#我的健康能源站# Solar terms health-autumn equinox (yin and yang in half, Yin and Yang secret)

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The autumnal equinox is the fourth solar term in autumn, usually on September 22 or 23 in the Gregorian calendar. At the autumnal equinox, nature is in a state of yin and yang, and day and night are equally divided, and cold and heat are equal. According to the idea of ​​”the harmony between man and nature” in the “Emperor’s Internal Classic”, TCM health preservation focuses on the unity of man and nature. Therefore, the health preservation of the autumnal equinox solar term focuses on reconciling yin and yang in the body and maintaining internal and external balance. At the autumnal equinox, the yin and yang in the human body must be in an evenly divided state like nature’s yin and yang, without being biased, so as to achieve a healthy state of “yin calms the yang secret, the spirit is the cure”. In dietary care, it is advisable to take food that is conducive to the secretion of Yin and Yang. The principle of autumnal equinox health diet ◎The most important season of the autumnal equinox is to invigorate the lungs and invigorate the spleen. The weather gradually gets colder, but the air is still dry, so that the climate features mainly “cool and dry” appear. At this time, the focus of health preservation is to protect the lungs and strengthen the spleen. The spleen is the source of phlegm, and the lung is the phlegm storage device. Regulating the functions of the spleen and stomach can make the lungs healthier, making the body less susceptible to colds and phlegm in winter. Eat more moisturizing foods for strengthening the spleen in autumn. The simplest and most convenient diet is to cook porridge with whole grains, which is not only nutritious, promotes digestion and absorption, but also invigorates the spleen and lungs. At this time, fresh apples, citrus, pears and other seasonal fruits can also be eaten in moderation. Ophiopogon, astragalus, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and other foods with the same medicine and food can be used as dishes or tea ingredients. People suffering from asthma and bronchitis can also consciously consume lilies, almonds and other lung-moistening and dry-cleaning substances. During the autumnal equinox, you should also eat less cold food, and ginger, leeks, peppers and other spicy foods should also be appropriate to avoid damage to the spleen and stomach. ◎ Female nurses have to be careful. At the autumn equinox, beware of gynecological diseases. At the autumnal equinox, the weather is cloudy and sunny, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the amount of rain increases, causing the body clock to be disturbed. At this time, the most frequent gynecological diseases are seasons. 1. Due to factors such as periodic blood loss and childbirth, many women have mild iron deficiency anemia. Long-term anemia can lead to decreased ovarian function and endanger women’s health. Therefore, in the beginning of autumn, women with anemia can eat more animal liver, spinach, lean meat, donkey-hide gelatin and other foods to supplement the iron required by the body. In addition, try not to drink coffee and strong tea during menstruation, so as not to inhibit the body’s absorption of iron. 2. Women often encounter symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, body fatigue, weakness in waist and knees, restless sleep and emotional irritability during menstruation. These physical discomforts seriously affect women’s quality of life. It is recommended that women with these symptoms drink a cup of hot milk with honey before going to bed every night during menstruation to relieve abdominal pain, reduce menstrual blood volume, prevent infection, and eliminate tension. 3. During the autumnal equinox, women can eat kelp and whole-grain food in moderation to help prevent and treat breast hyperplasia. Kelp is rich in iodine, which can stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to secrete luteinizing hormone and luteinize the ovarian follicles, thereby reducing the level of estrogen in the body. Whole-grain foods can maintain normal levels of estrogen in the blood circulation and prevent excessive estrogen levels from causing breast diseases. 4. Patients with gynecological tumors can eat more red or purple fruits and vegetables, such as red apples and red peppers. The red-skinned fruits and vegetables contain natural phytochemical components that can effectively inhibit the growth of tumor cells, which can prevent gynecological tumors. Purple-skinned fruits and vegetables such as onions and purple grapes also have similar effects. 5. In addition, women can also eat some onions, garlic and other foods with bactericidal effect at this time to inhibit the excessive growth and reproduction of Candida albicans in the vagina and prevent fungal vaginitis. ◎Autumn equinox eating crabs are taboo. The autumn equinox season is when crabs are the most fat and nutritious. The protein content of crab meat is several times higher than that of pork and fish, and it is rich in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A. However, there are many taboos in eating crabs, and you need to understand them to enjoy the delicious food safely and healthily. ●Don’t eat dead crabs. Before and after death, the histidine in the crab is broken down to produce histamine. Histamine is a toxic substance, and the histamine content in crabs will increase as the time of death increases. Even if the crab is well cooked, histamine will not be destroyed. ●You cannot eat raw crabs. Parasitic parasitic worms are easy in crabs, and eating crabs raw will also cause parasitic worms to enter the human body. In addition, crabs eat spoiled things, and various germs and toxins will accumulate in their intestines. If eaten raw, they can easily cause poisoning. ●Crabs whose internal organs are not clean cannot be eaten. Steaming is good,

