Changsha treatment of tumors Subcutaneously implanted arterial chemotherapy technology protects organs, limbs and protects tumor patients

Changsha cure cancer? Tumor does not want to amputate? Are there any other treatment options? Recently, the editor interviewed Dr. Li Dingfeng, the former Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He pointed out that subcutaneously implanted arterial chemotherapy can increase the concentration of chemotherapy drugs, reduce toxic and side effects, and provide cancer patients with organs, limbs, and functions. Professor Li Dingfeng, the former expert of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the chief physician of the Cancer Center of Xiangya Boai Hospital, introduced that for solid tumors, the standard treatment mode of chemotherapy, surgery, and re-chemotherapy should be followed. Chemotherapy before surgery can effectively kill satellite foci around tumors and subclinical foci of distant metastasis. The primary foci of tumors can be reduced by chemotherapy, and clear surgical boundaries appear to create conditions for surgery. Pre-operative neoadjuvant chemotherapy: the primary focus can be reduced, the tumor boundary is clear, creating conditions for surgical operation. Subcutaneous implantable arterial chemotherapy technology provides the possibility of subcutaneous implantable arterial chemotherapy for organ preservation, limb preservation, and function preservation: will The chemotherapeutic device is buried under the skin near the tumor, and the drug delivery catheter is introduced into the artery that supplies blood to the tumor tissue. The size of this chemotherapeutic device is not large. After being buried in the human body, it has basically no effect on the normal activities of the person before and after the surgery for a long time. When the medicine needs to be administered, the medical staff can simply use a common syringe to push the medicine into the chemotherapeutic device. According to the condition, the medicine can be administered at any time or for a long time, which is simple and convenient. Because the chemotherapeutic drugs are produced by the chemotherapeutic device and reach the tumor tissue, the degradation of the liver and kidney before the tumor reaches the tumor is avoided, and the drug concentration in the tumor area is increased, and each time it is doubled, the therapeutic effect can be increased by 10-20 times. In this way, not only can the drug effect be fully exerted, but also the toxic and side effects of the drug on the human body are reduced. Then, in response to the problem of the strong repair ability of tumor cells in the past, anti-repair agents are administered through the chemotherapy device to inhibit the repair of tumor cells and further improve the killing effect of chemotherapy drugs on tumor cells. Another advantage of using this chemotherapy method is the short course of treatment. It is clinically proven that the effect of one course of chemotherapy is equivalent to the effect of 2-3 courses of ordinary chemotherapy. More importantly, in the process of applying this method, it was found that some soft tissue tumors that are not sensitive to traditional chemotherapy methods, such as: liposarcoma, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, and synovial sarcoma. Killing tumor cells is extremely beneficial for retaining patients’ limbs. Limb salvage treatment for osteosarcoma with obvious pathological fractures 29-year-old osteosarcoma with obvious pathological fractures Osteosarcoma with obvious pathological fractures Limb salvage treatment for 29 years old osteosarcoma with obvious pathological fractures Treatment of skin dermal fibrosarcoma soft tissue sarcoma sarcoma and cancerous ulcers. “For subcutaneous implantable arterial-directed chemotherapy” technology in the right forearm soft tissue fibrillation group, due to the greatly increased drug concentration and duration of drug efficacy, it enhances the treatment of tumor cells. Killing effect, while increasing the repair inhibitor caffeine after tumor chemotherapy, so it has obvious advantages in the treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors, such as pro-apoptosis, anti-repair, and maximum avoidance of amputation. In addition, it also has bone metastasis cancer, Primary tumors such as pelvic malignant tumors, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and gastric cancer can play a better therapeutic role, and a mature technology with a wide range of treatments has been formed. Expert introduction: Chief Physician Professor Li Dingfeng, former chief physician of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Affiliated Hospital of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, is currently the chief physician of the Cancer Center of Xiangya Boai Hospital. Chinese medicine, wisdom and precision radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, nano knife, iodine 125 particle implantation. 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