet porridge every morning, add some peanuts, red beans, yam, jujube, astragalus and other spleen and Qi-enhancing products, as long as you persist for a month, the spleen and stomach will be much better. If Phlegm and dampness can also add some orange peel, Poria, barley. Huai Yam, white lentils, Gorgon, lotus seeds, which can strengthen the spleen and kidney, remove dampness and water. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo

  Traditional Chinese medicine plays an important role in the treatment of vitiligo. Vitiligo has its roots in the epidermis, but traditional Chinese medicine achieves the effect of eliminating whiteness by internally regulating vitiligo patients. In the clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, vitiligo can be divided into three types:   Liver and kidney yin deficiency   This type of vitiligo patients is related to the autoimmune dysfunction mentioned in Western medicine.   main symptoms: patients with multiple body weakness, often have headaches, dizziness, mouth and tongue sores, hands and feet are not warm, the pulse is thin, the tongue is pale, etc., the upper and lower cold, the upper and lower virtual, incompetent water and fire, irregular symptoms of yin and yin.   Skin lesions occur frequently and indefinitely, and can occur at any age and at any location, with a long course of disease, and new skin lesions constantly appear. Check the condition of low cellular immune function. Some patients may also have thyroiditis, diabetes, chronic adrenal insufficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, focal colitis, myasthenia gravis, pernicious anemia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia And other abnormalities.  Some scholars have found that the NK cells, T lymphocytes and their subgroups in peripheral blood of these patients are significantly lower than normal people.   Syndrome differentiation: liver and kidney yin deficiency, qi and blood loss, qi stagnation and blood stasis.  Governance: nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and qi, neutralize qi and blood.  Heart and kidney are not in contact, and the deficiency of both heart and spleen    is related to neuropsychiatric factors.  Main symptom: White spots often occur along a certain nerve distribution area, and the skin lesions are mostly distributed according to the skin nodes, and mostly occur in young adults.   The onset is often sudden, the course is short, and the development is fast, and the active period is often only about 1 year.   Before the onset of the disease, there are often certain neuropsychic triggers. Patients are easily agitated and often have panic insomnia, palpitation, night sweats, spontaneous sweating, fatigue and fatigue, and women are often accompanied by menstrual disorders.   The pulse is multi-stringed or thin, and the tongue is reddish or has teeth marks on the edges.  Laboratory examinations often have no obvious abnormalities.   Differentiation of syndromes: Heart and kidney are not in contact, heart and spleen are both deficiencies, and qi and blood are imbalanced.  Governance: Tonic the heart and spleen, communicate the heart and kidney, and reconcile qi and blood. Liver depression and stagnation, qi and blood loss and main symptoms: white skin, mental factors such as depression and uncomfortable mood before the onset of symptoms, chest tightness and shortness of breath, women are often accompanied by irregular menstruation, pulse or thin pulse string, tongue The quality is red and white.   Syndrome differentiation: liver depression and stagnation, qi and blood loss.  Governance: Relieving liver and qi, reconciling qi and blood.

How to make up qi and blood?

How to make up qi and blood? It is a topic that many women care about. Doctor Qian shares some views with you. First of all, you must understand whether you should make up, and how to make up: 1. Don’t make up. Speaking of tonic, it’s easy to think of Bazhen Tang, Siwu Tang, Sijunzi Tang, Astragalus Dabu Tang, Ginseng Yangrong Tang, etc.. Searching the Qi and Blood Recipes online is a lot, but whether it is suitable for you is another matter. Too. TCM talks about supplementation, and it is not stagnation, nourishment but not greasy, and the vitality is smooth; depending on the condition, those with evil stagnation should give priority to exorcising evil, and then correcting, then those with both positive and evil stagnation, when supporting Zheng to exorcise evil Combined use; also depends on age, frail old age, spleen deficiency in children, thin and weak people with a small amount of slow adjustment, slowly gaining power, large doses of supplements instead congested the Qi and increased the burden on the body; 2, seek the cause. It is easy to supplement qi and blood directly, but rebound after stopping the medicine. To allow the body to make its own Qi and blood back to normal, it is essential to have a full body of Qi and blood! Old saying: Those who get the Central Plains get the world. The spleen is at the center of the spleen, the five lines are soil, and the spleen is the middle soil. Healthy spleen and stomach, diet into the stomach, can anger and blood, swim out of essence, raise limbs, irrigation organs. Tonic qi and blood, often starting from the spleen and stomach, can obtain lasting good results. 3, deficiency of qi and blood disease, three-point treatment, seven-point support! With the help of traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to be cautiously recuperating, change the unhealthy life and rest, and develop and adhere to good habits. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: The ancient people, who knows, the law is Yin and Yang, and the number of operations. Have a diet, have a daily life, and don’t try to work vainly. Comply with nature, know how to maintain health, self-adjustment, regular meals, light diet, do not stay up all night, think less, do not work hard for a long time, and exercise properly. If you only rely on drugs, do not understand daily care, you don’t have to consume too much, I am afraid Qi and blood are hard to make up. Attached is a case of pediatric physical weakness: a 4-year-old boy. I have always been lean, with poor resistance, see cold and cold, easy to accumulate meat. 20 days ago, the diet was greasy and diarrhea, so far the mental and physical strength, irritability, low mood in the morning, repeated cough and runny in the middle, anorexia, sweating, morning sneezing, nasal congestion, purulent nasal discharge, coughing and phlegm, and biting finger clothes , Eyes are more, the feet are hot, the urine is yellow, and the stool is sticky for a long time before and after the dry and thin. The former doctor used a large dose of four gentlemen to fill the spleen and stomach while irritable crying at night, thirsty to drink. Tongue tip, red moss, white greasy thick patchouli 4 (posterior), Magnolia 4, almond 4, raw coix seed 10, white koehren 3 (poster lower), bamboo leaf 4, Tongcao 3, talc 10 (fried), Qingpinxia 4, Poria 6, Bupleurum 4, Scutellaria 4, Papaya 4, Parsnip 3 Alisma 4 Mung bean, a pinch of Hunan Meiyu in summer, hot and humid steaming, greasy diet hindering the stomach and moisturizing. First of all, Liuhe Tang and Sanren Tang combed the three burners to exorcise and correct the evil. “Clean the house and invite guests.” With the addition and subtraction of the card at the top, taking 13 medications, the sputum, nasal congestion and runny nose are all healed, and the appetite, spirit and mood return to normal. 6,21, the stool is sticky and smelly, the urine is yellow, and the eyes are shit. The tongue is red and white and smooth. Codonopsis 5 Poria 5 raw Atractylodes 5 raw white lentils 10 orange peel 4 raw coix seed 10 Agastache rugosa 4 (poster lower) Qing Pinellia 4 baicalin 4 windproof 4 Amomum 2 (poster lower) Sunburned licorice 3 coke divine song 8 talc 10 (package fried ) Houpu 4 Gardenia 2&nbsp.&nbsp.15 Fu Xie retreat, followed by righting. Righteousness stays inside, evil can’t be done. Today I am happy, my face is restored, and my height is good!

