Ling Xiao’s insomnia can only be solved by Li Jianjian?

First, bold the real name and praise it: indeed only this “apex” can solve it, and the solution is good! ! ! ! Well, everyone in “In the Name of Family” has caught Ling Xiao’s strong confession, right? Something happened two days ago, and the plot was a little bit behind, but the famous scenes have been watched in real time on Weibo, and the young man’s heart of the old man who was frantically probing on the edge of abandoning the drama is back, so I still try to go back and leave the plot behind. Keep up. After seeing that Ziqiu accidentally swallowed Ling Xiao’s sleeping pills, and Ling Xiao’s long-term insomnia and anxiety were exposed, Li Jianjian’s series of supernatural operations made him always talk rigidly to others in the psychiatric department. If you have insomnia, don’t rush to take the medicine. You can try cognitive behavioral therapy (CBTI). The pharmacist is bright. I am excited and trembling hands cut off the beautiful picture: the beauty of this picture is in our pharmacist’s eyes. It’s the beauty of “healing without medicine” (today, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the wording is particularly romantic), the first choice for the treatment of insomnia is really not medicine. This is the room after Li Jianjian’s remodeling for Ling Xiao. Let’s take it as What changes have been made: 1. Comfortable texture and soft-toned bedding: The bed occupies a relatively large area in the bedroom. Before Lingxiao, it should have been a cool gray wind. Now it is replaced with a warm color of light green and cotton white. The atmosphere of the whole bedroom immediately felt warm. 2. Relaxing “useless” objects: cactus decorative dolls with “thorns”, sachets, scented bears, and oversized cuddling bears. For childhood, they have been abandoned by their mothers, and they have to take care of paralysis after a car accident as an adult. For Ling Xiao, a serious mother who lasted for nine years (what kind of bloody plot!!), she was wrapped up like a baby in a swaddle. Whether it was the real touch or the ubiquitous sense of smell, it would give him a solid, A piece of relaxation. 3. A bunch of fresh flowers 4. People with insomnia should not just stare at the desolate roof with soft lines and gradually layered wallpapers of the same color 5. Carpet 6. The book of comfort on the pillow is basically pictures-based. It’s some short stories that resonate with the heart. 7. Of course, exercise can’t be less. Appropriate exercise can increase sleep assistance, preferably aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, etc. However, exercise should be avoided two hours before going to bed, so everyone controls the time. Of course, we advocate calming down before going to bed. Some brain workers find it very difficult to fall asleep. We would suggest to do something different from the brain work during the day, to change the brain excitement area, do manual work, do housework, and It’s okay to chat with family members. The above is Li Jianjian’s method, and it is also part of the practice of cognitive behavioral therapy, which is very important in cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of sleep disorders, to relax the body and mind and increase sleep assistance. Although these sounds simple, they really Practice training requires professional guidance. Insomnia is now common all over the world. In the short term, insomnia may make us obviously feel the decline in behavior and work efficiency after awakening, dizziness, lethargy, abnormal mood, fatigue, irritability, cognitive decline such as forgetting during the day, etc. . In the long run, it will also lead to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Long-term insomnia is very painful. There are medical methods and drugs, but in the end, you need to be suitable for yourself to be the best treatment. If you are interested or have questions about medication, you can leave a message or private message! Finally, I wish you all a happy Chinese Valentine’s Day, and hope that everyone will sleep well as Li Jianjian has a person who puts you on the cusp of your heart! ! Postscript: The treatment of insomnia is usually not the first choice. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the first choices for the treatment of chronic insomnia widely recognized and recommended around the world. Its advantage lies in sleep hygiene education, stimulation control, sleep restriction, relaxation therapy, and recognition. Knowledge therapy, etc., after correcting the unreasonable beliefs and behavioral functions of insomnia, its curative effect can last for 6-12 months after the end of the intervention. This is not available in drug therapy, and drug therapy still has abuse, Risks such as dependence and side reactions. In 2016, the American College of Physicians (ACP) “Management Guidelines for Chronic Insomnia Disorders in Adults” recommended that all adult patients with chronic insomnia disorders should first receive cognitive behavioral therapy as the initial treatment. For adult patients with chronic insomnia who have failed to use cognitive behavioral therapy alone, Then the doctor and the patient will discuss together to decide whether to use medication.