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& nbsp. Generally, patients with epilepsy will go to a specialty hospital for treatment. It is more advantageous to use a specialty hospital to control the condition. If you go to a general hospital, at most, you should emphasize that the drug stabilizes the condition, and other methods can also be used for treatment. Dr. Li Minghui from Guiyang Brain Epilepsy emphasized: Neuromodulation to treat epilepsy is an innovative method that evolves with medical technology. Rehabilitation treatment is no longer a fantasy. & nbsp. & nbsp. ※ Several practical suggestions of famous epilepsy doctors, click here to ask & nbsp. & nbsp. Flowers suitable for their condition, patients can also do indications to help patients prepare for the treatment of epilepsy, so patients with epilepsy should be The level of medical technology is confident and can maintain a good mentality and correctly control the risk of epilepsy. & nbsp. & nbsp. Advantages: The regulatory effect is reversible; patients ’needs are different and the action parameters can be adjusted; stimulating a single target of action may also affect multiple epileptic foci; functional area epileptic foci can also be neuromodulated. & nbsp. & nbsp. Safety: The patient is slightly tolerated, and the adverse reactions are usually mild, which are transient headache, dizziness, non-specific discomfort, etc. No reports of life-threatening conditions were found. & nbsp. & nbsp. Indications for surgery & nbsp. & nbsp. (1) Those who are refractory to epilepsy due to drugs, which affect their daily work and life; & nbsp. (3) will not cause the loss of important functions. In recent years, the epilepsy doctor Li Minghui has concluded from practice that some patients have a syndrome reaction, and the effect of medication is positive, and they can also actively fight for surgery.

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& nbsp. & nbsp. This epilepsy symptom, in fact, everyone is probably not unfamiliar, have seen a lot, almost experienced the helplessness, most of the symptoms of epilepsy are due to convulsions, and they are cured after treatment, and will not Our lives have too much impact. This year, Li Minghui explained to some patients who have not yet recovered from epilepsy. The seizure symptom has been paid special attention by everyone. Even when the word “convulsions” is heard, it is like a enemy. Although it is annoying, it is not a beast of floods. We Medical personnel are the guards who come to protect the people’s health from soldiers. & nbsp. & nbsp. ※ Several practical suggestions of famous epilepsy doctors, click here to ask & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. About a month ago, Xiao Wang (pseudonym) had a sore throat, a slight twitching sensation, and his body temperature did not exceed 37.5 degrees, so he hurried to take some medicine. Soon, he was very happy, and his children were both young and full, and he was tired and tired, but his body was a bit overwhelmed. He had headaches and lack of energy. In order to accompany his wife and daughter without going to the hospital for medical treatment, he used local remedies. ” Wool boils “, as a result, the headache not only did not alleviate, but also appeared to be unable to eat, vomiting as soon as eating, and could not eat anything for three days. & nbsp. & nbsp. Then the brain epilepsy Li Minghui top! In addition, the headache and convulsions are getting heavier and worse, the spirit is getting worse, the night headache is difficult to fall asleep, the body is getting weaker and weaker, and there is numbness, even the strength to walk is gone. There is really no way to find Director Li Minghui of the Department of Neurology through acquaintances. When I went to the brain epilepsy hospital, I thought that Xiao Wang was not only as simple as convulsions and fever, but also had such a severe headache and vomiting. Further inspection and treatment.

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Everyone’s life and work want to be stable. As the epilepsy medical director, Dr. Li Minghui is not afraid of life and death and joins the frontline of antiepilepsy. The medical staff of the epilepsy department also collectively share the same pains. We are in the epilepsy clinic of Guiyang, the epilepsy first aid, epilepsy operation room, The epilepsy PICU is on the ground. ※ Some practical suggestions of famous epilepsy doctors, click here to ask the patients to do epilepsy prevention and control. At the same time, the neurology ward clinic will make every effort to provide high-quality medical services for inpatients with epilepsy, actively adhere to the development of treatment, and stick to a copy Responsibility, protect one’s peace! Just yesterday, Sister Zhang in Nanming District felt a little numb because she did n’t dare to go to the hospital during the epidemic. She looked at the clinic nearby, but the medical office knew she had a history of epilepsy. Persuaded her to go to the brain epilepsy hospital for treatment. Sister Zhang really didn’t want to go to the hospital. She only took standing epilepsy drugs. She didn’t expect to start nausea and vomiting at noon, and she couldn’t eat anything. She vomited more and more. Her body temperature was 36.5 ℃. As patients with epilepsy do not dare to go to the hospital and take drugs on their own, they need to be treated with caution if an abnormal situation occurs. It was not until a few hours later that Sister Zhang developed symptoms such as paroxysmal loss of consciousness and twitching limbs, and she was sent to the local brain epilepsy hospital for hospitalization. Director Li Minghui carefully inquired about the medical history and found that the history of epilepsy caused by central nervous system infection required further treatment. As soon as she heard that she was going to be hospitalized in the brain epilepsy hospital, Sister Zhang became angry again. After 1 hour of patient guidance, she finally agreed Stayed. After more than 2 weeks of treatment, Aunt Zhang finally recovered and was discharged. When she was discharged, she said gratefully: “When the epidemic has passed, you must come to my house. I specially asked Director Li Minghui and other medical staff to have a light meal!”

