Psychology: It’s useless for your partner to make trouble with this kind of operation

& Nbsp Author: Liu Yingya [grief-stricken woman, her husband too casual, arguing to no avail. Then she found that her husband was chatting with people on the Internet, and the woman was arguing, so she stared at her nervously all day long. As a result, I saw my husband saying that he didn’t like his wife anymore, and now he likes other women, the cost of divorce is too high, and that’s all. ] I don’t like my wife anymore, now I like others? ! How do you think of this kind of person who uses “disliked” to describe a marriage partner? First of all, what is going on with men like little boys or little girls? It was actually a little boy, not a man. After marriage, the people who use likes or dislikes to evaluate partners and relationships are actually still children, little boys and little girls. To say that they are little boys and little girls does not mean that they are innocent or naive. It means that they just eat and don’t care, that they have no sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility, nor the will, that they are selfish. “I don’t like my wife anymore, I like others.” Explain that they have not yet entered the drama about marriage, regardless of the reason for this situation. They have no sense of responsibility for marriage, no sense of responsibility, or even sense of participation. Therefore, of course, they cannot establish a deep intimate relationship with their partners. They beat soy sauce in their marriage. They just choose according to their own likes or dislikes, and act as they please. Second, like or dislike it. Like or dislike, it must mean that the other party meets their expectations or needs, or cannot meet their expectations and needs. If they are satisfied, they like it, and if they don’t, they don’t like it. There is even no reason, maybe it’s just that there is no novelty. Their likes and dislikes are also very casual, casual and sloppy. This is very similar to a child’s temperament. Children are so direct. But that is naive, cute naive. Adult men and women have such simple dimensions, but only because they are selfish and self-centered. Because of selfishness, there is such a very primitive evaluation system. Thirdly, the “disclaimer” they use this evaluation system to make evaluations. Their responsibility and attitude towards the relationship are not within their consideration. They will not have the sense of responsibility or the awareness of solving problems, or they are just very scribbled.地处理。 Ground processing. If they are responsible, they will understand where the problem is and how to solve the problem in order to meet expectations. They will also grow in the process. Their point is here. Rather than “like” or “dislike” casually. Therefore, when you encounter a man or a woman, describe the partner and partnership in marriage like this. There are basically several situations. First of all, this man or woman will not be a competent partner. Their incompetence is not because they don’t know how to do better, but because they don’t even want to be a competent partner. Second, they cannot be competent fathers or mothers. The reason is the same as above. Again, there is not much to look forward to in their own lives and plans. They don’t have much demand for themselves, nor do they expect much. They are comfortable or uncomfortable with their own assessment dimensions, even casual and arbitrary. Their main situation is that they have no willingness to take responsibility and responsibility, and self-centered like or dislike. When encountering such a person, does it make sense for a partner to quarrel with them? &nbsp. I am Liu Yingya, a psychological consultant. I use psychology to analyze love, marriage, family life and make intimate relationships a classroom for self-growth. Welcome to follow. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Level 2 Psychological Counselor. A researcher on the emotional family of both sexes in marriage and love, and a researcher on the growth of personal, physical and mental. More than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family relationships and personal growth.

How to give children sex education?

Three basic steps are very important. 1. Establish a child’s awareness of physical rights. Parents can usually tell their children: Any physical contact you don’t like, no matter who the other party is, you can refuse. Some adults like children and will express their love through hugging, kissing, and touching. But many times, children don’t like such physical contact. At this time, some parents often tell their children: “Uncles and aunts love you before they kiss you. You have to be good, obedient and sensible.” In fact, this is a big misleading for children! Such an expression will reduce the child’s safety awareness. When &nbsp.TA&nbsp. encounters sexual assault, TA&nbsp. may not know whether he should refuse or accept it like an obedient child. 2.&nbsp. Help children to understand the private parts. Don’t worry about your child’s refusal to make others lose face. Children’s safety awareness is more important than face. As a parent, you must let your children know: “In normal life, the parts covered by our vests and underwear are our private parts. We will not show them casually, let alone touch them. For example, our breasts, buttocks, Genitals.” “When someone asks to take off our clothes and touch our private parts, we must refuse and shout loudly. Afterwards, we must also tell our parents about this matter.” 3.&nbsp. passed Role-playing and improving children’s coping ability Due to the limited understanding and coping ability of children, parents can use role-playing games with their children to design some specific scenarios to improve their children’s coping ability. For example, the father plays the role of the grandfather in the park and proposes to give the child snacks to see the child’s underwear. The mother asks the child how to respond. When the child makes a rejection response, the parents together affirm the child’s response. When the child makes a wrong reaction, the parent teaches the child specific words. For example, “You can’t touch me, I want to tell my parents!” Therefore, the earlier you educate your children, the more important your cognition is.

What should I do if the baby always cries before going to bed?