Why are patients with liver disease fatigue?

As a liver doctor, if you ask me, what are the most common symptoms of liver disease patients? Maybe the answer is not the nausea, greasiness, jaundice that many people are most familiar with, but — sleeplessness. Why do patients with liver disease develop fatigue? From the perspective of Western medicine, the liver is the place for synthesis and storage of glycogen. After liver disease, the ability of liver cells to synthesize and store sugar decreases, so that they cannot produce enough energy to maintain the body’s needs, and they will feel tired and fatigued. The point of view of traditional Chinese medicine is: the liver is the basis of extreme stress (exhaustion). We know that liver disease can suppress the stomach by the spleen, and the spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the spleen is the main limb muscle. It is worth noting that rest can not be relieved when the fatigue of liver disease is severe. And the heavier the condition, the greater the fatigue. It is common to see that some patients with liver failure are lazy and do not want to open their eyes. Of course, many patients with liver disease have been neglected, and most people think that they are exhausted, and they will not think of the impact of liver disease. Welcome to follow @liver博士杨明博医生&nbsp., private letter to learn more.

Winter disease and summer treatment ≠ acupoint application (middle)

Fourth, what is summer ointment? Summer ointment is an ointment that combines therapeutic drugs, supplementary drugs and related health care products according to the individual’s physique and disease characteristics. The ointment can be used for both treatment and adjustment. Through methods such as benefiting the lungs, strengthening the spleen and kidneys, it can help the body to correct the evil and enhance the body’s resistance to diseases. Modern ointment, because it has to adapt to different disease groups and enhance the functionality of ointment, it is different from the effect of only tonic in the past, but it is adjusted on the basis of treatment, that is, “replenishing deficiency while taking into account treatment”, There are medicines for disease treatment, as well as products for conditioning and fitness, the so-called “combining treatment with nourishment”, which has the effects of health care and strengthening the disease, so as to better play the role of plaster and meet the needs of different human bodies. . The characteristics of the fifth summer cream side 1.&nbsp. The summer is hot, so the summer cream side is based on the principle of clearing up. Turtle glue or sugar alone is often used to collect the ointment, and honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, dandelion and other heat-clearing, detoxifying, heat-relieving, and dampness medicines are used as “monarch medicines”, and the prescriptions are differentiated according to each person’s physical condition and disease. 2.&nbsp. In summer, there is much dampness in the summer to avoid spleen and dampness, so it is recommended to eat the spleen and stomach to get rid of dampness. Such as Six Gentlemen, Shiseki Pills, etc. The sixth summer cream is suitable for the crowd. The summer weather is hot and people are prone to sweat. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the body’s yang is easy to leak. Summer cream is mainly suitable for people: 1. Those suffering from chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis, arthritis, etc., who are prone to attack or worse in winter. 2.&nbsp. People who are prone to heat stroke, summer heat, and gastrointestinal disorders. 3.&nbsp. It was consciously effective after the use of ointment adjustment in the winter of the previous year, but after half a year, the medicine has been exhausted. 4.&nbsp.Special crowd. ①Children have chronic cough, anorexia, anemia, etc.; ② female friends, want to regulate the blood and qi, play a role in staying beauty and anti-aging; ③ young and middle-aged people are usually fatigued, the waist and knees are sore, and the stomach is not satisfied Fragrant, depressed mood, anxiety, depression, energy loss, forgetful insomnia, throbbing chest tightness, spontaneous night sweats, dizziness, etc., but went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, no substantial lesions were found. Although there is no organic disease detected in sub-health, it is actually between diseased and non-disease; ④ postpartum conditioning, women with postpartum qi and blood are weak at this time, taking ointment to supplement the deficiency of human qi and blood, for maintaining the balance of yin and yang in human body It is of great significance to strengthen the function of viscera, qi and blood; ⑤ The elderly have low function of viscera, and want to restore the balance of yin and yang of viscera, blood and physique to achieve the purpose of anti-aging.

How do women with insufficient qi and blood prepare for pregnancy?

