[Is it difficult to find a liberal arts major? 】

The case broadcast humanities candidate Xiao Liu scored 552 points in the college entrance examination, 25 points higher than the second line. Because I am studying liberal arts, the choice is small, so filling in professional volunteers is quite troublesome. What are you studying? She wants to study marketing and other majors, but it is said that marketing is not easy to find a job; there are many liberal arts majors in normal colleges, and she is not interested. After consulting the relevant experts, the volunteers fill in the following: The second A volunteers at Hebei University, the five majors are economics, journalism and communication, English, Chinese language and literature, and books and archives; B volunteers at Qingdao University, five The two majors are journalism, Korean, accounting, political science and administration. The admission result is the Chinese Language and Literature of Hebei University. Case commentary The difficulty in finding employment for college students has long been news that “everyone on earth knows”. Every year, among the large ranks of fresh graduates, it is even more difficult for liberal arts students to find a job. For many years in a row, statistics published by education departments at all levels show that the first employment rate of liberal arts graduates was significantly lower than that of science and engineering students. Think about it, other science and engineering students are all true skills, one is one, the other is two, visible and tangible, they can create material wealth when they take up the post; as for liberal arts, they all learn spiritual things. , Audible, intangible, although their role is noble, not to inherit ancient culture, or to shape the spirit of the times, but in today’s economic marketization, employers are very pragmatic and feel that these are dispensable things. Work efficiency is difficult to quantify and count. Therefore, it seems reasonable that liberal arts majors are left out in the cold. From the perspective of employment, Chinese majors belong to the “Wan Jinyou” major, and because of its universality, no unit can do without it. Students who study this major, if they can practice pen and eloquence in university, will they worry about not finding a good job for them when they graduate? In addition, Hebei University is a comprehensive university with a partial literature nature, with a relatively deep liberal arts background and stronger teaching staff, so it is more suitable for liberal arts students. Teacher Lu reminded 1. The major liberal arts students can choose from two major categories: one is humanities and social sciences, such as foreign languages, Chinese, history, news, etc.; the other is some majors in economics and management, such as International Economics and Trade, Finance, Tourism Management, Marketing, Property Management, etc. Generally speaking, the common majors that mainly recruit candidates for literature and history are philosophy, law, Marxist theory, sociology, political science, education, Chinese language and literature, history, library and archives, etc. . In addition, liberal arts students majoring in liberal arts and sciences can also apply. Common ones include economics, foreign language and literature, art, management science and engineering, business administration, public management, journalism and communication. Students and parents can first choose the major category they are interested in, and then choose the major that suits them. It should be noted that the economics and management majors of some schools have certain requirements for mathematics scores, and candidates should pay attention to the specific requirements of the major when applying for the exam. 2. Colleges and universities where liberal arts students can apply. Now all colleges and universities basically offer liberal arts majors, and even individual majors in medical colleges also recruit liberal arts students, such as medical English, Chinese medicine, Chinese pharmacy, etc. Candidates can start school Choose from the perspectives of history, teacher level, and professional strength. Selected from “Ticketing Skills for College Entrance Examination Volunteers”