What should be paid attention to when patients with vitiligo get better?

   Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease with complex treatment process. Many patients with vitiligo always have repeated symptoms, and sometimes they get worse after a short period of time. So, what should be paid attention to when the condition of vitiligo patients improves?    One, adhere to the treatment Many patients with vitiligo will think that they will be cured without insisting on treatment after their condition improves. This is wrong. Due to the particularity of the disease, vitiligo must adhere to and cooperate Only the doctor can recover as soon as possible. If the treatment is interrupted or abandoned during the treatment, the treatment time will be prolonged and the treatment will be more complicated.  Second, develop good living habits   Some patients return to their previous unhealthy living conditions after their condition improves, and a large part of vitiligo is caused by bad living habits. Staying up late, overeating, etc. will cause endocrine disorders in the body, affecting the production of melanin, which will aggravate vitiligo. Therefore, patients should continue to maintain good living habits after their condition improves, and they should not have a fluke.  3. Maintain an optimistic attitude   In the process of treating vitiligo, emotions are also a very important part. Patients should treat the disease of vitiligo in a correct way, and should not get lucky or be too nervous. Maintaining an optimistic attitude will help the condition get better faster. Therefore, patients with vitiligo can develop some hobbies in their daily life, or they can meet with three or two friends to talk to each other in their spare time.  Four, moderate exercise   Some patients with vitiligo often sit in front of a computer for a whole day because of their busy work schedule. In the long run, lack of exercise will lead to muscle relaxation and decreased immunity, which will adversely affect the treatment. Therefore, patients with vitiligo can improve their physical condition and strengthen their physical fitness through appropriate exercise in daily life, which is also beneficial to the treatment of vitiligo.   Warm reminder: The improvement of vitiligo is not only to insist on treatment, but also to pay attention to daily care and develop good living habits. Once you find that your condition has improved, you cannot interrupt the treatment, otherwise you will fall short.

38-year-old man often works all night and suddenly deaf, how powerful is the lethality of staying up late

Recently, 38-year-old Mr. Liu went home from get off work as usual. At 10 o’clock in the evening, when he was working with headphones, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t hear the sound. He thought he was overworked. He got angry in a hurry. Get better slowly. Early the next morning, the hearing in the left ear did not recover. Mr. Liu hurried to the ENT department of the local hospital and was diagnosed with “sudden deafness.” Finally, after the joint treatment of hospital experts, the hearing in the left ear has been restored, which is really lucky. There are certainly not a few people who have the same living habits as Mr. Liu. They work overtime every day until late at night before leaving work. When working, they are also used to wearing headphones to listen to songs to improve their boring work. Don’t take a fluke and feel that you are still young and in great health. If you stay up late for a long time, your body will be overwhelmed sooner or later. Staying up late is already a habit of modern young people. Doctors have been calling for: stay up late, just how much harm does staying up to the body? Among the many damages to the body caused by staying up late, the most common ones are frequent fatigue, lack of energy, and decreased body resistance. Staying up late is to use the body to work overwork, so it is prone to functional disorders. Once staying up late, people’s lives often become irregular. Some people eat more dinners, and some people eat a lot when they stay up late. Therefore, those who stay up late are often accompanied by indigestion, constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases. . Staying up late can also cause loss of vision, memory, and skin damage. Long-term overload of the eyes will cause pain, dryness, and swelling of the eyes, and will suffer from dry eye symptoms in the long run. In addition, the fatigue of the eye muscles can also lead to a decrease in extended vision. Excessive fatigue caused by staying up late for a long time may also induce central retinitis, blurred vision, dark shadows in the center of the field of vision, distortion, deformation, shrinkage, and color changes of the vision, which can lead to vision decline. Long-term lack of sleep can cause dark yellow and rough skin and decreased immunity. In addition, staying up late is sedentary, which increases the possibility of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and other diseases. It can also lead to insomnia, Forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety, etc. Sleep is an important physiological process in metabolic activity. Without sleep, there will be no health. Insufficient sleep will not only help the body not be replenished, but also due to insufficient hormone synthesis, it will cause environmental disorders in the body. Staying up late will hurt your body and your mind. Many young people stay awake at night, feel sleepy during the day, and develop neurasthenia, which can even lead to depression. Modern medical research has found that healthy living habits and regular sleep can cause hormones in the body to be secreted normally and maintain a relative balance, thereby ensuring that vital organs work in a stable internal environment. If you often stay up late, the normal operation rules will be disrupted, and the secretion of hormones will also change, causing life organs to suffer varying degrees of damage, thereby endangering health.