The “nose” must be beautiful ‖ How can the nose be beautiful and high-end?

The French philosopher Bascaru famously said: “If the Egyptian queen’s nose is not high, world history may be rewritten.” As the middle “court” of the three courts and the middle “eye” of the five eyes, the nose is like a king of face. It is the most prominent facial features on the face and is the focus of people’s attention. Therefore, its shape and height determine beauty and ugliness, and determine the balance of the entire face. Many people hope they have a pretty nose! However, from the perspective of plastic surgery, Eastern people have relatively flat faces, while Chinese people have low-profile noses, especially southerners. Congenital is not enough, come to get together. If you want a three-dimensional nose, digital customized nose beauty surgery will help you. Digital customized beauty nose surgery adopts a comprehensive personalized design of 12-dimensional positioning, and uses autologous cartilage or various types of high-end prostheses according to the specific conditions of customers, and personalized sculptures to achieve all-round nose shape reshaping, and realize the integration of nose tip, nose bridge, and wing. , No rejection, no displacement, restore the natural “physical dynamics” of the nose, and the effect is natural and stable. The advantage of Friendship Plastic Rhinoplasty of Nanjing Medical University does not damage the structure: 12-dimensional multi-view tomography technology, the nose, nose tip, and back of the nose can all move independently. The shape is lifelike: the nose tip is finely carved, the shape is naturally round and not easy to detect. Natural touch: 360° full nose comprehensive shaping, natural and stable, not afraid of kneading. Multi-effect enhancement can improve the height of the nose, the nose, the shape of the nose, the width of the nose, and the shape of the nostril. Comprehensively improve the original collapsed nose, the nostril is not exposed after the big nose, and the nose is more compact and three-dimensional. The nose makes the whole temperament better. What~Technology improvement Through the innovation and breakthrough of cartilage collection technology, nasal fixation technology, and nose tip shaping technology, it has avoided the problems of traditional surgical incisions such as large scars, slow operation speed, strong pain, instability and easy tilt, and postoperative displacement of the nose tip. , To achieve the nose beauty needs of different people. Rhinoplasty doctors use the aesthetic “hyperbolic” design proportions to finely sculpt the front and side edges of the young lady’s nose to micrometers. Use bulk + autogenous cartilage to repair a natural and beautiful curved nose~ look at the garlic nose What does Lily look like after a rhinoplasty at Nanjing Medical University? Lily has a very beautiful oval face, which many people envy. Coupled with its delicate eyes and mouth, most people should be satisfied. However, Lily did not. Because she has a garlic nose that is seriously inconsistent with other facial features, her appearance is seriously lowered, and even her emotional life is seriously affected. So she decided to come to Nanjing Medical University Friendship to improve her nose shape. After rhinoplasty surgery such as nose reduction and nose tip shaping, Lily’s nose tip has become more rounded and refined, and her nose has become more three-dimensional and straight, and her entire appearance has been smoothly raised! If you want to be as beautiful as her, choose digital customized rhinoplasty, and easily have a three-dimensional small nose. Southern Medical University Friendship Plastic Surgery, a group of well-known rhinoplasty doctors in China and South Korea.

The summer is coming, and the summer is coming to an end? Beware of autumn tigers!

