Always use hormones and worry about osteoporosis? Nephrologist teaches you 2 tricks are very practical

Glucocorticoid drugs are one of the commonly used drugs for kidney disease, and they are the “big brother” of anti-inflammatory drugs. During the treatment of nephropathy, it mainly plays the role of inhibiting the inflammatory reaction in the kidney, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the level of proteinuria. The combination of hormones and immunosuppressants is a classic “combination” for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome. Some patients need to take drugs for at least 4-8 weeks, and urine protein begins to relieve. There are also a few dependent patients who need to take drugs for a long time to maintain stable proteinuria levels. Hormone drugs are also a “double-edged sword.” While treating the disease, long-term use of large amounts will also bring some side effects to the body. One of these side effects is harmful, and the sooner you prevent it, the better! It is osteoporosis! Hormones make a 30-year-old with 60-year-old bones? The long-term application of hormones mainly reduces the absorption of low calcium in the intestine and increases the metabolism of calcium. The loss of calcium leads to a decrease in bone density and changes in bone mass, causing osteoporosis. Normal people will not suffer from calcium deficiency in nutritional balance, but long-term use of hormones may also make the 30-year-old’s bones look like 60 years old, prone to problems. Patients with osteoporosis are more likely to have back pain, arthralgia, fractures, etc., resulting in inconvenience in movement and a decline in quality of life. Not all patients who take hormones will have osteoporosis, which is related to the amount of hormones used and the absorption capacity of everyone. To prevent osteoporosis, it is recommended that you regularly check bone density. Generally, if you take hormones for more than 3 months, you should check it. For patients with longer duration, check at least once every six months. To prevent osteoporosis, in addition to regular inspections, insisting on doing 2 things can also be effectively improved! 1. Supplementing nutrients will cause calcium loss, so kidney friends should pay attention to supplementing nutrients, especially foods with high calcium, and eat foods with high protein, and pay attention to low-salt diet, which is helpful to maintain calcium and phosphorus balance in the body. . Under normal circumstances, the daily calcium intake of adults should be 800mg, hormone patients can increase appropriately. Daily foods high in calcium, including milk and dairy products, soy products, green leafy vegetables such as mustard greens, etc. Second, taking calcium supplements generally for kidney friends who take hormones for a long time, will also prescribe some calcium tablets and vitamin D to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis complications. Commonly used such as calcium carbonate, calcitriol and so on. Among them, calcitriol is one of the commonly used drugs to supplement vitamin D. In addition, studies in recent years have shown that such drugs also have a certain protein-lowering and blood pressure-lowering effect, thereby helping to improve renal function. At present, the main research is on IgA nephropathy, which may be the same as calcium supplementation. In addition, for patients with inflammatory osteoporosis, further medication is needed to avoid bone.

What medicine is better for treating epilepsy

In the minds of most people, epilepsy is a disease that is difficult to treat. In fact, under the current advanced technology, medical experts have found a suitable treatment method for this disease, and the treatment of epilepsy patients is more desirable The desired effect can be obtained under the treatment of better drugs.  Among many patients with epilepsy, many people have not been treated, and many people cannot effectively control the seizures because of their non-standard treatment, especially for young patients, which can damage the patients’ intelligence. Since epilepsy is a chronic disease, medication should be a long-term process. The correct method is to completely control the condition for more than three years and continue for about half a year before completely stopping the drug. Only after such treatment, it is not easy to relapse. Never take the medicine for several months and the symptoms are basically controlled. It is considered successful and the medicine is discarded rashly. As everyone knows, the danger of doing this is that the disease is resurgent, and the seizures will become more and more frequent, and the symptoms will be more serious. If it is better to treat epilepsy, another important principle for treating epilepsy is to take medicine regularly. No matter which kind of antiepileptic drug is taken, it is necessary to adhere to the regular medication method, choose the appropriate antiepileptic drug according to the condition, and start taking it in a small dose , And then appropriately increase the dose as appropriate. After the dosage is determined, it will remain unchanged for a long time. The number and dosage of daily medication should be constant and cannot be easily changed. Only when the regular medication is really invalid for more than three months, do you consider changing the medication or adding other medication under the guidance of the doctor. Drugs, otherwise it will be detrimental to the condition. Especially the elderly have memory loss and they tend to forget to take medication. They should be reminded often. Children should be supervised, inspected and instructed to take medication for children due to their limited age, cognitive ability and acceptance ability, and pay attention to prevent poisoning caused by overdose.

What Chinese medicine can cure epilepsy?

The disease of epilepsy can be treated with drugs or other treatments. At present, drug treatment is the main method of epilepsy. Many epilepsy are treated with drugs. Because drug treatment is convenient, it will not delay too much work time. What Chinese medicine can cure epilepsy is a problem that people are very concerned about. There are many Chinese medicines, and patients should choose the correct medicine.   The emergence of epilepsy disease deserves people’s attention. What kind of Chinese medicine can cure epilepsy? Patients who do not understand Chinese medicine can consult experts. The main purpose of the drug is to control the seizures of epilepsy and control the seizures, but at the same time, it also increases the risk factor of the patient. If it is to be treated correctly, it must be accurately diagnosed. The treatment of epilepsy includes drug treatment and non-drug treatment. In fact, China still focuses on medical treatment, and the specific medicine to be used depends on the patient’s condition. Single medication should be used as much as possible to treat epilepsy. If a single medication is not effective, it can be treated with multiple medications for epilepsy under the guidance of a physician. When several drugs are taken at the same time, you must first understand Interaction and coordination effects between drugs. Drugs for treating epilepsy can control epilepsy to a certain extent, but patients need to be reminded that the treatment should choose a regular epilepsy hospital, the drug should be taken under the guidance of a doctor, and insist, some patients often I think that my condition is already good, and I can stop the medicine by myself, which may cause seizures, so the patient should stop the medicine slowly, slowly reduce the amount of medicine, and do not stimulate the trigger of the condition.

