Preoperative design and postoperative effect of facial autologous fat filling

As a soft tissue filler, autologous fat particles are widely used in the treatment of facial volume loss aging due to their advantages of abundant sources, easy material extraction, good filling appearance, and no rejection reaction. Indications: Mild to moderate capacity loss aging. &nbsp. Severe facial relaxation. Unknown filler has been injected on the face. Infection, allergic reaction, granuloma after injection of the filler on the face. Multiple lipomas. Hyperthyroidism and other diseases are not suitable. &nbsp. Focus on the preoperative design and postoperative effects: &nbsp. 1. Full-scale fat transplantation preoperative design: &nbsp. Preoperatively mark the anatomical subunits, the frontal median area, frontotemporal transition area, temporal, eyebrow Arch, lower eyelid, middle face, nasolabial fold, upper lip, lip red, chin, zygomatic arch area, cheeks, mandibular margin. The solid line area is the area where the heart-shaped face is realized after filling, and the dotted line area is the combination of high and low light areas and facial anatomy for partitioning. 2. Postoperative effect The swelling reaches the peak within 4-10 days after operation, and the obvious swelling generally subsides within 10-20 days, and the shape is basically fixed in 3 months. The effect is stable in 6 months. Those who need 2 times of filling will be filled again 6 months after the operation . &nbsp. Facial soft tissue volume recovered after operation, the face has ideal soft tissue thickness, the sagging of the middle and lower part is corrected, and the skin texture is obviously improved. As far as possible, the operation should be supported by a relatively large amount of deep fat chamber filling, and a relatively small amount of shallow fat chamber filling for smooth transition, which not only takes into account the supportive lifting and facial volume recovery, but also through clinical observation The degree of swelling is relatively light. Fat filling is not limited to the concave part, but also includes the connection and transition of fine parts such as the hairline area, upper eyelid, lower eyelid, lips, nose, anterior tragus, earlobe, nasal base, especially to avoid excessive frontotemporal expansion , Over-protruding mid-face or over-bloated appearance of cheeks. While filling, the front side is shaped like a heart-shaped outline, and the front side is shaped like a “quote” curve. At the same time, it also needs to increase the three-dimensional sense of the face, pay attention to the highlights and dark areas Soft transition, grasp the balance between fullness and three-dimensional sense, and achieve the satisfaction of those who seek beauty.

Popular science|What should I eat after maxillofacial plastic surgery? Which ones can’t be eaten?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Nowadays, there are more and more beauties seeking maxillofacial plastic surgery, and after the mandibular angle surgery, the one thing that everyone is most concerned about is what can you eat after the surgery? Which ones can’t be eaten? So I will talk about this issue for everyone today. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Any surgery has certain taboos in the diet, and because the incision of the mandibular angle surgery is in the oral cavity, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid infection in the short term and avoid eating food that can easily affect the wound. Let’s take a look at a month’s time, how to arrange the diet! &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Within 48 hours after the operation: You can not eat when you have just finished the operation. You can only eat after 48 hours. During this period, the body’s needs are mainly maintained by intravenous injection of nutrients. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 3-4 days after surgery: on the third day you can eat some liquid food, such as soup, milk or beverages, on the fourth day you can eat some soft solid foods such as porridge, soup and soft noodles . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 5-7 days after surgery: You can try to eat rice, bananas, grapes and other soft foods about a week after surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 8-15 days after surgery: Gradually transition from soft solid food to normal solid food, but you can’t eat too hard food. This stage is the period of swelling, mainly promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The diet should be light. You can eat pumpkin porridge, soft noodles, etc., but do not eat greasy and highly nutritious food. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 16-30 days after the operation: Most of the congestion and swelling at this stage have been absorbed, and the main food is blood circulation. The daily diet can be changed from light to high nutritional supplements. You need to add enough vitamins A and D , Calcium, protein, etc. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Because the surgical incision is in the oral cavity, the cleaning work in the oral cavity is very important. Keep rinsing before and after meals, morning, middle and night. After 2 weeks, you can use a child’s toothbrush to brush your teeth, only brush your teeth and not your gums. To avoid bleeding. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “maxillofacial plastic surgery”, you can ask me questions.

This is the most important thing about liposuction, don’t ignore it!

Seeing the weather getting hot every day and losing weight, the fat on the body is as annoying as ever. Many girls choose to achieve weight loss through liposuction. In order to have a good effect in early summer with uncertain temperatures, I will give you a little postoperative Care advice! The most common part of fat growth is the thigh and buttocks. The overall sister is not particularly fat. But the three parts of the fat are more. In order to modify her ideal body, she chose to improve her body by liposuction. Post-operative feedback from real customers in the beauty hospital, stolen pictures will be investigated after a week of liposuction is the key period. You can be hospitalized by doctors and nurses to observe and care for infusion for one or two days, reduce activities without abnormalities, and can move freely. You can take oral antibiotics for a few days after discharge During this period, you must take a good rest and pay attention not to get wet. Postoperative feedback from real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture will be investigated after the stitches are removed. You can take a shower. The bodysuit should still be worn every day, but pay special attention to diet. Spicy, seafood and various hair products can not be eaten within a month. You can walk and walk properly, but don’t do vigorous exercise. You can already show your body at this time. Postoperative feedback from real customers of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, thief The beautiful picture needs long-term maintenance and adherence to the basic fixed shape. After that, you still have to wear a certain amount of time to shape your clothes every day. You can get the postoperative feedback from real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital by consulting your doctor. If it is thin, it is also necessary to pay attention to the waist and hip ratio, etc. The skin is locally thin and the line flow is smooth and the skin is not wrinkled. The proportion of the body is just right. It is the beauty of success.

How to care after laser removal of stretch marks?

How to care after laser stretch marks removal? Many people who love beauty look happy when their children are born. It hasn’t disappeared after production, so this situation is more troublesome for beauty lovers, so now there is a good way to improve the stretch marks by laser. So how to care after laser stretch marks removal? The following doctors in Hangzhou Time Plastic Surgery Hospital are popular science for everyone. The effect of laser to remove stretch marks is still good. It can help the beauty lovers to improve the troubles caused by stretch marks, so that the beauty lovers can have a good skin condition again. So how to care after laser stretch marks removal? Let’s find out. 1. Be sure to remember sun protection after the operation to avoid the sun exposure, so as to avoid the formation of pigmentation, so pay more attention. 2. Don’t eat spicy and irritating food after the operation, eat some light food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and supplement nutrition. 3. Try not to use irritating food after the operation, you can use some mild products to add water. 4. The treatment site will be scabed after the operation, pay attention to let it fall off by itself, do not remove it by hand. 5. Be careful to maintain a good mood after the operation and be careful not to stay up late.

After double eyelid surgery, why is my eye swelling so slow?