How to protect against vitiligo in summer

Because vitiligo often occurs on exposed parts such as the face, it can even spread all over the body in severe cases, affecting the patient’s appearance, and causing adverse effects on the patient’s study, employment, marriage, family, and social interaction. Especially as the weather is getting hotter and hotter and the sunlight is getting stronger and stronger, this has a great influence on the condition of vitiligo. So, how to do a good job of protection in summer? Vitiligo can not be used indiscriminately, and the earlier the treatment, the better the control. Therefore, if you find that you are sick, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis immediately, and do not blindly treat. Not to use some folk remedies, earthwork, etc., as this will delay the condition and miss a good opportunity for treatment. While cooperating with the doctor’s treatment, we should also pay attention to daily care. Because good living habits have certain benefits for the treatment of leukoplakia, patients should cultivate good living habits. Appropriate exercise should also be done to improve the body’s immunity and help the recovery of leukoplakia. A positive and optimistic attitude has a lot to do with the treatment effect, and the treatment of vitiligo is the same. Therefore, patients must maintain an optimistic attitude, go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, follow the doctor’s arrangements, communicate with others more, and relieve the inner irritability and pressure. The climate is hot in summer. To prevent the spread of white spots, patients are advised to avoid sun exposure. Because patients have weak resistance to ultraviolet rays, they should not be exposed to strong sunlight. In daily life, patients should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, adhere to exercise, a reasonable diet, maintain the correct life pattern and adequate sleep, and not overwork. Physical exercise should also be strengthened, physical fitness, and body immunity improved.

Methods of preventing autonomic dysfunction

Everyone knows that if the human body begins to be out of balance, that is to say that there is a disorder in our body, then all kinds of headaches, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, and cardiovascular and gastrointestinal nervous system functions follow. Symptoms of disorders. So is there a way to prevent these dysfunction symptoms?  ·We should first understand what is autonomic dysfunction?   Under normal circumstances in our human body, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves with opposite functions are in balance. In these two nervous systems, when one side plays a positive role, the other side plays a negative role. It balances and coordinates and controls the body’s physiological activities. This is the function of autonomic nerves. On the contrary, autonomic disorders are formed. . At the same time, we especially point out that autonomic disorders are very harmful to human health. Therefore, if we do not suffer from this disease, we must learn to be vigilant and prevent it, and those who have been cured of the disease in Germany need Avoid getting the disease again. Therefore, we can learn about some preventive measures and methods related to autonomic disorders. ·How to prevent autonomic disorders: Many medical experts first pointed out that if you want to understand how to prevent autonomic disorders, you must first know how you got sick, or whether you have any bad habits, if not often Eat on time. Related surveys have shown that the cause of most patients’ illness is due to long-term failure to eat on time. Therefore, the prevention of autonomic disorders must start with a reasonable diet. A detailed introduction will be given below. ①Cultivate good living habits: eat regularly, eat breakfast, and don’t overeating. Drink moderately and don’t be greedy. Go to bed early and get up early and have a regular time. Be selective when watching TV at night. Don’t just sit and count. When watching TV, do more activities. Wash your face after watching TV. Don’t sleep late in the morning, get up as early as possible and take part in some activities outdoors. Regular living habits not only help people’s physical health, but also help cultivate their own good mood.  ②Cultivate your own hobbies: Listening to some music is very helpful in curing autonomic dysfunction. But it should be noted that when listening to music, the volume should not be too heavy and the time should not be too long, otherwise it will be counterproductive. It is recommended to listen to some pure music with a gentle rhythm. In addition, when we have bad emotions due to setbacks, pain and failure, don’t suppress ourselves. Appropriate emotional catharsis should be carried out, which is a required course during the treatment of autonomic dysfunction.  ③Exercise more: try to do some outdoor activities as much as possible, don’t be bored at home alone, take part in more physical exercises, such as walking, playing badminton, swimming, etc. Outdoor activities and physical exercise can not only breathe fresh air, but also adjust autonomic nerves through various activities to achieve the purpose of psychological pleasure. ④Regulate your emotions in time: When you encounter troubles and depression, don’t hold yourself in your heart, but find ways to relieve them, you can self-regulate, you can also talk to a friend, or cry a lot to relieve the depression , Will feel a lot easier. This is also great for mental health care. The method of preventing autonomic dysfunction is introduced here. I think everyone already knows the importance of a reasonable diet and breakfast. I suggest that you must not ignore this problem, so that autonomic dysfunction is very harmful. Illness takes advantage of its weakness and brings you sickness and pain.