The woman who gave me the medicine refused to accept the apology. What is the “feminine use of relief medicine”?

Recently, a female netizen exposed herself to being drugged by an acquaintance. Fortunately, she was discovered by a kind clerk in time. She took the drink for the sake of refilling. She kept the evidence and informed the lady in time. Fortunately, the bad guy did not succeed. A wise beverage clerk made the right choice and was praised by many netizens. The latest development of the incident is that the public security organ has intervened in the investigation. When the male partner expressed apology, the woman who gave the medicine clearly stated: Refuse accept the apology. Seeing this news, I couldn’t help but think of a line, “If the apology is useful, why would the police do it?” I personally feel that the drugged party’s refusal to apologize is a completely reasonable response, and the bad guys should be severely punished by the law for their own sake. Bad thoughts and bad behaviors pay the price. In the apology text of the man who gave the medicine, we can see that he used a very skillful word “women use relief cold medicine”. The Chinese culture is broad and profound, but it is susceptible of being ruined when used here. Needless to say, it is so complicated. In fact, although the detailed information about this drug is not clear, I believe this is a “drug”. The clerk discovered in time that the woman drank the glass of water and believed that the consequences of the incident would be very different. What kind of ingredient is this so-called tall drug? We can’t make a rash assertion about the specific ingredients, but here we can introduce you to a common drug used as a drug-γ-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB). γ-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) is a powerful central nerve sedative, used in some countries as a medicine, mainly used to treat cataplexy related to narcolepsy, or used to assist alcoholics in taking off Poison and withdrawal treatment. This substance is actually produced in our body, especially the brain and other parts, can produce trace amounts of GHB (about not more than 1.0mg/L), it is the premise of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the body, and it is also GABA The metabolite of GABA, as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator, can combine with corresponding receptors to play a physiological role. When the concentration of GHB in the body reaches a certain concentration, such as 100mg/L, it will make people feel euphoric and de-suppressive. GHB has a small molecular weight, is easily soluble in water, and does not bind to plasma proteins, so that it can be quickly absorbed by the intestine after entering the body. It can reach the peak of blood drug concentration 20 to 40 minutes after taking the drug, resulting in central sedation The common reactions that may occur after taking GHB are euphoria, confusion, hallucinations, drowsiness, slurred speech, nausea, pupil reduction, and body temperature drop. At the same time, the half-life time of this substance in the body is very short, only 30~ 50 minutes, that is to say, after 150 to 250 minutes (after about 5 half-lives), this substance is basically excreted clean, it is difficult to detect, and its characteristics are used by many criminals to become A commonly used “drug”. Because GHB is administered as a controlled drug in many countries, it is usually not easy to obtain, but its prodrugs butyrolactone and 1,4-butanediol are not controlled substances, and these two substances can enter the human body by oral administration After that, GHB will be generated within a minute or so, and it will also form a “drug” that is used by criminals. The greatest risk of GHB abuse is that the effective concentration to achieve central sedation is not much different from its toxic dose. When the blood concentration is about 100 mg/L, it can produce euphoria and de-suppression effects, when it reaches 500 mg/L It can cause respiratory and circulatory system depression and death, and there is currently no antidote that can effectively reverse the sedative and stimulating effects of GHB. Although I don’t know the specific ingredients of the drug used in this incident, it should be similar to GHB. The so-called “feminine cold relief drug” is just a more euphemistic statement. Through this incident, we should remind all female friends that making friends must be careful, and when coming out to play with people who are not so familiar, do not easily accept the drinks they provide, especially in some unusual situations, such as Originally brought your own drink, you have to let you drink the drink he brought, etc., you have to be more alert and trustworthy. At the same time, we should pay attention not to drink alcohol easily, the consciousness after drinking is not clear, and the situation of being drugged is also common.

To what extent does overactive bladder medicine take effect?

  Obladder overactivity (OAB) is typically characterized by bladder problems with urine control, that is, urinary urgency, frequent urination, increased nocturia, and even urge incontinence. Although the disease is painful, it is not incurable. The point is that many people are unaware of this. The older generation always feel that this is geriatric disease, so they are not taken seriously, and young people tend to ignore their parents’ problems, so the incidence is very high. In fact, as long as you go to the hospital and ask the doctor to diagnose, if it is indeed overactive bladder (OAB), then regular treatment may be a good improvement.   There may be many causes of frequent urination, urgency, and urge incontinence. The first step is to diagnose the primary disease that may induce OAB symptoms, that is, whether it is secondary OAB: for example, neurogenic bladder, bladder outlet obstruction, bladder inflammatory disease, and prostate hyperplasia. If the exact cause cannot be diagnosed, the patient is likely to be primary OAB.  The primary treatment for overactive bladder is behavioral therapy. However, behavioral therapy is effective for some patients, and it is not particularly good for some patients. If the effect is not good, you need to resort to medication. However, drug treatment is not effective for all patients. About 80% to 90% of patients use behavioral therapy and drug therapy together, which can better control the symptoms of frequent urination.   Overactive bladder, to what extent does taking medicine indicate an effect?  Obladder overactivity (OAB) drug treatment, drugs that relax the bladder can help relieve symptoms of overactive bladder and reduce the onset of urge incontinence. These drugs include: tolterodine, oxybutynin, oxybutynin patch, oxybutynin gel, trospamine, solinacin, dafinacin, miraberon, fexofen Luoding.  Most patients with overactive bladder can control the symptoms of urgency after taking medicine, reduce the number of urination every day, and increase the amount of each urination. Judging the effect of taking medicine is the same as behavioral therapy. According to the frequency of urination of normal people, through behavioral therapy plus drug treatment, if the frequency of urination can be controlled to close to 12 times a day, the number of nocturia is reduced to 1 or 2 times, or in the past There is urgency or urinary incontinence every day, because the urgency of urination causes the pants to get wet. After taking the medicine, the number of urine leaks, the frequency and volume of urine leaks can be significantly reduced, then it shows that behavioral therapy plus drug therapy can be effective. Continue maintenance treatment.