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When the patient (Zhu Mou) was in his work unit, his expression gradually showed signs of unresponsiveness. He did n’t know his family members, he could n’t remember his family name, he could not sort out the order during working hours, and his temper was getting bigger and bigger. Ground, foaming at the corners of the mouth. Colleagues are very anxious. Zhu was in his 40s and should have been an epileptic. There were still minor children in her family. She was sick and her family was completely messed up. Upon recommendation, the family turned to Li Minghui, the chief physician of the emergency department of Guiyang Brain Epilepsy Hospital. ※ Some practical suggestions of famous epilepsy doctors, click here to ask if there is a fever in Zhu Mou’s body during this special period. According to the fever patient treatment procedure established by the brain epilepsy clinic, new coronary pneumonia is excluded, and he is placed in the isolation ward of the inpatient department After admission, although the patient did not have seizure symptoms, video EEG monitoring showed continuous and extensive intracranial abnormal epilepsy discharge, which spread to the whole brain, suggesting that the patient was in critical condition. Director Li Minghui organized a general discussion, took the wire and peeled the cocoon, brainstormed, formulated the best diagnosis and treatment plan, actively improved the MRI of the head, and performed the lumbar puncture to detect cerebrospinal fluid and other related examinations. Send the patient’s cerebrospinal fluid to Union Hospital to complete the necessary examination. Among them, Dr. Li made several allocations to Zhu’s situation. Starting with the cause of the disease, it took a long time to determine that it can be cured. He also specially applied for a fee reduction for the treatment of epilepsy for Zhu Mou. According to the incidence of the severity of the plot, the treatment continues uninterrupted and pays close attention. The symptoms of epilepsy are different, and can be eased once the risk is high. The scheme used is different, and the treatment plan is more difficult. It is generally easy to solve in the early stage of epilepsy, so the cost is lower, but if the patient misses the treatment, the condition becomes worse and it is more difficult to heal. If you do not go to treatment early, you will spend more time later, and the cost of various examinations will increase accordingly. Director Li Minghui provided a safe and reliable treatment plan for the patient’s treatment research. The doctor can make specific management methods for determining the type of epilepsy according to the correct countermeasures.

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There is such a group of people. They are our lovely medical staff. They are kind-hearted and courageous. They help patients relieve pain at work. They are helpful in life. They are trustworthy. They are as bright as the stars and glitter! They are the epilepsy medical service personnel represented by Li Minghui, Guiyang Brain Epilepsy Hospital Cooperative Unit of Guiyang First People’s Hospital. ※ Some practical suggestions of famous epilepsy doctors, click here to ask medical workers as the primary theme of epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. Patients can collect information to confirm the regularity, and must go to a regular hospital for supervision and inspection. Due to the serious and responsible attitude of Director Li Minghui in the Epilepsy Clinic, timely diagnosis and active treatment, after comprehensive treatment with hormones, anti-infection, anti-epilepsy, and nutritional nerves, many patients with epilepsy have been getting better and better. Smile. No longer uncomfortable, remembered the name of the family, no longer need the family’s care, told relatives around, after leaving the hospital to continue to go home to cook for them, send the children to school. The family said excitedly: “She has changed back to the gentle and beautiful mother before”, in fact, the happiness of the patient is not the happiness of the doctor? Their recovery is the greatest consolation for the doctors. There are still many issues that need to be strictly implemented to treat epilepsy. These medical orders sound boring, and the doctors and doctors have a lot of experience in their parents’ hearts. Since there are many types of epilepsy, appropriate treatment is provided to patients after diagnosis. Therefore, no matter what treatment method, the patient should actively cooperate with the doctor, take the medicine on time and in accordance with the amount, and regularly go to the hospital for examination, which is conducive to the patient’s condition.

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& nbsp. & nbsp. Both health and work are affected by epilepsy, please pay attention to early treatment. An expert from the Department of Epilepsy of Guiyang Brain Epilepsy Hospital, Li Minghui, suggested that once a patient is diagnosed as epilepsy, appropriate diagnosis and treatment methods should be adopted, and various medical treatments should be taken. The medical condition of the patient must be considered and treated according to the leadership of the doctor. & nbsp. & nbsp. ※ If you want to know more about epilepsy, click here to ask for free & nbsp. & nbsp. Suspected patients are sometimes “disobedient” and more dangerous & nbsp. & nbsp. Many epilepsy patients believe in some “health products” compared to medicines “These may come from small broadcasts, small roadside advertisements, unknown sources, effects and side effects, which patients do not understand. Just simply believe in some so-called “curative effects”. In fact, Director Li Minghui found that in some outpatient cases, most patients with epilepsy are due to misunderstandings in the use of drugs. For example, many elderly people think that the long-term use of epilepsy drugs has side effects, and the more they eat, the more obvious the symptoms. If there is no abnormality, then do not take medicine. & nbsp. & nbsp. The first point: & nbsp. & nbsp.Many epilepsy patients, the dosage of taking drugs is uncertain, sometimes you can take 1 tablet a day, or 2 tablets a day, so taking drugs does not achieve the anti-epileptic effect, therefore, Everyone must take the medicine correctly and eat it on time! & nbsp. & nbsp. Second point: & nbsp. & nbsp. After eating, patients with epilepsy will produce some kind of ketones in the body, which is basically effective for some symptoms of epilepsy and can reduce certain types of seizures. However, this low-fat diet opportunity is often unbearable for many patients. It is believed that the low-fat method is not conducive to effective diet, and there is damage in the process. & nbsp. & nbsp. The third point: & nbsp. & nbsp. The lack of vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium in foods may cause seizures. Therefore, in medicine, some doctors often use drugs containing vitamin B6, only as an auxiliary medicine for epilepsy.