There are many beauty seekers who have done double eyelids. The most worrying thing is why the eyes haven’t been swollen for so long? Why do others swelling faster than me? Did I fail? In fact, the swelling of the eyelid is slow after surgery The reasons are: (1), full-cut double eyelid: It is a double eyelid surgery method that is suitable for a wide range of people. The recovery time is 1-3 months, and it is usually slower than other surgical methods. (2), embedding double eyelid: suitable for young people with less fat on upper eyelid orbital septum, thin skin and good elasticity. No need to remove the thread after operation, the recovery time is about 3 weeks. (3) These two cases are also common: ① The eyelids are particularly thick, even if all the muscles under the skin are removed, the thickness of the skin itself is difficult to eliminate the surface swelling. ② The bulge of the eyeball will also appear to be thick under the double eyelid. Such eyes are often accompanied by different degrees of depression of the upper eyelid, and the depression above is more heavy than the thick tissue below. (4), different personal constitution, different swelling time. Some girls’ physiques are different from others, and they are relatively slower than others in terms of surgical wound healing and recovery. Of course, age is also important. Young people recover faster after surgery, while older people have slower metabolism. It also recovered a little bit slow. (5) Related to postoperative care. Some people have completed double eyelids, and the eyes are like peach when the stitches are removed. It takes a long time to reduce the swelling. One of the reasons is that there is no serious care after surgery. Mastering scientific and comprehensive nursing methods not only helps rapid recovery, but also has Helping to maintain the postoperative effect can be said to play a multiplier role. A large number of people ignore postoperative care and simply believe that the surgical effect is only related to the doctor’s experience and technology. Even if the operation was successful at that time, the overall postoperative effect will be greatly reduced.

Popular science|What are the sequelae after removing eye bags? Will the eye bags relapse?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Recently asked more and more beauty seekers to remove bags under the eyes, so today I will sort out the answers to some common questions about bags under the eyes. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Q: What should I do if the lower eyelid valgus appears after eye bags? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Answer: There are two possible causes of lower eyelid valgus after eye bags. One is the doctor’s level problem, too much skin is removed, pulling the lower eyelid causes the lower eyelid to valgus. The second is that the postoperative anti-infection prevention work does not pay attention to the way that leads to recessive infection. This infection does not have obvious redness and heat pain, and it will not purify, but the internal healing surface forms internal scars. Due to the role of scar contractures, eversion . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Q: Will the external eye bags scar after operation? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Answer: The incision of the outer eyelid is generally 1-2 mm below the lower eyelid eyelashes, which will not affect the eyelashes, and it is very close to the eyelid margin, and the closer to the eyelid margin, the more It is not easy to leave scars. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The vast majority of people will not leave scars after the external eye bags are removed. The incision is not obvious after 10 days after the operation. After 1 month, you may not see whether you have done it Eye bag surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Q: Why do many doctors recommend the orbital septum release to remove the bags under the eyes? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Answer: After the traditional eye bags are improved, with the increase of age, collagen fibers and elastic fibers break and reduce, the skin and fascia ligaments will become more and more loose and sagging, remove part of the orbital septal fat The remaining part will be drooping to form eye bags, but this eye bag is not the previous one. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In orbital septum release eye bag surgery, the orbital septal fat that forms the eye bag is not necessarily removed! Make an orbital septal fat release, these orbital septal fats from hernia can be refilled into the orbit Reducing and correcting the bags under the septum, if the bags are accompanied by tear grooves, you can release them and pull them down to improve the tear grooves. You can do both. It is safer and more natural to remove the bags under your eyes. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Q: What is the cause of recurrence of eye bags after surgery? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Answer: Ordinary eye bag plastic surgery is also called the traditional method of eye bag plastic surgery. This type of surgical fat bulge is highly likely to recur. The reason is that this procedure cannot strengthen the orbital septum, but simply removes excess fat. In fact, it is redundant and inaccurate. There is a lot of fat in the orbital septum. The reason for the bulging of the fat in the orbital septum is not that there is too much fat in the orbital septum, but that the orbital septum is weak, that is, the weak channel of the fat protrusion in the orbital septum causes the fat outside. Convex, so the fundamental solution is to strengthen the orbital septum and strengthen the channel for fat bulging, because ordinary eye bag shaping cannot solve this problem, so it is easy to relapse. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The solution is to use the surgical method of orbital septal replacement for any eye pouch shaping such as fat bulging. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Talk about how you feel during eye bags removal: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Before bag removal operations require anesthesia, usually local anesthesia, you don’t need to worry about any The problem, basically you have no pain. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Some beauty seekers are more nervous. Even under anesthesia, there is still a sense of tension in the operation. The beauty seekers need to eliminate this feeling, so that the doctor can have a smoother operation and have better results. . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Feel after removing eye bags: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. There may be mild edema, pain and discomfort 3-5 days after the operation, the degree is mild and no special treatment is required. After removing the thread, it is slightly unnatural at first. It takes about 1 week to 10 days to become more natural!

Dr. Wang Kai personal experience | Answers to questions related to full femtosecond surgery