Women’s healthy body needs sufficient qi and blood, which can provide a good growth environment for the fetus. Women should adjust their qi and blood before getting pregnant and make adequate preparations to meet healthy babies. How to judge lack of qi and blood? ●Observe whether your face is smooth and ruddy, and whether you are full of energy. People with insufficient qi and blood often insomnia, dreams, and even insomnia. Insufficient menstrual blood, low volume, pale color, postmenstrual period postpone, dripping, and long menstrual period. Causes of deficiency of qi and blood ● Women’s physiological cycle-menstruation will cause loss of qi and blood to women, especially women with large menstrual volume are more prone to lack of qi and blood. ●In the process of pregnancy and birth, pregnant women need to consume a lot of qi and blood to conceive the fetus, and the production process is also accompanied by blood loss, so it is prone to qi and blood deficiency. ●At menopause, hormone levels in the body are disturbed, and some women will have “collapse”, and the amount of menstruation is very large or dripping. This situation can also lead to insufficient blood. ● Heavy mental work, over-thinking, and the habit of going to bed late are also some of the reasons for the lack of qi and blood in modern women. The harm of lack of qi and blood to women ● Irregular menstruation ◆ Insufficient qi and blood will first cause women to have irregular menstruation. The color of menstruation is faint, and the menstrual period is long or delayed. ●Premature aging ◆Insufficient qi and blood can also cause women to have premature aging. Female friends lack enough qi and blood to nourish and protect the internal organs, so the body ages faster. It appears as dull, yellowish skin, cloudy eyes, etc. ●Infertility ◆ Many female friends are very worried about their infertility. Women with insufficient qi and blood are relatively less likely to conceive, and they are also prone to bleeding and miscarriage during pregnancy. Female friends who have a pregnancy plan should adjust their qi and blood status to prepare for pregnancy. How to Regulate Qi and Blood ● Regulate the Spleen and Stomach ◆ It is necessary to do a good job of blood supply in the first trimester. For female friends with the following symptoms, you should pay more attention to this work. ◆ Women with insufficient iron content often have dizziness, sleep quality is not high, often insomnia for no reason, menstruation color is lighter than normal and less amount, dull skin color, pale lip color, nail color, easy hair Withered, hair loss, split ends. If the above-mentioned conditions exist in women in the early stage of pregnancy, blood supplementation is the top priority. ◆ Nourishing blood is the foundation of a woman. In addition to red dates, common Chinese medicine materials such as donkey-hide gelatin, angelica, wolfberry, longan meat, Shouwu, etc., also have very good effects on blood and beauty. Don’t forget to nourish the spleen while replenishing blood. ◆Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the basis of the acquired, the source of qi and blood biochemistry. With a healthy spleen and stomach, qi and blood are vigorous and radiant. On the contrary, one must be mentally depressed, with pale complexion and dull skin. Therefore, if modern women want to be beautiful, they should start with conditioning the spleen and stomach. First of all, we must pay attention to maintaining the health of the spleen and stomach and a strong appetite, not only to have a diet, but also to pay attention to the treatment of spleen and stomach diseases. ● Eat red dates ◆ Food supplement is the most reliable way to supplement qi and blood in early pregnancy. Cultivating good eating habits is very important to change the symptoms of anemia. Red dates are the first holy product for women’s blood. Eating red dates during pregnancy can supplement blood and iron, soothe the nerves, and benefit the development of the fetal nervous system and promote the development of fetal intelligence. However, eating red dates requires moderation, otherwise it will be counterproductive. ◆You can eat more red dates every day during pregnancy, generally in the middle of pregnancy, it is best to start taking a few red dates every day after the fifth month. In addition, dried longan and dark grapes (or raisins) with iron and blood can prevent hair loss, which is especially important for women, especially after the end of the physiological period, they can be supplemented in an appropriate amount. ● Eat amaranth ◆ Amaranth is rich in calcium and iron, especially red amaranth is rich in vitamin C, and it is also the top three star vegetable in iron content of vegetables. Vitamin C can promote iron absorption and is an ideal ingredient for blood. Due to the thick fiber of the stem, it is recommended to select the young leaves for cooking when preparing to eat, and the stems can be peeled off before processing, leaving the inner tender stems, and then boiled before eating. ●Eat pork waist ◆The pork waist is nutritious and has the effect of benefiting the kidney and blood. Pork loin has high levels of fat and cholesterol. Eating too much pork loin will accumulate too much fat in the body. Don’t eat it every day to avoid excessive cholesterol intake due to excessive intake. Tips for nourishing blood ● Regulate good emotions ◆ Happy mood and cheerful personality, not only can enhance the body’s immunity, but also can promote the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow in the body’s bones to flourish, making the skin rosy and shiny. ●Enough sleep

One Minute Science | Summer is here, how are you feeling dizzy when you squat down?