Chushu is the 14th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, which means “out of heat”. In the summer season, there are often folk activities such as eating ducks, setting river lanterns, opening the fishing festival, decocting tea, and worshiping the land. The arrival of high temperature and autumn dryness means that the hot weather has come to an end, the heat has subsided, and the cool autumn is coming. However, it will not be cool immediately after the heat, but there will be short-term warming weather, which is often called “autumn tiger”. Although the autumn tiger does not have the high temperature in summer, it is very hot and dry. Therefore, at this time, while preventing heatstroke and cooling, we must also pay attention to preventing “autumn dryness and lung injury”. To prevent autumn dryness, Director Wang Hongxia recommends everyone to drink lily lotus seed porridge. The raw materials are lily, lotus seeds, and rock sugar, which can not only clear away heat and heat, but also nourish lungs and moisturize dryness. It should be noted that the soaking time of lily lotus seeds should not exceed 8 hours. If the soaking time is too long, it is easy to breed bacteria and produce toxins. The summer season is the time for the autumn harvest. There are many fruits and vegetables in season, such as pomegranates, tomatoes, eggplants, grapes, pears, etc., which contain a lot of vitamins, which is the time to eat more. Pay attention to eating more vegetables and fruits, and less greasy and spicy foods. Eat less hot foods like lamb, green onions, and ginger. You can eat some duck, goose, buffalo meat appropriately, which can nourish yin and tonic Effect. In autumn, you should lie down and get up early, in accordance with the law of yin and yang changes at four o’clock. Lying early can converge yang and nourish yin qi; get up early can stretch lung qi and prevent excessive convergence. In spirit, we must maintain peace of mind, peace of mind, and avoid sadness and pessimism. Among the seven emotions, sadness is most likely to hurt the lungs. The weather is getting cooler in autumn, suitable for outdoor sports, you can get up early for running and doing exercises. Autumn is also suitable for outings. It is important to avoid wind and rain, and replenish water in time. After the treatment of the disease, when the disease is treated, the influence of the season will be taken into consideration and moisturizing drugs will be added to prevent lung problems. Patients with respiratory diseases should pay special attention in autumn, try to avoid wind, drink plenty of water, pay attention to weather changes, and add clothing in time. Autumn is also a season when colds are easy to catch, especially after the heat, the temperature fluctuates and allergic reactions to the respiratory tract are prone to occur. Take care when going out. The summer heat subsided, the autumn wind gradually rose, the sky was high and the clouds were light, and the dew was thicker than the wild. Just like a person in middle age, full of vicissitudes. The world is a big dream, and life has been cool in autumn for several times. The “transition” is not an end, but a new beginning.

Beginning of Autumn Health | How do you work on nourishing yin, clearing away heat, and moisturizing the lungs when the yang is gradually reduced?

