Why do men who are prepared for pregnancy do not sit on the sofa for a long time?

Under normal circumstances, the male sitting position is supported by the two nodules of the ischium, so that the scrotum is suspended between the legs. However, if sitting on a sofa or other soft chair for a long time, the entire hip will fall into the sofa padding , The original fulcrum was sinking, so that the scrotum was compressed. When the scrotum was compressed, the venous blood flow was not smooth. Due to blood stasis, the blood vessels near the testicles thickened. When the blood was severe, the patient even caused varicocele. Symptoms are heavy testicular fall, dull pain in lower abdomen and so on. At this time, the spermatic cord vein pressure increases, thereby affecting sperm production and maturity, causing male infertility and male health problems? Click here to consult online as a common disease for young and middle-aged men, varicocele refers to the expansion of the flexure due to the obstruction of the veins in the varicocele. The pathogenesis is mainly due to the retention of blood in the varicose veins, which affects the blood of the testis Circulation, causing the local temperature of the testis to increase, making the testis lack the necessary nutrient supply and oxygen supply, affecting sperm production and varicocele mostly occurs on the left side of the scrotum, because the valve of the left spermatic cord vein is more than the right side Fragile, more prone to valvular disorders; in addition, the left internal spermatic cord vein enters the left renal vein at a right angle, the stroke is relatively long, the pressure is relatively large, and it is also prone to tortuous, valvular disorders are prone to occur and the left internal spermatic cord blood The reflux of the adrenal glands and metabolites secreted by the adrenal glands and kidneys, such as steroids, catecholamines, and serotonin, are brought to the testis. Steroids can inhibit spermatogenesis. Catecholamines can chronically poison the testis. Serotonin can cause vasoconstriction and cause immaturity. Sperm shedding prematurely, causing male infertility Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation. Therefore, men should avoid sitting on the sofa for a long time during pregnancy, otherwise varicocele is prone to occur. So, how to treat varicocele? For patients with mild symptoms, conservative treatment can be used, that is, by taking more rest, wearing tight underwear, reducing vigorous exercise, using scrotal care, etc., in combination with drugs for treatment, while moderate or severe or accompanied by infertility or Patients with abnormal semen must undergo surgical treatment because the varicocele will block the blood return and cause testicular blood circulation obstacles, so that the testicular spermatogenesis and secretion function cannot be performed normally. Over time, it can lead to atrophy of the testis and loss of all men. Does the function have male health problems? Click here for online consultation

What are the symptoms of penile condyloma acuminatum

   Male condyloma acuminata occurs predominantly in the genitals and perianal areas, and is more common in the foreskin, laces, coronary sulcus, glans, urethra, penile body, perianal, intrarectal, and scrotum. Among them, genital warts in the anus are mostly spread among men and gay men, and the disease is mainly infected through unclean sexual behavior. Therefore, cleansing oneself is the fundamental way to avoid condyloma acuminatum of sexually transmitted diseases.   Male genital warts often have no symptoms, and some patients may experience local pain or itching. The basic damage begins with small, light red, small pimples, varying in size, distributed individually or in clusters, moist and soft, showing nipple-like, cockscomb-like, or cauliflower-like protrusions, red or dirty gray, often pedicled at the root, and prone to erosive exudate , Easy to bleed if touched.

There is a coup for not doing “Fast Man” to save allergies

Many male friends will have the problem of too fast husband and wife life. Too fast husband and wife life is a common male disease. There are many reasons for the excessive life of couples. So what should men do if they live too fast? How to prevent it? Some men in life have a situation where the couple lives too fast in the course of the couple’s life, which undoubtedly seriously affects the quality of the couple’s life. We all know that males will ejaculate during orgasm, but if couples live too fast, they need to get attention. This is probably because of physical problems. What is the reason for the spouse living too fast?  Couple may not fully adapt to the early stage of life.  The various links of nerve and endocrine activities have not been straightened out yet. At the beginning stage, there will be a phenomenon of premature life of the couple. After gradually adapting and getting used to it, it will return to normal.  Mental factors and excessive masturbation.  First of all, men should actively quit bad masturbation habits, reasonably arrange the rest time, participate in more physical exercise, avoid contact with pornographic magazines, etc. Both couples should understand and understand each other, create a good atmosphere, and eliminate tension.   The foreskin is too long. To remove the long foreskin in time to make the glans normal exposed; for couples caused by disease factors to live fast, the primary disease must be treated as soon as possible; and for the fast life of couples caused by high sensitivity of the glans, the best treatment is to do tintin Surgery for blocking the dorsal nerve reduces sensitivity and improves the threshold of life for couples. How to avoid couples living too fast in life?  Condom use  Condom use can reduce men’s sexual excitement because condoms are a kind of barrier. Many people will use condoms to reduce Tintin’s sensitivity when they snap, but not everyone can use condoms to reduce excitement.  Distract attention  In the process of husband and wife’s life, when they feel a sense of ejaculation, stop thrusting, and then deliberately think about things that are not related to slap, in order to reduce sexual excitement and delay the life of the couple. Some people will silently call “stop” to themselves. Due to the sudden tension and attention shift, this can achieve the purpose of delaying the life of the couple.  Train the pubis and coccyx muscles   Exercise four to six times a day; or actively stop when urinating, and then continue to urinate. This method of interrupting urination uses the pubococcygeus muscle. Through these long-term muscle exercises, you can slowly improve the ability to control the life of the couple. If the couple’s life adopts the squeeze method, the small hand position is adopted. When the feeling of approaching the life of the couple is stopped, the stimulation is stopped, and the thumb is used to squeeze and tie Ding Ding’s lace. The time is 3 to 4 seconds. When the couple is about half a minute After the reflex of life disappears, you can continue to practice intercourse or squeeze method, practice 3 to 4 times a day, this can improve the couple’s life threshold and even achieve the purpose of treating premature ejaculation.

