Can I resume my previous life after lung cancer surgery? Reminder: don’t touch these things anymore

Lung cancer is now the number one malignant tumor in our country in morbidity and mortality, and it has already caused a very serious impact on our health. But if lung cancer is detected early, it can be cured after surgery. So, how to solve the important problem of high incidence of lung cancer and high mortality? It is to find and treat early. So what is the effect of surgery after lung cancer is discovered? In fact, the surgical effect of lung cancer is very good. For early lung cancer, most have a 5-year survival rate of more than 80%. Of course, there are many types of early lung cancer. For example, those less than 3 cm without metastasis are called early lung cancer, but if it is 2 or 3 cm, it is already relatively large. For lung cancer that is less than 1 cm and appears as ground glass nodules, after surgery It can be completely cured. Therefore, after surgery for lung cancer, its prognostic treatment effect is very good, and after most of the surgery, you can return to normal life and work in about a month. Some people go home after the operation in two or three days and return to work in about a month. There are also patients who are afraid to try surgery or are afraid of surgery. This is wrong and should be treated as soon as possible. After the operation, people often ask me what should I eat, drink or not eat after the operation? In fact, from the perspective of oncology and nutrition, after lung cancer surgery, we must first maintain a good attitude and living habits. The mentality should be calm and not anxious, the effect will be very good after treatment. Another one is that after lung cancer surgery, you must maintain good living habits. For example, many friends who still smoke and drink before the operation, live irregularly, stay up late, etc., so they must avoid these bad habits after the operation. , Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, usually maintain adequate sleep, stay away from tobacco, stay away from alcohol, eat enough meat, eggs, milk, fresh vitamins, vegetables and fruits, and do some appropriate exercise. After the immune system is improved, the lung cancer Prevention has a better effect. There are also people who say that you can’t eat beef or seafood after surgery, but in fact, these are high in protein and you can eat more.

These “signals” appear or are lung tumors

&nbsp.&nbsp.Lung tumors are very common malignant tumors, which can be called a major killer of health. In recent years, the number of patients with lung tumors has been increasing, which seriously threatens people’s lives. This disease is inseparable from bad living habits. What signals Does it indicate that you may have a lung tumor?  (1) Cough, mostly occasional dry cough, with little or no sputum, and a small amount of white foamy sputum, which occurs more than after fatigue. The cough time is not fixed.  (2) Chest tightness mostly occurs in the middle and late stages of lung tumors, but if the cancer is located near the pleura, chest pain may appear earlier, which is irregular, dull or dull pain. When the cancer directly invades the pleura, there may be sharp chest pain, which is aggravated by coughing or breathing.  (3) Hemoptysis or bloody sputum is caused by the rupture of capillaries caused by cancerous tissue necrosis and ulceration. The blood volume of hemoptysis or blood sputum is generally small. In a few cases, tumors erode large blood vessels and can cause hemoptysis. If this symptom occurs, please go to the hospital for examination and seek medical treatment in time.  (4) Fever, the early symptoms of lung tumors are rarely fever, but when the cancer tissue is necrotic, it can cause low to moderate fever, and antibiotic treatment is ineffective. When the lesion is close to the hilar, when the central lung cancer grows in the bronchus and develops to blockage or semi-blockage of the lumen, it can cause obstructive pneumonia and cause whole body fever. At this time, the body temperature is generally around 38 ℃, and antibiotic treatment can reduce the fever, but If the obstructive lesion is not removed, pneumonia can recur. (5) Joint swelling and pain, mainly in large joints, mostly ankle joints, secondly wrist joints, no migratory nature, irrelevant to weather changes, local swelling may occur, X-ray photos except occasional thickening of the periosteum, most No other abnormalities. Remind patients with joint swelling and pain not to treat this joint disease.  (6) Skin changes. A small number of people may have itchy skin rashes, dermatomyositis, shingles, etc. in the early stages.  (7) Endocrine system disorders, a small number of patients can also see progressive muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, diabetes, lower limb edema, male breast enlargement, testicular atrophy, etc., which are also common early symptoms of lung tumors.  (8) Weight loss and weight loss are one of the common symptoms of tumors. If a female friend loses weight suddenly, don’t be happy that she has lost weight. Go to the hospital to check it out. Regular physical examination can detect various diseases in time and kill them in the cradle in time. For our health, we hope that friends will go to the hospital for physical examination regularly and correct some bad living habits, because many diseases are related to their daily lives. Habits are closely related.

