Difference between neurosis and psychosis

The clinical manifestations of neurosis and psychosis are different: first, patients with mental illness do not recognize their mental state abnormality, so they do not admit that they have mental illness, do not take the initiative to seek medical treatment, or even refuse to see a doctor; , Delusions, etc.), they have an understanding of the abnormality of their mental state, so they feel sick and take the initiative to seek medical treatment. Second, behavioral changes in mental illness sometimes exceed the acceptable limits of society, such as squeezing eyebrows, making faces, eating something that cannot be eaten: soap, sewage, etc. for no reason. The behavior is incomprehensible, and the purpose of the motivation is not known; and the behavioral changes of neurosis usually remain within the acceptable limits of society, such as phobia patients often take avoidance behaviors for certain objects or situations, fear and fear; compulsion The sick patient has a sense of insecurity, so he repeatedly checks whether the doors and windows are closed and whether there is a thief under the bed; the neurasthenic patient is easily excited and angry about trivial things.

Compared with “time management”, Luo Zhixiang’s “diet management” is more worthy of learning by male compatriots!

Early in the morning, there was a new melon in the entertainment circle, and everyone was gleeful. Everyone ridiculed: people in their 40s, handsome and humorous, talented in humor; “Extreme Challenge” during the day, “Extreme” at night, staying up late for long hours, except for dark circles, the body and body are “the same teenager, Nothing has changed. ” The original match was emotionally grounded for it, even if it broke up, there was no regret at all; naturally, there were not many girls around him who embraced and embraced, it was simply a “winner in life”. Many male compatriots said after this incident that Luo Zhixiang was his second idol after Edison Chen. It ’s more ridicule. Teacher Qiao did n’t discuss these values ​​too much, but instead was inspired: middle-aged male compatriots, I am afraid that like Luo Zhixiang, they should do a good job in “diet management” before they have the capital to become “scummen “. Young friends who have watched the variety show “Extreme Challenge” may have an impression. In the show, Luo Zhixiang does not eat the food prepared by the program group, and comes with weight loss cookies, fruits, etc., just to control weight; on his social platform. I once said: I belong to a fat body, in order to maintain a good figure, quit sugar, starch, fat, 42 days from 159 kg to 143 kg, lose 16 kg. For celebrities, diet control is the capital to keep their face value online and make money; for ordinary people, it is still the premise to ensure their health and physical fitness online. Looking back at the peach-colored incident of the male stars in the entertainment industry, “scum men” stars over the age of 35-40, in addition to being handsome, rarely find who is the image of a big belly poop? Warn middle-aged male compatriots, “diet management” is imminent, whether it is for your external “personal charm” or physical health reasons, are closely related.