Similarities and differences in the efficacy of bamboo leaves, light bamboo leaves, bamboo ru, bamboo shoots, and fresh bamboo leeks

The similarities and differences in the efficacy of bamboo leaves, light bamboo leaves, bamboo leaves, bamboo shoots, and fresh bamboo leeks. In clinical treatment, bamboo leaves, light bamboo leaves, zhuru, and fresh bamboo leeks are Chinese medicines of several different flavors, but they all grow in one plant. Plant. Let me talk about their similarities and differences in the treatment of diseases: Pale bamboo leaves [Medicinal] This product is the root of Pale bamboo leaves in the grass family. 【Nature, Flavor and Return to Classics】Sweet and cold. Enter the heart, small intestine meridian. [Efficacy] Clearing away heat and eliminating troubles, diuresis. [Clinical application] It is used for fever, polydipsia, tongue sore, short urine, damp-heat jaundice and other symptoms. Light bamboo leaves can clear the heart and fire and relieve troubles, and down can facilitate urination and dampness. Used for clearing the heart, compatible with Coptis, Habitat, Mutong, licorice, etc.; for infiltration of damp heat, it can be used with talc, Yinchen and Tongcao. [Prescription name] Light bamboo leaves (washed and dried) [General dosage and usage] Three to five coins, decoction. [Notes] 1. Light bamboo leaves, a medicine, originally published in Compendium of Materia Medica. It is not the leaves of light bamboo or bitter bamboo (fresh bamboo leaves), but the leaves of another herb, “light bamboo leaves”. It can be seen from this that some of the commonly used prescriptions composed of bamboo leaves and other medicines before the Ming Dynasty used bamboo leaves, not light bamboo leaves. 2. The roots of light bamboo leaves, according to literature records, can break blood and abortion, which is to be studied. 3. Both fresh bamboo leaves and light bamboo leaves can clear the heart and relieve annoyance and facilitate urination, but fresh bamboo leaves have a better effect on clearing the heart and heat, and can cool the stomach, and can also be used to treat scorching wind heat; light bamboo leaves have better diuretic effects Well, it is good at exuding dampness and releasing heat. 4. Nowadays, most pharmacies do not prepare fresh bamboo leaves. If only bamboo leaves are written in the prescription, light bamboo leaves are all served. If fresh bamboo leaves are needed, they must be collected temporarily. Fresh bamboo leaves: Treat heat and heat deficiency and upset: 9g each of fresh bamboo leaves and ginseng, 6g lentil flower, half a piece of fresh lotus leaf. Decoction. (“Anhui Chinese Herbal Medicine”) Efficacy: 1. Heart-clearing and diuretic: used for sores in the mouth and tongue, oliguria and redness, or painful urination (such as acute urinary tract infections) caused by heart fire. Tip (such as Dao Chi San). To clear away heat and eliminate troubles, promote fluid and diuresis, treat fever, polydipsia, hysteria in children, cough and nausea, red face, short urine, and mouth sores. , 2, clearing away heat and eliminating troubles: used for dryness and upset after the residual heat is not exhausted, often with gypsum and Ophiopogon japonicus. Zhuru 【Medicinal】This product is the internode part of the stems of grasses such as light bamboo or bitter bamboo. After scraping the first green surface layer with a knife, the middle layer is scraped off. 【Nature and flavor and return to meridian】Sweet, slightly cold. Enter the lungs and stomach meridian. 【Efficacy】clearing heat, resolving phlegm and relieving vomiting. [Clinical application] 1. Used for lung-heat cough, thick sputum. Zhuru cold can clear away heat and reduce phlegm, so it can be used for lung-heat cough. It is often used together with medicines such as scutellaria and melon. 2. Used for stomach fever, vomiting, hiccups. Zhuru has the effect of reducing adverse effects on the stomach and is suitable for stomach fever, vomiting, hiccups and other symptoms. It is often used with orange peel and pinellia. It can also be used for pregnancy vomiting. [Prescription name] Zhuru, Light Zhuru, Zhu Erqing (for raw use), Fried Zhuru (fried for coke to reduce its coldness), Jiang Zhuru, Fried Zhuru with ginger juice (add appropriate amount of ginger juice during frying, can be Reduce its coldness and strengthen the anti-vomiting effect) [General dosage and usage] One to three dollars, decoction. Bamboo shoots: [Nature and flavor return to classics] Sweet and cold. Enter the stomach, large intestine channel. [Efficacy] Clearing heat and eliminating phlegm, diuresis and swelling, antidiarrheal and dysentery. [Application]: 1. Phlegm-heat cough: The bamboo shoots are cooked with meat. (“Materia Medica Seeking the Original”) 2. Nephritis, heart disease, liver disease and other edema ascites: 60g each of bamboo shoots and Chenpu melon, or add 30g of wax gourd skin, decoct in water. (“Food and Healing”) Bamboo Lek [Medicinal] Take fresh light bamboo and cut it, set it up, burn its central part, and the two ends will have light yellow juice flowing out, which is called bamboo leek in a container. [Nature, Taste and Efficacy] The nature and taste are sweet and cold, and the effect of clearing heat and resolving phlegm is stronger than that of bamboo. [Clinical application] It can be used for symptoms of lung heat, phlegm, coughing, asthma and chest tightness, stroke, coma, and phlegm congestion. Often used with ginger juice. [General dosage and usage] The general dosage is one or two to two, taken alone or mixed with medicinal juice. [Examples of prescriptions] Tangerine Peel Zhuru Soup “Golden Chamber Synopsis”: Tangerine peel, Zhuru, ginseng, licorice, ginger, jujube. Govern inverse. Author: Fan Song, born in 1970, was born in family medicine, Chinese medicine ancestral Fan fourth generation, his childhood with his grandfather to study medicine, grew up to follow my father studied medicine with practicing medicine for 30 years. Inherited for a hundred years, it specializes in treating interstitial pneumonia fibrosis and comorbidities with unique curative effect. My father graduated from the Chinese Medicine Department of the 77th School of Medicine, and is a famous Chinese medicine expert Fan Shuqing. Statement: Please indicate the source of the reprinted friends!