The purpose of writing this article is to make science popularization for friends who plan to perform myopia surgery and are suitable for full femtoseconds. I have done a lot of refractive surgery in the past few years, and I myself underwent full femtosecond myopia surgery three years ago and successfully removed my glasses. Therefore, I would like to start from the dual identity of a refractive surgeon and a patient after full femtosecond surgery, and talk about several issues of vision recovery after full femtosecond surgery. 1. The “white haze” myopia refractive surgery in front of the “lens” is different from cataract surgery and fundus surgery, because patients have different expectations for surgery. The latter can be said to “send charcoal in the snow” to help patients solve the hidden dangers of blindness and keep the patients’ eyes bright; while the former is “improving the icing on the cake” in order to pursue better visual quality and free patients from the shackles of glasses. So my patients with myopia surgery often report to me: “Doctor, I have a week after surgery, and my vision has reached 1.2. Why do I still feel hazy when I see things? Is there something wrong with the surgery?” This question involves Quan Fei. The operation principle of second myopia surgery: it is a process of using a full femtosecond laser to pre-scan the corneal stroma layer to separate a “convex lens”, and then manually separate and remove the “convex lens” through a small incision of 2mm~4mm. After the “convex lens” is taken, the upper and lower layers of the cornea must be adhered and healed together, which requires a process. Before it fits perfectly, the “white fog” in front of the eyes is very common. Just like a fog in front of the camera lens, everyone’s “white fog” disappears at a different rate. Young people (such as those in their 20s) There may be no “white fog” in three days. If you are older (in your 30s or 40s), it may take three weeks for the white fog to disappear. 2. The speed of vision recovery speed In addition to the problem of “white fog”, the optimal time of postoperative vision is also different. The vast majority of people may achieve vision of 1.0 or more on the first day after surgery; however, there are also individual patients, such as me, who have vision of 0.6 and 0.8 on the first day after surgery, and have arrived after more than 3 months or even nearly half a year. 1.2. Therefore, if the dioptric power of the surgical design is no problem, the surgical process is smooth, the laser scanning is very smooth, and the recovery of vision is generally only a matter of time and individual differences. Don’t worry. Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the principle of full femtosecond myopia surgery. 3. Dry eye and night vision quality problems In the early stage after corneal surgery, due to laser cutting of the cornea, a small amount of nerve plexus structure regeneration takes a period of time. Most patients will have dry eye phenomenon, which will generally recover gradually within six months. More artificial tears can effectively relieve. In addition, due to changes in the corneal refractive index in the surgical treatment area, there will be night glare and dark vision decline in the early stage. Night glare and dark vision decline will alleviate or disappear from 3 to 6 months after surgery. Some dark pupils have large The patient may continue to exist, but it will alleviate over time; looking at the phenomenon of “ghosting”, “flower eyes” and visual adjustment functions in the vicinity, it will take three days for the young people to recover quickly, and the people in their thirties or forties may be slower. It takes 3 weeks to a month. This is related to the visual adjustment function and can generally be restored. In addition, patients do not need to cover their eyes alternately to compare which vision is clearer. In the period of vision recovery, it is meaningless to compare monocular vision-take my own example, my main eye is the right eye, but the left eye can be early after surgery Obviously clearer than the right eye; but after half a year after surgery, the right eye has better vision than the left eye. Therefore, the recovery speed of the eyes may also have a sequence, do not rush. 4. How to treat the hidden complications of myopia surgery Whether it is full femtosecond, half femtosecond or superficial surgery, it belongs to corneal laser surgery. The most serious long-term complication that doctors worry about is secondary keratoconus because of this Once complications occur, the consequences are serious. However, the technique of myopia surgery is very mature, and the probability of secondary keratoconus has been reduced to a very low level. Preoperative examinations will try to exclude the risk of such complications and ensure that the residual thickness of the cornea is safe enough. No surgery is absolutely safe and perfect. It is also unrealistic to completely avoid such complications. Myopia surgery is ultimately a matter of personal choice. If you choose not to perform surgery, you should wear glasses honestly. Despite the inconveniences associated with myopia, it can be accepted; if you choose to perform surgery, go to the professional ophthalmology department to check according to the process, after the evaluation result is appropriate, find an experienced refractive

Facial wrinkle surgery frequently asked questions (-)

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb. As people’s living standards improve, more and more people choose cosmetic surgery in pursuit of a higher quality of life. With the increase of age, improper surgical trauma led to the beauty of people gradually appearing facial skin sagging, and facial wrinkle surgery has become an increasingly choice. The patient’s choice of skin incision starts from the internal hairline incision, the coronary valve is lifted up, and the arc is bypassed to bypass the earlobe and enter the hairline near the mastoid region backwards. Free and lift the uppermost layer of skin and SMAS fascia tissue, ranging from the outer corner of the eye to the outer corner of the mouth. The soft tissue of the neck sneaks into the midline of the neck. Then, the above tissues are lifted up and back to remove excess skin. Suspending sutures are placed in the temporal and mastoid regions to sew the wound edge of the skin after removing excess tissue to the incision from the hairline near the ear to the back of the ear. The incision in the hairline is often oozing, and the face and neck oozing and the exudate head are more than 48 hours. 1. Regarding whether to retain the drainage, it is often necessary to retain a drainage piece or a negative pressure drainage tube for 24 to 48 hours to avoid Suffering from constipation, high blood pressure, inappropriate early postoperative exercise, subcutaneous hematoma, affecting wound healing, not timely treatment, or even infection. 2. Regarding the time of pulling and pressure bandaging. Due to the large peeling range, in order to promote wound healing and avoid hematoma formation, it is often necessary to apply pressure bandaging for 5-7 days. Three days after the operation, there is exudate from the wound, so it is often necessary to use a chin collar and a cotton pad to better absorb the exudate, reduce the pressure of direct pressure bandage, and improve comfort. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. About 2 to 3 days after the operation of skin peeling, most of them need intravenous antibiotics and oral anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor drugs, mainly by oral administration, mainly by vein Action, should avoid eating hard, spicy stimulation food, excessive exaggeration of expression and other actions to increase the amount of facial area activity before removing the thread after operation, and delay the wound healing time. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.4. About the time of pulling the stitches in different regions. The stitching time can be different in different areas. Due to the high tension of the frontotemporal area, it is not recommended to remove the stitches prematurely. It is often removed in 9-10 days. The face and neck Changyu was removed in 6~7 days. The doctor will split the stitches according to the wound healing to avoid splitting the wound. For thin sutures on the face, the skin is less irritated, and the suture removal usually does not cause obvious scars sooner or later. It can also be delayed with the frontal and temporal portions for 9-10 days. Encounter older patients with poor skin blood flow for up to 20 to 30 days, with the suture completely removed. Early wounds should be protected during early stitch removal. Try to minimize rubbing when washing your hair and face. Because at this time, the incision after removing the thread is not completely fully sturdy. Avoid forcibly pulling the incision line to form a scar. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.5. The scar is determined by individual constitution, different areas due to skin tension, skin laxity, postoperative wound protection, and application of early scar removal drugs. If hypertrophic scars, low-dose X-RAY irradiation treatment is improved to varying degrees by injecting scar needles into the scars. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.6. Periaural numbness: Superficial sensory nerve damage in the skin around the ears. Due to the intraoperative facial local anesthetic application, it can cause temporary paralysis and can recover quickly. . After the frontal coronary incision, there are many sensation abnormalities such as dullness, numbness, and itching in the scalp, which are caused by the bifurcation of the supraorbital nerve in the incision area. Most massages will gradually recover after 1 month.

Popular science|What are the precautions after rhinoplasty?

