IgA nephropathy type I (mesangial hyperplasia), how to use traditional Chinese medicine to achieve normal indicators within half a year!

Before March 20, 2019, Li Enxi (pseudonym) was an inspirational girl in the eyes of everyone. A girl who grew up in the eighteenth line of Shangou, with her own hard work and good luck, succeeded in joining a large financial company in Beijing after graduation, and received an annual salary of 500,000 in the second year, with dozens of people. The team successfully sat on the company’s top position. I went to more than 10 cities to travel and study in a year, and I also met a boyfriend who loved her very much. She was only 25 years old at the time and felt that her future was full of beauty. While everyone was envious of her being able to achieve such impressive results at a young age, she herself felt that she might be really lucky. It is possible that everything will be reversed. After March 28, 2019, the hurricane of fate began to blow Li Enxi’s fateful boat! At the end of March, the weather in Beijing had turned warmer. A month ago, she found that nocturia increased and was very red. Later, she realized that it was gross hematuria, so she decided to take the time to go to the hospital for a urine test. After that, her heartbeat started. After getting the test results in the afternoon, the doctor said: “Be hospitalized and have a kidney puncture.” The doctor was very calm, and Li Enxi was still taken aback at the time, thinking: From childhood to adulthood, apart from being hospitalized for a week of pneumonia at the first 8 months, he has never had any serious illness in his life; and if he needs a kidney puncture, he needs someone. Come and take care of me. At this time, I might have to ask my mother to come from Hunan. After the puncture results came out, the doctor told Li Enxi that the pathology showed “IgA nephropathy, mesangial hyperplasia”. She learned from all aspects that if this disease is treated with western medicine, it needs to take a lot of hormone drugs, which will bring a lot of sequelae, so Li Enxi considered repeatedly and decided to use Chinese medicine to treat it. After being introduced by a friend, I came to Beijing Lianke Chinese Medicine Nephropathy Hospital. The following is the general process of Chinese medicine treatment. First visit (April 2, 2019): Itchy throat and cough, red tongue and yellow greasy seedlings, thin pulse, check for red throat, urine routine: occult blood (++), red blood cell (+). Syndrome differentiation: Qi deficiency and damp heat. Governance: Replenishing Qi, clearing away heat and dampness. Second visit (May 28): Normally tired, itchy throat, dry mouth, coughing, yellow and thin tongue coating, thin pulse, urine routine: occult blood (+++), red blood cell (+++), White blood cells (±), the treatment is to clear the pharynx. Third visit (July 23): recent urine routine: occult blood (-) ~ (+++), a little red blood cell ~ (+++) when there is backache and dizziness, thin and greasy fur, thin pulse, treatment plus kidney supplement Of goods. Fourth visit (September 3): Urine routine: occult blood (++), pharyngeal itching and dry cough, pale red tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse, dark red throat. Treatment plus clearing the throat. Fifth diagnosis (October 6): Urine routine: occult blood (+), no obvious discomfort, pale red tongue, thin white coating, thin pulse, it is appropriate to treat the spleen and lungs, promote blood circulation to stop bleeding for long-term consolidation. Summary: This patient has IgA nephropathy caused by repeated urinary tract infections. The clinical manifestations are mainly hematuria. At the first diagnosis, he was susceptible to colds and accompanied by itchy throat and cough. Therefore, the main treatment is to invigorate the lungs and relieve the throat. In the second visit, the pharyngeal inflammatory reaction still exists, and the treatment still starts with clearing the pharynx to completely eradicate the inflammatory lesions. During the third and fourth visits, the patient’s pharyngeal symptoms began to alleviate, and the hematuria was basically stable. Therefore, the prescription treatment reduces the clearing of the throat and gradually increases the spleen and kidney products. At the fifth diagnosis, the condition has been basically stable. According to the patient’s usual physical condition, the main choice is to replenish the spleen and lungs to help the righteousness. The whole course of treatment is based on the principle of eliminating pathogens, strengthening the righteousness and healing the aftermath, and long-term consolidation as the guide. In the selection of hemostatic drugs, according to the principle of hematuria “the blood in the waterway should not be stopped”, hemostasis is combined with clearing and promoting blood circulation to prevent convergence and hemostasis, which will block the kidney from the blood from the meridian. lgA nephropathy is mainly hematuria, and the course of the disease is long. In the whole treatment process, attention should be paid to observe whether the patient has hidden infection foci. In the case of syndrome differentiation, the principle of eliminating evils first, eradicate 1gA All the inducing and aggravating factors of kidney disease can relieve and stabilize the condition. Fortunately, Li Enxi found out earlier and was treated in a timely manner. By taking Chinese medicine, he gradually cultivated his vitality and stabilized his condition. So far, everything is well without recurrence. Now she has successfully returned to the original company, but out of health considerations, she has been transferred from the original sales post to the back office post. Although she did not earn as much money as before, she experienced this painful torture. , Tofu and caigen” is also enough to make one feel happy and satisfied, and her boyfriend also takes care of herself very much, and feels