The same mesoderm therapy, what is the difference between Philocar and baby needle?

Since the introduction of mesoderm therapy, it has been loved by many fairies. “Mesoderm”, located between the epidermis layer and the dermis layer, is the key for the skin to absorb the active ingredients of external cosmetic products. Mesodermal therapy was first proposed by French doctor Mike Pistre. It can locate, delineate and quantitatively deliver a variety of nutrients directly to the mesoderm through the epidermis, which is equivalent to “administration from the root”. Mesoderm therapy solves the weakness of traditional life beauty and various beauty care products that are difficult to be absorbed by the skin. It can fundamentally solve skin problems such as acne, spots, fine lines, sagging skin, and sagging. Both Feiluojia and Shuiguang acupuncture belong to mesoderm therapy. What is the difference between the two? First, the composition is different: the main component of the baby needle is C-PDRN (polydeoxynucleotide), derived from the extract of wild salmon germ cells. The main ingredient of Philocar is 53 + 1 nutrients, mainly derived from extracts of alpine plants. Second, the role is different: the C-PDRN in the baby needle is a fragment of the DNA composition, taken from salmon germ cells that are 98% similar to human DNA. It has the function of regenerating damaged cells and tissues, and can promote the division and regeneration of the basal layer of skin. Repair of aging, damage and problematic skin. Suitable for people who need to repair problem skin and damage skin. The 53 + 1 kinds of nutrients in Filuojia can supplement the skin in all directions, awaken the cells from the depth of the skin, promote the self-renewal and repair of skin collagen and elastic fibers, comprehensively improve skin texture, age, and delay skin aging. Suitable for people who need anti-aging and improve skin texture. All in all, the ingredients and functions of the baby needle and the Philippine water light needle are different. The baby needle mainly focuses on damage and problematic skin regeneration repair; the Philippine needle mainly supplements skin nutrition and improves skin quality. You can choose the project that suits you according to your actual needs. Of course, there is another situation, that is, the strong combination of the baby needle and the Filuojia water light needle! In different treatment stages, two items are combined-the baby needle repairs the skin cells at the genetic level, and the Philippine water light needle increases the cell vitality from the roots and activates skin regeneration until it reaches the optimal state of the skin! Infant needle and Philippine water light needle injection need to choose different treatments according to your own skin condition. The level and amount of needle insertion during the injection process are quite sophisticated and require very professional operation. Therefore, the doctor’s professional skills and experience are crucial, so be sure to choose a trusted institution and doctor.