Everyone has the heart of beauty, so there are more and more people who become beautiful after rhinoplasty. Recovery after rhinoplasty requires a process. Now the skin needs maintenance, and our various organs also need maintenance. Or the organs will age. !Let it act when it is young! Now it is not good-looking to take care of it! Rhinoplasty is like this! Is it plastic surgery? Precautions for rhinoplasty 1. Ensure that the surgical site is clean to prevent infection. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with sterile saline.   2. Try to avoid getting water on the surgical site within 7 days after the operation. You should rest in a quiet and comfortable environment after the operation to avoid weight-bearing and increase the wound swelling. 3. After the operation, the local wound can be bandaged or cold-packed with ice pack, but the pressure should not be too large to avoid damage to the surgical site. Once hemorrhagic bleeding and severe hematoma occur, they should be consulted in a timely manner.   4. There will be some pain in the wound on the day of the operation, but it will gradually ease over time. Patients should not rush to take Qutong tablets, because aspirin drugs will increase wound bleeding.   5. Avoid eating irritating foods such as peppers, and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions to take medicine and follow up. What should you pay attention to before rhinoplasty?   Precautions after rhinoplasty should be taken care of, and the same is true before surgery. In order to make the surgery safe, there must be no infection, for example, there should not be any (with bacteria) in the front of the surgery ) Lesions: such as folliculitis, boils, acne, acute ophthalmia, sinusitis, rhinitis, nasal vestibular boils, etc.   Also, women can not perform surgery during menstruation. It is best to take a bath the day before the operation. Wash the dirt and oil on the face with soap before going to the operating table on the day of the operation to minimize the number of bacteria. You should also cut your nose hair and clean the nasal cavity before the operation.   There are other diseases in the body before the operation, resulting in low resistance, and it is also easy to cause infection and affect the healing of the wound. The precautions for rhinoplasty are guaranteed to be clean after surgery to avoid infection! Do not get water! Keep the nasal cavity clean and take good care! This is the attention of rhinoplasty, don’t forget whether it will have no effect! Plastic surgery also requires surgery After-care!

What happens after cervical spondylosis: after cervical spondylosis, does the neck not move?

  What happens after cervical spondylosis    1. Does the neck not move after cervical spondylosis?    Answer: The cervical spine has flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation and other movements. The postoperative activity is slightly reduced, but it has almost no effect on normal life. Cervical spine rotation mainly depends on the upper cervical spine, and cervical spondylosis is more common in the lower cervical spine. 2. How to use the neck brace correctly after cervical spine surgery? A: The order of wearing the neck brace is: first wear the back piece, then the front piece, fix the buckle, the back piece covers the front piece, and finally adjust the elastic to wear it, you should feel the tension The most difficult thing is that the height of the open mouth can only accommodate two fingers arranged vertically.   3. How long can I go after the cervical spine? A: A. Most patients can get out of bed after removing the drainage tube 2 to 3 days after the operation, and need to wear a neck brace. B. Patients with intraoperative cerebrospinal fluid leakage must be strictly bedridden early after surgery, the neck sandbags are pressurized, the drainage flow is significantly reduced, and the traits turn to light red or transparent and colorless. The drainage tube can be pulled out. Continue to observe the wound for several days without fluid You can get out of bed after exudation. Those who still have exudation from the wound can continue to bed and give pressure and bandage until the wound is dry without exudation and can get out of bed.  C. People who have dyskinesias before operation, especially those with lower limbs paralysis.    Active and passive exercise of the limbs in the early postoperative period. Continue to perform later functional exercise according to the lower limb movement recovery status.   4. How to carry out correct rehabilitation training after cervical spine surgery?    Answer: Generally 1 to 3 months after the operation, you should wear it. Routinely worn within 4 weeks, that is, worn during activities and removed during bed rest. After 4~6 weeks, remove it for indoor activities, and still need to wear it when going out and taking transportation. The wearing time of the neck brace is not “the longer the better.” 2 to 3 months after the operation, the clinic is reviewed to understand the nerve recovery, and the neck brace is removed according to the internal fixation and healing. Exercise from sitting — sitting — sitting — sitting on the bed — sitting on the foot — standing on the bed — standing on the bed — standing on one’s own — supporting walking– -Walk on your own—Run slowly and successively, with active and passive physical exercises on the bed.  Remember: Reducing bow movements and bowing may be an important factor to accelerate cervical degeneration.

After myopia surgery, is the corrected visual acuity above 1.0?

Question 1: Will my vision “bounce” after myopia surgery? To answer this question, let’s start with the cause of myopia. Myopia is generally too long, and the light is only focused in front of the retina, not on the retina. This causes myopia to blur distant objects, and myopia surgery is Find a way to let the light fall on the retina. &nbsp. There are two main parts of the eye that can change the angle of light refraction. One is the lens and the other is the cornea. Currently there are two main types of myopia surgery, one is ICL lens implantation and the other is laser correction surgery. It acts on the cornea, mainly in full femtoseconds and half femtoseconds. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb&b The principle of surgery is to use a laser to polish the cornea to make the corneal curvature flat and allow the light to refocus on the retina. The polished part is the stroma of the cornea, which cannot be regenerated. &nbsp. Speaking of which, you should be able to understand that since the regeneration is not possible, the corrected power is generally stable. It can also be said that the correction of myopic power by laser correction surgery is one-time, and there is no possibility of retreat. &nbsp. Generally speaking, the structure of the adult’s eyeball is mature, and the degree of myopia will basically stabilize. Some people may have myopia surgery, and their vision may drop again, but this is not the “pot” of myopia surgery itself. It may be that myopia is caused by excessive eye use after a long period of time. &nbsp. So after myopia surgery, if you want to keep the effect, you should follow the doctor’s advice and cultivate good eye habits. &nbsp. Question 2: Why should myopia surgery be done after the age of 18? &nbsp. The better period for myopia surgery is roughly 18-50 years old. The ophthalmologist will evaluate the myopia patient’s own specific conditions and adjust the treatment age range appropriately, but generally will not advance the age range of myopia correction surgery. &nbsp. Since the age is less than 18 years old, people’s eyeballs are still in the period of growth and development, and surgery at the developmental stage often has little effect. Even if the operation itself is highly completed, there is still a high probability of visual regression after surgery. &nbsp. Premature surgery not only affects the degree of vision recovery, but also affects the future development of the eye and the structure of the eyeball. &nbsp. Question 3: Is there a risk for myopia surgery? Objectively speaking, there is no zero-risk medical behavior, as is myopia surgery. &nbsp. First of all, it is necessary to know that myopia surgery is contraindicated. Not everyone can perform myopia surgery. For example, patients with uncontrolled glaucoma, keratoconus and other eye diseases are not suitable for myopia surgery. &nbsp. Secondly, if you want to control the risk, the key is to choose the operation method that suits you. Different myopia operations have a suitable population. For example, in patients with myopia whose cornea thickness is relatively thin, it is not possible to achieve a safe corneal thickness range after laser cutting, so ICL lens implantation should be considered. &nbsp. These must go through a comprehensive and rigorous preoperative inspection to ensure that accurate and sufficient information is collected for doctors to evaluate to determine whether myopia surgery can be performed and which surgery is suitable. &nbsp. In Kunming Eye Hospital, there are more than 20 preoperative examinations for myopia surgery. The basic examination items include: ophthalmology examination, intraocular pressure examination, corneal topography, corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, mydriasis, scanning laser fundus examination, Fundus examination under the slit lamp, strabismus measurement, tear secretion, etc., ensure safety and controllable risks. &nbsp. Question 4: After myopia surgery, the corrected visual acuity is more than 1.0 after surgery? Outpatients often have such patients asking: “Since I have spent money on surgery, I have to have a postoperative vision of 1.5. Seeing it clearly, can the doctor do it for me?” &nbsp. I believe that many people will also have this idea, that the higher the postoperative correction of vision, the better. &nbsp. In fact, in general, postoperative corrected vision depends on the eyes

Take advantage of the lunch break to plant 1800 units! It’s not so handsome.

