The number of confirmed cases of the new crown in the world exceeds 10 million. Is it a “natural disaster” or a “human disaster”? Listener

The new crown epidemic situation currently exceeds the 10 million mark in the world, and the number of confirmed cases in the United States accounts for about a quarter of the total, ranking first in the world. More than half a year has passed since the discovery of the new crown epidemic. Although my country has achieved periodic results in epidemic prevention and control, other countries abroad are in full swing, and many countries have heard the news of the epidemic rebound! People cannot help but ask, is the New Coronavirus epidemic so severe, is it a “natural disaster” or a “human disaster”? Is the new crown virus epidemic “natural disaster” or “human disaster”? “Natural disasters” often refer to natural disasters, while man-made disasters refer to “human disasters”. The author believes that the Xinguan epidemic is so fierce that there are both “natural disasters” and “human disasters”. (1) The source of the natural disaster virus has not yet been found. As far as the investigation and research of current scientists are concerned, it may be related to bats, or it is more likely to consider natural sources. The early stage of the new crown was caused by “natural disasters” in our country. At first, everyone didn’t understand the virus, how to prevent it, how to kill the virus, how to treat it, it was a black eye. And during the Spring Festival, the world’s largest population migration period, spread quickly. But it was only after the Chinese government and people paid a huge price to control this “natural disaster” to a manageable level. The complexity and cunning of the virus is what we gradually learned in the fight against the virus. This is not controlled by man. This is the “natural disaster” aspect of this epidemic. (2) Although the characteristics of the human disaster virus cannot be controlled, the spread of the new crown epidemic also has “human disaster” factors. China has accumulated rich experience in SARS and this epidemic, and it has been shared with countries all over the world before the global outbreak. However, many countries, especially those in Europe and the United States, have not learned our experience and lessons. Neither government policy nor national mobilization has paid attention to the epidemic like ours, giving the virus an opportunity to break out, so that some countries have already Give up resistance and intend to achieve “natural immunity” at the expense of the lives of the people. Therefore, some people said that they would not copy the homework. As Professor Zeng Guang, the former Chief Scientist of Epidemiology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said: Western countries have neither learned experience nor learned lessons, which has caused Western countries to make mistakes in response to the epidemic. They have neither early warning nor control, nor have they done Good epidemiological survey! Many countries have begun to pay attention only to the treatment of diseases but not to the spread of diseases, and have not taken effective control measures like China. This is undoubtedly a factor of human disaster. Conclusion The outbreak of the new crown has now reached 10 million, and it has not reached its peak. From the current data, it will continue to grow. This epidemic has given humanity a hard lesson. This is a fierce battle between viruses and humans. Only by minimizing man-made disasters and working together to fight the virus together is the fastest and most effective way to solve the virus epidemic. Countries are currently developing vaccines, hoping to develop effective vaccines as soon as possible, which is an effective weapon against viruses. (Some of the pictures in the article are sourced from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

What to do with hemorrhoids

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Hemorrhoids is a very uncomfortable disease, and the place where it grows is also very special, so many people have hemorrhoids who are ashamed to open their teeth, and they are embarrassed to go to the hospital to see. How is it good? Could it just keep making waves? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Hemorrhoids are an unbearable disease for everyone, especially beautiful cuties, even if you have hemorrhoids, you don’t know how to do it, let alone go to the hospital, even the family dare not tell, so they have to sneak in Online query, this article is to tell you what to do if you have hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are too painful, you should follow the suggestions below. 1. Pay attention to the medication &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If you have hemorrhoids, what medicine should you take? Or what treatment should be used? There are a variety of medical treatments that are only temporarily effective. You can buy some hemorrhoid creams. These medicines can be applied directly to the affected area. Some medicines will come with sanitary pads, which can be attached to the underwear. For these female friends, they are all familiar with the car, but boys should stick to it even if they are not used to it. In addition, it should be noted that pregnant women should not apply ointment. 2. Pay attention to diet&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. After eating hemorrhoids, you should pay attention to your diet, do not overeating, you should eat more soybeans, barley, sweet potatoes, and various fruits, which is good, these foods are all good Rich in fiber, it is helpful to enhance the peristalsis of the intestine. Of course, you can eat more than these, but you should never eat spicy food or some hot fruits: litchi, mango, etc. These are foods that are easy to stimulate the intestinal tract and only aggravate the condition. 3. Appropriate amount of exercise Good, can speed up the metabolism and improve the body’s immunity. But we advocate moderate amount, don’t exercise too much, if you have hemorrhoids, the running length is like a marathon, and the speed is like a 100-meter sprint, then your butt is also drunk

You may want to know about tooth extraction

  What to eat after tooth extraction  1. After 2 hours of tooth extraction, you can drink water and eat semi-liquid food such as porridge, thin noodles, etc. Do not eat too hot or too hard food, do not drink hard alcohol, do not smoke, do not eat spicy food.   2. Reject entertainment, do not drink alcohol, adequate rest and sleep are necessary conditions.   3. You must use mouthwash after meals and before going to bed. After gently holding for 30 seconds, spit it out slowly to prevent bacterial infection.   4. Take the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription, you can’t reduce it yourself, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.   5. Drink more juice and supplement vitamin C and B to improve wound healing.  How long you can brush your teeth after tooth extraction  After the tooth extraction, the wound has just healed. At this time, the local fibroblasts have just grown from the alveolar bone wall to the blood clot, and gradually made the blood clot organic and become firm and strong. Regarding the question of how long you can brush your teeth after tooth extraction, generally speaking, you should not gargle or even brush your teeth within 24 hours after tooth extraction. If you rush to gargle and brush your teeth, you may rinse out or brush off the blood clots and cause rebleeding, or cause empty tooth sockets and cause painful “dry groove disease”, which will prolong the recovery time.  How long can you eat after tooth extraction   Two hours after tooth extraction, you can eat if there are no abnormalities such as bleeding or swelling in the oral cavity. It is best to eat some liquid foods. It is not appropriate to eat too hard, or too hot, too cold and other irritating diets. Because the blood clot in the alveolar cavity takes dozens of hours to generate new granulation tissue, it is best to eat some liquid food, so that on the one hand, it can supplement the physical strength of the body, on the other hand, it can be better To protect the tooth extraction wound.