How to prevent lymphoma?

How to prevent lymphoma? Lymphatic cancer has risen year by year in recent years, posing a serious threat to people’s health, so people are paying more and more attention to the knowledge of lymphoma, so do you know the prevention of lymphoma? Let’s take a look at how to prevent lymphoma?   First, good living habits are very helpful for the prevention of lymphoma, and develop a good habit of smoking and alcohol prohibition. The World Health Organization once predicted that if humans persist for five years without smoking or drinking, then the incidence of cancer in the world can be reduced to 1/3. Tobacco and alcohol contain extremely acidic substances. If you smoke and drink for a long time, it will cause people to suffer from an acidic system. Second, eat as little as possible to eat salty and spicy food, and do not eat overheated or spoiled food. Older elderly people or people with weak health and genetic genes for certain diseases should eat some alkaline foods or It is anti-cancer food.   3. Maintain a good attitude, actively cope with stress, and prevent excessive fatigue. Excessive stress can induce cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that excessive stress can lead to a decline in human immune function, causing endocrine disorders in the body and causing metabolic disorders. Therefore, those acidic substances will deposit. If the stress is too high, it will also cause mental tension.   Fourth, life is not regular, often stay up late, it will make the body’s acidic substances worse, prone to cancer. Develop a good lifestyle, maintain a weak alkaline balance in the body, and prevent lymphoma. Editor’s note: Through the above introduction, I believe that you also have a certain understanding of how to prevent lymphatic cancer prevention. The prevention of lymphatic cancer should start from daily life, pay attention to diet, and have good living habits. In addition It is also necessary to quit bad habits, such as quitting smoking and alcohol.