You are a hair loss person, now you have 1 extra hair, and it is completely ignored in the entire bald area, and 10 extra hairs are also ignored. 100 extra hairs may be partially changed, and with the new hair in the future Increased, more and more changes, basically a proportional change, but when the new hair breaks through a certain amount, it will exceed the proportional, but a geometric image change. For example, if you increase the image of every 100 hairs by 1 point, by the 900th hair, the image will increase by 9 points, and by the 1000th hair, the image will not increase by 10 points but by 20 points and 30 points. Produce qualitative changes. The case that appeared today is similar to this. His planting volume is not very large, but the hair transplanting effect in the later period is quite large, it is a geometric level effect that is larger than the proportional, it can be said that the planting is not too handsome, it is a lot This kind of superplanting is also a great value! Mr. Li in Hubei is in his early 30s, not too old, but his hair loss has crawled over his forehead, the hairline has receded, and the two frontal angles receded more, compared to those with large areas of hair loss For those of you, his is nothing, and can be ignored, even leaving some long hair to comb forward can cover up. Well, different people have different sensitivity to hair loss. Although Mr. Li’s hair loss is not serious, but his heart There is still a lump, and I feel that the hairline is retreating. He thought of hair transplanting. Hair transplants are now available in almost every province. Hair transplant hospitals are mainly clustered in the provincial capital, as is Hubei. Therefore, Mr. Li set out to choose a hair transplant hospital from Wuhan. Wuhan Yonghe was finally locked for three reasons: first, Yonghe entered Wuhan early, in September 2011, and other professional hair transplant hospitals were stationed in the later period, and the clinical accumulation was not as good as Yonghe. Second, Yonghe A large number of hair transplant cases can be found. The public number, official website and the department have comparison charts and videos of real cases, and the effect is very real. Third, Yonghe has a good reputation and no consumption traps. On September 24, 2017, Yonghe used FUE to plant 1800 units for Mr. Li, a hair follicle unit with a single hair of 700, and a hair follicle unit with multiple hairs of 1100. Originally, it was estimated that 1700 would be planted before surgery. Speaking of the operation time, you will enter the operating room at 11:40 and leave the operating room at 14:40, for a total of 3 hours. This time period is also the lunch break. Mr. Li took advantage of a lunch break to do hair transplant. Compared with other people who planted two or three thousand plantations or four or five thousand plantations at a time, Mr. Li’s 1800 units are considered to be small areas of hair transplantation. But his later effects are not small changes, but big changes. Half a year after the operation, the hairline moves forward. Where the new hair grows is basically where the survival is. People obviously look a lot younger and handsome. New year, all the hair is in place, and the handsomeness is rising. His planting area can be described as the finishing touch. The new hair comes out. The hairstyle changes, and the face shape changes. The entire image is a geometric rise. (I don’t think there is a lot of hair loss in this way) (a head down, watching the two frontal angles recede more) (post-pillow hair before surgery) (hairline and implantation area) (hair follicles separated during surgery) (the day after surgery) (operation On the day after the implantation area, there is blood scab, normal) (1 month after surgery) (planting area on 1 month after surgery, shedding period) (posterior pillow on 1 month after surgery) (half a year after surgery, is it cool) The top of the head in the second half of the year, thick) (the back pillow half a year after surgery) (1 year and 3 months after surgery) (still 1 year and 3 months after surgery)

Zhou Dongyu’s swollen face on Weibo, how about pulling wisdom teeth, so terrible?

When it comes to the pain of adults, pulling wisdom teeth is definitely on the list. When it comes to pulling wisdom teeth, everyone will automatically think of: pain, swollen face, drinking porridge to live. Zhou Dongyu had previously sunburned his face after pulling out his wisdom teeth, and it was very swollen, and he could not laugh at himself. There is also a celebrity in the wisdom tooth world in the entertainment circle. He is Liu Xianhua, and everyone is no stranger to him. The “Longing for Life” he participated in a while ago has also received a high degree of attention, and its performance has made netizens have many Praise won’t stop. Before that, he had participated in a variety show in Korea. Among them, his face was very swollen after pulling out his wisdom teeth. Netizens also felt like a bear. It was because of this matter that he received a lot of netizens. Onlookers have to say that Wisdom Tooth really helped him a lot. So let’s discuss today, is it really terrible to pull wisdom teeth? 1. Just after the tooth extraction, why didn’t the doctor let me spit? When you have extracted your teeth, the doctor will tell you that you can’t spit, you can only swallow it in, but this water is mixed with blood, it’s really uncomfortable to swallow…the dentist has you doing this, of course, for his reasons La! A tooth extraction socket will be formed in the mouth after tooth extraction, and a blood clot will form after half an hour. The blood clot protects the wound and accelerates the healing of the tooth extraction wound. The recovery of the tooth extraction socket starts from the blood clot. About 24 hours after the tooth extraction, the local “fibroblasts” have just grown from the wall of the alveolar bone to the blood clot, and slowly become a bloody “flesh”- -Granulation tissue. Over time, this piece of “flesh” will eventually calcify into normal bone tissue, fill in the “pits” on the bone, and complete the recovery of the tooth extraction trauma. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. But the growth of blood clots requires a process. The freshly coagulated blood clot has a tender texture like tender tofu. It can also be easily destroyed. If you spit saliva or gargle on the day of tooth extraction, it will cause negative pressure in the oral cavity to easily spit out the blood clot, resulting in more bleeding. The most terrible thing is that the wounds without the blood clot protecting the tooth extraction will become inflamed, and it is easy to form dry groove disease and produce severe pain! Even the ears and temples on the same side of the tooth extraction. Therefore, you are not afraid of bleeding after tooth extraction, but you are not afraid of bleeding! 2. After pulling out wisdom teeth, how do I know if I have dry socket? The teeth will not heal without blood. After the tooth is extracted, the blood clot falls off and the alveolar bone is exposed, showing a dry surface and exposed to the oral cavity filled with bacteria. The bone wall infection is dry socket. So, how to judge whether you have a normal postoperative reaction or dry groove? We should pay attention to the following key points: ① The time when the pain appears. The pain of dry groove is not the pain that occurs immediately after tooth extraction, but the severe pain that occurs after 3-4 days. The symptoms mentioned above do not need to be nervous two days before the wisdom teeth are removed, and the development of symptoms can be observed. ② painful area. If it is limited to the extraction socket, it may only be a postoperative reaction. If it is accompanied by radioactive peripheral pain, it may be swollen and painful to the ear-temporal area, lower jaw, and even the lymph nodes, so be careful. ③ Observe whether there is any smell in the mouth. Dry troughs or empty extraction sockets will have corrupt tissues and be accompanied by a foul smell. If you suspect that you have dry socket, please seek medical treatment immediately. The doctor will debride and apply medicine to relieve pain. If the treatment is not timely, the course of the disease can be extended for more than half a month. Infection secondary to dry groove disease may also cause osteonecrosis, osteomyelitis of the jaws, and even septicemia caused by systemic infection! &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3, what should I pay attention to after removing wisdom teeth? Face swelling after wisdom tooth extraction is a normal postoperative reaction, don’t worry too much, and postoperative swelling reaction can occur anywhere in the body, but because the maxillofacial region is the exposed part of the body, plus loose tissue and rich blood vessels, the swelling reaction is often Is more obvious. It should be noted that tooth extraction wounds are very fragile, and smoking should be avoided within 7 days after surgery. Some patients think that “Liquor can cure wounds and sterilize, and gargle with Liquor must help wound healing!” But the doctor just wants to tell you that these are crooked! Reason! evil! Say! Tooth extraction is also a huge body cost