Most people have experienced dizziness, but this situation seems to be more obvious in the summer, especially after squatting down for a while, then standing up, feeling dizzy, dark in front of the eyes, numb legs and feet, and even Will jealous of Venus. There are also some heavier ones, which can also happen when you get up suddenly after lying on your back. Why is this? In fact, in the squat state, the two legs are pressed, and the blood vessels in the leg are squashed, and the blood reaching the lower limbs will be greatly reduced. When squatting, the head naturally leans forward, so more blood is needed. Then, when you get up, The blood vessels of the lower extremities suddenly relax, and a considerable amount of blood flows downward due to gravity and inertia, and the amount distributed to the upper body, especially the brain, will be significantly reduced. At this time, from the forward leaning posture to the upright posture, the brain will relatively lack blood supply. The brain needs blood to supply oxygen. If it is not supplied in time, there will be short-term ischemia, dizziness, and darkening of the eyes. Western medicine calls this postural hypotension, which is a physiological phenomenon. However, Chinese medicine believes that: “When you see blood, you can see, when you receive blood, you can walk, when you receive blood, you can hold it, and when you receive blood, you can shoot.” As the name implies, the normal function of all organs is inseparable from the supply of blood. The short supply of blood to the brain naturally affects the eyes and makes them dizzy. Therefore, the truth is that the relative supply of qi and blood is insufficient (transient blood supply to the brain is insufficient). So what problems will affect the blood supply to the brain? 1 Insufficient qi and blood, women love beauty, especially in summer, especially love to lose weight, coupled with the summer is already hot, they take diet and eat more fruits to control the intake of dinner, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing calories and weight. However, such a diet structure cannot provide what the human body needs, resulting in insufficient qi and blood metaplasia. There are also some people who do not diet and belong to a normal diet. However, due to the general inherited spleen and stomach function, or the acquired spleen and stomach are not well-adjusted, resulting in poor absorption of food nutrients. Over time, it will also affect qi and blood metaplasia. Night cats staying up late will be more obvious. In summer, there is a lot of sweating, the body fluid is lost more quickly, and the body’s righteousness will also be dissipated with the loss of body fluid. Qi is the foundation for the blood to run. When there is less qi, there is less power to move the blood to resist the gravity of the earth and move upward. Naturally, it cannot supply blood to the brain in time, causing transient ischemia. What everyone commonly calls “hypoglycemia” is actually a manifestation of lack of qi and blood. 2 Poor access to qi and blood What can hinder access? Airflow is blocked, such as people who are prone to sulking or anger; people with high blood viscosity are easy to stasis, such as high blood lipids, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are blood stasis type people; the meridian is not smooth, and the humidity is relatively heavy. Due to the sticky nature of wetness and evil, it will block the meridians and thus the circulation of qi and blood is not smooth. Or cervical spondylosis, long-term desk work, head down and more mobile phones, a large mass will appear in the vertebral area, the main vertebral road is the hub, and the blockage here will directly affect the circulation of qi and blood and blood supply to the head. Self-regulation to reduce the frequency and degree of such dizziness 1. When you squat down and get up, you should slow down properly. You can use auxiliary forces, such as holding the table and chair, and then get up. 2. Don’t get too violent when you get up in the morning, you should move your limbs on the bed slightly, and then slowly change your position. 3. Reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, avoid overfullness or hunger, try not to drink alcohol. 4. Adhere to proper physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and ensure adequate sleep time. 5. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest and avoid standing for a long time.

Classic moments-Doctor Haishu rereading the Internal Classic-Lingshu·Yinyang Qingzhuo 0620

[Original]    Huang Di said: Yu Wen’s twelve meridians, in order to respond to the twelve meridians, their different colors, different turbidity, if the human blood is one, what should they do?   Qi Bo said: Human blood, if Gou Neng can be one, then the whole world will be a stubborn person.   Huang Di said: I asked one person, not the people of the world.   Qi Bo said: If the husband is alone, there will be chaos, and there will be chaos in the world, and they will be one ear. [Translation] Huang Di said: I heard that the twelve meridians of the human body correspond to the twelve large rivers in nature. The twelve large rivers in nature have different colors of green, red, yellow, white and black, and there are also The difference between clear and turbid, but the qi and blood in the body’s meridians are the same, so how can we say that the two are corresponding?   Qi Bo said: If the qi and blood in the body’s meridians are all the same, then all people in the whole society should be the same, so how can there be a mess?   Huang Di said: I am asking about a person’s qi and blood situation, not about all the people in the whole society.   Qi Bo said: A person has a spirit of rebellion in the body, just like there are always people who make trouble in the whole society, the overall view is the same reason. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu press: The analogy is very good. I once asked an economist, why choose Chinese medicine treatment? He said: My mother said it was effective, try it, the effect is better than what my mother said [呲牙]. If your economic problem encounters “rebellion”, how to solve it, he said, you can solve the impact first, and then find out the cause, you can do it at the same time, but you must not let the negative impact. In fact, treatment is the same, treatment can be done at the same time without delay to find the cause. Years are quiet, don’t sabotage. The appeal of medicine lies in its uncertainty [Rose] Good morning