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& nbsp. & nbsp. “Jiangshan generation has talented people, each has been leading the way for hundreds of years” Now there are more and more people who have been diagnosed with epilepsy. People must also have a more comprehensive knowledge of epilepsy, The doctor’s information also wants to be more eager. This will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of epilepsy doctor Li Minghui. Recommend to click: Ask for treatment, check the disease, read the report, click on me! 1. Psychotherapy. Patients with epilepsy suffer from long-term pain and suffering. Patients often have a negative psychological effect on the treatment of the disease and their outlook on life, which will play a very negative role in the treatment of the disease. Function, so when treating disease, psychological treatment is also very important. Family members should pay more attention to the patient’s physical condition, encourage them to actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, and have full hope for life. & nbsp. & nbsp. Second, etiology treatment, this type of treatment mainly refers to patients who have been found to have epileptic seizures in the early stage, and then go to the regular hospital for treatment in a timely manner. Find the cause of the illness, and then take the right medicine to achieve the desired effect. & nbsp. Three, drug treatment, which is a more common treatment method in life, and is also a treatment method that causes less physical harm to patients. Generally, patients are recommended to use this type of treatment method, which can achieve treatment The effect can reduce the harm to the body to a small extent, which is an ideal treatment method. According to different types of epilepsy or syndromes to determine the choice of drugs. In addition, patients with epilepsy should follow the doctor’s instructions to standardize the medication, and do not just stop changing the drug, it can achieve a better effect of treating epilepsy. & nbsp. & nbsp. Fourth, surgical treatment, this treatment is generally used for patients with epilepsy who have been suffering from epilepsy for a long time, long-term drug treatment has not reached the effect of treatment, this is the way we can try surgical treatment However, the surgical method is not thorough, and patients also need to take a lot of risks. & nbsp. & nbsp. Director Li Minghui has been engaged in neurological diseases for 16 years and is conscientious. As a very young and promising doctor, he keeps pace with the times in epilepsy diagnosis and treatment, always accepts modern knowledge and ideas, and integrates the acquired knowledge In clinical treatment and research, it is deeply trusted by the majority of children, adolescents and elderly patients with epilepsy, and it brings hope to health to patients with epilepsy. & nbsp. & nbsp. Director Li Minghui has always insisted on creating a harmonious doctor-patient relationship starting from “treating patients like relatives”. With many years of clinical diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, Director Li Minghui has helped many epilepsy patients of different ages get rid of Epilepsy.

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Since ancient times, Jiangshan has been a talented person. For hundreds of years, people have different opinions in different fields and different industries. Now there are more and more people diagnosed with epilepsy. People Knowledge of epilepsy should also be understood more comprehensively, and I also want more information about the doctors who treat epilepsy. This will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of epilepsy doctor Li Minghui. Click I can help one-on-one to solve the epilepsy related knowledge! Director Li Minghui has been engaged in neurological diseases for 16 years and is dedicated. As a very young and promising doctor, he keeps pace with the times in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. He always accepts the knowledge and concept of epilepsy and integrates the acquired knowledge into clinical treatment. In the research, it is deeply trusted by the majority of children, adolescents and elderly patients with epilepsy, and brings health hope to one after another. In the past 20 years of first-line clinical diagnosis and treatment, he has gained a lot in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in neurology by virtue of his solid medical theory and clinical diagnosis and treatment. He has unique knowledge and treatment methods in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and epilepsy-related psychological disorders. About some epilepsy information sharing: Epilepsy is a kind of abnormality of brain neurons caused by abnormal discharge of the nerve cortex inside the human brain, so epilepsy patients should pay attention to once they find that they have been diagnosed with epilepsy, it is necessary to Seek medical attention in a timely manner, let the doctor help you to diagnose and diagnose epilepsy, to avoid epilepsy always recurring, such symptoms as convulsions, pale face, unconsciousness, etc., to avoid the occurrence of repeated seizures, to avoid damage To the brain, situations that endanger one’s memory, thinking ability, etc. occur. Dr. Li Minghui has been engaged in research and treatment of epilepsy for many years, and he has an advantage in the treatment of epilepsy. He is responsible for the patient and is conscientious. He helps many epilepsy patients to fight epilepsy and avoids frequent attacks.