How to control vitiligo

   Vitiligo is a skin disease with a high incidence of obvious symptoms. After the patient suffers from vitiligo, a large number of white spots may appear on many skins of the body in a short time, which seriously affects the normal life and socialization of the patient. The impact of vitiligo spread is very bad, so how to control vitiligo?   Go to a regular and reliable hospital to accept the system.  The cause of vitiligo is complex and the recovery process is long. Vitiligo should not be taken lightly, especially for the use of various remedies to be cautious, distinguished, and not blind. To help recover vitiligo as soon as possible, it is very important to apply the right medicine. To make the right medicine, we must first find out what is causing the disease. To find a clear cause of vitiligo, it is undoubtedly a sensible approach to go to a regular hospital for systematic testing.   Pay attention to daily living habits and dietary conditioning.   The occurrence of vitiligo is inseparable from everyone’s daily bad habits. Maintaining a healthy living state and eating habits can not only help rejuvenate white spots. It is also conducive to the stable operation and recovery of various functions of the patient’s body. Therefore, everyone should develop the habit of going to bed early, getting up early, and exercising moderately. In addition, pay attention to the intake of some melanin-rich foods in the daily diet is also conducive to the recovery of vitiligo, such as black sesame, black beans and other things are good choices.  Emotional quality is also very important for the recovery of vitiligo.  When the human body is nervous and emotionally fluctuating, the sympathetic nerves will be highly excited and will compete for more melanin-forming raw materials, which will trigger the disorder of the body’s physiological functions and induce or accelerate the development of vitiligo. Therefore, the group with long-term mental stress is also one of the people with high incidence of vitiligo, so maintaining a happy mood is also a good way to help vitiligo recover.  In addition to the points mentioned above, paying attention to protecting the skin from sun exposure and trying to avoid the occurrence of skin trauma are all daily care methods to avoid the further spread of vitiligo.  How to control vitiligo? In general, there are many predisposing factors for vitiligo. To prevent the spread of vitiligo, it is not only necessary to cooperate with the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, but it is also crucial to do daily nursing work. Warm reminder: White spots are easy to spread, and the faster the diagnosis and treatment, the faster the recovery. I hope everyone can grasp the timing of recoloring and restore health as soon as possible.

Still worrying about chronic prostatitis? The urologist will give you a reasonable treatment plan!

Chronic prostatitis is a serious problem. More and more young people have a longer period of treatment, easy to relapse, and have a close relationship with lifestyle habits. There have been two articles mentioned earlier about the disease, which talk about which lifestyle habits are likely to cause chronic prostatitis and which symptoms highly suspect chronic prostatitis. If you are interested, you can find it in my previous article. So this article focuses on how to treat chronic prostatitis. Pay attention to the treatment plan of chronic prostatitis, not acute. I will first list the commonly used drugs, roughly explain the treatment principles of various drugs, and then give medication recommendations for chronic prostatitis with different symptoms. 1. Lifestyle habits. More than once, the importance of lifestyle habits for chronic prostatitis has been emphasized. Chronic prostatitis can be said to have 40% of the curative effect from the maintenance of good lifestyle habits. The previous article specifically talked about it, so I won’t go into details here. 2. Antibiotics: such as cephalosporins, azithromycin, levofloxacin, etc., these can be used for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. We generally check the prostatic fluid routinely and find that if the number of white blood cells increases, then we recommend the use of antibiotics. In fact, the standard operating procedure is to first culture the prostate fluid, and then use antibiotics according to the drug sensitivity results. However, the culture of the prostate fluid is easily contaminated and the cultivation time is long, which limits the clinical application. Therefore, we generally judge whether to use the number of white blood cells in prostate fluid routinely. Moreover, according to the experience of me and many colleagues, the difference between the treatment effect with and without antibiotics is quite large. The period of antibiotic use is generally 2-6 weeks, which needs to be adjusted according to the situation. 2. Alpha-blocker: It can relax the smooth muscles of the prostate and bladder, improve the symptoms related to urination, and also facilitate the discharge of inflammatory glandular fluid. At present, tamsulosin hydrochloride, doxazosin, tamsulosin, etc. are commonly used. Because tamsulosin hydrochloride has a high drug selectivity, which means that it only acts on the bladder and prostate, with little side effects, it is the most widely used. Tamsulosin is a domestically produced dosage form of tamsulosin hydrochloride, which is also widely used. The course of treatment is generally 6-12 weeks. 3. Non-steroidal analgesics: can relieve local discomfort such as local swelling, pain and soreness. These drugs can affect the progress of the inflammatory response and control local leukocyte aggregation. More commonly used are celecoxib, diclofenac sodium, ibuprofen and so on. 4. M-blocker: It can relieve obvious symptoms of frequent urination and urgency. It is often used in patients with frequent urination and urgency. The commonly used drugs are Solinacin succinate and tolterodine. 5. Chinese medicine preparations: It is also an important member of comprehensive treatment. There are many such drugs. My personal customary medications are Qianlie Shutong and Qianlietong. If the sexual function is reduced, fewer capsules and Longshushu capsules are used. 6. Prostate physiotherapy: A relatively simple method is to take a bath in warm water, but this method has an effect on the quality of sperm, and it is not suitable for people with fertility requirements. Many hospitals now have prostate physiotherapy instruments, which use a probe to go deep into the anus, and then perform physiotherapy in the form of heat therapy, vibration, microwave, and magnetic therapy. This will not adversely affect sperm, and then can promote the discharge of inflammatory glandular fluid. To achieve a therapeutic effect. &nbsp. Many clinical treatments for chronic prostatitis are symptoms, and the treatment of different symptoms is also different. Frequent urination, urgency, endless urination, increased nocturia + perineal swollen, swollen, hidden pain + regular white blood cells in prostate fluid: lifestyle control + antibiotics + tamsulosin hydrochloride + non-steroids + Chinese patent medicine (front row Shutong, etc.). Perineal soreness, diarrhea, hidden pain + prostatic fluid regular leukocytosis + sexual dysfunction: lifestyle habits control + antibiotics + non-steroids + Chinese patent medicines (also fewer capsules, etc.). Prostate fluid regular leukocyte poly + sexual dysfunction: lifestyle control + antibiotics + Chinese patent medicine (yet fewer capsules, etc.). Chronic prostatitis with repeated episodes and long duration: lifestyle control + antibiotics + tamsulosin hydrochloride + non-steroids + Chinese patent medicine (Qianlie Shutong + Huan Shao capsules) + prostate physiotherapy. If accompanied by severe urinary frequency and urgency, solina succinate can be added for treatment. If there is a serious sexual dysfunction, then the use of proprietary Chinese medicine alone is not enough. Western medicine is needed to improve sexual function, such as “Viagra”, dapoxetine and other drugs. So as for “Viagra” drugs

