Breast cancer-“I have preserved my dignity as a woman”

It was fine on July 12. After a heavy rain, the rainy weather that lasted almost a week finally came to an end. The crape myrtle flower in the courtyard welcomes the sunshine and stretches its intoxicating purple fragrant sky towards the sky. Just like Li Xin (pseudonym) now. Lagerstroemia flowers are Li Xin (pseudonym)’s favorite flowers. During this period of hospitalization, she often looked at the crape myrtle plant in the hospital. Now that the crape myrtle flowers are blooming, Li Xin (pseudonym) finally begins to smile. Like her, this strain of Lagerstroemia has experienced unexpected hardships in the process of life. The continuous rainy weather was not expected by Lagerstroemia flowers, and the invasion of breast cancer was also never imagined by Li Xin (pseudonym) before. Li Xin’s (pseudonym) dream is to become a beautiful Lagerstroemia flower that can show herself to the world, and she has indeed done this before. With a cheerful personality, good appearance, and fashionable dress, Li Xin (pseudonym) is like a blooming crape myrtle bathing in the sun, bringing a lot of colors to those around her. But on that day, all this changed. During that time, Li Xin (pseudonym) always felt unwell and touched her hand. She could clearly feel that there was an egg-sized lumps on her right breast. The unpredictable Li Xin still went to the hospital for an examination with an optimistic attitude. She expected that the so-called “egg” and physical discomfort were only an illusion derived from her recent stress, or secretion Temporary hard blocks generated by inconsistency. But the result broke her fantasy like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. The so-called “egg” is a 60×39×14mm tumor. Li Xin (a pseudonym) was stared at by the demon of breast cancer, and her life track was also Because this bad news deviated from the original track. “I was actually very optimistic at first, because it was an early benign tumor, and some people I knew had beaten cancer. I went around looking for treatments, but the advice they gave me was not to make me extremely painful. The chemotherapy is to let me excise the breast. I really can’t accept the traditional treatment, but it is nothing.” Li Xin (pseudonym) now mentions that time every time, a kind of deep Deep fear and helplessness will still be reflected in her expression. The constant hesitation did not bring positive recovery to Li Xin (pseudonym), but aggravated her situation. The original benign tumor gradually deteriorated into a malignant tumor, and there was a tendency to metastasize in many places. The sickness not only tortured Li Xin’s (pseudonym) spirit, but also made this former flower-like woman gradually become dazed and distracted. Even tormenting her body, she was healthy and active, and now she lifted a few heavy objects will be painful. Under such torture, Li Xin (a pseudonym) seemed to be almost ten years old in just a year or two. “How do you describe the state of that time? Anyway, it was like being a person. She was always clean and able to lose her spirit at that time, and she didn’t care about her dress. We all looked at it, but we didn’t know what to do. Say something to comfort her.” Zhang Dong (pseudonym), the husband who has been accompanying Li Xin (pseudonym) for medical treatment, recalled the situation at that time with full emotion. “Her body is getting worse and worse, and her mood is very low every day. The laughter I often heard before suddenly became a rarity in our house at that time. I later heard by Professor Yao Bo by accident Accurate three-dimensional overall tumor elimination method, decided to try it here, did not expect to have such a good effect.” “What will make a woman collapse? That is to take away her most precious things, and she can only Helplessly watching this happen. I have been on the verge of collapse in this sick experience. I have thought a lot of things, many things I have never thought of before. I am really thankful to know at the end Professor Yao Bo’s new treatment has brought me back from the brink of collapse.” Li Xin (pseudonym) said with emotion when he chatted with us again. After several treatments, Li Xin (pseudonym) finally got better, her spirit returned to her previous state, and her body was gradually recovering. The laughter that Zhang Dong (pseudonym) has become a rarity has gradually returned to this ordinary family. Li Xin (pseudonym) is like the crape myrtle tree she often watches in the courtyard

