What are the early symptoms of female genital warts

   Condyloma acuminata is a common clinical sexually transmitted disease, which occurs in the vagina, genitals and other parts of women. Many patients miss the best treatment period because they did not find the early symptoms of condyloma acuminata in time, causing serious damage to the body. So what are the early symptoms of female genital warts?    The early symptoms of female genital warts are low temperature of the genitals, and the damage to the dry part is often small and flat, while in the warm, moist part, it is often filamentous or Papilloma-like, small red papules when they first appear, gradually increasing and increasing,    surface is uneven, moist and soft, like papillae of different sizes, imitating or fused into large clumps and cauliflower-like protrusions, Red or dirty gray. The early symptoms of female condyloma acuminatum often have pedicles at the roots, which are prone to erosion, exudation, and easy bleeding when touched. There are often turbid serous or purulent secretions in the skin lesions and fissures, which emit foul smell and consciously itching, often caused by scratching. Causes secondary bacterial infection.  The incubation period of female genital warts is 2-3 months on average. The development of the disease is not self-limiting. The early symptoms are local itching and pain. A few patients have no early symptoms of female genital warts. Growth parts: vulva, vagina, cervix, perianal, common two parts occur at the same time, local manifestations are light red or gray small papules, warty-like protrusions, often fused to form cauliflower-like vegetation, with a history of sexual disorder, use 5% After the acetic acid was applied, the lesions turned white. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

Early symptoms of genital warts in girls

&nbsp.Initial symptoms of condyloma acuminatum in girls It also extends to the vagina, cervix, urethra, anal mucosa, and the skin color and shape of the lower rectum. At the same time, some patients have mild itching and pain. &nbsp.Initial symptoms of condyloma acuminatum in girls&nbsp.The specific symptoms are very small in the early stage of the onset of light red, very soft and small papules, which are scattered, small and soft, light red verrucous papules with a pointed top. As the disease progresses The development will further become larger and larger, and the papules will merge or overlap, indicating unevenness, gradually increasing and increasing, growing into a nipple-like, cauliflower-like, white, light red or dirty gray, with a moist surface and a feeling of pressure. .

Three pluses of occult blood, the accomplice of acute glomerulonephritis is actually a remedy