How is the male prostate pain in Lanzhou caused, and what harm does it not have?

Many men have pain in the lower abdomen or lower back discomfort. It is suspected whether it is prostatitis. After examination, there is no inflammation. In fact, the symptoms such as lower abdominal pain are not necessarily prostatitis, and there may be prostate pain. So, why does the prostate hurt? Today, Lanzhou Longda Hospital (www.lzldyy.com) takes everyone to take a closer look. There are many causes of prostate pain, such as bad lifestyle habits, long stays up late, sedentary, and too frequent sex life, etc. will cause prostate pain, so male friends must develop good habits to avoid patients with disease. & nbsp. Psychological factors can also affect the prostate, leading to the occurrence of prostate pain. Excessive anxiety, irritability, and depression will reduce the function of the immune system. The level of immunoglobulin in the blood will be lower, and the more likely it is to cause prostate pain. Therefore, patients should maintain a good mentality, so that they can avoid prostate pain. People with low immunity are prone to cause prostate pain. If immunity is low, bacteria will invade your body and destroy your body. There are also people who hold back urine, which can cause prostate pain, because urine contains harmful substances, holding back Urine can irritate the male prostate, cause prostate infection, and cause prostate pain. Prostate pain can be very harmful if it is not treated in time. Prostate pain can make patients have abnormal urine flow, slow urine flow, reduced urine output or dripping urine, which has a great impact on patients. Moreover, under the influence of prostate pain, the patient’s mood will become tense and unstable, and there will be severe anxiety, which will have a huge impact on the patient’s life. Prostate pain, if not treated in time, patients will also have urgency, frequent urination, nocturia increase, and some patients will also have symptoms of ejaculation pain, causing great harm to patients. The prostate contains prostatic fluid, which is a component of semen. Therefore, the occurrence of prostate pain will affect the quality of semen, and it will seriously cause infertility. People with high incidence of prostate pain are mostly those who sit for a long time to congest the prostate. Long-term congestion of the prostate will make the prostate abnormal and cause prostate pain. Prostate pain is closely related to the catering industry. Poor nutrition can lead to a decline in human immune function, which can lead to prostate pain. In order to get the most ideal treatment effect for the treatment of prostate pain, in addition to receiving regular treatment, the patient’s usual lifestyle is also very important. Patients should avoid sitting for a long time, drink plenty of water, maintain a good state of mind, do not be too nervous, diet and nutrition. Lanzhou Longda Hospital warm reminder: male friends should pay attention to prostate pain. Early prevention can prevent the occurrence of diseases, avoid the impact of diseases, and reduce unnecessary troubles. Many diseases are caused by bad habits, so it is recommended that you develop good habits. If you have any questions, you can directly click on the online consultation or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Website: www.lzldyy.net & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Bb. com & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp .: www.lzldyy.cn & nbsp.