Why do people get sick? Because we have these three things in our body

There are many strange diseases in the world, there are hundreds of common diseases, and few diseases can really say the cause. There is an essence in Chinese medicine called “curing a disease but seeking its roots”. As long as the source of the disease is found, no matter how varied and complicated it is, it is invariable and under control. Moxibustion, what is the ultimate moxibustion? Why do people get sick? Because there are three things in our body: turbid gas, turbid water, turbid matter. Turbidity Turbidity is turbidity. For example, if you quarrel with others and get angry, or if something is always boring in your heart, it is turbidity. This kind of qi will cause headache when it reaches the end, and it will become rheumatism when it reaches the limbs, and it will become ulcer when it enters the gastrointestinal tract. This kind of qi does not go, hinders the normal operation of qi and blood, slows down the blood circulation, and it is easy to stagnate and form tumors in the body, or even form a tumor, because stagnation will cause blood stasis. There are many places with blood stasis, and it will inevitably show various symptoms, such as liver and gallbladder disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, menstruation disease, and tumor. Turbid water Turbid water is wet and turbid. The old spitting person is because there is too much turbid water in the body. Turbid water is very harmful to the human body. If it rushes to the leg, it is edema. If it runs to the surface of the skin, it becomes eczema. If it reaches the head Will cause dizziness. If this kind of dampness is not discharged early, the headache will be dizzy when going through the meridian, the dermatitis and eczema will be blocked when the pores are blocked, the phlegm will be dissipated in the case of liver fire, and the diarrhea will be caused by the deficiency of the spleen. Turbidity Turbidity is real turbidity, which is what we often say. Accumulation in the body will cause the body’s resistance to decline rapidly, and the pain will increase, and the skin and internal organs will be affected. It can be said that the bed is an important killer of women’s aging. Therefore, we must pay attention to defecation on time and keep the detoxification system in the body unblocked. How can one not be eroded by Sanzhuo in this person’s life? With Sanzhuo, don’t worry, we still have moxibustion. Moxibustion-through the mandatory input of heat energy to the body’s acupuncture points, it enables people to enhance immunity and metabolic capacity, play the role of expelling triturbidity, removing disease roots and prolonging life. Moxibustion knowledge raises the temperature around the moxibustion site and the deep layer in a short time, which can kill local germs. The locally accumulated garbage can easily be discharged when the morphological change occurs at high temperature. High temperature can also improve the decomposition, synthesis and easy discharge of biological enzymes. The high temperature also accelerates the local blood and body fluid flow, and transports the local garbage through the blood and meridians. Moxibustion knowledge 2 When moxibustion related acupuncture points, moxibustion heat enters from the acupuncture points and is transmitted to the deep layer or internal organs through the related meridians, so that the deep layer or internal organs temporarily warm up to achieve the same effect as the moxibustion epidermis. For example, the moxibustion treatment of the knee joint, select points such as Xuehai, Liangqiu, Yinlingquan, and Kangyangguan. The heat energy enters the meridian through the acupuncture points and reaches the knee joint cavity, temporarily raising the temperature of the long-term cold joint cavity. Sterilizing, ablating garbage and promoting blood circulation , Repair damaged tissue to achieve the purpose of treating arthritis. Another example is moxibustion for the treatment of hepatitis. The acupoints are Ganshu, Yanglingquan, Dazhui, Zhongwan, Yinlingquan, and Zusanli. The moxibustion heat directly reaches the liver through meridian conduction to kill the bacteria in the liver, and the garbage accumulated in the liver is melted to restore liver function. Moxibustion knowledge 3 Human tissues and organs, in addition to congenital insufficiency, external damage and aging itself, generally do not fail, most diseases are caused by insufficient blood and qi. Insufficient qi and blood in the human body first cause a significant reduction in the metabolic function of tissues and organs. The process of cleaning and discharging metabolic waste in the body is reduced. The gradual accumulation of waste in the body, which is the accumulation of three turbidities, will block the meridians, which in turn worsens the operation of tissues and meridians and the generation of qi and blood in the body. Until the major organs fail and eventually become cancerous. The removal of garbage in the body depends on the smooth flow of blood vessels and meridians, and the body’s qi and blood must be sufficient, so the function of moxibustion to clear the meridians and cultivate qi and blood is very important. Moxibustion knowledge 4 People who do not get sick every day do not mean that their bodies are free of diseases, but that there is no accumulation of rubbish in the body. Usually moxibustion Dazhui, Geyu points, Mingmen, Zhongwan, Guanyuan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Yongquan The acupoints can assist the body to pass through the meridian and discharge garbage to achieve the effect of health care. Moxibustion knowledge 5 Moxibustion nursery care To remove the root of the disease and prolong life, you must take a multi-pronged approach of heart power, medicine, firepower, etc. within a short period of time. Perform their duties, return to their positions, harmony of mind and body, natural balance of yin and yang, natural health of body and mind. During this period, the body’s detoxification channels are opened together, and the obvious painful parts will aggravate. The first repaired parts begin to appear, letting people

Can you see the kidneys in these six parts?

The kidney is one of the important organs of a person. Whether the kidney is good or not is related to the health of this person. However, as people’s biochemical habits and dietary habits change, more and more people have kidney problems. So, how does kidney deficiency affect people? How about looking at one’s kidneys? Kidney deficiency eventually leads to kidney yin and yang deficiency, which causes discomfort to the body. These symptoms vary depending on the deficiency of kidney yin and yang. For example, female friends with kidney yang deficiency are prone to cold and cold limbs, waist and knee pain, and fatigue. Etc.; kidney yin deficiency is mainly manifested as sore waist and knees, frequent upset fever, hot flashes, zygomatic red, night sweats and insomnia. What do you think of a kidney? Observing these 6 parts, you can see 1. Eyes and eyes are the windows of the soul, and it is also a barometer of human health. From the color and clarity of the eyes, you can see the health of the kidneys. If the eyes are clear and divine, it means that qi and blood are enough, and if the eyes are dull, dull and dull, and the eyes are cloudy, it means that the kidney is inadequate. 2. The quality and appearance of ears are closely related to the quality of kidneys. If the ears are large, the flesh is rich and soft, and the earlobe is full, it indicates that the person is in good nutrition. If the outline of the two ears is small, and the meat of the earlobe is thin, and the cartilage of the ear is large, this means Human constitution is congenitally deficient. Therefore, people with thick ears have sufficient kidney energy; those with thin ears and small ears are mostly kidney qi deficiency. 3. Look at the hair. Human hair has a close relationship with the kidney, so the health of the kidney can be seen from the growth of the hair and the maintenance of the healthy state. If you have a lot of hair loss, and the hair is getting thinner, you should be alert to the problem of kidney deficiency. 4. Looking at the hand is at the farthest end of the blood circulation, so looking at the hand can also see whether the kidney is healthy. First of all, you can understand the body’s qi and blood by the temperature of your hand. If your hands can always maintain a relatively warm state, it means that the person’s qi and blood are relatively sufficient and running smoothly. And if you often have cold hands, you should pay attention. In addition, the shape of the finger can also reflect the body’s blood gas. Generally people with insufficient blood gas will have flat, weak or thin fingertips. The fingers are full and the flesh is flexible, which means that the blood is full. 5. There is also a close relationship between teeth and kidneys. If the teeth of adults are sparse, easily loosened, and have exposed roots, most of them are caused by lack of kidney gas. 6. The health of the skin depends on the kidney. Mainly look at gloss, elasticity and wrinkles. If the skin is rough and dull, dark, yellow, white, blue, red, and long spots all indicate poor health and problems with kidney function.