How long can seizures stop pregnancy

Many people have experienced love, marriage, and childbirth. This is the power of love, and it is also a natural process. The family is happy, but there are often so many people who yearn for these beautiful things, but it is not expected. Such as diseases, such as female epilepsy patients, because female epilepsy patients often choose the epilepsy drugs to control the disease, but many epilepsy drugs still have certain side effects, and family members are often worried about affecting the child’s healthy development. So I can’t get pregnant for a long time. So how long do female patients need to stop taking epilepsy drugs to have normal births? In the clinic, after treatment, the patient is treated with epilepsy drugs, and if the effect is controlled, there is no abnormality in the re-examination of the EEG, and the drug can be slowly stopped. The drug has not relapsed within six months to one year. Moreover, there is no abnormality in the EEG review, and when the physical condition is also good, you can basically prepare for pregnancy. Epilepsy treatment generally requires extra attention to the treatment plan for female patients with epilepsy. Because of the particularity of women’s physiological conditions, for female patients who want to have children, the estrogen and progesterone in the body will have a slight impact on the drugs used to treat the disease. In the course of clinical treatment, the genetic factors and idiopathic conditions of the patient are excluded. Most female patients can normally have babies after the condition is stable. However, doctors generally do not recommend premature pregnancy and childbirth. Because of long-term medical treatment, there will be some residues in the patient’s body, which affects the quality of the female patient’s egg and affects the healthy development of the fetus after pregnancy. More than half a year after the control of drug discontinuation, consider fertility problems. There are also women who are pregnant during treatment, please pay attention to contact the attending doctor in time, make targeted drug adjustments, and pay attention to taking folic acid and vitamin k during pregnancy to reduce the teratogenic rate. At the same time, pay attention to timely pregnancy tests and contact epilepsy doctors and obstetricians for joint treatment to prevent fetal abnormalities. And need to pay attention to whether the patient’s condition is suitable for pregnancy, and stop pregnancy when necessary, which requires female patients to take contraceptive measures when the epilepsy condition is not effectively controlled to reduce accidents. Warm reminder: Pregnant women with epilepsy need to pay special attention not only during pregnancy, but also during childbirth to avoid discomfort or seizures during childbirth. As far as conditions permit, try to have epilepsy diagnosis experience or a hospital that can control the disease in time to give birth To ensure the smooth progress of the birth process.

Precautions for medication in patients with vitiligo

In the process of treating vitiligo, drugs are one of the commonly used treatment methods, and also the first treatment method considered by many patients. However, due to the complex etiology of vitiligo, and the difference in each body type, the treatment of vitiligo is also different. The use of drugs must be in accordance with the guidance of the doctor. The drugs cannot be used without authorization. So what are the common misunderstandings in the use of drugs?   1. Abuse of hormonal drugs    Hormonal drugs are effective drugs in the treatment of vitiligo, but hormone drugs are not suitable for long-term use. Because hormone drugs have side effects, long-term use will depend on the drug, and it must be used strictly in accordance with the guidance of the doctor. When treating vitiligo, doctors generally use it when the leukoplakia is in the rapid development period to control White spot avoids its further development.  2. Overdose   Internal and external medicine doctors will recommend starting with a small dose first. Regardless of Chinese medicine or Western medicine, overdose will cause some damage to the body. The side effects of Western medicine are more obvious. Excessive use of Western medicine will damage the liver of patients with vitiligo. Treatment of vitiligo cannot achieve crucian carp. Excessive drugs do not help the condition at all.  3. It is very casual when taking medicines. While taking medicines, some people will use coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, etc. However, these contain various chemical ingredients, which are easy to react with drugs and affect the efficacy. It is also important to note that you must not drink alcohol after taking the medicine.  4. Frequent drug changes  Medical treatment of vitiligo is a long-term process, most of which are effective within three months. Therefore, patients with medication need to persist for a long time to avoid self-stopping. If the use of the medicine slows down, you can also inform the attending doctor. The doctor can adjust the plan according to your condition, but avoid blindly changing the medicine yourself.

How to treat allergic purpura

&nbsp.How to treat allergic purpura&nbsp.1. General treatment for allergic purpura, patients need to pay more attention to rest, do not overwork, and do not always have too much mood swings or mental stimulation, but also need to pay attention to find allergens And remove it. Patients should also help prevent infections. If an infection occurs, they need to be treated with antibiotics in time. Do not eat raw garlic, raw onions, peppers and other irritating foods in the diet, some are easy to cause Foods with allergies cannot be eaten. &nbsp. 2. Drug treatment of allergic purpura can be treated with some drugs, such as anti-allergic drugs, common are chlorpheniramine, loratadine, cimetidine, etc. Then there are vitamin drugs, mainly lutin And vitamin C, usually used in large doses. Hemostatic drugs, such as intramuscular injection of carbachol, acute bleeding can be intramuscular injection or intravenous infusion of fensulfamide. Glucocorticoid, it is mainly used for purpura symptoms comparison Severe patients can effectively improve symptoms.

The main content of learning Chinese medicine! ! !