The baby cries loudly before going to bed every day. There are still many reasons. It is still necessary to pay attention to the analysis. The details are as follows: 1. To see if the baby’s physiological needs are not met, for example, the baby is not full, or the baby is wet Change your baby’s diapers in time, and the baby will cry to express his needs. 2. Pay attention to whether the environment is suitable for the baby to sleep, such as whether the environment is relatively quiet, and the temperature and humidity are appropriate. These may affect the baby’s mood and cause the baby to cry. 3. The baby may not want to fall asleep yet and want to play with an adult for a while. If the baby is forced to fall asleep at this time, the baby may be in a bad mood and may cry. 4. Pay attention to whether the baby has digestive problems. The more common ones, such as abdominal distension, will cause discomfort and crying. 5. There are children who need the comfort of adults to be able to satisfy their emotions. If the adults do not comfort them in time, the babies will express their needs by crying. Therefore, there are many reasons for the baby to cry before going to bed every day, and it is necessary to analyze the specific situation according to the child’s situation.

There may be several manifestations of insecurity

01 When leaning against the wall, I feel that I have a reliance on it, and I think of the wall as a signal to isolate danger. Sitting by the window seat, you can see the scenery outside. Looking from a distance, you will feel like you are in the beautiful scenery outside the window, forget yourself, forget your troubles, forget everything… 02 Sleep alone will be scared, close the door Later, sometimes it even needs to be confirmed several times to be a little relieved, and sometimes I will fall asleep with the soft light in the bedroom. 03 has no resistance to furry small animals, especially those small, cute puppies. These little animals are born cute. You like them because you are kind-hearted. Remember, you are as cute and beautiful as these little guys, and worthy of being loved, treated, and cherished. 04 Fudan teacher Chen Guo said she likes a sentence: Memories are a kind of reunion, and forgetting is a kind of freedom. I also like this sentence. All the fragments of the past have created who I am now. If I lack any part, I will not be who I am today. We like memories. Most of them are beautiful. The current state of life may make us unsatisfied. Therefore, we will look back frequently on the way of life. This is not just remembering the past, but also subconsciously pursuing good things. Looking forward now. But my dear, every present will become the past. If you don’t treat the present well, where will you have good memories~ So, don’t be afraid! Living every day wholeheartedly is the best explanation for life. The greatest generosity for the future is to dedicate everything to the present. 05 In fact, many people’s procrastination is not because of laziness, but because they are too striving for perfection, afraid that they will not do well and fail to achieve the expected results, and are too afraid of the result of failure. No gold is pure, no one is perfect. If everything is done so well, aren’t we gods? We are all human beings. Weaknesses and limitations exist for human beings. This is determined by innate biological factors, and it is difficult for us to break through. So don’t be too demanding on yourself, completion is more important than perfection! 06 Children who are insecure in their hearts will build a world for themselves and make a boundary between their hearts and the outside world. If people are too crowded, they will inevitably lose their space, and the noise will upset oneself. 07 Actually, it’s not social rejection of all, but some social interactions seem to be meaningless in our eyes. Being too mundane and superficial will only waste one’s time, increase one’s anxiety, be polite to strangers, and actually treat the outside world and The embodiment of the inner boundary. 08 These things are only a way to express emotions temporarily. Although it is only a short-term, but in the short-term, it will be physically and mentally invested, and the whole person feels refreshed. 09 Too much scruples, dare not express yourself easily, find a quiet place, vent your emotions and tears. Insecurity is probably a sequelae of the early lack of dependence and needs to be cured slowly. Don’t try to build a sense of security on people or things outside, because this is too risky. If one day, the source of this sense of security is gone, then we will completely lose our spiritual support, and the situation may be worse than it is now. A sense of security must be given to yourself, believe in yourself, you can! Build a strong inner system in your heart, keep understanding yourself, learn to please yourself, and wait until one day, when you start to really like yourself, you will suddenly find that some of the things you worried about before are instantly let go, and everything in this world becomes better. ~

In an intimate relationship, do you know the person you “get”

Author: Liu Yingya say they know a person, in fact, is quite conceited. Many times, when you say that you understand a person, it may be your projection, that is, you think you understand. As we usually say, treating a gentleman’s belly with a villain is one of them; in addition, you say you Knowing a person may also be your rejection of the relationship. In many cases, even in an intimate relationship, the other half doesn’t like being said to be understood. Ta will feel that he is not respected, or feel that he is seen through, or even feel controlled, or rejected . Rather than hearing others say that he knows himself, he would be more willing that others are willing to know himself and want to know himself, because that represents a kind of attention and a kind of respect. Strictly speaking, a person can only meet a person, not understand that person. People appear different in each situation, and their feelings and thoughts in each situation will be different. People don’t like being understood, they don’t like being seen through, and they prefer to be met, seen, and respected. Meeting someone can make a relationship, but when you say you know this person, it is a rejection of the relationship. I am Liu Yingya, a psychological consultant. I use psychology to analyze love, marriage, family life and make intimate relationships a classroom for self-growth. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Why does depression become unmotivated?

