ED was originally related to beverages

The cause of male ED is a combination of many factors. Generally, the main reason is due to a certain reproductive disease or psychological shadow, such as prostatitis or stress in married life. But beverages in daily life can also affect male sexual function. Alcohol and cola minimize the performance of men’s sexual function and require sufficient amounts of testosterone. It is an important androgen that can “drive” the performance of sexual characteristics. Alcohol inhibits the secretion of testosterone, and reduces androgens, which is easy to occur. ED. According to the survey, when the blood alcohol concentration is lower than 25 mg/dL, the erectile state of tintin does not change much, and as the blood alcohol concentration increases, when the blood alcohol concentration exceeds 500 mg/dL, the erection of tintin is obviously inhibited. In addition, ethanol is the main component of alcohol. Ethanol has a paralyzing effect on the nervous system. When drinking excessively, alcohol inhibits the central nervous system, interferes with the normal sexual excitatory nerve pathways, and fails to establish normal sexual reflexes, so ED will occur. Ethanol can also cause damage to the gonads through many ways. For long-term drinkers, testicles often shrink, breasts are feminized, libido is reduced, ED, and infertility. Alcohol is a kind of drink. Drinking a little occasionally can invigorate blood, expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation, but it must not be excessive. Long-term alcohol abuse can cause great damage to the body. Experts from Harvard Medical School in the United States have conducted experiments on killing tadpoles on three different cola drinks, the new formula, the traditional type and the weight loss type. They mixed the active tadpoles into the cola-type drink, and observed the tadpoles after 1 minute. They found that 58% of the tadpoles in the new cola drink had died, and 90% of the tadpoles in the classic cola drink had stopped moving, while the weight loss type All the tadpoles in the cola drink died. This experiment shows that drinking cola-type beverages directly kills tadpoles and affects male fertility, especially for tadpoles, whose semen is not much, and men whose tadpoles are not very vigorous are even worse. Tea and coffee help tea is the most widely consumed beverage in ancient and modern China and abroad. Tea contains many alkaloids, such as caffeine, theophylline and other substances, which have obvious excitatory effects on the central nervous system after absorption, can relieve fatigue, invigorate the spirit, and improve the body’s ability to feel and respond to sexual stimulation. Therefore, drinking tea in moderation can enhance and improve libido, which is beneficial to ED symptoms. However, since most people live a married life before going to bed, drinking tea at night will increase the excitability of the nervous system and cause insomnia. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink strong tea at night to improve sexual excitement, so as not to affect sleep. Tea also has positive and negative effects on sexual function. Chinese medicine believes that excessive drinking of strong tea will damage the kidneys due to excessive diuresis, and impaired kidney qi will reduce sexual performance. And because of the bitter and cold nature of tea, people with kidney yang deficiency should not drink more. Coffee is a “foreign beverage” that has quietly entered the homes of Chinese people in recent years. It is also a kind of stimulant, to some extent it will increase the perception of the outside world or self. Therefore, after drinking coffee, I was particularly impressed with the sexual pleasure of couples’ lives. The excitatory effect of coffee will increase excitement, increase libido, shorten the time of orgasm, and have a more obvious effect on women than men. Some people abroad believe that drinking a cup of coffee a day can enhance libido and improve sexual function.

Unspeakable “pain”-erectile dysfunction

Mr. Li is in his 30s this year. He was originally energetic, but he encountered the “male” problem. The disharmony of husband and wife’s life bothered him. Recently, Mr. Li came to the hospital alone for treatment. The doctor told Mr. Li that he had erectile dysfunction. The news shocked and shy Mr. Li. How can you get such a disease? Let me tell you the ins and outs of erectile dysfunction. What is erectile dysfunction? Refer to the “2018AUA Guidelines: Erectile Dysfunction” issued by the American Urological Association in May 2018 and the “Chinese Andrological Disease Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines and Expert Consensus (2016 Edition)” issued by the Andrology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction, ED) is as follows: ①The penis cannot continue to achieve or maintain a full erection to complete satisfactory sexual intercourse, and the course of the disease is more than 3 months. ② Disease classification standard: Judging the severity of ED according to the International Erectile Function Score-5 (IIEF-5), and the IIEF-5 score ≤21 is classified as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction belongs to the category of “failure disease” in Chinese medicine. Erectile status can be divided into 3 levels. Which level do you belong to? Mild: The sexual desire requirement is basically normal, the erection response is rapid, the erection duration is unstable, sometimes the erection cannot be sustained, and the erection hardness sometimes appears. In the case of vaginal placement, sexual pleasure is basically normal, the frequency of sexual intercourse is less than before, and the erectile response to masturbation is basically normal. Moderate: The sexual desire is weakened, the erectile response is slowed, and the erection is often unsustainable. The erection hardness is often not enough to penetrate the vagina, the sexual pleasure subsides, the frequency of intercourse is significantly reduced, and the erectile response to masturbation is very reluctant. Severe: The sexual desire disappears, and there is no erectile reaction. It can’t talk about the continuation of the erection of the penis, it can be completely inserted into the vagina, but there is no sexual pleasure. What are the reasons for erectile dysfunction? 1. Psychological stress factors: long-term life and work pressure will make the sexual excitement center in a long-term depressed situation, which will have a great impact on erection. 2. Bad lifestyle habits: smoking, alcoholism, Drug abuse, etc. 3. Other disease factors: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, abnormal blood lipid metabolism, chronic liver and kidney insufficiency, depression, etc. What should patients with erectile dysfunction pay attention to? 1. Actively participate in physical exercises. Appropriate physical exercises and outdoor activities are beneficial to the recovery of the disease. Adhere to daily exercise, can also regulate intense mental activities, strive for regular living habits, and actively lose weight. At the same time ensure enough sleep time. 2. Avoid bad habits, reduce smoking and alcoholism and other bad habits, actively control your diet, and fully realize the necessity and importance of quitting smoking. 3. A harmonious family environment is conducive to eliminating the tension in work and life, and the husband’s sexual desire and sexual function decline. The wife should also be tolerant, caring and considerate, and eliminate worries. Fourth, adjust the nervous state of mind to eliminate anxiety and anxiety, listen to soothing music, participate in sports activities, or read useful books, which can also promote the recovery of sexual dysfunction.

What are the symptoms after ovulation disorders?

  What are the symptoms of ovulation disorders? Ovulation disorders are very harmful to every woman. Early detection and treatment are needed to avoid the harm of ovulation disorders. How do I know my ovulation disorder? It can be diagnosed by observing some symptoms in daily life.   Symptoms of ovulation disorders 1) Some female friends feel backache and mild pain in the lower abdomen during ovulation, but these feelings do not necessarily indicate ovulation, because many diseases can also show backache and abdominal pain.   Symptoms of ovulation disorders 2) A small number of people will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding between menstruation, which is less than the amount of menstruation. This is “bleeding during ovulation” and should be treated.   Symptoms of ovulation disorders 3) Change in libido: Some people have increased libido, which is easy to cause sexual excitement, and some people have decreased libido.   Symptoms of ovulation disorders 4) Increased leucorrhea: Most people will noticeably increase their leucorrhea during ovulation, and become as transparent as egg white, which can be elongated into filaments. If there is no discomfort such as itching and stickiness, don’t be alarmed.   Symptoms of ovulation disorders 5) Others: Some people will feel breast tenderness, violent temper, and depression.   The above is the relevant introduction by the doctors of Xi’an Reproductive Health Hospital on “What are the symptoms after ovulation disorder”. In any case, when you are diagnosed with ovulation disorder, you must actively participate in the diagnosis and treatment to avoid delays causing more serious consequences.

