Sydney’s dietary prescriptions

&nbsp.&nbsp.The efficacy and role of Sydney is more reflected in the treatment of colds. The cold is a common disease, and almost everyone has suffered from a small illness like a cold. Introduce several dietary methods for Sydney. &nbsp.&nbsp. Fang 1: Chuanbei stewed Sydney&nbsp.&nbsp. In Chinese medicine, there is a dietary prescription called Chuanbei stewed Sydney, which is effective in treating cold, fever, sputum and other symptoms. You can take one Sydney pear, and then take 6 grams of Chuanbei and 10 grams of rock sugar. Cut the head of the Sydney pear to make a lid, then dig out the core inside, put the Chuanbei and rock sugar in, then cover the lid, and steam it on a high fire. After being steamed, the patient can drink the juice directly and eat the pear meat. &nbsp.&nbsp.Fang two: Rock sugar stewed Sydney&nbsp.&nbsp.You can stew Sydney directly with rock sugar. Cut the Sydney pear into small pieces, then mix it with rock sugar, and at the same time add some red dates, which has the effect of replenishing vital energy.

How should parents deal with children losing their temper?

A very vivid theory in “Positive Discipline”-“Palm Brain”, clearly and simply demonstrates how the brain loses its sense when emotions come. Our brain is like a fist, the thumb is the most terrifying emotional monster, and the other four fingers are the “brain lid”. When we are calm, we place our thumbs in the palms of our hands and make fists, the “brain lid” is closed, and the emotional monster is locked in it. And when we lose our temper or conflict with people, the emotional switch is touched, and the “brain lid” is opened by opening the four fingers, and the emotional monster instantly gets up. Many times we think that if we understand and agree with our children’s emotions, they can calm down. But just agreeing with emotions is not enough. When the child’s mood eases down, guide him to adjust his cognition and look at the things that cause him from another angle. For example: “The toy was accidentally broken by a classmate, and you feel very angry. But you can’t restore the toy to its original shape when you hit someone. Let’s think about whether there is a better way, OK?”