Do ear reconstruction, does the ribs hurt the body?

Regardless of the direct burial method or skin expansion method, the vast majority of ear reconstruction surgery currently uses the patient’s own costal cartilage to create the ear. Many patients worry that taking rib cartilage will hurt the body a lot? Is taking rib cartilage harmful to the body? 1. Reconstruction of rib cartilage by ear reconstruction generally does not affect thoracic development or physical dysfunction. For decades, ear reconstruction surgery around the world has proved that ostomy using rib cartilage generally does not affect the stability of the child’s thoracic structure. Sex, appearance and normal development. The third, seventh, and eighth rib cartilage used in ear reconstruction is only a small section of the rib cartilage at the front end of the rib, and it will not affect the overall stable structure, shape and development of the rib cage. In addition, the place where the costal cartilage is taken will become fibrotic, forming a tissue similar to the costal cartilage. 2. After removing the costal cartilage, there will be no unsightly scars. In the past, many parents worry that their children will leave unsightly scars on the abdomen after taking the costal cartilage. This is actually a misunderstanding. Surgery does not necessarily leave obvious or unsightly scars. We usually perform fine sutures on wounds after surgery, which can effectively avoid the appearance of large-scale scars. Even if small scars are left, after the child’s wound is healed, it can be lightened and removed by modern medical beauty methods such as laser beauty. To sum up, taking rib cartilage does little harm to our body, almost no. At the same time, it is also necessary to clarify the concept of taking rib cartilage ≠ taking ribs. The reason why everyone feels afraid is that they often confuse the two concepts. Ear plastic surgery and repair medical expert-Professor Yu Wenlin, Professor Yu Wenlin, doctor and postdoctor in plastic surgery, and member of the flap group of the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Surgery of the Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. After more than 20 years of practice, he has been deeply involved in plastic surgery to shape the real “quote” ears. He continues to innovate in ear reconstruction technology. He has developed the self-costal cartilage ear reconstruction technology. The reconstructed ears have the same color, clear ear contours, and natural lifelikeness. They are recognized as currently less invasive, less expensive, and less scarring. Ear reconstruction technology.

Stay away from hemorrhoids, just “six to six”

1. Strengthen local body and anal local exercises, enhance physical fitness, maintain an optimistic mood, calm down and correct bad posture, avoid sedentary, standing for a long time, long walking, strengthen local functional exercises, such as doing anal lifting exercises. &nbsp. Second, pay attention to dietary adjustments and eliminate constipation. Eat more foods rich in soluble fiber, such as oats, whole grain foods and brown rice, vegetables and fruits: do not eat too much stimulating foods such as chili, spirits, betel nut, etc. Eat less hot fruit, such as mango, durian, lychee, longan, etc. 3. To develop a bowel movement once a day, no more than 5 minutes per bowel movement, drink 1 cup of cold water in the morning to keep the bowel movement smooth. Do not endure bowel movements for too long, squat toilet too long or too hard, read newspapers Wait. &nbsp.&nbsp. Fourth, keep the anus clean, wash the anus after every stool, especially diarrhea, usually take a bath with warm water, change the underwear frequently, do not wipe the anus with unclean or too rough toilet paper or waste paper, etc. In order to avoid infection caused by scratches. &nbsp. Fourth, we should pay attention to the treatment of primary disease, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, liver cirrhosis, heart disease, diabetes, abdominal tumors and other patients who are prone to induce hemorrhoids, we must take effective measures for timely treatment to avoid disease. . 6. To improve the understanding of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids are also diseases and should be treated in time. Do not ignore the scientific treatment of hemorrhoids.

Is masturbation really harmful?

Since the birth of mankind, masturbation, dubbed traditional craftsmanship, has existed. Even in the history of the East and the West, such normal physiological behaviors that reasonably and legally release sexual energy were once excessively demonized, and they cannot be prevented from happening. Although masturbation itself is harmless, many people have misunderstood it, resulting in many “imagined” diseases, or forced to link their own problems with masturbation. Therefore, medical workers always try to work through more popular science, so that more people can reasonably see masturbation. 1. Normal and moderate masturbation is not harmful to health. It is often claimed that masturbation is harmful on the Internet. In fact, as long as you pay attention to hygiene, and the methods and frequency are moderate, it will not be harmful to health. But accusations, or exaggerated, intimidating statements, will increase the pressure on the masturbator. In addition, masturbation does not involve others, nor does it cause moral or social problems. So as netizens said: I’m single, I’m proud, I’m set for the country! 2. Normal and hygienic masturbation will not affect fertility. The quality and quantity of sperm and eggs are determined innately, even though these may be changed due to the environment or disease. But one thing is quite clear: masturbation will not affect normal fertility. Of course, if you do not pay attention to hygiene or excessive masturbation, it is easy to cause diseases such as gynecological inflammation or prostatitis. But normal and hygienic masturbation will not cause infertility. 3. Normal frequency of masturbation will not cause sexual dysfunction. For most people, masturbation is just a way to release sex drive. The normal strength and frequency of masturbation will not damage the cavernous body, so it cannot cause erectile dysfunction. At the same time, masturbation will not cause changes in nerve structure, that is to say, masturbation will not cause clinical premature ejaculation. Therefore, many people will find that it is easier to reach the climax when masturbating, but it will be more difficult when “acting”.

