OMG, Li Jiaqi you are wrong this time

Li Jiaqi, this time, you are wrong! This time has nothing to do with Yang Mi, no need to apologize. & nbsp. Respiratory Kemei Xiaohu is your loyal fan. She sent me a video. After watching it, I can only say to you with a heartache: “You are wrong!” & nbsp. One of the mistakes is the medication method. & nbsp. The blue aerosol you used in the video is albuterol aerosol, which is commonly used by asthmatics. This aerosol can quickly relieve airway spasm during the acute attack of asthma, but your method of inhalation is incorrect! & nbsp. The medicine sprayed from the video, according to your method of inhalation, reaches a small amount of lungs, which will seriously affect the treatment effect. & nbsp. The correct method for albuterol aerosol inhalation is: ①Remove the aerosol cover and shake it vigorously; Lips contain a spout; ③ immediately press the aerosol medicine canister to release the drug; ④ continue to inhale deeply; ⑤ hold your breath for 10 seconds, & nbsp. You do n’t have time to read the text, you can intuitively watch the video. & nbsp. The second error is the choice of medication. & nbsp. I don’t know if your asthma diagnosis is correct. If it is indeed asthma, it is not the best choice to go to the hospital for nebulization. Using your current salbutamol aerosol is not the best option. & nbsp. For adult asthma patients, if the symptoms recur and need long-term treatment, frequent go to the hospital for atomization, which is undoubtedly a time-consuming and cost-effective treatment. It can be replaced by dry powder of hormone + long-acting bronchodilator, such as Formoterol budesonide or salmeterol ticasone dry powder, the lung deposition rate of the dry powder is significantly higher than that of nebulization, which can control asthma as well. & nbsp. Since 2019, the Global Asthma Prevention and Treatment Initiative (GINA) has a milestone change. Based on safety considerations, all adults and adolescents with asthma should prefer low-dose hormone + formoterol (ICS-formoterol) as needed Treatment is used as a relief drug, and the traditional on-demand SABA (that is, albuterol aerosol used in Li Jiaqi’s video) is only a second choice. Therefore, Li Jiaqi should prefer low-dose hormone + formoterol as the treatment drug at the onset. & nbsp. Mistake # 3, what Li Jiaqi is doing may be a beautiful mistake? & nbsp. As we all know, Li Jiaqi is the head makeup KoL. I wonder if Li Jiaqi had asthma before engaging in this occupation? If you did not work before, the asthma symptoms after work may be caused by exposure to cosmetics. & nbsp. Because according to media reports, he will try 380 lipsticks a day at most, and the irritating taste of cosmetics or chemicals may cause asthma. If the cause is this, it is undoubtedly a dilemma for Li Jiaqi. & nbsp. Li Jiaqi, as a grassroots star lipstick brother, I admire your struggling inspirational experience, but also care about your health, if the above suggestions can bring you benefits, it is my honor as a medical practitioner. & nbsp. You do n’t have to thank me. May 5 this year is World Asthma Day. If my suggestions can help you, please promote World Asthma Day and record a video of the correct use of drugs! & nbsp. Hope that more asthma patients suffering from cough and asthma will receive correct diagnosis, correct medication, and smooth breathing. Just send a few lipsticks to the provider of video information: Breathing Kemei Xiaohu @ 胖 嘟嘟 的 天使 Hehe! ————————————————– —————————— Huang Jianfeng, deputy chief physician of Pediatric Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University (National Children’s Medical Center), original. Welcome to forward and help more people. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.Huang Jianfeng & nbsp. & nbsp.Deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Pediatric Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University (National Children ’s Medical Center) is good at bronchial asthma, bronchial pneumonia, acute and chronic cough, repeated respiratory infections, and wheezing in infants Diagnosis and treatment and lung function evaluation. Member of the Children’s Pulmonary Function Collaboration Group of the Respiratory Group of the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, National Telemedicine and Internet Medicine