   Depression, a term that is familiar and unfamiliar to everyone. According to WHO statistics, there are 54 million people suffering from depression in China.   For this group, they sometimes cannot control their emotions, insomnia, anxiety, inexplicable grief and even self-harm, suicide. For them, it seems that any small thing can make themselves into the abyss.  Patient’s self-report   Since I became involved with depression in 2015, I have changed from being a hobbyist to a person who does nothing all day long.   Facing the things I liked in the past, I became less and less interested. I remember when I was seeing a doctor, he wrote me a formula: summarizing the classic depression manifestations as “three lows, three selfs and three inability”.  1. What is “three lows, three selfs, three can’t”    three lows: depression of mood, loss of interest, decline of energy   During depression, I feel like drowning every day. The more I hope to get better, the more painful it becomes. And the things I liked in the past can no longer make me feel happy. In severe cases, symptoms such as stupor occur.  Three-self: inferiority complex, self-blame, suicide  When I was depressed, I felt that I was inferior to others, and because of this, I felt a strong sense of self-blame and felt that I was responsible for these things. The most serious time I remember was March 2016. I watched the cars coming and going downstairs, and even thought of jumping down. If it weren’t for the fear that others would laugh at me, maybe I really made it. Now I regret the stupid thing.  Three can’t: can’t eat, sleep, can’t concentrate  When I watched other people enjoy food so much, I wanted to cry, and I especially hated why I couldn’t eat as much as the other person. You must know that even if I don’t eat for a day, I won’t feel hungry. Eating is like taking medicine, just to complete a task. Every night is the beginning of a nightmare. It is a gift from God to have a good night’s sleep during depression.  2. Why do we become unmotivated   In fact, since the birth of human beings, we have naturally pre-installed a set of “power system”. This system can ensure that we can survive in the natural world surrounded by powerful enemies, and actively explore, adapt and change the surrounding environment, and create better living conditions for ourselves. This system is the “reward loop.” During depression, our entire dopamine secretion begins to decrease. With too little dopamine secretion, you will feel like you have less and less vitality. The things you liked in the past can no longer continue to stimulate you, including the past. Meaningful things now no longer react to your brain, which blocks the connection between them, so the more depressed we are, the less motivated we are, and at the same time, less and less dopamine will be produced. This is a vicious circle. And in depression, our ability to do things will also decline. The worse our ability, the more we will lose confidence in this matter, so that your past interests will no longer be a display of your pride, so the things you liked in the past will also Don’t like it anymore. Many people think that we are good at one thing because we like it. Actually not. Most of the time, we just love it because we are good at one thing, and we get internal and external affirmation. 3. How to solve the “no desire and no desire” during depression   ①. What to do During depression, overthinking is not good for yourself. At this time, it is meaningful to do something, which will reduce the meaninglessness of your brain Thinking about it is helpful to alleviate depression. I often suggest to friends who are similarly confused to do some simple manual activities. For example: cooking, baking, painting, sewing, assembling models, hand making coffee, making hand accounts… to produce some results and let yourself see your progress, which can help you effectively find happiness.  ②. Encourage yourself more     Don’t criticize yourself for what you have to achieve during depression. At this time, encourage yourself when you have done simple things. This is very helpful for you to persevere. There is no need to pursue perfection, and there is no need to have too high demands on yourself. As long as you liberate yourself from electronic products, you can perceive and experience the world with your hands, which is an obvious improvement.  ③. Try to get in touch with different environments, different things   I know I really don’t want to do things during depression, this is normal, but the more you do this, the more you have to go into different environments and let yourself

Are there any celebrities whose real people look better than their photos?

Xiao Qiang. The first beauty in Taiwan, China. Everyone is familiar with her name. Many people compare Xiao Qiang and Lin Chiling. In my eyes, Xiao Qiang is impeccable. I have watched a lot of her TV series. My wife especially likes to watch her starring “Yi Lian Yu Meng” and “Peerless Double Pride”. I prefer “Xiao Li Fei Dao”. Maybe when I was young, I especially liked Jin Gu Liang Wen. , Every man has a “jianghu dream” in his heart. When I was in the Plastic Surgery Hospital of Nanjing Medical University 10 years ago, Xiao Qiang used to participate in the hospital’s activities. I met her for the first time. I felt that she was more beautiful than on TV and on the Internet. She had a very good temperament and of course she had a special aura. Time flies so fast, ten years have passed. A group photo with Ms. Xiao Qiang.

Quiz: Preliminarily determine whether the child is autistic or language development delay