[Learning Chinese Medicine] To learn Chinese medicine, you must learn the physiological functions of the five internal organs and six organs. The physiological functions of the five internal organs and six organs are the basic core of traditional Chinese medicine and the key to learning and treating diseases. After learning well, after mastering it, you will know where the disease originates, where the disease occurs, and what causes it. It is very simple to treat the disease. Study Qi and blood fluid, yin and yang are false and true, surface heat and cold syndrome must be clear and accurate, treatment can be used accurately. To treat various types of disease syndromes, first outline the outline, carefully identify the symptoms, summarize the syndrome types, distinguish the order, and formulate prescriptions. Use programmatic thinking for treatment of critical illnesses, do not restrict treatment ideas, use medicine based on syndrome-type prescriptions, do not cure the disease by the dead, and learn the thinking mode of treatment. According to the disease syndrome, the prescription is based on the sickness. The key is to cure the disease. The key is to cure the disease, not limited to which medicine is used, which can be used according to the disease.

Learn about these two chemotherapy drugs for myeloproliferative diseases!

Chemotherapy drugs are rarely used for early high-intensity treatment of myeloproliferative diseases. In clinical practice, high-intensity control is generally involved before chemotherapy is used. After all, there are pros and cons. The disadvantage is also a more prominent treatment mode. The answer to whether chemotherapy drugs can cure myeloproliferative diseases is unattainable. Mainly for the purpose of control and maintenance. A complete cure is currently not possible. The following is a summary of the last two types of chemotherapy drugs aimed at this group of patients. Can understand the popularity. Can chemotherapy drugs cure myeloproliferative diseases? What are the common medications? (3)-Piperbromide is a piperazine drug. Usage 75mg/d, oral administration in divided doses, when the hematocrit decreases, change to 50mg daily, after 2 to 3 months of administration, about 90 to 95% of patients with myeloproliferative diseases (true red) can get complete remission . Clinically, for patients who achieve remission, treatment is maintained at 25 mg daily thereafter. The side effects are lower than other alkylating agents. The main side effects are gastrointestinal reactions. There are also a certain degree of white blood cell and platelet reduction, which should be paid attention to. As for the problem of the incidence of leukemia, it still needs long-term observation. ——Anagrelide first- and second-line medicine. This medicine can inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce the number of platelets. There are no reports of chromosomal damage caused by the use of this drug. It is only used for patients with high-risk factors for thrombosis, which can be considered. In summary, it is a common medicine used in chemotherapy. Patients need to receive the most appropriate treatment according to their own conditions under the guidance of medical advice. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and search more about MPD patients: xejb120

【Expert recommendation】Night sleep disturbance in patients with Parkinson’s disease, treatment options of Rotigotine patch

At night, early morning dystonia, dystonia and other sports symptoms and non-motor symptoms such as sleep disorders seriously affect the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). These sleep disorders may be secondary to the patient’s underlying disease, but may also be exercise Complications and other non-motor symptoms (such as night pain, insomnia, vivid dreams), or the result of drug use.   Through the use of long-acting treatment drugs or continuous administration of short-acting treatment drugs can achieve effective control of Parkinson’s disease symptoms at night and early in the morning. Rotigotine (eprolo) is a non-ergot dopamine receptor agonist. One patch per day can achieve continuous stable drug release for 24 hours and is well tolerated. Studies have shown that rotigotine can improve non-motor symptoms as a whole, especially sleep/fatigue, emotional/cognitive function and pain and other related issues with potential improvement. Rotigotine (generic name of the drug) is a kind of dopamine receptor agonist, which is the same as Taishuda, sinofuro, and ropinirole; this type of drug is a “substitute” of dopamine, replacing the lack of human brain Dopamine plays a role, but at the same time has some of its own characteristics. The biggest contribution of these drugs is that they can be combined with levodopa drugs (medopa, xining, etc.) to greatly reduce the dosage of levodopa and reduce the harm of sports complications. Uproxil (rotigotine patch) can be used in various stages of the Parkinson’s disease (PD) course 1. Early single-agent treatment of symptoms and signs of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease (not combined with levodopa)    2. It is used in combination with levodopa at various stages in the course of the disease until the effect of levodopa decreases, is unstable, or fluctuates in the late stage of the disease (end-of-agent or “switch” phenomenon). Good news: Northwest Parkinson, First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University Disease Care Center Parkinson’s disease medication (uprol) care project is launched in order to allow more patients who use upoprol? (rotigotine patch) under the guidance of doctors to have better treatment effects and reduce patients at the same time The burden of medication costs, the Drug Care (UPLO) Care Project of the Northwest Parkinson’s Disease Care Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University was opened, and patients with Parkinson’s disease can enjoy one-to-one diagnosis and treatment guidance and free online access to Parkinson’s disease experts after successfully joining the project Benefits such as consultation and medication efficacy protection plan. Parkinson’s disease medication Uprox care project:    1. Patients who use Uprox? (rotigotine patch) at a dosage of 2mg/24h can make an appointment for this care welfare program. If the patient is diagnosed according to the doctor within one month, Need to increase the dose to 4mg/24h, you can start to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic benefits.   2. Patients who use Uprolo? (rotigotine patch) with a dosage greater than or equal to 4mg/24h. If within six months after joining the project, according to the doctor’s diagnosis, you need to increase the dosage of Uprolol (Rotigotine patch), you can apply for compensation for the cost and continue to use Uprolol (Rotigotine patch) You can pay for 6 consecutive months.

