The four manifestations of the “star child”

  Children’s autism, also known as autism, is a more common mental illness among children, which has caused certain damage to children’s physical and mental health, and children’s severe autism may affect education and employment. In the future challenges, parents and friends generally must avoid children with autism, then the following is information about the symptoms of autism. What are the manifestations of autism in children?   1. Low intelligence and imbalance. Most autisms are slower than their peers and have poor learning ability during school. However, some children with autism will have outstanding ability in a certain aspect. For example, many children with autism have particularly strong ability to remember text symbols, and they can be fully remembered once they have seen it once.   2. Narrow interest. When children are lively and cute, they often like to play various games and play various toys, but children with autism have a single interest, do not like to watch cartoons, do not like to play with children’s toys, and It is difficult to adapt to a new environment and often simply repeats an action. Sometimes it hurts itself.   3. Addicted to self, relatively lonely. Children with autism often do not like to interact and communicate with people, nor do they like to be held by strangers. Even their own parents, children with autism are not willing to get too close. And they are indifferent to the things around them, often squinting or squinting at people. It is rare to look at others with square eyes.   4. Language barriers. Children with autism can also have language barriers. A small number of children are almost silent for life. When communicating with people around them, they usually use gestures instead. Even if they speak, they will have a low voice and repeat some monotonous language. For a long time, the language function of children with autism will be lost.   Therefore, childhood autism is a very dangerous disease, which may have a serious impact on children’s education and employment. Therefore, under normal circumstances, parents must pay more attention to their children’s health and daily life performance, and receive timely treatment when their children show these symptoms.