Chronic cough can not eat licorice tablets every day

Chronic cough can not take licorice tablets every day&nbsp. Chronic cough has many causes, such as: chronic bronchitis, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Some people like to eat licorice tablets, because some licorice tablets have opioid powder in their formulas, which have a strong cough suppressing function and are addictive. Because licorice contains hormone-like substances, it can cause high blood pressure and edema. Therefore, people who have not controlled high blood pressure cannot eat licorice tablets. To eat licorice tablets, mostly because the cough is too violent, which affects work and life. The doctor prescribes the dosage for three to five days for temporary symptomatic treatment and cannot be taken daily for a long time. Chinese herbal medicine is not ineffective, nor is it effective for all diseases. It is necessary to analyze specific situations and prescribe the right medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is not without side effects. The first book on Chinese medicine, “Shenjia Materia Medica”, divides the medicine into upper, middle and lower grades. Of course, because of the age, some specific things may be incorrect, but the central idea is correct. In layman’s terms, medicines that can be used as food can be taken every day and for a long time. Licorice tablets also contain camphor, which is not a food and cannot be eaten every day. Houttuynia cordata is often eaten as a condiment.