5 factors that men are prone to fail

Whether it is work life or bed, the most taboo thing for men is to be said “no”, but if they really can’t, men should reflect on themselves: see why they are like this? If there are the following 5 situations, then It should be improved in time. Five factors make it easy for men to fail. 1. Smoking has data both at home and abroad that tobacco can easily affect male sexual function. When smoking, nicotine stimulates the brain to make the nervous system in an excited state, resulting in an unbalanced state of brain excitement and inhibition. This incoordination will cause the body to appear excited for a short time, and more time is in a state of suppression, so quit smoking as soon as possible for the dignity of men. 2. Alcoholism In recent years, related studies have also found that alcoholism can also lead to sexual disorders. One is that alcohol directly acts on the reproductive organs, which leads to the appearance of sexual function. The other part is that it causes neurological abnormalities in the brain. Caused. Third, the drug folks have said that “it is a three-point drug”, no matter what kind of drug will cause a certain degree of damage to the body, especially all kinds of antihypertensive drugs / hypolipidemic drugs will affect the X ability to varying degrees. There are also aphrodisiac drugs. Although it can be said that men can show male style in a short time, they will inhibit sexual function for a long time, so various drugs should be used with caution. 4. Stress is too high. Men are the pillars of the family. They need to travel around for a family. Therefore, they also bear serious pressures in daily life. This makes men often tired and has very low interest in sex. Men should relieve their stress in time and regain their interest in the lives of couples. 5. Obesity Obesity also has a certain relationship with sexual ability, and obesity also has a greater impact on sexual function. There are many reasons why men can’t do it, so be sure to find the exact reason to adjust, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just in case something goes wrong.

How to scientifically confine

As soon as I mention the confinement, every “coming person” has a deep understanding. Such confinements are enforced during the confinement: no bathing, no brushing, no window ventilation, no slippers, no salt, no vegetables and fruits… Which is the care of the mother, it is torture! If you don’t believe it, try it: more than 30 degrees in the room, no windows are allowed, no scrubbing, and thick clothes! If you don’t wash your hair, brush your teeth or eat fruits and vegetables for a month, the most incomprehensible thing is that you can’t put salt in the soup! &nbsp. How is “confinement” scientific? In fact, it is very simple, it is the best comfort! How does the maternal feel comfortable? As mentioned earlier: 2 weeks after childbirth is a period of maternal sweating. During this period, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes and dry your sweat at any time! 1. After bathing, you can take a shower and wash your hair after 24 hours of delivery. Pay attention to taking a shower, avoiding a lavatory bath, preventing genital tract retrograde infection, and recommend drying your hair in a timely manner; the wound heals well after a week of caesarean section. You can also rest assured to shower! &nbsp. The room temperature should be maintained at around 24~26 degrees, and windows should be opened every day for ventilation! When opening the window for ventilation in winter, you only need to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the body. When using the air conditioner or fan in summer, you can blow the fan blades of the air conditioner and fan against the wall to increase the air flow, thereby reducing the temperature of the room. &nbsp.2, postpartum diet&nbsp. To be nutritionally balanced, increase the amount of fish, meat, eggs, and milk in an appropriate amount to promote milk secretion; eat more vegetables and fruits in moderation, get out of bed as early as possible, and prevent constipation; food during confinement The taste should be light, do not eat greasy and spicy foods; especially noteworthy: fruits are eaten at room temperature and washed, without having to be cooked or eat hot, otherwise a lot of beneficial vitamins in the fruit will It is destroyed in the heat, so eating fruit is meaningless. &nbsp. In a word: I hope that every expectant mother will use a scientific method to arm her mind, happy, safe and comfortable to spend a special, beautiful, and more memorable period of time in her life!

“Number one” strategic dialogue, a negotiation to double the volume began

Hello everyone, my name is A Mao, a member of thousands of hairs, living on the head of the owner. I am not an organ, without nerves, blood vessels and cells, but I can increase the beauty and protect the scalp from the wind and the sun. More importantly, my ups and downs reflect the health of the owner. Although the age has grown over time, the owner has changed various shapes and colors for me. But I have never complained about him, because I understand that he has a beauty-loving heart. But what makes me sad is that the host has never cared for me and my ethnic group like caring for my face and skin, and many of my little friends who have accompanied me with him are gone. I don’t think I’m spared, so it’s time to fight back and talk to my master to make him aware of my mistakes…and save my fragile life. Oh my god, how could I have such a master? I really don’t know if it’s a disaster. I’m terrible when I don’t have a culture. I don’t have any sense of crisis. Single Wang. &nbsp. I dare to talk to me about medicines. I’m getting more and more angry. I’m so stupidly deceived. I also want our hair family to pay for you. I really wonder what the owner thinks. , I ran away from home long ago. It seems that this conversation is still very successful now, and I can rest assured to the hair family. In fact, we really don’t have so many demands, “You love me, I will grow luxuriantly”, love your hair and make your health and beauty correct, why not do it?

Rhinoplasty 丨 What should I do if the cartilage has become visible after finishing the nose?

Over time, we will find that more and more people are doing nasal repairs. Some people want to do repairs because of the lack of doctor skills, and some people want to repair because the postoperative shape has not reached their satisfactory results. . However, as the number of repairs increases, the skin becomes thinner and thinner. Over time, the appearance of cartilage appears. Normally, the appearance of cartilage is mainly related to the following factors: ■NO.一■Skin tension now Many beauty seekers want a very exaggerated effect after surgery, blindly pursuing “high”, “long”, “very”, and ignore the tension of the skin itself, resulting in excessive skin tension, the appearance of cartilage will appear ■NO.2 ■The thickness of the skin varies from person to person. In simple terms, the thinner the skin, the easier it is to appear. If you have undergone multiple surgeries, it will naturally cause the skin to become thinner and thinner, and it is more prone to cartilage manifestation. ■ NO. III ■ Cartilage Material Generally, the probability of using ear cartilage to form at the tip of the nose is higher than that of the nasal septal cartilage. And costal cartilage. In addition, there will be absorption in the later period of cartilage, which may also cause cartilage to appear. ■NO. Flip ■ Management of post-operative expression When the nose is finished, general doctors will recommend paying attention to expression management, do not laugh often or do more exaggerated facial expressions, it may be better to leave the skin without a tight feeling . How should I repair the cartilage appearance? Many friends of cartilage appearance want to add materials to the tip of the nose to improve this situation, such as the costal cartilage fascia, ear fascia, etc. In fact, this will not solve the problem of cartilage appearance. The problem of cartilage appearance is mainly due to the excessive tension. Adding materials to the tip of the nose will not only reduce the appearance of cartilage, but will increase the pressure on the skin of the nose, making this situation more serious. Therefore, if you want to improve the appearance of cartilage, you need to reduce the height of the nose tip. Having a nose with a reasonable height will not only make the facial ratio more attractive, but also reduce the pressure on the skin, thereby improving the appearance of cartilage. &nbsp.-END-&nbsp.

