Persistent hand numbness for no apparent reason may not be a minor problem!

Feelings of numbness in hands and feet, I believe that everyone has experienced, arms and hands will be numb after raising things for a long time, and legs and feet will be numb after a long time, and in most cases, as long as a little activity, it will quickly return to normal, so many Time often does not attract everyone’s attention. But if there is a long period of numbness and no relief, then it is time to draw attention! 51-year-old Ms. Ma, because she underestimated the hand numbness recently, surprised her. What’s going on? This started from a month ago when Ms. Ma showed symptoms of hand numbness. At first, her left hand was a little numb. It is the same as everyone’s usual thoughts. There should be no major problems and no attention has been paid. After a few days, the numbness in the right hand also appeared, and the numbness in the left hand did not alleviate but was aggravated. Holding chopsticks to eat was a problem, which seriously affected Ms. Ma’s normal life. After a month of numbness in her hands, Ms. Ma, who realized that the situation was not good, decided to go to the hospital for examination. Director Liao Bo was found in the orthopedics clinic of Tangdu Hospital. Ms. Ma described the experience of hand anesthesia in the past month. After understanding Ms. Ma’s condition in detail, Director Liao Bo arranged relevant examinations. Results MRI examination of cervical spine found that Ms. Ma’s cervical 2 spinal canal tumors (postoperative pathological examination was meningioma), cervical disc herniation at 5-6, 6-7, and cervical hyperostosis. Preoperative imaging examination In view of the obvious symptoms of Ms. Ma and the signs of aggravation, from the various examinations, the tumor in the spinal canal is located in the high cervical segment, the spinal cord is severely compressed, and it is also accompanied by cervical disc herniation and cervical bone hyperplasia. The condition is more complicated, and the consequences will be disastrous if not actively treated. After comprehensive evaluation and analysis, Director Liao Bo suggested that Ms. Ma should be treated as soon as possible. “How could it be so serious!” Ms. Ma couldn’t believe it when she heard that the tumor had to be treated with surgery. Everything came too suddenly, Ms. Ma may have a hard time accepting. However, since the cause has been checked, after consulting with her family, Ms. Ma still listened to Director Liao Bo’s treatment recommendations. After the preoperative preparations were completed, Director Liao Bo personally operated on Ms. Ma, not only to completely remove the tumor, but also to maintain the stability of the cervical spine and not affect the normal life in the future. At the same time, bone graft fusion internal fixation was performed. The operation was successful, and the symptoms of Ms. Ma disappeared after the operation. Ms. Ma, who recovered, was discharged from the hospital. After the postoperative imaging examination passed the case of Ms. Ma, Director Liao Bo wanted to tell everyone: the occurrence of limb numbness needs attention, especially the persistent appearance, because in spinal diseases, many patients with limb numbness are due to the spinal cord, The nerves are oppressed, and the condition is often more serious at the time of examination. Therefore, when there is persistent limb numbness, first go to a regular hospital to check what is the cause, and then according to the cause of targeted treatment, conservative treatment or surgical treatment, this is a scientific response.