Women do not have to interact with their mother-in-law as “I”

Author: Liu Yingya a scene. Lin Zhiying, Chen Ruoyi and Mother Lin sat at the dinner table and started to eat. Ms. Lin sat at one end of the long dining table. Lin Zhiying and Chen Ruoyi sat on either side of the table. Chen Ruoyi was in Lin Lin’s left hand and Lin Zhiying was in Lin Lin’s right hand. Lin Zhiying said to Chen Ruoyi, you come here, that is, on his right hand, so there is a Lin Zhiying between Chen Ruoyi and Lin’s mother. Chen Ruoyi got up to sit next to Lin Zhiying and said that people were shy. Mother Lin said nothing. Lin Zhiying is a talent. Assuming that Chen Ruoyi is still sitting with her mother-in-law, she must have direct communication with her mother-in-law, or more. This can add a lot of drama to the show, and if Chen Ruoyi eats the posture, her mother-in-law will have to discipline it. Lin Zhiying asked Chen Ruoyi to sit beside him, posing: First of all, he was in contact with his mother. Secondly, any mother-in-law who wants to make any contact and interaction with her daughter-in-law must pass through her own level. Third, you can find me if you have something. In addition, don’t intervene between our husband and wife. Objectively, the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law have a connection, just because the man, that is, the woman enters the mother-in-law through the man, a kind of in-law relationship, a relative relationship defined by a wedding, and etiquette is the boundary between the in-laws. In the big family of the mother-in-law, the daughter-in-law is just the shadow of her husband, and in this relationship, the woman can be a subsidiary of the man. In their own small family, the young couple are partners. The most important thing for women and mother-in-law is that they are expressed in etiquette. Women don’t need to fight for a place in their husband’s house. Whatever they want to say, just have a place for her husband. Any interaction with the husband’s house is for the husband to take the lead. The woman does not intervene too much in any matter of her mother-in-law’s house, just to express manners. In terms of family order, women are the last to enter this family system, and women should not interfere with anyone in this family. Including rights and obligations. Mother Lin’s sitting in the middle. One direction is the young couple’s respect and care for their mother; the other direction is that Mother Lin intervenes between the young couple and manipulates the relationship of the young couple, that is, intervenes and manipulates the small family. This must affect the growth and vitality of this small family. Just like in a family, the child is placed in the position of the little emperor, which is not suitable, nor is it conducive to the growth of the child, nor to the operation of the family. Similarly, putting the old man at the top of a small family is not conducive to the growth of this small family, and of course not conducive to the inheritance of this large family. The top of the small family is the young couple. It’s good to have a small family’s male owner contact with the parents of the original family. This is a very smooth continuation. It is not appropriate for the in-law to intervene to interfere with the daughter-in-law, or the in-law to intervene with the father-in-law or mother-in-law. Appropriate distance is necessary. There is no direct relationship with each other. This view is particularly useful for unclear mother-in-law relationships. Many clear relationships between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are interactions at the human level, at the level of respect for human nature, rather than in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Like the relationship between Yineng Jing and her mother-in-law seen in variety shows. In addition, if a man always wants his wife to behave in his wife’s house, or asks his wife to make a face for himself, this man can take a good look at himself. Can be analyzed in another article. &nbsp.&nbsp. Are there any gains after reading? Follow me, teach you to use psychology to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love, and help you understand love and marriage. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Class Two Psychological Counselor, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Physical and Mental Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage and Love Network Emotion Instructor, Enterprise Staff Growth Consultant for more than ten years of psychological work, focusing on family marriage and love , Personal physical and spiritual growth. Public number: psychological consultant Liu Yingya WeChat: psyajfz Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/1380513270/

When mother Lin tunes Chen Ruoyi, should Lin Zhiying jump out and speak for his wife?

& Nbsp Author: Liuying Ya Chen if the instrument, such as eating pineapple forest mother is called to clean the windows. It’s strange, this mother Lin, didn’t you want to pursue your life and let go of your child and leave father Lin? Why should you stare at your daughter-in-law if you become a mother-in-law? There is a posture of concocting a daughter-in-law with three outlines and five constants. What is her psychology? With Lin Zhiying’s conditions, he did not need his wife to do housework at all, nor did she need to look down at Lin Zhiying for his own sense of presence. Lin Zhiying has sufficient economic conditions. There is also a healthy sense of self-worth. Therefore, the training of Mother Lin is purely difficult and lack of wisdom. What is missing is the love for Lin Zhiying. Mother Lin has a broken heart. Mother Lin’s heart is lacking. As we all know, Lin Zhiying is very good to Chen Ruoyi. In many years of marriage, she has no such things as lace derailment, which makes her sad. Whether Ms. Lin will be psychologically unbalanced. After all, her life is broken and she has not lived with her son for many years and participated in her son’s life. And Chen Ruoyi is Lin Zhiying’s close lover, there is no one. Their ten-year marriage has made them the closest person. One of the effects of these repairs by Mama Lin is that I repair you, and my son can only do this. He can’t protect you, and he still has my mom. In addition, the most fundamental point is that Ms. Lin does not love Lin Zhiying, or selfish love. If she loves Lin Zhiying, she will think far, far away for her son and even her grandson, hoping that he will have a happy partnership in life, and a partner who loves and cherishes each other, and she would like his son to have a harmonious relationship. She will also be grateful and pitiful for the woman who will accompany her son for life. She would not want to provoke three in front of her son, or make the daughter-in-law unhappy, let the daughter-in-law experience hardships in the marriage, causing the son’s marriage to fail and break. As we all know, a woman often counts the hardship of marriage on her partner, because that is the person she depends on. In the face of such a mother Lin, is it not a regret and trauma in life for Lin Zhiying? For a man who has already succeeded in starting a family and establishing a business, these traumas should have become a valuable resource for growth. Lin Zhiying understands her personality. It is also understood that as a son-in-law, you should also visit the elderly and accompany the elderly. But this is a courtesy. He did not ask his wife to be an obedient wife. Perhaps he also understands that when his mother left, he did not consider his son. Today, his mother still did not consider this son, but just inexplicably vented her inner outline. If the mother-in-law wants to be a good mother-in-law, the first thing is to be a candid mother. Even if those experiences in Lin Zhiying’s mind did not pass, there is no need to conflict with his mother in a large audience. His best way is to “want me to help you wipe it together.” Lin’s mother said, “just rest.” Maybe you want to say &nbsp. Fortunately, Lin Zhiying did not grow up under the discipline of her mother, otherwise it would become this mom treasure. It can be imagined that his wife is revolving around. He is playing his mobile phone on the coffee table, and there will not be his current success. But he is not. In this life scene, he did not conflict with his elders first, and secondly, he was accompanying his wife. After all, this mother-in-law is far away from their lives. What he can do is not to let this mother really enter their lives. He gave Chen Ruoyi a comfortable living space. This is much better than his theory quarrel with Chen’s mother for Chen Ruoyi. Often men will quarrel with others, and when they are in theory, there is something in their hearts that they do not know what to do. I think that Lin Zhiying’s performance is very good. The problem is that Ms. Lin is mentally unbalanced, and Ms. Lin is not a wise mother who really considers her son. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Are there any gains after reading? Follow me and teach you to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love with psychology to help you understand love and marriage. & nbsp. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Second-level Psychological Counsel, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Body and Mind Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage Network Emotions Instructor, Enterprise Staff Growth Adviser. Marriage and affection, personal physical and spiritual growth. Public number: psychological consultant Liu Yingya WeChat: psyajfz Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/1380513270/