Transferred from Phoenix News: De Zhitang Dean Li Zhizhong: “Another Power” in Fighting the Epidemic Situation

“Once we have experienced the fight against SARS, knowing that human life is not easy, any business and individual are closely related to the destiny of the country. Only a country has a small family, we have to unite with the country to share the destiny, breathe together, and fight against new pneumonia!” On the 16th, De Zhitang Dean Li Zhizhong said this in an exclusive interview with Phoenix Network Henan. Li Zhizhong donated 300 barrels of purified water to the city office of Jiecheng Road, Zhengdong New District to fight against the epidemic. Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, a large number of caring people have emerged across the country. They donated money and donated money, participated in the epidemic prevention work, and made their best contributions to the motherland. Li Zhizhong is one of them. Actively call on family and friends to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. Volunteer to fight against the epidemic in my hometown. “During the New Year, although I was in my hometown, I learned from the news that the epidemic situation was very serious. As a dermatologist, I could not go to Wuhan to support So, I mobilized my family and friends to actively participate in the fight against the epidemic. I conveyed the knowledge of fight against the epidemic to the villagers, and warned the villagers to wear masks and isolation at home, and to purchase protective materials such as disinfectants and masks at their own expense to fight the epidemic in their hometown. Build a love supermarket and donate fresh fruits and vegetables to the Zhongnan community. He also reminded friends and patients around him through WeChat, telephone, etc., maintain good hygiene habits, strict self-discipline, and immediately released measures to prevent epidemics, donating Deyi Tang ’s The secret recipe, meanwhile, consulted a large number of ancient anti-plague measures and methods published publicly to help people prevent the new coronavirus. De Yitang donated 300 barrels of purified water to the Jicheng Road Sub-district Office of Zhengdong New District. In addition, Li Zhizhong joined friends around him to set up a fundraising team and called on more caring people to participate in it, buying masks, alcohol, disinfectant, Goggles, etc., donated medical supplies to Wuhan. In addition to calling on people around to actively participate in love and dedication, Li Zhizhong bears the brunt. “During the epidemic, I donated 500-2,000 yuan to Wuhan every day through various charitable organizations and WeChat donations. Although the amount is not large, it represents my determination to be with Wuhan.” Li Zhizhong is a memorial city in Zhengdong New District During the outbreak of 300 barrels of purified water in the Lujie Subdistrict Office, Li Zhizhong actively contacted the donation channel to help many enterprises donate donations. According to incomplete statistics, Li Zhizhong and all sectors of society have donated up to hundreds of thousands of yuan in donations. Only individuals have donated up to various charitable associations, children’s development foundations, women and children’s foundations, population welfare foundations, and the Red Cross. As much as 30,000 yuan. In his view, the country is like a big fishing net. Every enterprise and individual is a node in the fishing net. At any time, at any time, there are no bystanders, no outsiders, helping others is in Self-help, no matter how small a contribution, can play a big role. This is Li Zhizhong’s original intention all along, and is also his consistent behavior. Although the details of some donation certificates are suspended and closed, the wages of employees cannot be cut off! After the construction started, Deyi Tang, a specialized hospital for dermatology, responded to the national call during the epidemic and was suspended from work. More than 60 doctors and nurses in the hospital were isolated at home. Although the stoppage of work caused De Yitang to have no source of economic income, Li Zhizhong said: No matter what, the wages of employees cannot be cut off! Guo Zhiyun (left), Li Zhizhong (middle), and Ma Ji’an (right) co-founded De Yi After discussing with the two other founders Guo Zhiyun and Ma Ji’an, President De Zhitang and other founders Guo Zhiyun and Ma Ji’an decided to pay their employees’ wages on time until De Yitang officially resumed business at the end of March. “Although landlords are called online to reduce rents for tenants, we learned that landlords still have pressures such as loans, and we chose not to need landlord relief. When we still have the ability to persevere, we must support ourselves. This is also a behavior to help others. “Li Zhizhong said. Set up a support fund, determined to help more poor patients donate 300 barrels of purified water to the office of Jiecheng Road, Zhengdong New District In addition to being a dermatologist, Li Zhizhong is also a member of the Henan Provincial Democratic Promotion Committee and Zhengzhou Leifeng Gang Head. During the epidemic situation, Li Zhizhong also put forward ideas for combating the epidemic situation for reference in political participation, including how to further tap the existing production capacity of enterprises in the province, how to open up convenient channels for medical products produced by export-oriented enterprises to be used in the province, government departments How to quickly coordinate and solve the shortage of raw materials for medical and consumable enterprises,