Men who sleep naked in summer are easy to cause reproductive infections

The summer weather is hot, and male friends should pay attention to life hygiene to avoid reproductive infections. Men’s naked sleep in summer is an important factor leading to reproductive infections. So, what should men pay attention to when sleeping naked in summer?  The pace of life of modern people is fast, and daily sleep has become an important link to restore physical fitness and ensure health. After a busy day, undressing and sleeping is conducive to the circulation of qi and blood, so that the body’s yang can be stretched smoothly. If sleeping with clothes, especially wearing some fashionable tight underwear, it may affect the circulation of qi and blood, so that the yang is suppressed , Not even more beneficial to the function. So many people choose to sleep naked. So, what are the precautions for sleeping naked in summer? What should I pay attention to when sleeping naked in summer? 1. Don’t sleep naked in group life. Due to the particularity of the adult population, there is no guarantee that someone in the group life will have XING disease, infection, etc., don’t think that you have a good relationship or conditions, and you can sleep naked. The consequences may be You have no chance of taking regret medicine.   2. Don’t sleep naked when children are sharing the same room.    No matter how much attention is paid to the child’s preschool education, it can’t be more than the induction of bad phenomena; parents, be careful. 3. Wash the vulva and anus before going to bed and take a shower. No matter men or women, the hygiene of the private parts is basic. If you don’t pay attention, you will leave today’s germs on the bed, and tomorrow you will have an intruder when you sleep naked. ; If you don’t pay attention to cleaning tomorrow, tomorrow’s germs will accumulate on the bed, and day after day, your reproductive system’s defenses will eventually become irresistible. 4. For couples who live more frequently, it is necessary to change the bedding frequently. For whatever reason, the bedding after a couple’s life is unclean. Of course, it does not need to be changed once. For couples who sweat a lot in summer, if they love naked When you sleep, you have to change your bedding. Men are prone to reproductive infections in summer  In the hot summer days, urogenital infections make many men suffer “inflammation”. According to statistics, more than half of men over the age of 30 have suffered from recurrent urogenital infections. The structure of the male reproductive system is complex, and urogenital infections are caused by a wide range of ways.  Male urogenital infections mainly include prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis, foreskinitis, balanitis, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, epididymitis, scrotal eczema, scrotal dampness, and other urinary system diseases. Urinary and genital infection diseases mostly manifest as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, endless urination, urinary drip, frequent nocturia, and urinary tract swelling embolism, which seriously disrupts the normal life of male patients.  Urinary and genital infection diseases are characterized by high incidence, long recovery period, wide age range of patients, and great harm to male reproductive system, and have become one of the main diseases that endanger male health. If not treated in time, it is easy to relapse. The main hazards are: improper treatment of inflammation, resulting in cross-infection between husband and wife; at the same time it will cause men to have azoospermia, oligozoospermia, low sperm motility and high deformity rate, induce infertility; cause male physiological dysfunction, Symptoms such as pain in the perineum and lumbosacral region, and poor physiological function appear. In addition, genitourinary infection will also reduce the body’s immunity, increase the patient’s mental stress, induce other diseases, cause harm to men’s physical and mental health, and even affect the harmony of the couple and family stability.

Will gynecomastia relapse after surgery?