What factors can cause the recurrence of vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a disease with high recurrence. Many people reduce the area of ​​leukoplakia through treatment and recover from the disease. However, after a period of time, the leukoplakia will reappear on the body, causing many patients to lose confidence in the treatment. In fact, vitiligo can be treated. When the treatment is effective, it is necessary to do well in life care and develop good living habits, so as to avoid the recurrence of the disease. So what are the factors that can lead to the recurrence of vitiligo? Let’s take a look at it together: Bad lifestyle: Bad lifestyle will cause vitiligo, and it will also cause the disease to relapse after the vitiligo has recovered. It is recommended that patients should develop good living habits, pay attention to work, rest and diet, so as to prevent and avoid recurrence of vitiligo in time. Patients should pay special attention to their living environment and routines, avoid frequent exposure to chemicals, and try not to stay up late. These bad lifestyle habits may not only cause the recurrence of vitiligo, but also other diseases. Patients are not actively treated: Many patients don’t care much when they first contracted vitiligo, so they don’t pay much attention to the treatment of the disease. In fact, it is easier to receive treatment for vitiligo in the early stage, and the degree of recovery is higher. If you wait until the leukoplakia has spread severely before treatment, the difficulty of treatment at this time will increase, the recovery situation may not be ideal, and the probability of recurrence will increase accordingly. Big. Failure to follow the doctor’s advice during treatment: The doctor’s advice is very important for the patient’s recovery from the disease. If the patient does not take the doctor’s words seriously during the treatment of vitiligo, he does not pay attention to the medication on time and the amount, which will leave the treatment of the disease. Hidden dangers. In addition, if the doctor emphasizes on nursing, but the patient does not pay attention to it, or eat some food that is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, it will cause the efficacy of the medicine to fail, and then cause the recurrence of vitiligo. Vitiligo disease can be cured through scientific and precise treatment. Patients should also take care and prevention during treatment and recovery, so as to avoid recurrence of leukoplakia.

Have you learned how to prevent vitiligo?

Many friends are asking how vitiligo needs to be prevented? What problems should be paid attention to to prevent vitiligo? This shows that everyone is gradually paying attention to the stubborn disease of vitiligo, hoping to prevent the invasion of the disease through correct prevention methods. People with good living habits and long-term staying up late and irregular work and rest habits can easily lead to disorders of the body’s biological clock, affecting the normal repair of body organs, making the body in a compensatory state, immunity will gradually decline, and the incidence of vitiligo will increase. It is recommended that everyone develop regular work and rest habits, rest on time, and avoid overwork. The lack of tyrosine and copper ions in a balanced diet can affect the synthesis of melanin and induce vitiligo. Everyone should pay attention to a balanced diet, not picky or partial eclipse. You can eat more foods containing tyrosine and trace elements, such as lean meat, animal liver, milk, beans, nuts, etc. Proper sun exposure The ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the metabolism of melanocytes. Proper sun exposure can transfer melanocytes to the cortex and deepen the skin tone. However, excessive sun or even exposure can cause excessive excitement and apoptosis of melanocytes, and can cause skin sunburn, which is not conducive to the synthesis of melanin. Therefore, the sun should be reasonable and moderate. Keep away from chemical irritation. Some chemical substances have a damaging effect on skin melanocytes, especially phenolic compounds, such as rubber, asphalt, and gasoline. Pay attention to labor protection when using these substances, and avoid direct contact with harmful chemicals on the skin. Maintaining emotional states such as happy, worried, pessimistic, or excessive mental stress can cause disorders of the body’s neuroendocrine system, affect the body’s microcirculation and the synthesis of melanin, and cause vitiligo. So everyone must learn to properly release stress and maintain a happy mood. Reminder: Good living habits have a good preventive effect on many diseases including vitiligo. I would like to remind everyone that everyone should maintain healthy living habits before, during or after treatment. In this way, it can effectively resist repeated vitiligo, and can also avoid the occurrence of many other diseases.

Why do people get uremia

 Many people do not pay much attention to diet control in their lives, causing the body to suffer from such and other diseases, which will increase the burden on the kidneys and cause uremia. The treatment of uremia is very difficult, the treatment time is long, and the treatment cost is heavier, which brings psychological and economic burdens to many families. Why do people get uremia? This is closely related to people’s living habits. “Causes of uremia” The main cause of uremia is a severe decline in kidney function and the occurrence of symptoms of renal failure. Modern people live fast and develop many bad habits, which directly cause irreparable damage to the kidneys. Many people are accustomed to staying up late and reluctant to sleep in the middle of the night; they like to eat heavy-tasting foods and do not eat things that are not salty or spicy; they abuse drugs and take a lot of western medicine that damages the kidneys for minor illnesses; they are tired but refuse to rest , Until exhaustion; some people work under pressure, or worry all the time… These living habits are no different from causing great damage to our kidneys. If this is the case, kidney function will gradually decline and eventually kidney Failure, uremia arises from this.   In addition to the influence of bad living habits, some common diseases can also cause uremia. Hypertension, studies have shown that 15% of hypertensive patients will directly make up for uremia. Diabetes, the end result of many diabetic patients is uremia, and diabetic patients are a high-risk group of uremia. Nephropathy, the severity of nephropathy is directly related to the quality of kidney function. If chronic glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease and other kidney diseases are not treated in time, they will turn into uremia. In addition, urinary system infections, urinary tract infections, lung infections, skin infections and some serious gastrointestinal diseases are also likely to cause uremia.   Although uremia is difficult to detect in the early stage and treatment is difficult, if it is discovered in a timely manner, the patient actively cooperates with the doctor for treatment and strictly controls the diet, it is still possible to control the disease and even recover. Uremia caused by diseases such as urinary tract obstruction and systemic lupus erythematosus has a greater chance of being cured, so active treatment of the primary disease is also very helpful for the recovery of uremia.