A simple test is attached to help parents determine whether the child is autistic or language development delay. It is only for reference. If you find that your child has abnormal behavior, please go to the hospital for diagnosis as soon as possible. &nbsp.&nbsp.There is a language barrier:&nbsp.&nbsp.1, do not like to speak or cannot speak. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, the speech is unclear, likes to learn tongue, single word repetition will not use complete sentences. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. Will not take the initiative to ask questions, generally answer passively. &nbsp.&nbsp.4. Most of the time when asking him, he answered the wrong question, or like to repeat the other person’s question. &nbsp.&nbsp.Communication barriers:&nbsp.&nbsp.1, there is less eye contact and facial expression communication with other people, and when he is forced to look at him, his eyes become erratic. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, like to play alone, not participating in collective game activities. &nbsp.&nbsp.3, no attachment behavior, dislike physical contact with adults&nbsp.&nbsp.has stereotyped behavior:&nbsp.&nbsp.1, when going out and going home, will speak fixed words, do fixed actions, like to talk to yourself Whisper. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, I like to pad my toes while walking, I like to play with my fingers or clap my hands, stomping my feet, shaking my body back and forth, turning around in circles, etc. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. Those who are abnormal and particularly like a certain object (like watching rotating electric fans, wheels, bottle caps). &nbsp.&nbsp.4. There is a fixed position for the toy to be treated, and once it is shifted, it will be immediately returned to its original position. &nbsp.&nbsp.5. Some children especially like watching advertisements and weather forecasts, and are sensitive to numbers and dates. &nbsp.&nbsp. If the child has reached more than half in each of these three aspects, at this time, parents must be vigilant and take the child to a professional and regular hospital in time, and do not delay the child’s treatment time!

We always want to interfere with the lives and ideas of others

When you hesitate to say something to your husband, is it for your husband’s sake? Or to look at her husband’s face in order to satisfy his own interests? Must be looking at her husband’s face in order to satisfy his own interests. If I want to say “please help me buy this”, then the husband should answer “OK”, the answer has been specified in advance, and then go to test her husband’s attitude. What if you respect your husband’s attitude? What do I mean by wanting to buy something? Of course it means the husband. If I don’t interfere with my husband’s ideas, it’s easy to say. If you want to say something, just say it directly. There is no need to look at the other person’s face. Whether you accept it or not, it is the other party’s business. You just have to think about what you want to say. In addition, it’s your freedom and your rights to like each other. When you like your husband (wife), you can’t force the other party “you must also like me” and must love because of “I like you” and “I love you”. “I” can’t do this, this must be remembered. We often take it for granted that “I love you, you should love me”, this is a very wrong idea. We all have the right to love, but not the right to be loved. People who get married often mistakenly think that they have the right to be loved, so marital life is not smooth. You should think so, as long as I love the other party, whether the other party loves me or not, that is his business, not what I can ask for. As long as I can love them and can like them, I already feel very happy. As long as you do what you should do, you cannot ask the other party to love yourself. If you say “I love you, so you should love me” to the other party, it is not love, but trading. From “The Art of Marriage”

Who does Parkinson love to find?

What signals does the body have in the early days of Parkinson’s disease? When you are still, one hand trembles unconsciously, and your fingers tremble like some money;   or the arm is not raised high, the swing is not flexible, and the legs are not raised high, dragging and pulling. It was difficult to get started, and I couldn’t take a big step. Things like buttoning shoelaces, belts, and turning over while sleeping are not smooth; drinking water makes you cough easily, has difficulty swallowing when eating, and also drools.  Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common geriatric disease that occurs more frequently in people over 55 years of age. And the strange thing is that Parkinson’s disease “specially loves to find” engineers, teachers, cadres, lawyers, accountants and other people who are engaged in mental work. This “preferred” phenomenon reminds all mental workers to be particularly vigilant about the sneak attacks of PD!  What signals does the body have in the early days of Parkinson’s disease?  Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, chronic disease. The symptoms are not obvious at the initial stage of the disease, and it is easy to be neglected for treatment as a normal phenomenon in old age. At this time, if the patient can pay attention to the observation, he can feel the crisis signal of Parkinson’s onset. For example, when you are still, one hand trembles unconsciously and your fingers tremble like some money;   Or the arm is not raised high, the swing is not flexible, the leg is not raised high, and the walk drags and pulls. It was difficult to get started, and I couldn’t take a big step. Things like buttoning shoelaces, belts, and turning over while sleeping are not smooth; drinking water makes you cough easily, has difficulty swallowing when eating, and also drools. I don’t know when I started to speak, and I may bite my cheek when I eat and talk, and I have few expressions on my face, depression, etc. These are Parkinson’s disease greeting you, need medical treatment, diagnosis and treatment!

How to identify whether a person has depression and the degree of depression?

