Does adult spinal deformity need treatment? Will it affect life?

In fact, this question should be answered in two situations. The first case is mild to moderate spinal deformity, and the second case is severe spinal deformity. For mild to moderate spinal deformity, because the bone growth and development has stopped in adulthood, the progress of his deformity is very slow, and it will not affect cardiopulmonary function. Therefore, in this case, no special treatment is needed, and only physical exercise needs to be strengthened. For the second case, which is severe spinal deformity (which means that the Cobb angle is greater than fifty degrees), it must be actively treated if this is the case. For this type of scoliosis that is greater than fifty degrees or more, even after the bone growth and development stops, the scoliosis will slowly increase, and to a certain extent, it will affect the patient’s cardiopulmonary function, and this cardiopulmonary function The impact of this will cause the loss of patient labor and shorten the lifespan. Patients often tell me that I am now in my twenties or thirties, and my scoliosis has been around for many years. Doesn’t it require treatment? This concept is wrong. Because when it reaches the age of 50 or 60, his lung function may be like that of a person in the age of 80 or 90, then this situation will seriously affect his life span.