Common sense of ovulation disorders

   Many minor physical problems can cause women to have symptoms of ovulation disorders, which can bring serious harm to the body. Therefore, female friends are eager to understand the causes and consequences of ovulation disorders, hoping to find a solution. Below, please follow the editor to explore the related content of ovulation disorders.   Will ovulation disorders cause infertility?    Menstrual disorders refer to menstrual cycles that are too short, too long, disordered, amenorrhea, excessive menstruation, severe dysmenorrhea, etc. Due to the influence of bad living habits and stressful living environment, most women have ovulation disorders. Menstrual disorder is a common condition for women. Although it is not a serious disease, it can seriously harm women’s health. If ovulation disorders exist for a long time, it will cause other complications and even lead to infertility, so female friends should not ignore it. .  Why can it cause ovulation disorders?   There are many factors that cause ovulation disorders, such as some gynecological diseases, malnutrition, reproductive problems, and menstrual hygiene, which can cause ovulation disorders. There are many reasons for ovulation disorders. If it is some premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer, etc., if these diseases are not treated in time, it is very likely that women will be infertile.  How to treat ovulation disorders?   There are three main methods for the treatment of ovulation disorders: hormone therapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and diet. If the situation is not particularly serious, you can treat ovulation disorders through diet. Eat more appetizing and digestible foods during menstruation, like red dates and noodles are good choices.  Guarantee to develop good living habits  Female friends must develop good living habits, eat on time, work and rest on time, don’t stay up late, don’t smoke, drink less, and keep warm. Only by developing good living habits can you stay away from ovulation disorders. In addition, if the ovulation disorder persists for a long time, you must face the disease and seek medical attention immediately.   Only by restoring fertility and being healthy can you have a healthy baby, laying a solid foundation for cultivating excellent offspring. Facing infertility, taking the formal route is the clear choice. Don’t believe that some folk remedies will increase your troubles and miss the opportunity for treatment, and let Haoyun slip away quietly. For more infertility questions, please contact our infertility doctor, who will provide you with professional answers.

Prevent rectal polyps from daily life

 &Nbsp.&nbsp.Rectal polyps, from the pathological point of view, some are benign tumors, and some are the consequences of inflammatory hyperplasia. In recent years, it is believed that colorectal cancer originates from polyps, and early removal of polyps can reduce the occurrence of cancer. Therefore, polyps, as precancerous lesions, have received more attention.  To prevent rectal polyps, you need to start with your daily diet and life. Only by perseverance can you stay away from rectal polyps. The methods to prevent rectal polyps are described in detail as follows: 1. Be optimistic: Have a good attitude to cope with stress, combine work with rest, and don’t be overly tired. It can be seen that stress is an important cause of cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stress leads to fatigue and physical weakness, which leads to a decline in immune function, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders in the body, and the deposition of acidic substances in the body. Stress can also cause mental stress to cause qi stagnation, blood stasis, and poisonous fire. Invasion and so on.  2. Regularity of life: People who have regular lives and have irregular lifestyle habits, such as singing karaoke all night, playing mahjong, and staying away at night, will increase physical acidification and are prone to intestinal polyps. Should develop good living habits, so as to maintain a weak alkaline physique, make cells proliferate, and stay away from mutation diseases.   3. Good living habits: develop good living habits, quit smoking and limit alcohol. Smoking, the World Health Organization predicts that if people stop smoking, the world’s cancer will be reduced by 1/3 in 5 years. Second, no alcohol abuse. Tobacco and alcohol are extremely acidic substances. People who smoke and drink for a long time can easily lead to acidic constitution. 4. Light diet: Do not eat too much salty and spicy food, and do not eat food that is too hot, cold, expired or spoiled. People who are weak or have genetic genes for certain diseases should eat some anti-cancer foods and alkalis as appropriate Maintain a good mental state with high-volume alkaline foods.  5. Green food: Do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish eggs, moldy food, etc., eat some green organic food, and prevent diseases from entering the mouth.  6. ​​Exercise: Strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, exercise more in the sun, sweating can excrete acidic substances in the body with sweat, and avoid the formation of acidic physique.  In daily life, we should try to avoid various predisposing factors, reduce the incidence of diseases to a minimum, and improve our quality of life.