Good news: Care project for medications for patients with Parkinson’s disease (uppro) starts

In order to allow more patients who use eproxol (rotigotine patch) to have better treatment effects under the guidance of doctors, and at the same time reduce the burden of patients’ medication costs, the Northwest Parkinson’s Disease Care Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (UPLO) The care project is launched, and patients with Parkinson’s disease can enjoy one-on-one diagnosis and treatment guidance, free online consultation with Parkinson’s disease experts, and medication efficacy protection plans after successfully joining the project. Parkinson’s disease medication Uprox care project:    1. Patients who use Uprox? (rotigotine patch) at a dosage of 2mg/24h can make an appointment for this care welfare program. If the patient is diagnosed according to the doctor within one month, Need to increase the dose to 4mg/24h, you can start to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic benefits.   2. Patients who use Uprolo? (rotigotine patch) with a dosage greater than or equal to 4mg/24h. If within six months after joining the project, according to the doctor’s diagnosis, you need to increase the dosage of Uprolol (Rotigotine patch), you can apply for compensation for the cost and continue to use Uprolol (Rotigotine patch) You can pay for 6 consecutive months.  How to apply for online message

How to do dizziness, fatigue and low blood pressure after taking antihypertensive drugs? 3 different situations, one by one for you

Some friends took the medicine as soon as they discovered that there was an increase in blood pressure, but in the process of taking medicine, due to various reasons, there was a problem of excessive blood pressure reduction, high blood pressure harmed health, and low blood pressure Symptoms are often more pronounced. If the blood pressure drops too low, discomfort symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and palpitations will appear, and the risk of acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events will also increase. Want to know what to do if taking antihypertensive drugs causes hypotension? We should first understand the specific causes of hypotension caused by taking medicine, and we can find the corresponding solutions based on the specific reasons. There are many reasons why blood pressure drops are too low by taking antihypertensive drugs. There is no high blood pressure problem itself. Why there is no high blood pressure? In the process of diagnosing hypertension, some friends will have a high blood pressure measurement value in the clinic, or even diagnosed hypertension, but it is actually a “false hypertension”. For this situation, we will also call it It is called “white coat hypertension”, most of which occurs in the state of measurement in the clinic, usually through 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, or a lot of family self-measured blood pressure, can clearly confirm whether it is a false white coat hypertension problem. If you don’t have high blood pressure problems, just friends who have transient blood pressure rises in the clinic. If you find that the blood pressure rises, and you don’t judge whether it is true high blood pressure or false high blood pressure, you rush to take blood pressure Medicine controls blood pressure, of course, there will be a decrease in blood pressure, and even obvious symptoms of hypotension. In view of this situation, if it can be confirmed that it is a pseudo-hypertension problem that is not a hypertensive patient, the best solution is of course to stop the drug. After the drug is stopped, the blood pressure will naturally return to the normal state. For patients with mild hypertension, there are some friends who overdose the drug. The condition of hypertension is not serious, but the problem of hypotension occurs due to the overdose. For this kind of situation, we also divided into two types-the first case, which is a problem of mild hypertension, has not taken life conditioning intervention, began to take antihypertensive drugs, in the process of blood pressure control At the same time, I realized the importance of life conditioning intervention, and further actively strengthened the life conditioning control. Originally, the blood pressure was slightly elevated. Through life intervention, the blood pressure can be lowered, so that in the case of life intervention + medication, it will be This leads to the further effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs and the possibility of hypotension. In this case, if it can be confirmed that life conditioning intervention alone can effectively control the blood pressure level, the antihypertensive drugs can also be stopped. The second situation is overdose caused by unauthorized choice of medication without following the doctor’s advice. The choice and application of antihypertensive drugs is not as simple as going to a pharmacy to buy an antihypertensive drug. The first principle is the low-dose starting medication. If the single-agent administration is not well controlled, you can consider combined medication. If you notice high blood pressure, you should buy antihypertensive drugs. You don’t understand the situation. Although you take one tablet a day, it is a compound antihypertensive drug (equivalent to a combined medication). At the same time, the dosage of the drug is relatively large. The first principle is that under such circumstances, it is entirely possible that the overdose will cause the blood pressure to drop too low. For this situation, you should consult a doctor in a timely manner and combine your own blood pressure control, please ask the doctor to choose a reasonable antihypertensive medication plan. Either reduce the amount of medicine, or choose to take a single drug, or stop taking antihypertensive drugs, or switch to other types of low-dose antihypertensive drugs. Specific drug adjustments should also be analyzed and determined in conjunction with specific circumstances. Hypertensive patients are affected by seasonal changes. There are also some hypertensive patients, especially hypertensive patients with a long course of disease and severe degree of arteriosclerosis. The blood pressure level will be difficult to control in the cold season, but in the warm season. The reduced situation is not surprising. Our blood vessels also have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, and the blood pressure value will fluctuate with the change of the season. It is completely normal. Some hypertensive patients, whose blood pressure rise is not easy to control in the winter, have adopted a more potent antihypertensive drug regimen, and if they continue to use this medication regimen in the summer, on the premise that the basic blood pressure in the summer has decreased, It is very likely that there will be excessive hypotension and hypotension. For this situation, it is generally not recommended to take medicine in winter, and to stop medicine in summer. Generally, it is generally appropriate to adjust the medication plan and reduce the amount of antihypertensive drugs. For example, eating two

Beijing Academy of Hematology Xiebei Lu: slow-grain patients to improve treatment compliance is critical!