Medical knowledge you don’t know

The mother insists on evidence-based parenting so that the child can reduce over-treatment and boldly say no to drug abuse and over-examination. 38.5 ℃ above and appear mentally depressed, eat ibuprofen or acetaminophen, do not alternate medication, do not wipe (warm water or alcohol is not recommended), do not cover the heat, do not have fever and umbilical stickers, children with acute rash can see the wind (Blowing hair and taking a bath are fine), do not eat and do not inject Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine intravenously (side effects and effects are not clear, the harm is greater than the benefits), coughing once or two does not need to run to the hospital, pneumonia is not caused by cough (cough is only This clinical manifestation is not the cause), fever will not burn the brain. Don’t eat probiotics at will, DHA let the mother or child eat deep-sea fish as much as possible, don’t put feces and urine, do not massage, not cover the heat, socks can not be worn, cold from the foot is not reliable. Do not wear open crotch pants, do not shake your head, do not use walkers, do not measure bone density, trace elements, and do not abuse antibiotics [including but not limited to acute upper respiratory tract infection (common cold)&nbsp., hand, foot and mouth disease, herpes angina, emergency children Rash, acute tonsillitis, etc.]. No need to drink water within 6 months, add supplementary food from 4 to 6 months, ensure daily intake of high-iron foods (fortified iron rice noodles, animal liver meat, fungus, etc.), do not eat seasonings or drink juice within one year of age (It is not recommended to squeeze and buy oneself). It is forbidden to eat honey. If you have a bad appetite, you may not lack zinc. Raising children is not to raise stools, green stools are not sick, saving belly is different from constipation, don’t move and feel diarrhea. &nbsp. Calcium supplementation is not necessary. Normally fed infants and young children rarely have calcium deficiency. Pillow baldness or night startle may not necessarily be calcium deficiency. There is no medical claim of food accumulation or getting angry. 400IU vitamin D per day. Long teeth are related to heredity, and deciduous teeth do not have calcium deficiency late. The growth curve looks at development. The child is not a product on the assembly line, and it is not compared with other children. After the first three months, the weight and height will be longer and slower, raising a baby is not a pig, and it is impossible to gain weight every month. Whether the hip is dislocated does not look at the leg pattern but the hip pattern, and the leg pattern is not symmetrical. Go to the hospital to take a photo of b-ultrasound asymmetry of the hip pattern. Breast milk is best. Goat milk powder is no better than milk powder. Mastitis can be breast-fed, and no residual milk needs to be discharged after weaning. &nbsp. Both types of vaccines are conditionally vaccinated. Egg allergies can be used for leprosy. After the vaccine is given, you can take a bath without taboos. &nbsp. Breast milk can dye hair, perm, tattoos, eyebrows and nails. &nbsp.&nbsp. Eczema should be moisturized. If moisturizing is ineffective, use hormonal ointments such as nedide or Youzhuer. Do not use [Skin.Le.Cream] from the Pediatric Institute. The risk of hormones, heat rash, ensure that the ventilation is not covered, the red butt care with zinc oxide containing diaper cream, do not use comfrey oil. &nbsp. More skin contact, more flatulence, do exhaust exercises, intestinal colic hugs, big sports develop naturally.

Must see, how to reduce excessive medical treatment (summary version)

The mother insists on evidence-based parenting so that the child can reduce over-treatment and boldly say no to drug abuse and over-examination. Above 38.5℃ and appear to be mentally depressed, eat ibuprofen or acetaminophen, do not alternate medication, do not wipe (warm water or alcohol is not recommended), do not cover the heat, do not have fever and umbilical stickers, children with acute rash can see the wind , Do not eat and intravenous Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine, (side effects and effects are not clear, the harm is greater than the benefit), cough a few times without running the hospital, pneumonia is not caused by cough, fever will not burn the brain. Do not eat probiotics at will, do not eat DHA, do not put feces and urine, do not massage, do not cover the heat, socks can not be worn, cold from the foot is not reliable. Don’t wear open crotch pants, don’t shake your head, don’t stand, don’t need a walker. Excluding bone mineral density, trace elements, and no abuse of antibiotics [including but not limited to acute upper respiratory tract infection (common cold) & nbsp., hand, foot and mouth disease, herpes angina, acute rash, acute tonsillitis, etc.]. There is no need to drink water within 6 months, supplementary food is added after 6 months, and daily intake of high-iron food is guaranteed. Do not eat seasoning, juice or honey within one year of age. Poor appetite is not necessarily a lack of zinc, and you don’t need to replenish zinc when you are idle. Raising children is not to raise stools, green stools are not sick, saving belly is different from constipation, don’t move and feel diarrhea. &nbsp. There is no need for calcium supplementation. There is no such thing as lack of calcium in medicine, and there is no such thing as accumulating food. Pillow baldness, sweating, dreaming and crying have nothing to do with calcium deficiency, 400IU of vitamin D per day, long teeth are related to heredity, deciduous teeth are not late for calcium deficiency. The growth curve looks at development. The child is not a product on the assembly line, and it is not compared with other children. After the first three months, the weight and height will be longer and slower, raising a baby is not a pig, and it is impossible to gain weight every month. Whether the hip is dislocated does not look at the leg pattern but the hip pattern, and the leg pattern is not symmetrical. Go to the hospital for b-mode ultrasound with asymmetric hip pattern. Breast milk is best. Goat milk powder is no better than milk powder. Mastitis can be breast-fed, and no residual milk needs to be discharged after weaning. &nbsp. Both types of vaccines are conditionally vaccinated. Egg allergies can be used for leprosy. After the vaccinations, you can take a bath without having to avoid them. &nbsp. Breast milk can dye hair, perm, tattoos, eyebrows and nails. &nbsp.&nbsp. Eczema should be moisturized. If moisturizing is ineffective, use hormonal ointments such as nedide or Youzhuer. Do not use it in pediatric institutes. Skin experts and infants are all at risk of adding hormones. As a result, red butt care uses zinc oxide-containing diaper cream, do not use comfrey oil. &nbsp. More skin contact, more flatulence, do exhaust exercises, intestinal colic hugs, big sports develop naturally.

