Depression: Sadness is crying, depression is not crying

The psychological trauma of depression is like a seed that will never disappear, and will sprout and grow if you are not careful. So when you feel depressed and difficult, take a look at the outside air. Where there is sunlight, the haze may not be lost immediately, but after a long time, you will be full of sunlight! Recommend Hua Chenyu’s song for depression patients-“I really want to love this world”, although it can’t save myself from falling into the abyss, but a little comfort to those who are in depression and bipolar mood. A little warm. With 1.16 million lonely lightning rods on April Fool’s Day in 2003, Leslie Cheung chose to say goodbye to this world, as if God had made a joke with everyone. A suicide note of more than 50 words revealed the pain of his life: “Depression (depression, depression), thank you friends, thank Professor McLeffey. I have been very hard for a year, I can’t stand it anymore, thank you Mr. Tang, thank you family , Thank you Sister Fei. I have n’t done bad things in my life, why? ”In 2012, 9 years later, a Weibo user named Zuofan, after sending her last Weibo, said goodbye to the world,“ I have depression , So just go to death, there is no important reason, you do n’t have to care about my departure. Bye bye. ”There are nearly one million messages under this Weibo. Some people said a few years ago,“ Weibo has become a tree hole for depressed people. , 580,000 messagers were lonely like lightning rods. ” And now, there are 1.16 million lightning rods, which are still increasing in thousands every day. Behind these more than one million numbers, there are real people. They are the isolated islands of light linked to each other in the darkness. However, from the network, in real life, such a lightning rod is far more than 1.16 million. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 16% of people will suffer from depression at some stage of their lives. In China, on average, one person out of every dozen people is depressed. More people, even if they are not depression, are still on the verge of depression. But even though life has been overshadowed by depression, we still choose to wear a smiling mask to make ourselves look alive. I can laugh brilliantly. I ’m just unhappy. Xue Zhiqian once admitted in a show that he has a tendency to depression: “I ’m mentally unhealthy, or I wo n’t be able to write these love songs, or I wo n’t be depressed. “Many people are surprised. How can a person who uses life to be funny be depressed? A sentence on Weibo said many people’s voices: “The collapse of modern people is a silent collapse. It looks normal, it can talk, laugh, make fun, socialize, calm on the surface, in fact, My bad things have accumulated to a certain extent. I wo n’t drop the door and smash things, I wo n’t shed tears or hysterics. But maybe one second suddenly accumulates to the extreme, I do n’t talk, I do n’t really collapse, I do n’t think too much Live, do n’t dare to die. ”In our society today, we advocate too much positive energy.“ Unhappy ”is often not allowed. But in the world of adults, how can there be so many quiet years? What you see, the usual laughter and laughter, and the smile is all over, maybe the person in front of you put a lot of effort into it. We think that only “happy” self will be liked by others, and “depressed” self is bad and cannot be loved by others, so when emotions strike, we often cover our mouths habitually. And suppressing all unhappiness often pushes us into deeper depression and darkness. Put on a smile mask, depression does not disappear. Depression is not your head up, pretending to be invisible, it will disappear by itself, he will silently follow behind: feel inexplicably uncomfortable, chest tight, but there is nothing sad about those who once let Things you are excited about are now tasteless. I feel that I am worthless. Immersed in low emotions, my life begins to become gray, no hope, no meaning. I lose my ability to be happy step by step, just like a deflated ball sometimes insomnia, there is When sleepiness is unwilling to wake up, there is no appetite for eating. If you also have such a situation, it is depression to tell you through the body, don’t force yourself to move forward, you should stop and look at yourself. If such signals are ignored, the situation is often made worse. The main reason for depression is that the psychological factors are not removed. The drugs only control some symptoms of the disease. When they are stimulated by social psychological factors, they may recur. Therefore, it is recommended to use Chinese medicine in conjunction with psychological treatment.