Why did the new crown epidemic greatly increase the incidence of lung cancer? Doctor: The reasons behind are worrying

Since the occurrence of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, statistics show that the incidence of lung cancer has increased significantly! At the same time, the incidence of other types of cancer such as skin cancer has declined. Is the increased incidence of lung cancer due to new coronavirus infection? Such speculation is unreasonable, because there is no such basis at present, indicating that the new coronavirus can directly induce cancer, so what is the cause? The discussion here is as follows. Why did the new crown epidemic increase the incidence of lung cancer and reduce the incidence of other types of cancer? The reasons behind are worrying. The following factors may lead to the increase of confirmed cases of lung cancer during the new crown epidemic: 1) There are more people who went to the hospital to check for lung symptoms due to the epidemic. I have an example in the old village of the author. There is an old man in the village during the Chinese New Year. Symptoms of fever and cough appear. If you do not catch up with the epidemic, you may get a shot at the village health center and take some medicine to solve it. However, due to the epidemic situation, the village cadres demanded quarantine and went to the designated top three hospitals to make a clear diagnosis and found that it was not pneumonia or lung cancer. Although it was discovered, it was in its late stages, and the treatment died shortly afterwards. In the New Crown Epidemic, the symptoms and inspections of New Coronary Pneumonia are being promoted in various places. Residents and communities are particularly vigilant to people with related symptoms, so they should seek medical treatment in time when similar symptoms may appear, and many early cancer symptoms may not be obvious. Like lung cancer, it may be similar to the symptoms of ordinary pneumonia. Usually, many people may buy their own medicine and take the symptoms to improve without paying attention. 2) In the early stage of the epidemic, there are more people undergoing lung CT examination in the hospital. Because of the shortage of new crown reagents, “false negatives” and “false positives”, many hospitals will follow the guidelines combined with imaging examinations, especially chest CT for diagnosis , This will naturally increase the chance of fever, cough and other patients taking CT. Because most of our physical examinations and common lung infections usually take X-ray chest radiographs, its resolution is low, and lung cancer is generally not screened. It is basically late when it is found. The sensitivity of CT is 4-10 times that of X-ray, and the possibility of screening for lung cancer is greatly improved, which will naturally increase the probability of lung cancer, breast cancer and other chest tumors found. 3) During the epidemic, many people are reluctant to go to the hospital if it is not fever, cough, general people are reluctant to go to the hospital for medical examination during the epidemic, after all, the hospital is a high-risk area during the epidemic, especially the elderly, afraid to go to the hospital because of their low immunity The virus risk is high. So the body is uncomfortable and can tolerate, so that the physical examination is lost, and hidden cancers are not easy to find, resulting in a reduction in the incidence of these cancers. Conclusion Through analysis, we also get inspiration from it: Although the onset of lung cancer is hidden, if we have the awareness of prevention, regular lung CT examination after the age of 40 can greatly improve the early detection rate of lung cancer, and early detection of lung cancer treatment And the prognosis is undoubtedly very important. The same is true for the discovery of other cancers. If you feel unwell, you can’t bear it. Going to the hospital to see a specialist to find out the cause is very important. In the end, whether it is the neocoronavirus pneumonia or lung cancer and other cancers, we are the enemies we must fight together. In life, only by improving lifestyle, quitting smoking, taking good protection, and going to the hospital for standard diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible if you have uncomfortable symptoms, can you find and treat early. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

The number of confirmed cases of the new crown in the world exceeds 10 million. Is it a “natural disaster” or a “human disaster”? Listener

The new crown epidemic situation currently exceeds the 10 million mark in the world, and the number of confirmed cases in the United States accounts for about a quarter of the total, ranking first in the world. More than half a year has passed since the discovery of the new crown epidemic. Although my country has achieved periodic results in epidemic prevention and control, other countries abroad are in full swing, and many countries have heard the news of the epidemic rebound! People cannot help but ask, is the New Coronavirus epidemic so severe, is it a “natural disaster” or a “human disaster”? Is the new crown virus epidemic “natural disaster” or “human disaster”? “Natural disasters” often refer to natural disasters, while man-made disasters refer to “human disasters”. The author believes that the Xinguan epidemic is so fierce that there are both “natural disasters” and “human disasters”. (1) The source of the natural disaster virus has not yet been found. As far as the investigation and research of current scientists are concerned, it may be related to bats, or it is more likely to consider natural sources. The early stage of the new crown was caused by “natural disasters” in our country. At first, everyone didn’t understand the virus, how to prevent it, how to kill the virus, how to treat it, it was a black eye. And during the Spring Festival, the world’s largest population migration period, spread quickly. But it was only after the Chinese government and people paid a huge price to control this “natural disaster” to a manageable level. The complexity and cunning of the virus is what we gradually learned in the fight against the virus. This is not controlled by man. This is the “natural disaster” aspect of this epidemic. (2) Although the characteristics of the human disaster virus cannot be controlled, the spread of the new crown epidemic also has “human disaster” factors. China has accumulated rich experience in SARS and this epidemic, and it has been shared with countries all over the world before the global outbreak. However, many countries, especially those in Europe and the United States, have not learned our experience and lessons. Neither government policy nor national mobilization has paid attention to the epidemic like ours, giving the virus an opportunity to break out, so that some countries have already Give up resistance and intend to achieve “natural immunity” at the expense of the lives of the people. Therefore, some people said that they would not copy the homework. As Professor Zeng Guang, the former Chief Scientist of Epidemiology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said: Western countries have neither learned experience nor learned lessons, which has caused Western countries to make mistakes in response to the epidemic. They have neither early warning nor control, nor have they done Good epidemiological survey! Many countries have begun to pay attention only to the treatment of diseases but not to the spread of diseases, and have not taken effective control measures like China. This is undoubtedly a factor of human disaster. Conclusion The outbreak of the new crown has now reached 10 million, and it has not reached its peak. From the current data, it will continue to grow. This epidemic has given humanity a hard lesson. This is a fierce battle between viruses and humans. Only by minimizing man-made disasters and working together to fight the virus together is the fastest and most effective way to solve the virus epidemic. Countries are currently developing vaccines, hoping to develop effective vaccines as soon as possible, which is an effective weapon against viruses. (Some of the pictures in the article are sourced from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Hundreds of thousands of people have been diagnosed in India. Why does it feel that society is operating normally? Listen to expert interpretation

According to the latest data released by the Indian Ministry of Health’s official website, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in India has reached about 500,000, and more than 10,000 deaths have occurred. India’s epidemic is getting worse. As a big country with a population of more than one billion people, the number of confirmed cases is increasing so quickly, which is actually very dangerous. But why do you feel that India’s society is functioning normally and there is no mess? The author believes that there are the following reasons: The government’s anti-epidemic measures The Indian government did not fight the epidemic of the “Buddhist system” as some Western countries did. As early as March, the Indian government formulated the strictest national blockade ever, and it was delayed until 6 End of the month. In order to alleviate the bed tension, India established a “train ward” with unique Indian characteristics by referring to China’s “square cabin hospital”, and transformed the currently unused train cars into temporary wards. Although with the escalation of economic pressure, people began to resume production and production, so the epidemic situation began to deteriorate, but the government’s epidemic prevention measures generally have no major problems, the Indian people do not have much opinion on the government. And outbreaks are happening in various countries around the world. The United States is still so powerful that 2.5 million people have been diagnosed, which is five times that of India. There is no riot in the United States. Influence of Religious Belief India is a very religious country, almost everyone believes in religion. Although there are many types of religions that people believe in, such as Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, etc., almost all religions advocate karma and reincarnation. Therefore, people do not think that the outbreak of the epidemic is a government problem, and may think that it is their own bad karma. Moreover, because conflicts in India due to religious, ethnic, and other conflicts kill many people every year, the deaths caused by the epidemic have not caused much panic in India. The Sino-Indian conflict shifts the sight of Indian nationals. On the evening of June 15, the Chinese and Indian armed forces clashed in the border area, and it was the Indian military that provoked the conflict. It is not excluded that in this way, the Indian government transferred the domestic epidemic situation and the class conflicts caused by the economic recession. At present, nationalism in India is very high, and some people even begin to boycott Chinese goods. This is actually a stupid move. The new crown virus will not disappear because of the public’s distraction. Conclusion Although the epidemic in India is very serious, it has not yet reached the level of causing riots. The new crown virus is the enemy of people all over the world. What is more important now is that we should unite and overcome the difficulties together, rather than provoking and conflicting between countries. All countries should have the concept of a global community of destiny and face the biggest enemy together. And the main contradiction: the new crown epidemic. (Some of the pictures in the article are sourced from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Would you like to wash the raw meat you bought home? Is it safer not to wash? See what medical experts say