Why does vitiligo become an incurable disease? What are the reasons?

  Most people understand that vitiligo is a skin disease that is more difficult to treat. When someone finds that they have vitiligo, they are eager to go to the hospital for treatment. Relatives around them began to protest: “No cure, no cure”. You see, I have been sick for so many years, but I still eat well and sleep well. So many people gave up the early treatment. Vitiligo is not an incurable disease. The causes of vitiligo are different. The same treatments will be different. So why is vitiligo becoming an incurable disease? What are the reasons?    1. I don’t seek symptomatic treatment. I think vitiligo is not a treatment method. I believe that the modern scientific method of treating vitiligo is to take the superstitious evil way. Many patients are more nervous early in the disease, usually in cases of abuse. In the treatment of vitiligo, the cause of vitiligo is not found, there is no diagnosis, no treatment, and only the disease of vitiligo is used, which makes many patients unable to treat for a long time. The common thing is that the disease is prone to relapse, drug resistance or large-scale expansion. Good treatment Time is lost.   2. The influence of bad emotions  Although many patients take medication time during treatment, the condition is still not cured. This partial eclipse is closely related to excessive diet, emotional stress or sadness. Current research has confirmed that vitiligo is related to a variety of genetic factors and the external environment, and patients with vitiligo should not face greater pressure in their daily lives. Many patients with vitiligo have no treatment, long-term stress, tension between depression and other emotions. This will cause the nervous system and endocrine system of patients with vitiligo to be affected, which leads to the proliferation of vitiligo, which makes the treatment of vitiligo more difficult.  3. Interruption of treatment  Many patients often choose to stop treatment after treatment. However, the improvement of conditions does not mean that the toxins in the body are completely removed. Incomplete treatment is often an important cause of recurrence of vitiligo. The formation of such a cycle will not only affect the patient’s condition, but also cause economic pressure and mental pressure. The traditional treatment method does not grasp the substantive problems of melanin sources and apoptosis, but only on the surface, it can be said to be passive water. Without solving the problem from the source, you cannot completely treat vitiligo.   4. Missed treatment time    Many patients with vitiligo neglected treatment because of their busy work, but this does not mean that vitiligo cannot be treated. Some patients with vitiligo have a large area, systemic vitiligo, and the treatment itself is difficult. In addition, the usual diet is irregular, and it is inevitable that there will be social situations, which leads to long-term treatment of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a kind of hypopigmented skin disease that is difficult to treat and easy to spread. If in the early treatment of vitiligo, the pigment loss of leukoplakia is not very serious at this time, the area is small, the number is not very large, the treatment is difficult, and recovery is relatively easy. Many professional techniques can make the treatment of leukoplakia patients, of course, the premise is still need to obey the patient.  Reminder: Don’t give up on vitiligo, the condition is not so terrible, because people say. When you understand the truth, you may be able to see the nature of the lesion more clearly, and the treatment will be more of a treatment process.

Precautions before and after eye bag surgery

Before operation: 1. Please avoid menstrual period during operation; 2. Stop using aspirin or anti-coagulation drugs like aspirin and the habit of taking Chinese medicine two weeks before operation; 3. If you suffer from hypertension, diabetes and any other diseases, please inform the attending doctor in advance Teacher; 4. People who have basic eye diseases or have had eye plastic surgery in advance need to inform in advance. Postoperative: 1. Get more rest in the early postoperative period. Pillow up slightly when you sleep to avoid excessive eye use after surgery. When washing your face, be careful not to wet the wound and rub the lower eyelid. Keep the wound clean and hygienic to prevent infection. 2. From the first day, you can put a clean gauze on the local area and apply a cold pack of ice packs 3-4 times a day, about 20 minutes each time. Do not let the water drop around the eyes. If there are secretions in the corners of the eyes, you can clean them with a sterile cotton swab. 3. On the third day, continue to apply ice to cause congestion and swelling of the wound. Eyes should be repaired. The indoor temperature should be kept smooth. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and do not eat melanin (soy sauce, vinegar, etc.), which can cause pigmentation of the scars. Don’t eat spicy food. 4. Warm compresses can be applied from the fifth day, (the skin can feel warm), the time should not be too long. 5. Avoid bowing your head as much as possible within one week, do not get wet, and do not wear makeup invisible within two weeks. Eye massage is not allowed within one month. Face washing and light makeup must be applied horizontally. Pay attention to sunscreen every day. 6. During the early recovery, bending, bowing, coughing, sneezing, or urging hard. These pressure-increasing actions may cause bleeding of small blood vessels on the wound surface. Be careful.

How long can I live with kidney disease?