In the course of treatment, patients with chronic myeloid leukemia need long-term medication to control the disease, but the treatment effect of patients with medication is not the same. Chronic myeloid leukemia patients want to get good treatment results, they need to fully trust the doctor and follow the doctor’s instructions to standardize treatment. Director Shi Shurong consulted WeChat zkxk9999 First of all: regular curative response assessment TKI treatment regular monitoring and curative effect evaluation is the basis for optimizing TKI treatment CML. Timely discovery of problems in treatment and adjustment of the treatment plan are the prerequisites to ensure that patients get the best results. CML treatment monitoring includes three levels: hematology, cytogenetics and molecular genetics. Second: The interruption of TKI treatment and the poor compliance of patients may lead to adverse clinical results. Good medication compliance education and strict monitoring are very important to obtain the best clinical efficacy. Which conditions belong to the “poor compliance” actual medication (including dose and time) prescription medication ratio is less than 85%. According to GIPAP data, only 21% of patients who need to buy their own drugs can return to buy drugs on time the next year. Reasons why patients cannot return on time include: 30% of patients have used medications lower than the recommended dosage of the doctor and extended the duration of medication; 29% of patients discontinued medication because they feel good; some patients have insufficient knowledge of the disease and lack of follow-up; only 13.8 % Of the patients were unable to use the drug because of economic factors; 7.5% discontinued the drug because of drug resistance, intolerance or transfer to other clinical trials. Poor compliance may lead to treatment failure! The 5-year major molecular remission rate (MMR) of patients with good compliance is as high as 90%, while the number of patients with poor compliance is less than 20%; for patients who have achieved complete cytogenetic remission, patients who adhere to medication adherence are good 2 The rate of loss of complete cytogenetic remission after year is less than 5%, while patients with poor compliance are close to 40%. Of course, for patients with poor compliance, the increase in treatment costs is also inevitable. Therefore, whether it is imatinib or other medications, it is the top priority to follow the doctor’s instructions and regular regular monitoring! In addition, for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia who do not take well with targeted drugs, they can cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine treatment to effectively reduce the side effects of targeted drugs and improve the efficacy of drugs, thereby improving the quality of life of patients with chronic drugs. For more knowledge about chronic myeloid leukemia disease or patient help, you can pay attention to WeChat public number: mbxb120

Hand painted AS丨Patients with ankylosing spondylitis, you want to know here!

Professional doctors hand-painted AS Daquan can click on the picture to enlarge it~ What should be paid attention to for patients with rigidity The above picture roughly describes the concept of ankylosing spondylitis, the symptoms of lumbar spondylosis, and some traditional treatments. In addition to this, are there any daily prevention methods? 1 What to do in the acute phase? Patients with obvious joint swelling or severe systemic symptoms in the acute phase should rest in bed and take a comfortable position to reduce pain. After the symptoms are alleviated, you can do active or passive limb movements, such as stretching and flexion exercises, but it must be done gradually. 2 What to do during the remission period? Patients in remission period should regularly do joint movements of whole body and local joints every day. Such as: chest straightening, stretching waist, swinging legs, shaking joints and massaging joints. 3 How to take medicine? Adhering to medication can relieve symptoms, improve quality of life, and delay the development of the condition; use medication according to the doctor’s instructions, master the medication method and medication time; observe whether there are allergic reactions, and promptly notify the doctor if a rash appears, stop or change the medication as directed by the doctor. In addition, common ankylosing spondylitis treatment drugs should be taken for more than 2-4 weeks to be effective, so they cannot be stopped randomly in the short term. During the process of taking medication, you should closely observe the improvement of symptoms, pay attention to record the time required from waking up (even if not in the morning) to being able to engage in normal daily activities briskly, and observe whether the morning stiffness time is shortened and the pain is alleviated. 4 what to eat? Choose foods with low calorie content, because too much choice of high calorie foods such as: chocolate, sugar, fried foods, etc. will increase body weight, thereby increasing the burden on the joints, especially the joints of the lower limbs, so you should choose fresh vegetables , Fruits, lean meat, vitamins, etc., are beneficial to relieve symptoms. 5 Maintain a good state of mind Maintain a good mental state, learn to self-adjust, and actively harmonize with the external environment. Pay attention to keeping warm and avoid cold, damp, excessive fatigue, mental stimulation, infection, etc. Proper exercise, such as swimming, playing Tai Chi, At the same time with massage, avoid strenuous sports. 6 Periodic review Regular review, such as joint swelling, fever, nausea, loss of appetite, hematuria, black stools, etc., need to seek medical treatment in time and follow the guidance of a professional doctor. What do 7 family members do? The patient’s family should care, considerate, and understand the physical and mental pain of the ankylosing spondylitis patient, actively assist the patient in life, and communicate with them more. Help patients face reality, encourage themselves, encourage themselves, strengthen themselves, eliminate dependence, and stimulate their sense of responsibility to the family, children, and society. Warm reminder, in addition to the above daily precautions, the most important thing is to be able to seek medical treatment in a timely manner. At present, a more advanced clinical treatment technology-bone treatment system can be used to purify the patient’s blood and eliminate rheumatism in a sterile purification environment The germs can promote the elimination of inflammation, which can effectively avoid joint stiffness, and eventually recover the patient’s condition and effectively return to normal life.

Can I get epilepsy without taking medicine?