A while ago, a new coronavirus was detected in the salmon board in a wave of outbreaks in Beijing, which triggered a big discussion on food safety. Among them, the topic of how to wash the meat was screened. In the end, how should the meat be cleaned before it is fried? In fact, no matter whether the epidemic situation exists or not, this problem needs to be clear and clear in order to be at ease! Of course, in the context of the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic, we still need to mention the problem of virus transmission. Based on the current evidence, this wave of virus transmission in Beijing is likely to be caused by virus contamination of meat products transported through the cold chain. This is another new discovery of the new crown virus vector since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in China. Since this time the medium of transmission is meat products, in theory, meat products on the market are likely to be contaminated by new coronavirus, and improper handling is likely to lead to the spread of pollution. This also reminds us that how to handle raw meat is also an epidemic prevention and control An important issue under normalization. Why can’t you buy home-made meat with water? The meat you buy home can be cleaned, but it is recommended not to rinse it, the difference is a word, pay attention! First of all, meat is a kind of food that is very easy to breed microorganisms, and the meat we usually buy in life is not sterilized. During the processing process, for example, the knife that cuts raw meat will also have a lot of bacteria contaminating the raw meat. Secondly, in fact, the National Health and Health Commission has clearly given the answer earlier. On June 18th, the National Health and Health Commission released the “Normal Risk Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreaks in Key Units in Key Areas in Summer and Summer” on the official website. The “Related Protection Guide” mentions that households should pay attention to the hygiene of food preparation, especially after handling raw meat, poultry, aquatic products, etc., wash hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds, and do not rinse raw meat directly under the tap Pathogens on products and raw meat may spread everywhere with water droplets and spread to sinks, operating tables, stoves, utensils, etc., causing cross-contamination. Therefore, it is recommended not to rinse the meat you bought home directly. You should use a special container to soak the rinse, put the meat in the water, and avoid washing the bacteria to other places. The surface of the raw meat is clean, can it not be washed? Yes! Although there may be bacteria on the surface of raw meat, as long as there are no obvious contaminants, you can not wash it, because the meat is also cooked at high temperature during cooking, this process will sterilize, so from the perspective of food safety, there is nothing to do without washing problem. What should I pay attention to when handling ingredients purchased during the epidemic? 1. Washing with pots In order to prevent splashing pollution, it is recommended to wash the meat you buy at home first. Since cleaning and processing require direct contact with raw meat, you can consider wearing gloves. If you do not have gloves, then pay attention to washing your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds after handling raw meat, poultry, aquatic products, etc. according to the recommendations of the Health and Health Commission. However, some people may worry that the basin where the meat is washed will be contaminated, so when not in use, the basin can be placed in a place where the sun can shine, such as a balcony, or sterilized with 75% alcohol after use. In addition, raw meat can also be treated in this way, first boil a pot of water, put raw meat in boiling water for 10 minutes, so that the virus and bacteria on the surface of the meat can be basically killed, and then processed. 2. Pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked foods. Whether it is a pot for cleaning food ingredients, a chopping board for handling food ingredients, or a container for holding food ingredients, they should be separated to avoid mixing. Also, items that have been in direct contact with raw food ingredients should be disinfected regularly. To prevent virus contamination. 3. Pay attention to hand hygiene. After direct contact with raw meat, do not rub your nose and eyes, or touch other objects before washing your hands. Because many people in life sometimes do the above behavior inadvertently due to their habits, it is also possible for the virus to spread. In short, the process of washing meat also needs attention to details. From this, we can see a process of hospital prevention and control. At the same time, the recommendations given by the state during the epidemic are very practical and effective for preventing the spread of new coronavirus. As long as we are implemented according to national guidelines, the spread of the new coronavirus will be cut to the maximum. (Some of the pictures in the article are sourced from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

The death toll of the new crown exceeds 500,000, and the United States accounts for more than a quarter. Will they eventually be immunized?

The number of newly diagnosed days in the United States exceeded 40,000 cases again. This is the third day that the United States has confirmed more than 40,000 consecutive cases. The number of deaths due to new coronavirus infections in the world has exceeded 500,000, of which the United States has died. The number of people is 128,000, accounting for more than a quarter of the total. The recent epidemic in the United States has become serious again. If this continues to develop, will they develop into a group immunization? At present, the epidemic in the United States does not reach the level of group immunity. Before analyzing this problem, let’s look at such a prediction and a research result-the prediction comes from the US Centers for Disease Control. At a press conference on Wednesday, the US disease The director of the Control Center, Redfield, pointed out that the actual number of infections in the United States is much higher than the current official reports. According to the results and proportion of serum monitoring, he predicts that about 5-8% of the American people have been infected with the new coronavirus. If calculated at this ratio, then the number of infected people in the United States is about 20 million! But at the same time, he also pointed out that there are still 90% of the people, there is no antibody against the new coronavirus. The results came from mathematicians at the University of Nottingham and Stockholm University. Their research shows that the overall immunity to the new coronavirus does not require 60% to 70% of what we usually say to be infected with the new coronavirus to form. They use a new mathematical statistical model that combines the susceptibility of the virus with the age structure of the population The difference in activity caused by the difference calculates the population immunization ratio of 43%, that is to say, if 43% of the population have been infected with new coronavirus and produced antibodies, they can greatly reduce other The probability of human infection with the new coronavirus. However, the researchers also pointed out that if the prevention and control of the epidemic is relaxed prematurely without reaching the level of group immunity, a second wave of infection may occur. Through the above speculation and research results, combined with the current epidemic situation in the United States, we can see that the current epidemic situation in the United States is still in the stage of continuous outbreak, but even if the speculation of the US CDC is accurate, less than 10% of the current The infection rate of the population is still a bit far away from reaching the 43% threshold for group immunization. How will the subsequent epidemic in the United States develop? Judging from the current situation, the possibility of being controlled in the short term is very low. The recent epidemic in the United States has shown a trend of increasing the number of newly diagnosed people. According to reports, the number of newly diagnosed people in the United States has also begun to increase. Trends, Oklahoma’s average number of new infections per day during the seven days in early June in June was 81, while the number of new diagnoses confirmed last Friday increased fourfold to 364 cases. Therefore, in this situation Next, the possibility of further development and spread of the epidemic in the United States is still very great. Among the newly newly diagnosed patients, more than 50% of the patients are young adults under the age of 35. US Vice President Pence called it “good news”. After all, young people in the young crowns develop serious diseases after infection The risk is lower, but such good news seems to be a pleasure, or the response of epidemiologists is more rational. Dr. Fuch, a top epidemiologist in the United States, recently strongly recommended that young people should wear masks To reduce the risk of virus transmission, he emphasized that it is recommended not only to reduce the risk of infection among young people, but also to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to the frail elderly and children at home. group. Judging from such information, it can be said that the epidemic in the United States is still in a stage of continuous outbreak. Under such a situation, if there are still no active and effective epidemic prevention and control measures, it will continue until the autumn and winter seasons in the second half of this year. The weather is cold At this time, there may be a further rebound, so the final result is that the epidemic in the United States will continue to develop, and there will be some small peaks in the epidemic due to seasonal changes and other factors. If this situation continues, the final result will be more More and more people are infected with the new coronavirus, and eventually it may even form a group immunization within a certain area. Finally, let’s talk about the situation of vaccines. The domestic vaccines have already had inactivated vaccines in phase III clinical trials, and the development of foreign vaccines has not been slow. British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has signed a 127 million worth of vaccine production with Brazil According to the contract, Brazil will generate 30 million new doses from mid-December to mid-January