Shi Shurong: In the summer, health supplements blood first, MDS patients can eat more black food

Article source: WeChat public account [Shurong Studio] Summer is coming, many people will think that eating cold dishes can relieve the heat, but whenever you meet with friends, a lot of food is in front of you, can you control your mouth? Myelodysplastic syndrome belongs to the category of “failure” in Chinese medicine. There are four main types of deficiency of qi and blood, internal resistance of blood stasis, deficiency of liver and kidney, heat and flaming, but they have not yet reached unity. We believe that this disease is mostly due to insufficiency of congenital inspection, acquired disorders, chronic illness, physical weakness, overworked internal injuries, chronic deficiency, etc., leading to loss of organs, qi and blood loss, the so-called deficiency will be stasis, chronic illness will enter the network The reason is that the blood stasis and ecchymosis of the skin, and the dark purple tongue and other blood stasis performances. The blood stasis is not gone, and the new blood is difficult to produce. , The disease is mainly in the spleen and kidney, and the basic pathogenesis is qi and blood deficiency, blood stasis internal resistance, and the disease is the original standard. 1. Mulberry can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and nourish blood, have special effects on Wufa, relax wind, clear liver and eyesight, hangover, improve sleep and improve human immunity. Mulberry powder is rich in protein, a variety of essential amino acids, fructose easily absorbed by the body and various vitamins and mineral elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, trace elements such as selenium, carotene, cellulose and so on. 2. Auricularia auricula has a flat, sweet taste, and can be used in the stomach and kidney channels to benefit qi, tonic, strengthen and nourish, and promote blood circulation and relieve pain. Auricularia auricula has higher iron content and calcium content, which is many times higher than other clinical ingredients. If you have osteoporosis or joint pain, you can eat black fungus daily. Black fungus can be eaten cold or fried. 3. & nbsp. Sesame Sesame, as one of our common foods, is a food that has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting essence and blood, and moistening intestinal dryness. It is mainly used to treat our body. This kind of body is weak, dizzy and tinnitus Symptoms such as blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and coughing. The consumption of sesame seeds can promote the functions of kidney blood production, liver storage blood and splenic blood. Therefore, during treatment, patients with myelodysplastic syndrome can eat more black food in the diet, because black food has the effect of nourishing blood and entering the kidney, which helps the kidney to store sperm. The theory stems from “complementing shape with shape, complementing color with color”.

Why is qi and blood supplementation or hair loss serious?

Why is qi and blood supplementation or hair loss serious? The causes of hair loss include the deficiency of qi and blood, damp heat and blood heat, the difference between the three is large. Elderly and female hair loss is mostly caused by insufficient blood and blood, while young hair loss is mostly related to damp heat and blood heat. How to distinguish between qi and blood deficiency, damp heat and blood fever? Insufficiency of qi and blood is a deficiency syndrome, and damp heat and blood fever are empirical evidence. Specifically: deficiency of qi and blood: common hair loss, yellow hair, colorlessness, fatigue, fatigue, yellow or pale complexion, white nails, pale lips, low voice, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, fear of wind and cold, female menstruation In less or later periods, the tongue is pale and white, and the veins are thin. Damp heat (seborrheic alopecia): common hair loss, dandruff, greasy hair, oily face, long acne, bitter bad breath, sticky or non-formed stools, yellow urine, yellowish tongue coating, slippery pulse strings. Blood fever: common hair loss, scalp scalp, itchy scalp, hot hands and feet, herpes or peeling, thirst, dry throat, drinking cold water, red tongue, eating spicy easy to get angry, mouth and tongue sores, Dry stools, yellow urine, petechiae on the tongue, thin yellow fur, slippery pulse or slippage, etc. How to treat hair loss? 1. Diet: Insufficiency of qi and blood: peanuts, red dates, yam, walnuts, wolfberry, black sesame, mulberries, etc. can be eaten. Hot and humid: barley, red beans, yam, etc. Blood fever: Mainly need to avoid: spicy, seafood, beef and mutton, mango, etc. 2. Drug treatment: (take under the guidance of a doctor) Qi and blood deficiency type: Qibao Meiran Dan, Yangxue Shengfa capsules, Yishen Wufa oral liquid and other damp-heat types: Longdan Xiegan pills combined with two to pills, Tianma Shouwu tablets blood Heat type: Alopecia areata, Taohong Siwu Tang + paeonol, Shouwu, Lithospermum, Tribulus terrestris, etc. are very important for the treatment of hair loss, and the prevention of hair loss is more important. Staying up late, less exercise, and high stress (anxiety) can all cause hair loss, and develop good habits to show your hair.

