Things you should know before doing medical beauty

Everyone has the right to choose to be beautiful, regardless of whether you already know about beauty. As a Korean doctor who has been practicing for more than ten years, I want to make it simple for everyone. Things you should know or understand before doing medical beauty. Don’t be impulsive when you are confused. After all, we have only one face, don’t ruin it easily. Medical beauty is a way to achieve the desired results in a short time, but it is not once and for all, we also need regular maintenance. If you don’t have enough psychological preparation, don’t do medical treatment for the time being. If you just want to try it, the dean suggests that you do the following steps first. 1. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Choose a hospital&nbsp. Don’t go to any informal micro-business clinic. Although the price is relatively cheap, the risk is also doubled. Just like we go to buy electricity, we will choose Panasonic, Haier, Gree, etc. Although the price is more expensive than other brands, the service life will be longer and the after-sales service will be more perfect. &nbsp. Therefore, when doing medical beauty, you can’t just consider the issue of money, everything should be focused on safety. The price of a regular hospital is higher than that of a small clinic, and this high place lies in its safety and subsequent guarantees. Many girls come here for medical treatment because they did not do well in medical treatment before. For example, hitting the face-lift pin in the wrong position hits the smile muscle. Sometimes you hear the laughter in her mouth, but the entire face is expressionless, which is the kind of skin that smiles and does not smile. Doctors in small clinics are generally not licensed as regular doctors. To be in the medical aesthetics industry, not only skilled skills but also abundant theoretical knowledge are required. When designing the plan in this way, there will be no mistakes. There are currently three types of medical aesthetic hospitals, one is a public hospital, one is a private hospital, and the other is a light medical aesthetic clinic. The public top three hospitals are more stable. They don’t have to be drastic on plastic surgery. In addition, their doctors often perform surgeries and have enough experience. It is recommended that you go for cosmetic surgery instead of medical beauty, because their knowledge in medical beauty will be a little lacking, and the effect is not as good as the latter two. &nbsp. In the choice of private hospitals, remember to circumvent the Putian Department. You can go to the official website of the Industry and Commerce Bureau to check and see which company is behind the private hospital. In addition, the quality of private hospitals varies. Before doing medical treatment, you must ask for a medical license to see a doctor. Let me give you the most popular science clinic. The Light Medicine Beauty Clinic is a bit similar to a beauty salon in structure. The Light Medicine Beauty Clinic advocates a fixed knife, special injections, and beauty treatment with some instruments. It can also be said that it is a miniature hospital, much more advanced than a beauty salon. The formal light medical beauty clinic business is not too wide, but it is very sophisticated. The doctors inside are licensed to practice medicine. Each doctor is good at different things. The items you choose are different, and the doctors who perform the surgery are also different. There is no one-size-fits-all program for you. Second, &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Clarify the purpose to choose a good hospital, the second step is to clarify your purpose, what are you going to do. Many girls, after coming to the hospital, told us where they were not satisfied. I can’t say exactly what I want to do. There are girls who have done many projects at one time in other hospitals and have not achieved the desired results. Our hospital will customize the best plan according to the actual situation of the guests. We will give suggestions, the final decision is still in the guests themselves. But everything needs to be done step by step, following the laws of nature. Doing too much at one time also puts a heavy burden on the skin and is not very good for later recovery. The responsible doctor will plan the overall plan for the guests. 3. Choose a doctor&nbsp. Finally, this step is relatively simple. After confirming what needs to be done, there will be a corresponding professional doctor. After the doctor confirms, you can take a look at his medical license, previous cases and so on. The most important thing is to communicate well in advance so that the doctor can determine the surgical plan. Regardless of whether you have done medical treatment or not, if you happen to want to try it, you must do your homework first. Only after knowing clearly can you give your face to a trusted doctor and hospital. Reduce unnecessary mistakes and obtain the ideal medical beauty. If you have any questions, welcome private messages and comments, or add my assistant WeChat, appointments and consultations can be found