The global epidemic has rebounded. Will the new coronavirus make a comeback in my country in October? Listening expert

After the staged victory in the previous stage, with the orderly and gradual resumption of production throughout the country, many merchants, shopping malls and supermarkets have also begun to operate, and scenic spots have also been lifted. Even on weekends and holidays, many people start “revenge” travel and “revenge” consumption, which makes many people walking on the street once mistakenly thinking of returning to normal life. However, there have been several local counterattacks after the New Coronavirus epidemic. In particular, although this wave of outbreaks broke out in the new market in Beijing, although the current peak has passed, prevention and control are still in progress. Especially in the world, there are more than 10 million diagnoses of the new crown in the world. Against the background of the rebound of the epidemic in many countries, people are worried about the outbreak of the new crown virus. Some people are worried that the new coronavirus will come back when the weather gets cooler in October, will it? Will the new coronavirus make a comeback in October? Even so far, we still do not fully understand the new coronavirus, it has repeatedly made us feel its complexity and cunning. In an interview on June 23, Academician Zhong Nanshan expected that the new coronavirus will not disappear when it meets “this winter and next spring”. We cannot yet have an accurate estimate of whether it will come back, but the epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed, because it has the risk of coming back at any time. (1) The epidemic situation abroad is very hot and the global epidemic situation has been diagnosed with 9 million. There are 2.38 million confirmed cases in the United States alone. The fierce situation of foreign epidemics has brought great pressure to our country to prevent overseas imports. Just looking at the data from all over the world, the foreign epidemic situation in October may not be able to be controlled, let alone come out. (2) Concealed virus transmission From recent small-scale outbreaks, we can see that the new coronavirus is more difficult to deal with than we thought. The case of Tianjin where the source could not be found a few days ago, after the expert’s scouring and stripping, found that he was a chef in the same hotel. Although the chef’s nucleic acid test was negative, the serum antibody was positive. This further proves that the virus can be hidden deeper, people who may be infected have no symptoms, and even the source can not be found after the nucleic acid is transmitted to others, so don’t think that it is safe to have no cases locally. The protective measures should still be do. (3) The vaccine will be available at the end of the year at the end of the year. Fortunately, researchers from all over the world are working hard to develop a new crown vaccine. Our country is at the forefront of the world. Currently, five vaccines have entered clinical trials and are expected to be available at the end of the year. It is very difficult to make a vaccine successfully, but hope to get a new crown vaccine as soon as possible. In conclusion, no matter whether the virus comes in or not, we can not relax our vigilance. Epidemic prevention is a normal thing. Only by minimizing the risk of the rebound of the epidemic can we not give the new corona virus an opportunity to attack us again. Therefore, it is necessary to do safety protection and personal hygiene. In this epidemic, wearing masks is well known. After all, this is the most direct and effective way to prevent virus intrusion. In addition to wearing a mask, remind everyone to still pay attention to hand washing and disinfection, while remembering a sentence, distance produces beauty, and try to keep a distance of about one meter from others in public. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

With over 10 million diagnosed new crowns worldwide, will there be another outbreak in China in winter? This article tells

According to the latest news, the number of new crown epidemics that broke out at the beginning of this year has exceeded 10 million worldwide! The leap from 9 million to 10 million took only 6 days! Through such a set of data, everyone can know that the current epidemic situation is actually not optimistic, and it is still very serious. Some friends worry that if the epidemic in foreign countries is not controlled, will the epidemic in China break out again in the cold winter? Regarding this question, I believe that different people will have different answers. Let’s take a concrete analysis from the actual situation in the world and at home. The epidemic situation abroad is still in the development stage, and it is very difficult to control it comprehensively. Today’s latest data has not yet come out. The newly diagnosed in the United States was 40,949 cases yesterday, while the newly diagnosed in Brazil in South America was 46,860 cases, and the new cases in India It also surpassed 30,000 cases. These figures are showing us that the epidemic is far from over, and it is still in a full-scale outbreak in some areas. Take the United States as an example. During the development of the epidemic, there was a period when the epidemic in the United States increased by about 20,000 to 30,000 per day. It has continued. As the various states in the United States have implemented different prevention and control policies, people are required to stay social. Due to distance, wearing masks and other measures, the epidemic in the United States once showed signs of improvement. In a few days, the number of newly diagnosed people has fallen below 20,000. However, in recent large-scale demonstrations in the United States, states have resumed work and resumed business. The measures of business establishments, coupled with the arrival of the graduation season, the number of graduation parties in the United States has greatly increased, the gathering of people in the presidential election, etc., due to the continued increase in the concentration of personnel and mobility, the epidemic in the United States has further rebounded. The recent The number of more than 40,000 confirmed diagnoses has allowed the newly confirmed diagnosis in the United States to reach a historical peak. According to the analysis of the blood test statistics of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the actual number of infections in the United States is much higher than the official statistics. According to Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the actual number of infected people in the United States may be 10 times the number officially confirmed. According to this prediction, the official statistics of the number of infected people in the United States is 2.39 million, and the actual number of infected people should be Far more than this number. But at the same time, he also pointed out that the infection rate of the American population is about 5-8%, and 90% of Americans are still at risk of infection. Therefore, the US CDC still further emphasizes that people should maintain a social distance of more than 2 meters. Wear masks in public, and maintain a healthy habit of washing hands frequently, feel unwell, and try to stay at home as much as possible. As the United States with the world’s largest strength, the epidemic control is so bad, which is unexpected, while other countries that are experiencing outbreaks, such as Brazil, India and other countries, how will the epidemic control situation be done, and will It is difficult to predict how long the outbreak will continue, but one thing is clear: if the outbreak is still in continuous development from a global perspective, even a clear trough does not appear, there will be a further rebound. By this winter, the epidemic situation abroad may not consider the possibility of another outbreak, but the question of how to continue to strengthen prevention and control. According to the estimate of the US IHME model, by October 1 this year, the number of deaths due to the new corona virus in the United States will exceed 200,000, and if all people wear masks, this number can be reduced to 146,000. Therefore, how the epidemic will develop depends entirely on the importance of the governments of various countries to the epidemic and the intensity of the implementation of prevention and control measures. Will the domestic epidemic rebound in winter? It must be said that the domestic epidemic situation is still very good. Although there has been a new epidemic outbreak in Beijing recently, from the perspective of response intensity, speed of investigation, scope of investigation, speed of epidemiological investigation, speed of implementation of disease control measures, etc. After about 15 days, the epidemic in Beijing has been under initial control, and there are still new confirmed cases in time, which are all within the controllable range, and although sporadic cases are sporadic in other areas, But it can also be controlled in time. However, in the current epidemic prevention and control process, the spread of the new corona virus shows a strong concealment, and some experts pointed out that in many cases, the new corona virus is not disappeared, but hidden, under certain suitable environmental conditions , The new coronavirus will form an infection again, causing an outbreak, and in the cold winter season, we

The epidemic in the United States is still spreading, but the president is not interested! Does the worse the epidemic, the fewer the poor?