First of all, kidney disease is a latent chronic killer, and your kidneys are spoiled unconsciously. The most serious illness is uremia. Ordinary people often think that this step is a dead end, and a thick family is OK. If you change your kidneys and your family is thin, you have to wait for death. But after all, only a very small number of people have uremia, and most of the patients are other types of kidney disease, such as nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones and so on. Even if you have uremia, you are not dead. At present, the country implements medical insurance for serious diseases of uremia, and the medical insurance is reimbursed for the most part. The cost of dialysis is not personally paid out. If you have financial conditions, you can still wait for a kidney transplant. How long can dialysis and transplant live? There are many people who have been dialyzed and transplanted for more than 30 years. Rather than calculating how long you can live without being panicked all day long, it is better to spend more time with your family, enjoy every day of your life, and travel to where you want to go. What’s more, many of our kidney patients are still a long way from the last stage. As long as you don’t work hard and work hard, you can fully cooperate with a doctor to enhance physical exercise in your lifetime, and avoid going to the late stage of uremia. In addition to believing in regular doctors, regular treatment, and not superstitious, the usual sense of self-protection is also very important. First of all, don’t take medicine casually. Health care products, no matter where you look for home remedies, do n’t try “baicao” because you are not a “Shen Nong”. Liver and kidney are the first to be injured by various medicines. Some medicines are often not clinically tested, and even doctors cannot determine whether they can be taken, so it is better to be cautious. Kidney disease is difficult to break roots, and continuous rooting does not mean that kidney function cannot be stabilized. As long as the kidney function is always sufficient, even if the root is constant, it can satisfy the normal life. Secondly, even if the condition is stable, a regular review of about 3 months is necessary. Some of our patients always want to cut off the roots because they think that the indicators will never be ignored after turning negative. This is not enough. Even if the indicators are very stable, or even all overcast, they must be reviewed regularly. Re-examination items such as urine routine, 24-hour urine protein quantification, blood pressure, renal function, blood routine, renal ultrasound, electrolytes, etc. are some of the more basic items. In addition, life planning, mentality adjustment, not too tired, do not stay up at night, usually exercise, do not eat too salty, etc., these are daily maintenance work. Finally, and most importantly, always have a sense of awe and do n’t mess around. In fact, many of us will fall into extremes just because we are too scared. Just think about it, why should you be so afraid? There are more than 100 million people with kidney disease in our country, and there is no special statistics on the number of uremia. It is estimated to be more than 1 million. Even if it is unfortunately the 1%, the doctor is not helpless, there is a strategy. Think of it this way, God doesn’t actually have a very harsh patient with kidney disease. Do your utmost perseverance, strive for the life is not poisonous and impenetrable is the king!

After breaking up, I knew that it was impossible, but I still struggled to recover. What do I need?

A very good girl is better than the boy in every aspect. After the two get along with each other, the other party feels inappropriate, so she blacks her. She is verifying various messages and various apologies on Douyin and WeChat, saying that she did something wrong and did not do well. She needs to correct it and let the boy add herself back. This way of redemption makes others feel humble, and feel that they can’t understand why girls do this? Many people will try to recover after breaking up, but they know that it is impossible after breaking up, but they still have to work hard to recover. What’s wrong? First of all, it must be said that this is a very painful thing, just like a child who is not loved by his parents, but he has to make all kinds of efforts, try his best, and want his parents to see him. Some people say that after breaking up they know that it is impossible, but they still have to try to save it because they are not willing. Yes, of course. But just not reconciled? Behind the unwillingness are more deep emotions such as fear, sadness and anger. Faced with his (her) departure, the future life can only be faced by you alone, faced with loss, this will make us have a deep fear; fear will make us want to try hard to catch some What, so at this time you may do some redemptive behavior, because sometimes the redemptive behavior, when the two people ’s feelings have some room and possibility, the other party will turn back, that is, these relationships are “controlled” by your efforts Your fear is reduced. But when we try hard to catch, and the attitude of the other party is still unmoved, still very determined, you will feel a sense of loss of control (you can’t tell if you are not together), and then you will breed sadness In the past, you invested so much in this relationship, but you can’t be together anymore, your interests are lost, and your emotions are further transformed into anger. After anger, of course, he and she (she) contest. You want to prove that you are stronger than him (her) in the contest, and the more the other person makes you unable to feel hope and turnaround, does this make you feel that the other party is stronger than you, and you must prove that you are Stronger than him (her). If you do n’t want to prove it, you also know that breaking up does n’t mean you ca n’t do it all. Would you still torture yourself like that? So ah, knowing that it is impossible to break up but still refuse to give up, always trying to save, you need to see if you have a problem of insufficient self-worth. What is self-worth? Self-worth means that individuals value themselves, feel that their talents and personalities are valued by society, enjoy a certain status and reputation in the group, and have a positive emotional experience produced by good social evaluation. Those with this emotional experience usually show self-confidence, self-esteem and self-improvement. On the contrary, they tend to have a sense of inferiority and self-abandonment. Inferiority complex is a complex emotion that cannot help oneself. People with inferiority complex despise themselves and think they cannot catch up with others. A. Adler has a special interpretation of inferiority complex, calling it an inferiority complex. He mainly has two related uses of the word: First, the inferiority complex refers to a complex psychology composed of subconscious desires and emotions that take one’s own ability or environment and talents as the core of others’ inferiority complex. . It is the force that drives people to be superior, and the result of repeated failures. So how to improve self-worth? Objectively know yourself. Many of us know ourselves from the important others around us, such as the evaluation of parents and teachers. A person with a low sense of self-worth mostly lives in an environment that is often negatively evaluated in the early days. Over time, he has formed a thinking mode that only looks at his negative evaluation, and is trapped in a self-knowledge that I can’t do. How can anyone in the world be as bad as it is worthless? The most important thing is that you start to see that you have some good or even excellent aspects. Of course, it ’s not bad from me to realize that I still have many aspects. It also needs a process. This transformation is not completed in an instant. Try to do the things you avoided before. We know that many of us, once we feel that I ca n’t do something, will avoid doing that thing, and when you do n’t do it, you are not idle. Let me tell you, you ca n’t do it, you ca n’t do it. If you have to do it, you will be ugly, do n’t go to shame. You have to know that the more you avoid, the more you will verify your inner understanding of yourself, you just ca n’t. In this way, you can hardly get out of your negative understanding of yourself. This is not to say that you have to challenge yourself, just let you