August 7th is the beginning of autumn. In a blink of an eye, we came to the first solar term of autumn. Although the weather was still in a “barbecue” state, the yang gradually reduced, the yin gradually grew, and the weather gradually changed from summer heat to autumn cool. In fact, Futian has not yet passed at the beginning of autumn, so it is often said that “autumn is already standing, and the heat is hard to disappear.” Therefore, in this autumn and summer, health preservation is particularly important. So, in order to adapt to the seasonal changes, what should everyone pay attention to in terms of diet? 01GAOKAO’s traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that after the beginning of autumn, the lungs correspond to the autumn, and the autumn is dry, which can cause qi to dry and damage the lungs and cause diseases. At this time, the liver, heart, and spleen and stomach are still in a weakening stage, and the lung function is beginning to enter a period of vigorous. Therefore, the autumn regimen must work hard on moistening dryness, nourishing yin, and nourishing lungs. The dietary principles should be based on clearing heat and dampness, strengthening the spleen and moisturizing the lungs. How to eat it? “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic · Zang Qi Method Time Theory” says: “The lungs govern autumn…the lungs converge, eat acid in a hurry to harvest them, use acid to replenish them, and pungent to relieve them.” In simple terms, Chinese medicine believes that sourness constrains lung qi. The pungent taste diverges and diarrhea. As it should be harvested but not scattered in autumn, try to eat less spicy products such as onions and ginger, and eat more sour fruits and vegetables. In addition, lung gold is in order in autumn, and if lung gold is too strong, liver wood is suppressed. Therefore, “The Synopsis of the Golden Chamber” also says that “autumn does not eat lungs”, so when autumn comes, eat less animal lungs. Eat more foods that have the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, such as japonica rice, glutinous rice, pumpkin, radish, honey, sesame, lily, white fungus, pears, etc., and eat less fried and spicy foods. In early autumn, the lung qi is too strong and the liver qi is restricted. You must “increasing acidity and reducing pungent” in your diet to help liver qi. Therefore, you can eat more sour foods such as apples, grapes, lemons, and hawthorn. It should be noted that after the beginning of autumn, the weather turns cold, and eating a lot of melons and fruits raw can easily cause stomach and intestinal disorders. Therefore, those with deficiency of the spleen and stomach should not eat too much cold food. 02GAOKAO recipe recommends yam with lotus seed decoction to nourish “blood dryness” with smooth properties, and lotus seed has the effect of strengthening the spleen and strengthening the kidney. In autumn, healthy people eat yam lotus seed soup, which is a good nourishing supplement. For those who have been suffering from “dryness of body fluid and blood” due to long-term heat, it is also suitable to use yam lotus soup for nursing care. Lily and Jujube Decoction Lily has the effects of relieving cough and expectorant, calming nerves, nourishing yin and moisturizing lungs. Matching with warm jujube can nourish the heart and blood, invigorate the spleen and promote fluid. Eat together with lily and jujube, can moisten the lungs and relieve cough, invigorate the spleen and invigorate qi, and clear residual heat. Young people in the first half of their life, who are in the middle of a life, make soup, please start your health care reference: [1]&nbsp.Chen Wenqiang. Health Preservation in the Summer of Liqiu[J].Health and Health of Chinese Medicine,2016,(8):26-27.[2]&nbsp .秋实.The six major foods in the beginning of autumn have different effects on anti-autumn dryness[J].Modern Health B,2014,(9):28-29.[3]&nbsp.邓海燕.Don’t let the “autumn tiger” bite you的健康[J]. People’s Liberation Army Health, 2017,(5):34. The picture comes from the Internet, please contact to delete the infringement, thank you!

What food to eat in autumn?