Daily care of patients with colon polyps after surgery

 Intestinal symptoms often manifest as diarrhea, tenesmus, etc. Some patients with tubular adenoma can see mild diarrhea, mucus defecation, poor bowel movements, thinner notes, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Most patients with villous adenoma can see diarrhea, which is characterized by a large amount of mucus in the feces, and sometimes it can also cause rapid and heavy stools Uncomfortable symptoms.  According to statistics, diarrhea can be seen in 5-19% of patients with juvenile polyps, and constipation can be seen in 2-13%. Diarrhea is the main symptom of familial adenomatous polyposis. Often manifested as mucus bloody stools, but also have abdominal pain, tenesmus and other symptoms.  Diet after colon polyp surgery   【Post-dietary diet one】Don’t eat hot, greasy, rough, scum food, avoid tobacco, alcohol and coffee. 【Secondary post-operative diet care】Multiple foods with clearing intestinal fever, moisturizing nutritional mucosa, laxative and hemostatic effects, such as raw pear juice, lotus juice, water chestnut juice, reed root juice, celery juice, carrot, white radish (cooked food) ), bitter gourd, eggplant, cucumber, spinach, golden needle cabbage, cabbage, egg yolk, apple, fig, banana, black sesame, walnut meat, white fungus, etc.  Precautions after colon polyp surgery  【Postoperative notes 1】Practice the habit of regular bowel movements, and the bowel movements are preferably mushy.   [Post-operative notes 2] Reduce the posture of increasing abdominal pressure, squat and hold your breath as follows. Avoid sedentary, long standing, long walking and overwork.   [Post-operative notes 3] Be cheerful, and don’t be angry. The mood is not wide, and irritability and depression will cause the intestinal mucosa to contract and the blood flow will be poor.  【Precautions after operation 4】Reduce sexual intercourse. Excessive sexual intercourse can cause intestinal mucosa congestion. Increased bleeding.

“Teacher” breast augmentation, for whom?

The biggest hit this week is the “college entrance exam”! The whole society is paying attention to the candidates and parents, and of course, the “teachers” who have silently paid behind are also forgotten! In the eyes of the world, the teacher is the incarnation of “giving, preaching, and solving doubts”! Especially students and parents, all pin their hopes on changing their destiny on their teachers! Teachers are all “myths”! In fact, leaving students and parents, teachers also have their own lives and also have “seven feelings and six desires”. They also love beauty and sometimes “craze for beauty”! Let’s share a case of “teacher breast augmentation”! She is a very good teacher, giving people a sense of ability, and her speech speed is basically three times that of mine during dialogues, so every time I have to “interrupt” her to express me calmly meaning. Later, in our “post-operative care group”, I had to “order” that she could only send text, not voice! Because she was really “speaking” too much, it would only “limit” the “quantity” she expresses by sending words, allowing me to concentrate on listening to what she “mainly” wanted to express. A love of life! Very cute “teacher”! This is her impression! Preoperative analysis: 47-year-old, Beijinger, breast atrophy after marriage and childbirth, has long planned to breast augmentation, because of career and family reasons, has never achieved this “ideal”! My case was found on Weibo this time, and it was because of my experience working in a public hospital that her trust was generated. It was learned from the face-to-face consultation that she hopes that the postoperative chest shape will be in proportion to her figure. Preoperative design: 170/70, breast atrophy, moderate sagging! The upper and lower bust difference is 9cm. Breast base width 18.5cm! This width can accommodate “large capacity” prostheses! So, I chose the 395cc water drop prosthesis for her! Choose the areola incision and do the “inner lift” simultaneously! Five days after surgery! At the same time solve the problem of breast atrophy and sagging! Look at the changes before and after surgery? Is it very big? Summary: This case has several characteristics 1. Older age: For middle-aged breast augmentation customers, a detailed pre-operative physical examination must be done, especially for screening some chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., to assess the physical conditions of the surgery ability? The safety of cosmetic surgery is the first! This is the principle! 2. Breast size after operation: just enough! In this case, a larger volume of prosthesis can be placed according to the preoperative measurement data. However, for this age, I recommend no more than 400cc. Although the breast does not look “sufficient” after the operation, it is still necessary to consider her The body’s ability to bear, the prosthesis can not choose too big! 3. The third difficulty: the breast under the operation is extremely narrow, and the distance between the breasts is wide! It is more difficult to make an obvious “cleavage”! 4. The fourth difficulty: it is more difficult to solve breast sagging at the same time! The areola incision is used to implant the prosthesis while raising the breast tissue, and the self breast and the prosthesis are “unified”, and the two do not “disconnect” after the operation. This operation is more difficult! 5. Post-operative recovery: Old age indicates that the post-operative recovery is slow, but this customer’s physical fitness is very good, and it will basically return to “normal” five days after the operation! Have you encountered similar cases? Send me a private letter and discuss it! &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Liposuction helps you say goodbye to bloated bodies

This girl is mainly due to serious accumulation of fat inside and outside the thigh. Before surgery, she said that because she had thick thighs, she basically did not wear shorts and slim pants. Because she was too fat, she chose liposuction to improve. Surgical anesthetics: During painless anesthesia, liposuction focuses on sculpture of thigh ring suction, groin, false hips, buttocks, and the liposuction volume is about 4000ml. The effect of liposuction is related to the thickness of your own fat, so the first one is to confirm your body fat rate and the thickness of subcutaneous fat. Generally, every 2000ml of fat can reduce the leg dimension by 3-5 cm. Fat is characterized by low density, light weight, large volume, and high elasticity, so there will be no major changes in body weight after surgery. Its purpose is to reduce the circumference and be suitable for local fat accumulation. The characteristics of the recovery period: ️ Day 1: Bandage with pressure, there will be exudate discharge. ️ Day 2: Close the needle and change the dressing, wear a sculpting suit and raise your legs to avoid standing for a long time. ️Day 7: It is during the swelling period that bruising may occur. ️Day 14: There was a little swelling and the bruises began to dissipate. ️Day 30: The liposuction part basically recovered. Half a year after the operation: After the liposuction, the lower part of the body has no bloated feeling, and the skin has become very tight. Shorts and skirts are worn casually. The body shape and temperament of the whole person also change greatly.