Symptoms of male sexual dysfunction

   Male sexual dysfunction is one of the andrological diseases that bother male friends, and it will seriously affect the normal life of couples. Do you know the symptoms of male sexual dysfunction? What are the precautions for preventing sexual dysfunction? It is better to follow the editor to learn about the symptoms and prevention of male sexual dysfunction!    Symptoms of male sexual dysfunction Male sexual dysfunction mainly includes sexual desire disorder , Erectile dysfunction, intercourse pain disorder, ejaculation disorder, etc.  1, sexual desire disorder    mainly has decreased sexual interest, complete lack or even disgust. However, due to organic or mental abnormalities, or other sexual dysfunctions at the same time, a harmonious sexual relationship cannot be achieved, resulting in infertility.  1-1 Sexual aversion and asexual desire   The occurrence of sexual aversion is often related to the development of adolescence and other problems, such as poor physical fitness or lack of self-confidence during adolescence. Another reason is that there is a history of sexual trauma in childhood or adolescence, which forms the experience of “traumatic learning”, which links sex with being abused or pain, and promotes the appearance of sexual aversion. Because this kind of physical and mental trauma has cast a prejudice, it has produced resistance to normal sex life, resulting in sexual dysfunction. 1-2 Low sex drive Most people with complete low sex drive have sex only once or less than once a month, but they can passively obey when their spouse asks for sex. Circumstances Low sex drive is only in a specific environment or a specific partner If the situation occurs, low libido does not rule out the possibility of women achieving sexual arousal and obtaining sexual pleasure when passively accepting sex. 1-3 Hypersexuality Hypersexuality is also called hypersexuality or hypersexuality. Traditional Chinese medicine says that yang is easy to do. It means that sexual excitement occurs too much, too fast, and excessively surpassing the normal state. Young people have normal sex every week 1 to 2 times, it is normal for newlyweds or newlyweds to reunite after a long time after marriage. And those with hypersexuality, that is, they have sexual intercourse every day, and even ask for sex many times throughout the day and night, and they can’t meet their sexual desire requirements after prolonged fighting.  2, erectile dysfunction    includes impotence, poor penile erection, priapism, etc.  3. Pain during sexual intercourse    Pain during sexual intercourse is a common sexual dysfunction. When it comes to pain during sexual intercourse, most people think that it is just a female feeling. In fact, in clinical practice, men also experience pain from various causes during sex, and it is also very common. This directly affects the quality of sex life and men’s interest in sex life. Male sexual intercourse pain, usually there are several sexual dysfunctions such as the tingling of the penis or foreskin during intercourse, inguinal colic during ejaculation, perineum and lumbosacral pain after ejaculation, and urethral burning pain during urination after ejaculation.  4. Ejaculation disorder   Ejaculation disorder refers to a sexual dysfunction that cannot be eliminated normally by men’s semen during orgasm, that is, ejaculation weakness. Sexual desire, erection, sexual intercourse, orgasm, and ejaculation are the chain reactions of male sexual function. Ejaculation dysfunction commonly includes premature ejaculation, non-ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.   In addition, there are sexual dysfunctions caused by sexual perversions, such as homosexuality, fetishism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, pedophilia, transsexualism, etc. The sexual dysfunction caused by mental illness includes sexual desire inversion and sexual paranoia.  Precautions for the prevention of sexual dysfunction  1. Avoid bad habits    Avoid unhealthy eating habits, reduce social interactions, avoid alcoholism, control diet, and fully realize the importance and necessity of quitting smoking. 2. Stay in a good mood. If you encounter troubles and sorrows, you should think calmly and should not be burdened for a long time. Relax and adjust your mentality in time to ease and eliminate anxiety and anxiety. Do things you like, such as enjoying music and participating in group activities. Reading useful books, or talking to family and friends, will make you feel better and your sexual depression will disappear.  3. Actively participate in physical exercise    Continuous, appropriate physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to the body. Persist in physical exercise can adjust the nervous state of mind and relax the mood.  4. Family care    Family harmony helps to eliminate tension in work and life. For the husband’s loss of libido and sexual ability, the wife should be calm, tolerant, caring and considerate, eliminate worries, and actively cooperate with the treatment.   The content of this article is reproduced from the Internet, if there is any infringement contact, delete it.

Low “desire” in married life? 3 ways to help men improve their sex life

Recently, Xiaoli encountered a headache: “The boyfriend who has been living with her for a year has only had two or three sex lives, and her boyfriend is very inactive, and often uses work as an excuse. But Seeing him playing games is very enthusiastic!” In fact, this situation does not only happen to Xiao Zhang. A survey on China’s marital sex life found that 28.7% of people live once a month, and within a year. There are also 6.2% of couples who do not have sex, and part of the reason is the decline in male “desire”. Decreased libido, medically called “low libido”, is one of the common male sexual dysfunctions. In recent years, the incidence in the general population has increased. It is estimated that about 15% of adult men suffer from libido low. What is the reason why men cannot afford “sexual desire”? There are many reasons for the decline of male sexual desire, which can be mainly divided into these reasons: 1. Staying up late for a long time is a common cause of decreased sexual desire. Frequent staying up late will not only cause endocrine disorders and decreased androgens, but also cause the body’s stress response to directly control the brain’s desire central nervous system, resulting in low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. 2. Mental and psychological factors. Some psychological factors such as lack of sexual experience lead to failure in sexual life, fear of not meeting the requirements of the partner, tension between husband and wife, and emotional disharmony, etc., which will cause a decline in sexual desire. 3. Drug factors. Various anti-androgen, high blood pressure, and psychotropic drugs can also cause a decrease in libido. How to save low sexual desire? If there is low sexual desire, there is no salvation? Of course not, the key is to prescribe the right medicine. 1. Disease factors lead to low sexual desire due to disease factors (impotence, premature ejaculation), you need to go to the hospital for treatment of sexual function problems, sexual function improves, both men and women can get more happiness from the process of sexual life, and libido naturally increases Up. 2. Mental factors lead to low desire and low libido is often related to mental and psychological factors. It is very important to conduct psycho-behavioral therapy for both men and women. Women must learn to fully show their superiority, while men must work hard to improve their sexual abilities and skills. Through sincere communication between both parties, find the most satisfying sexual lifestyle that suits both parties. When both men are able to After experiencing pleasure and satisfaction in a normal sex life, libido naturally increases. 3. Bad lifestyle habits lead to decreased sexual desire in boys. Changing bad lifestyles can also help prevent and alleviate the problem of low sexual desire. First of all, maintain adequate sleep. Many studies have confirmed that adequate and good sleep is an important way to increase libido. If you sleep well, the reaction functions of the body’s various systems will be more sensitive. Secondly, the diet should be balanced. A healthy diet will improve blood vessel conditions, thereby increasing the ability to supply blood to the reproductive organs. In addition, balanced nutrition can lower male cholesterol levels, slow arteriosclerosis, and improve low libido. Once again, we must continue to exercise. A good physical condition is an important guarantee for sexual life. Appropriate exercise can enhance physical fitness, relieve pressure in life, and shape male self-confidence. This is very important for the treatment of low libido. Finally, to quit smoking and limit alcohol, smokers and alcoholics may numb the central nervous system of the brain, and their response to various external stimuli will be significantly slowed. In sexual life, it is slow to respond to sexual stimuli or other sexual dysfunctions. If long-term heavy alcohol abuse, the liver and gonads will be damaged to a certain extent, leading to decreased male libido.