Chen Zhuofan (pseudonym), male, 23 years old, from a rural village in Chengde, Hebei. He entered the society to earn a living after graduating from a vocational high school. Due to his poverty, his parents had no literacy, so he developed a lifestyle of unregulated diet and irregular work and rest. She often stayed up late to play games. The patient developed fever, sore throat and cough due to cold a month ago. After self-administering cold medicine and antibiotics, she developed fever and itchy throat, accompanied by fatigue, waist discomfort and other symptoms. Under the persuasion of the family members, I went to the local hospital for treatment. The diagnosis was acute glomerulonephritis, which improved after systematic treatment, but foamy urine still appeared. Because the family’s economic pressure is high, I don’t want to be hospitalized again. Because of the low level of education, I believe that “the folks have the folk remedies, and the masters are the folks.” Therefore, they found on the Internet “the folk remedies with good results, low prices, and no hospitalization.” Convinced. The common people often say that “it is a three-point poison”, so Chen Zhuofan was careful at the beginning of the drug test. After buying the drug, he did not forget to ask the other party for the prescription. In case something went wrong, he would still know what kind of drug he was taking. But the other party said that this was a secret recipe and could not be passed on. Chen Zhuofan carefully pondered this. This seems to have a certain truth, after all, the other party still relies on this to make money. Three pluses of occult blood, the accomplice of acute glomerulonephritis turned out to be a Jianghu folk remedy. Chen Zhuofan said that after taking the folk remedy, he felt that the effect was remarkable, and the symptoms of fatigue and waist pain were relieved. When he took the medicine again, the other party said that he would take more this time Several pairs of medicine guarantee the cure. Because the previous medicine was very effective, he gritted his teeth and took the medicine for 3,000 yuan, convinced of the value of the money. However, the society made a joke with him. Halfway through the second medicine, the patient suddenly found that he had gross hematuria, like washing flesh, panicked, and quickly called the contact person who took the medicine. The other party’s phone is always busy. The patient only felt cheated at this time, but his condition has worsened. Chen Zhuofan’s parents were very worried about their son’s condition. They sold two cows in the family and made up enough money for 40,000 yuan. They determined to bring their son to Beijing for treatment. After various inquiries, they confirmed the Beijing Lianke Chinese Medicine Nephropathy Hospital and decided to use Chinese medicine for treatment. Method, after all, western medicine treatment will use a lot of hormones, which will have adverse effects on bones and many other aspects. Date of first visit: April 6, 2020. Three days ago, he developed gross hematuria once in the morning, no frequent urination, urgency, or painful urination. There was no edema of facial limbs, red throat, enlarged tonsils on both sides, pale red tongue, thin yellow coating, and thin pulse. Urine routine: occult blood (+++), protein (+). The syndrome is that wind-heat invades the lungs and damp-heat accumulates in the throat. The treatment is to clear the throat and benefit the leakage. Second visit (May 3): Urine routine after taking the medicine: occult blood (+), protein (±), urinary phase difference red blood cell 230,000/m1, mixed type, blood biochemistry showed normal liver and kidney function, blood pressure 130/80mmH, I still feel itching and discomfort in my throat, yellow and greasy tongue coating, pale red tongue, and thin pulse. The treatment is still the original intention. Third visit (June 4): After taking the medicine, the urine test was negative, occult blood (+), no obvious discomfort, only felt backache and fatigue after exertion, pale red tongue, thin white coating, thin pulse, slightly red pharynx, tonsils on both sides Ⅰ Degree swelling. The acute phase of the patient has passed, and he has entered the recovery phase. Fourth visit (July 5): After taking the medicine, the patient’s urine examination routine has been normal, the pharynx has no discomfort, only a long time standing or walking for a long time, the back pain is obvious, the tongue is pale red, the coating is thin and white, and the pulse is thin. Invigorate the kidney and treat the aftermath. Notes: Acute nephritis and upper respiratory tract infections are related to a higher proportion. This case is due to the feeling of external pathogens, wind-heat toxins accumulate in the throat, and the disease is in the kidneys, and the blood collaterals are injured by heat. The main clinical hematuria is. The treatment starts with the treatment of pharynx, clearing the throat first, and continues to apply until the symptoms of throat infection are completely eliminated, so the first visit, the second visit to the third visit are mainly to clear heat and relieve the throat. The internal cause of acute nephritis is the deficiency of kidney qi, the deficiency of kidney qi, and the insufficiency of pathogenic diseases. Therefore, during the recovery period, attention should be paid to strengthening the spleen and kidney and regulating the whole. In this case, the kidney-tonifying products were gradually added from the third diagnosis, and the main purpose was to calm Qi and Yin, and avoid using warm-drying products. In short, the treatment of acute nephritis is often divided into two stages: acute phase and recovery phase. The former focuses on clearing benefits and the latter focuses on strengthening the body. According to the severity of the evil and the severity of the disease, the medicine is used together, and the complete eradication of the infection is the key to the treatment. After this long journey of seeking medical treatment, Chen Zhuofan grew up, and since then he no longer believes in any folk remedies, and actively promotes to the people around how the remedies deceive people and how unfavorable the treatment of the disease is

Does female genital warts itch?