Author: Bonnie links from the rabbits star: https: // Source: after ten days in the summer know almost the beginning, has been to school, and suddenly he realized some of their Not quite right (I can feel it). I went to the Internet to do a regular test and said that it was moderate or severe depression, and then went to the hospital to check it. It was severe, but my feeling is not the same as what they said on the Internet. The following is my own feelings: 1. Missing interest. Indeed, I became uninterested in the things around me. I didn’t know what to do with my mobile phone. There was no joy or impulse in the hobbies I liked very much. But I also watch videos, read cartoons, read novels, and sometimes for a long time (or something like that). Seems to pass the time. I like what I like, I am still happy when I see it, and I am excited or suddenly affected, but it is only a short moment, and it will change back after this period of time, and it will not be affected for a long time. 2. Indifferent emotional performance. I feel that everything around me has nothing to do with me. It’s hard to feel empathy. I feel like I’m suddenly selfish. It would be sad to be scolded by teachers or parents in the past, but now I don’t feel any more. It’s hard to be angry or happy, and sometimes be laughed at, but it’s only a momentary thing, and it will soon become indifferent, and I feel barren in my heart. Apologizing to others, thanking you, and saying hello just tend to be instinctive, because it is a common practice, just a habit. 3. Fear of trouble. Very very afraid of trouble. It’s easy to become irritable, because small things can be pretentious or angry, but at the same time avoid arguing, there is a deep sense of powerlessness, feel arguing is meaningless, and the other party does not understand me anyway. 4. Time concept is very poor. Very, very poor. I used to have a bad idea of ​​time (before I became ill), especially now. I don’t feel uncomfortable, I don’t worry about being late or letting others wait for long time (unless I am urged by the other party several times, but I just know that I have to go out sooner, so I won’t worry.) 5. Poor memory. Before going out, I always feel that I have forgotten a lot of things, and then I will stand and think or daze. Counting in the previous second, and forgetting where to count in the next second, and then re-counting, at least two or three times. 6. Suddenly said to be gentle. It’s very incomprehensible. I used to be a crazy person (in front of an acquaintance), and it would be considered introverted or shy in front of the person I met for the first time. But now I see strangers without feeling and can even talk calmly. 7. Easy to cry. Crying for no reason, seeing the scenery or washing in the bath half, staying alone…will cry. 8. Don’t remember to eat. I like to eat what I like, but I don’t remember to eat, and I have to remind others to eat. Without appetite, you will be hungry, but too lazy to eat. 9. No feeling for the crowd. There is no fear of crowds, it is the feeling of being isolated from the world, but there are many people (especially relatives) who are tired of knowing. I don’t like to socialize, I don’t like to make new friends, I feel trouble. 10. About suicide or self-harm. There is no self-mutilation, I feel very meaningless, otherwise I will die directly, there is no need to be so troublesome. Respect death but not fear anymore. What benefits can it bring to those around you if you live? If you die, there will be no impact, but you will be relieved. Watching the traffic suddenly reveal a picture of being killed, or seeing a tall building, I imagined that I was falling from above. It’s all subconscious imagination, but I don’t want to die. 11. It is difficult to be stimulated. Literally, it is not easy to be scared. Mood swings are very small and cannot be easily laughed at. 12. Difficulty falling asleep. I was going to bed at half past nine, and once felt that I was on the verge of falling asleep and not asleep (with my head empty, I didn’t think about anything), thinking that I fell asleep and suddenly opened my eyes again. More than ten. (I thought the mat was too hard.) I didn’t fall asleep after adding a mattress, and suddenly woke up in the middle of the night (when I used to go to the toilet, I never woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but now I have more times), and I am very awake. In a state where she had not slept almost overnight, she woke up at 8 or 9 the next day without an alarm clock (sometimes more than 6 o’clock). After getting up, I felt a lot of pain. I didn’t do much heavy work before, but it was pain. Sometimes, when you wake up, your hands are unconscious, and then you feel numb. 13. Fatigue. Sleepy all day long, sitting for a while

The best investment in the future is self-investment. Heterogeneity determines your achievements!

Cloud palm of Finance: water woodenly (2020.5.5) Internet era, increasingly efficient collaboration, cooperation and more low cost, just focus on your own good, the other, naturally someone to help you! 1 In this era, everyone is making money, but not everyone is worth it. Really, most people are busy, but worthless. Why is it worthless? This is like the rise of Taobao, the prices of most products have been lowered, why? Because the homogenization of the product is too serious. Most products are the same, why can you sell them expensive? By the same token, the reason why most people are thinner than paper is because the homogenization between people is too serious … The greatest tragedy in most people’s lives is that in the 20 years from entering school to leaving school , No teacher can inspire them to know themselves: how about my personality? What are my advantages and disadvantages? What should I do? There are also very few parents who consciously inspire their children to understand themselves more deeply. These elders completely ignore our internal kinetic energy and potential, which leads us to be the same after we grow up. This is the tragedy of many people. We have read hard books for more than 20 years. We thought that we were full of economics and we were ready to do a big job. After arriving in the society, we found that we were just ordinary people with mediocre qualifications and mediocrity. . Nowadays, there has been serious convergence and homogeneity between people. Our talents and personalities have long been smoothed out. The homogenization of products leads to overcapacity at most, and the homogeneity of people leads to chaos in the entire society: no interest, no specialty, no matter what you do, they are all rushing and rushing. 2 If you ask a child, what do you like? He may answer quickly: I like drawing, I like singing, I like dancing and so on. But if you ask an adult like this, he will definitely not be able to answer for a long time. Because children rarely think about the benefits of doing this before doing something. If they like it, they do it. But before adults do something, they will think about it first. Is it useful? Therefore, for an adult, his life is filled with those things that should be done and useful. This is the world of adults. They only have interests in their eyes, no right or wrong, no emotion. They care about each and every behavior and pay attention to rewards, they pay attention, every pay attention to cost performance. They have been sensitive and suspicious of entanglement in calculation, sorrowful face suppressed by desire, and anxiety all day long. Of course, after a few years, these young children will now become “three innocent adults with no interest, no hobbies, and no specialties.” They have nothing in particular, and they are not interested in anything. They are not satisfied with the current life, but they don’t know what they like to do. They couldn’t find a word to describe their life. Therefore, this is the fate of most people: “We all live in calm despair.” But the future is really different, because with the Internet, love is the first productivity in the future! Why do you say this way? Because the Internet has further strengthened the division and refinement of society, with the help of efficient information docking, the efficiency of collaboration between people is getting higher and higher, and the cost of cooperation is getting lower and lower. The division of labor is getting more and more refined. We only need to focus on one area we are good at, and someone else will naturally assist you. Therefore, your strengths determine your value. In the past, we all worked hard to make up for shortcomings. From now on, we will all make up for our strengths. In the future mass production, you contribute your strengths, and your weaknesses can be hidden. Everyone will do their best to meet their needs. Obviously, in this state, your passion is the most important thing in your body. Your love and interest determine why you struggle for life, determine your social position, and even the meaning of your life. 3 Before measuring the value of a person, it depends on how much it costs to be polished. It does not require you to have more ideas. It only requires you to be easily managed and used. At this time, people are just a part on a large machine. And now to measure a person’s value, it is to see how outstanding his personality and specialty are, it is too much for you to have your own ideas, and even you need to be able to go beyond the constraints of the framework and be good at all kinds of innovation. And what does this idea and innovation depend on? Relying on one’s love! Only love, only love, can stimulate a person’s potential

