[Good pregnancy case] I, suffering from obstructive azoospermia, finally had my own baby

Don’t talk lightly about who you are paying and persevering for. In fact, the ultimate beneficiary of all your efforts and perseverance is yourself. Life is a solitary practice that has nothing to do with anyone. This is a path of joy and sorrow. At the end of the road there will be… a gift, waiting for you! Help more families who are struggling to walk in the dark see the light, gather strength, and move forward bravely. Good pregnancy case of Leren △Case introduction Good pregnant father: Li father Treatment difficulty: Man’s obstructive azoospermia Basic situation: married for one year without contraception I was pregnant. After examination, the man suffered from obstructive azoospermia. Attending physician: Li Conghua, director of the andrology department of the Reproductive Medicine Department, and Chang Xiufeng, director of the women’s department. The first big setback in my life. My wife and I are childhood sweethearts and grew up together. The long-term companionship made us feel in love with each other. After graduating from university in 2017, we naturally entered the marriage hall. Because the family conditions are good, they can afford the cost of raising a baby, and the job is stable, so after getting married, having children is on the agenda. &nbsp.&nbsp.At the beginning, my wife and I were full of confidence. Our body has not had any major problems, and we are also young. I think the baby will come to our small family soon. However, a year has passed, no contraceptive measures have been taken in the meantime, and the child cannot be pregnant, and there is no news, which makes us a little frustrated. Faced with the ardent expectations of my parents, my wife and I were even more anxious, so we decided to go to the big hospital inside the province for a good checkup. In October 2018, I was about to crash when I saw the inspection result. I am suffering from obstructive azoospermia, does this mean that I can’t have a child of my own…I wonder if this is a joke made by fate to me, in the first twenty years of my life I I have been living smoothly, and all my bad luck has accumulated here. In the face of my wife, I blamed myself and lost sleep every night. At this time, my wife stood up, held my hand firmly, and said that it is okay to go to the treatment, it will definitely be cured, and I will be with you. Looking at my wife’s eyes, I rekindled my confidence. However, the day was not fulfilled. I received a notice of job transfer. I was going to work in another place for a year. I will be promoted when I return. After discussing with my parents and wives, I felt that I was waiting for a year, so I went to work in other places first. This year, I adjusted my status while working. My parents and wife screened the hospital at home and waited for my return. I really thank them for their support and love. After introduction and detailed understanding by acquaintances, we came to Hebei Reproductive and Obstetrics Hospital. The situation is not so bad. The warm environment and the attentive service have made me feel good about this hospital continuously. Director Li Conghua of Andrology received us. He saw the results of the previous examination and explained to me: There are two types of azoospermia. One type is the testis’s own spermatogenesis disorder (not enough healthy sperm are produced in the testes). There is no sperm or insufficient sperm in the semen; the other type of testicular spermatogenesis is fine, but there are problems with the semen pathway, and the vas deferens is blocked or narrowed, making it impossible to discharge the sperm. This condition is called obstructive azoospermia. Fortunately, I am the latter, and spermatogenesis is normal. Director Li Conghua, after fully assessing my condition, thought that I would have a greater hope of having a child through the testicular puncture technique. Subsequently, experts from the Department of Reproductive Medicine formulated a treatment plan for our couple and decided to use testicular puncture and sperm retrieval combined with ICSI insemination program to assist in pregnancy. Testicular puncture was performed to obtain sperm. Motile sperm were seen in the laboratory. After incubation, the spermatozoa were observed, and the testicular sperm were cryopreserved. Thankfully, the crucial first step was finally completed. The next step is my wife’s “test-tube baby” road. In November 2019, using the excellent plan, 18 eggs were obtained, and the whole blastocyst was cultured to form a total of 4CB and 5CB blastocysts. In March 2020, Director Chang first adopted a hormone replacement cycle for FET treatment, 7 days later HCG 121.59IU/L; 14 days after transplantation, HCG 7800IU/L. The process of waiting is honest, but we have confidence in the director and the hospital. One month later, I went to the hospital for an examination. TVS prompted early pregnancy in the uterus, double wool double sheep. I waited for another half month with anxious and joyful mood. After 41 days of transplantation, when I went for an examination, TVS indicated that the double cashmere double sheep, GS1 live birth, and GS2 considered abortion. This means that one of the two blastocysts is well developed, and the other may have stopped developing. I was a little bit disappointed by the news, but when