Too bald! The hair transplant 3863 unit is very handsome for half a year, and the position is greatly promoted!

Almost the entire scalp is exposed on the top of the head! The exposed area is covered with dark hair, which at first glance is a broad river bed, and it suddenly looks like a bare trapezoid. It stretches on both sides, so that the width of the exposed hairline is very large, covering the two receding frontal angles… A big one is off! A big one is bald! Such baldness is pressed on Shanxi’s Li What a misfortune on the head of the sir! If it is better to be older, say that this is the vicissitudes of time, but he is a person in his early 30s, when he should be in a magnificent manner! It should not be bald! It should not be taken off! Mr. Li has seborrheic alopecia, and the entire top of the head is almost naked, indicating that the hair follicle necrosis is very serious. A large proportion of hair follicles die in the exposed area. A small proportion of hair follicles are still atrophy, but the solution can be minoxidil, but it can only be For the auxiliary function, the basic method is to plant hair and grow hair, so that is “lifting the ladder on the wall” and letting the “hair loss ladder” roll away. Note that the terms “auxiliary method” and “fundamental method” are not to be reversed! Mr. Li is in Shanxi, and the hair transplant hospitals in this province are all in Taiyuan. In the second half of 2017, he was in Taiyuan to visit the hair transplant hospital, running family by family, comparing prices, comparing effects, and comparing word of mouth. Of course, Taiyuan Yonghe also ran. The first time he came was just consultation, and then he left. After a while, he came to Taiyuan Yonghe for the second time. This time he finally scheduled Yonghe’s hair transplant surgery. Mr. Li said that several large and small hair transplant hospitals in Taiyuan are attracting him at a low price to make him “cheap hair transplant”, but after investigation, many “cheap hair transplant” after surgery results are not ideal, so he Decisively abandon the “low-cost temptation”, but choose Taiyuan Yonghe hair planting, after all, Yonghe is a big brand in the hair-planting industry! Dear friends, if you are faced with “low-cost hair planting” whose effect is not guaranteed, can you resist the temptation? 2017 On September 30, 1999, Taiyuan Yonghe planted 3863 units for Mr. Li, a hair follicle unit with a single hair of 1863, and a hair follicle unit with multiple hairs of 2000. Originally, it was estimated that 3600 units were planted before surgery, and the result was an increase of 263 units. As mentioned earlier, the top of his head is an overall naked scalp, and the hairline has receded. It is said that LATTICE encryption is mainly used and supplemented by FUE. However, all he does not have is planted with LATTICE, including the blank area of ​​hair receding. You may say that Mr. Li planted a very local tyrant, maybe, but in recent years, some high-end people have used LATTICE even for the hairline, after all, it is precision planting-still that sentence, for general friends we recommend using E planting Blank areas, but high-end people have to use L to plant blank areas, we also respect. It is said that the initial effect is half a year and the final effect is one year. However, Mr. Li had a good effect half a year after surgery. The original image of big baldness turned into a handsome image. Because of his role model, two colleagues also went to Taiyuan Yonghe to plant hair. Also, his image became handsome and his face value increased, people became more confident, and his position in the unit increased accordingly! (Look at Mr. Li’s baldness) Area, does it look like a trapezoid?) (Turn the angle and shoot his hair loss area.) (Pillow hair before and after surgery) (Hairline and planting area, a big piece) (Only in this way can you see the whole area of ​​the planting area (The hair follicles separated during the operation) (the implantation area on the day of the operation, there is blood scab, normal condition) (or the day after the operation, pay attention to a detail, not only the top of the implant, but also the vicinity of the temporal area) (postoperative 7 Days) (7 days after surgery, the scab was cleaned, and the head and face were cleaned) (7 days after surgery, the back pillow was also cleaned) (1 month after surgery) (1 month after surgery, the planting area, the shedding period) ( Happy smiles in January, and good results come from laughing!) (The back pillow in January is almost restored) (April after surgery, the image has changed greatly from the front view alone) (April after surgery , Looking down is still a bit sparse, but it is much stronger than before the operation) (the lateral planting area in April after the operation is also better) (posterior pillow in April after the operation) (half-year after the operation, the coach comes ! The position has been greatly promoted) (Side shot half a year after the operation, he is confident) (or half a year after the operation, this is a good effect, and another half a year is a better effect)

If the facial features are three-dimensional and soft, these two parts are the key!

A beautiful nose will not only make your face value soaring, but also full face contour, side face killing will also crush the passerby in minutes, but for the natural nose and face imperfect friends, the comprehensive operation of the nasal face is undoubtedly the magic weapon of transformation. ! Before the operation, it was shared by real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture will be investigated. The nose and apex of the young lady are not ideal. The tear groove of the apple muscle is also sunken. The doctor’s overall situation of the young lady has developed a comprehensive nasal face comprehensive plastic surgery plan. 7 days nose The shape of the department first appeared from the sharing of real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen image will be investigated. The swelling will continue to disappear. The congestion has almost disappeared. The wound is also close to the healing state. The pain is slight. Wait for half a month to see the shape of the nose. After seeing the 1-2 weeks after the operation, the rapid swelling period came to share from real customers of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. Everyone knows that the stolen pictures will be removed one week after the operation. In fact, after the stitches are removed, the rapid swelling period will be visible. The beautiful nose type continues to be avoided at this time, pay attention to the scar hyperplasia period of 3-4 weeks after anti-collision and anti-compression. It is shared by real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture must be touched within 1-2 months after nasal and facial synthesis It will feel hard because the nose is still in the swollen stage at this stage. The scars are also in the hyperplasia stage. The soft tissue is in the recovery stage. The feel will be relatively hard. The fat filled in the face is basically stable. The swelling sensation disappears after 1-3 months from Shanghai Huamei Medical Sharing with real customers in the beauty hospital, the swelling will disappear after 1-3 months of surgery. At this time, you can see the basic stable shape of the nose. If you want to return to a very natural state, then match it with a full apple skin They are very nice and very stereoscopic. After half a year, they will share with real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen pictures will be investigated. The general nasal face will return to a stable state half a year after surgery. Although it is stable at this time, don’t vigorously touch the normal touch of the nose. Then there is no problem. In the process of recovery, you must listen to the doctor’s advice so that you can recover faster and better. What kind of care can be restored faster after rhinoplasty? [Remember the ice pack for the first three days] This can reduce capillary bleeding and reduce bruising and redness, but be careful not to overwhelm a towel when the ice pack is applied to the nose. Wash off and wash again with normal saline. Apply a small amount of ointment or spray growth factor to make the wound heal faster and wait for self-healing [treatment of the nasal face and back of the nose] keep the nasal face clean. Oily secretions on the face and back of the nose must be cleaned in time. Alcohol or Wipe the wet towel clean without touching the nose with your hands to prevent foreign objects from hitting your nose [Do not wear glasses for 2 months] and diet and other habits should also pay attention to it. In fact, these doctors will tell you to be careful after surgery. Obediently listen to the doctor’s words, postoperative recovery is completely no problem. For rhinoplasty, doctor technology and prosthetic materials are very important. Postoperative care is also critical.