Hello everyone, many friends are worried about recurrence after surgery. &nbsp. Whether there will be recurrence after male breast development depends mainly on these reasons. Under normal circumstances, male testes not only produce androgens, but also produce a small amount of estrogen, which maintains a certain proportion in the body. If for some reason the proportion balance is destroyed, too much estrogen will stimulate mammary duct hyperplasia. The mammary gland is the target organ for estrogen, which affects the development of the mammary gland in men. The target organ of estrogen is the breast tissue. Resection surgery has removed all breast tissue. Even if the estrogen level changes again, it will not cause the male breast development to occur again. However, if a malignant tumor leads to breast development, it may sometimes recur. Therefore, the patient must be sent to a laboratory after resection, that is, pathological identification of benign or malignant lesions. &nbsp. In addition, every time after surgery, you can pay attention to whether your hormone levels are normal. If an abnormal situation occurs (more than twice the normal value), you need to consult an expert in endocrinology to adjust. Don’t whisper whether you will relapse, but treat it scientifically

What is the relationship between prostatitis and impotence?

Prostatitis is a common male disease in urology. Because the organ is at the center of the male reproductive system, when gland inflammation occurs, male sexual function will be affected more or less. The specific reasons include two aspects: First of all, is the direct impact of prostate organic lesions on sexual function have male health problems? Click here for online consultation because the prostate is a large accessory gonadal body of the male body and is the gate to control male sperm discharge. Normal glands are sensitive to nerves, have good elasticity, and can be closed tightly, and can be opened well, and the gate to control sperm discharge is very sensitive. When inflammation occurs in the gland, the flexible and elastic prostate becomes stiff and hard. The blood vessels and nerves inside have been damaged to varying degrees, and the elasticity of the glands has disappeared. They neither follow the command of the brain nor switch tightly. This is the failure of the “gate”, which can not control the discharge of sperm, premature ejaculation, and impotence in severe cases. , When patients have prostatitis, if they do not go to a specialist hospital in time, they will often have inflammation of other sexual organs, such as urethritis, urethral bulbitis, paraurethritis, seminal vesiculitis, vas deferens, epididymitis, orchitis, etc. Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation&nbsp. Therefore, for prostatitis, it must be treated in time, otherwise the organs of the genitourinary system will be affected, and the sexual function will naturally be greatly affected. Even the phenomenon of “sexual incompetence” is followed by prostatitis. During the process, the patient’s mental pressure is too great, which aggravates sexual dysfunction. Because the outer layer of the gland of the prostate has a thick lipid envelope, it is difficult for conventional drugs to penetrate in a short time, so the treatment cycle is longer. If the patient does not With full psychological preparation, it is found that the condition of the illness has not been significantly improved, so that worrying, it is easy to have a great impact on their own spirit. Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation. In this case, the gland inflammation is not eliminated, the pain recurs, and it is also easy to affect the mood, such as no atrial affair, or poor performance in gender integration. Therefore, it can be found that male prostatitis and erectile function There is a certain connection between the obstacles. For the symptoms of impotence caused by such organic diseases, you must go to a specialist hospital for treatment in time. Otherwise, psychological and organic factors will often interact, thereby slowing down the recovery cycle and aggravating the disease.

What causes male death syndrome?

What is the cause of male dead sperm disease? More and more men with dead sperm disease, dead sperm disease is a great blow to a family. The first thing that patients want to completely cure the disease is dead sperm disease What is the original cause. The following experts from Beijing Weiren Hospital will introduce what causes male dead spermosis 1. Male genital tract inflammation: such as inflammation of the epididymis, seminal vesicles, and prostate can cause abnormalities in seminal plasma, its pH, oxygen supply, nutrition, metabolism, etc. Can reduce the sperm survival rate.   2. Varicose veins: Varicose veins can impede blood return, hypoxia in the testes, and harmful substances accumulate in the testes, causing dead sperm.   3. Trace element deficiency: Especially when zinc deficiency, it can lead to death.   4. Chromosome abnormalities, bad living habits, environmental pollution, etc. may cause the sperm survival rate to decrease without sterility.  After reading about what caused death syndrome, I hope you can prevent the cause. Here I wish the patient to get rid of the pain of the disease as soon as possible.

What are the common symptoms of vas deferens obstruction?

   In daily life, many newly-married men are unable to have children and go to the hospital for a diagnosis to confirm that the vas deferens are blocked. As one of male infertility diseases, clogged vas deferens has caused serious harm to many families. So, what are the common symptoms of vas deferens obstruction?   What are the common symptoms of vas deferens obstruction 1. Reproductive system infection: After examination, men who generally suffer from vas deferens obstruction can often be accompanied by symptoms of reproductive system infection .   2. Sexual dysfunction: Patients with blocked vas deferens often have different degrees of sexual dysfunction, such as ejaculation pain or weakness.   3. Abnormal epididymal vas deferens: The epididymis and vas deferens appear abnormal during palpation, often showing bead-like changes, thickening and loss, and the blood FSH level is basically normal or slightly increased.   4. No sperm in semen: clogged vas deferens prevents sperm from running out. So it is difficult to find sperm in the ejaculate. At the same time, when the sperm produced by the testis accumulates more, it will cause anterior blockage. Once the internal pressure increases, a sperm cyst can be formed. At the same time, it can also cause backpressure testicular atrophy, which may affect the spermatogenesis and endocrine of the testis. Features. There are many symptoms of vas deferens obstruction. Once a male friend has the above symptoms, he must go to a regular hospital to confirm the diagnosis in time. If the vas deferens are diagnosed, do not blindly use drugs. Obey the doctor’s recommendations for treatment. Closure of the vas deferens is not an incurable disease. Scientific treatment is the key.