What should I do if I have condyloma acuminatum and relapsed after three photodynamics

Photodynamics is a type of physical therapy. There will be some pain in the treatment process and after treatment. Some methods are easy to leave scars. Although the surface warts are gone after treatment, the HPV virus in the patient still exists, so the genital warts are It is easy to relapse. Condyloma acuminata relapses. First, it is not cured completely. Second, in the previous treatment, the virus with warts invaded the body and did not show symptoms, so it was not treated thoroughly. And during this period, not only the wart body grows again, but also new wart body grows in other places, resulting in more serious disease than before. For the treatment of recurrent condyloma acuminatum, pure Chinese medicine can be taken orally and combined with external vesicles to completely remove the virus under the local skin and mucous membrane and improve the immune system treatment, so as to achieve the goal of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms. Take the national patent of 2011101665723 as the typical representative of the Chinese medicine group. Not only does the treatment process have no pain, but also the warts and viruses can be completely removed to achieve the purpose of curing without recurrence.

He is 45 years old and lies in the ward! The daughter said that he is usually in good health, why is he suffered from cerebral infarction and hemiplegia?

Master Feng is 45 years old, having dinner and drinking wine, and suddenly the glass falls to the ground. Master Feng also slipped out of the chair, and the family helped him, but neither of them helped him, and asked him why he did n’t speak. I only saw Master Feng’s mouth twisted and kept drooling … Even if there is no medical knowledge in this situation, I also know that the stroke is broken. 120 was sent to the hospital to have a CT, prompting a large area of ​​cerebral infarction. Master Feng ’s daughter-in-law came with her. The daughter-in-law had not yet started school. When her father rescued her, she asked the doctor: “My dad, I ’m not uncomfortable at ordinary times. Why do I have a cerebral infarction? ? “We first introduced Xiao Feng. The current condition is critical and we must be prepared. At the same time, she was told that her father had a blood pressure of 200/120, blood sugar 17, and low-density lipoprotein 7.6 when he came; this is a typical three-high. When doing CT, the nurse couldn’t lift it at all, and finally found 4 doctors and family members before lifting it onto the CT bed. The weight must have exceeded the standard. Therefore, the doctor told Xiao Feng: “Your father has high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat, and obesity; it can be said to be the typical four highs. And you said that your father is usually good, there is nothing wrong, it means that these diseases have not been found.” Xiao Feng said: “But he usually doesn’t feel anything, there is no dizziness, headache, uncomfortable, and there is no numbness!” The doctor said: “Most of the three high people have no performance at the beginning. Only some talents will have Uncomfortable. If you do n’t check it, you will find the three highs until you develop a cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction. ”Long-term uncontrolled three highs will cause the blood vessels to produce more vascular waste, resulting in atherosclerosis and worse . When the plaque is aggravated to a certain degree, unstable plaque will rupture, and thrombosis will form after the plaque ruptures. If the thrombus is blocked in the cerebral blood vessels, cerebral infarction will occur. After the cerebral infarction, hemiplegic aphasia, hemiplegia, and so on will occur. Some people can recover, but some people will have sequelae, and severe ones will die. Therefore, Xiao Feng said that her father is usually good, but suddenly had a cerebral infarction. In fact, it is not usually good, just self-error and feeling good. Before the bomb explodes, it will be calm and calm. Once it explodes, it will disappear. But Master Feng’s family does not have cardiovascular disease, why did he quietly have the third high? Later, Xiao Feng told the truth, her father was less than 20 years old and began to smoke. At least 2 packs a day, usually love to drink, at least half a catty a day, love to eat meat, Dun Dun can not be less, especially braised meat, less than 30 At the age of one, he was very fat. I don’t usually like to go out and walk, so I just lie on the sofa and watch TV. Think about it. Fatty, salty people, a lot of smoking and drinking, long-term sitting and never exercise, these habits will lead to obesity, leading to high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat. And Master Feng did not have a physical examination, not even the habit of measuring blood pressure, and he didn’t even know when he had already reached the third high. All unhealthy living habits + uncontrolled high three will lead to aggravation of cardiovascular waste, that is, atherosclerosis increases, as atherosclerosis worsens, then it will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The risk of cerebral infarction will increase significantly, no matter how old you are, the more these unhealthy lifestyles, the more likely it is to have cerebral infarction. Most of the cerebral infarctions we see in the hospital will have more or less high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, smoking, alcoholism, inactivity, obesity, unhealthy diet and other bad habits. These are the main reasons for middle-aged cerebral infarction, and now more middle-aged people are willing to choose this kind of life, because they think it is a kind of enjoyment, a kind of enjoyment. But one day, when you are lying on the bed in the hospital’s intensive care unit, with all kinds of instruments, you can’t move and you can’t speak, even when you have to wait for someone to eat, drink, poop and pee. Do you still think this is a kind of enjoyment and enjoyment? If you feel that everyone lying there eating, drinking, and taking care of Lhasa is taken care of, even if it is a blessing, then you can indeed choose to live like Master Feng. I think Master Feng is speechless, but he regrets it, and he regrets it very much. If God can give him another chance, he will definitely not choose this kind of life since he was 20 years old. He will definitely choose what Dr. Wang suggested every day: stay away from tobacco and alcohol, adhere to exercise, eat healthy, control weight, work on schedule, avoid staying up late, a good mood, etc. But Master Feng