[Do you chase or shove someone you like? 】

Jiangsu Satellite TV [New Blind Date Conference], you can see the men and women guests flirting and taking the initiative to chase back and forth, but everyone is very reasonable in the end, only choose their own rational phase. There is a top 500 female executive who beats another top 500 male. Of course, the competition is very fierce. This female executive first took the initiative to chase and take the initiative. The female executive’s own conditions are enough for Ok, but the male executive Instead of dizzy, I chose a girl who was more suitable for me. What is easy to faint when being chased and slammed is usually dizzy, and there is no sense of direction in life. See if you like or chase after what you like? Don’t chase and shove in case it becomes a lifetime miss? Regardless of chasing or pursuing, you must first have your own value and weight. Secondly, if you chase desperately and shove to death, the really good people will black you in your heart. There are two reasons for this: First, chasing and provocative, people will have doubts when they think about it. Is there any mental illness? The second is desperate chasing and sultry, which is too idle, like a teenager who has nothing to do except in class during adolescence. Love is sensibility, and people are rational. Even if it falls in love at first sight, the second step will comprehensively evaluate the significance of this relationship. Moreover, many loves at first sight are based on comprehensive evaluation. Still hurry up and do what I love to do to make myself better. When I really meet someone I like, I have the confidence to say you are awesome and I like you. Or directly ask: Do you have objects? The energy red envelope that makes Ta feel joy, even you like me, my every day. WeChat public account (psychological consultant Liu Yingya), the same name WeChat (psyajfz)

Is there any hope for autistic children to be cured?

At present, the cause of autism is not yet clear, and there is no complete cure. According to the severity of the child, the baby can learn to integrate into the society as much as possible. The earliest infancy begins to show signs of autism from 4 to 6 months of age. Parents should pay attention to distinguish 1. The baby is not interested in the face, showing no gaze or less gaze; more attention is paid to some inanimate Small objects, empty eyes, erratic, and scattered attention. 2. Lack of social smiles, difficult to laugh, ignoring parents or others, ignoring facial expressions, and indifferent facial expressions. 3. I like to play by myself. I don’t like being held by adults or being disturbed and teased by others. 4. Unable to distinguish the faces of strangers and family members who are familiar with them. Seeing mom without excitement is like seeing strangers. 5. When the mother is preparing to breastfeed, the baby will not show expectation and excitement; when the mother is breastfeeding, the child will have less eye contact with the mother. 6. Difficulty sleeping, easy to cry before going to bed, and night terrors are easy to appear at night, which is not easy to be comforted. 7. When holding the baby, the baby’s body is soft or stiff, always stiff, and does not like to be in contact with the adult’s body. Your baby ’s performance after 1 year old 1. Not responding to the name, having less eye contact with others, showing no return to the family ’s departure, showing no concern, or not paying attention at all 2. Concentrating more on monotonous and repetitive items, addicted For some things that the baby is not interested in, the scope of interest is narrow. 3. Lack of common attention, for example, parents pointing at a certain direction or object, the baby is unmoved, more often when the baby is 8–15 months old. 4. I won’t imitate it, and I won’t do the sound of simple goodbye, welcome, hello, etc. After 2 years old, the performance of language development is lagging behind, and he ca n’t even speak. He does n’t like playing with children of the same age, likes to play by himself, likes to talk to himself. Treatment of autism The diagnosis of autism is not difficult. According to the parent ’s description of the medical history, children ’s behavior observation, combined with the diagnostic scale and questionnaire, the diagnosis can be made according to the standards. For babies with the above symptoms, parents should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Due to the subjective nature of some parents, autism is easily missed. Once it is found that timely rehabilitation intervention is needed, the sooner the intervention prognosis is more ideal.