Is it okay to take medicine without epilepsy? In the life of people, the concept of people is to take medicine for illness, but some people are negligent and underestimate the disease, delaying the treatment and causing greater damage to their health. For example, epilepsy, which has a high incidence at present, many patients always feel that the disease is not so severe. It does not matter whether they take medicine or not. So, is it okay to get epilepsy without taking medicine?   Is it okay to take epilepsy without medicine? Epilepsy is a very common chronic disease of the brain. It is critical for patients to be treated in time. In the past, epilepsy may be more It is difficult to treat, but with the development of science and technology, can epilepsy be cured? Generally speaking, it is difficult to cure epilepsy without taking medicine. Even if you choose surgical treatment, acupuncture treatment, and appropriate medication, you can achieve the goal of completely curing epilepsy. The current medical treatment methods for epilepsy include:   medicine treatment, which is a routine treatment and the most basic treatment for epilepsy. It is now a common method for clinical treatment of epilepsy. Most patients can be effectively controlled by medical treatment. Moreover, the availability of many first-line antiepileptic drugs has also made it more difficult for clinicians to choose drugs.  Is it good to have epilepsy without taking medicine? In addition to being able to use medicine for treatment, epilepsy can also adopt surgical treatment according to the patient’s actual condition. Surgical treatment of refractory epilepsy has been widely used in major hospitals.  Finally, in the treatment of patients with epilepsy, it can also be treated according to the detailed factors of the onset of epilepsy. To treat epilepsy, treat the cause of epilepsy first. If the epilepsy is caused by meningitis, the anti-inflammatory treatment must be stopped first. If the epilepsy is caused by brain parasites, it must be treated by a pioneer insect. There is also a brain tumor that causes epilepsy, and surgery must be performed to remove the tumor.   Warm reminder: The answer to the question “Can you get epilepsy without taking medicine” is given above. I believe that many patients with epilepsy know it. All in all, the damage to epilepsy is very serious, and the patient must not be taken lightly after the illness. As a patient, it must be taken seriously, and timely adoption of useful medical treatment and rational use of medicine are very important.

Prevention and treatment of ringworm rash

Is ringworm rash a ringworm or an allergy? Overview: Ringworm rash is an allergen (cyclamycin) produced after inflammation and infection of the ringworm caused by the fungus. It causes a variety of skin rashes around the ringworm or away from the ringworm. It is an allergic symptom. Ringworm rash is more common in summer and autumn, and often occurs in the acute inflammation of various ringworm diseases. People with complicated infections of ringworm or drugs for the treatment of ringworm are likely to induce the disease. Common types of tinea rash: 1. Acute disseminated tinea rash: Hair follicles, moss-like or scaly skin lesions are mainly distributed on the trunk, needle-size or flat moss-like papules. Ring-shaped scaly patches often form. Some are accompanied by systemic lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly, and leukocytosis. Patients with this type of tinea capitis are more frequent. 2. Herpes type: It is often symmetrically distributed on the palm to the lateral edge of the finger, and the skin lesions are mostly blisters and itching. More common in patients with tinea pedis. 3. Erythema and erysipelas-like types. The skin often presents with erythema annulare, erysipelas on the lower extremities and urticaria-like rash. More common in patients with tinea pedis. Treatment and prevention 1. Treatment: The treatment of ringworm rash is divided into two steps. The symptomatic treatment of anti-allergy is the first step. Generally, antihistamine drugs are used. Commonly include loratadine, benzestatine and so on. If the symptoms are more severe, glucocorticoid therapy can be used systematically. Wait for the symptoms of ringworm rash to subside, and after the inflammation of the infection site has subsided, further use antifungal drugs to treat ringworm. The topical medicines are mainly symptomatic treatment. Commonly used medicines are calamine lotion, boric acid solution, smeared trimethoprim ointment and other compound preparations. After the control of ringworm rash is stable, the treatment of ringworm is the second step. Oral drugs can be used for antifungal treatment of itraconazole or terbinafine hydrochloride tablets. For external use, mild antifungal creams are usually selected and are not recommended. Stirring ringworm potion. 2. Prevention: The prevention of ringworm rash is mainly based on reasonable medication. Most of the ringworm rashes are caused by adverse irritation or infection of ringworm disease. Therefore, the treatment of ringworm disease should be treated by a hospital professional doctor. Don’t believe in secret recipes, especially do not use strong stimulation tincture drugs or strong exfoliating drugs. And soak.

[Questionnaire] What should I do if my face is as painful as lightning?

A few days ago, Ms. Zhang, who had been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for three years, finally had no pain after microvascular decompression in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University. It is understood that for three years, Ms. Zhang has been tortured by trigeminal neuralgia. Just like being subjected to electrocution, especially when eating, drinking, and brushing my teeth, I feel the pain in my heart. Recently, the pain has become more severe and the attacks have become more frequent. Oral administration of multiple drugs can not alleviate , After taking too much medicine, I felt dizzy and unsteady to walk. Now that I’m okay, I don’t have to suffer from the pain anymore”  Professor Jiang Haitao: Trigeminal neuralgia is more common in middle-aged and elderly people, and it is a kind of trigeminal nerve distribution area The severe pain symptoms that occur within the patient, such as stubborn and severe pain like lightning, knife cutting, and burning, make the patient miserable. Even talking, brushing his teeth, or breeze blowing his face can cause pain, so patients often dare not wipe their faces and eat. Even the saliva does not dare to swallow, which seriously affects normal life and work. Some people call this pain “the first pain in the world.” Before the operation, Ms. Zhang had already experienced serious side effects of drugs. We know that patients with trigeminal neuralgia preferred to use the drug carbamazepine in the early stage. Generally, 70% of patients can achieve analgesic effect, but if taken for a long time, the effect It will become worse and worse, and there will be serious side effects. According to the follow-up results of patients with trigeminal neuralgia, about 1/3 of the patients cannot tolerate their side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Although serious adverse reactions are rare, but Carbamazepine has been found to cause fatal exfoliative dermatitis. The specific dosage needs to be conducted under the guidance of a professional physician. You can also choose oxcarbazepine with less side effects, but the analgesics are worse than carbamazepine. Early treatment should also pay attention to the protection of the nervous system. Because of the cause of trigeminal neuralgia, patients who have not been cured for a long time have greater nerve damage. Generally, when patients are taking drug control, they will be recommended to take neuroprotective drugs at the same time. Vitamin B family is all The essential nutrients of human tissues are the key to release energy from food. If vitamin B is sufficient, the nerve cells are full of energy, which can relieve anxiety, tension, and increase the tolerance to noise, etc.; conversely, it leads to a decline in the ability to cope with stress, and even triggers neuritis. To relieve trigeminal neuralgia, choose vitamins B1, B6, and B12, which have a certain improvement on peripheral nerve problems, and relieve trigeminal neuralgia. Expert reminds: medical medicine treatment can not treat trigeminal neuralgia for the cause. First, the cause must be found. The primary trigeminal neuralgia is caused by the pulsating compression of the trigeminal nerve root into the pontine brain, called the blood vessel. For this kind of treatment, medical treatment alone cannot cure the cause of the cause. In the early stage, medical drugs can be considered to control pain, and eventually microvascular decompression surgery evaluation is required!  Treatment of the cause of the disease is expected to be cured   Although many patients will be urgently required to cure the disease because of severe pain, when it comes to surgery, they are always afraid of fear. Microvascular decompression surgery for trigeminal neuralgia is a very mature operation. Surgery is performed in the subarachnoid space between the brain tissue and the skull. Especially in recent years, the application of minimally invasive surgery technology has not only significantly improved the efficacy of surgery , And greatly reduces the risk of surgery.

