I always feel that the “life root” is not long enough, it may be these reasons

Men all hope that their “life root” is strong enough. In their view, this is also a manifestation of male charm. However, “short penis” has pierced many men’s hearts, and they may become unconfident, and even affect normal social interaction. So, how long is the “life” to be normal? “The length of the adult male penis will vary depending on the individual and race. A special researcher once conducted a large survey of the length of male Tintin around the world. The results show that the size of Asian male Tintin is generally shorter than that of European and American men. In other words, the length of 7.1 ± 1.5cm in the weak state and the length of 13.0 ± 1.3cm during erection is normal. If it is less than this length, it is regarded as a short penis, which can be compensated by penile lengthening. Functionally No matter what the absolute length is, you can get a normal erection and complete your sex life, and the couple is very satisfied, so you do n’t have to be overworked! ”Why do you always feel that your“ life root ”is not long enough? Modern men generally have concerns about “short penis”, but in fact most of them are normal. Why do so many people have such concerns? 01 \ Compared to be hurt (source: Qianku.com) Some men secretly watched the film at night. After comparison, they felt that their penis was much smaller than others, and they thought they were small penis. But in fact, the length and thickness of the penis are affected by genetic factors and nutritional conditions. There are differences between each individual. It seems that some people are tall, and some people are relatively thin, as long as they are within the normal range. Do n’t worry if you do n’t affect sex. 02 / The measurement method is incorrect (source: Qianku.com) When measuring the length of the penis, it needs to be performed in a warm environment with the penis weak. During the measurement, the emotional fluctuation should not be too large, but you can face the mirror, flatten the penis in one hand, and hold the ruler in the other hand, against the front of the pubic bone, and the number to the urethral opening is the length of the penis. Note: It is necessary to relax when measuring. It is not suitable to measure in a low temperature environment. The length of the penis will be shortened when it is in a contracted state; some men are fat due to their body shape, and the fat of the perineum is thicker. Some penis are buried under the fat. When measuring the length of the penis, this part is a small amount. 03 / Concealed penis Concealed penis will cause the penis to look short. In fact, this part of the male penis body is normal, only part of it is hidden in the subcutaneous tissue. Concealed penis can be treated, and clinically it is mainly treated by surgery. If the postoperative recovery is smooth, it will not have much impact on the subsequent fertility and function. It should be noted that if it is a hidden penis caused by obesity, you need to lose weight first, and then the doctor determines whether surgery is necessary, and you need to control the weight after surgery, otherwise it will affect the effect. Today’s interaction: Do you have any questions about the length of the “life root”? Welcome to leave a comment in the comment area. —————————— Concerned about male health, if you have any urinary tract diseases, please contact me at any time, I hope my suggestions can help you get rid of the haze of the disease and move towards a confident life! Reprint statement: 1. The copyright belongs to the original author “ND Repair and Reconstruction Alliance”; 2. The content of this article may not be reproduced or pseudo-original without the permission of the original author. Reprint or quote the content of this article, please indicate the source and the beginning and end of the article. The original author will be investigated.