As of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, the United States has accumulatively diagnosed nearly 2.5 million cases of new coronary pneumonia and accumulated more than 120,000 deaths. What is the irony of the world’s most technologically advanced countries with the highest medical conditions and standards, but they are vulnerable to the New Corona virus? Even more ironically, US President Trump did not care about this death toll, but was proud of it. He also boasted in public that if the government he led took effective prevention and control measures, this death toll Probably 2 million. It is undeniable that the majority of people in the United States who die from new pneumonia are poor people living in the lower classes of society. So, the more people die, the fewer the poor will be? The more dead people, the more poor people will be created. Every country will have upper and lower class stratification. This is the essence of society that cannot be changed. The lower class generally represents the poor, and we cannot simply think that as long as the poor of the lower class die more, there will be fewer poor people, and the country will become richer. On the contrary, because the population becomes smaller, it also means that consumption and labor are reduced, which will seriously affect the social economy and make more people poor. According to the statistics of the US government, the unemployment rate in the United States reached 14.7% in April this year, the highest level since the Great Depression, which was generated in the context of the new crown epidemic, so this is the best evidence. If the epidemic is left uncontrolled again, the greater the number of deaths, the higher the unemployment rate in the United States and the more poor people it will create. Isn’t the US president really anxious? In fact, the US President is also aware of this, but due to reasons such as the US system and culture, Trump cannot take the same prevention and control measures as our country, and many American citizens cannot take the initiative to cooperate with forced isolation. If you use too much force, it is likely to promote social unrest, not to mention that Trump has a more important task this year, which is to run for re-election, and the popular support rate is what he really wants. Therefore, he would brag about his anti-epidemic performance in the country, and at the same time “dump the pot” in our country, continue to brainwash the people in the country, arouse the hatred of the American people against our country, and then establish a tough image of our own. Can easily get the support of the people. But such lies are doomed to cover up the truth. With the development of the new crown epidemic, the number of diagnoses and deaths continue to rise, and the American people will gradually recognize the truth and gradually lose patience with Trump. Therefore, Trump is actually very anxious. If he is not in control of the epidemic, it will greatly affect his approval rate. In short, for this new crown epidemic, many people think that on the other hand, it looks like a mirror, reflecting the ugly side of the capitalist country, and with the superiority of our system, I believe that it will surpass in the near future. United States. At the same time, from the perspective of the community of human destiny, we hope that all ethnic groups in the world, regardless of skin color, rich or poor, can work together to fight the new crown virus. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Guarding your health can lead a healthy life! wish everyone!

I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival! When people live in middle age, the biggest crisis is the health crisis! Once the health is gone, everything is gone! The biggest crisis of health crisis is malignant tumor! Malignant tumors have become the leading cause of death for people under 70 in China! Our strategy for the prevention and treatment of New Coronary Pneumonia in China is the most successful, that is, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment, the high-risk people should be thoroughly checked, and timely screening, so as to effectively control the new Coronary Pneumonia, so that we can live a peaceful Dragon Boat Festival! These methods are also the most effective for the prevention and treatment of malignant tumors. People over the middle age and enter the high incidence of malignant tumors after the age of 40! Early detection, early treatment, most malignant tumors can be cured, will not affect our normal life! But malignant tumors are very cunning, so they are often found to be advanced, mainly because we do not know enough about it and pay insufficient attention to it! Ordinary physical examination cannot find the first demon lung cancer that causes Chinese death early, nor can it find the second to fourth esophageal cancer and gastrointestinal cancer, so it can no longer protect our health! For human examinations over the age of 40, it is recommended that under the premise of routine medical examinations, a chest ct be done every year, and a gastroscope should be done every two to three years! As medical staff, we most hope that everyone is healthy and safe! At the same time, as first-line fighters fighting diseases, we don’t want to encounter the most difficult enemies every time, advanced cancer, no matter how good the fighters are at this time, no matter how good the tactics, the effects will be limited. Enemies are destroyed before they are powerful! This is the most effective method! Guarding your health can lead a healthy life! wish everyone! &nbsp.&nbsp.

How did the new virus in Beijing come from Europe? How to prevent and control in the future?

Since the outbreak of this epidemic in Beijing, the work of virus source has been carried out very quickly. Although the strange new crown virus is always suddenly attacked, the researchers have successfully analyzed the initial source of the virus through gene sequencing, all from the new source market. On the evening of June 18, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention officially released the new coronavirus epidemic situation and viral gene sequence data in Beijing’s new development site in June 2020 through the “New Coronavirus National Science and Technology Resource Service System”. From the gene sequence of the new coronavirus in this new place, experts found that the virus is not the same as the new coronavirus that was originally popular in China. Its gene sequence is the same strain as the virus popular in Europe, but from the point of view of variability Older than the viruses that are endemic in Europe, what does this mean? Any tips for our subsequent epidemic prevention? The new coronavirus is likely to be introduced from Europe, but it may not be the introduction of the new virus in Europe to determine the source of the new virus. It is not a word of mouth, but it needs to be concluded through gene amplification tests and gene database comparison. At present, China has established a new coronavirus database, which is led by the National Genomics Science Data Center and integrates the World Health Organization (WHO), the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), and the global influenza sequence. Coronavirus genome sequence data publicly released by organizations such as databases (GISAID). According to the distance between different viruses, a systematic evolutionary tree can be drawn. It is said that the virus is from Europe, because the sequencing results of the new coronavirus in the new place are more recent in the phylogenetic tree than some European viruses. Experts pointed out that the new site of the new coronavirus may also be imported from non-Europe. When an infected person from China went to the United States, the virus of the Chinese ethnic group was brought to the United States. Then an Italian infected person will go to the United States, and the virus of the Italian ethnic group will also be taken to the United States. In the early days of the United States, there was no quarantine inspection work, so virus carriers all over the world ran to the United States, which caused the US virus family to be extremely complicated. Wu Zunyou’s account can be understood as that we judge the virus is a virus from the European family from the kinship of the virus, but the viruses of the European family are not necessarily all from Europe. How is the virus imported from abroad? There are still doubts as to how it was introduced, and how did it cause widespread pollution and outbreaks in the new development market? There is still no clear answer so far, but we can speculate that this must be inseparable from two ways: people and things. In terms of things, there is a precedent of the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan, so the possibility of the new crest virus being introduced into the Beijing Xinfa Market through wild animals is almost zero, then the remaining possibility is only contaminated seafood or meat Food was introduced through the cold chain route, and it was still frozen food a few months ago. Everyone knows that our country was at the peak of the new crown epidemic a few months ago, and the consumption of residents dropped sharply, so it also greatly reduced the import of overseas goods. China is also the largest consumer market in many countries in the world. In this case, European seafood Sales of Wagyu foods have plummeted, and a large backlog of inventory may be stored for several months before being resold to China. At that time, these foods were already contaminated with new coronavirus, and the virus was temporarily dormant during the freezing process without mutation. This is why the virus this time is older than the virus that is currently circulating in Europe. Another reason is that people may also be brought in by people returning from Europe, but since we have been taking strict isolation screening measures for people returning from abroad, this possibility is actually not very big. At the beginning of the new outbreak in Beijing, many people were also worried about the second outbreak of domestic outbreaks. Through sequencing the virus’s genes, it was found that the virus was introduced from Europe, which also shows that the local epidemic in my country is still stable and no secondary outbreaks have occurred. At the same time, through this discovery, it also provides clues for our further tracing work, and provides a basis for controlling the Beijing epidemic as soon as possible. Need to further strengthen the prevention and control of foreign cold chain commodities. From the previous news reports, we can see that the focus of our previous foreign defense import prevention and control is mainly on people, but the epidemic in the new place also gave us inspiration. Cold chain transportation Products need to focus on prevention and control, whether it is domestic or foreign imports. At the same time, although the salmon is innocent, in any case, the way of eating raw is the current situation in the new crown epidemic.