Doctor, is my breast development serious?

&nbsp. Is my situation serious? Is my condition gynecomastia? In daily consultations, some patients will particularly struggle with whether their chest is abnormally developed? Is his condition serious? In fact, when you are anxious, you may wish to scientifically analyze your condition against the diagnostic criteria. First, how big is the male breast gland? When you find that the gland development is greater than five millimeters by breast CT or B-ultrasound detection, you can be diagnosed as abnormal development of the male breast (breast hyperplasia). Most of them are benign diseases, no need to worry. Second, is the condition serious? There are two criteria for judging whether it is serious or not: 1. The appearance of female breasts is very obvious, and I cannot accept it. Psychological pressure and social barriers. 2. Abnormal symptoms of chest (obvious mass, nipple discharge, pain, etc.) or suspected malignant tumor. How to deal with abnormal breast development in men? 1. Simple observation: For the pubertal physiological breast development, you can temporarily observe simply. If you do not relieve for more than half a year, you can consider medical treatment. If you do not relieve for more than one year, you can consider surgery. 2. Treatment of basic diseases: For the primary disease of liver cirrhosis/hypogonadism/endocrine tumors, breast development can relieve itself. 3. Withdrawal of drugs that cause mammary gland development: For drug-induced breast development, most of the drugs can be relieved. 4. Medical treatment: tamoxifen can be used for the observation of no effect. 5. Surgical treatment & nbsp.: For adult male breast development, observation of more than 1 year can not be relieved, accompanied by lumps, pain and discomfort, imaging life Those who are of high quality and those who are affected by the appearance of psychological pressure may require surgical treatment.

Can men have children if they suffer from chronic prostatitis?

Men suffering from prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis, will have a certain impact on fertility, because the prostatic fluid is a component of semen, when pathogenic microorganisms and inflammatory secretions in the prostatic fluid are mixed into the semen , It will affect the survival rate and vitality of sperm. Moreover, the influence of inflammation also leads to changes in the pH of semen, abnormal liquefaction, increased viscosity, and may cause immune problems. Will male fertility be reduced and male health problems? Click here for online consultation. However, when suffering from chronic prostatitis, it is not completely impossible to consider pregnancy preparation, because each patient’s own situation has certain differences. If you cooperate with treatment during rehabilitation and the recovery effect is better, you can prepare for pregnancy after recovery Therefore, after detecting chronic prostatitis, you must go to a specialist hospital for treatment. You can not let it go. Otherwise, it will aggravate the symptoms and make it less conducive to fertility. So, how long can chronic prostatitis be cured? Generally speaking, the treatment period of chronic prostatitis is relatively long, a course of treatment is generally about 20-40 days, individual patients with severe conditions, even need longer time to control the symptoms, to achieve the effect of cure There are male health problems? Click here to consult the patient online. After treatment, the white blood cells in the prostate fluid drop to normal, and the bacterial culture changes from positive to negative, but the subjective symptoms do not improve, or when the symptoms have disappeared, the treatment cannot be stopped by yourself. Causes repeated symptoms, so patients with chronic prostatitis should be prepared for a protracted battle. In addition, patients with chronic prostatitis should pay attention to quitting smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy and stimulating food, drink plenty of water; avoid holding back urine, sedentary and fatigue in the treatment In terms of methods, some antibacterial drugs will be selected according to the patient’s situation. For patients with severe individual conditions, physical treatment can be used to empty some concentrated secretions in the prostate to reduce the invasion of bacteria, which is very good for pain relief. The effect of chronic prostatitis rehabilitation can be better after thorough treatment, but it should be noted that after thorough treatment, it does not mean that the disease will not recur again. Therefore, patients need to maintain good living habits, usually more Pay attention to your physical condition, and if necessary, regularly go to a specialist hospital for examination to have male health problems? Click here for online consultation

What are the causes of male azoospermia?