I am dissatisfied with the completion of my double eyelids. Can I repair it within a week?

Some beauty seekers do not feel the expected results after double eyelid surgery, and even feel that they have failed the operation. They are very anxious to ask whether they can perform repair surgery within a week? They can only say that this only depends on the situation. Repairing surgery within one week after double eyelid failure: severe postoperative morphological and functional problems. For example: after the operation, the eyes cannot be closed, cannot be opened, severe eyelashes, drooping eyelids, deformation or obvious asymmetry. ️If it is a failure that seriously affects daily life, it must be repaired as soon as possible. Double eyelid failure after three or six months of surgery: If you only have high requirements on the shape of the double eyelid, it is not recommended to repair it prematurely, because the double eyelid surgery will have swelling, Bruises and poorly formed eyelids. At this time, it is difficult to judge whether the operation really failed. ️ However, if the following conditions occur after the swelling subsides, then it is recommended that you perform repair surgery three or six months after surgery. Double eyelid asymmetry, large and small eye TIPS: large and small eye repair method: redesign according to the ideal side of it, and raise or lower the upper eyelid and meibomian plate on the poor side. Double eyelid is too wide, triple eyelid TIPS: double eyelid is too wide, three eyelid formation and repair method: cut along the original incision, fully peel off the skin below the double eyelid line, remove the orbicularis oculi muscle and the pre-tensorial tissue in front of the eyelid, use the upper eyelid For the stretchability of the skin, the incision was lifted and sutured to increase the width of the double eyelid. These are the common cases of double eyelid failure. Everyone’s situation is different. Before repairing, you must first understand what is wrong with your eyes. Finally, it is recommended that those who seek beauty should choose a doctor carefully for double eyelid surgery to avoid eye repair.

Precautions after double eyelid surgery

In addition to individual differences, the speed of recovery of double eyelid surgery is also critical to the details of care in personal life. After the operation is anxious for nursing, let’s take a look at the precautions for double eyelids: 1. Cold compress and hot compress swelling can be used for local cold compress three days before the cold recovery, about 15 minutes, especially 3 hours after surgery. It can effectively prevent postoperative edema and relieve pain. Three days after surgery or after thread removal, local hot compress is applied. The hot compress is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so that scars can heal quickly. Regardless of whether it is cold or hot, do not let the water wet the wound. If the wound becomes infected, you must go to the hospital in time to check it. &nbsp.2. It is important to keep the wound clean and dry to prevent wound cleansing after infection. If the wound is not clean, there is a risk of infection. The eyelid blood is rich. Pay attention to cleaning to avoid infection. If infection occurs, the eyelids may be doubled The wound is healed and scar formation is delayed. So be careful not to wet the wound when washing your face after surgery. The dressing on the eye can be removed 1 to 2 days after the operation. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with medical sterile saline and do not flow into the eye. 3. Prevention and treatment of bleeding, congestion or hematoma in surgical wounds If small blood vessels are damaged during surgery or the hemostasis is not complete during surgery, the eyes will be subjected to external impact after the operation, and intense exercise or irregular mood will cause bleeding, congestion or hematoma in the wound. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned complications, the local wounds can be bandaged or cold-packed with ice packs, but the pressure should not be large, so as not to damage the eyes. Once hemorrhage and severe hematoma occur after the operation, you should go to the hospital for prompt consultation. 4. It is necessary to think about what wounds to eat and recover quickly. The diet should also be based on lightness. It is forbidden to stimulate spicy foods and seafood. For example, mustard, chili oil or garlic, etc. In addition, beverages containing caffeine and alcohol cannot be consumed. Such as strong tea, strong coffee and carbonated drinks. Try not to eat hair or food containing estrogen. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins, which is beneficial to wound repair. Eat high-quality high-protein foods such as beef, chicken, fish, etc., to provide energy for the body to repair. &nbsp.5. Do not use painkillers easily. The wound will be a little painful on the day of surgery, but it will gradually ease over time. Don’t rush to take Qutong tablets, because analgesics will increase bleeding in the wound. &nbsp.6. Pay attention to the training of eye muscles after operation. Double eyelid surgery generally needs to cover the incision for 1 day, remove the gauze on the second day after the operation, and do eye opening exercise as soon as possible. Only by continuously strengthening the movement of opening your eyes can you promote blood circulation to the eye muscles and surrounding tissues, reduce and gradually eliminate the swelling at the surgical site, and promote the early absorption of surgical congestion. 7. Early prevention of scar hyperplasia at the surgical site Some people still use some anti-wrinkle sunscreens containing heavy metals such as mercury after double eyelid surgery. These cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals may aggravate the scar hyperplasia of the surgical incision, if it is scar constitution People will be even worse. Therefore, 3 to 6 months after the operation is the period of hyperplasia of surgical scars. During this period, cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals must not be used. Scar prevention drugs such as silicone drugs can be used as soon as possible. 8. Pay attention to the moisturizing and softening of the eyelid tissue. Some of the MM surgical incisions have been completely restored. I still feel a tight feeling in the eyes. I feel dull and others look awkward. In fact, this phenomenon is normal after surgery. As long as the local moisturizing and softening are done, the feeling of tightness will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, after the incision of double eyelid surgery is completely healed, you can use some regular manufacturers of moisturizing, softening tissue and skin care cosmetics that do not contain heavy metals. 9. After the operation, there should be a quiet and comfortable environment. The indoor air should be fresh and circulate and maintain a certain temperature. Do not watch TV or newspapers within 1 week after surgery. It is best to stay in a semi-recumbent position (push the pillow high) during bed rest to avoid excessive eye fatigue or low head position that can exacerbate wound swelling. You must not be exposed to strong light for a month, such as direct sunlight on your eyes or fire light emitted during welding, otherwise it will affect the effect. 10. Follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation, promptly the doctor’s follow-up visit, go to the hospital for a double-eyelid surgery, and follow the doctor’s instructions to regularly go to the hospital for a follow-up visit, so that the doctor can grasp the situation of the beauty lovers, and Choose the right plan in time.