PepsiCo Beijing has a confirmed case. Can I still eat potato chips in the near future? What should I pay attention to?

On June 20th, Beijing notified Pepsi Foods (China) Co., Ltd. Ciwei Road Branch that it had detected new imported agricultural products imported from Xinfadi, a total of 8 confirmed cases. This factory is a production line of Pepsi potato chips under PepsiCo. At present, the factory has stopped production, shut down products, sealed products, and disinfected and isolated. Many people have concerns about whether they can eat potato chips in the near future. Can they eat potato chips? What else do we need to pay attention to in our daily diet? Are potato chips safe? So far, the probability that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through food is still very low. As a respiratory infection virus, air droplets and contact transmission are the most important transmission channels. Because the current production process of potato chips and other puffed foods basically does not require manual production, most of them are completed by mechanical automation and the whole process of aseptic operation, and the potato chips need to be fried at high temperature to make them. The new crown virus is not resistant to high temperatures. The possibility of contamination of potato chips with new coronavirus is extremely low. Even if someone touches it, there is a high probability that the outer packaging will be contaminated. The outer packaging of the potato chips is dry and smooth, and the probability of the virus surviving on the surface of the potato chips and then infecting people in the market is very low. Therefore, potato chips are safe to eat, but from the perspective of nutritional value, weight loss, and health, it is not recommended to eat more, and eat as little as possible. What should I pay attention to in my daily diet? (1) Pay attention to clean hands before and after cooking and eating. Especially after handling raw meat, poultry, and aquatic products, wash hands with soap and running water for more than 20 minutes. Tableware and kitchen utensils should also be cleaned and reused, and the hygiene in the kitchen should be cleaned up to avoid cockroaches and mice. (2) Raw and cooked meat and seafood should be stored and prepared separately from cooked food, vegetables and fruits. The chopping board and knives for handling raw food should be separated from the cooked utensils. When washing raw meat, do not rinse directly with a tap, soak and wash in the basin to avoid splashing pollution. When storing food in the refrigerator, store raw and cooked food in layers. (3) Do not eat raw food except for fruits during the period when the food is cooked through the epidemic. Especially meat and aquatic products should be cooked. After all, there are still raw seafood detected in the seafood market, and the possibility of infection of bacteria and parasites in raw food is also higher than that of cooked food. (4) When using public spoons and chopsticks for dinner or when family members eat together, it is best to have public spoons and chopsticks for taking dishes to avoid bacterial or viral infections caused by tableware. Conclusion Although a new crown has been diagnosed in the potato chip factory, the possibility of virus in the potato chip supply chain is very low, so don’t worry too much. The new crown virus is very cunning. We can only protect ourselves by protecting ourselves, washing our hands frequently, paying attention to food hygiene, not eating raw food, and wearing masks in places where there are many people going out. (Part of the picture source network in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me, I will delete it.)

With over 9 million diagnoses worldwide, will the vaccine be rushed for injection after it is launched? Explain the truth to you

According to the latest news, the number of confirmed cases of new crowns reported in the world has exceeded 9 million. This number is actually still rising. There have been many news about vaccines recently. Domestically, the inactivation jointly developed by Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and China Bio Vaccine, the phase I and II clinical combined trials achieved initial success. After 2 doses in the 28-day program, 100% of the subjects produced neutralizing antibodies; internationally, Dr. Fuch, a top US epidemiologist, also expressed optimism It is estimated that he expects that the new crown vaccine may be commercially available by the end of this year. This kind of news shows that whether it is China or other countries, the development schedule and clinical trial results of the vaccine are more optimistic. The new crown vaccine should be used to fight against The epidemic has seen the dawn. Many friends have various worries and doubts about the new crown vaccine after it is listed. For example, some friends worry that the price of the new crown vaccine will be very high after the market, some friends worry that it will cause a mad injection after the market, and some friends want to know whether they will Will be fully injected, etc., for some of these worries and doubts, simply analyze the personal views for everyone. How far is the vaccine going to market? In the case of domestic inactivated vaccines, from the success of the second-phase clinical trial to the launch of the new crown vaccine, what process is needed? The second-phase clinical trial was successful. The effectiveness of the vaccine should be confirmed by the third-phase clinical trial. The third-phase clinical trial needs to vaccinate more subjects in the area where the epidemic is occurring. The effectiveness of the virus infection should also be confirmed by expanding the scope of the subject to further confirm the safety and contraindications of the vaccine for different ages, different individuals, etc. After the completion of the third phase of the clinical trial, the relevant clinical trial data needs to be 1. Production-related research data should be submitted to the State Food and Drug Administration Evaluation Center for approval. After approval, production approval documents can be obtained. Only after obtaining production approval documents can large-scale production and market applications be obtained. If the new crown vaccine is really launched, will the price be particularly expensive? For this problem, I personally think that the possibility is not high. Under the current new crown epidemic, even if a vaccine is approved, the country will actively and reasonably control its pricing. Regarding this, from the current nucleic acid testing price, we also You can know one or two. For example, in the current epidemic situation in Beijing, under the premise that many people need to perform nucleic acid testing, we have not raised the price of nucleic acid testing, but actively control the price to ensure that it should be done. Exhaustive inspection to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the same situation after the vaccine is marketed, the production cost of the vaccine itself is not high, and it is an important key material needed to control the epidemic. Such materials are generally implemented in price. Reasonable management and control will not cause price increases due to shortage or scarcity. After the vaccine is approved for mass production and listed, will there be a vicious vaccination, do you need a full vaccination? For such problems, I believe there is not much need. The role of the new crown vaccine is to control the development of the epidemic and reduce the spread of the epidemic. If all people can get immunization, of course it is the best way to completely control the virus. However, in fact, the epidemic has been controlled, and it has not been a long time since the epidemic occurred. In risk areas, whether universal vaccination is necessary or not is worth discussing. At the initial stage of vaccine marketing, we should focus on considering which areas are high-risk areas, which groups are high-risk groups, and which cases are high-risk periods of outbreaks. Under the premise, a reasonable distribution of vaccines to the people most in need of vaccination is the more reasonable and efficient method, as the so-called “good steel is used on the blade”. When dealing with new crown vaccines, these uncertainties must be understood about the current vaccine research results. While maintaining optimism, we must also realize that there are still many uncertainties in the subsequent research work. The vaccine has achieved good results in the first and second phases of clinical practice, but whether it can really be successful in the epidemic area in the third phase of clinical practice needs further actual clinical results to prove; in addition, a recent study in Chongqing found that In vivo, the survival time of neutralizing antibodies is only 3 months. After the vaccination, the protective effect of the neutralizing antibodies produced in the body on the human body can be maintained for an extended period of time, which is also an important aspect that needs further research and confirmation; at the same time, the safety of vaccination For the elderly, young children, especially those with chronic diseases, there are still certain uncertainties about the risks and contraindications of adverse reactions after vaccination

The researchers detected a new crown positive on a whole mouth swab of salmon. What does this mean?

