Light weight loss? Learn to match to be healthy and thin

Summer is here, in order to show a light and good figure, the little fairies are trying their best to lose weight. But on a hot summer day, I didn’t want to eat steaming and greasy meals, so many little fairies ordered light meals. Regarding light food, there is actually no strict rule. Generally speaking, it means that the energy is relatively low without cooking with large oil and salt, and the portion is not large, which can be served quickly and eaten quickly. When you order light food, you will find that there are mainly salads, sushi, rice balls, and sandwiches. What should you pay attention to when ordering these light foods? 1. The light food of vegetable and fruit salad is characterized by light food: energy is about 300-400 kilocalories, more vegetables and less staple food. Eating such light foods for a long time, the energy deficit is too large, the weight loss rate is fast, and it is easier to rebound; it is also easy to reduce menstrual disorders, and it is easy to overeat the staple food by eating less staple food. When ordering this kind of light food, it is best to let the store match the staple food. You can also prepare 2 slices of whole wheat bread or 1 corn to increase the energy of Dunton to about 500 kcal. However, although some salads claim to be light, the energy may not be low. Because it may be accompanied by a lot of high-energy salad dressing, and high-energy fruits such as avocado. In this case, you have to put less salad dressing, or change the salad dressing to sugar-free yogurt, and eat less avocado. 2. Sandwich light food The characteristics of this kind of light food are that there are too few vegetables, and the egg in the middle may be fried very oily; the meat in the sandwich may be bacon from processed meat products, and the sliced ​​bread itself may be white bread or sugar. Too little vegetables will reduce satiety, which will affect weight loss; if vegetables lack vitamin C, potassium and various bioactive ingredients, they will be affected. It is recommended to ask the shop to add money and vegetables when ordering such light food, or bring some raw vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. If the fried oil in the middle of the egg will increase energy intake, it can be peeled and eaten slightly; bacon is a processed meat product. Excessive intake will increase the risk of stomach cancer and esophageal cancer, or it should be less. White bread belongs to refined grains. Even if no sugar is added, the blood sugar rises and falls quickly, which is also easy to accumulate fat, so try to choose sugar-free whole wheat slices. 3. Sushi and rice balls lightly eat sushi, rice balls and sandwiches have the same problem, that is, less food, may also have less protein. In addition, sushi is also commonly used ingredients such as pickled radish, ham, raw salmon and arctic shrimp. In addition to bringing your own raw vegetables, you can order some Kanto from nearby convenience stores such as radish, kelp, cabbage rolls, etc. Insufficient protein intake during weight loss, more muscle loss, easy to lose loose, it is recommended to order a cup of sugar-free yogurt. As for pickled radishes, compared with fresh vegetables, the sodium and nitrite content may be higher, and the vitamin C content must also be low, so you must mix some fresh vegetables; and ham belongs to processed meat products, nitrite content is higher lesser. Try not to order sushi like raw fish and shrimp to avoid infection with bacteria or parasites. 4. Chinese light food Chinese light food mainly refers to rice bowls, assorted noodles, and bento. Among them, the staple food mostly uses multigrain rice, soba noodles, and corn. The staple food is thick and thin, and the amount of light food with salad is more than that of the staple food. The vegetables in Chinese light food are mainly boiled, such as broccoli, cauliflower, peas, peas, carrots, squash, zucchini, etc., will not have such a strong feeling of nibbling grass. This kind of light food is more balanced in food collocation than the previous three, but when ordering, it is still necessary to evaluate the ratio between various types of food. If you want to lose weight, the amount of staple food and protein is preferably 1/4, the amount of vegetables is 1/2, the total food should be able to eat seven times full, there is no obvious hunger before the next meal. If you want to give a quantitative recommendation, the amount of rice and noodles must be at least 1 fist (about 130 grams), vegetables must have 2 fists, protein must have 1 fist. Special reminder, when the vegetarian fairy chooses to eat lightly, the amount of tofu, dried tofu / silk / skin should reach a fist. Choose as many staple beans as possible, so as to ensure daily protein intake and help to reduce tight lines. Finally, no matter what kind of light food you should pay attention to, if cooking is not light oil and salt reduction, it is best to rinse it before eating. If the batter is deep-fried, grab some batter and eat it; it is better if you can order a light soup. Drinking 200-300 ml before a meal can also help control appetite. It should also be reminded that compared with traditional meals, some fruits and vegetables in light meals are not cooked at high temperature, and then topped with nutritious salad dressing, it is easier to breed bacteria. So choose