What is wrong with men not having sex? How to alleviate it?

   For men, sex is like a gas station for life, allowing them to be confident and gain strength. Due to the increase in social pressure, many men come to see a doctor because of the loss of libido. They are constantly suspicious of this all day long, and even affect their normal life and work. Now let’s take a look at “I don’t have sexual interest in sex, what’s going on”. It’s better to test yourself whether there is sexual dysfunction. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.What is sexual dysfunction? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Sexual dysfunction refers to the inability to carry out normal sexual intercourse, or the inability to obtain sexual satisfaction in sexual behavior. Often manifested as sexual desire disorder, positive thinness, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, non-ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.  Self-test method for sexual dysfunction  1. Loss of libido that does not match with age.  2, initiative requirements. 3. Short time in the same room 4, hard to get up.    5. Sexual aversion.    6. Short erection time. What causes sexual dysfunction 1. Couple relationship: It means that poor relationship between husband and wife will affect the two The frequency and quality of the previous sex life, but generally good relationship couples have a harmonious sex life.  2. What your partner wears: If your partner dresses too conservatively, it will make men less sexually driven. Therefore, you can try to buy some sexy clothes.  3. Fatigue: If a man is too tired, it will also affect sexual desire. In the case of very tired, mental fatigue, sexual desire will not be so strong, physical exhaustion, sexual performance will also be affected.  4. Psychological factors: Sexual interest has a lot to do with men’s psychological factors. For example, your wife’s unintentional words during married life will also affect your self-confidence in sex, and even hate life.  5. Organic diseases: In the event of loss of libido, you should first go to a regular hospital to eliminate some organic diseases. You can look up reproductive hormones, including androgens and prolactin, to exclude some diseases, such as hypogonadism, microorchidism, hyperprolactinemia, and hypopituitarism.   Listen to what the experts say:    In fact, the most important thing in the relationship between the sexes is the emotional foundation. When the relationship foundation of the couple is poor, you will feel that you are in a routine formula and have no feeling of enjoyment when you have sex. Although there are many reasons that affect sexual interest, men still need to make judgments based on their own circumstances. If these conditions still occur, such as improvement in the relationship between husband and wife and alleviation of social pressure, men must go to the hospital for examination in time to see if it is caused by the disease or psychological reasons. . We are not afraid of problems, but we are not afraid to face them.

Does excessive masturbation cause men to fail? What determines a man’s sexual ability?

For male friends, suffering from sexual disorders and other diseases is self-evident. Many people think that masturbation is one of the main culprits of male sexual dysfunction. Is this really the case? What is the relationship between excessive masturbation and sexual dysfunction, or how do they affect each other? What exactly is male sexual dysfunction? Is excessive masturbation the cause of men’s inability? Functionality accounts for the overwhelming majority of men’s sexual dysfunction, which is common in masturbation, excessive atrioventricular and other abnormal sexual habits and mental and psychological factors such as fear and tension Or lack of confidence, etc., causing neuroendocrine dysfunction. In addition, certain drugs also inhibit sexual function. What are the symptoms of male sexual dysfunction? Male sexual dysfunction refers to the following abnormal sexual desires in men in the period of strong sexual function between 20 and 50 years old, mainly including lack of libido and decreased libido. Sexual desire is a general concept, which refers to the desire to have sexual intercourse under certain conditions, and when it reaches a certain level, penile erection and mucus secretion from the urethra occur. The so-called abnormal sexual desire is only meaningful if it does not cause sexual desire under long-term appropriate stimulation, or when there is a significant change in sexual desire under the same stimulation conditions. Unmarried men claiming to have low or no sexual desire is mostly a concern, and it is probably not Enough stimulation to cause libido. Abnormal penile erection, mainly impotence is common. Ejaculation disorders, including premature ejaculation, non-ejaculation, and nocturnal emission. The aforesaid abnormal performance can cause disharmony, imperfect sexual life or inability to inject semen into the woman’s vagina and cause infertility. Is excessive masturbation the culprit leading to sexual dysfunction? Functionality accounts for the overwhelming majority of men’s sexual dysfunction. It is common in masturbation, atrioventricular excess and other abnormal sexual habits and mental and psychological factors such as fear, Nervousness or lack of confidence can cause neuroendocrine dysfunction. In addition, certain drugs also inhibit sexual function. Only a few cases are caused by diseases and other reasons, such as spinal cord injury, chronic inflammation of the accessory glands, or endocrine disorders. The prevention of infertility caused by sexual dysfunction should focus on the prevention of sexual knowledge, overcome bad habits, and actively treat systemic diseases in order to effectively prevent male infertility caused by this. What factors determine a man’s sexual ability, including sexual desire, penile erection, intercourse, ejaculation, and orgasm, are complex physiological activities composed of a series of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes. The cerebral cortex has a sexual function center, the diencephalon and the hypothalamus have a subcortical center, and the spinal cord has an erection center and an ejaculation center. Sexual function is controlled by the joint coordination of the spinal cord, brain and other high-level nerve centers and the endocrine system. Normal adult men develop sexual desire after receiving related sexual stimulation (including senses such as sight, touch, smell, hearing, erotic concepts or local stimulation of the reproductive organs), followed by congestion and enlargement of the cavernous body of the penis, hardening of the penis and erection. The woman’s vagina has sex. Infertility caused by sexual problems is often ignored by people. There are no exact statistics about the number of infertility caused by sexual problems. This involves many aspects of sexual knowledge, sexual life, and sexual function.