  The emergence of azoospermia makes many men suffer miserably. Azoospermia can lead to male infertility, so if you want to treat azoospermia, you need to know the cause of such diseases. So, what are the causes of male azoospermia? Experts from Beijing Weiren Hospital make the following answers for you: What are the causes of male azoospermia? 1. Semen is not liquefied or has a high viscosity: This situation often affects The ability of sperm to move, which in turn leads to infertility.   2. Endocrine hormones: This cause mainly affects the occurrence and maturation of sperm, and affects the sperm’s ability to exercise, reduces sperm motility from the side, and may lead to infertility.   3. Autosomal and sex chromosome aberrations: not only affect the number of sperm, but also affect the sperm viability and forward movement ability, which is one of the more serious causes.   4. The existence of anti-sperm antibodies: It can affect the fertilization function of sperm and reduce the vitality of sperm from several different ways, thereby reducing the exercise ability and reducing the penetration ability, which ultimately leads to infertility.   5. Infection: mainly includes epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, vas deferens infection and other acute and chronic genital tract or gonad infections, the spread of these diseases may reduce the ability of sperm motility.  So if you want to stay away from the infertility caused by azoospermia, in addition to daily prevention, you need to actively treat it.

What are the symptoms of varicocele infertility?

  Because the symptoms of varicocele are not obvious, many male friends cannot find the disease early. Therefore, many male friends begin to pay attention to the symptoms of varicocele. So, what are the symptoms of varicocele infertility?   What are the symptoms of varicocele infertility? Generally speaking, after suffering from varicocele disease, inflammation is accompanied by long-term genital organs. Inflammation can cause pain in the lower abdomen, swollen testicles, etc.   Abnormal sperm: Many sperm abnormalities are caused by varicocele disease. When men suffer from this disease, inflammation will spread to the testes, making men suffer from oligospermia and azoospermia.   Emotional abnormalities: Males also have greater emotional fluctuations under the influence of the disease, and there is a restless mentality every day, which can also lead to psychological disorders over time. It can be seen that the harm of varicocele is very great.  Male infertility: Although varicocele does not directly cause infertility, it will affect the quality of sperm. In the case of abnormal sperm quality, males will not be able to have normal births, which will eventually cause male infertility.  Reminder: The above are the symptoms of varicocele explained to you. It is recommended that you should go to a regular hospital for examination and professional treatment in time to prevent delays in treatment and make the condition worse.

What diseases are men most susceptible to in summer

Which male diseases are most likely to be affected in summer ① Prostatitis Summer is the high season of male prostate disease. When the temperature fluctuates irregularly, male friends do not pay attention to the cold protection and warmth of the lower body, causing the prostate to get cold, and it is easy to cause pain in the lower abdomen or lower body. These are often the culprits of prostatitis. ② Reproductive infections The weather is unstable in summer, the temperature is unstable, and a little carelessness of the genitals is easy to breed bacteria, which leads to male genital infections. Foreskin balanitis and urethritis are the most common. Although these two diseases are not serious, they are given to men. Brings a lot of troubles, which not only affects the normal life of men. If not treated in time, it will also lead to male diseases such as prostate disease and male infertility. ③ Sexual dysfunction A perfect sex life can reflect the charm of men and make them more confident, but many men are often troubled by sexual dysfunction. The appearance of impotence and premature ejaculation are the fuse of many family marriages. Therefore, for their own sake For the sake of health and family happiness, when suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation, you should establish a correct attitude to seek medical treatment, and go to regular hospitals for appropriate examinations and targeted treatment in a timely manner. ④The temperature in the foreskin is getting hotter in summer, which is the best time for foreskin surgery, and the human activity and sweating are relatively stable. Therefore, foreskin surgery in summer can promote wound healing and avoid the possibility of wound rupture and infection. Summer is just right Foreskin surgery is a good time. Don’t miss this best time when male friends have too long foreskin and phimosis.

[Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital] In summer, the four “men” of male diseases