Although the peak of the epidemic in Beijing has passed, the prevention and control of the epidemic is still carried out in an orderly and orderly manner. At the same time, the work of the virus source is also racing against the clock. At first, it was revealed that there was a positive sample of new coronavirus on the salmon case board, which caused a certain degree of panic among the public. After expert analysis, it was unlikely to be infected with salmon. After that, some weird news clues broke out. It was reported that the researchers found a new crown-positive sample in a whole salmon oral swab! Once again the public’s attention to salmon. What does this mean? What does it mean to find a new crown-positive sample in a salmon swab? The epidemiological investigation of viruses not only includes the investigation of infected people, but also the traceability of environmental samples is very important. According to the information published by experts before, we speculate that a positive sample on the board does not necessarily mean that salmon will also be infected with new coronavirus. After all, fish are different from our human beings. On the one hand, they have no lungs. On the other hand, the new coronavirus is not easy to bind to the fish’s ACE2 receptor. However, the virus was found in the oral swabs of salmon, indicating that not only the surface of the salmon, but also the new crown virus was detected inside the salmon. If this is the case, considering that the possibility of fish infection is very low, it means that there are several possibilities: (1) The water of farmed salmon is contaminated. Although imported salmon is said to be caught from the ocean, in order to ensure freshness after fishing, It may also be kept in water for a while before slaughtering. This part of the water may not be contaminated. And there is also the phenomenon of artificial freshwater farming of salmon, and the artificially raised water may be contaminated by the new coronavirus. (2) It is also possible that there is a new coronavirus in the sea area where the imported salmon is contaminated. However, considering that the ocean is so large, other marine products have not been exposed to new coronavirus. This possibility is relatively small. (3) The ice cubes transported by salmon are transported into the country from other countries when they are contaminated. The ice cubes transported by the cold chain and the salmon are also in close contact, and the ice cubes are frozen and frozen. (4) Salmon processing workers are infected with salmon slaughtered workers. It is also possible that the mouth of the salmon is contaminated during the processing process. The hands of the salmon processing staff are contaminated with viruses, and then the fingers extend into the mouth of the salmon, resulting in a sample Virus detected. Conclusion The above views only represent the author’s personal speculation. At present, the virus samples are still being analyzed for further virus sequencing. We can only wait for the researchers to further investigate the results, hoping to investigate the virus transmission line through the gene sequencing of the virus samples and the epidemiological statistics. Find the source of the virus. For our ordinary people, don’t eat raw food and wash your hands frequently, especially the meat bought in the market. After washing, you must pay attention to washing your hands, so that it is safe. Combined with the confirmed news of 8 cases of Pepsi plant that just broke out, we need to attach great importance to food safety and pay attention to timely disclosure of information to eliminate public panic. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Is chest pain burning a symptom of new coronary pneumonia?

Chest pain and burning is not a symptom of new coronary pneumonia, but it does not mean that chest pain and burning is not new coronary pneumonia. How to understand this sentence? The previous sentence. Simply put, chest pain and burning are not characteristic features of new coronary pneumonia. Neocoronal pneumonia is an infectious disease of the respiratory tract caused by a new coronavirus infection. The typical symptoms caused by it are fever, dry cough and fatigue. This is the most common symptom at the beginning of the disease. Does not include chest pain and burning. The next sentence. Simply put, new coronary pneumonia can also cause symptoms of chest pain and burning. With the development of the new coronary pneumonia, typical pulmonary infectious symptoms can appear, and even the pleura can be violated, causing chest pain and burning. In other words, there are many symptoms caused by the new coronary source, which is closely related to the development of the disease. The diagnosis of disease is a complicated process, including rigorous clinical thinking and reasoning. There is no one-to-one correspondence between clinical symptoms and disease. Therefore, no disease can be diagnosed based on symptoms alone, and there is often more than one symptom for any disease. The diagnosis of the disease requires a combination of medical history, clinical manifestations and even essential examinations.

After the epidemic in Beijing, will the epidemic come again in the second half of the year? See what medical experts say

At the outbreak of the new crown epidemic at the beginning of this year, many people thought that the new crown virus would naturally disappear after the summer, because the SARS virus was also the same in that year, and the new crown virus was not heat-resistant and could be inactivated at 56°C for 30 minutes. But the reality is that the northern hemisphere of the earth has already entered the summer, but the new crown epidemic in many countries is still very serious, such as India in the tropical region of the South Asian subcontinent. The recent epidemic in Beijing, my country, has also made people nervous after a little relaxation. Will the epidemic come again in the second half of the year? On June 20, Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infection of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, pointed out on Weibo: Beijing gathers the city’s superior medical forces to carry out centralized treatment in Ditan Hospital, which should ensure the efficiency of treatment. As for the direction of the outbreak, according to the current prevention and control efforts, the outbreak can be completely controlled within 2 weeks after the peak of the outbreak. While Beijing’s epidemic situation is being accelerated and controlled, high-epidemic countries are under pressure from the economy and gradually adopting a policy of comprehensive opening up, which will bring great uncertainty to the global epidemic situation. Regardless of the arrival of the vaccine, the global epidemic will spread at least until the end of the year and the first half of next year. Will we return to the state of shutdown and production again? In fact, this kind of thinking is too worrying, as our internet celebrity professor Zhang Wenhong said: “For a long time, local Chinese cases will continue to be in a state of “near zero cases”, rather than no cases.” This time Beijing The current scale of the outbreak is still in a state of dissemination, which has not reached the point where a major outbreak has occurred. Our government has already had very mature experience in responding to the epidemic. As Beijing quickly raises the emergency response to public health emergencies to the second level and adopts strict and detailed investigations, we believe that Beijing’s epidemic will soon get Containment and gradual quelling, so it is unlikely that we will go back to work stoppage. The virus can survive under normal high temperature. Will the epidemic come again in the second half of the year? Yes, as the weather turns colder in the second half of the year, the epidemic may indeed return. Although the death rate of New Coronavirus is not as high as that of SARS, its transmission ability is strong. The most important thing is that there are no vaccines and special medicines to deal with, so it is likely that the new coronavirus will coexist with us for a long time in the future like flu, adenovirus and other viruses. If we relax our vigilance, it may be A local epidemic will erupt. Even so, we must also have firm confidence, because our country is the most successful country in the fight against epidemics. The previous anti-epidemic experience also tells us that the joint prevention and control measures we have taken are effective, so we need to This joint defense and joint control has become a normalized work, and Professor Zhang Wenhong also said: “For sporadic cases, as long as we maintain the current joint defense and joint control system, the spread index can quickly come down.” In addition, our vaccine research and development is also in the forefront of the world, I believe that our new crown vaccine will be available for market soon, so in the second half of the year we need to do not relax our vigilance, but also do not need to overreact. Regardless of the epidemic prevention strategy adopted abroad, China will continue to maintain a cautious attitude and maintain the hard-won stability. On the basis of the continued consolidation of epidemic prevention work and the continuous strengthening of the public health system, while steadily advancing the resumption of production, it will be quite a long time in the future. The “new normal” over a period of time. Finally, for everyone, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, not gathering, and washing hands frequently is the best measure to prevent the new coronavirus. We must not forget at any time. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Why should we close management, wear masks and not get together during the epidemic?