4 measures to prevent asthenozoospermia

Asthenozoospermia is a common male reproductive disease, which not only makes the quality of sperm worse and worse, but also affects eugenics and postnatal care, so it is necessary to take preventive measures. Let’s take a look at the prevention of asthenosperm 4 Big measures. Four major measures to prevent asthenospermia 1. Stay away from chemical elements For men to prevent asthenospermia, try to stay away from chemical elements. From ordinary eating, wearing and using, to working environment, living environment, etc., male friends should try to avoid contact with some chemical elements, such as less dyed perm, less canned food or preserved food. 2. Try not to stay in a noisy environment for too long. Noise exceeding 70 decibels will gradually weaken the male’s sexual function. If it exceeds 90 decibels, men living in it will have sexual dysfunction, so men should try not to be in a noisy environment. Stay too long. 3. Maintain good living habits. Maintaining scientific living habits is conducive to the prevention of asthenospermia. In daily life, do not stay up late to play games, not picky eaters, do not smoke or drink alcohol, do more exercise and pay attention to rest, develop good Lifestyle habits, so that the quality of sperm will be relatively high. 4. Quit unhealthy sex life. Male friends should avoid having sexual relations with people other than their wives, avoid causing troublesome sexually transmitted diseases because of unchecked sexual life, and can not spread sexually transmitted diseases to their spouses. This is not only related to male reproduction Health also reflects a responsibility to the wife and family. The above article is an introduction to the four major measures to prevent asthenozoospermia, and I hope to help everyone. Asthenospermia is very harmful to men, everyone should not treat it as a minor disease, and must be treated in time.

More and more infertile people? Or related to these three factors, it must be dealt with in time

Through relevant investigations, it is found that there are more and more infertility people, and there are many reasons for this situation. You should understand the specific reasons and make improvements. Only by maintaining good living habits and maintaining good health can you improve your fertility. Otherwise, under the influence of adverse factors for a long time, fertility will be reduced, which will be detrimental to the promotion of family and couples’ feelings. So, what causes will increase the probability of infertility? 1. Obesity. Obesity is a factor that causes infertility in many people now. Many people do not maintain good living habits, and the performance of excessive obesity is ignored. , May have a negative impact when the weight continues to exceed the standard. Whether it is male or female, excessive obesity can easily induce disease and even reduce fertility. For example, obesity can easily lead to the appearance of female polycystic ovaries. Therefore, you should usually control your weight in a reasonable way, keep your weight in a normal state, and be healthy without being affected by obesity. Otherwise, excessive obesity will not improve in time, and it may reduce fertility, so you cannot have normal weight. Fertility. 2. Bad habits There are more and more people with infertility. There are many culprits. For example, bad habits at ordinary times may lead to an increased probability of infertility. Many people often stay up late, smoking, drinking and do not like sports. These bad habits will affect the health of the body, and the difficulty of pregnancy will increase after the body is obviously injured. In this way, men cannot have high-quality sperm, and women’s egg quality also declines, making it harder to have children. Therefore, you should usually maintain good habits and get rid of these bad behaviors, so as to prevent the negative effects of infertility. 3. Serious environmental pollution More and more people have infertility, and it is related to many factors, for example, the impact of the external environment will also lead to the decline of male and female fertility. Many people live in serious environmental pollution. In the case of serious pollution, inhaling harmful substances in the air may affect the fertility of normal people in addition to the reduction of lung function. This is the negative impact of many environmental factors now. . Many people work in the environment where there is radiation, and the damage of these radiations may lead to a decline in male and female sexual reproductive function. Therefore, you should avoid living in areas with serious environmental pollution in order to prevent the decline of fertility. It can be seen that more and more infertility people are related to various factors. If you want to maintain good health, the most important thing is to change bad habits and at the same time keep your own living environment in good condition, so that fertility Only improve it.

