Supine fistula prevention

We usually do sit-ups, and many female friends also do sit-ups on the thin abdomen, but did you know that I can also prevent hemorrhoids and anal fistulas by doing sit-ups? The prevalence of anorectal diseases is as high as 60%. Being ashamed to talk, was delayed in treatment. The train driver felt some problems with his anus three weeks ago. When he was defecating, he could see blood on his toilet paper, or he felt a bowel movement. It’s all pus. Xiao Zhou squinted in his heart, but apart from occasionally seeing these pus and blood, there was no more discomfort. And just seeing pus and blood, taking some anti-inflammatory drugs, it really matters. Such a delay is three years, and until September this year, it is uncomfortable. When I went to the hospital to check, it was already an anal fistula and I needed an operation. If the patient doesn’t hurt himself, it doesn’t mean that there is no problem. Now when talking about his illness, Xiao Zhou said eloquently: “Human’s large intestine contains Escherichia coli. Under normal circumstances, this bacteria is not harmful to humans, but if the anal canal is hardened If something is scratched, E. coli and other things work together. It will make the anal canal site purulent and infected. Because there is almost no nerve in the anal canal area, the patient will not feel pain. No feeling does not mean no problem, anal canal The pus at the site continuously penetrates, spreads, and erodes the nearby muscles and mucous membranes. Over time, holes will be bored in the human anal canal and other parts to form an anal fistula. If not treated in time, the pus blood will continue to erode around , Erosion of the urethra will cause urinary fistula, and then severely will cause sepsis and directly threaten life. The disease has occupied the first place. The most common anal and intestinal diseases are hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal fissure, etc. An characteristic of anorectal disease is delayed treatment It’s more. It’s mainly because the patient thinks that there is a minor illness, it’s not worth making a fuss, or thinks that the illness is not the place, and is ashamed to tell people that maybe it will be better to endure it. Finally, the treatment is delayed and it brings more Great pain. Anal movement to prevent hemorrhoids and levator ani movement can improve local blood circulation, improve anal sphincter function, prevent anal slack, and it is quite effective for prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids and anal detachment. Methods (can be used for lying, lying or standing): When inhaling, pull the anus up and tighten the anus, and relax when exhaling. Each time the anus relaxes and tightens 30 times, once in the morning and evening. If you can take the chest and knee lying position (kneeling knees, chest on the bed, lift High hips) Do anal levator exercise. The effect is better. The effect of hip flexion and anal exercise is better. The method is: lying on the bed, cross the legs and raise the flexed hips (to make the thighs as close as possible to the abdomen), and even do 20 -30 times. Exhale while flexing your hips, relax your anus, once every morning and evening.