How to care for patients with secondary epilepsy

 Life habits: Adults should develop good living habits during the care of epilepsy, rest on time, ensure adequate sleep, and avoid overwork. Eat regularly, eat every meal on time to avoid hunger and overeating.  Diet care: Eat light, digestible, nutritious foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy and other irritating foods, and quit smoking and alcohol. Avoid getting cold, raining, and showering with hot or cold water.   Activities and work: Patients should not engage in dangerous work such as high altitude, water, furnace, driving or high-voltage electrical room, and should not participate in strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor. Try to avoid certain idiosyncratic factors, such as flashing lights, music, fright, etc. To reduce sound and light stimulation, you can use curtains, sound filters, etc. Do not go to radiation or ok halls and other messy places, and keep a quiet environment.

How should patients treat vitiligo?

   No matter what disease you face, it is necessary to pay enough attention to it, and vitiligo skin disease is no exception. The lack of targeted scientific treatment may cause patients to spend more time and more treatment costs. Even due to the initial irregular treatment, the patient’s immune system will be disordered, and vitiligo will occur repeatedly. So, how should patients treat vitiligo when they are treated?   Vitiligo disease will develop and spread. In the early days, the area of ​​white spots was not very large. At this time, the patient may not be treated for vitiligo disease, so it is easy to miss a better treatment period, after which the treatment cost will increase greatly, and the more difficult it is to treat later. In fact, according to clinical treatment experience, the cure rate of early vitiligo patients is generally very high.  Because vitiligo disease is a common disease, there are many hospitals that can treat vitiligo disease, so you need to know more when choosing. The traditional Chinese medicine bath and fumigation need to be cautious when using medicines. The use of advanced instruments such as 308 excimer phototherapy can replace some medicines for treatment, which not only avoids the side effects of medicines, but also has better effects. Regular hospitals and professional treatment are the guarantee of vitiligo recovery.  Good living habits also play an important role in the treatment of patients with vitiligo. However, many patients do not pay attention to this in their living habits. Some people stay up late, overwork and do not pay attention to healthy eating. These are the causes of vitiligo. Therefore, even if the symptoms of vitiligo are treated, if you do not pay attention to your own lifestyle habits, it will still cause the recurrence of vitiligo.   People suffering from vitiligo have not attracted enough attention, and the disease slowly spreads over time, delaying the treatment period of vitiligo, or even long-term treatment. Patients should not hold the psychology of fluke. The treatment of vitiligo is very difficult, so it is necessary to seize the opportunity. If the condition is mild, it should be treated in time, and the whitening effect will be better.  

People lose their teeth when they are old? Is there any way to delay?

  Will teeth fall when people get older?   It is understood that most of the elderly people have teeth falling, which is a common phenomenon in the process of body aging. If you do not maintain good living habits after entering the old age, there may be damage to the function of the teeth. At this time, the nutrients required by the teeth are not provided in time, which may reduce the firmness of the teeth and even loose teeth. Tooth loss, etc. Therefore, people in old age need to pay attention to physical maintenance and maintain good living habits.  What problems can be improved?    1. Pay attention to gargle after a meal.    If you reach old age, you can pay attention to the protection of your teeth. You should rinse your mouth after eating. It is helpful for dental health. Many people’s weak teeth are mainly related to problems with oral hygiene. If they don’t rinse their mouth after eating, they will always cause bacterial growth in the oral cavity, which may cause dental health problems. If you can develop a good habit of gargle after eating, it is usually helpful for dental health.   2. Calcium supplementation    In order to make the teeth more firm, we should pay attention to the supplementation of nutrients, especially calcium supplementation is especially critical. Many people’s loose teeth are mainly related to calcium deficiency. The calcium required by the human body can be provided in time. The common change is that the teeth are easy to loose and fall off. Therefore, in the process of maintaining health, you should maintain good habits. Once you have loose teeth, you should add enough calcium to make your teeth stronger.  3. Brushing teeth in the morning and evening   In order to effectively promote good health, the key is to maintain good living habits. If you can brush your teeth sooner or later, it will be helpful for dental health. Many people’s teeth are not strong, and there is a decline in dental function. It is mainly caused by not paying attention to oral hygiene. If you can brush your teeth sooner or later to maintain oral hygiene, it usually promotes dental health and prevents serious tooth loss in the elderly.   4. Correct use of teeth    It is indeed prone to tooth loss in old age. If you can maintain good habits and use your teeth correctly, it will be beneficial to alleviate this phenomenon. The main job of teeth is to assist in chewing food. If you can chew food correctly, it will protect your teeth.  Can’t usually eat liquid food for a long time, so the teeth are basically not chewed, which may cause its function to decline. In addition, it is not possible to eat too much hard and rough food for a long time to avoid damage to the teeth. General foods need to be reasonable and soft and hard foods should be eaten properly.

What are the habits of men prone to impotence?