Compared with time, the partner cares more about satisfaction! Four gender knowledge, men must know

When mentioning gender knowledge, the source of learning for many men may be novels read during adolescence and small films in the neon country. In addition, they are influenced by traditional concepts. There are few elders who will teach you the correct knowledge of sex. Naturally, it is inevitable to take a bend on the groping road. So today we are going to take stock of 4 common sexual knowledge, the majority of men must collect it! 1, 1 essence equals 10 drops of blood? ofcourse, not! 90% of semen is water, and the remaining 10% It is composed of protein and various trace elements, and has no other special features. Under normal circumstances, men will produce 2~5ml of semen every day. Proper discharge can promote the metabolism of testicular cells and maintain sperm vitality. If you don’t ejaculate your sperm for a long time, the sperm will gradually die within 7 to 8 days, and it will affect the quality of the sperm, cause the decline of sperm motility, and affect the fertility of men. So sperm should be excreted properly, whether it is married life or do it yourself. 2. If women’s private parts are dark, it means that they have rich sexual experience? Although it is 0202 years old, many people still think: women are so dark underneath, their previous sexual experience must be very rich! Let’s talk about “female private parts pigment accumulation” today. problem”. First show the conclusion: the color of the private parts has nothing to do with sex life! From the beginning of puberty, with the gradual increase of age, the vaginal epithelium will gradually thicken and thicken, and the labia and the labia will also appear more folds, and then pigment Will slowly settle down. The vulva has more pigment cells than other parts, so the color will appear darker than other parts! In addition, long-term squeezing or rubbing of the private parts will also increase the stratum corneum of the private parts, which will result in a darker appearance. But this is all normal and belongs to a normal physiological phenomenon. So based on this alone, it is judged that men with rich sexual experience in their partners should learn more about gender! 3. The longer the sex life, the better? When it comes to sex life, many people think that the longer the time the better. After all, short time will be considered “premature ejaculation”, which man can bear such grievances~! But in fact, length is not the main factor determining sex life, women are most concerned about satisfaction. Billander College, Pennsylvania, USA, randomly surveyed thousands of people in the United States and Australia, and found that substantial sex (counting from the beginning of contact with the sexual organs) is most appropriate for 7-13 minutes. Most interviewees (especially men) said that if the time exceeds 13 minutes, the feeling of exhaustion will increase and it will be more difficult to regain strength. Less than 7 minutes will have a sense of intent. In addition, although women can have multiple orgasms in a short period of time, if men persist in “fighting” and ignore their feelings after being satisfied, it will cause women to have sexual disgust or irritability. So: 4. Thirty women are like wolves and forty tigers? Everyone says that women are “30 wolves and forty tigers.” Although this statement is exaggerated, it is not baseless. Texas State University interviewed 827 women. The results showed that women who have passed the baby boom but have not yet menopause, that is, women aged 27-45 have the most active sex lives. People of this age will reach their peak sexual desire and feelings, and their sexual fantasies will be more intense and frequent. Why do women have stronger sexual desire after 30 years of age? It is mainly caused by the following three factors: 1) Increased sex hormone levels When men’s sex hormone levels are highest, they are around 20 years old and their sexual desire is strongest at this time. Women are different. Female hormones will gradually decrease when women reach the age of 30, and the decrease in testosterone secretion will be relatively slow, so the sexual desire in this age group is more vigorous. In addition, after the age of 40, a woman is the last time to conceive, and her reproductive desire will reach a climax. This is also the main reason for the high sexual desire of women at the age of 40-50. 2) Family stability. Most women have a family after 30 years of age and have children. In the case of a happy marriage and a smooth career, they will also have higher expectations for life, so they will spend more energy to create a happy life, including sex. 3) Thinking changes. Women are affected by traditional cultural concepts, psychologically conservative and restrained, and their sexual desires will also be suppressed. After marriage and childbirth, women have experienced everything they have to go through. Naturally, they will become relatively mature in sexual psychology. The shyness towards sex gradually fades and disappears, and they are more relaxed about sex, even beginning Boldly and actively pursue enjoyment of sexual pleasure. For this

Women with excessive libido are careful of these diseases

In the sexual medicine clinic, male cases of hypersexuality are very common, but females come to the clinic because of frequent and strong sexual requirements that are not met. In fact, in real life, many women will suspect that their husband has an affair due to lack of sexual satisfaction, or they are in a trance in daily life, and they can’t control themselves when sexual desire is generated. The drama may be caused by disease. Are women really forty? &nbsp.    Menopause    Are women really forty? In fact, your menopause is here. The secretion of ovarian estrogen in menopausal women is reduced, and the pituitary gonadotropin secretes excessively, so a peculiar rebound phenomenon appears, showing hypersexuality. In addition, menopausal women are prone to manic symptoms, manifested as unjustified suspicion of spouse’s ulterior motives, and sometimes unfounded suspicion that the husband and the third party want to murder themselves. This mental disorder can cause a decline in the ability to suppress sexual excitement, regardless of men and women, more than 60% of people have a tendency to hypersexuality. It may not be a good thing for a beauty to take the initiative to rush up. The disease can cause loss of libido, but it may also appear in the early stage, especially in patients with paranoid psychosis. The ability to suppress sexual excitement decreases and hypersexuality appears. These patients are often accompanied by indecent speech and entanglement of the opposite sex. Brain lesions Brain lesions, especially lesions that affect the central part of the brain or hypothalamus, such as pituitary and gonad lesions, can lead to excessive gonadotropin-releasing hormones, resulting in increased gonadotropin, or due to pituitary lesions, anterior gonadotropin Excessive secretion, causing increased secretion of sex hormones may appear hypersexuality. This kind of sexual desire caused by abnormal discharge of the brain can only be solved by actual sexual behavior, so there have been cases of sexual crimes caused by brain lesions. &nbsp.&nbsp.  Polycystic ovary syndrome  The patient has strong sexual desire and obvious sexual impulses. The clinical manifestations of the disease also include irregular menstruation, obesity, hairiness, acne or seborrheic dermatitis. Examination can find that these patients have no ovulation, which will lead to infertility; do B-ultrasound can see multiple follicles on the patient’s ovaries. The biggest hazard of polycystic ovary syndrome is infertility. In addition, it also increases the risk of endometrial hyperplasia and canceration. It is also associated with metabolic disorders such as diabetes, abnormal lipid metabolism and cardiovascular diseases.  Thyroid disease    such as early hyperthyroidism may appear hypersexuality. Clinically, hypermetabolism, neuro-cardiovascular system and other hyperexcitability, generally 10% to 20% of patients have hypersexual performance, especially patients with mild hyperthyroidism.