Since the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic, everyone has heard the most and insisted on doing “closed management, wearing masks, not getting together and not gathering” every day, and after these measures, the outbreak can be effectively controlled. So why do you insist on these measures? In fact, these measures are inseparable from the three links of infectious diseases and the three principles of infectious disease prevention and control. First look at the three links of infectious diseases. They are the source of infection, the route of transmission and the susceptible population. Let’s analyze some of the new crown epidemic situation: first, the source of infection is the new crown virus, but animals and people infected with the new crown virus will become the source of infection; the transmission route is mainly through respiratory droplet transmission and close contact transmission; if the susceptible crowd, the crowd It is generally susceptible, but the elderly, people with underlying diseases, and obese people are more susceptible to infection and are prone to develop severe illness. The three principles for the prevention and control of infectious diseases are the corresponding measures for these three links, which are managing the source of infection, cutting off the transmission route and protecting the susceptible people. After tracing the location of the epidemic to the seafood market, the rapid closure of the South China seafood market in Wuhan and the new development and Beijing-Shenzhen markets was to manage the source of infection. When a certain number of aggregated cases occur, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, communities with aggregated cases will be closed, and even the city of Wuhan with a population of 10 million people will be closed for management, which is also to manage the source of infection. Why should you wear a mask? This should start from cutting off the transmission route, because the main transmission method of the new crown epidemic is through the respiratory tract droplets, so wearing a mask can effectively cut off this method; at the same time, there are some transmission methods including contact transmission, so we should also encourage everyone Wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your eyes, touch your nose, cook meals, etc. Because the new coronavirus is generally susceptible to the population, it is necessary to teach everyone about the spread of disease and make everyone aware of the disease. Everyone works together to protect themselves and control the epidemic. Therefore, we call on everyone to “not get together” “Do not gather and reduce gatherings” is to protect every susceptible person. Although the infectious disease is powerful, but understand the three links of its spread, and through scientific prevention and control, I believe that the new crown epidemic will be controlled. At the same time, in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, everyone can also develop many good habits, such as maintaining social distance, using public chopsticks, etc., which is conducive to everyone’s health.

Can survive for 20 years at -20℃! How to avoid cold chain fresh virus transmission? 5 protection suggestions

In response to the Beijing epidemic, it can be said that it is quite powerful in terms of epidemic control, virus tracing, and information transparency. For the investigation of the source of the virus, the disease control department has entered the market in the new development area for environmental sampling, and the complete sequencing of the virus’s genetic sequence has been completed. Although the source of the virus in this outbreak has not yet been fully confirmed, it has become more and more Clarified. Let’s briefly sort out the relevant news. First, at the beginning of the outbreak, the earliest news was that the new coronavirus was found in the sampling of the salmon cutting board. As the investigation of the new place continued to deepen, yesterday’s news release During the meeting, the Beijing Center for Disease Control pointed out that in the environmental sampling of the Xinfadi market, there were many positive samples in the local sales areas of aquatic products and soybean products, and the environmental pollution was heavy. Judging from the above survey results, the possibility that the virus spreads to people through cold aquatic products and soy products is still very high. In addition, in terms of viral gene sequencing, the current obtained viral gene sequence is still closely related to the new corona virus popular in Europe. From the genetic evolution tree analysis, the virus this time is older than the new virus popular in Europe. However, compared with the oldest new corona virus in Europe, this new corona virus belongs to the mutant offspring new corona virus. From this, experts preliminarily concluded that the new corona virus outbreak should still be mainly an imported epidemic. Old, considering that the environment may be contaminated with viruses, there is a hidden period of time, and the situation of infected people has only recently appeared. Many friends worry that this outbreak, which is closely related to the new location, is related to cold chain transportation? How can we ensure safety in our daily lives? Although the new coronavirus affects the lives of each of us in 2020, on the whole, for humans, this virus is a brand-new virus, and our understanding of it needs to be continuously deepened. This time the work of tracing the epidemic in the Beijing area has deepened our understanding of the new coronavirus. This deepening of understanding includes two aspects in general-the new coronavirus may be contaminated on fresh goods, meat, soy products and other refrigerated items, and further transmitted to people through the items. The data shows that the survival time of the new coronavirus at -20 ℃ is as long as 20 years. Therefore, the possibility that the new coronavirus enters my country through cold chain transportation of overseas cold food is completely present. If the fresh food contaminated by the new coronavirus is stored at a low temperature for a long time, there may be a certain hidden period. From a scientific perspective, it is not surprising that at low temperatures the virus is often in a state of low activity similar to dormancy. When the temperature gradually increases, the activity of the virus will be further enhanced, resulting in the possibility of human infection. Bigger. Therefore, under such circumstances, as the epidemic prevention and control of relevant departments, how to do a good job of virus monitoring of fresh products, especially frozen and refrigerated fresh products, timely detection of possible virus sources and timely blocking of viruses to humans Dissemination will become a new topic under our new normal of epidemic prevention and control. In particular, whether cold chain fresh food imported from overseas epidemic areas can be quarantined from the source. After entering the country, how to control the relevant wholesale markets, supermarkets, and retail units to minimize the epidemic caused by cold chain fresh food? Repeated occurrences, such problems deserve our in-depth thinking and research, and formulate practical and effective plans to further strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic. For individuals, in view of this situation, we must pay more attention to protection and control in terms of procurement, cleaning, and eating fresh food. On the one hand, don’t be too careful. Because of this kind of information, all the fresh foods don’t dare to eat. This is completely unnecessary. If you are in a low-risk area and you can properly protect it, what should you eat? You don’t have to worry too much about it. In fact, if you dare not eat it, you dare not eat it. Instead, it may lead to an imbalanced nutritional intake and affect the body’s immunity. Instead, it will give the virus an opportunity. On the other hand, in terms of protection and control, I give you the following suggestions: During the procurement process, it is recommended to wear a mask throughout the process and try not to directly touch the fresh food with your hands. During outing purchases, you should always remind yourself not to touch your nose and mouth. After the purchase, if you need to clean the fresh food, don’t put it under the faucet and wash it in the basin. The water flow should not be too large. These suggestions are to prevent the virus from splashing through the water droplets. And cause spread

Is this epidemic in Beijing a fish-to-people or a human-to-human? Virus source gradually progresses

This epidemic in Beijing has touched the hearts of countless people! Since the local epidemic situation in the new market in Beijing recently, after checking the market environment samples, the imported salmon chopping board was tested positive and became a hot topic for everyone to discuss, which also led to the salmon being removed from Beijing’s major supermarkets overnight. At present, Beijing is still continuing to carry out all kinds of epidemic prevention and control measures, and the source of the virus is still under tension. Many people are worried that the outbreak in Beijing is related to eating seafood. Maybe it was spread from salmon to people. In addition, Wuhan was also the outbreak in the seafood market at the beginning, and some recently tested positive samples of salmon oral throat swabs and other in vivo specimens According to the news, the view of fish-to-people seems not unreasonable. At the same time, many scholars object to this view, insisting that fish cannot be infected with the new coronavirus. In the end, is it fish-to-human or human-to-human? Was the Beijing epidemic a succession of fish? The cause of the outbreak in Beijing is still under investigation, and it is unclear where the problem occurred. However, after a comprehensive official report and analysis by experts, the author believes that the probability of Beijing’s outbreak is not directly related to salmon, and our current prevention and control focus should still be on controlling people to people. The main reasons are as follows: (1) There is insufficient evidence of virus infection in the fish itself. It is understood that although the virus was detected on the board of the imported salmon this time, no new coronary pneumonia was detected for the salmon before entering the contaminated site through the test. virus. The salmon chopping board is not only touched by salmon, it may be the person who uses the chopping board, or other items may also be taken to the chopping board, and this needs further investigation. From June 13, the environmental sampling nucleic acid test results of seafood and aquatic markets across the country are negative, which further proves the “innocence” of salmon. Recently, some news about the positive test of in vivo specimens such as salmon oral throat swabs has not been officially confirmed, and the authenticity needs to be verified. At the same time, the possibility of seawater pollution is not ruled out. (2) Before our research on viruses was different between fish and human species, experts still favored the possibility that bats are the natural host of the new coronavirus. Among them, there is a certain relationship between bats and humans, which are mammals. We know that the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract, and the main symptoms are also in the lungs of the respiratory tract, and the fish have no lungs, especially the salmon is marine fish. If it is infected with the new crown, it will be difficult to spread in the vast ocean. (3) The presence of asymptomatic infections in the virus is more difficult than other viruses to deal with because of the presence of asymptomatic infections. This is the root cause of the virus’s elusive and unpredictable nature. Generally, due to asymptomatic or mild symptoms, even if it is transmitted, it will have little effect, but when an asymptomatic infected person goes to a densely populated place such as a new place and does not wear a mask, it will trigger a large outbreak. Therefore, this epidemic is likely to be related to asymptomatic infections, and the main reason may still be to return to the “human-to-human” transmission chain. Gao Fu’s explanation: People are not likely to pass on people. On June 16, Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, once said, “(New Crown Virus) will lurking in some dark shadows, more polluted, and a bad environment. This is No one thought of it. After lurking, it was suddenly exposed to many people at a certain time. Beijing is probably not the patient who appeared in early June and the end of May this time. It is likely to be pushed one month in advance. There are already many Symptoms of infection or mild patients only produce so many viruses in the environment.” If Academician Gao’s guess is correct, this reminds us that imported seafood or meat products are contaminated and foreign viruses are more likely to enter the country! How do you understand the European viruses hot in the media, the viruses in Europe, and the old viruses in Europe? If it comes from the cold chain, then it is easy to explain that this shipment was not just packaged, because shipping still takes a long time, so the time the virus was packaged was a long time ago. The match is the interpretation of the ancient European virus. If it comes from a person, this is not easy to explain. A very early person who has been infected with the new crown virus of European direction has been lurking in Beijing for so long, and then went to the new place to infect other people? This feeling does not conform to the laws of science. In conclusion, at present, the source of the virus is not so easy to get answers. For cold chain transportation from all countries in the affected area, including air transportation and