Five points that need to be clear about fat filling

Self-fat facial filling is very popular, but some people swollen into a “bun face” when they are too hard on the way to pursuing a full face. For example, Feng Apple apple muscles ca n’t wait to sag to the corner of the mouth. The filling of the forehead brain gate is directly comparable to that of Shou Xing Gong. After completion, it is found that the comedy effect is more than the beautiful effect. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. So is all fat transplant filling unnatural? & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.NO ~ NO ~ NO! That’s because you don’t know these 5 points on the way to fat filling! & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.1. In order to be full, you can inject more fat! & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. “I’m afraid that the postoperative absorption will be too fast, just fill in more at one time!” & nbsp. How many people have this idea? Please raise your hand! Tell you clearly that this is wrong! & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Traditional fat transplantation filling too much fat at one time will cause the fat to not get enough blood for oxygen supply to form induration, calcification, etc. This will cause the fat to not survive and overfill will appear. & nbsp. “Goose Head”, “Shouxing Gongmin”, “Facelift” … the picture is too beautiful and I don’t want to see more! Don’t do this ….. & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.2. After the hot compress after operation, the recovery will be faster! & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. Unlike other plastic surgery operations that cannot be applied after fat transplantation, Do not apply ice compress. Hot compress will cause fat metabolism. Ice compress is not conducive to fat survival. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.3. After finishing autologous fat, will the face become bigger? & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. After finishing fat filling, not only will it not become larger but it will also appear smaller. This is because the use of fat to fill the concave or flat places behind the outline becomes full, three-dimensional, so it is more visually Shown small and exquisite & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.4. The part of liposuction must be uneven? & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. This is mainly based on the doctor’s technical skills. Doctors who do not have this problem will not have this problem. Since the transplanted fat itself is granular, there may be unevenness after the transplant. It is temporary. Subcutaneous fat will be remodeled and improved in about three months & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.5. Is autologous fat filling 100% successful? & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.Autologous fat transplantation technology has higher requirements and certainly has certain risks. How to avoid such problems. The only thing that can be done is to find a professional doctor and a trusted regular hospital for surgery. & nbsp. & nbsp.

Psychological counseling: She is excellent in all aspects and has a happy family. What are the reasons for truancy from school?

The psychological trauma of depression is like a seed, and it will sprout and grow if you are not careful. So when you feel depressed and difficult, take a look at the outside air. Where there is sunlight, the haze may not be lost immediately, but after a long time, you will be full of sunlight! A 10-year-old girl turned out to have a good academic record, and suddenly told her parents that she did not want to go to school and would not go to school. The parents of the child were very anxious. After taking the child to the hospital for diagnosis, he was severely depressed. The doctor recommends medication and assists in psychological counseling. So parents brought their children to ask for help. A pretty little girl looked sad and thought it did n’t matter. She told me it was meaningless to live. I feel that I am not happy. At the beginning of the consultation, the child felt insecure and unwilling to express his true thoughts. Due to the high resistance in the consultation, I used painting therapy and sand table games. I asked her to paint a picture. The flowers included houses, trees, and people. The painting she drew was very small. There was only a little girl, a small house, and a small tree in the painting. When I asked who the little girl was, she said it was a stranger, not herself. A strange girl, alone in a small house. The drawn tree has no horizon in the air, and the leaves are very small. The child was brought by the parents during the consultation, but there are no family members in her paintings, so it can be seen from her paintings that the child has no sense of security in her heart, she has no ego, and lives in the world of others. There is a problem. But during the first consultation, the child told me that the parental relationship is very good, the academic performance is also good, and the interpersonal relationship is also acceptable. In the school, it can be recognized by the teacher and classmates. Asked her what happened negatively? Has any traumatic event happened? She told me that nothing negative happened. Why does a girl with excellent family happiness suddenly become severely depressed and tired of studying? Let me be puzzled. I communicated with my child’s parents. My parents told me that the child is very good, learning is very self-discipline, love and hate is clear, and the relationship with classmates is also OK, saying that I don’t like a teacher. I do n’t like a teacher at school, and the teacher did n’t punish criticism. So what is the reason for the child to become severely depressed? Is there a problem with the parents’ relationship? But my parents told me that the relationship between their husband and wife is very good. Why do n’t they have parents and no one in the children ’s paintings? Judging from her paintings and my experience, on the one hand, parents have placed too much burden on their children to study and reported too many training classes. On the other hand, there may be a problem with the relationship between the parents. After several consultations, the relationship between the child and me was established and I felt safe. I asked her: “Why don’t you have yourself and your parents in your painting? I feel that you don’t have an ego. You are living for others at a young age, so you are very bitter and tired. And I can see from your paintings There are no parents in your heart, but you say that your parents love you very much and it is very good for you. I believe your parents love you very much, but there should be a problem with your parents ’relationship. So there is no You have no parents yourself, and you are a strange girl. This strange girl is actually your inner self. You are very lonely and do not take care of your parents. It is possible that in your subconscious, your parents abandoned you. , The child cried aloud. The consultation room is very quiet, only the cry of the child. The child cried for 10 minutes. Tell me after crying. She feels that her parents’ marriage is broken, and her family may be breaking up. Because I saw the chat history of my mother and others on my mobile phone, and even video. From these chat records and videos, it can be seen that my mother has been derailed, and her mother does not love her father. When she asked her mother, her mother told her it was just a game. The child even said that she felt that it was her fault that the mother was chatting with others, so she blamed herself and was in pain. She is thinking every day about how she can save her mother and prevent her from chatting with others. So she put all her attention on her mother. She told her that she couldn’t go out. She kept watching her mother’s mobile phone and worried that her mother would chat with others. Even as long as her mother went out to buy things, she suspected that her mother would go out with others. She was very worried about fear and she dared not sleep for many nights, even