What are the functions of water light needles?

What are the functions of water light needles? First of all, the biggest role is to moisturize and moisturize. The meaning of water injection is to inject hyaluronic acid into the skin; secondly, it is to control oil. To achieve this effect, you need to add some botulinum toxin to the water, which is very effective for oil control and can maintain it for a long time. A period of time, usually about 4-6 months; there is also to remove red blood, add a little botulinum toxin and tranexamic acid to the water, botulinum can fight neurogenic inflammation, regulate immune inflammation, and increase the skin’s sensation threshold. Tranexamic acid can inhibit the expression of vegf (vascular endothelial growth factor) and inhibit the formation of microvessels. The effect of this kind of redness is good for some patients with paroxysmal flushing. The fourth point is whitening and lightening. Adding tranexamic acid, glutathione, and vitamin C will definitely help whitening, but the best treatment is micro-needling instead of water injection. The fifth point is to remove yellow. Yellowing of the skin and skin whitening are two different things. Yellowing is mainly related to the accumulation of carbonylated proteins in the dermis, while light spots start from melanin. Adding some collagen to the water light can form a collagen fiber network to promote the growth and secretion of our fibroblasts, instead of these carbonylated collagens, to improve yellowing. The last point is anti-aging. The non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid in the water light can stimulate some anti-aging related targets. Not only the basic water light can have an anti-aging effect, but also some active ingredients can be added, such as hi-body, philo Jia and so on are very effective.

How does dot matrix laser and photon skin rejuvenation treat enlarged pores?

Large pores have always been a skin problem for a large number of people. In the last issue, we mentioned that dot matrix lasers and photon rejuvenation can treat large pores in the skin. So, how are they treated? What do you need to pay attention to after you finish? Let’s take a look at it ~ CO2 dot matrix laser machine treatment * clean the face first; * apply icaine gel to the area to be treated; * adjust the value to the appropriate parameter value to start the treatment; * after the treatment, the patient Apply antibiotic ointment with repair factor effect, EGF repair factor and beauty moisturizing burn ointment to the skin burn area, and apply once every 2 to 3 hours in 1 day. * When the wound is healed, make sure that the patient’s face is dry and clean, and avoid sunlight. IPL photorejuvenation * routine facial cleansing, facial hair removal, prone position, wear protective glasses; * apply cold gel to the treatment site; * select the appropriate treatment wavelength according to the patient’s skin color. The facial skin tone of the patient is 560nm whiter; the facial skin tone is yellowish or blackish at 590nm. Three pulses are selected for large pores. The pulse energy is 22 ~ 24J / cm2, the pulse width is 3.2 ~ 5.2ms, and the delayed pulse time is 22ms. * When the patient starts treatment, a light spot experiment needs to be performed in front of the ear, and the light spot condition is observed after 10 minutes. * Adjust the energy parameters according to the light spot. * After the treatment is completed, remove the cold gel on the face. * 1 treatment course is 5 times, and treatment is every other month. * After treatment, apply human-like collagen dressing externally, once a day, for 5 consecutive days. * Keep the operation area clean and dry within 7 days of treatment, avoid ultraviolet light and irritating food within 30 days, pay attention to whether you need to perform a lattice laser or photon rejuvenation, you must strictly sunscreen, go out and wear a mask, sunglasses, sun hat. Give antibiotic ointment to prevent infection when necessary.