Tomorrow will be the beginning of autumn, and everyone will rely on it to keep healthy. This will mean that summer is about to end and autumn is about to begin. This year, Liqiu is in the midst of the dog days. It is a big test for the body, and the weather will be hot for a while. Dr. Xinglin Cao tells you: Health in autumn depends on the lungs. After the beginning of autumn, the weather will be very hot in the short term, but this kind of heat is different from summer. Although the temperature is hot in summer, our body’s pores are open, allowing sweat to evaporate. Once it’s autumn, sooner or later it won’t be so hot. After entering Mid-autumn, there will be a cool breeze, the body can immediately feel the coolness, the sweat will be recycled, and the body fluid will go in, but if the convergence is too strong, it will make the body surface feel dry, such as dry mouth, dry nose, Dry throat, dry skin, dry hair, red urine, dry stool, etc. The lungs are gold, which corresponds to autumn, and autumn governs dryness. Dryness governs autumn, and dryness evil is easy to damage the lungs. In the final analysis, all these problems are attributable to the lungs. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic says: The lung is the delicate organs, the highest position, and it is not resistant to cold and heat. In addition, the lungs are moisturizing and nauseous, and are most vulnerable to damage from dryness. Therefore, after the fall, the lungs are the most vulnerable. The lung is the human body’s first line of defense, and it protects other organs. Autumn is the best time to raise the lungs. Recommend several kinds of food suitable for autumn. The first pear. Pears have been revered as the “sect of all kinds of fruits” since ancient times, and have functions such as moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough, eliminating phlegm, and reducing fire. In autumn, if the weather is too dry, and then thirst, constipation, dry cough, etc.; or symptoms such as polydipsia, cough and sputum due to internal heat, eat more pears. It can be eaten raw or made soup. The second white fungus. Also known as white fungus, white fungus has a sweet and light taste, flat in nature, non-toxic, enters the three meridians of lung, stomach and kidney, has the functions of nourishing body fluid, nourishing lung, nourishing qi and promoting blood circulation, nourishing yin and stomach, invigorating brain and strengthening heart. It is suitable for lung-heat cough , Feizao dry cough, gastrointestinal dryness and heat, constipation and other symptoms. Tremella is known as the “life-prolonging medicine”, “longevity product”, “king of bacteria”. It has the characteristics of moisturizing but not greasy. It is not suitable for patients who are weak or recover from chronic illness and should not use other tonics and internal heat due to yin deficiency. It is more suitable for people with internal heat and bleeding tendency. Can be used to make soup or soup. The third sugarcane. Sugarcane is sweet in taste, calm, non-toxic. It regulates the circulation of qi, helps the spleen, strengthens the large intestine, relieves phlegm, quenches thirst, relieves heart trouble and heat, nourishes yin and moisturizes dryness, calms the stomach, relieves vomiting, and clears heat and detoxification. Dry mouth, less sputum cough, constipation and other symptoms caused by insufficient fluid, can use more sugar cane to improve symptoms. Sugar cane can be eaten raw or for juice. The fourth lily. Gan, cold. Guixin, Lung Channel. It nourishes the yin and nourishes the lungs, clears the heart and calms the mind. It is used for yin deficiency, dryness, coughing, coughing and coughing up blood, deficiency and irritation, palpitations, insomnia, dreaminess, and trance. It has a good stabilizing effect on people’s emotions, and it is beneficial for people with neurasthenia. Lily has antitussive and anti-asthmatic effects. For patients with chronic bronchitis and those with emphysema who often cough, eating lily can improve lung function and help relieve symptoms. You can use lily to make porridge. There are many foods suitable for autumn, and there are many foods suitable for lungs. You should choose foods that are suitable for you. Doctor Xinglin Cao finally tells you: After Liqiu eat more of it, you will be less sick or not sick. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Sometimes you are not “lazy”, but lack of energy!

In life, many people always feel that they are “lazy” and lack energy. In fact, it may be a manifestation of qi deficiency. Qi deficiency is like the lack of fuel in the human body, which leads to insufficient power. Body qi comes from three aspects: innate essence (kidney), acquired water and valley qi (spleen and stomach), breathing air (lung), so qi deficiency roughly includes three aspects of deficiency: kidney deficiency, spleen deficiency, and lung deficiency. The main feature is “lazy”, too lazy to speak, too lazy to move, wishing to “lie down” all day long. The spleen governs the transportation and transformation of water. When the spleen qi is weak, the ability to mobilize water will decrease and the spleen will be damp. Therefore, people with qi deficiency are basically accompanied by symptoms of spleen dampness, tooth marks, tongues, and sweating. In addition, qi deficiency will cause the inability to consolidate stools, and stool will not form; qi deficiency will cause blood deficiency and blood stasis. Be lazy! Easy to get tired, easy to catch a cold, weak viscera function. Qi deficiency is easy to confuse with Yang deficiency. The difference between the two lies in the presence or absence of cold signs. Qi deficiency is simply a weakened function, while Yang deficiency is a weakened function + cold. How to treat it? We can choose daily qi deficiency foods: such as jujube, beef, chicken, pork, glutinous rice, soybeans, crucian carp, carp, quail, rice field eel, shrimp, mushrooms, etc. You can often choose alternate clothes. However, people have to avoid eating some foods: hawthorn, bergamot, betel nut, garlic, radish sprouts, coriander (coriander), turnip (rutabaga), pepper, lotus leaf, buckwheat, grapefruit, tangerine, etc. Correspondingly, you can also make some meals: such as Huaishan Lily Lotus Seed Soup. Prepare 20 grams each of yam, lily, and lotus seeds. Put them in a casserole and boil them into soup for drinking. Drinking regularly can invigorate qi and invigorate the spleen, and you will not be “lazy”. Thanks for paying attention to the TCM health circle and sharing good knowledge about health and wellness! &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Hometown cold food Tufa hair, lily fragrance deep mansion-Dr. Huang said lily