How to collect new crown nucleic acid?

New Crown Nucleic Acid Pharyngeal Swab ——Why use two cotton swabs? Pharyngeal swab collection and detection of new crown nucleic acids has become the main method of large sample screening in our population. 1. For exposed population with a higher risk of serious infection, nucleic acid positive may occur in the second to fourth times (sample size and sample distribution in the early stage of the disease) Unevenness may affect the sensitivity of nucleic acid detection) 2. Whether the specimen collection and processing are appropriate, and the sensitivity and specificity of pharyngeal swab culture is high. It is currently considered that pharyngeal swabs are the main diagnostic criteria for new crown nucleic acids, but there are several Details: a. Whether the new crown nucleic acid pharyngeal swab is properly transported (at such a high temperature, we must pay attention to the collected specimens) b. When collecting the specimens, it should be on both sides of the tonsils (the tonsil fossa in patients without tonsils) and the back of the pharynx Wipe the wall vigorously. The tongue, buccal mucosa, and hard palate are not ideal locations for culture sampling. Avoid sampling at these locations. Obtaining as many specimens as possible can increase the sensitivity of nucleic acid detection. c. From the picture above, we can see that when the examinee’s tongue is located in the mouth, it can be seen that everyone’s pharyngeal exposure is different. Type I: palate tonsils are visible, hanging Free edge of uvula and soft palate for easy collection. Type II, the free edge of the soft palate and the root of the uvula are relatively good. Type III: the soft palate is visible, but the free edge of the soft palate is not visible, and the collection is relatively difficult. Type IV: only the hard palate is seen, it is relatively difficult to collect the type III~IV in life. It is a group of people with circumstantial snoring and sleep snoring. Therefore, it is recommended to collect nasopharyngeal pharyngeal swabs in patients with narrow breaths in a widely collected group, or under the direction of light, trained by a person who has trained to use a tongue depressor to correctly collect pharyngeal swabs Responsible for collection, more accurate results have been obtained. References: 1. KurtzB, KurtzM, RoeMetal. Importanceofinoculumsize and samplingeffectinrapidantigendetectionfordiagnosisofStreptococcuspyogenespharyngitis.[J].J.Clin.Microbiol., 2000, 38:279-81.2.AnthonyWChow, MD, FRCPC, FACP, FACP, FACP, FACP ME,Ulusoy,S.,Dalgic,A.,Ozdemir,C.,&amp.

In an epidemic situation, how to avoid infection caused by fresh food? Health Committee: Do not rinse directly under the tap

The recent epidemic in Beijing has continued to develop, and many people have raised the question: Isn’t the new coronavirus spread from person to person? Why did some experts point out that the item might be spread to people? How is this good? The friend who asked this question himself had a certain misunderstanding about the spread of the new coronavirus. First of all, let’s take a look at the situation of Beijing’s epidemic. The Beijing epidemic, including related cases spread to other provinces, is mostly related to the wholesale market of the new place. Most of the confirmed cases at the beginning are the new place. Practitioners in the market or those who have been to the place of new occurrence, the subsequent confirmed cases are also closely contacted with the cases confirmed in the new place. Therefore, from the source of the possible spread of the virus this time, the source of the epidemic has been basically confirmed, and the experts on the specific transmission route have also given two possibilities, one is interpersonal transmission, the other is through Item spread. Needless to say, interpersonal transmission, close-to-person droplet transmission and close contact transmission are likely to cause viral infection, and this method of transmission of objects to people, many friends can not understand, but in fact Everyone may have forgotten that at the beginning of the New Crown Outbreak, many friends had worried that the meat dishes they bought would be infected with viruses and cause infections. Isn’t this a possibility for the items to spread to people? It has been pointed out for a long time in the relevant guidelines that the new coronavirus can be spread through droplet transmission and contact transmission. Droplet transmission is interpersonal transmission, and the scope of contact transmission is wider. In addition to the contact between people, if a person is in contact with a virus-contaminated item, it is useful to be infected with the virus before effective hand washing. If you touch your mouth and nose, it is possible to form an infection with the new coronavirus. Therefore, the possibility of the new coronavirus spreading through the items still exists. Judging from the situation of the Beijing epidemic, although the source of the epidemic has not yet been finalized, the possibility of spreading it from person to person is still very high, especially for imported fresh products transported by the cold chain, because the virus can last for a long time at low temperatures Survival, this item contaminates the virus, and the chance of the virus eventually causing human infection is still very high. A recent cluster outbreak in Germany also gave an example. According to a German TV report on the 17th, a meat processing factory in western Germany confirmed 657 cases of new crown infections. This factory is currently closed. This gathering Sexual outbreaks have resulted in at least 7,000 people being quarantined. The same meat processing plant has experienced an epidemic situation, which has also occurred in other overseas countries such as the United States. Therefore, the new coronavirus is not only spread from person to person. Harmony can also be spread, and special attention should be paid to the possibility of refrigerated and frozen fresh products spreading to people. #德肉联厂终终产品产品输输华# But for such a possibility, you don’t have to over-interpret and worry too much, as long as it can be handled correctly and carefully protected, the new coronavirus is made of fish, meat, etc. The possibility of passing fresh products to people is completely avoidable. Recently, the National Health and Safety Commission issued the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the Normalization of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situations in Key Locations of Key Units in Key Areas in Summer in Low-risk Areas”. In this guide, the protection requirements of food consumers, food practitioners and other groups are added There are two main points: In particular, food consumers should wash their hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds after handling raw meat, poultry, aquatic products, etc. Do not rinse raw meat products directly under the faucet to prevent splash contamination. If we can take personal protection when purchasing fresh products, do not touch the nose and mouth with fresh hands, wash hands promptly after purchasing, and try not to wash meat, aquatic products and other products Rinse directly with a faucet (avoid splashing) and wash it by soaking. At the same time, after handling fresh food, remember to regulate hand washing again. Fresh food should not be eaten raw. Try to cook it after cooking. If you can strictly do the above Note: Fresh food can also be purchased and eaten. There is no need to worry too much about the problem of fresh coronavirus infection.