The 7-year-old boy was suspected of being choked on steamed buns and died. In this situation, what can he do to save his life?

Sad news is that there are media reports today. On June 9, Li Chao (pseudonym), a 7-year-old boy from Xuchang, Henan Province, had an accident in Yuhua Experimental School and died after rescue. The “Emergency Emergency Rescue Record” issued by Xuchang People’s Hospital showed that Li Chao had no vital signs when he arrived at the school on the day of the incident. During the rescue, the doctor took out the foreign body from the child’s throat, and was suspected of suffocation. Seeing this news, I was extremely sad and heavy, and a 7-year-old child left us like this. At present, there is a method that has treated countless people with foreign bodies in the airway, especially the elderly and children. Foreign body in the airway is very dangerous. This method to save people, whether they are infants or adults, may face the risk of being caught in the respiratory tract and choking. Once the airway was stuck, then every minute and every second faced death, and then it was too late to run to the hospital. The airway must be opened within a few minutes to allow gas to enter the lungs, otherwise the carbon dioxide in the lungs cannot be discharged from the body due to the oxygen entering the lungs. If the person does not breathe for 5 minutes, the heart will stop. At this time, the airway obstruction It still cannot be lifted, and the heartbeat cannot be recovered. Even if the heart is pressed, it is generally useless. Therefore, learning the Heimlich first aid method can save a life at a critical moment. The principle of Heimlich’s first aid method is to use the impact on the soft tissue under the abdomen-diaphragm to generate upward pressure and compress the lower lungs, thereby driving the residual air in the lungs to form an airflow. This impinging and directional long drive directly into the trachea can expel foreign bodies that block the trachea, throat, food, lumps, etc., remove the obstruction, and rescue the suffocating person. What if Heimlik is invalid? However, in this incident, according to the description of a staff member of the Publicity Department of Yuhua Experimental School, Li Chao weighed more than 120 pounds, and the school’s medical department was female, and she was short and thin. According to the relevant rescue methods, she could not hold the child. In this regard, Xuchang Weidu District Education and Sports Bureau also said that because Li Chao was so heavy, the school doctor could not lift him up to make a squeeze action, which may be a reason for the failure to implement effective first aid for children. So in this extreme case, is there any other way? If tracheal intubation and cricothyroid membrane puncture cannot be implemented by the Heimlich first aid method, or if the Heimlik method is ineffective, you can use tracheal intubation or cricothyroid membrane puncture for ventilation, but you need professional equipment and professional medical staff! Heimlich’s life-saving method saves many people, but it is not 100% effective, so usually pay attention to the first place, and at the same time, someone needs to contact 120 for rescue. Infants and young children love to put everything in their mouths, which is easy to swallow into the airway; elderly people, especially those with sequelae of stroke, have a decreased swallowing function and are easy to inhale. The Heimlich method is the most effective method, because the time does not wait for people, and it is often too late to wait for the medical staff to arrive at the scene. Those who wish to see it will repost it, and will probably save lives.