If you have intercourse pain

Many women have had painful intercourse, and some people are only a temporary problem, while other women may be troubled by this pain for a long time. Women who have this kind of trouble may feel pain in the vulva, the area around the vaginal opening (or vestibule) or the vagina during sex, and may also have pain in the lower abdomen and back. The causes of pain during sexual intercourse are complex, and may be manifested in gynecological diseases or psychological reasons, such as lack of sexual desire. &nbsp. If sexual intercourse pain occurs frequently, or to a greater degree, which affects normal sexual life, you should go to the gynecology department of the hospital to check it out. On the one hand, you should rule out related gynecological diseases that may cause sexual intercourse pain; You can also seek the help of a psychologist to solve the problem. What diseases can cause sexual intercourse pain? Sexual intercourse pain may be a manifestation of the disease, and some of the conditions may cause many other problems if they are not found in time. Skin diseases Some skin diseases can cause ulceration or breakage of the vulva skin. Contact dermatitis is a common skin disease of the vulva, mostly caused by irritating substances, such as soaps, rinses, and lubricants, which can cause itching, redness, pain, or a burning sensation. Vulvar vestibularitis is also known as vulvar vestibular syndrome, and the pain caused by this disease is mostly limited to the area around the vulva or the external vaginal opening. Hormonal changes In perimenopausal and menopausal women, a decrease in estrogen levels may cause vaginal dryness, which is a common cause of pain during sexual intercourse. Hormone replacement therapy can be used systemically or locally, or lubricants can be used during intercourse. &nbsp. Vaginitis is mostly caused by bacterial and fungal infections. Common symptoms include leucorrhea, itching of the vulva, and vaginal burning sensation, etc., which can be treated with drugs. Vaginal spasm Vaginal spasm is a reflex contraction of the muscles of the vaginal opening. Vaginal cramps can make women feel pain during intercourse. In labor, perineal lacerations or side vaginal cuts during labor may cause painful intercourse, and sex is generally not recommended within 6 weeks after delivery. Some women may have intercourse pain after childbirth for several months. Other causes of pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, etc., may cause pain during intercourse. When you see a doctor because of intercourse pain, the doctor will usually ask you where, how much, and how long the pain is, whether it is accompanied by bleeding, abnormal menstruation, and whether there are changes in vaginal discharge. At the same time, a gynecological examination will be conducted to observe the presence of vulvar, vaginal, and cervical lesions. If necessary, vaginal secretions will be taken for examination. B ultrasound can also find some abnormal conditions. Factors that affect sexual desire are moods, such as fear, guilt, shyness, embarrassment, or embarrassment, which can make it difficult for women to relax during sexual intercourse, resulting in no way to have sexual excitement, and pain caused by sexual intercourse. Excessive stress and fatigue may also affect sexual desire. Drugs Many drugs can cause decreased libido, including some birth control pills, and many painkillers can also cause decreased libido. Diseases and surgery Many diseases can indirectly affect sexual response, including arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and thyroid disease. Some women believe that surgery affects their body shape or image, which leads to a reduction in their sexual desire. Problems with your partner If your partner has problems with sexual function, it may make both parties feel anxious about sex. At this time, full communication is needed to solve the problem better. &nbsp.&nbsp. Relationships between partners Relationships between partners can seriously affect the quality of sexual life. Ordinary contradictions between partners may cause disharmony in the level of sexual desire, leading to disharmony in sexual life. Self-Relief Methods When no cause is found, some methods can help women relieve sexual intercourse pain. Using lubricants If the vagina is dry and sensitive, lubricants are a good choice. When using condoms, remember not to use oily lubricants such as body lotion, baby oil, mineral oil and so on. Because they can dissolve latex, causing condoms to rupture. Choose a water-soluble lubricant and see if it can be used with condoms. The most important thing for partners to understand each other is their open communication. The two should understand each other’s problems, eliminate misunderstandings and dispel doubts. Adjust sex life Do not have sex life when anxiety and stress are high, you should reserve a special time for sex life, both people can relax and enjoy themselves. Empty your bladder and have a comfortable temperature before sex

How often is the frequency of sex life?

Everyone is more concerned about the topic of sex and love after marriage. Many people have a high frequency of sex after marriage, but is the higher the frequency of sex life the better? How often is the husband and wife life appropriate? How to control the frequency and time of sex life? 1. Harmony of sexual life To make sex life harmonious and harmonious, both husband and wife should understand the basic knowledge of sex and love, especially to understand the normal differences in sexual function between men and women. Otherwise, the husband and wife cannot cooperate with each other. To sum up, there are some differences between male and female sexual function: 1. Male sexual desire is stronger and vigorous, which can cause sexual excitement at any time. Female sexual desire is relatively weak, and sexual excitement is related to the menstrual cycle (generally before and after ovulation and premenstrual sexual desire is more high). There are a few women who have weak or no sexual desire before marriage. During the sexual life after marriage, sexual desire gradually increases. 2. Male sexual impulses appear faster, enter the pleasure orgasm quickly, and the libido also disappears faster. Generally speaking, it takes about 2 to 6 minutes (or 3 to 15 minutes) for a normal male from sexual life to ejaculation. Female sexual impulses It occurs slowly, and it usually takes 10 to 30 minutes (or 5 to 15 minutes) to reach the pleasure orgasm, the orgasm lasts longer, and the libido also slows down. Second, the frequency of sex life. How much is the frequency of sex, which is a difficult question to answer. The strength of sexual desire varies from person to person, and even the same person is also affected by many factors such as age, physique, personality, occupation, climate, environment, emotions and so on. Therefore, the frequency of sex cannot be specified mechanically, but should be adjusted according to the specific conditions of both parties. During the wedding, more attention is paid to sex and love, sexual desire is also stronger, and the frequency of sexual life is more frequent. In the first few months of marriage, usually 2 to 3 times a week. With age, it will gradually decrease to once every 1-2 weeks. People with poor health have fewer sex lives. Husbands and wives don’t reunite for a long time, and their sex life is often more frequent. This is normal, but it also requires proper temperance. Whether sex life is appropriate, the sense of usability life the next day should be used as a criterion. If both sides do not feel tired, but feel full of emotion and work vigorously, this indicates that the sex life is moderate. If there is a lack of sperm, top-heavy feet, decreased appetite, dizziness, and other phenomena, it means that there is some excess and should be tempered. There are a few couples with strong sexual desires who have had frequent sexual lives, while both sides are still refreshed and energetic, and should also be considered appropriate. 3. Sexual life time The most appropriate time for sexual life is best before falling asleep at night to rest and restore physical strength after sex. Sometimes the man has heavy work during the day and his body is tired. It is best to sleep for a while before doing so to avoid premature discharge. In addition, in the following situations, the man or woman must restrain sexual desire and reduce or avoid sex. 1. Serious illness recovers at first, and sex is not suitable. 2. It is not advisable to have a sex life when you are excessively tired, drunk or in a bad mood. 3. The first three months of pregnancy and the last three months are forbidden.

What makes people “cold sex”?