  【Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital】In summer, the four major “males” of male diseases are off. [Lanzhou Men’s Hospital 24-hour free consultation telephone: 0931-4523019 Lanzhou Men’s Hospital official website: http://xyh.gsnj120.com]    1. Be careful of prostate “noisy”    For many people, especially young people, summer night is The best time to eat barbecue, seafood and beer. It can be followed by a high incidence of prostatitis in young men. It is very harmful to eat spicy alcohol. Especially for men aged 20-60, if they often hold their urine, feel nervous, drink alcohol, and do not clean properly, it will cause urine. The production of irritating substances, increased pressure in the bladder, and backflow of urine in the prostate can cause inflammation of the prostate. Furthermore, because of the high temperature in summer, most male friends are reluctant to go out. They like to sit for a long time at home or blow the air conditioner. They have relatively little exercise and do not pay attention to the cold protection and warmth of the lower body. It is easy to cause pain in the lower abdomen or lower body, causing inflammation of the prostate. 2. The temperature is high and the infection is coming, threatening the health of men. In the hot summer, many male friends have been troubled by repeated episodes of urogenital infections. The causes of urogenital infection diseases are extensive, and some are related to the male reproductive system. Some diseases are caused by the environment and bad habits. Bacteria and viruses are directly or indirectly transmitted through some channels to cause infectious diseases. In addition, coupled with the accelerated consumption of nutrients in the body when the weather is hot, the human immunity is relatively reduced, so summer has become a high season for urogenital infections. Relevant statistics show that more than half of the patients with urethritis and other reproductive infection diseases have the phenomenon of excessive foreskin. Therefore, foreskin balanitis and urethritis are the most common. Although these two diseases are not serious, they are given to men. It brings a lot of troubles, which not only affects the normal life of men. If it is not treated in time, it will also lead to male diseases such as prostate disease and male infertility. Male friends should remove the long foreskin as soon as possible, so as not to increase the risk of future diseases and harm their health. 3. In summer, not only prevent heat stroke, but also prevent sexual dysfunction. Perfect sex life can reflect male charm and increase self-confidence, but many men are often troubled by sexual dysfunction. The appearance of impotence and premature ejaculation is the breakdown of many family marriages. Fuse, therefore, for your own health and family happiness, when suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation diseases, you should establish a correct attitude to seek medical treatment, go to the regular hospital for appropriate examination, targeted treatment, and do not delay the delay Or blind treatment. Male friends should pay attention to: appropriate decompression, prevention of low libido, harmonious communication between couples, and do not take drugs that enhance libido or kidneys at will. 4. Foreskin men, it is time to let it breathe. There is a situation where the foreskin is too long. The glans are in the wrapping state of the foreskin for a long time, which reduces the stimulation of the glans to the outside world, which may cause short sexual life. In addition, the summer is hot and the glans are The package causes a moist environment, and it is also easy to breed bacteria, induce inflammation, and have uncomfortable symptoms such as reproductive odor, itching, and red spots. Therefore, summer is the best time for circumcision surgery. In summer, it will be more convenient to wear. It is more breathable. Appropriate exposure of wounds on the outside of the body is conducive to wound healing, and reduces friction and collision caused by exercise. It is an excellent period for foreskin surgery and recovery. 》》》Where is the specific location of Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital?

What are the effects of drinking sex on the body?

In the TV series, there will often be male and female protagonists drinking wine and starting the road of “sexual happiness”. There has always been a saying that “drinking aids sex”, and some people think that the erection ability after drinking is not as good as before, so does drinking really help the sexual life experience? Can drinking help sex? A few drinks are indeed OK. Because after a few glasses of wine, the blood flow of the penis will continue to increase, and the penis is more likely to support the “small tent”. On the other hand, alcohol can also play a certain role in paralyzing sexual nerves, so men will feel longer after drinking. So how much is this “a few glasses”? There is no specific number, and men can decide according to their own alcohol. If you belong to a “drinkable” person, it is best not to exceed 30 ml of white wine and 50 ml of red wine before sex. But alcohol needs to do what it takes. After all, long-term drinking can cause many harms to the body. In addition, after drinking alcohol, the brain is dim and unclear, the sexual central system is also in a state of suppression, sexual desire will be suppressed, and erection ability will be affected, which will lead to poor performance of men in sexual life. In addition, after drunken sex life, the cooperation between the two parties is often not as coordinated as usual, and it may also be injured due to poor control of the strength and movement range, such as genital contusion and so on. Therefore, old drivers who have sex after drinking alcohol should pay attention to it: there are risks after drinking, and for the other half, try to drink as little as possible. Three precautions for drunken sex life: 1. Don’t be irritable. Men who have sex after drinking may be more irritable. Skip the foreplay and go straight to the topic, causing women discomfort, and it will cause many problems such as male premature ejaculation. Therefore, you should slow down your sex life as much as possible. Before entering the main scene, you can chat, drink some water, and then enter the theme. 2. Don’t act too violently. The emotions of men that are usually suppressed will be fully released after drinking. The movements of sex life will be rougher than usual, and the movement amplitude and intensity will be greater. This will cause some accidents in sex life, such as Torn foreskin, damaged penis, female pain, etc. If there is such a situation, women can skillfully remind and appease. 3. The indoor temperature should not be too cold. Alcohol will make people boil blood, and even sweat after a few clouds. At this time, the pores are expanded. If you are greedy and cool and do not pay attention to keeping warm, you will easily get cold and get sick. So men and women have sex after drinking in winter, even if it feels hot, keep warm.

Obviously there is not much hair loss, but why is the hairline getting higher and higher?