Is the baby accumulating food while sleeping on his stomach?

Many parents in the outpatient clinic in Weibo asked: “Doctor, my child likes to sleep on his stomach, will it affect the child’s breathing? Will it press the child’s heart? Does the child accumulate food? How can it be corrected?” Let’s talk about the child Sleep on your stomach! My son likes to sleep on his stomach when he was a child, especially in the age group of one and a half to two years old. When he first fell asleep, he slept on his side or lay flat. In the middle of the night, he turned to sleep on his own, with his arms under the pillow. , Legs kneeling, little ass upturned. Seeing him sleeping soundly and drooling, I don’t think anything is bad, and I don’t bother him. Now that his son has grown up, he often likes to sleep on his stomach. Different children have different sleeping positions. Some children like to sleep on their sides, some like to sleep on their backs, and some like to sleep on their stomachs. Radish and green vegetables are different. Parents should not make a fuss when they see their children sleeping on their stomachs, and do not think that sleeping on their stomachs will affect their development and health. Children sleeping on their stomachs do not mean that their children accumulate food. Accumulation of food refers to a disease of traditional Chinese medicine, which mainly refers to the excessive milk intake in children, which damages the spleen and stomach and causes the gastrointestinal disorders caused by the milk food stagnation at Zhongjiao. Accumulative eating syndrome often occurs in infants and young children, mainly manifested as fullness of the abdomen, dry or sour stools, stinky odor, belching rot, and bloating. As the saying goes: “If you want children to be safe, you will be hungry and cold”, which means that if children are not sick, they should not overeat and wear too much. Carefully pondering these words makes sense. No matter which kind of food is nutritious, it can not be eaten too much. Otherwise, it will not only make the child healthy, interfere with the child ’s own digestion and absorption, but will cause the child to “accumulate food”. Children’s bodies cause different degrees of damage. When the child accumulates food, it will show symptoms such as loss of appetite, anorexia, bad breath, bloating, stomach upset, restless sleep, and fever of the hands, feet and feet, and even cause the child to have a fever. When the child accumulates food, his sleep will appear as flipping, irritability, waking up, and teeth grinding. Therefore, parents should not equate accumulating food with sleeping on their stomachs. Sleeping on their stomachs is a normal phenomenon. Children ’s sleep tossing, restless sleep, poor appetite, and bad breath may be related to accumulating food. In fact, there may be a reason why children like to sleep on their stomachs. In the infant stage, especially for infants within three months, the child’s gastrointestinal function is not yet fully developed, because the baby swallows a lot of air when sucking milk, and also inhales more air when crying; milk protein allergies or full bowel feeding Physiological intestinal colic can also occur due to factors such as accelerated motility. The baby will suddenly cry out in a relatively fixed period of time. When crying, the baby’s face becomes red, the mouth is pale, the abdomen is swollen and tight, and the legs are curled up. Feet are cold, hands clenched, breastfeeding can not be relieved, and eventually stop with crying exhaustion, exhausting or defecation. Parents will be very upset when they see the baby’s intestinal colic, and will help the child to do exhaust exercises to relieve the performance of intestinal colic. In fact, at this time, let the child lie on the stomach, leaning on the thigh or the bed surface of the father and mother is beneficial to abdominal pain Relief, lying down is also conducive to anal exhaust. The child lying down and curling up feels the same in the mother ’s womb and has a sense of security, so many children like to sleep on their stomachs. Parents should take care of them when they are lying on their stomachs. Prevent children from covering their mouth and nose and affecting breathing. Children’s sleeping posture needs to be natural, and children with obvious head deviation need children’s orthopedics to exclude torticollis. Parents consciously train their children to sleep on the left and right sides to prevent further head deviation. How do other children feel comfortable and how to sleep. For children who like to sleep on their stomachs, do n’t worry about sleeping soundly and calmly. Do n’t frequently help your child correct the sleeping posture. This will interfere with the establishment of a child ’s sleep safety and cause various sleep disorders. Children sleeping on their stomachs does not mean that children accumulate food! Parents need not worry so much.

Hiccups too often? It may be sick!