   Most of the people with genital warts are male, but in fact women are also susceptible to infection, which seriously threatens the health of women. The symptoms of genital warts are more concealed, so they are sometimes ignored by people, delaying the best time for treatment. Therefore, women usually need to pay more attention to their physical conditions and also know what symptoms can be caused by genital warts.   1. Occurrence site: Female condyloma acuminata occurs mostly in labia, perianal, cervix, vaginal opening, vagina, urethra, anus and rectum. It is also common for two parts to occur simultaneously.   2. Initial light red papules: a few tiny light red papules at the beginning, gradually increasing and increasing, uneven surface, moist and soft, showing nipples like different sizes or fused into large clumps showing cauliflower-like protrusions. 3. Later erosion and suppuration: The root of the wart body is often pedicled after infection of condyloma acuminatum, which is prone to erosion, exudate, and easy to bleed when touched. There are often cloudy slurries or purulent secretions in the fissures of the skin lesions. Feeling, often caused by secondary infection of bacteria due to scratching.  Experts reminded that there are many symptoms of genital warts, but many people do not go to the hospital to check and treat in time when they find genital warts, but blindly treat genital warts, resulting in more serious genital warts. Experts also introduced that genital warts are prone to recurrence, so in the treatment of genital warts, preventive care of genital warts, and strive to cure genital warts as soon as possible. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

What’s wrong with menstrual blood? Don’t care about these three reasons

Everyone knows that female friends will have their first menstrual period after entering adolescence. After menstruation comes, it means that she has grown into a woman with mature fertility. Menstruation can not only regulate the endocrine of female friends, but also let female friends know their current physical health. According to the color of menstrual blood to judge the health of the body. So what is the light red color of menstrual blood? The menstrual blood of female friends appears to be too light red, which should attract the attention of female friends. 1 Insufficiency of qi and blood: In general, the menstrual blood is too shallow, which is caused by insufficient qi and blood in the body. Long-term lack of blood and qi can cause very serious harm to the body of female friends. Therefore, you should eat more food to supplement qi and blood during normal and menstrual periods. Foods like jujube and Ejiao can supplement the deficiency of qi and blood. 2 Gong Han: In fact, the color of menstrual blood of female friends is light red, and another situation is caused by the female friend Gong Han. Taking these foods for a long time will cause some harm to the body. Therefore, we must pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen during menstruation, try to eat some warm food, and eat some special cold food. Otherwise, it will not only cause the phenomenon of palace cold, but also cause some gynecological diseases of female friends, causing female friends to have dysmenorrhea. 3 iron-deficiency anemia: There are still many female friends who will suffer some damage after giving birth. Some female friends will have iron-deficiency anemia. Once this anemia occurs, the color of menstrual blood will become very light, and then light red menstrual blood will appear. If this happens, you should go to the hospital to check the content of trace elements, if more iron deficiency should add some iron. In fact, abnormal menstruation is mainly caused by some gynecological inflammation, or the lack of metabolism and qi and blood in the body, so female friends must pay attention to avoid particularly vigorous exercise during menstruation. You can drink more brown sugar during menstruation. It can not only play the role of warming the palace, but also play the role of eliminating congestion. After menstruation, you should supplement your food according to your physical condition. These can improve the phenomenon of menstrual color breakage.

How to distinguish male genital warts and pearl-like papules

Condyloma acuminata mainly manifests in men as warts on the glans, coronal sulcus, medial foreskin, urethral opening, penis, and anus. At the beginning, small and soft red rashes appear. The rashes will gradually increase and increase in size. The bumps are uneven and become papillary or cauliflower-like, sometimes they can be fused into large pieces, and can also appear ulcerated, exudate, and have a foul smell.   Male pearl-like papules mostly appear on the coronary edges and coronary sulcus, resembling pearl-like, translucent papules, with different colors, which can be white, yellow or light red, and the size is 0.5~1mm. Pimples grow slowly, adjacent pimples do not merge, and patients often have no symptoms.   Pearl-like papules and condyloma acuminatum, if the symptoms are typical, experienced dermatologists can tell the naked eye. If it is not typical, it can be confirmed by the acetate white test or pathological biopsy. In contrast, the accuracy of the pathological examination is higher and it is not easy to misdiagnose.