  Erectile dysfunction, also known as male erectile dysfunction. This disease occurs every age, and every man does not want to suffer from this disease. In fact, many impotences are caused by men’s own bad habits. Let’s take a look at the habits of men who are prone to impotence.    1. Bad habits have long-term heavy smoking, drinking, irregular work schedule and other bad habits.   2. Living conditions are chaotic, often sy, sexual life is chaotic, and too many sexual partners.   3. Mental stress, anxiety, high stress, depression, guilt psychology, frightened, spousal relationship disharmony, emotional depression and other mental psychological factors are easy to cause impotence.   4. When you see Erlang’s legs, the legs are too tightly clamped. Lifting Erlang’s legs will keep the temperature inside the thighs and around the genitals at a high temperature. If this part is kept at a high temperature for a long time, it will easily break the sperm production and survival environment. Similarly, the gap between the legs is too small, it is easy to cause damage to male organs, especially when there is an erection, it is easy to cause damage to the organs,    5, tight pants and airless underwear, tight pants and tight underwear limit between the legs The gap between it and the pants increases, which easily causes the temperature between the legs to rise. This caused similar harm to the above-mentioned Erjirou legs.   6. Taking medicines, taking certain antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, Chinese medicines, etc. have side effects.   7. People who have been sitting for a long time and who have been sitting for a long time have great prostate problems. Of course, male function will also be reduced. Special attention should be paid to the computer family and the elders, because the sitting time is too long, and they even hold their urine, which seriously affects male functions. Attention is paid to men with these habits, they must change these bad habits early to maintain a comfortable mood, ease their mental stress, develop good habits, maintain a good lifestyle, do not promiscuous, and abstinence! work out.

A common disease of young men-chronic prostatitis

When it comes to chronic diseases, many people think of old friends. Indeed, chronic diseases are often seen in the elderly. Such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., these are chronic diseases. But in the scope of urological diseases, there is a disease that is getting younger and younger. When I was in the clinic, nearly one-third of the young men came to see this disease, that is chronic prostatitis-a common but not so curable chronic inflammatory disease. In the previous article, I have talked about those lifestyle habits that cause chronic prostatitis, and lifestyle habits are indeed an important factor that causes chronic prostatitis. This article will focus on how to judge whether you may have chronic prostatitis and briefly introduce the treatment plan. 1. Frequent urination: I always want to go to the toilet repeatedly, and the amount of urination is not much each time, but not just a few drops. Drink a little more water and want to run to the toilet. Some people do not even drink water in order not to use the toilet. 2. Urinary urgency: I feel like I want to go to the toilet as soon as I can, and I can’t hold my urine. But if the conditions do not allow, it can still be held back, but the urination is more obvious, and I always feel that one thing has not been completed. 3. Endless urination: I always feel that I haven’t cleaned up after each urination. I always feel that there is still a bit of residue in the urethra. When I urinate or squeeze the anus, I can even see a clear or milky white viscous liquid flowing out. 4. Increased nocturia: When going to bed, especially before going to bed, repeatedly run to the toilet to urinate, and sometimes need to get up to urinate 3-4 times or more every night. 5. Discomfort in the perineal area: the area around the penis, testicles, and anus feels uncomfortable, or the feeling of bulging, or sore, or an uncomfortable feeling that is beyond description, most of which is not painful. This feeling is often more obvious after urination. After drinking and sex, many people will obviously feel one or more of the above symptoms. If you have 1-5 of the above symptoms, then you must be alert to whether you have chronic prostatitis. In clinical practice, chronic prostatitis often affects sexual function for a long time, and there are cases of decreased erectile function and significantly shortened sexual life. For the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis, mainly rely on symptoms and routine examination of prostate fluid. Prostate ultrasound has a certain value, but the value is not large; I generally don’t like to do prostate culture. Although it can be judged whether it is bacterial in theory, the results are subject to many interference factors and the culture time is long. If you wait After cultivating the results, the treatment plan cannot be given at the first visit. Finally, to talk about treatment, the reason why chronic prostatitis is not easy to treat is because it has a lot to do with life habits and requires the patient’s high medical compliance, and pay attention to improving his life habits. In addition, because of the anatomical characteristics of the prostate: the prostate has a dense envelope, which protects the prostate while blocking the drugs. The specific treatment plan is different from person to person. Different people have different symptoms and medication. For example, some people mainly have symptoms of urination, so it is mainly to improve urination; some people mainly focus on local swell, then they need to add drugs to improve swell; others have decreased sexual function, then It is also necessary to use some Chinese patent medicines to improve sexual function. In short, one or two sentences are unclear here. If you need it, you can leave me a message or private message. When time permits, you must know everything. Finally, I hope everyone can maintain a good lifestyle first. As the saying goes, curing the disease is more important. Then some specific bad habits related to prostatitis can refer to an article I published before “Life habits → Chronic prostatitis → Sexual dysfunction”. &nbsp. Want to learn more related knowledge, make your life healthy and colorful? Please follow me!

What is the meaning of the rural saying “early tea, night wine and dawn, harming oneself and hurting oneself are three harms”?

