What does “Xu Fangpao” like about Lin? It might be the hairline

As the hit drama “Thirty Only” is coming to an end, everyone has a heated discussion about the various roles in the play. In addition to the three female protagonists in the play, there is another role that everyone discusses particularly enthusiastically, Lin Youyou. Today, there are three hot search topics related to Lin Youyou. Among them, the third and fourth places are the apology video of a certain actress discussing Lin Youyou’s role. “Discuss the rationality of this role. There is another topic discussion that is the most funny——#爱林有有的问题# The reading volume of this topic is as high as 380 million, which is enough to see that everyone really hates the role of Lin Youyou. When Maizi was chasing drama, he wanted to have a meal with Lin. Having said that, what does Xu Huanshan like about Lin? After all, Gu Jia is such a perfect and excellent wife, not only capable, but also good-looking. After thinking about it, Maizi could think of Xu Huanshan’s reason to like Lin. Maybe Lin You has a round forehead and pretty hairline. In fact, regardless of the role issue, the actress who plays Lin Youyou is still very good, and her forehead shape and hairline match are also very good. The face shape is a typical melon seed face, and the ratio of three courts and five eyes is relatively comfortable. Her forehead, frontal bones and parietal bones are full and round, and the hairline has a matching degree of arc. With two strands of broken hair on the sideburns, the overall image is a young and youthful image. This is also in line with Lin Youyou’s age state of just graduating from university in the play. Therefore, a person’s age sense has a great relationship with the shape of the hairline. A hairline that suits you can not only modify the contours of the face, but also balance the distribution of the three chambers of the face. If the forehead is too large and the hairline is too high, it will not only lengthen the length of the entire face, but also look extraordinarily old. On the contrary, if the visual perception of the face is short or round, there will be a relatively young feeling. This can also explain why Gu Jia and Wang Manni always had bangs in their appearance when they were just in their early twenties. Zhong Xiaoqin, who doesn’t feel very mature, has a doll head shape with bangs.

I have compiled a “blacklist” for hair loss, please check it quickly!

Hello, Iri Barty, have you been following the hit drama “Thirty Only” recently. Recently, I have been frantically scrolling through episodes at home after get off work, and seeing the “Master of Green Tea” Lin Youyou is really angry! Why didn’t Xu Huanshan block Lin Youyou in all directions? Lin Youyou’s “green tea master” seems to be harmless to humans and animals, but in fact it is huge! It’s like the members of the “hair loss blacklist” that I want to list for everyone today. I occasionally contact them and feel that there is nothing, but after a long time, they will be attracted to the evil consequences of hair loss. Hair loss blacklist member 1: Long-term intake of too much sugar and salt in high-sugar and high-salt foods will not only cause skin acne and accelerate skin aging, but also leave hidden dangers of hair loss. In many men, hair loss is manifested as severe oily hair accompanied by itching symptoms. The hair on both sides of the hairline begins to retreat, and then continues to the top of the head, and finally forms a “Mediterranean” hairstyle. For women, the line at the center of the line turns into a large scalp like a Christmas tree. This is a typical seborrheic alopecia. Seborrheic alopecia is mostly genetically related, but studies have shown that excessive intake of sugar or salt can cause hair loss. The accumulation of sugar in the body increases sebum and induces seborrheic dermatitis. If you eat too much salt, it is easy to breed bacteria in your hair and cause dandruff to increase. Member 2: Extreme diet to lose weight. Dieting to lose weight is the first choice of many people as “the way to lose weight for lazy people.” As long as the perseverance is firm enough, it is possible to be thin. Then, after a while, I discovered that my body has become thinner, and my hair has also become “slim” and the number of hair has decreased. This situation occurs because when the energy supplied to the human body decreases, the nutrient source of the hair will be cut off for the first time to ensure the nutritional needs of other vital organs of the body. Therefore, when a person is on an extreme diet to lose weight, the hair quality becomes worse, the hair becomes thinner and brittle, and the color becomes lighter. The essence of hair is keratin, and the formation of hair melanin also requires an amino acid called “tyrosine” as a raw material. In the process of producing melanin and keratin, a variety of B vitamins and trace elements are needed. These nutrients come from a balanced diet. Member 3: Tight scalp and high ponytail. Long-term combing of high ponytails and dirty braids can easily cause the hairline to shift and become a “brain star”. Although the hair is regenerable, it can’t help being pulled by violence. Frequent pulling of the hair is very easy to damage the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles are necrotic, the hair will not grow again. Member 4: High-pressure emotions often stay up late, long-term tension, excessive stress, overwork, etc., which can cause or aggravate hair loss. Learning to relax and decompress your mind will not only help your physical and mental health, but also give your hair more time and space. For friends with long hair loss, obvious symptoms of hair loss, and serious hair loss problems, primary self-help methods are no longer enough to combat the problem of hair loss. They need to seek medical treatment in time, follow the doctor’s prescription for medication, or undergo hair transplant surgery. Now the mainstream hair transplant technology is Yonghe hair transplant technology. Yonghe lattice dot matrix encryption hair transplant, the planting hole is one third smaller than traditional hair transplant. Minimally invasive, precise planting, fast recovery, natural hair growth direction after surgery. Member 5: Chemicals that damage hair follicles Harmful chemicals can cause damage to scalp tissues and hair follicle cells, leading to hair loss. Such as poor-quality dye and hot potion. There are also some people who get sick, such as some drugs used in chemotherapy, and other drugs such as gentamicin, allopurinol and so on. These drugs have a great inhibitory effect on hair growth.