How can life help relieve epilepsy

People with epilepsy are special for many people, because they are different from normal people when they are sick, and often they will be looked at by others with different eyes, causing serious physical and mental harm to patients. In order to enable patients to get rid of the disease early, the patient’s living habits are very important, so how can the patient play a role in alleviating the disease in his usual life? 1. Develop good habits, rest on time, and ensure Get enough sleep to avoid overwork. Eat a regular diet and eat every meal on time to avoid hunger and overeating. 2. For patients who have had a tonic-spasm attack, do not drink too much at a time to avoid induction. 3. Eat light, easily digestible, nutritious food, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy and other irritating food, quit smoking and alcohol. Avoid being exposed to cold, rain, and showers with cold and hot water. 4. The seizure has been controlled, the symptoms have been relieved, and those without mental disorders can exercise and work properly. But it is not suitable to engage in dangerous work such as high altitude, water, fireside, driving or high-voltage motor room, and it is not suitable to participate in vigorous sports and heavy manual labor. Try to avoid certain idiopathic factors, such as flash, music, startle, etc. Reduce sound and light stimulation, you can use curtains, sound filters, etc. Do not go to radiation or ok halls and other messy places to maintain a quiet environment. 5. Those with more frequent attacks should be restricted to indoor activities, when necessary, rest in bed and add guardrails to prevent falls. If there is a warning sign, you should find a safe place to lie down as soon as possible, and bite a gauze or handkerchief between the upper and lower teeth. Usually carry a disease treatment card with you to facilitate timely rescue and treatment when an attack occurs. 6. Once the diagnosis of epilepsy is confirmed, the medicine should be taken for 2 to 5 years without interruption. In order to prevent forgetting, the medicine can be placed in a fixed place and taken at a fixed time every day. I have introduced a few things that people with epilepsy should do in life. Long-term persistence will have a good effect. Everyone who treats patients with epilepsy must learn to care more about the patient, so that they can let Patients are more confident to treat epilepsy.

The one-year plan lies in spring, how to prepare for pregnancy in spring?

& nbsp. & nbsp. One year’s plan lies in spring, how to prepare for pregnancy in spring? How can I call out the pregnancy-prone constitution? Today we will briefly explain. Preparing for pregnancy tests Women with advanced pregnancy, history of abortion, abortion of embryos, biochemical pregnancy abortion are more likely to have abnormalities. Therefore, go to the hospital for a comprehensive pregnancy test before preparing for pregnancy. Including gynecological examination, leucorrhea routine, chlamydia, mycoplasma, eugenics and other items), if there are abnormalities in the body should be actively treated first to adjust the body to a healthy state. Regular lifestyle habits Regular lifestyle habits, early bedtime and early wakeup, and adequate sleep are all important prerequisites for ensuring high quality eggs. To improve fertility, both husband and wife must develop good habits together. To ensure the nutrition of the diet, pay attention to eating fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and other foods containing vitamins and protein every day. Improve physical fitness The key to improving physical fitness is exercise, exercise can effectively reduce weight, avoid polycystic ovary syndrome and affect pregnancy. In addition, if women are overweight or obese, they must pay more attention to control diet. According to relevant research, patients with polycystic ovary syndrome have strict BMI requirements. The ideal BMI is less than 24. For women with a BMI greater than 26 kg / m², it is recommended to control the weight before pregnancy, otherwise the pregnancy rate will be reduced and the pregnancy will be aborted. The rate increases.