We often say that 100 hair loss per day belongs to normal metabolism. However, there are still many male friends who are troubled, obviously there is not much hair loss, but the hairline is moved up, and even baldness, and women have a lot of hair loss every day. Today we will talk about the reasons for this phenomenon. A normal person has about 150,000 hairs, and normal hair also has a regular physiological cycle: 1. The growing period (average about 2 to 6 years)   accounts for about 90% of all hairs, most of our hair is in continuous Growing state. It is difficult to lose hair during this period, if you want to pull it hard, your scalp will feel pain. 2. The degeneration period (on average about 2 to 3 weeks) accounts for less than 1% of all hair. The growth rate slows down, and the hair roots will advance toward the surface of the skin, but the hair is still not easy to fall off. 3. Rest period (average about 2 to 3 months) &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. accounts for about 10% of all hair. At this time, the hair has completely stopped growing, the root position is very shallow, and the hair is easy to fall off. The hair that falls easily when we comb our hair is all hair in rest period. When the hair falls out, new hair will grow back in the hair follicles, and so on. Generally, there are about 150,000 hairs on the human head, and about 10,000 hairs are in the easy-to-shed stage in the resting period, so it is estimated that it is normal for an adult to lose about 100 hairs a day. But this does not apply to all situations, as long as your hair follicles are healthy, if the amount of natural hair is less, and the damaged hair follicles cause hair loss, this situation may cause the hair growth rate to not catch up with the speed of falling, even if it only falls every day. Drop 50 roots, for a long time, one day may be bald. Why do men have more hair loss and more severe symptoms than women? Summarize the following three reasons. 1. In fact, regardless of men and women, most of the hair loss is caused by androgens. Androgens and 5α-reductase on the top of the head synthesize dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to attack fragile hair follicles. Male androgens are mainly produced by the testes, in order to maintain the characteristics of males. The daily secretion content is 5mg. Females also contain a small amount of androgens, which are mainly synthesized by the adrenal glands and ovaries and converted from androstenedione. The content of 0.1-0.4mg. This shows why men have more hair loss than women. 2. There are a lot of aromatase in women, aromatase can prevent the synthesis of androgen and 5α-reductase, so the hair loss condition of women is generally not as serious as that of men. 3. Men’s hair is short, it is difficult to visually find a lot of hair loss, and hair loss may be unconsciously already very serious. And women’s long hair will always fall within our visual range, such as pillows, clothes, and sewers. Hair Loss Solution: Medication/Initial Hair Loss-Oral (finasteride) + topical (minoxidil) finasteride is a male-only oral drug that can prevent and reduce the synthesis of androgens and 5α-reductase The presence of dihydrotestosterone to prevent DHT from attacking our hair follicles can be taken under the guidance of a doctor. The main role of minoxidil is to open potassium channels, stimulate the normal development of hair follicles, dilate capillaries, and transport enough nutrients to our hair. Men can use 5% solubility, women recommend 2% solubility, it is best to consult a doctor before use. The above applies to patients with early hair loss, that is, when the hair follicles are not closed and atrophy. Mid to late alopecia-no effect of drug use. In patients with scalp exposed, scalp hair follicles should be closed and atrophy. Only hair transplantation can solve the problem of scalp exposure. Hair transplantation also requires sufficient hair follicles in the back pillow, so hair loss must be Treat it as soon as possible, and when the hair loss reaches level 7 or above, no way can save it!

Is the disappearance of Chenbo just impotence? Doctor: Sexual ability cannot be judged by Chenbo!

Morning erection is an unconscious natural erection of the penis when men wake up in the morning, and is an important indicator to judge whether male sexual function is normal or not. Is the disappearance of Chenbo a sign of impotence? To understand Chenbo, one must first understand how the penis erects. 3 cases of penile erection 1. Direct stimulation of a sexual organ or sensitive part will cause penile erection, which is caused by direct contact stimulation. 2. Fantasy stimuli send sexual signals to the cerebral cortex through sexual fantasy, video fantasy or other methods, causing male erection. 3. Nighttime erection There is no clear medical statement about nighttime erection. Under normal circumstances, men will have an erection for 2 to 3 hours during 8 hours of sleep at night. And Chenbo is actually an erection at night. Most nocturnal erections are undetectable in sleep, and wake up in the morning to find the erection, so it is also called early morning erection in medicine. There are many reasons that affect morning erectile dysfunction. The most important factors are age and physical fatigue. In addition, there are some diseases such as prostate inflammation, high blood pressure, mental fear, depression, and anxiety that can affect the erection status of men, leading to the disappearance of erection. . Chenbo cannot fully reflect male sexual ability. Many people find that they have suffered from impotence or sexual problems once they find out that Chenbo has decreased or disappeared, so they are worried. But the more worried you are, the easier it is to cause a reduction in Chenbo, because the aggravation of psychological factors will lead to physiological problems, which will enter a vicious circle. Therefore, although Chen Bo is important, it cannot be hung in my heart every day. Chenbo disappeared, how to improve it? Chenbo will also decrease with age, and it will decrease or even disappear due to fatigue, staying up late, alcoholism and other factors. So I found that Chen Bo disappeared occasionally, don’t panic, if there is a period of time, you can use the following methods to exercise. 1. You can eat some foods that are helpful for erection, such as donkey meat, fish meat, leek and watermelon. 2. Avoid excessive smoking and drinking, maintain regular work and rest, avoid excessive fatigue, do not stay up late, and ensure adequate sleep time. 3. You can properly practice weight-bearing squats. Some studies have shown that weight-bearing squats are positively correlated with the number and duration of morning ebbs. 4. If the morning sickness disappears due to disease factors or psycho-psychological factors, active treatment or professional psychological counseling treatment is required.