Middle school teacher caught in chaotic relationship

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Li Xin, 35, is a middle school teacher who has been working for seven or eight years. She believes in her abilities, but she has not been recognized in the unit, and her leaders know that they are capable, but they cannot be reused. For this reason, Li Xin has a long-term feeling of being unpretentious, especially depressed. The principal was changed two years ago. This is a man in his 40s. He changed Li Xin’s life. When the new principal took office, some people deliberately embarrassed him and his work was not smooth. Li Xin sympathized with him. He recognized Li Xin, and in many ways, Li Xin and the new principal agreed. Once Li Xin gave an open class, it should be said that it was very successful. However, the judges did not score highly. Although his new principal recognized Li Xin’s class very much, he felt helpless at the moment and felt very sorry. To this end, specifically talk to Li Xin, so that she does not have ideological burdens. As a result, the two began to approach. Somehow, Li Xin fell in love with him slowly, and there was a feeling for each other, and he didn’t know what to say. In fact, Li Xin loves her husband very much. Husband has been working in the field for many years and is a good man. But somehow, Li Xin couldn’t help himself. Later, Li Xin admitted to graduate school. Li Xin wanted to leave this place where she was depressed to study. Although Li Xin and the new headmaster were very close, although he recognized Li Xin’s ability, he did not see the turning point and Li Xin was still ready to leave. Li Xin said this to the new principal. He talked to Li Xin. Li Xin wanted to know if he had himself in his heart, so he asked him to invite him to dinner. The two came to a cabaret. The new principal said that she was preparing to reuse her, and let her teach the graduating class first. Immediately, Li Xin had a feeling of being valued and a feeling of finding a friend. He also sang a song to Li Xin emotionally, Li Xin left moving tears. When he sat next to Li Xin again, Li Xin asked him to hug, and the two hugged together… That day, Li Xin was very conflicted: stay, or leave? In the end, he stayed. Soon, the new principal gave Li Xin an opportunity to study in Beijing. Exactly, at that time he went to Shanghai to study. The two often talked and sent messages. He also said that he wanted to come to Beijing to see Li Xin. During this time, the two were closer. At the beginning of the new semester, the school announced the schedule of classes, and Li Xin taught the graduating class, which caused a lot of criticism. Soon, the new principal told Li Xin that she was going to be her deputy. After this knowledge was made known to related teachers, the relationship was very bad and it hurt Li Xin a lot. Later, there was a conflict between Li Xin and the new principal. That day, he was going out to study. Before leaving, Li Xin saw him off. During the conversation, Li Xin talked a lot about his work. Somehow he was very upset and said that Li Xin had too much control. Li Xin was very sad at that time and fell away. Since then, the two haven’t communicated for a long time and began to separate. This knot has not been resolved, and a bigger blow is coming. The two people’s affairs spread throughout the school. Li Xin knew that the new principal had revealed it. Li Xin couldn’t bear it anymore. On the verge of collapse, he had to take sick leave at home. The husband also knew this and forgave Li Xin. However, Li Xin really hates himself and does not know how to face it. Li Xin feels that she is not a frivolous woman, but why is she caught in the whirlpool of extramarital affairs? Analysis: Li Xin’s extramarital affairs, the deep psychological root is her personality problem. Li Xin is a strong and motivated person. If he desires too much and is difficult to obtain satisfaction, he must constantly seek opportunities for satisfaction. The arrival of the new principal provides such an opportunity. So the two came closer. Men and women come closer, often not because of love. But after all, it is intersexual intercourse, and there are mixed sexes. Coupled with her husband’s long absence from outside, the potential need for the opposite sex has given Li Xin close contact with the new principal. Li Xin is unintentional, and the working relationship and the gender relationship are unconsciously mixed together. However, there is also the meaning of exchange in the subconscious, unconsciously expecting rewards. After a period of personal consultation and husband and wife consultation, Li Xin reported that her husband helped her to mobilize her work, work in the new unit and feel good at home.

Giant earlobe scar pimples recurrent, comprehensive surgical treatment plan to eradicate pimples to prevent recurrence