In the countryside, there is a popular saying, “Early tea, evening wine and dawn, hurting yourself and hurting yourself are three evils.” How do you understand this proverb? In the ancient rural areas of China, economic and cultural life is relatively backward compared to cities. In addition to busy periods such as spring cultivation and autumn planting, people’s entertainment life is often scarce, so drinking, tea tasting, and fishing In view of the three major pleasures of most people, as far as these three things are concerned, things that everyone is accustomed to in life are not bad things, but if the timing is wrong, it will endanger people’s physical and mental health. Morning tea drinking tea in China is a hobby of many literati and scholars. In ancient society, poetry and painting, the tea tasting forum is one of the entertainments of the elegant and elegant people. At that time, drinking tea was quite particular. The time of drinking, the heat, the tea Products and appliances are quite professional. However, in modern society, many people drink tea for refreshment, taste, or lifestyle, which is not obvious in the northern region, but in the southern region, such as Guangzhou, drinking morning tea is a habit for many people. The morning tea shop eats and drinks tea to start a day’s life, but is it good for the body? We know that after a night of sleep, the intestinal motility is very slow. It is very good to drink a cup of warm water to moisten the intestines in the early morning. If it is replaced with tea, it is fine if it is light, if it is strong tea, a lot of tannic acid in the tea 1. Alkaline substances are quickly absorbed after reaching the gastrointestinal tract, which can easily cause dizziness, palpitation, weakness in hands and feet, so it is not recommended to drink morning tea. Yejiu Yejiu, as the name implies, starts drinking at night. Dark night often makes people feel empty. If the pressure of life cannot be resolved and the mood is not good, many people often choose to buy drunk to spend a long night, whether in rural or modern cities, gathering There are not many people who drink alcohol and drink clubs. When you wake up, not only your body is uncomfortable, but things are not resolved. Drinking and hurting everyone understands the truth, so it is enough to relax your body completely is the way to keep in good health. As an adult, Limingshi’s intercourse is conducive to the harmonious relationship of husband and wife, and physical and mental pleasure, but also to choose the right time, sleep is very important for everyone’s physical health, poor rest can hurt the liver and heart, it is the human body at dawn When you are asleep, you can get rid of the fatigue of the day, and all organs of the human body begin to sleep. If you don’t sleep at this time, you will feel weak and wake up early next morning. Therefore, it is not to say that morning tea, evening wine, and dawn can not be done at all, and occasionally it is harmless, but if this is the case every day, and life habits are formed, it will be harmful to the body and not beneficial. (Part of the picture source network in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me, I will delete it.)

Several types of women prone to fetal abortion! Have you been recruited?

Embryo cessation refers to the developmental cessation of embryos in early pregnancy due to some reason. A fertilized egg is like a seed. At the initial development stage, if it is affected, it is likely to stop healthy growth. This abnormal development of the embryo in the first trimester is called “embryo suspension”. So, which women are prone to abortion? Let’s take a look at it. These four types of women are prone to fetal abortion 1, have a history of fetal abortion There are many reasons for fetal abortion, such as chromosomal abnormalities, immune diseases, reproductive tract infections, maternal systemic diseases, endocrine disorders and so on. Women who have had a childbirth experience, especially women who have had more than two childbirths. If they do not find out the reason and symptomatic treatment, they will blindly prepare for pregnancy. Not only is it easy to have another childbirth, but the difficulty of pregnancy will also increase. 2. Poor quality of eggs and sperm High-quality eggs are the prerequisite for the birth of healthy babies. The quality of the eggs is poor, and the quality of the resulting embryos is not good, so the chance of fetal abortion is naturally high. Such women should improve egg quality before becoming pregnant. It should be noted that poor sperm quality will also cause the quality of the embryo to decline and increase the risk of fetal sterilization. Therefore, male problems cannot be ignored. 3. Experience of miscarriage Multiple abortions will damage the endometrium and uterine cavity wall of women, resulting in thinning and ectopic endometrium, affecting the implantation of the embryo, preventing it from developing normally, and causing fetal abortion. In addition, abortion can also lead to gynecological diseases such as inflammation and irregular menstruation, causing uterine cavity adhesions and tubal blockage, leading to female infertility. 4. Unhealthy living habits If women have bad living habits such as smoking, alcoholism, staying up late, etc., it will also affect the early embryonic development and lead to fetal abortion. In order to conceive a healthy baby, female friends should develop good living habits, ensure their own health, increase the chance of pregnancy, and also reduce the risk of fetal cessation. Reminder: In order to conceive a healthy baby, female friends should develop good habits to ensure their own health, increase the chance of pregnancy, and reduce the risk of fetal discontinuation.