What should I do if I have anxiety? You have to understand this knowledge!

  Anxiety disorder will bring a lot of negative effects to people. Nowadays, many people are living and working under great pressure, and their emotions can not be controlled reasonably, so they are easy to suffer from anxiety disorder.  Clinical manifestations of anxiety disorder 1. Emotional symptoms: Anxiety patients are often in a state of nervousness, fear, vigilance, and anxiety. Not only that, but it also means worrying about the future, worrying about your loved ones, property, health and other aspects. 2. Somatic symptoms: patients with anxiety disorders often produce dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, sweating, flushing, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, throat occlusion, chills and fever, stomach discomfort, excessive frequency of bowel movements and restlessness in movement Symptoms such as dying, room breath or out of control.  What if I have anxiety? The most direct way is to go to the hospital and find a doctor. Early treatment, regular treatment, is an important means of relieving anxiety.  Because anxiety disorder is caused by comprehensive factors, the treatment should also be comprehensive treatment to get good results. Comprehensive treatment includes appropriate medical treatment, psychological treatment, and family rehabilitation treatment.   1. Medical treatment: It should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. What kind of medicine to choose and how to apply it all need to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. In many cases, some patients go to the doctor repeatedly, but they have no good effect, because although they have chosen the appropriate medicine, they have not taken it according to the proper method. Commonly used drugs are anti-anxiety drugs, sedatives, and some antidepressants, of course, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture therapy.   2. Psychotherapy: a better way to treat anxiety, of course, it must also be treated under the guidance of a regular psychologist.   3. Family rehabilitation: Because it is simple and cheap, it is easier for general patients to accept it, but it must be persevered under the guidance of a doctor to achieve better results. Home rehabilitation treatments include dietary adjustments, appropriate exercise, and self-psychological adjustment.   4. Diet: Based on the principle of a balanced diet, you can eat more crude fiber foods rich in vitamin B to avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol and other substances that easily cause nerve excitement. There are also some foods containing calcium, lecithin and other substances such as milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables rich in folic acid, bananas rich in calcium and magnesium, etc., or eat some foods that have a calming and heat-clearing effect, such as jujube, Lily, lotus seed with core, chrysanthemum tea, etc., can also play a better therapeutic role.   5. Sports and daily life: To be as regular as possible in life, to have a fixed time for eating and sleeping, and to ensure a certain amount of time for outdoor activities every day. Don’t be too violent, just insist on doing it for a long time.   For the treatment of patients with anxiety disorders, a better environment is needed. If there is such a patient in the family, the first thing we need to do is to understand that the patient’s performance is caused by disease, and they are not willing to do this themselves. Try to help them relax. Many times, don’t tell them what to do, just feel what they felt at the time, because they know what they should do, but they can’t do it. If we can provide some help instead of increasing their tension, it is the greatest help for them.  In short, anxiety disorder is a disease. Like other diseases, it has causes. It can also be treated and recovered with correct understanding and treatment. I sincerely wish that people with anxiety disorders can get rid of restlessness and panic as soon as possible and live a relaxed and happy life like everyone else.

Can epilepsy be cured?

Epilepsy is a neurological disease that threatens people’s health in recent years. This disease has seriously affected the lives and work of patients. Some patients with epilepsy have not even found a job to support their families. Receiving treatment. So, can epilepsy be cured? Let’s find out. First of all, although epilepsy endangers the physical and mental health of patients, patients should maintain a good mentality. A healthy mentality is the key to actively coping with the disease. Since epilepsy will occur frequently during puberty, it is necessary to receive treatment as soon as possible and not take it without permission. Drugs, in recent years, with the development of medical technology, drug treatment and surgical treatment of epilepsy are constantly improving, and the treatment level of epilepsy has also been significantly improved. Can epilepsy be cured? After treating epilepsy, you should also pay attention to your usual lifestyle. Patients should not drink caffeinated beverages in large quantities. Tea, coffee, and cola should be drink as little or as little as possible. Movies or games, pay attention to ensure adequate rest, take medicine on time, this is conducive to the treatment of epilepsy. Although it is difficult to treat epilepsy, patients with epilepsy still have to build confidence and cooperate with doctors to receive regular treatment. Usually, they take drugs on time. Because the treatment of epilepsy is a long-term process, some drugs may give If the patient has an adverse reaction, you should consult a doctor in time.