Speaking of lilies, everyone will definitely think of the pot of lilies in the house that symbolizes “a hundred years of harmony”. But Dr. Huang reminds you that the lily we are discussing today is not a flower we put in the house, but a medicinal material. What is really called a lily is a kind of medicinal material with “homologous food”, and the lily planted in the vase in our house should be called a lily, which is a flower cultivated through hybridization. The lily’s application site is actually the root of the plant lily, which is called the lily. &nbsp. “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” records: Lily has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, clearing the mind and calming the mind. Clinically, it is generally used for cough with yin deficiency and long cough, bloody phlegm, restlessness, and insomnia and palpitations. Doctor Huang also likes to use “Lily” when treating gout, the answer is revealed in the article. According to clinical research, Lily’s 4 main functions have proved that Lily mainly has the following 4 kinds of effects: 1. Ning Xin calms the nerves, promotes sleep Lily returns to the heart channel, has a slightly cold nature, and has the effect of clearing mind and removing sedation and sedation. It has a good effect for the treatment of insomnia caused by nervous tension and thoughts. 2.&nbsp. Ziyin Runfei Lily contains mucus quality. Although the medicine needs to be dried, it still has the effects of nourishing yin and moisturizing, clearing heat and quenching thirst, and cough and phlegm. 3. Anti-tumor lily is rich in various alkaloids, which has a preventive effect on leukopenia and a therapeutic effect on cytopenia after radiotherapy. And in the body can also promote and enhance the monocyte system and phagocytosis, with the role of stimulating and regulating the human immune system. So Lily has a better effect against tumors. 4.&nbsp. Alleviating gout lily is rich in colchicine, which can be used as an auxiliary treatment for gout attack joint pain. When treating gout, Dr. Huang used the “lifting and uncovering” method of traditional Chinese medicine, which contained the “lily” medicinal material, and had achieved certain clinical effects. Yam is a medicinal material of the same origin as medicine and food. Lotus Root Lily Pork Ribs Soup [raw material] 300g pork ribs, 2 lotus roots, 30g lily, 5 ginger slices, proper amount of seasoning. [Making] The ribs are cleaned, cut into pieces, and put in the pot to fly water to remove foam. Peel and cut the lotus root, cut the lily for 15 minutes, then pour the prepared ingredients into the pot, pour the right amount of water, cook for about 30 minutes, add the right amount of salt according to personal taste and eat. [Efficacy] Nourishing yin and moisturizing, clearing mind and removing annoyance. [Applicable people] Suitable for patients with irritability, insomnia and nervousness. The picture comes from the Internet, please contact and delete it, thank you!

Spring and summer turnip porridge

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.Cross-climate changes frequently at the turn of summer, especially in northern dry climates, strong winds and sands often occur, which is prone to dryness of the human body, especially the upper focal areas are more likely to cause dry cough, allergies, and throat A series of symptoms such as inflammation and bitter mouth. Now I recommend to you a more suitable health porridge, I hope everyone can use it symptomatically. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. “Lily Pear Porridge”, this is a very simple therapeutic method originally contained in “Food Doctor’s Heart”. The original prescription is used to treat children with irritability and irritability, and even dizziness can not eat. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Lily nourishes yin, pear-like sweetness, can moisten the lungs and clear the stomach, breathe away the phlegm, nourish the yin and moisten dryness, and no harm to the spleen after cooking porridge. Patients with wind-heat cough, as well as dry, dry mouth, can be used to adjust this side. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. “Lily pear porridge” has two practices: & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.1. The first is to mix the cooked white rice porridge with raw squeezed pear juice. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.2. The second is to slice pears and cook them with rice. You can also add some millet, red dates, wolfberry and the like.