Why your vitiligo is always being treated, but always “in vain”

The treatment of vitiligo has always been a concern of everyone. Now there are more and more people suffering from vitiligo. Some patients are treated in time, and soon the leukoplakia becomes smaller and gradually recovered. However, there are still some patients who have been treated for several years, and the white spots have not improved. For this reason, many patients have lost their confidence in treatment and are very passive in their lives. So why is the white spots on the body always being treated but has no effect? ​​Not going to be regular Hospital treatment, random use of remedies. Now many remedies for vitiligo are spreading everywhere. Many patients hold the mentality of trying. However, the white spots on the body had no effect at all, and they made my skin more and more sensitive. The messy medicines cured a lot, and the money was spent in vain, and I lost confidence in my life. Why is this the case? It is not that we do not pay attention to treatment. Vitiligo is a stubborn disease. How can we treat it randomly? It is recommended that you still go to a regular hospital for treatment, so that you can scientifically eliminate whiteness. Non-emphasis on nursing Some patients think that finding a hospital will be all right, as long as they eat on time and go on call. But I have cooperated so much, why is the white spot still ineffective? It shouldn’t be. After consulting with a vitiligo doctor, I realized that I didn’t pay attention to the later care. The etiology of vitiligo is very complicated, and it is closely related to the patient’s lifestyle, such as diet, work schedule, trauma, environment, and mental factors. I hope everyone can adjust it in time. In particular, patients who usually do not pay attention to hygiene and often have disordered living habits must adjust their bad habits in time, so as to assist in the treatment of vitiligo and restore healthy skin at an early stage. Without systematic diagnosis and treatment, it is more stubborn for the disease of vitiligo, so the treatment cannot be blind. Seeing that other people use this method is good. Why is it not effective when it comes to itself? Many patients have gone through this detour, which is why Some patients can’t be cured, and some patients still have no effect for several years. It is important to know that each patient’s condition, cause, and location of the disease are different, so the treatment method is also different from person to person, and only the symptomatic treatment will have a good effect. Reminder: If you want to cure vitiligo, if the treatment of vitiligo is effective, you should not only pay attention to choosing the right method, but also actively cooperate with good care, so as to promote the rehabilitation of the disease. If you choose the wrong method at the beginning, no matter how you treat it, it will have no effect. Instead, it will cause the condition to become more and more serious, and it will be more troublesome to treat it later. I hope everyone will pay attention to it.

Do you have ten bad lifestyle diseases

The top ten bad lifestyle diseases and technologies have changed the world and life. Productivity has increased, material life has become richer and richer, and more and more information. People have become lazier and lager, and there are more and more problems. Bad living habits cause serious illness. Dr. Xinglin Dr. Cao said that bad living habits. The first overeating. Now material life is getting richer and richer, and more and more foods are being eaten. Earth-shaking changes have occurred than in the past. In the past, I couldn’t eat enough and wear warm clothes. What do you want to eat till now? Some people have a good appetite and eat a lot every day, especially if they eat much at night and eat late. Many people have diabetes, many type 1 diabetes. Stay up late for the second time. Technology has advanced, the network has developed, and information and film and television dramas that have not been read. The nightlife is getting richer and richer. Many people go to work one day during the day, or they are busy all day during the day, and they have a little free time at night. Just want to relax and reduce pressure. In the middle of the night, when I play, my brain starts to get excited and not sleepy. This is often the case, as time goes by, it becomes a habit of staying up all night to sleep. The third long-sighted. The development of the Internet, more and more Internet-related work and tools. Life and work are inseparable from the Internet, everyone has been watching for a long time, and there are more and more opportunities to use their eyes. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic said: Seeing the wounded blood for a long time. Long-term injury to the eyes, long-term injury to the cervical spine. There are more and more cervical spondylosis, more myopia, and local eye problems. The fourth movement is less. The times are improving, and many families have cars, so they do n’t have to walk and commute by bus. It takes more time to sit at the office, and more time to sit back at home. There is less time to exercise and walk every day. Huangdi’s internal scripture said: Sedentary injury hurts the spleen. Sedentary wet, sedentary long meat, sedentary and easy to get male and gynecological diseases. Fifth is in a bad mood. The pace of society is relatively fast now, and the pressure of life is relatively large. Whether it is children, students, or adults, there are many invisible pressures and worries. The social level is quite different, and there are many temptations. There are many people who are in a bad mood, often in a bad mood, and unhappy. Coupled with adversity and discomfort in life, emotional and spiritual convenience will have a great impact. People with bad mentality have more influence. The sixth alcoholism. There are a lot of stress, uncomfortable things in life, or troubles, like to drink some wine every day. There is another kind of person who usually has alcoholism, no wine is not happy, and some people will also be a little crazy. Seventh junk food. Many adults and children like to eat snacks, junk food, and unhealthy food. Some oily and salty, polysaccharides, high protein foods. Over time, it is easy to form food products, diabetes, fatty liver, and obesity. The eighth ice cold drink. Some people are heavier and more in love with fire. In summer, I like to eat cold and cold drinks. In other seasons, I also like to drink cold water and herbal tea. If I don’t drink it, I feel uncomfortable and get angry. The ninth greed. There are also people who are afraid of the heat in summer and cannot do without air conditioning every day. The temperature of the air conditioner is very low, and the cooler it is, the more comfortable it is. The tenth taste is heavy. There are many people who are accustomed to heavy tastes. If the diet is too light, they will not be able to eat, there is no appetite, no taste. Like spicy, salty, and oily. Many diseases are now related to our habits, especially bad habits. Many elderly people with longevity have very good living habits. Doctor Xinglin Cao finally told you: a healthy lifestyle can make you healthier. If you want to consult about the health issue of appointment, please pay attention to my personal consultation room. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.

