What are the causes of the head-lifting pattern, crow’s feet pattern and legal pattern?

What worries everyone is the lifting of head lines, crow’s feet and decree lines, so what causes these wrinkles? Our head-up lines also have crow’s feet and decree lines. The first is that the facial skin is relatively thin compared to other parts of the skin, because we know that the skin is mainly supported by the subcutaneous muscles and fatty tissue, because the facial skin itself is relatively thin , So its ability to absorb nutrients is slightly worse, so with age, the subcutaneous fat tissue continues to shrink, so the skin’s elastic fiber and collagen content will gradually be lost, so the skin’s elasticity and stretchability are relatively The talk will be worse. Another reason is that this place is where we love to make expressions. Our expressions are initiated by muscles, which cause the skin to contract and relax, so the skin may appear slack. For example, our head-lift lines, because we look up, the frontal muscles drive the skin, so there may be head-lift lines, as well as crow’s feet. The crow’s feet pattern is very very obvious when we cry and laugh, because the muscles around our eyes contract and pull the skin, so there will be wrinkles. As for the legal pattern, the first aspect is because we often make expressions, and the legal pattern also Frequently, the skin will appear sagging and sagging due to the muscles driving. Another is that with age, the decree lines become deeper, mostly after middle-aged or older, because the skin is more relaxed, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin is decreasing, and the subcutaneous fat tissue is also shrinking, so this is the case The entire skin will appear sagging and sagging, and the decree lines will be more obvious.