According to foreign reports, the incidence of female “sexual indifference” is as high as 30%-40%. Therefore, in many people’s minds, “sexual indifference” should be aimed at women. But in fact, “&nbsp. cold sex” and “low libido” are also quite common in men. Such a “cold” crisis, like a nightmare, generally affects the quality of life of the couple, and even the patients themselves are struggling and regard themselves as weird. “What’s wrong with the body?” Most people think that this is a physical problem, but the doctor’s statement surprised us: more than 80% of women’s “sexlessness” originates from psychological factors, and men’s “low libido” may even originate from the body. Diseases or defects are ultimately still difficult to escape the psychological barrier. Women’s “sexual indifference” sometimes stems from a lack of self-exploration of the couple’s sex, and women are inherently passive. While following the traditional idea of ​​”good women should be conservative and reserved”, they are also ignorant of “sex”, so in the face of “sexual indifference”, women are mostly like this, even if they feel something abnormal, it is also due to certain physiological factors resulting in. After Lin divorced her husband, she had always suspected that she could not get a climax in her sexual life before she dissatisfied her husband. As a nurse, she checked herself and found that the clitoris was encased, feeling that this prevented her from getting an orgasm, and asked the doctor to plasticize it. But after the doctor’s examination, she did not find any abnormalities in her genitals. Professor Zhang Bin of the Infertility and Sexual Medicine Outpatient Clinic of the Sixth Hospital of Zhongshan stated that many women do not have physical problems at all. For example, in the past and even childhood, there was a history of sexual trauma (pubic trauma, rape, incest, sexual harassment, etc.). Some abnormalities in body shape during adolescence are afraid of being known and inferiority complex, worrying about pregnancy, curettage, sexually transmitted diseases, couples The disharmony between feelings and so on. And the most common thing is still their own troubles: on the one hand, because of the influence of traditional moral education since childhood, they believe that “women cannot take the initiative to make sexual requests, otherwise it is lustfulness”, “the husband and wife should take the initiative in the couple’s life, and the woman should cooperate”. Wait, even if you have sexual desire, you don’t dare to express it clearly. Long-term suppression of sexual desire may evolve into “sexual indifference”. On the other hand, women who are constrained by traditional ideas are also limited to “only obtain sexual satisfaction through sexual relations”, lack of exploration of themselves, and more difficult to discover potential points of sexual excitement. Contradictions and psychological trauma between husband and wife can seek the help of a psychiatrist, but their own knots must be resolved by themselves. If they cannot be satisfied in sex, women can feel sexual excitement and orgasm by masturbating. Male psychological disorders are more likely to cause “low libido” as the “sex” dominator. Men are more confused and frustrated by “low libido” than women. However, according to doctors, the causes of men’s low libido are often not pure psychological factors, but often accompanied by physical diseases and physical defects. The reporter once interviewed a 30-year-old man with impotence. Because of many years of infertility, his wife is in a hurry, and she has carefully calculated the ovulation period, and told her husband to prepare in advance. In order to ensure the quality of sperm, except for the ovulation period, his wife will not have sex with him, even if he usually needs it, he refuses. Over time, the husband felt that he was just a tool for donating sperm, which caused impotence. Since then, he has been depressed and unhappy, even with his sexual desire gradually faded. There are countless examples of everyday life like this. Due to men’s attention to genitals, the level of sexual desire is also directly affected by their health, such as short genitals, phimosis problems, or secondary dysplasia, decreased testosterone secretion, etc. A common prostatitis can also make Men become “low in libido” due to inferiority. Even if the husband’s genitals are normal, if he cannot create an orgasm for his wife, it will cause him to feel guilty and afraid, which will eventually lead to “sexual indifference”. Overcoming the harm of “sexual indifference” and “sexual indifference” with optimism, interaction, and patience is great for families and individuals. In order to get rid of it as soon as possible, many patients seek quick cures from doctors. But Professor Zhang Bin reminded everyone that therapeutic indifference is a long process, not an overnight one. “A lot of patients have visited once or twice, and they gave up when they felt that the treatment effect was not obvious. How could it be so simple? The most important thing for treatment is to be patient and sensible. Talk to your doctor about any new problems. This helps ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.” Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and a cheerful attitude

What is coldness and how to treat it?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Ancient China believed that sex is a kind of human essence and a basic need of human life. “Mencius” said: “Food, color, and sex are also”, and “Book of Rites” said “Eating men and women, men’s desire to survive”. Within all human desires, except for survival and appetite, sexual desire is the strongest, and the desire to breed race is the strongest expression of the “will to survive”. Satisfying this urge is fundamental to physical and mental health. Sex is important to human life and life reproduction. Sex life has three major functions, namely reproductive function, health function and pleasure function. In general, a healthy person can have these three functions, but due to various reasons, human sexual function, especially middle-aged and elderly people, will have different degrees of sexual dysfunction and low libido. Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the deepening of reform and opening up, increasing competition pressure, the work burden of young and middle-aged people has increased, and low sexual desire, which is often called coldness, has appeared earlier, accounting for a large proportion of sexual dysfunction among young and middle-aged people. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. So what are the factors that affect sexual desire? Factors of primary sexual desire loss include: due to endocrine diseases, metabolic abnormalities and chronic diseases, neurological diseases, drug-induced causes and other causes such as chronic alcohol dependence, awakening agents and anesthetic poisoning. The other type is secondary, which refers to having normal sexual desire in the past, but due to certain factors, the decrease in sexual desire is more common. The main and most common reasons are psychological reasons and low quality of marriage. The first type of organic lesions requires targeted professional medical intervention. The main psychological factor of low sexual desire requires the joint participation of both husband and wife. Both men and women work together to improve skills, create fun, and let each other enjoy the beauty of sex while gaining pleasure. This is the root of the problem. And doctors can play a role in coordination and guidance.

Reasons for women’s coldness and coping styles

   There are many women in life who are very cold about sex. Some people may be extremely afraid of sex because of their own factors or external forces. It is recommended to relieve it in time, because there are many harms caused by coldness, which will cause a burden on the female body. The reason for the coldness of women is the first: busy women are very busy at ordinary times, so a busy life will lead to changes in hormone levels, which affects the cycle of sexual response. Women basically do not have much libido, and gradually Become cold.  Relief: It is recommended that such friends pay more attention to the combination of work and rest, arrange a reasonable life, and usually take more hot baths to ease the relief of emotions. Second: Obesity In fact, many people’s decline in libido is basically after their body shape is gone, because obesity will bring great psychological pressure to female friends, and there will be unconfidence or lack of sexual desire during sex, resulting in coldness. appear. Relief: For obese people, losing weight is the best way. You can usually reduce fat through diet and exercise. When you lose weight and recover your body, your self-confidence will come back, and your sexual desire will be. increase.   Third: Diseases    In fact, some women are cold because of their own diseases, such as anemia or gynecological inflammation. These diseases cause pain or fatigue during sex, which affects the sexual experience and becomes cold for a long time.  Relief: If you want to improve sexual indifference, it is recommended to pay more attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases. If there is no disease, there will be no pain. Naturally, you can easily enjoy sex.

What are the symptoms of sexual dysfunction?