Why is acne still soaring at the age of 25?

Indeed, your acne at this time must not be called acne. We can call it delayed acne. The cause of current acne is not only caused by hormones in the body, but also related to your lifestyle, stress status, genetic factors and other aspects. If your parents also have acne when they are young, then your physique is susceptible. For the control of acne, we may not be able to change the susceptible constitution, but we can start with other risk factors to control it. 1. Some habits that make acne worse. Some of these lifestyles and dietary habits are important factors that make susceptible people more acne-prone. This includes sugars in our dietary factors, spicy foods and the most obscure milk. The mechanism may be: high-sugar and high-fat diets can increase blood sugar, which leads to hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, which affects the endocrine axis, increases insulin-like growth factor 1, androgen secretion, and causes acne; Spicy food stimulates skin capillaries, tiny blood vessels and sebaceous glands in hair follicles, and promotes sebaceous glands to secrete sebum, thereby inducing and aggravating acne. After we drink milk, we secrete insulin resistance factor, which is similar to androgen. In addition, having enough sleep can reduce the incidence of acne, sleep can promote skin protection and repair function, acute sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality may damage the integrity of the skin, which may be related to skin aging and exogenous reaction stress. Therefore, good sleep can reduce the incidence of acne and reduce the severity of acne. 2. Bad Psychological Factors Acne is a skin-damaging skin disease, which is a mental trauma for all patients. The longer the period of illness, the greater the psychological barrier. The health of the skin is directly related to psychological endurance. When our spirit is in anxiety, depression, inferiority, etc., it will activate the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and sympathetic nervous system, and induce the secretion of neurotransmitters, cytokines and related hormones. Acts on skin receptors, causing acne, and the formed skin lesions recover slowly. For treatment, in addition to adjusting our living habits, we must also have correct treatment steps. When severe acne occurs, don’t turn your face into a test field for various acne products. In fact, in the opinion of professional doctors, the fewer kinds of acne products, the fewer the better. So you should go to a professional hospital as soon as possible, and ask a professional doctor to formulate a treatment plan for you, so that the inflammation can be controlled as soon as possible, so that the scarring acne pits and acne marks are left as little as possible. There are many ways to treat acne. If you are only mild, acne of degree I to II, you may be able to control it with external medicine. If the acne is moderate to severe, all are nodules and cystic acne, in addition to external medicine, it should be accompanied by oral administration of the corresponding medicine. There are also many physical treatment methods, such as chemical peel treatment of fruit acid or salicylic acid. Photodynamic therapy and various laser photoelectric treatments. These treatments can effectively reduce the inflammatory response of acne, and even prevent acne attacks. As for the subsequent acne marks or acne pits, the doctor needs to develop corresponding photoelectric means for you.

There are wonderful ways to prevent the accumulation of toxins

Langzhongtianxia Yimei Taohuayuan Academy Do n’t just carry out detoxification methods.We must take a two-pronged diet and daily life to start. There are wonderful ways to prevent toxin accumulation. Time to focus on health, there is a need for “detoxification.” The so-called “poisons” of traditional Chinese medicine are commonly wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness, fire, etc .; fine-tuning of daily diet and lifestyle habits can also “detoxify”. Symptoms such as aphthous ulcers, yellowish urine, edema, and obesity are the messages your body brings to you. At this time, in addition to consulting Chinese medicine practitioners to treat the symptoms, you should also pay attention to diet and lifestyle habits. Daily diet: ① The diet should be based on light and fresh ingredients, and the cooking method should be steamed, scorched and braised. ②Supply enough water to the body every day. ③ Eat moderately laxative foods such as dragon fruit, honey, figs, black sesame, and develop a healthy bowel habit. ④ One day a week, let the spleen and stomach rest and regenerate, less greasy and more fiber. ⑤ Drink a cold drink to remove a little more burden for the body. Daily life habits: ① Do moderate exercise every week, yoga, jogging, and expel “toxin” through sweating. ② Add some dried roses and mint in the hot water bath, the fragrance will make your body and mind happy, and it can also promote perspiration and metabolism. ③ Avoid staying up late, because from 11 pm to 3 am when the liver and gallbladder meridians follow, it is necessary to fall asleep to normal discharge. ④ Occasionally watching touching movies, crying is also an emotional excretion, and depression can only cause liver depression and stagnation. ⑤Knead and press the Taichung acupuncture point when taking a bath, which is located in the concave position of the metatarsal bones on the male and second toes of the instep.