The 44-year-old man took his mother to see a doctor, but he did not listen to the doctor’s persuasion and hemiplegia after six months

Li Jing (pseudonym) is 44 years old. He took his mother to see a doctor half a year ago. His high blood pressure was unstable for many years. Later, I adjusted the blood pressure to stabilize after adjusting the medicine. While seeing his mother, I found Li Jing to be fatter and smell of smoke. I think he is also a dangerous group of people with high blood pressure. I said: You should also take a blood pressure test. Don’t find it and delay it. He was not willing to say that he was not uncomfortable. How could his blood pressure rise? I said: Test one, anyway. Li Jing barely measured a blood pressure, 190 / 110mmHg. I said, you see, it’s so high, take medication to control it quickly, or cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, and kidney problems may occur that day. So he was also prescribed antihypertensive drugs for a week ……. Yesterday evening, just on duty. During the emergency consultation, a family member greeted me and said: Doctor, I am Li Jing ’s lover, you showed it to my mom. Disease, I also saw high blood pressure for Li Jing. You give him prescribing antihypertensive drugs, he will never take them again after eating, and he fell when he first ate. After the doctor finished CT, a large area of ​​cerebral infarction. I said: I told him at that time, must control blood pressure, just don’t listen, hey … Now Li Jing is lying in the intensive care unit, lying quietly, I don’t know if it can be good! Every time I encounter high blood pressure patients in the clinic, I must persuade everyone to actively control blood pressure. But there are still many people who do n’t take it for granted. Until cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction occurs, it ’s not just yourself who will hurt you. When you think about cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction, you will have hemiplegia and hemiplegia and then you ca n’t take care of yourself; Shit may need someone to take care of, you said harm is not harmful? Just like Li Jing, what can we do later? Then someone asked, how can hypertension cause cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage? Hypertension — Simple understanding of cerebral hemorrhage, cerebrovascular is like a balloon, can withstand a certain pressure, but when long-term high blood pressure, it is like trying to blow the balloon hard, can you say that the balloon can not burst? Cerebral blood vessels burst, that is, cerebral hemorrhage. Cerebral hemorrhage accounts for 20% to 30% of all strokes, and the acute mortality is 30% to 40%. The main reason for cerebral hemorrhage is that high blood pressure is not found, or high blood pressure is not effectively controlled. Or hypertension with arteriosclerosis, microaneurysm or microhemangioma, other includes cerebral vascular malformation, meningeal arteriovenous malformation, amyloid cerebrovascular disease, cystic hemangioma, intracranial venous thrombosis, specific arteritis, fungal artery Inflammation, moyamoya disease, and arterial anatomical variation, vasculitis, and tumor are moderate. In addition, blood factors include anticoagulation, antiplatelet or thrombolytic therapy, Haemophilus infection, leukemia, thrombotic thrombocytopenia, intracranial tumors, alcoholism, and sympathetic nerve stimulation drugs. Climate change, bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, too much salt, overweight), blood pressure fluctuations, emotional excitement, overwork, etc. are the predisposing factors. Hypertension — Cerebral infarction simply means that long-term hypertension will lead to increased atherosclerosis, which is the vascular waste that people say; if high blood pressure affects the carotid artery, it will cause increased carotid plaque. If effective measures are not taken in time, the plaque will grow longer, especially unstable plaque. If the plaque suddenly ruptures, a thrombus will form, and the thrombus will block the cerebral blood vessels. This is the cerebral infarction. There is another way that high blood pressure can cause cerebral infarction, that is, long-term high blood pressure, which can cause a type of arrhythmia, which is atrial fibrillation. A normal heart beats regularly to ensure that all blood is delivered; when atrial fibrillation occurs, the heart beats chaotically, and the heart cannot deliver all the blood, a part of the blood will remain in the atrium, and over time, thrombosis will form . The thrombus may fall at any time, it will run to the cerebral blood vessels, block the cerebral blood vessels, and cerebral infarction will occur. If hypertension is not actively controlled, it will increase the risk of cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage. Hypertensive drug treatment can significantly reduce the risk of stroke recurrence by 22%. The most terrible thing about stroke is sequelae, alive, but not happy! If Li Jing can listen to my suggestion half a year ago and control blood pressure for a long time and monitor blood pressure, cerebral infarction will definitely not occur! They will not lie on the bed in the ward, letting their wives, mothers and children worry! This article and pictures