Many beauty-loving girls like to wear earrings, which can make them look more beautiful and fashionable, so pierced ears have become a choice for many women who love beauty, but some people have scars because of pierced ears. Due to the special influence of the growth site on the appearance, if it is not treated, it will continue to grow and cause the normal shape and structure of the ear to be destroyed, and it may cause discomfort such as local itching and tingling, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. Not only that, if the treatment is not appropriate, or a single treatment method is used, it is also very easy to relapse, resulting in longer keloids. So, how to cure ear keloids? Today, I will share a case for you. Not long ago, I saw a patient with huge scars on both ears: Li Xin (pseudonym). According to Ms. Li herself, she pierced her ears in a jewelry store a few years ago, and she started wearing earrings shortly after finishing. However, within a few days, the pimples were inflamed and swollen. Although the inflammation eventually disappeared, they developed scars. At first, the keloids were just the size of rice grains. Because I didn’t know it was keloids at the time, Li Xin was too concerned. Unexpectedly, the longer the keloids grow, the longer they grow to the size of the fingernails in a few months, which not only affects the appearance, but also often has itching symptoms. When going out, in order to be afraid of others seeing, he could only cover his hair, and friends and colleagues around her often asked her how she got it, which made Li Xin, who cares about her personal image, feel very embarrassed. In order to remove the “flesh pimples” on his ears, Li Xin performed a resection operation at the local hospital. I thought it would be fine after the resection, but the reality is cruel. The keloids relapsed after a few months, and the growth rate is very fast, there is no way to only perform surgical resection. However, within a few months, the keloids recurred again, and the situation was even more fierce. It had completely eroded the entire earlobe, like two large sarcomas growing on the ears. Both of the surgical treatments failed, and Li Xin was troubled. Every time he looked in the mirror and saw the two large sarcomas on his ears, he almost wanted to die. If it were not for her husband who had been encouraging and comforting her, it was really possible to suffer from depression. She lost confidence in the surgery and tried other treatments, but no matter whether it was an injection or medicine, or a laser, freezing, etc., there was no good effect. Just when Li Xin was losing hope in treatment, her husband learned on the Internet that I was unique in treating multiple recurrent keloids and had relieved many patients suffering from keloids. So, holding the idea of ​​giving it a try, Li Xin was accompanied by her husband to see our doctor. After learning about Li Xin ’s failures in two surgical treatments, I pointed out that keloids are essentially a benign skin fibroids, and a single treatment method has a very high recurrence rate. According to the latest treatment guidelines recommended by the Scar Medicine Branch of the China Society of Plastic Surgery and Beauty, keloids should be treated in a variety of ways in order to obtain better treatment results while minimizing its recurrence rate. In view of the huge scars of Li Xin’s earlobe, the appearance of the ear has been seriously damaged. In order to better restore the appearance of the ear and prevent recurrence, I developed a comprehensive treatment plan for her with surgical resection plus SRT-100 shallow placement. After full communication and psychological counseling, Li Xin dispelled his worries and accepted my treatment plan. During the operation, in order to better repair the appearance of the earlobe, I used a nuclear excision method, that is, to remove the core part of the keloid, and retain part of the skin on the surface of the keloid to cover the wound and restore the shape of the earlobe. After a few hours of surgery on some of the removed keloid tissue, Li Xin ’s huge keloids with double earlobes were successfully removed, and the appearance of the earlobes was repaired. However, the surgery is only part of the treatment. In order to prevent the recurrence of keloids, the SRT-100 superficial radiotherapy apparatus is used to prevent the recurrence of the surgical site to reproduce the patient’s perfect and natural ear appearance. & nbsp. & nbsp.

The girl who loves beauty has gone through a bumpy road to get rid of scars and is finally cured

Benign skin fibroids, such as keloids, affect the appearance, especially in the jaws, ears, limbs, etc. Not only that, this disease may also be accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as tingling and itching, which is really unbearable at the time of the attack . In order to treat keloids, many patients have tried various methods, and it can be said that they have suffered many crimes, but the results are often not satisfactory. So, how can we cure scars with less detours? Today, I will share with you the scar removal experience of a beauty girl. Everyone will leave some scars when they are young. Due to the lack of scar knowledge of most parents, after the child was injured, the wound was simply bandaged, but the scar prevention and repair in the later stage were ignored. Some parents had a fluke mentality and mistakenly thought that the scar can recover itself. But the result is just the opposite. Li Xin (pseudonym) is because of an accidental arm injury that has caused a huge impact on her future study, work and life. When Li Xin went to junior high school, she once went to school by bus. Suddenly she stopped suddenly and lost her balance. Her arm happened to hit a sharp object on the car and was cut into a blood. Later, although the wound healed, keloids formed. At that time, Li Xin’s parents thought it was a small pimple, which would disappear after a while, and they did not continue treatment. Li Xin was young and didn’t understand it. But I did not expect that after many years, as the body grows, the keloids will obviously become larger, and sometimes it will be unbearable, and so on until she goes to university. In recent years, because of the scars on his arms, Li Xin did not dare to wear short-sleeved clothes in summer, and his personality has become introverted. He also cares about others to see her arm, and parents also regret it. If he was treated in time, his daughter might be Not like this anymore. In order to get rid of this pimple, Li Xin and her parents kept trying various treatments, whether it was traditional Chinese medicine conditioning or external application, but they were not effective, and the keloids became larger and larger, and the color changed from light to dark. There are more and more times of itching, which has a great impact on learning and life. Seeing that she was about to enter the internship stage, she was worried that because of the keloids affecting her future job search, the desire to get rid of the keloids as soon as possible became more urgent. Occasionally, Li Xin learned about me on Weibo and saw many videos and successful cases explaining the treatment of keloids, which made her very happy, and soon came to our hospital for treatment. After the face consultation, I recommended that she be treated as soon as possible, because the keloids did not obviously stop the hyperplasia period, and it was also accompanied by severe tingling and itching, indicating that the keloids are still in the active stage of hyperplasia. In response to Li Xin’s situation, I developed a comprehensive treatment plan for her with surgical resection plus SRT-100 shallow release. The advantage of this solution is that it can not only completely remove keloid tissue through surgery, but also greatly reduce the chance of recurrence. After the operation, the keloids entrenched on Li Xin’s arm for many years were successfully removed. After a year of postoperative visit, you can see from the feedback photos that the recovery is very good. Only some coloration is also normal. It will gradually fade and finally reach normal skin tone. After a long and bumpy road to remove scars, Li Xin finally managed to get rid of the entanglement of scars and start a new life.