Congenital aplastic anemia, this treatment is very effective!

What is CDA? This is a genetic disease that causes the body to fail to produce enough red blood cells, which are the main carriers of oxygen. If tissues and organs cannot get enough oxygen, then they will be damaged over time and eventually fail. Patients with CDA will experience fatigue, weakness, facelessness, and even other complications. There are less than 1,000 cases of this rare disease worldwide every year. David Levy of Northbrook, Illinois, USA, has congenital aplastic anemia. When he reaches 32 years old, the amount of blood input every two or three weeks is equivalent to replacing the whole body blood. This unbearable pain prevented him from living a normal life. In 2014 he received a stem cell transplant. 35-year-old Levy said: “Transplantation is difficult, and I still have complications, but now I have returned to normal. I still often feel pain, and because of the lack of proper treatment for many years, I still have some problems , But I can now live independently. This is the most important thing for me. “After undergoing the transplant operation, Levy completed his doctorate in psychology and is currently undergoing rehabilitation treatment in a behavioral health hospital. So far there is no sign of disease recurrence, so no matter from what point of view, his CDA has been cured. Medical practitioners said: “This transplantation method represents a safe treatment for a variety of adult congenital anemia, and may be a feasible method.” In addition, whether it is for children or adults with congenital aplastic anemia . There are also good treatment ideas in China. In addition to transplantation, the targeted combination of Chinese and Western programs will also bring hope for recovery! WeChat search Yisuo will pay attention to the patient will know more: xuf120