Do you really think that hypertension must take medicine for life? Rumor: 2 kinds of need, 2 kinds of need

Many people have high blood pressure and feel that they have to take medicine for a lifetime, and they will become addicted. Therefore, if they do not take medicine, many complications of high blood pressure will appear within a few years. In fact, high blood pressure is not always necessary to take medicine for life; in addition, taking antihypertensive drugs is not addictive, even if taking antihypertensive drugs for life, it is more beneficial to patients. 1. No need to take antihypertensive drugs for life 1. Newly developed grade 1 hypertension Newly found grade 1 hypertension, blood pressure does not exceed 160/100, without any discomfort, and without diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, then This part can temporarily avoid taking antihypertensive drugs. Only through a healthy lifestyle: low-salt high-potassium diet, weight control, exercise, avoid staying up late, quit smoking and alcohol can also reduce blood pressure. If the blood pressure can drop below 140/90 in 3 months, then continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and monitor blood pressure without taking medicine. If the blood pressure is still higher than 140/90 after 3 months, then antihypertensive drugs and antihypertensive drugs are needed. 2. If you have already started taking antihypertensive drugs while taking antihypertensive drugs, but in the following days, you can strengthen your healthy life, such as losing weight, staying up late, exercising, etc., your blood pressure will further decrease until Blood pressure can be reduced to normal without taking antihypertensive drugs, so you don’t need to take antihypertensive drugs. In the stage of taking antihypertensive drugs, at any time, hypotension occurs for any reason, do not need to continue to take antihypertensive drugs, such as after myocardial infarction, after pulmonary embolism; for example, with increasing age, some people may have lower and lower blood pressure , You can also stop antihypertensive drugs. Second, the situation of having to take antihypertensive drugs for life 1. The blood pressure will rise if you don’t take antihypertensive drugs. In fact, it is good to judge whether to take antihypertensive drugs. That is, if you don’t take antihypertensive drugs, your blood pressure will increase. It will be higher than 140/90, then it means that the drug cannot be stopped. This part of people estimate that they will take antihypertensive drugs for life, because not taking antihypertensive drugs will cause more problems. Some people say that antihypertensive drugs have toxic and side effects, while others say that antihypertensive drugs can be addictive. First of all, any medicine has more or less side effects, but the logical relationship is that we take medicine because we are sick. It is to prevent greater harm. If hypertension is not controlled, heart failure, kidney failure, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, etc. will occur. You said whether to take medicine or not. In addition, the side effects of drugs can only happen to a very small number of people, and there are many types of antihypertensive drugs. There is always a suitable one for yourself. It is not addicted to antihypertensive drugs, because high blood pressure will increase the blood pressure without taking medicine, so it is necessary to take medicine to control blood pressure. For example, why do we eat three meals a day because we are hungry? Instead of eating addiction, it leads us to three meals a day. 2. Comorbidities such as hypertension have been combined with heart failure, myocardial infarction, diabetes, or heart failure caused by high blood pressure, myocardial infarction. This group of people also have to take antihypertensive drugs for life, because the current antihypertensive drugs are not only antihypertensive drugs, such as Ply / Satan can protect blood vessels and heart, prevent heart failure; For example, Luoer can prevent heart failure, treatment Arrhythmia; for example, puli/sartan can treat proteinuria; for example, diuretics can improve the symptoms of patients with heart failure. Therefore, taking antihypertensive drugs at this time is not only for lowering blood pressure, but also for lowering blood pressure. At the same time, protecting blood vessels, protecting the heart, protecting the kidneys, and eliminating proteinuria. In short, not all hypertension must take antihypertensive drugs for life; but for those who must take antihypertensive drugs for life, long-term use of antihypertensive drugs will definitely bring more benefits.