There are many things that must go through in this life, such as eating, drinking water, and hiccups are also one of them. How did hiccups happen? Can frequent hiccups be a sign of illness? Hiccups occasionally? do not worry! Hiccups, the medical term is actually called & # 39. 嗳气 & # 39. It is normal for us to occasionally burp. In addition to all kinds of water, food solids, and liquid raw materials, our diet is often mixed with a certain amount of gas, such as carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks. When we eat and drink water, these gases enter our stomach, but find that the human body does not need it, so we return along the esophagus and rush out of the mouth like bubbles. This process is for us. Hiccups. Hiccups often occur after a meal, considering that you may have eaten some foods that are easy to produce gas, such as soybeans, peanuts, radishes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, etc., or eat faster, eat more, or may eat some cold food. The consideration is mainly related to indigestion and gastrointestinal dysfunction. You can take some medicines that help digestion to relieve the symptoms, such as Jianweixiaoshi tablets, big hawthorn pills, and multi-enzyme tablets. You can also go to the doctor in time and take some medicines that promote gastrointestinal motility as directed by your doctor. Generally, domperidone, trimebutine hydrochloride, mosapride, cisapride, etc. are used. Hiccups are actually a kind of nerve reflex activity. A variety of stimuli such as rapid drinking, eating, eating hot foods or drinking cold or cold drinks can cause hiccups. The hiccups that occur in this situation are generally mild and have a short duration. This kind of hiccups are normal, and are more likely to occur when the person is full, and generally help to relieve the flatulence of the stomach. Hiccups frequently? There may be four kinds of diseases. 1. Uremia: If hiccups last for hours or even days, it is difficult to stop and uncomfortable. It is often caused by organic lesions, such as morbidity in patients with renal insufficiency. Hiccups may be a harbinger of uremia; 2. Lesions affect the medulla oblongata: patients with a history of encephalitis, meningitis, and brain tumors continue to hiccup, and beware of the possibility that the lesions affect the medulla oblongata; 3. Aneurysm: if you work hard Hiccups and the disappearance of rest may indicate an aneurysm; 4. Stomach diseases: intestinal metaplasia, Helicobacter positive, gastric ulcer, chronic atrophic gastritis, and gastric polyps may have a certain relationship with hiccups. If you eat or eat, you will often burp and belch will often occur, you have to pay attention to whether there is a problem in the stomach. To stop hiccups, Chinese and Western medicines each have long-term repeated hiccups and no stomach problems are found. You may need to be careful when eating, do not eat too full, or eat less. Western medicine mainly treats belching by treating gastrointestinal diseases, while traditional Chinese medicine treats belching as a manifestation of spleen and stomach dysfunction, and different prescriptions are used to achieve the purpose of suppressing belching according to the change of the patient’s syndrome type. For example, in the article “A Case of Belching Treatment” in “Chinese Medicine Folk Therapy”, Chinese medicine clinicians will let the patients use Chenpi instead of tea, so that the patients continue to hiccups for 3 days. There was no recurrence afterwards. Therefore, if frequent hiccups are too uncomfortable, persistent, stubborn hiccups occur repeatedly, or there are frequent odors during hiccups, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

How people with hair loss build their self-confidence

I know that in many people ’s mind, hair loss is a dismal and inferiority thing, but do n’t be afraid, we can change it through hair transplantation, so how to rebuild our self-confidence from the psychological aspect, the hair housekeeper tells you a few methods. 1. It is not terrible to stop self-criticism with shortcomings. What is scary is that you use your shortcomings to blow yourself down. Everyone will reflect and criticize themselves in life, but people with insufficient self-esteem will magnify their shortcomings indefinitely, and then crush their self-confidence, self-denial, and finally fall into low self-esteem and cannot come out. How to stop, tell you a way: Write down all your self-criticism of yourself on this day, and then think about telling these words to your favorite people. Do you feel bad after doing this? How can you say these things to your favorite people? Then you should not be so harsh on yourself, try to be reconciled with yourself, be better with yourself, and inspire yourself like the one you like. Second, the use of actions to change mentality. Psychological research shows that body language and expression have a very obvious impact on mentality and emotions. As a chestnut, have you ever experienced such a scene, when you are in a strange environment, suddenly a stranger has been laughing with exaggeration, and finally everyone around him, including you, will also laugh. This is a typical example where external actions change the mindset. So do some confident actions appropriately to suggest yourself, and slowly you will become confident. Like raising her hands like a Hercules, showing her muscles. After doing so often, you will become more and more confident. You can also say to the mirror before going out every day, I am really awesome today, I am so charming today, how can there be such a good-looking person and other positive tone to cheer myself up. Finally, be sure to walk upright and look at the front, instead of looking at the face of the passerby passing you, but looking at a point in the distance in front of you, so that your brain will automatically ignore the expression on the face of others , You will not care about other people’s eyes, so you will find that walking is walking, your aura will come out. Third, take the initiative to speak out your shortcomings. As the saying goes that bare feet are not afraid of wearing shoes, you can tell yourself that you are losing hair, and no longer cover up, then no one can take you out. After all, what are you afraid of when you are “bare feet”? Know how to ridicule yourself and occasionally laugh at yourself. When you are able to take advantage of your shortcomings and make fun of others, in fact, others will only think you are humorous and you are a very generous person and will not laugh at you. 4. Continue to learn and add points to your own inner sayings. It ’s the old man who learns old, the interesting soul and rich inner are the reasons why others like you, and it wo n’t be because you lose hair, the other party wo n’t like you. Some people may feel that they have a headache as soon as they see the words on the book. In fact, they are not necessarily reading to learn. You need to change a perspective to look at things in life and think from another angle. Learn a lot of knowledge. Finally, let ’s summarize how to learn from life: one is to have curiosity, the curiosity of any novelty is the beginning of your progress, and the other is to fully collect data and information, take notes, and then summarize by yourself when you encounter problems. Think about it so you can learn a lot in your daily life.