How much blood pressure is required to take antihypertensive drugs?

Different people have different situations, and the timing of starting drug treatment is also different. 1) Generally speaking, if the blood pressure is only slightly increased and does not exceed 160 / 100mmHg, and there is no such disease as mentioned above, you can take out two or three months to change unhealthy living habits without taking medicine in a hurry. Especially weight loss. Many people after these measures can lower their blood pressure to below 140 / 90mmHg, so they don’t need to take medicine. If the blood pressure cannot be controlled after two or three months, the medication should be started. 2) For people with coronary heart disease, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, and kidney disease, as long as the blood pressure exceeds 140 / 90mmHg, they should be treated with antihypertensive drugs. Of course, while taking medication, you should also pay attention to changing unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as eating less salt, eating reasonably, controlling weight, not drinking or drinking less, increasing exercise, relieving mental stress, and ensuring adequate sleep. 3) If you are a diabetic, and your blood pressure exceeds 140 / 90mmHg, you can first try to change the unhealthy living habits according to the above method. This will not only lower blood pressure, but also help lower blood sugar and blood lipids. After a few weeks, if the blood pressure cannot be satisfactorily controlled (should fall below 130 / 80mmHg), it is necessary to use antihypertensive drugs in time. 4) If the patient’s blood pressure exceeds 160 / 100mmHg, regardless of whether they have other diseases, they should start using antihypertensive drugs while changing unhealthy living habits. 

Before going to the prenatal check-up with her husband, it turned out that his sperm motility was low! How to adjust it?

Sperm motility is low, Miao brother also stated in the previous article, this is a problem with the quality of sperm, does not mean that they can not conceive. After applauding for love once, men can shoot hundreds of millions of “tadpoles”-sperm, which can be divided into four levels according to their vitality: popular speaking-A level: sperm that can move in a straight line quickly; B level: can be slow Sperm moving forward in a curve; Grade C: sperm in place; Grade D: sperm that does not move. Azoospermia can be diagnosed when the sperm count of A + B grade is less than 50% or A grade is less than 25%. Methods to improve sperm motility 1. Quit the toxic components of tobacco, which directly or indirectly damage the quantity and quality of sperm, and even lead to sperm development deformity; alcoholism also affects the development and vitality of sperm; long-term in a high temperature environment Or men who like to steam sauna are prone to low sperm motility, because under normal circumstances, the environment for sperm production and maturation is generally lower than body temperature (I do n’t believe you reach out and touch your eggs), too high temperature will affect sperm quality; some Drugs can also affect the quality and vitality of sperm. Miao brother just pointed out a few common situations. During the pregnancy, all prospective dads need to work hard to quit some bad habits, quit smoking and limit alcohol, pay attention to rest, exercise properly, avoid high temperature and radiation, and remember to keep two eggs. The ventilation. 2. Improvement in diet Semen contains a large amount of zinc. Zinc and selenium have protective sperm membranes and can enhance the vitality of sperm. Zinc-containing foods such as seafood and animal liver can be supplemented appropriately. Similarly, high-quality protein (such as sea cucumber, loach, soy products, etc.) and vitamins also have an impact on sperm production and vitality. Eat more green vegetables and supplement the necessary protein, which plays a certain role in enhancing reproductive function. 3. Treatment of reproductive diseases In addition to poor living habits and dietary improvements, there are many sperm dysmotility related to diseases of the male reproductive system. Common pathogenic microorganisms infect the reproductive system (such as vas deferens, prostatitis, etc.); abnormal liquefaction of semen, resulting in excessively thick semen; diseases such as varicocele, as well as endocrine effects and abnormalities of the immune system, These are to actively treat the primary disease, in order to better improve the vitality of sperm, and to assist some drugs to improve the vitality of sperm need to be used under the guidance of a doctor. & nbsp.