  Sex dysfunction is very common in male diseases, but it is very harmful, and even serious can cause male infertility. Therefore, male friends must pay attention to sexual dysfunction and learn more about the disease. The following doctors from Beijing Weiren Hospital will introduce the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. What are the symptoms of sexual dysfunction? 1. Sexual desire disorder: This is a common symptom of this symptom. Patients may have cold sex, sexual aversion, and hypersexuality. Wait. Sexual indifference is also called libido suppression. Refers to the continuous or repeated lack or complete lack of desire for sexual activity. It is a co-occurring sexual disease. Hypersexuality refers to excessive sexual desire, exceeding the desire for normal sexual intercourse, frequent sexual excitement, urgent demands for sexual behavior, increased frequency of sexual intercourse, and prolonged sexual intercourse.   2. Penile erectile dysfunction: This disease is also a kind of sexual dysfunction. Generally, patients with this disease will have symptoms such as yang disease, weak penile erection, and abnormal penile erection.  3. Sexual intercourse disorder: Some patients have certain psychological disorders, so various symptoms will appear during sexual intercourse, including sexual syncope, sexual intercourse aphasia, sexual intercourse hysteria, sudden sexual intercourse death, sexual intercourse phobia and so on.   4. Male orgasm disorder: This is also a common sexual dysfunction, which means that the male cannot experience the orgasm, or the intensity of the orgasm is significantly weakened, and the response to various stimuli is delayed.   5. Ejaculation disorder: Ejaculation disorder is also a common symptom of male sexual dysfunction, including premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, no ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation pain, blood sperm and so on.  What are the symptoms of sexual dysfunction? The content introduction, I believe that male friends have roughly understood, if you have these symptoms, go to a regular hospital for examination as soon as possible, early detection and early treatment.

How to judge whether the sexual function of men in Lanzhou has decreased?

  As society develops, men’s life pressure becomes greater and greater, and there are more and more conditions for evaluating men’s success. Among them, the strength of sexual function has become a very important item. However, many male friends feel that their sexual function is declining and their sexual desire is gradually decreasing. So how do the self-tested sexual functions diminish? What’s the matter without sexual desire? Today, Lanzhou Longda Hospital (www.lzldyy.com) will take you to take a closer look. Three indicators of Lanzhou men’s self-esteem: 1. Erectile ability of the penis: When you receive sexual stimulation, the penis should erection quickly, or a little later. Once the erection, you can have a satisfactory sex life. There is no problem with the explanatory function. If you can sometimes get an erection, sometimes you can’t get an erection, and you will feel weak if you don’t insist on ejaculation after erection. If you haven’t had an erection for a long time, then the problem is serious.  3. Time of sexual life: Substantial love (from the beginning of sexual organ contact) is most suitable in 7-13 minutes. In particular, men say that when they have more than 13 minutes of substantial love, fatigue will increase, and it will be more difficult to restore their physical strength. But if they are less than 7 minutes, they will have a sense of never-ending feeling.   2. The initiative of sex life: If every time you have sex, it is your initiative, which means your sexual function is normal. When the wife takes the initiative, you can respond positively, which is also normal. If the wife takes the initiative every time, otherwise you will not be interested in it, which shows that there is a small problem with sexual function. If you are not “motivated” by your wife, this is a big problem.  The doctor said: Men’s sexual desire is a basic physiological response. If you find that you have no sexual desire for a long time, you may be suffering from sexual desire disorder. Need to go to the hospital for inspection and treatment in time.  Lanzhou Longda Hospital Warm Tip: When men have low libido, they should avoid misuse of aphrodisiac and kidney medicine and should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. Prevent the disease from increasing and increase the difficulty of treatment. If you have any questions, you can directly click on the online consultation or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Website: www.lzldyy.net&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb. com&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.: www.lzldyy.cn&nbsp.

What are the factors of Lanzhou men’s decreased libido, and what should patients pay attention to?

Loss of libido is a problem that many men will encounter. Some are due to age, which is a natural phenomenon, and some are due to other factors. It is morbid. If treatment of hyposexuality is not performed, it is easy to cause serious sexual dysfunction, so it must be treated in time. &nbsp. Today, Lanzhou Longda Hospital (www.lzldyy.com) will take you to take a closer look.   There are many reasons for the loss of libido, many of which are caused by some bad habits.   psychological effect. Many male friends have the habit of masturbating. Excessive masturbation will give them a sense of guilt, which will cause a psychological burden and easily lead to loss of sexual desire. Disappointed with life, repeated career frustration, interpersonal tensions, family misfortune, etc. cause depression , Sadness, anger, and difficulty in equality can all lead to a decrease in libido. Overworked. Such as long-term engaged in heavy labor, especially mental work can also cause loss of libido. Especially men around the age of forty are the most obvious. They may have a successful career but are too tired, or perhaps a depressed career may be depressed. These are all important causes of low sexual desire.  Impact of disease. Suffering from genitourinary diseases, uncomfortable reactions during sex life, thereby suppressing sexual desire, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, etc. Others such as endocrine diseases, various systemic chronic diseases, etc., can also be caused by males Hormone secretion is too low or metabolic disorders affect sexual desire. Drug factors Long-term use of certain drugs can also cause low libido. &nbsp.    Improper diet may also cause low libido. Excessive drinking will lead to alcoholism, and slowly will affect sexual function and cause loss of libido. Decreased libido can be treated, and patients should not worry too much, as long as they cooperate with doctors for active treatment, it can be recovered well.  What should patients pay attention to in life?   Avoid excessive fatigue, long-term labor will increase the chance of illness, so to avoid excessive fatigue, at the same time to strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical resistance, and thereby enhance sexual desire. If there are long-term psychological obstacles and many adverse psychological factors, it is easy to cause the disease. Men must not only get rid of their negative emotions, but also help their partners solve this psychological obstacle.  Healthy eating habits will improve the condition of blood vessels, thereby improving the ability to supply blood to the reproductive organs. In addition, balanced nutrition can lower male cholesterol levels, slow down arteriosclerosis, and improve the problem of low libido. Adequate sleep is one of the main ways to improve sexual performance. Long-term use of certain drugs can also cause low libido. Therefore, you should make an appointment with the doctor when taking the medicine, and take it scientifically under the guidance of the doctor, and avoid blindly.   Active treatment of urinary diseases: suffering from genitourinary diseases, uncomfortable reactions during sex life, will suppress sexual desire, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis and so on. Others such as endocrine diseases, various systemic chronic diseases, etc., can also affect sexual desire due to too little androgen secretion or metabolic disorders. There are many reasons for the loss of libido, so patients must choose the appropriate treatment according to their own conditions during treatment. Common treatment methods include general treatment, psychological treatment, behavioral treatment and drug treatment. Only targeted Treatment can effectively cure the loss of libido. Warm reminder of Lanzhou Longda Hospital: Loss of libido is a common disease of men. Many patients are not treated by face, which is very harmful to men. Be sure to go to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise it will easily cause serious The occurrence of sexual dysfunction. If you have any questions, you can directly click on the online consultation or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Website: www.lzldyy.net&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb. com&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp

Symptoms and treatment of cold sex in Lanzhou men? What patients should do

Sexual indifference is also known as low libido. Most men do not care about sexual indifference, thinking that they only feel occasionally and do not need treatment. In fact, coldness is a disease of sexual dysfunction. If such a disease occurs, if it is not treated in time, it will lead to aggravation of the disease, the patient’s sexual desire will be reduced, and it will affect the relationship with the partner. Symptoms and treatment of male coldness, what should I do? &nbsp. Today, Lanzhou Longda Hospital (www.lzldyy.com) will take you to take a closer look.   Symptoms and treatment of cold male sex in Lanzhou?  When suffering from apathy, the patient’s desire for sex will be significantly reduced, and sexual desire will be reduced. Even if you are not tired and energetic, you are not interested in sex. This is a common symptom of cold sex in men, and it is necessary to be alert to see a doctor as soon as possible.   Common ways to treat coldness are:   1. Drug treatment: suffer from coldness caused by reproductive inflammation or other reproductive diseases. When the condition is mild, medication can be used to help relieve symptoms.   2. Surgical treatment: When the male frigid condition is more serious, surgical treatment can be used. Sexual indifference caused by different diseases, surgical treatment methods are also different, patients need to conduct a comprehensive examination, select the appropriate surgical method. Treatment in regular hospitals is safer and more standardized.   3. Comprehensive treatment: According to the specific condition of the patient, different treatment methods are combined for comprehensive treatment. Common treatment methods include medical treatment combined with surgical treatment, medical treatment combined with physical therapy, integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment, etc. &nbsp.    Symptoms and treatment of male sexual frigidity. Patients with therapeutic coldness need symptomatic treatment after clear cause. Common causes of frigidity are:    1. Reproductive diseases: men suffering from foreskin balanitis, urethritis, prostatitis, or phimosis, penile sclerosis, penile hypoplasia, etc., will be affected during sexual life In the case of premature ejaculation or the inability to have sex, over time, the patient becomes resistant to sex and causes coldness. &nbsp.    2. Drug effects: When taking certain drugs for a long time, it may cause suppression of male libido, resulting in decreased libido. Sexual indifference appears. Common drugs that affect sexual desire include antihypertensive drugs, antipsychotic drugs, and hormone drugs.   3. Endocrine abnormality: Males have abnormal testosterone and sex hormone secretion, which is easy to cause coldness.   4. Depressed mood: Males are depressed, depressed, and over-stressed. Emotional influences may cause men to have low libido and cause coldness.  Lanzhou Longda Hospital’s warm reminder: The above is the answer to “Symptoms and Treatment of Male Sexual Frigidity”. In the case of sexual frigidity, patients should choose a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible. When suffering from coldness leads to too few times of sexual life, the partner’s sexual needs are difficult to meet, which can easily affect the relationship between the couple and cause psychological pressure on the patient. If you have any questions, you can directly click on the online consultation or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Website: www.lzldyy.net&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb. com&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.: www.lzldyy.cn&nbsp.

What is the lack of sexual desire in Lanzhou men?

Before male friends have sex, they will have sexual desire and be driven by it. If a man ’s sexual desire disappears or declines, the number of times he wants to have sex will also decrease. What’s wrong with men without sex drive? Today, Lanzhou Longda Hospital (www.lzldyy.com) will take you to take a closer look. What’s going on without sex drive? Men ’s lack of libido is a sexual disorder in sexual dysfunction diseases. When men ’s libido decreases, the number of sexual lives decreases. On the one hand, it will cause men to have no channels to discharge their semen. Maintain reproductive health. On the other hand, the decrease in the number of sexual lives caused by the decline in sexual desire makes it difficult for the partner ’s sexual needs to be met, which may cause suspicion of the partner and conflicts between the couple, which is not conducive to maintaining family harmony. After suffering from a disease with decreased libido, men need to go to a regular hospital for treatment at the beginning of the disease. The decrease in libido does not occur for no reason. It is often caused by other reproductive diseases, such as patients with premature ejaculation impotence and poor sexual performance. Self-confidence is hit, and resistance to sex leads to a decline in sexual desire. People suffering from reproductive infections cause discomfort and pain in sexual life, and decrease in libido caused by decreased pleasure. And due to the pressure of men’s life is too heavy, the body is more fatigued, and the lack of physical energy for sexual life leads to a decrease in libido. Different causes of sexual desire decline, the treatment method is also different, patients should pay attention to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, do not ignore the possible harm caused by the disease. Lanzhou Longda Hospital’s warm reminder: No sexual desire is one of the sexual dysfunction diseases. Declining sexual desire will lead to a reduction in the number of men’s sexual life, affect the emotional exchange and promotion between couples, and easily lead to conflicts and destroy family happiness. If you have any questions, you can directly click on the online consultation or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Website: www.lzldyy.net & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Bb & nbsp …………….. www.lzldyy.com & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp:. www.lzldyy.cn & nbsp.

How to improve the sexual endurance of men in Lanzhou?

The decline in male sexual desire refers to a reduction in the requirements for sexual life for a long period of time. In severe cases, there will be no sexual desire. Most of the reasons for the decline in sexual desire are related to the patient’s psychology, as well as some bad lifestyle habits. Or a disease with sexual dysfunction. & nbsp. Today, Lanzhou Longda Hospital (www.lzldyy.com) will take you to take a closer look. What causes the decline in sexual desire? & Nbsp. 1. Emotional factors: When men have long-term psychological disorders and many other undesirable factors, it will lead to decreased sexual desire. There are also some trivial things in life, and socializing at work makes them unprepared, and produces many bad emotions, which will reduce sexual desire. In addition, overuse of the brain for a long time and lack of physical strength will make men reduce their desire for sex. 2. Drug factors: Many men suffer from other diseases themselves. Taking some drugs for a long time will cause men’s libido to drop and become cold. There are also some forms of radiotherapy that can also lead to loss of libido. & nbsp. Decreased libido will definitely lead to a discordant sexual life between husband and wife, and will also affect the relationship between husband and wife. It is recommended that male friends if they are facing this problem, they can go to the regular men’s hospital for examination and treatment. , Can have a good treatment or treatment recommendations. Regarding the decline of sexual desire caused by emotions or bad habits, patients need to cooperate to adjust their emotions, improve bad habits, and live a sexual life in a happy mood and good physical condition. To improve male sexual endurance, the first thing a male friend must do is exercise and fitness. The life is exercise. Regular exercise can accelerate blood circulation and organ resistance, which can effectively improve the male friend’s sexual endurance. Remove some bad habits of life, such as smoking and drinking, excessive sexual life, etc., these are the reasons that cause men’s sexual endurance to decline. Only by changing these bad habits can we improve sexual endurance. Diet is also very important, male friends can eat some seafood, such as fish, shrimp and so on. This substance contains a large amount of zinc substance, which can speed up endocrine, thereby helping male friends improve sexual performance. Lanzhou Longda Hospital Warm Tip: Decreased libido and age also have certain aspects. Many men will experience a decrease in libido after reaching orgasm. In addition, there is a certain relationship between the decrease in sexual desire and the history of sexual life. When there is a decrease in sexual desire, you must go to a regular hospital for examination in time and make related treatments. If you have any questions, you can directly click on the online consultation or call the health hotline: 0931-4523019 for consultation and understanding. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Address: Industry and Trade Building, No. 1, Gaolan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital Website: www.lzldyy.net & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Bb. com & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp .: www.lzldyy.cn & nbsp.