How to regulate sub-healthy physique with insufficient qi and blood

Doctor I am uncomfortable, a topic that many female patients often ask, why are you uncomfortable? Doctor, I seem to have insufficient blood and no strength, do you think so? Let’s talk about what is the deficiency of qi and blood, also called qi and blood deficiency, what does it do? Both qi and blood deficiency are both qi and blood deficiency; both fatigue and weakness (qi deficiency), pale or dull, pale mucous membranes, dizziness, etc. (blood deficiency), in short, qi deficiency blood Virtual. The principle of conditioning-Qi Xue Shuang Bu commonly used Chinese patent medicine: Gui Pi Wan: is a traditional Chinese medicine of Qi and Shuang Bu. In addition, it has the functions of nourishing the mind and calming the mind and helping sleep, especially insomnia, fatigue, weakness, and fatigue caused by frail old age, which often have better effects. Similar Chinese patent medicine: Buxue oral liquid: blood, qi, spleen. It has the characteristics of smoothing and no hotness. Both spleen and stomach functions are poor, and the constitution is cold and hot. Bazhen Granules: Another traditional medicine with qi and blood tonic. It can only supplement qi and blood and does not help sleep. Ginseng Yangrong Pills: This medicine has both qi and blood supplements, and is relatively warm. It is suitable for people with both qi and blood deficiency and cold constitution. Danggui Buxue Granules: This medicine has both qi and blood supplements, focusing on qi supplementation, so people with both qi and blood deficiency and more obvious qi deficiency are better. Wuji Baifeng Pills: In addition to supplementing qi and blood, it also has the effect of nourishing the kidney and regulating menstruation, so it is most suitable for people with deficiency of both qi and blood, and less menstrual flow, and symptoms of kidney deficiency (waist and knee soreness, waist and leg pain). .

Qi and blood channel therapy

The summary of the focus of the course on the principle of holographic therapy of calf in the elementary class: First, the source of the theory of qi and blood dredging is Taoism. It has a history of more than 1,700 years and is simple and effective. 2. Yin and Yang five elements, holography as a whole, simple and safe. 3. Classification 1. Elementary-mainly based on holography, taking analogy, calf holography-pain in trunk and pain in large joints of limbs 2. Intermediate-meridian, clipped ridge (shallow ), Plantar, hexalogy-internal medicine, gynecology, intractable pain 3, advanced-meridian, spine, fingers-intractable diseases 4. Calf holography theory (1) airway opening-path of illness 1, calf holography, The disease has three parts: upper, middle and lower: head, torso, limbs 2. Qi and blood channels: channels for the operation of qi and blood, and the channels at the ends of the limbs are easily blocked. (B) Three lines 1. The anterior central line: the midpoint of the lower edge of the patella extending from the anterior tibia to the middle of the third toe through the Xiexi point; 2. The posterior central line: the midpoint of the popliteal pattern (Jiaozhong point) ) To the highest point of the heel; 3. Body-side line: the lateral point of the lower leg and the front, the midpoint of the patella and the middle point of the connection point, through the posterior lateral ankle tangent, and then to the plantar red and white meat line; (3) three channels 1 1. Outer airway: the yang side is divided by the body side line, and the anterior half is the external qi and blood channel (conditioning the anterior trunk disease); 2. posterior airway: the yang side is divided by the body side line, and the rear half is the posterior qi and blood channel (conditioning Diseases on the back of the trunk); 3. Internal airway: the negative side is the internal qi-blood channel (regulates the five internal organs and internal reproduction). It belongs to the yin (four) three qi-blood channels. Find the holographic corresponding point. The distribution of the airway opening 1. The concept of airway opening: It is distributed at the end of the limbs at the red-white meatus or toe and knuckle joints. 2. The intersection of the red-white meaty or toe-knuckle joints connected by the external qi and blood channels is the external airway, internal airway and posterior airway. 3. The role of the airway opening: 1) the way out of the disease, 2) the first conditioning effect on the disease; exhausting wind and expelling cold (5) bronchial airway: locking the position of the obstruction point of the disease, the central line behind the lower leg corresponds to the spine, and the center of the heel The point corresponds to the hind brain (the ankle corresponds to the neck), and the Weizhong point corresponds to the tip of the sacrum. (6) The division of the vertebral body: 1. Three inches (four fingers) of the upper edge of the heel is the range of the cervical spine (the end point corresponds to the big vertebra). 2. The thoraco-lumbar boundary: the midpoint between Dazhui and Weizhong. The spine to thoracolumbar boundary is the thoracic spine correspondence. 3. Lumbo-sacral boundary: thoraco-lumbar boundary to the midpoint of the caudal vertebrae. The thoracolumbar boundary line to the lumbosacral boundary line corresponds to the lumbar spine. 4. The boundary between the lumbosacral and sacral vertebrae is the corresponding part of the sacral vertebrae. (7) The method of conditioning the disease: the disease (problem to be solved) the blocking point (the reaction point in the channel where the disease is located) the airway opening (the airway opening corresponding to the blocking point) (8) Principle: the same side (the body side corresponds to the same side calf Airway finding), same path, same proportion principle disease location: (1) which side of the body (left and right correspondence); (2) front and back internal and external correspondence, which qi and blood channel belongs to; (3) the vertebral body corresponding to the disease; 4) Determine the position according to the ratio between the central line and the body side line. (IX) Operation: 1. Open the airway opening first, unblock the plugging point 3. The symptoms disappear

Points to be aware of when checking pulse in TCM:

Things to know when checking pulse in TCM: 1. Time: The time for pulse diagnosis is best in the early morning, because patients in the early morning are not affected by various factors such as diet and activities. The internal and external environment are relatively quiet, and the Qi and blood meridians are less affected. The state of interference makes it easy to identify the disease. But it does not mean that the pulse cannot be diagnosed at other times. In general, a quiet internal and external environment is required for pulse diagnosis. Before diagnosing the pulse, let the patient rest for a while to calm the qi and blood. The doctor should calm down and then start to diagnose the pulse. The clinic should also be kept quiet. Under special circumstances, patients should be inspected anytime and anywhere without having to stick to these conditions. 2. Posture: The patient should be placed in a sitting position or a prone position. The arm should be placed at the same level as the heart, the wrist should be straight, the palm should be raised, and the pillow should be listed on the back pad of the wrist joint. Real pulse. 3, according to the search: This is a method of using the strength and movement of finger force when diagnosing the pulse to explore the pulse. There are three things to hold the pulse, namely, lift, press, and seek. Press lightly on the skin with a light finger force, also called floating or light fetch; use heavy finger force between the muscles and bones, call it, also known as heavy fetch or heavy fetch; finger strength is not light or heavy, but also light It is important to seek it out. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the pulse change between lifting, pressing and seeking. In addition, when the three parts of the vein are unique, they must gradually shift their finger positions and seek inside and out. The seeker’s intention is not to win. 4. Quit: breathe and breathe to breathe. When diagnosing the pulse, the doctor’s breathing should be natural and even. Use the time of breathing and breathing to calculate the maximum number of patients’ pulse, such as the delay, count, and slowness of normal pulse and pathological pulse. Diseases and other pulses are counted on the interest rate. Today, there is a stopwatch to help the pulse diagnosis. But the meaning of quelling is more than that. Ping is the meaning of flat tone, which requires the doctor to concentrate and concentrate on the pulse diagnosis. Therefore, in addition to counting the pulse by “resting”, calming down should also be humble and quiet, and concentrate on it. 5. Fifty movements: Every time a pulse is diagnosed, fifty movements are necessary. That is, each time the pulse is pressed, the pulse of each side should not be less than fifty times. Its meaning has two meanings: One is to understand that there is no promotion, knot, and generation in the fifty movements to prevent missed diagnosis. Second, to explain that pulse diagnosis cannot be done sloppyly, the purpose must be to distinguish pulses. If the first fifty moves are still unclear, it can be extended to the second or third fifty moves. In short, the time for each consultation is 2-3 minutes.

Whitening and freckle removal

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Chloasma is a skin disease caused by pigment metabolism disorders. The reasons for the formation of chloasma are as follows: (1) Yin and Yang imbalance, blood and blood disorder. If liver qi stagnation leads to qi stagnation and blood stasis, making facial qi and blood stasis; or spleen and stomach are weak, qi and blood are biochemically incapable of supporting the face; or lack of yang energy can not promote blood flow, qi deficiency and blood stasis causes yellowing of facial stasis to yellow Brown spots. (2) Abnormal hormone secretion. Chloasma is common in women’s face during pregnancy due to increased secretion of androgen and progesterone after pregnancy, but most people’s spots will naturally reduce or disappear after birth. (3) Oral contraceptives. 9% to 20% of women with long-term oral contraceptives are prone to chloasma. Some people even have facial spots one month after oral contraceptives. (4) Chronic diseases. Chronic hepatitis liver metabolic capacity is weakened, melanin production is increased, and chloasma will also occur on the face (5) Eating too many photosensitizing foods, such as celery, parsley, carrots or improper use of cosmetics, etc. can also easily cause chloasma Spots, even worse, accelerate the formation of chloasma. The treatment of stains in traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to reconcile qi and blood, and the qi and blood are reconciled. Numerous classic secret recipes have been handed down by medical doctors of all dynasties. A whitening and freckle-removing secret recipe Taohuajian, introduced below, originates from the Wumen secret recipe. Peach blossom fried salt dodder 50g Angelica 9g Atractylodes 9g Coix seed 60g white convergence 9g silkworm 9g wolfberry 10g safflower 6g turmeric 30g Indications: spot removal, whitening, yellowing, redness. Women often wear Baili rosy, beautiful face. The original prescription usage and efficacy 1. One course of treatment in January, and even served for three months. 2. It can be significantly improved in January, basically subsided in February, and consolidated in March. 3. Individual results are slow, and it takes half a year. But most of them are done in March 4. Can be made into powder boiled water to take 5. Women’s side. Non-stop menstruation, more menstrual safflower. No frying. Reduce the silkworm, the soup is good. This side can not only remove freckles, but also have a whitening effect.

Say goodbye to “yellow face woman”, beautiful face!

“Yellow face woman” is the external manifestation of the face with insufficient energy and blood, and is also a signal of certain diseases. The dark and dull face, rough skin, long spots, etc. are all related to the deficiency of qi and blood. Qi and blood are the foundation of life, and supplementing qi and blood is the best beauty. Introduce two methods of freckle removal and whitening. 1. Astragalus Danggui Wuji Soup: Astragalus 30, Angelica 6 grams, 3 jujubes, 200 grams of black chicken, seasonings, drink the soup, supplement qi and blood, beautiful face. 2. Whitening mask of traditional Chinese medicine: 15 grams of Poria cocos, 15 grams of Angelica dahuricae, 15 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala, powdered with appropriate amount of honey, mixed with cold boiled water and applied to the face, once a day before going to bed, has a good whitening and nourishing effect.