Can male infertility be solved through test tubes?

Male infertility has become a big problem that plagues men. Everyone has heard that the problem of not being pregnant with a child is a woman’s problem. Fortunately, today, with increasing education, more and more people know about infertility It is a matter of both parties, and it cannot be said which is the reason. And there are a lot of measures for infertility, and test tubes are one of them. Then, can male infertility be solved by test tubes? Can male infertility be solved by test tubes? Only sperm and eggs can be combined to form fertilized eggs. May be pregnant. If the male is infertile, the prerequisites for the formation of fertilized eggs will be lost. It will definitely not be able to conceive. Common male infertility has abnormal semen, difficulty in ejaculation, and no sperm. It needs to be considered according to the severity of the disease. Different methods of assisted pregnancy are not always necessary to do test tubes. In fact, many non-serious infertility problems can be solved by improving diet, working schedule and supplementing nutrition. If it is not possible, conventional treatment can also be performed, and some men can return to normal. If conventional treatment is not effective, then artificial insemination and IVF can be considered. Assisted pregnancy, mild infertility can be artificial insemination, severe infertility should be directly tested.

Poor quality of male sperm, affect female pregnancy?

Now many couples who are preparing for pregnancy will encounter such a headache problem that they have been unable to conceive successfully after a long time of preparing for pregnancy. After going to the hospital for examination, they found that the quality of male sperm is too poor. Poor sperm quality has a certain effect on normal pregnancy, because sperm may not be able to move to the fallopian tube. Poor sperm quality is common in males with poor sperm motility, mainly due to male endocrine disorders, trace element deficiency, inflammation, etc. How to improve the quality of sperm first: active examination Now many male friends do not attach importance to physical examination in life, especially for their own reproductive system problems. Perhaps many male friends think that this is a problem of their own face, in fact, this is a very stupid idea. In order to better improve the efficiency of their own pregnancy preparation, before two people are preparing for pregnancy, a comprehensive and systematic examination is necessary to understand whether their sperm condition meets the conception standard and avoid detours during the pregnancy preparation process. Second: reasonable diet & nbsp. In life, there are many foods that can promote male friends to improve sperm quality, such as eating more fish and seafood, etc. These are very healthy foods. During the entire pregnancy preparation period, it is necessary to carry out a reasonable diet, supplement balanced nutrition, and slowly improve the quality of sperm. This will have a better guarantee for the life of pregnancy. Third: Pay attention to physical changes. Male sperm quality begins to weaken, and the body will have corresponding symptoms. We can conduct self-examination in our lives. For example, the waist and knees are beginning to be sore, and the sexual performance is decreasing. At the same time, the individual’s concentration starts to be inconcentrated, and I feel very tired every day. At this time, pay attention to it. Maybe the individual’s physical constitution has begun to decline. Then when the body’s physique declines, the function of the reproductive system will also decline, so the secretion of male male hormones begins to be unbalanced, which will naturally affect the quality of sperm.

What is the harm of male anal condyloma acuminatum

  Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease caused by direct or indirect infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, with male and female genital and anal hyperplastic lesions as the main manifestations. Most occur in young people between 18 and 50 years old. The incubation period is about 2 weeks to 8 months, with an average peak incidence of about 3 months.   If a man has genital warts, the probability of transmission to family members is also very high, because HPV virus is extremely easy to survive and reproduce in the human body and warm and humid conditions, especially around the genitals and anus. Therefore, if the healthy people at home are exposed to daily necessities such as panties, bathtubs, bath towels, toilet seats, etc. contaminated with viruses, it is easy to cause secondary transmission.   There is also an impact on male fertility. Not to mention that condyloma acuminatum itself will cause itching and pain around the genitals in men, leading to a decline in the quality of life of the couple. Secondly, the probability of transmission of HPV virus from mother to child is also very high. If the treatment is not timely, it will definitely cause serious harm to the family. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.